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🎥 | Miliyah Kato, in charge of the theme song for the movie "Me to her to rally" Put love and gratitude for your hometown Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture into the song


Miliyah Kato, in charge of the theme song for the movie "Me to her to rally" Put love and gratitude for your hometown Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture into the song

If you write the contents roughly
We would like to express our love and gratitude to Toyota City for the newly written "JOYRIDE".

Miliyah Kato will be the venue for the "FIA World Rally Championship (WRC)" in November 2021 Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Megumi Gifu Prefecture ... → Continue reading


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Toyota City

Toyota City(Toyota) isAichiA city located in the northern part of.Core city,Central cityIs specified in.

Toyota OfCastle townThe city name is named after the company.


CentralKoromo(Koromo) isModernBeforeMikawaguniKamo-gunBelongs toEdo PeriodToKoromo DomainNaito2 stonescastle townMet. In 1951Toyota CityThe city was established as (Koromo), but on January 1959, 1.Toyota CityRenamed to[1].

Japan's largestIndustrial areaIsChukyo Industrial AreaIt is a core city and represents Japan with the highest shipment value of manufactured goods in 2014.Industrial cityIs[2]..Population is in Aichi prefectureNagoya cityIt is second only to Aichi prefecture and has the largest area in Aichi prefecture.automotive industryBefore the development of sericulture and production of raw yarn, etc.Textile industryWas thriving.

é| ™ åμ æ¸ ",Inabu Onsen,Sasado Onsen,Matsudaira Township,Kanpachi Gorge,AsukeThere are many scenic spots, resorts, and cultural resources such as the old townscape of the city, and it also has the aspect of a tourist city.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs a facility where international competitions are held,Nagoya Grampus EightHome stadium.


City name "Toyota(Toyota) ”is headquartered in the cityToyotaIt is derived from the surname "Toyoda" of the founder family of the company.With a voiced sound, "ToyoIIt may be misread as "Toyo" in Kiyone.It was".However, it is the origin of the city nameToyota groupFounder ofSakichi ToyodaThe surname of the clan is "ToyoI"It is a voiced sound.

At the beginning of the city system, "Toyota CityIt was the name.However, the automobile industry has begun to take off in earnest.1958, The Chamber of Commerce submitted a petition to the city to change the city name.The reason was that Koromo City, where Toyota Motor Corporation's head office is located, has grown into one of the leading "car towns" in Japan, and that the place name "Koromo" is difficult to read ("Koromo" is Nagano Prefecture). of"KomoroWas sometimes confused with.) The place name "Koromo" has a history since ancient times, and many citizens have an attachment to it. At one point, there was a debate about dividing the city into two in favor of it, but in January 1959, the name was "ToyotaIt was changed to "city".

It should be noted that Toyota City and the headquarters of Tenrikyo are the cities in Japan that have city names that are clearly derived from private organizations.Religious cityIsTenri City(Nara) Only[Annotation 1].

However, although the city name has changed from Toyota City, the name of "Koromo" is the name of the city and town.Koromo"And" Uwagoromo ", at the facilityMeitetsuMikawa Line"上 挙 母 駅"Aichi Loop Line"Shin-uwagoromo station","Koromo Castle (Nanashu Castle), "Koromo Shrine", "Koromo Elementary School", etc. remain in the Koromo district.The city emblem is still in use, which was established during the Toyota City era.The station names in the city center (closest to Toyota City Hall main office) derived from the former Koromocho are "Toyota City Station" and "Shin-Toyota Station".



The city area is divided into seven areas, Toyota, Fujioka, Ohara, Shimoyama, Asuke, Asahi, and Inabu, based on the municipal area before the merger on April 2005, 4.The former Toyota City (Toyota District) is divided into 1 districts: Koromo, Takahashi, Kamigo, Takaoka, Sanage, and Matsudaira, based on the municipalities before the merger in the Showa period.Furthermore, the Sanage area may be subdivided into three areas: Homi, Sanage, and Ishino.

