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🤖 | "Ani Monozukuri Award" announces co-sponsorship with "Kyo Mafu" "Regional Revitalization Division" is also newly established

Photo "1st Kyoto Animation Manufacturing Award"

"Ani Monozukuri Award" announces co-sponsorship with "Kyo Mafu" "Regional Revitalization Division" is also newly established

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Includes public relations, tourism PR, traditional craft and IP collaboration, sacred pilgrimage related businesses, events and more.

Japan's only anime x cross-industry collaboration award event "Ani Monozukuri Award" will be held in September 2021 in "Kyoto ..." → Continue reading

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Public Relations

Public Relations(English: Public Relations; PR) IsCountry-Company-GroupAn organization or individual such as to spread information to the general public情报And accept opinions. A concept involving public relations or public relations activities aimed at gaining understanding or trust in oneself, and in many casesInitials"PR (PR)” and “PR activities”.


Traditionally, "public relations" in Japanese was a concept that was limited to intermittent and occasional "public information" as translated into public information, but today the term "public relations" is almost the same as public relations. It is often used synonymously.

For example, in the case of companies, Public Relationsconsumer, Employees and their affiliates, distributors, suppliers' suppliers,Shareholder,a creditor,bankSuch as金融Relationships, government agencies, educational institutions, and everything elseStakeholdersCan be the target of the activity.

In the regulations adopted by the International Association of Public Relations (IPRA) in 1978, the need for mutual understanding through interactive communication on public relations is emphasized,CompanyIt seeks counseling to management and the role of policy coordinating actions to contribute to the side's coordination concept.

In addition, in a public statement by the American Public Relations Association (PRSA) in 1982, "Public relations contribute to the mutual understanding of various organizations and institutions,Decision makingAnd contribute to functioning more effectively. It also contributes to public-private policy coordination. Public relations serve various organizations and organizations in our society. In order for these organizations to achieve their respective goals, employees, members, customers, local companies, shareholders, etc.publicIn other words, we must foster effective relationships with the entire society."

On the other hand, in the Japanese version of Effective Public Relations, which is also known as the Bible of PR in the United States, which has been published in the 1952st edition of 2008 to the 10th edition of XNUMX, "Systematic Public Relations" describes "Public Relations , Is a management function that builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and the public, which influences its survival.”

Japan's Leader in Public RelationsTakashi InoueIs the book "Public Relations" (Nippon Hyoronsha, 2006), “Public relations refers to the general public, but the target changes depending on the purpose set by the organization. For example, in the case of a stock listing, the relationship with Investor Relations (IR), the relationship with the community Targets such as community relations and efforts to deregulate the government change depending on the purpose of the government relations, and the strategy and content of the relationship development also change. The target and the whole relations (relations) with them are called public relations." And as a specialist, the straightforward definition of public relations obtained from 35 years of experience is that life is based on "two-way communication" and "self-correction" supported by a high ethical sense, as follows. Have been introduced to. "Public relations (PR)" is a relations activity based on "two-way communication" and "self-correction" supported by "ethics", in which individuals and organizations achieve their goals and objectives in the shortest distance. Is

Specific PR activities

  1. Survey of opinions or attitudes of each related group
  2. Correcting aspects that are considered to be unfavorable
  3. Further promote what is considered desirable

Types of PR activities

  1. Publicity
  2. MPR (Marketing PR)
  3. CPR (Corporate PR)
  4. (Mass mediaAgainst)
  5. Investor Relations(Investor,Securities analystAgainst)
  6. (Administrative agency,Local governmentAgainst)
  7. (Employee,UnionAgainst)
  8. (Community,NPO corporationAgainst)
  9. (consumerAgainst)
  10. (To other companies in the same industry)
  11. (Industry groupAgainst)

Department in charge of PR activities

PR activities at Japanese companiesGeneral Affairs Department(Or public relations department in the general affairs department) is often in charge. However, the range of PR work is wide, and many companies are neglecting PR. Companies that understand the impact of PR on stakeholders and the impact on the market take PR very importantly.

Public Relations (PR) Department/University with courses

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