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🎥 | Setsuko Thurlow's words to walk toward the light from the danger of ruin and encourage action to abolish nuclear weapons

Photo Setsuko Thurlow, who strongly appeals for the abolition of nuclear weapons at the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony, Oslo (jointly) on the XNUMXth

The words of Setsuko Thurlow, who walks toward the light from the danger of ruin and encourages action to abolish nuclear weapons

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And this year's Nobel Peace Prize was given to the "International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons" (ICAN) in which Thurlow participated.

The movie "Oath to Hiroshima with Sirlo Setsuko", which was independently produced in the United States, is publicly available at movie theaters in Tokyo, Yokohama, Hiroshima, etc ... → Continue reading


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International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons(Hakuheiki is a tough campaign,British: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Stands for: YO PUEDO Aikan, Aikan)Nuclear Weapons ConventionStart negotiations and supportLobbyingAn international movement established to carry outCampaign) Is a coalition of[10][11].. RedPeace markでwarhead(The part that forms the main body of the perpetrator) was brokenmissileImage is a symbol.


20055 of the monthNuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty(NPT) No results were obtained at the review meeting,Anti-nuclear movementAs the sense of crisis spreads between the houses,International Conference on Prevention of Nuclear War Physicians(IPPNW)AustraliaMembers ofInternational Campaign to Ban Landmines(ICBL) led1997ToAnti-personnel landmine ban treatyPaying attention to the fact that2006Nuclear weapons ban at IPPNW World Congress in SeptemberTreatyProposed manufacturing[5].. Attended the same competitionHiroshima cityLongTadashi AkibaAnnounces cooperation, Akiba serves as chairmanMayors for PeaceBecame the first support group[5].

As a base for efforts to make treaties20074MelbourneOffice opened and ICAN was established[5], Contributed to the adoption of the Nuclear Weapons Convention. afterwards,2017ToNobel Peace PrizeWas awarded. As of 2017, 101 affiliated organizations are active in 468 countries (English version article).

Nobel Peace Prize

In 2017Nobel Peace PrizeWas awarded. same yearMay 12 OfOsloAt the award ceremony inBeatrice FinnAnd a member of the organizationHiroshima cityFromA-bomb survivorBut alsoTetsuro SetsukoGave a speech[12].

A-bomb survivors who have appealed for the abolition of nuclear weapons for many years celebrated the award[13]On the other hand,economistSome people, like magazines, question the validity of the award from the perspective of effectiveness.[14].

Secretary's visit to Japan

2017May 12,Nagasaki UniversityNuclear Weapons Abolition Research Center (RECNA) announced that Secretary-General Finn will visit Nagasaki the following month[15].2018May 1-18th Finn came to Japan and sponsored by RECNASymposiumKeynote Speech at[16],Nagasaki Atomic Bomb MuseumAtMayor of NagasakiTomihisa TagamiMeeting with[17],Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museumvisit,A-bomb survivorMeeting with[18]Of the ruling and opposition partiesMember of ParliamentAttended a discussion meeting with[19],Soka GakkaiVisit to the headquarters[20]And so on.prime ministerIsShinzo AbeI was hoping to meet with him, but it didn't happen because of the schedule.

  • 2017May 12 -Government is coordinating Prime Minister's visit to Eastern Europe from January 1th to January 12th[21]And coverage[22].
  • 2018May 1 -ICAN side201712He requested a meeting between Finn and the Prime Minister twice from the end of January, during the period from January 1 to January 16.May 1untilMinistry of Foreign AffairsAnnounced that there was a reply via the company that they could not meet due to the schedule.[23].

On the other hand, FinnJapanese govermentIs (Nuclear powersI wanted to talk because I said I would like to act as a bridge. I am very disappointed. I look forward to the next opportunity."[24]However, the Prime Minister returned from his visit to Europe on the evening of the 17th.[21]On the 18th, the events related to the Japan-Australia summit meeting are scheduled to begin in the morning, and some ruling parties have said that they have requested to produce a figure in which the visit is refused. [25].

In addition, Finn gave a lecture in Hiroshima while he was visiting Japan.Nuclear Weapons ConventionHe criticized the Japanese government, which does not participate in the event, as "stepping out of the rational international community (which seeks the abolition of nuclear weapons)."The only warA-bombed countryHe pointed out that Japan is opposed to the treaty, "I think that the same mistakes may be repeated other than Hiroshima and Nagasaki," and "the gap between the A-bomb area and the Japanese government is large, and it is necessary to fill it. There is"[26].. 16thTokyo OfJapan Press ClubHe criticized Japan for not participating in the nuclear weapons ban treaty, saying, "Japan can be a member of the international community."

Prime Minister Abe, who did not receive the request for talks, called for ratification of the treaty, saying, "Signing the treaty does not break relations with allies."He also proposed the establishment of a committee to examine the problems for Japan to participate in the treaty, and called for a wide range of discussions including the public.[27].

Affiliated organization

The following organizations are international affiliated organizations[28].

In addition, the affiliated organizations in Japan are Human Rights Now, Japan Chapter of the International Conference on Physicians to Prevent Nuclear War,Peace boat, Association of Doctors Against Nuclear War, Project Now[Note 2][28],Japan Atomic Bomb Victims Association Council[1][2].


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