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🎥 | God-delivered movie "Mercury 13: Women who supported space development" Netflix

Photo Netflix movie "Mercury 13: Women who supported space development" is being exclusively distributed

No doubt God-delivered movie "Mercury 13: Women Who Supported Space Development" Netflix

If you write the contents roughly
It is also familiar as the subject of entertainment such as the movie "The Right Stuff" (1983) and the drama series "Mercury Seven" (2020).

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Light staff

"Light staff] (Original title:The Right Stuff) Is1983 OfAmerican movies..Manned Space Flight Program "Mercury Plan"7 people engaged in宇宙 飛行 士Works based on the true story of[3].Philip Kauffmandirected by.


Published in 1979Tom WolfOf the same name bydocumentaryBased on the novel "The Light Staff".56th Academy AwardsReceived four categories: composition award (drama), editing award, sound effect award, and recording award.

NASA OfMercury PlanAgainst the background of (a national project to send humans to space)FighterpilotBut"Light staff(The right qualities that only you have) ”, And deepen the bond of trust while enduring the pressure of the nation.宇宙 飛行 士It is a story that praises those who act with courage even in different ways of life by contrasting and drawing the figure of the family.Speed ​​of soundA real person who continued to challenge the wall ofChuck JaegerTheSam shepardPlayed.


Located in the Mojave Desert, USA, 1947Edwards Air Force Base..Test pilotChuck JaegerIs a rocketBell X-1Challenge a dangerous test flight and finally break the sound barrier.

Then at the basepilotGathered one after another, and the speed record went up, but the accident never stopped.

Eventually, the Soviet Union's world's first artificial satelliteSputnik 1Urgent news of successful launch (Sputnik shock) Arrived and the government was in a hurryUS Aerospace Agency(NASA) will be established to recruit astronaut candidates from elite pilots of each army.The Air Force Jaeger and his associates were disqualified because they were not college graduates, but other excellent pilots were applied for and convened, and after rigorous inspection, seven people (7 people (Mercury Seven) Is selected.

Overcoming dissatisfaction and disagreements with NASA, the Soviet UnionYuri GagarinInspired by the success of the world's first manned space flight, the astronauts who flew into space attracted public attention.

At that time, Jaeger was a state-of-the-art machine alone to challenge the altitude record of the Soviet Union.NF-104He flew to the sky, but when he jumped over the blue sky and saw the stars in front of him, he lost control and crashed.Although he was injured, he succeeded in escaping and returned to his colleagues alive.

Left behind among the seven "light staff"Gordon CooperFlew into space and achieved the record of "American's last solo flight in space".The Mercury project, which achieved its original purpose, is the final goalApollo projectFinished its role brilliantly to move forward.

ス タ ッ フ


Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Chuck JaegerSam shepardTakayuki Sugo
Alan ShepherdScott GlenMasaru Ikeda
Virgil (Gus) GrissomFred WardAkimoto Yosuke
John GlennEd HarrisUshiyama Shigeru
Gordon CooperDennis QuaidYoshitsuka Otsuka
Wally schirraLance HenriksenArimoto Kintaka
Scott carpenterCharles FrankToshihiko Kojima
Dake SlaytonScott PaulinArno Tahara
Trudy CooperPamela ReedKikuko Inoue
Betty GrissomVeronica Cartwright
Glenis JaegerBarbara Hershey
Jack RidleyLevon Helm
(The band)
Vice President JohnsonDonald MoffatMasaaki Tsukada
RecruiterJeff Goldblum
Harry Shearer
March LadyJane Dornacker
OtherKei Hayami
Mizuka Arima
Seiko Nakano
Tetsuo Kanao
Kachiko Hino
Yoshimizu Kei
Ikuko Tatsu
Masayuki Kato
Isao Saku
Yuka Shima
Akiko Takeguchi
Shinpachi Tsuji
Mitsuaki Hoshino
Taneda Ayako
Eizou Tsuda
Chiharu Suzuka
Ikuya Sawaki
Ken Shiroyama
Hiroshi Fujishiro
Arakawa Taro
Inaba Minoru
  • Japanese dubbing is recorded on Blu-ray.

