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🤖 | Ao High School Gymnastics Club members who showed off the overwhelming performance of Shiro High School ... "Bakuten !!" Episode 4 Synopsis


The members of the Ao High School Gymnastics Club who showed off the overwhelming performance of Shiro High ... "Bakuten !!" Episode 4 Synopsis

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Director Shusaku Hojo gives advice to the depressed Ao High School members.

An original TV anime depicting the youth of the high school boys' rhythmic gymnastics club, which started broadcasting on Fuji TV "Noitamina" and other stations ... → Continue reading

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A medium that provides entertainment information from the "Fuji TV perspective". Under the theme of "There is a continuation in that flower," we will deliver "intelligence that only the staff can know" and "the real intention of the performers" in text and video. It is full of information other than TV such as entertainment, fashion, gourmet, outing, and beauty.

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