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📺 | Camping entertainer Viking Nishimura to appear in "Yurucamp △ 2" "I'm exhausted by campers"

Photo Viking Mizuki Nishimura

Camp entertainer Viking Nishimura to appear in "Yurucamp △ 2" "I'm exhausted by campers"

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Nishimura will appear as a manager with a strong habit of the campsite of Lake Yamanaka, where Ogaki (Momoko Tanabe), Inuyama (Yumena Yanai), Saito (Sara Shida) and others headed.

Mizuki Nishimura, a comedian who is known as a "camp entertainer", is a TV Tokyo drama "Yurucamp △ ... → Continue reading

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Ayora Shida

Sara Shida(Furthermore,1999(11)May 7[1] -) isJapan Ofactress.KanagawaFujisawaBackground[1][2].Ten caratAffiliation[1].


Scouted in 6th grade and entered the entertainment world[3]..The trigger was a photo that my mother posted on the Internet[Note 1]The staff of the current agency that happened to seeE-mailWas scouting at[4][2].

2013FromPichi Lemon』(Gakken plus) As an exclusive model2015Active until the December issue (suspended issue)[5][2].

2014, Debuted as an actress in the short film "Salvia", which starred for the first time in the first audition[3].

2017,Every time Hikari』First starring in a feature film[6].

2018, Graduated from high school[2].


  • My childhood dreampharmacistwas[4].
  • My dream is to be an uncolored actor who can transform into any color[7].
  • The person you want to meet the most isOne Direction OfLiam Payne[7].
  • As for the actress I admire, I try not to make it because I feel like I'm gone when I imitate it.[3].
  • Family of four, father, mother and brother[2].. Father issurfingI was taken to the sea with my brother before I walked[2].
  • With a personality that I hate to lose,One hundred peopleBut I don't want to lose[3].
  • I once won the first place in the class in Japanese when I was in high school[8].

Hobbies & Skills

  • Enthusiastic about taking pictures[7][9].
  • I like movies because I can be something other than myself[10].
  • My favorite movie work is "Moon and cabbage(1996)[10].


  • I've loved eating since I was little, and I'm a big eater[7].
  • My favorite foods are shellfish, garlic chives and beef tongue[7].
  • I hate small shrimp and fine bone fish[7].
  • I like to sleep.On days when I get home from school and have no plans, I take a nap for 5 or 6 hours and go to bed around 23:XNUMX at night.[7][11].
  • My favorite type of man is a caring person.People who enjoy fun together with all their might[7].
  • My favorite word is "Ungai Soten"[7].. "No matter how unpleasant or worried you may be, there is something wonderful waiting for you to overcome it."[7].
  • Favorite poetNoriko Ibaragi[8].
  • Good at physical education[12].


  • I try not to carry stress to keep my style[7]..Even if you're worried, you won't have to worry because you can forget it when you sleep.[7].
  • "The first feature film starringEvery time Hikari(2017), I started by searching the internet for "real estate broker", which is the job of my father who plays the role, wrote down the background in a notebook, and actually worked as a real estate broker.Thunder SawadaI tried to make a role, such as discussing with the director[10][13].. "Moon and cabbage" and "Hikari no Tabi" are bothGunmaNakanojo TownLocation is being done in[13].



TV drama


Short film

  • Salvia (2014)-Starring[3]
  • My Town (2015) --Starring
  • Submarine (2015)
  • Breakers (2018)[33]
  • Lost children on the beach (2019)[34]

tv set



  • Under the city (October 2019, 10-November 24, Komaba Agora Theater)

Music video

  • group inou"BLUE" (2015, director Nami Iguchi)[36]
  • österreich "Kimi of Paradise" (2018, Director Miller Rachel Chie)[37]
  • "History of Failure" (2019, Director Rikiya Imaizumi)[38]


  • KOKUYO S & T"Rico's Journey" / "Hikyo Station Note" (2014, Director Takashi Maruyama) --BOVA (Brain Online Video Award) Participating Works
  • April 2021, 4 Yokohama Stadium "paravi day" (Yokohama DeNA BayStars VS Yomiuri Giants) opening ceremony


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