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🎥 | Toho Cinderella Finalist's rising star, Noai Nakata, wins the role of Tsuyoshi Muro's daughter


Toho Cinderella Finalist's rising star, Noai Nakata, wins the role of Tsuyoshi Muro's daughter

If you write the contents roughly
・ About the impression of Mr. Tsuyoshi Muro who co-starred
I think he is always bright and cheerful and very serious.

The cast of the movie "My Daddy" (released on September 9) starring actor Tsuyoshi Muro was revealed on the 23th ... → Continue reading

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Tsuyoshi Muro

Tsuyoshi Muro(Real name, private[4],1976May 1[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor,Comedian (comedy actor)[5].

KanagawaBackground[1].Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of ScienceMathematics dropout[6][7].ASH & D CorporationAffiliation[8].


Parents divorced at the age of four, custody became father but father became intimate with another woman, so grew up with relatives with older sister five years old[9][10].Yokohama City Kandaiji Elementary School[2],Yokohama Municipal Rokkakubashi Junior High School[11][12][13][14],Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumi High School[2]After going through[11]Tokyo University of ScienceEntered the mathematics department of the Faculty of Science[15].. After entering the school, I met my classmates who said, "I came to this department because I wanted to learn," and said, "I was embarrassed that I was only thinking about entering a university with a high degree of deviation. I want to become a person with a dream.''[15].. And was a fanFukatsu EriWent to see the stage "Yodamari no Ki" on whichYasunori DandaIs impressed by seeing the tears play and aspires to be an actor[5][11].

The university dropped out in 3 weeks and entered the actor training center[11][16][7].. Continue to live on the stage of a small troupe while working part-time at the Central Wholesale Market and concert venues[11][15].. Started the stage activities independently from 1999, but the era of stacking continues[11].. 2001, Theater Battle "E-1 Grand Prix"[17]Invites several actors to participate in the theater unit "Theatrical Company Yannies"[Note 1]To form[5][18].. However, "Muro is too hot to be different from us", a coup happened and I was fired despite the originator, and after that I participated again, but eventually I left the group.[5][18].

2005 movieSummertime Machine BluesWill be used in movies as a foothold[8][16].

From 2008, the stage "muro style"[19]Held regularly. In the main stage, he plays, directs and appears.[8][20].. In addition, since December 2009, as part of the public relations activities for the stage "muro-shiki," the muro-style talk live "Muro Tsuyoshi, Banashi" has been held. In addition, he was in charge of the MC of the office "Tokyo Contemen" to which he belongs from the start to 12.

2014,Nikkei Trendy”Is selected as the “hit person of the year”[21].

Hospitalized for throat surgery on November 2015, 11[22].. Operated on 11th and discharged on 12th[23].

August 2017, 4,Naomi WatanabeLearned to open an Instagram account. 5 followers within 20 hours after opening[24]Surpasses 1 people in one day[25]It became a topic by doing.

2018, 42 years oldEllandol AwardReceived the New Face Award[26].. On May 5th, we welcomed Senjaku of "muro Shiki. 10", which is the culmination of the stage that we have been continuing since 2008, and announced that we will make a new stage next with this[27].

"" Released in the fall of 2021My Daddy』First starring in a live-action movie[28].