Travel Tips

  • The screening time was as long as 193 minutes (3 hours 13 minutes), and in Japan, the dance scene by Sally Rand near the last was cut and shortened by 30 minutes, but the volume is still about 160 minutes (2 hours 40 minutes). It has become.Kaufman, who was requested to cut, said, "Akira KurosawaI want the director to edit it. "By the way, as an episode about Kurosawa, the movie "Idiocy] Was released, he refused to shorten it by saying "cut the film vertically".
  • It should be noted that this is not a documentary film, but an entertainment film, so there are some differences from historical facts.For example, the X-1 has not had a crash in flight throughout the series.Also, Chuck Yeager was originally an X-1Test pilotIt was selected as a movie, and since it has made nearly 50 powered flights before breaking through the speed of sound, it is said that it took over the maneuver the day before because of the production of the movie.However, due to fall肋骨It is a fact that Ridley got rid of it even though he broke it, and that he crashed and got burned on the way even though he tried to break the altitude record of the Soviet Union with NF-104.
  • Chuck Yeager himself, the man who exceeded the speed of sound for the first time, also participates in the production as a technical advisor and also appears.Occasionally reflected in the Pancho store, there is also a scene where he talks to Harry Shearer who visited as a recruiter.
  • As a later story of this work, the movie "Apollo 13』\ Utilizing production know-how1998TV series "From The Earth/Humanity Stands On The Moon] Was produced.I can't go to space because of my heart diseaseNASAWatch over the Apollo program as a ground staffDake Slayton(In Apollo 13, the main characterJim lovell(Appeared as captain's boss) appeared in almost all episodes, at Apollo 1 (at the beginning of the movie)Gus GrissomI handed over the Apollo 13 boarding to Jim Lovell and others due to the episode of accidental death and physical condition.Alan ShepherdThere is also an episode in which he overcomes an intractable disease and makes a landing on the moon.
  • In the funeral scene of the test pilot at the beginning, the aircraft movement shown by the flight formation in the sky (one of the flight formations soars) is called "", and "the person who died". It means "to mourn."However, in the 1 hours and 3 minutes version broadcast by NHK as the "original version", the part of leaving the single machine and rising is cut off, and the Missing Man formation cannot be seen.
  • In charge of musicBill ContiIs in this work1983 OfAcademy Composition AwardWas awarded.


Philip KauffmanIs the United States in the 1950s-60sRacismA subtle issue for is comically inserted as an episode.

Scott GlenplayAlan ShepherdCommander of the Navy, of the Air Force宇宙 飛行 士U.S.comedian,Bill Danaplay Jose JimenezImpersonation,CaliforniaPerformed in the waiting room of the hospital. (By the way, Jose Jimenez can only speak terrible English.メキシコperson'sMestisoIt is a character who made fun of. ) Mexican nurse Gonzales (big man's) on the spot Anthony MonosIs playing), which makes him feel uncomfortable.

Shepherd is an astronaut aptitude test at the hospitalIntestineAnd upstairs after inspectionWCWhen you need to rush toDoctorHe is instructed to have Gonzales take him to the bathroom.On the way to the toilet, Gonzales grabs the shepherd's neck on the verge of an explosion (defecation) at the limit of his patience and tells how the impersonation of Jose Jimenez is hurting the Mexicans.He was usually a bullish shepherd, but at this time he couldn't argue with him, and he had to swear and agree that he was right.Only at this moment was the social status of the elite pilot astronaut candidate and the Mexican nurse completely reversed.

1950s-60s The episode in which astronauts try to imitate Jose Jimenez to "receive""From the Earth / Humanity Stands on the Moon" In (1998)Mark HarmonplayColonel Wally SchirraIs also played.


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