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📺 | Shohei Miura & Yuki Yamada appear in detective tag Mei Nagano x Erika Toda "Hakozume"


Shohei Miura & Yuki Yamada appear in detective tag Mei Nagano x Erika Toda "Hakozume"

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Since the source role is a rival with Fuji played by Erika Toda, a quarrel will start if we meet, but at the root of each other we have a very nice relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Actors Shohei Miura and Yuki Yamada will perform the Japanese TV drama "Hakozume: Katsuu! Alternate Girls" (starting in July, every ... → Continue reading

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Toda Erika

Toda Erika(Toda Erika,1988May 8 -) isJapan Ofactress.HyogoKobe CityI'm fromFrahmBelongs.


He started performing arts activities when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school, and before moving to Tokyo, he was an entertainment agency in Osaka.グ レ ー スBelonged to[2].

2000,NHKContinuous tv novel"オ ー ド リ ー],Shinobu OtakeAppeared in the flashback scene for a few seconds as a childhood role of the heroine's adoptive mother, Takino.[3].

2003ToWeekly Young Jump』(Shueisha) Holds an audition "ControlSelected as a member at "03".Around the time he graduated from junior high school, he was called by his current agency, FLAMme, to transfer, and then moved to Tokyo to start the actress business in earnest.[4][5].

2005,Drama"engine』(Fuji Television Network, IncSystem) and "Wild pig. Produce』(Nippon TVRegular appearance in the system).In addition, the 26th"Victor Koshien poster" campaignSelected as the image character of. In October of the same year, as a plan of this campaign,Victor EntertainmentThe first DVD short movie "Calling youWas released[6].

2006Movie released in AprilDeath Note』, And attracted attention by playing the role of Misa Amane, who will be the key person in the story.[7].

2007Public movie "Presents-uni rice cracker-] The first movie starring. Drama of the same year "LIAR GAME』(Fuji Television Network, IncFirst starring in a serial drama[7].

2008In addition to experiencing the first stage in "Inoue Kabuki ☆ 號" IZO ""Meteor Bond』(TBSActive in popular dramas such as (kei), in 2009Ellandol Award Newcomer awardTokyo drama award Received the Best Supporting Actress Award[8][9].

2009The movie released in March "Love polar star』First starring in a feature film.2010The drama "SPEC』(TBS series) played a role that will be a new frontier, and later became a series of special dramas and movies as a sequel.

2018, The first JapaneseFranceOf the cosmetic brand "Lancome"MuseWas appointed to[10].

2019Late NHKContinuous tv novel"scarlet] As the heroine[11].

2020May 12, Of the actorTori MatsuzakaRevealed through their respective agencies that they were married[12].


  • My hobbies are watching movies,scuba diving[1].. I like to look at the sky and the sea and to interact with nature[13].
  • My favorite book isNoriko Morishitaof"Day-Day Good Day-15 Happy Days taught by "Tea"-』(Shincho Bunko). From this work, I realized that it was my happiness to feel the changes in the scenery and the sounds of the four seasons with my five senses, and I was greatly influenced by it.[14][15].
  • I have an older brother and a younger sister who are 6 years old each[16]..When I was 6 years oldGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThe people in the neighborhood who were close to me died after the disaster.[5].
  • I have a dog named "Dub" from Miniature Schnauzer and "Chikuwa" from Chikuwa.
  • The actress you admireShinobu Otake,Nakatani MikiHave answered[16]..Also, drama W "To the life of this city』(WOWOW)Yuko TanakaWas strongly fascinated by the play[17]..As an actress, she says, "I want to be involved in works that will remain in the hearts of viewers 10 or 20 years from now."[14].
  • Aragaki YuiIs an old friend who calls each other "Gacchan" and "Totti".Code blue In "3rd season", there is a scene created by the bond between the two.[18]..Co-starred in the same dramaAimi HigaI'm on good terms with them, and sometimes we have a girls-only gathering with three people.[19]. Also,Oshima YukoHe has a close friendship with him and co-stars as a childhood friend in the serial TV novel "Scarlet".[20].


TV drama



Web drama/movie

Voice actor

DVD movie/drama


  • Miracle story seen by the fighting nurse SP "Code Blue" (March 2010, 3, Fuji TV)
  • Athlete's soul"Football" Turn frustration into growth" Japan national football team Shinji Kagawa(May 2011, 10, NHK General)-Narrative
  • Shining Woman (January 2013, 1 (Part 23), January 2013, 1 (Part 30),NHK BS Premium)
  • Document 72 hours"Osorezan Place of the Dead" (2014 June 6, NHK General)-Narrative
  • Chinese dynasty revived legend "The truth of evil women Western empress(January 2017, 1, NHK BS Premium)-Navigator[59]
  • Chinese dynasty revived legend "The truth of evil women Yang Kiki(January 2017, 2, NHK BS Premium)-Navigator[60]
  • Chinese dynasty revived legend "The truth of evil women Emperor ShikiMother of Zhaohime(January 2017, 3, NHK BS Premium)-Navigator[61]
  • Cats and cats, scoops. "Mitsuyo Tsunoda and Toto" (March 2017, 3, NHK E-tele)-Read aloud
  • ReviveTsuguharu Fujita~ Genius painter's true face ~ (August 2018, 8, NHK General)-Navigator[62]
  • Legend of Chinese dynasty heroes "Chang'an, the mysterious city of huge heritage-From Liu Kun to Empress Dowager Cixi-" (March 2019, 3, NHK BS Premium) --Navigator
  • Me and Kobe Luminarie (December 2020, 12,Sun TV)-Navigator[63]





Radio Drama

Image dvd

  • Sweet (December 2002, 12)
  • Fairy Fountain-Understanding the Sunlight- (July 2004, 7)
  • Sweet full version (July 2005, 7)
  • NOTE (May 2007, 5)


Photo album



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注 釈

  1. ^ This PV image was sent to Nippon Television on March 2010, 3.Shinchosha Co., Ltd.As a joint project with the "Monthly Actress" series on sale from, a program with the theme of girls who are being edited for the program and are training to become actressesActress powerWas aired on. In addition, the video for this editing is a member of the variety program,Kuramoto MitsudomeIs in charge of the director.
  2. ^ This song is based on TBS2008Drama "October-December"Meteor BondMika Nakashima will appear in the main part of the drama because it was used as an insertion song.


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