There are mountains such as Mt. Sanageyama, Rokushosan, and Horokuyama in the Sanage, Fujioka, and Ohara districts in the north, and Matsudaira, Shimoyama, Asuke, Asahi, and Ohara districts in the east. It forms the southern edge.

The Koromo district has a basin topography with the "Unokubi" at the southern end as the exit, and is called the Toyota basin or the Koromo basin.The neck of the cormorant, which narrows the Yahagi River, often caused flooding, and the flooding formed a basin.[3].

The Kamigo / Takaoka district in the southwest is a flat countryside connected to the Mikawa Plain, and the west side is slightly higher.Hills in the eastern part of NagoyaTo be connected to.In the cityYahagi River, Kago River, Iho River, Tomoe River, Aizumame River, Aizuma Otoko River flow.In the pondKuragaike, Irisawa Pond, Umekura Pond, Kaizumachi Shin Pond, etc.In the suburbsMatsudairaThe birthplaceMatsudaira TownshipThere is.Also in the northern suburbsHomi housing complexThere is a housing complex calledJapanese BraziliansIt is famous all over the country for its many. 2002FIFA World CupThen I leaked from the venue, but I won the championshipBrazilIt became famous after being introduced on TV as a "district with many Japanese-Brazilians" whose homeland is.

In the mountainsAichi Kogen National MonumentIncluded in theMikawa PlateauThere are gentle mountains such as Asahi Kogen and the oldAsukecho-Inabu TownThere are mountains in the area that are over 1,000m above sea level.

Nagoya cityからIidaAnd beyondShiojiriLeading toIida Kaido(National Route 153) Passes from the former Toyota city area to the former Asuke-cho and the former Inabu-cho in the city.This used to be "Salt roadIt was also an important highway.Other names include Sanshu Highway (meaning "Mikawa no Kuni" instead of "three states"), Ina Highway, and Chuma Highway.This connected Owari / Mikawa in Aichi Prefecture with the southern / central part of Nagano Prefecture.Asuke-juku in Okumikawa prospered as a distribution base for salt.In the Ina region, it was called by the brands "Asuke Shio" and "Asuke Nao".

The highest point in the city is 1,229.3m (former Inabu Town area / Omenoki Triangulation Station), and the altitude difference is about 3.2m from the lowest point 1,200m (Komashincho).

April 2005, 4, 1 surrounding towns and villages (Nishikamo-gunFujioka Town-Obara Village,Higashikamo-gunAsukecho-Xiashan Village-Asahi-Inabu Town)Transfer mergerHowever, as a result, Higashikamo-gun disappeared, and Nishikamo-gun also became Toyota City, leaving only Miyoshi Town.With this merger, the population has nominally exceeded the 40 mark, and the area of ​​the city now occupies about 18% of the area of ​​the prefecture.As it is a heavy industrial city, it has a very large male population.By the way, after the merger, in the Tokai regionGifuTakayama-ShizuokaHamamatsu city・ The prefectureShizuoka City·Gifu PrefectureGujoIt became the fifth largest after.Also, from the historical background, Shimoyama Village and Inabu TownArea codeHowever, unlike Toyota City, at the beginning of the merger, there were three area codes for one administrative unit called "Toyota City".[Annotation 2]..When calling these areas, it was treated as a long-distance call even from Toyota city, and it was necessary to press the area code.On April 2, 2007, two years after the merger, the area codes of the former Shimoyama village area and the former Inabu town area were changed two years after the address change due to the merger, and finally unified with other areas in the city.[Annotation 3].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe weather forecast zone is the oldest in the cityMatsudaira TownExcept for the former Higashi-Kamo-gun area, which is the eastern part of Aichi prefecture (northeast part of Nishimikawa), it is the western part of Aichi prefecture (northwest part of Nishimikawa).[4].

