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🎥 | The movie "The Magic of Chocolate" starring Maho Yamaguchi and Yui Okada will be released on 18/XNUMX (Fri.)!Sakurada for additional cast ...


The movie "The Magic of Chocolate" starring Maho Yamaguchi and Yui Okada will be released on 18/XNUMX (Fri.)!Sakurada for additional cast ...

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New cast members have been announced this time, including the up-and-coming young actress Hiyori Sakurada, Ken Nakajima, Mei Hata, Keito Tsuna, Nozomi Mori, Rinka Ueno, Aoi Kawaguchi and Akari Yoshida, who are talked about as Bomby Girls, and Miura. A gorgeous lineup of Maya Miura, Yoshihiko Hakamada, and Takahiro Azuma!

Rino Mizuho's popular manga "Shi ...", which has been published in Shogakukan's popular magazine "Ciao" and has exceeded the cumulative total of 100 million copies in the series. → Continue reading

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Hiyori Sakurada

Hiyori Sakurada(Hiyori Sakurada,2002(14)May 12 -) isJapan OfChibaBackground[1] Ofactress,Fashion Model, OriginalA child.KenneAffiliation[1].


When I was littleKlage KidsBelong toHiyori NaritaAsモデルWas active mainly in.When I was in the 4th grade of elementary schoolactressAiming for Ken-OnauditionTransferred or renamed the office after applying for[2].

2014In the drama "Tomorrow, no mom]OrphanageAppeared as one of the children living in.Also,2015IsSunday dramaThe first work "Wild Heroes』Played a girl who will be the key person in the drama.

2017,TV drama"Saki-Saki-Achiga Hen episode of side-A』First starring, then starring in the movie version[3].

2018, Magazine for teensSeventeen』(Shueisha)'S exclusive model audition, 3,437 out of a total of 6 applicants were selected and selected for "Miss Seventeen 2018"[4].


I had an older brother, and when I was a member of Courage Kids, I worked with him.[5].

My hobbies are anime and manga.For the work that inspired me to watch animePlastic MemoriesI'm giving.[6]


TV drama

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Theater animation


  • After the big rainbow ~ Fudo four brothers ~ (August 2017, 8-September 29, Nakano The Pocket)[40]
  • After the big rainbow ~ Fudo four brothers ~ (August 2018, 8-August 3, 8,Theater sun mall) --The role of green[41]

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Photo album


  • Hiyori Sakurada 2021 Calendar Book (BLTMOOK No. 80) (October 2020, 10, Tokyo News Service)ISBN 978-4867011324
  • Hiyori Sakurada 2022 Calendar Book (August 2021, 8)[51]



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