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🎥 | "D4DJ Groovy Mix" holds a collaboration to commemorate the release of the movie "Godzilla vs. Kong"


"D4DJ Groovy Mix" Holds Collaboration to Commemorate the Release of the Movie "Godzilla vs. Kong"

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In "D4DJ Groovy Mix", Godzilla appears in AMEZA to commemorate the release of the movie "Godzilla vs. Kong".

The rhythm game "D4DJ Groovy Mix" for smartphones is released in the movie "Godzilla vs. Kong ..." → Continue reading

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Godzilla vs Kong

"Godzilla vs Kong(Godzilla Love Jesus Kong, original title:Godzilla vs. Kong) IsAdam WingardWas directed by2021 OfThe United States of America OfMonster movie.Warner BrothersLegendary PicturesJointly worked on "Monster berthIn the 4th work ofGodzillaキ ン グ コ ン グDraw a confrontation[10][11].PG-13Specified[12].. Published in 2019Godzilla King of MonstersAnd the 2017 release of "King Kong: Skull Island GiantIs a sequel to "GodzillaThe 36th franchise, "キ ン グ コ ン グIt's also the 12th franchise and the 4th Godzilla movie made at Hollywood Studios.

The main shooting isHawaii,Australia,Hong KongMade inAlexander Skarsgård,Millie Bobby Brown,Rebecca HallAre appearing.

COVID-19 PandemicDue to the influence of, it has been postponed from the release schedule in November 2020, and on March 11, 2021EuropeTaiwanFirst released on March 3stAmericaWith the theaterHBO MaxAfter being released in Japan, it will be released on July 7nd in Japan.[3]..Co-produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, in JapanToho, Distributed by Warner in the world except Japan.


Godzilla reigns as king of monstersFive years later, under the maintenance of order by Godzilla, the monsters did not roam the ground on a daily basis, but occasionally appeared in front of people and engaged in sabotage.In response to this problem, the research institute "Monarch", which is investigating monsters, has called monsters.Cavity in the groundMake a plan to send it back to.Soon, King Kong will be transferred from Skull Island to Antarctica, but Godzilla appears during the voyage, and a fierce battle between the two begins.

Meanwhile, Madison Russell, who was independently investigating Godzilla's irregular activities, discovers the existence of a conspiracy with the giant technology company Apex.[13].


Nathan Lind
Performance- Alexander Skarsgård, Japanese dubbing- Kenjiro Tsuda[14]
The main character of this work.A Monarch geologist, he has a close relationship with Kong.
Despite his reluctant personality, he participates in the mission of transferring Kong to the underground hollow world.
Madison Russell
Performance- Millie Bobby Brown, Japanese dubbing- Mana Ashida[14]
The heroine of the previous work.Also in this work, it appears as a heroine on the Godzilla side.
Trying to find out why Godzilla attacks humanity.
Irene Andrews
Performance- Rebecca Hall, Japanese dubbing- Sakamoto Maaya[14]
An anthropologist at Monarch, he is studying Kong on Skull Island.
He adopted Jia, an orphan, and vowed to protect her.
Bernie Hayes
Performance- Brian Tyree Henry, Japanese dubbing- Matsuya Onoue[14]
Claim a plot about monstersConspiracy theorist..He publishes that information on his website, and Madison is one of his followers.
A former engineer at APEX, he realizes that the organization is plotting something related to monsters and tries to prove that fact with Madison and others.
Ren Serizawa / Ren Serizawa
Performance- Shun Oguri, Japanese dubbing-Shun Oguri
The son of Dr. Inoshiro Serizawa, who was once a major member of Monarch. APEX engineer.
Myr Simmons
Performance- Eiza Gonzalez, Japanese dubbing- Tanaka[14]
Walter's daughter.Somewhat ridiculous personality.
Cooperate with Nathan and others to transfer Kong to the Underground Cavity World.
Josh Valentine
Performance- (English edition, Japanese dubbing- Yuji Tanaka(LOL problem[14]
Madison's classmate.Together with her and Bernie, she tries to find out the cause of Godzilla's rampage and APEX's plot.
Mark Russell
Performance- Kyle Chandler, Japanese dubbing- Kei Tanaka[14]
The main character of the previous work, Madison's father.In this work, he returns to Monarch again and tries to find out the cause of Godzilla's rampage as a biologist.
Chandler who played was "King Kong』, Playing Bruce Baxter, this work was the first co-star with Kong in 16 years.
Walter Simmons
Performance- Demián Bichir, Japanese dubbing- Kazuhiro Yamaji[15]
APEX CEO and Maia's father.
Performance-, Japanese dubbing-None
A girl from the Ewis tribe, an indigenous people of Skull Island.I have a disability in my ears.
He has a special bond with Kong.
Performance- Lance Reddick, Japanese dubbing- Shinsuke Kasai[16]
Commander of the research institute Monarch.
Admiral Wilcox
Performance- Hakeem Kae-Kajim, Japanese dubbing- Hitoshi Yamanoi[15]
Jay Wayne
Performance- (English edition, Japanese dubbing- Hidenori Takahashi[15]
Performance- Chris Chalk, Japanese dubbing- Daiki Hamano[15]