  • There is no distinction between first and last names in the stage name Murotsuyoshi,Credit titleWhen is in English, it is continuously described as Murotoyoshi with no blank. I chose the stage name because I didn't want to be known to my mother, who I haven't seen since my parents' divorce. When I entered the entertainment world, my mother had a new family, so I thought that it would be an eyesore if my son became known as an entertainer.[9].. He said that his father also lived with a new woman and had children, but he also felt that he was "not disliked, disdained. I live happily." "I was a carpenter and I found this cool." Talking[10].
  • When I was in the small theater, I was in the process of trial-and-error about the production, and the style of a “sly” play with a unique space and tempo that began when the actor was told by other actors to be sly Was[29].. Although it was a long time to build up, it was possible to connect with various actors and directors by appearing in many works as an unknown actor and widely playing from the third piece to a serious role.[30].. EspeciallyJiro SatoAs a regular member of the Fukuda Gumi withGintama"[31]And "50th first kiss"[32]Has appeared in many works, etc., but worked on theseYuichi FukudaIt is said that getting to know the director plays a part in the break[30].. Also, not only the appearance of the work, but also at the press conference to publicize it, the actors are well evaluated and the topicality of the work is raised, and the evaluation from the production side is high.[30].
  • movies"Negotiator Masayoshi Mashita] (Released in 2005)[33],Kotaro KoizumiHe has a close relationship with and has a family relationship with the Koizumi family.[34].. Also, for media artistsManabe DaitoIs a college classmate[35].. I only went to college for about a month, but during this time I went camping together. Radio in 1Spakan!We invited Manabe as a guest and played for the first time in 20 years[36].
  • movies"Gale Rondo] When appearing,SkiPracticed. Since then, my hobby is skiing[37].
  • "Sawako morning"When I appeared in the song," it was "a song that still shines in my memory"Tunnelsof"Rain Azabu"," Now, a song that touches my heart"Ulfulsof"If you can laugh[38][39].
  • My favorite movie is Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, starringHow to find the best life"[40].. My favorite book isKotaro IsakaAuthor'sDuck and duck coin locker"[40].
  • From the "Ocean Whales" eraYokohama DeNA BaystarsWith a fan[41]I can say the record of all players[42].. A documentary film of the team released in theaters in 2019 ``FOR REAL-The one left behind the moment it does not return. -When I got the narration offer, I was happy and replied that I wanted to give an immediate answer.[42].



TV drama


  • Theater Company Yannis[18]
    • 2001st performance Cable TV (1) (Entering theater drama E-XNUMX Grand Prix)
    • Fourth performance Koshibai Mitsu (2002)
  • A young man (single stage)-production, production, and appearance
  • Two men who dreamed of being entertainers-production, production and appearance
  • Spectacle garden
    • Spectacle Garden Vol.3 "Tales That The Moon Knows"
    • Spectacle Garden Vol.4 "Bat Spring Has Come" (2003)
    • Spectacle Garden Vol.5 "Insurance Adventure"
    • Spectacle Garden Vol.6 "Mast Exit Dust"
    • Spectacle Garden Vol.7 "Polygon Hearts Dual"
  • Gentleman slacks
    • Gentleman slacks "slacks gentleman"
    • Gentlemen's Slacks "Day Trip Mysterious"
  • Theater company novelist 10th performance "Thief actor(September 2006-9, 9, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Hall 18 / September 2-9, Kobe Oriental Theater)[113]
  • City Boys Mix Presents "People in Mogo" (guest appearance)
  • Fabrica [10.0.1] "LIFE FILM"
  • muro type
    • muro type.1 "Iku" (2008)
    • muro formula.2 "Example" (2009)
    • muro type.3 "Arithmetic" (2009)
    • muro type .4 "xyz" (2010)
    • muro type .5 "+" (2011)
    • muro type .6 "Graph" (2012)
    • muro type .7 "∴" (2013)
    • muro type .8 "2 3 5 7 11 13 17 ..." (2014)
    • muro type .9 "=" (2015)
    • muro formula .9.5 "Answer" (2016)
    • muro type .10 "Shiki" (2018)[27]
  • U-1 Grand Prix case03 "Staff room"
  • Clockwork orange(2011)
  • Monty Python OfSpamma lot(2012)-Multi role
  • Full Monty(July 2014, 1-September 31, 2,Tokyo International Forum Hall C)-as Ethan[115]
  • musical"Young Frankenstein(August 2017-September 8, 11, Tokyo International Forum Hall C / September 9-3, 2017,Orix Theater)-Inspector Kemp[116]
  • Venetian Rhapsody of Love (July 2019-7, 5, New National Theater, Middle Theater)-Starring Turfaldino[117]
  • Sage Ozawa Matsumoto Festival2019 `` Orchestra Concert Prokofiev : Peter and the wolf Op. 67 (Performing in Japanese)" (September 2019, 9,Matsumoto Performing Arts Center)-Narrative[118][119][120]

Television Animation

Theater animation


TV program


Web drama






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  2. ^ On the same dayYou should never laugh at American Police 24 o'clock!』(Nippon TV) Became a hot topic[129].


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