At the time of mergerAichi ExpoIs being held, and the new Toyota City was established during the Expo period.In addition, there was a rare event that the addresses of the six merged towns and villages were changed during the session.In addition, since these towns and villages had booths at the Expo under the old town and village name separately from Toyota City, even though the address was changed to Toyota City, the booth signboard for about half a year until the end of the session even after the merger The name of the old town and village that disappeared was listed in.Initially, it is adjacent to the merger council.Nishikamo-gunMiyoshi-cho was also included, but due to various problems, Miyoshi-cho left the council before the official decision and was not finally incorporated.After that, Miyoshi-cho made a plan to become "Miyoshi City", but it became "Miyoshi City" in advance.TokushimaMiyoshiIn the face of fierce opposition, "Miyoshi CityThe city system was enforced on January 2010, 22.As a result, about five years after the disappearance of Higashikamo-gun, Nishikamo-gun finally disappeared.

Main mountains

TengudanaAt an altitude of 1,240 meters, it is the highest point in the city.[5], The location is on the boundary between Inabu Town and Tsugu, Shitara Town, Kitashitara District (North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 24.66 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 34 min 51.58 sec /35.1901833 degrees north latitude 137.5809944 degrees east longitude / 35.1901833; 137.5809944).
1200 HighlandsThe altitude is 1,229.7 meters (third-class triangulation point "Sampo-none"), and the location is on the boundary between Inabu-cho, Tsugu, Shitara-cho, Kitashitara-gun, and Hibara, Neba-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano.North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 55.19 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 34 min 42.46 sec /35.1986639 degrees north latitude 137.5784611 degrees east longitude / 35.1986639; 137.5784611).
Iyama(Iyama)The altitude is 1,195 meters, and the location is on the boundary between Inabu Town and Nishinagura, Shitara Town, Kitashitara District (North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 7.93 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 34 min 8.74 sec /35.1855361 degrees north latitude 137.5690944 degrees east longitude / 35.1855361; 137.5690944).
Mikuniyama(Mikuniyama)The altitude is 1,162.1 meters (second-class triangulation point "Mikuni"), and the location is on the boundary of Onose-cho, Kamiyahagi-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu, and Takahashi, Neba-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano (North Latitude 35 Degrees 17 Minutes 21.49 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 33 min 40.42 sec /35.2893028 degrees north latitude 137.5612278 degrees east longitude / 35.2893028; 137.5612278).
The location of the second triangulation station is on the border between Gifu and Nagano prefectures.[6].
(Only Nebiso)The altitude is 1,120.7 meters (third-class triangulation point "Otaga III"), and the location is on the boundary between Otaga-cho and Miuchi-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 16.31 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 26 min 20.86 sec /35.1378639 degrees north latitude 137.4391278 degrees east longitude / 35.1378639; 137.4391278).
TakegatakeThe altitude is 985.3 meters (third-class triangulation point "Yatsudake"), and the location is on the boundary between Kawazura-cho and Kami-Yagi-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 35.94 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 24 min 52.04 sec /35.1433167 degrees north latitude 137.4144556 degrees east longitude / 35.1433167; 137.4144556).
TsukigahiraThe altitude is 938.1 meters (third triangulation point "Tsukigadaira"), and the location is Inabu Town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 12 Minutes 11.04 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 32 min 57.21 sec /35.2030667 degrees north latitude 137.5492250 degrees east longitude / 35.2030667; 137.5492250).
Mt. Shiroga (Mt. Nakatojoga)The altitude is 918 meters, and the location is on the boundary between Nakatocho and Inabucho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 36.93 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 32 min 2.87 sec /35.1935917 degrees north latitude 137.5341306 degrees east longitude / 35.1935917; 137.5341306).