Appearance monster

A descendant of a race that reigned at the top of the Permian ecosystem, where the earth was full of natural radioactivity and giant creatures were scared.In this work, he is aggressively attacking humankind, such as burning the city with radiant heat rays, and Monarch has not been able to grasp the reason.
キ ン グ コ ン グ
A super-large ape that reigns at the top of Skull Island's ecosystem.In this work, it has become huge to a height comparable to Godzilla.He has a connection with the orphan girl Jia through sign language, and engages Godzilla with a weapon like an ax.

ス タ ッ フ

  • Director-Adam Wingard
  • Production-Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Mary Parent, Brian Rogers, Alex Garcia, Eric McLeod
  • Executive Producer-Jay Aschenfurter, Herbert W. Gainesdan Lynn, Roy Lee, Yoshimitsu Banno, Kenji Hira
  • Screenplay-Eric Pearson, Max Borenstein
  • Cinematographer-Ben Seresin
  • Music-Junkie XL
  • Edit --Josh Schaefer
  • Production Designers-Owen Paterson, Tom Hammock
  • VFX Supervisor-John "DJ" Dejardan
  • Japanese dubbed version



2015 year 9 month,Legendary PicturesBut"King Kong: Skull Island GiantAs a co-production partnerUniversal StudiosnotWarner BrothersBy choosingGodzillaキ ン グ コ ン グWas reported in the media as a possibility of co-starring[10][17].. In October, Legendary announced that "Godzilla vs. Kong", in which Godzilla and King Kong will co-star, will be released on May 10, 2020, creating a "mainly secret agency Monarch" franchise, "old" "Rallying Godzilla and Legendary Kong in an ecosystem of new, different giant super-biological races," he said.[18]..Producer Alex Garcia said about "Godzilla vs. Kong", "This movie is"King Kong vs GodzillaIt will not be a remake of[19].

In March 2017,Adam WingardWas announced to be the director[20]..Wingard is a work set in the present age of "Godzilla vs. Kong", and "Godzilla King of Monsters"A stronger, slightly older Kong" will appear with several characters from the game.[21]..Tom Hammock and Owen Paterson have been appointed as art directors, who are watching 2 past Godzilla films and 30 King Kong films for production.[22].. The two were particularly influenced by "Godzilla vs Mothra''Godzilla vs Destroyer''Shin Godzilla』, And appear in the movie in addition to thisUnderground cavityTo draw a new monster, "Space war''Alien 4] OrAncient civilizationSays he referred to[22]..In addition, Wingard and Hammock had a plan to fight in "a place where Godzilla and King Kong have never fought".[22].


In March 2017, Legendary set up a writer's room to write the script for Godzilla vs. Kong.Terry RossioBecame a leader[24], Patrick Mackay, JD Payne, Lindsay Beer, Cat Vasco,(English edition, Jack Pagren,J. Michael StraczynskiIs participating as a member[25]..About the Writer's Room, Rossio said, "I was the first to be responsible for the Writer's Room in Godzilla vs. Kong, and it was a great experience. I read samples, met various screenwriters, and in groups. It was a lot of fun to shape the story. "[26].

Regarding the confrontation between Godzilla and Kong, Wingard said, "I want to decide the winner. The original (" King Kong vs. Godzilla ") was very interesting, but I am a little disappointed that the victory or defeat was not decided. People Is still arguing who was the winner, so I want people who watch this movie to feel the winner. "[27]..He also said, "I want monsters to embrace not only human characters. This is a big brawl movie of giant monsters. The monsters rampage with each other, but in the end I want to be able to empathize. I want them to embrace their emotions. "[28].

Directed and wrote the script for "Godzilla King of Monsters"Michael dohertyAnd co-writer Zach Shields are participating in the script revision of "Godzilla vs. Kong" in order to make the world view and characters of the same work appear without discomfort.[29]..Of the two major monsters that appear in "Godzilla vs. Kong," Doherty depicts "a very unique and heartwarming moment between Kong and humans" for Kong, and "more suggestive" for Godzilla's relationship with humans. On the other hand, he says that kindness will not appear in the table.[30]..Doherty and Shields are "original",Eric Pearson(English editionIs credited as a "screenplay"[31].


