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🤖 | "FGO" Abigail & Katsushika Hokusai, Kyun with slender legs and clear eyes ♪ Figured in the form of "Heroic Festival"!

Photo "Foreigner / Abigail Williams Eirei Festival ver." "Foreigner / Katsushika Hokusai Eirei Festival ver." (C) TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECT

"FGO" Abigail & Katsushika Hokusai, slender legs and clear eyes Kyun ♪ Figured in the form of "Heroic Festival"!

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"Foreigner / Katsushika Hokusai Eireisaiso ver." Is a carefully and elaborately modeled lace design on the skirt of the maid outfit that Hokusai wears.

From "Fate / Grand Order" Foreigner / Abigail Williams, Foreigner / Katsushika ... → Continue reading

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Maid clothes

Maid clothesWhat is (Maid Fuku)?MaidWork clothes, or made to imitate itFemaleForClothingCommon name that refers to.

Once19st centuryEndThe United KingdomReally existed inDomestic servant,HousekeeperWithin a certain tendency worn by usApron dress, ModernJapan(Especiallysub cultureIn the context), it is called exclusively like this.

The original work clothes of a maid as a maid were called "dressing up" in Japan.


What is now commonly referred to as "maid clothes" is black or navy blue.Dresses,FrillWhite withapronThe apron dress combined with the same white frillsHeadbandThe combination of is basic.

This type of maid outfit was originally intended for the afternoon in Britain in the late 19th century, and in the morning it was originally a printed outfit with a white apron and a hat.

Originally, there was no such thing as a maid outfit, but because there was a manner that "if a lady is walking with you, you should not talk to the woman (maid) walking behind you", the mistress and the maid There is a history needed to make a clear distinction.Daniel Defoe said, "The maid should wear a uniform suitable for it," so in the first half of the 18th century, maid clothes as uniforms had not yet been born.


Apron dress

Apron dressThe maid's uniform itself is not limited.See the relevant item for details.

Clothes with an apron used as part of the clothing design.In the case of maid clothes, aprons are often strapped around the shoulders and fastened at the waist.In addition, a piece of cloth with a switching line devised to make it look like an apron or with frillsSkirtsAn apron-shaped front decoration (apron skirt) may be used.

Apron dresses have long been common in the design of folk and children's clothing, and are still used in baby clothing.The design of the apron isPinaforeThere are various shapes such as (Salopette apron in French) and salon apron, and many are decorated with frills, raffles, flounces, laces, pleats, etc. made larger than the frills. It was a fashion fashion popular among ladies in the 18th century, but is now recognized as work clothes.

White brim

Maid headdress.With laceHeadbandEtc. are used.The purpose is to keep the hair out of the way while working.cap(Hat),ShinyonIn some cases, a cover is used. There are many misuses such as "prim" and "pril", but brim originally meant "hat brim", and the indoor hat worn by the early maids has declined and is now replaced by a headdress, only the name. It is the one that remains.

Maid clothes

A costume that imitates a maid's work clothes.The rough design is a simple Victorian maid type that emphasizes that the original is work clothes.Cosplay related to sexIt can be divided into French maid types that are conscious of.

Victorian maid

Often a long dress.Simple and few decorations.It is often used in maid cafes that emphasize the general public who are not geeks in the customer base.

French maid

From the perspective of British subjects, French (French style) is used to mean a design that invites vulgar sexual inferiority, so wear leather products.Bondage・ A type of fashion.Sleeveless or puff sleeves, skirt lengthMicro miniIt points to the style.Petticoats and mini crinolines are layered in the skirt to create volume.It is this type that is often drawn in anime and manga, and many of them are basically over-decorated and emphasize design (flashiness) rather than function as "work clothes".

In recent years, because Japanese maid culture has been exported outside Japan, maid clothes with Gothic Lolita and manga elements are often called "Japanese maids" instead of French maids.

Relationship with Gothic and Lolita

Gothic and lolita,Lolita fashionClothes are monotone, apron dresses are sometimes used, 19th century decorativeness, and both are fluffy and flashy clothes, so it is easy to be confused with maid clothes.[5][6].

actually"Alice in Wonderland], Etc., and this style (apron dress) is sometimes referred to as a "maid" in the coordination of Gothic and Lolita and Lolita fashion.However, in most cases, it is treated as a part of decoration that is different from cosplay.[1], The confusion between maid clothes and Gothic Lolita is often disliked[6].

Each model is also different.Lolita fashion is a girlish fashion brand such as "MILK"[7]It can be said that it is a born outfit that has changed into various styles through its roots such as Olive Girl and Olive Girl.[8]Maids such as maid cafes are based on 19th century British work clothes[9].

Designs with many decorations are preferred as clothing, but the maid cafe boom around 2006[9]Since then, Gothic Lolita-style maid clothing has been criticized by Gothic Lolita lovers.[1][6]..It is speculated that the reason why the confusion between Gothic Lolita and maids is disliked is due to the "calling" that occurred when the maid cafe became a boom in 2006.[6]..Also, most Lolita fashion users hate being confused with cosplay,[10]There are also lovers like Momo Matsuura who pointed out that Lolita has both cosplay and fashion aspects, and Lolita fashion users who enjoy cosplay of maids.However, Momo Matsuura commented that it is unacceptable to be mistaken for a maid because Lolita fashion is dressed as a young lady.[5]..However, it was serialized in 2000Mihara MitsukazCartoon ofDOLLIs a popular work among Gothic Lolita users, but the androids that appear in it often wear Gothic Lolita-style maid clothes, and it is possible that they were not so disliked before the maid cafe boom.[5].

The actual situation of Japanese maid clothes

Exclusively in modern JapanwaitressUniforms andCosplayIt is mainly used as a costume for French maid type, and it is rare for housekeepers to actually wear it, and some housekeepers sell to dispatch staff who cosplayed in maid clothes.・ There is also a temporary staffing business such as helpers, but this is a special case.

Most of the items sold as "maid clothes" at cosplay costume stores are the types shown in the above photo, but they lose their function as work clothes due to excessive decoration such as frills and lace. There are many things that are done.Also,BondageIn some cases, sexual decorations such as, and arrangements that are conscious of characters such as anime and games are given.

On the other hand, when a professional housekeeper treats it as normal work clothes, he often wears simple clothes that are not gorgeous (flashy) and pursue functionality.

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