Harusa PassThe altitude is 909.7 meters (third-class triangulation point "Bon-dong"), and the location is on the boundary between Goshogaitsucho and Busetsumachi (North Latitude 35 Degrees 12 Minutes 2.71 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 29 min 47.8 sec /35.2007528 degrees north latitude 137.496611 degrees east longitude / 35.2007528; 137.496611).
Mt. Shiroga (Natsuyake Mt. Shiroga, Natsuyake Joga)The altitude is 889.4 meters (second triangulation point "Inabashi"), and the location is on the boundary between Inabu Town and Natsuyake Town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 12 Minutes 52.46 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 31 min 43.27 sec /35.2145722 degrees north latitude 137.5286861 degrees east longitude / 35.2145722; 137.5286861).
Oboro PassThe altitude is 867.7 meters (third-class triangulation point "Daito Pass"), and the location is Ushiji-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 13 Minutes 2.1 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 27 min 46.40 sec /35.217250 degrees north latitude 137.4628889 degrees east longitude / 35.217250; 137.4628889).
KomayamaThe altitude is 855 meters and the location is Ushijicho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 13 Minutes 27.74 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 27 min 33.58 sec /35.2243722 degrees north latitude 137.4593278 degrees east longitude / 35.2243722; 137.4593278).
UchidairaThe altitude is 802.9 meters (third-class triangulation point "Ohira"), and the location is on the boundary between Nakatocho and Nishinagura, Shitara-cho, Kitashitara-gun (North Latitude 35 Degrees 10 Minutes 48.98 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 31 min 16.6 sec /35.1802722 degrees north latitude 137.521278 degrees east longitude / 35.1802722; 137.521278).
Crystal MountainThe altitude is 779.9 meters (fourth triangulation point "Crystal Mountain"), and the location is Otagicho (Odagicho).North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 27.98 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 26 min 15.06 sec /35.1911056 degrees north latitude 137.4375167 degrees east longitude / 35.1911056; 137.4375167).
OshiyamaThe altitude is 773.6 meters (third-class triangulation point "Oshiyama"), and the location is Oshiyama-cho (Oshiyama-cho).North Latitude 35 Degrees 14 Minutes 46.78 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 30 min 2.86 sec /35.2463278 degrees north latitude 137.5007944 degrees east longitude / 35.2463278; 137.5007944).
KijiyamaThe altitude is 768.9 meters (XNUMXth triangulation point "Kijiyama"), and the location is Noiricho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 14 Minutes 6.10 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 32 min 53.23 sec /35.2350278 degrees north latitude 137.5481194 degrees east longitude / 35.2350278; 137.5481194).
Mt. MimisuriThe altitude is 724.0 meters (fourth triangulation point "Otaga"), and the location is Onose-cho (Otaga).North Latitude 35 Degrees 15 Minutes 13.97 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 32 min 22.76 sec /35.2538806 degrees north latitude 137.5396556 degrees east longitude / 35.2538806; 137.5396556).
Nishiyama (Mt. Tsuruoka, Mt. Sora)The altitude is 712.4 meters (second-class triangulation point "Hosono Village"), and the location is on the boundary between Ohara Tashiro Town and Hosono, Tsurusato Town, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture (North Latitude 35 Degrees 16 Minutes 51.22 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 15 min 37.57 sec /35.2808944 degrees north latitude 137.2604361 degrees east longitude / 35.2808944; 137.2604361).
UshiroyamaThe altitude is 710 meters, and the location is on the boundary between Goshogaitsucho and Kuwaharacho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 13 Minutes 27.73 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 30 min 8.19 sec /35.2243694 degrees north latitude 137.5022750 degrees east longitude / 35.2243694; 137.5022750).
Mikuniyama(Mikuniyama)The altitude is 701.0 meters (third-class triangulation point "Mikuni Pass"), and the location is on the boundary between Nishiichinonocho and Tsurusatocho, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture (Kakino).North Latitude 35 Degrees 15 Minutes 17.49 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 11 min 24.66 sec /35.2548583 degrees north latitude 137.1901833 degrees east longitude / 35.2548583; 137.1901833).
The location of the third triangulation station is on the Toki city side.[6].