2017 year 6 month,Zhang ZiyiWas announced to participate in the series as an "important role"[32].. In April 2018(English editionAppearance andMillie Bobby BrownKyle ChandlerHas been announced to continue appearing in "Godzilla King of Monsters"[33]..Legendary at the same timeFrances McDormandIt is reported that they are offering appearances in[34].. In June of the same yearDanai GuriraIs reported to be in talks to appear[35], In August of the same yearBrian Tyree Henry,Demián Bichir,Alexander Skarsgård,Eiza Gonzalez,Rebecca HallAppearance was decided[36][37][38][39][40].. In June of the same yearJessica Henwick,Shun Oguri,Lance ReddickAppearance is decided[41][42], Oguri in "Godzilla vs. Kong"HollywoodMade a debut[43]..According to multiple media, the appearance of Grilla, who was in negotiations for appearance, has also been confirmed.[44][45].


From January 2018, 11HawaiiAustraliaWorking Title "ApexAsMain shootingStarted and ended in February 2019[46][47]..Initially, shooting was scheduled to start on October 2018, 10.[48]..In HawaiiBattleship Missouri,Manoa Falls,(English editionDuring the shooting, traffic was suspended until November 11st of the same year.(English editionA camp was set up above, and locals participated in the shooting as extras and staff.[49].. From October 2019QueenslandGold Coast Of(English editionAdditional shooting was done over 26 weeks[50][51]..In the state(English editionBut in addition to being filmedBrisbane Of(English edition,(English edition,(English editionBut the shooting was done.In April of the same year, Wingard announced that the filming in Australia had ended.InstagramReported in[52]In addition,Hong KongAnnounced that it is one of the final locations and that the main shooting has ended[53]..Then, on February 2021, 2, WinguardIMAX 3DWatching the edition, I reported on Instagram that I was excited even though I admitted that I hate 3D[54].


June 2020, Tom Hawkenberg (Junky XL) Was announced to compose film music[55]..Hawkenberg loves Godzilla so much that he calls himself "Godzilla freak", and personally composes music with Godzilla as the subject.Hawkenberg also captivated him by playing a slightly modified song when he met Winguard in 2018.When composing, Hawkenberg said, "This song is the biggest on the planet.Bass drumI asked him to make a bass drum of 8 feet or more, but the vendor replied, "There is no cow large enough to cover a 10-foot bass drum." He says he compromised with an 8-foot bass drum.[56]..In the trailerLigety Gergeof"(English edition, Chris Classic's "Here We Go" is used[57][58].

On April 2021, 4, the Japanese version of the theme song will be released.MAN WITH A MISSIONof"INTO THE DEEPHas been decided[1].


Promotional poster premiered at Licensing Expo held in May 2019[59]In November(English editionThe video was released for the first time in[60]..In August of the same year, Disrupter Beam announced the development of a mobile game tied up with the movie release.[61].. In June of the same yearComic Con ExperienceThe video was released on the Internet and leaked on the Internet[62].

In January 2020, images of related figures exhibited at the Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair leaked online.[63].. In June of the same yearTohoAnd Legendary announce the release of graphic novels, art books, novels and children's books(English edition, Bioworld, Ruby's, Funko, 60 Out, Virtual Reality have been activated[64]..In April of the same year, a new figure of Godzilla and Kong, a figure image of the new monster "Nozuki" leaked.[65]..In July of the same year, the concept art image of Playmate Toys was released on the net.[66], Clip was released at Comic Con Experience held in December[67].

In October 2021HBO MaxThe video was released at[68]..In the same month, the teaser poster was premiered online, and at the same time the trailer release date was announced.[69]..The trailer will be released on the 24th of the same month[70],the UAF YouTube-channelRecorded 24 million views in 1500 hours of publication[71]..In the trailerMechagodzillaIs suggested, andSuper xAirframe likeヘ ビMonsters like[72][73].. On February 2th, the Japanese version notice with its own cut will be pre-released on the net (scheduled to be screened sequentially from February 8th at theaters nationwide), and the theater release date in Japan will be May 2th. Announced[74].. On March 3st, a 1-second main video centered on a collision scene on an aircraft carrierIGNPublished in[75].. Two exclusive posters in China, which are scheduled to start screening 3 days earlier than the United States on March 2, have been released on official Twitter.[76].. On March 3, there will be new monsters other than Godzilla and King Kong, and there will be many "surprise".(English editionAnnounced in[77].. On March 3th, an IMAX poster with Godzilla and King Kong facing each other up and down was exclusively released on IGN.[78].. On March 3th, Godzilla and King KongHong KongA Japanese-only poster that confronts the streets of Japan is the role of Ren SerizawaShun OguriPublished with comments from[79].. On March 3th, a trailer focusing on the battle between Godzilla and King Kong will be released.South by SouthwestPublished in[80].. On March 3, Winguard officially acknowledged the previously suggested appearance of Mechagodzilla through his Instagram.[81].


