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📺 | Chieko Naniwa, a model of "Ochoyan", will screen her masterpiece at once!


Chieko Naniwa, a model of "Ochoyan", will screen her masterpiece at once!

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"Ochoyan," which is currently being broadcast, depicts the life of a heroine who moves forward while being tossed by a harsh fate, and viewers want to see the work of model Chieko Naniwa. It is said that it was realized because many people received it.

With the model of the serial TV novel "Ochoyan" (Monday-Saturday, NHK General TV, 8 am-etc.) in which Sugisaki Hana plays the heroine ... → Continue reading

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Chieko Naniwa

Chieko Naniwa(Chieko Naniwa, real nameSouth exit Kikuno(What is this?),1907(Meiji40 years)May 11 - 1973(Showa48 years)May 12) Is Japaneseactress.ShowaEarly to mid-term (1920 eraLatter half~1970 eraI was active in the first half).


OsakaMinamikawachi-gunOtomo VillageLarge printItamochi (currentlyTomitabayashiBorn in a poultry farming house in Higashiitamochi Town. At the age of 8Dotonbori OfCatered lunch shopIs sent to the maid service.afterwards,京都At the age of 18, he was introduced to a troupe by an acquaintance.Soon he will be on stage, but he will not be able to enter,Toa KinemaMoved to Tojiin studio.Chieko NaniwaContinued to appear as a bit part under the stage name of1926(Taisho 15nd year)Itaro YamagamiFirstscenarioMasterpiece byHero returned』I was selected as the quasi-leading role, and since then I have been playing the role smoothly.afterwards,Utaemon Ichikawa,Momonosuke IchikawaInvited toEmpire KinemaEnter the stage nameChieko NaniwaHe continued to appear in movies, but he washes his feet from the movie world due to unpaid salaries.

1929(Showa 4),ShochikuParticipated in the "Shincho Drama" under the umbrella.1930In (5),2nd generation Tengai Shibuya,Soganoya JugoThey were launchingShochiku family dramaJoin in.In the same year, he married the second generation Tengai, Shochiku family drama, and1948The second generation Tengai and others launched in (Showa 23)Shochiku New ComedyActive as a signboard actress.However, he divorced when a child was born between the second generation Tengai and a new actress.1951(Showa 26), he left Shochiku Shinkigeki.

Withdrawing from the entertainment world, it was as if he was missing for his peers,NHK Osaka Broadcasting StationProducer searches for Naniwa.Begged by that TomihisaNHKOn the radio ""Hanabishi AchacoAppeared as the mother of the song and gained popularity. After "Achako Hanabishi's story with waves on the pillow", continue to "Dad is friendlyIn 400, when the two of them appeared on the show, which became a longevity program and reached 1962 times.Broadcast Culture AwardAwarded.Also,Torajirou SaitoIt was also made into a movie by the director[1].

At the same time, movie appearances continued,Kenji MizoguchiDirector'sGion Hayashi』Playing the landlady of the teahouse,Blue ribbonSince receiving the Best Supporting Actress Award, Director MizoguchiKeisuke KinoshitaIt is heavily used by directors.As a masterpiece of this period,Hisaya MorishigeCo-starred with "Husband and wife』(1955),Akira Kurosawaof"Cobweb castle],Uchida Tomuof"Musashi Miyamoto],Yasujiro Ozuof"cluster amaryllis"and so on.KyotoArashiyama OfTenryu templeOpened the inn "Chikubu" inside and managed it with an adopted daughter[2]..Immediately before the opening, Director Mizoguchi asked me to say, "Chikamatsu story』(1954) co-starringKyoko KagawaWas entrusted to the inn and taught how to dress in kimono and how to stand.[3].

Even in TV dramas, "Taikoki], [Prosperity record, Etc.

He died of gastrointestinal bleeding on December 1973, 12. 22 years old.after death,Fourth gradeRui HoshoAward.


Because of his poverty, he couldn't get an elementary school education and had a hard time because he couldn't read.After that, he learned to read and write with his own efforts and escaped from illiteracy.At one point, I couldn't read the word "surprise," and when I asked a person to read it as if I had just transferred the word, I was told that I would read it as "keima."I thought that everything was a little weird, but that was because I wrote the words "Kei" and "Horse" apart when I moved them.[4].

In honor of the real name reading "Naniwa Kikuno"Oronine ointment(Otsuka Pharmaceutical) Appeared in the commercialEnameled signAlso appeared in[5]..Since he is an actress closely related to Kansai, it was held in March 1973 (Showa 48).Hanshin Tigers OfMurayama MinoruIn his retirement match, he handed a bouquet to Murayama and gave him words of hope.Dragon sectThen I was active as a women's manager.

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