The United States of AmericaThen at the same time as the theater release on March 2021, 3Video distribution service OfHBO MaxSimultaneous delivery (exclusive delivery for one month) is planned[46][82], Scheduled to be released on March 3 in overseas markets where HBO Max service is not implemented[83][84].. Distribution isWarner BrothersIs in charge, but only in JapanTohoWas in charge of distribution, and was originally scheduled to be released on May 2021, 5.[85],New coronavirus infectious disease epidemicThe release was postponed to July 7 due to the influence of[3][86].

当初、公開日は2020年3月13日の予定だったが、5月22日、5月29日、11月20日に変更された後、新型コロナウイルス感染症流行の影響で2021年5月21日に延期された[87]However, as of January 2021, the release date was advanced to March 1 of the same year.[88][89][90]..However, on January 1, it was reported that while only the United States was postponed to March 27, it will be released as it is on March 3 in overseas countries where the HBO Max service is not implemented.[91].. Warner Bros. announced that the test screening in February 2020 received a "generally positive" response.[92].

Regarding the release, in November 2020Hollywood ReporterReported that streaming distribution is being considered.According to media reportsNetflixWas offering $ 2-2 million to get distribution rights[5], WarnerMedia has endorsed negotiations with Netflix as it endorsed an exclusive distribution proposal on HBO Max.Warner Bros. announced that it will be released to theaters at the same time, WarnerMedia CEO(English editionAnd Warner Bros. Chairman(English editionIsWonder Woman 1984I was considering simultaneous release in theaters and streaming distribution as well as[93]..In December of the same year, Warner Bros. announced a policy to simultaneously release movies scheduled to be released in 12, including "Godzilla vs. Kong," in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.[82].

One week after the policy announcement,Variety magazineDeadline.comReported that legendaries, investors and actors with back-end contracts were uncomfortable with Warner Bros.'s policies.Legendary is "Godzilla vs. Kong" "DUNE Sand PlanetDespite investing the production cost in 』, he was not given the right to speak in the distribution strategy, and claimed that the policy of simultaneous disclosure was not notified in advance.The company plans to consult with Warner Bros., but is reportedly considering legal action against Warner Bros.[5][94].. In January 2021, the Hollywood Reporter said the two companies agreed on a simultaneous release policy, circumventing legal action.[7].


On March 2021, 3, before the release, critics and journalists from their home countries watched it in advance, and while it was said that it was the "masterpiece of the series", there were concerns about the human part.[95].

Overseas opening box office revenue is expected to exceed $ 2021 million on March 3, 27 after it has been released worldwide.[96]After that, it reached $ 4 million on April 2, the same year, and reached $ 1 million.(English editionIn addition to being certified as the highest A rating in MonsterVerse historyRThe audience score is 95%, the criticism score is 75%, the average score is 6.4 / 10, and it is certified as Certified Fresh.[97].MetacriticSo the metascore is 59 and the user score is 6.9[98].IMDbThe rating is 6.5 stars[99].. On April 4, worldwide box office revenue reached $ 5 million and opening box office revenue in the United States reached $ 2 million.[100]..Also, on April 2, after the second weekend, worldwide box office revenue reached $ 4 million and US box office revenue reached $ 12 million.[101]Moreover, on April 3th, after the third weekend, worldwide box office revenue reached $ 4 million.[102]..In addition, on April 4, after the fourth weekend, worldwide box office revenue reached $ 4 million.[103].

Olive Related Products

"Godzilla: Dominion(GODZILLA: DOMINION) on May 2021, 5Village BooksIt was released from.The script is(English edition, Drawing by Drew Edward Johnson, Japanese translationHiroto Ishikawa.ISBN 978-4-86491-508-3[104]
After "Godzilla King of Monsters", a story equivalent to the day before this work is drawn, in which Godzilla who fulfills his duty as a monster king learns about the existence of King Kong.[105].


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注 釈

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