Horokuyama(Mr. Horoku)At an altitude of 683.6 meters (third-class triangulation station "Himei"), it is the highest point in the former Toyota City.[7]..The location is on the boundary between Sakagami Town, Shimodaira Town, and Onuma Town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 37.03 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 18 min 10.31 sec /35.0602861 degrees north latitude 137.3028639 degrees east longitude / 35.0602861; 137.3028639).
Mt. MukaiThe altitude is 642.6 meters (XNUMXth triangulation point "Mukaiyama"), and the location is on the boundary between Nutazawa-cho and Ayawatari-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 37.98 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 22 min 11.5 sec /35.1272167 degrees north latitude 137.369861 degrees east longitude / 35.1272167; 137.369861).
Mt. Sanageyama(Sanageyama)The altitude is 629.0 meters (first-class triangulation point "Mt. Sanageyama"), and the location is on the boundary between Sanage-cho and Higashishirasaka-cho, Seto City (North Latitude 35 Degrees 12 Minutes 21.27 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 10 min 0.56 sec /35.2059083 degrees north latitude 137.1668222 degrees east longitude / 35.2059083; 137.1668222).
OrihirayamaThe altitude is 628.4 meters (third-class triangulation point "Orihira"), and the location is on the boundary between Oridaira-cho and Kitashirasaka-cho, Seto City (North Latitude 35 Degrees 13 Minutes 41.85 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 11 min 1.24 sec /35.2282917 degrees north latitude 137.1836778 degrees east longitude / 35.2282917; 137.1836778).
(Mr. Rokusho)The altitude is 611 meters and the location is Sakagami Town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 17.75 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 17 min 3.12 sec /35.0549306 degrees north latitude 137.2842000 degrees east longitude / 35.0549306; 137.2842000).
TomyozanThe altitude is 571.9 meters (second triangulation point "Yotsumatsumura"), and the location is Yotsumatsucho (Yotsumatsucho).North Latitude 35 Degrees 4 Minutes 51.79 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 19 min 6.16 sec /35.0810528 degrees north latitude 137.3183778 degrees east longitude / 35.0810528; 137.3183778).
OgiyamaThe altitude is 550.4 meters (fourth triangulation point "Ogiyama"), and the location is on the boundary between Nutazawa-cho and Kawazura-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 6.99 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 22 min 31.53 sec /35.1352750 degrees north latitude 137.3754250 degrees east longitude / 35.1352750; 137.3754250).
Mt. AkihaThe altitude is 515.0 meters (third-class triangulation point "Akihayama"), and the location is on the boundary between Otsubo-cho and Sugimoto-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 12 Minutes 3.59 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 20 min 59 sec /35.2009972 degrees north latitude 137.34972 degrees east longitude / 35.2009972; 137.34972).
MyokensanThe altitude is 496.2 meters (fourth triangulation point "Yamaguchi"), and the location is on the boundary between Yotsumatsucho and Sawanodocho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 5 Minutes 43.25 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 18 min 30.36 sec /35.0953472 degrees north latitude 137.3084333 degrees east longitude / 35.0953472; 137.3084333).
KodamasanThe altitude is 434.9 meters (third-class triangulation point "Sun surface"), and the location is on the boundary between Kawashimo-cho and Sun surface town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 12 Minutes 56.85 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 18 min 44.44 sec /35.2157917 degrees north latitude 137.3123444 degrees east longitude / 35.2157917; 137.3123444).
Fort PassThe altitude is 418.6 meters (third-class triangulation point "Nioh"), and the location is on the boundary between Kamiwaki-cho, Ishikusu-cho and Sakagami-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 4 Minutes 35.25 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 15 min 59.78 sec /35.0764583 degrees north latitude 137.2666056 degrees east longitude / 35.0764583; 137.2666056).
ChausuyamaThe altitude is 418.2 meters (fourth triangulation point "Chausuyama"), and the location is on the boundary between Komachi and Higashihagihiracho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 42.26 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 19 min 36.73 sec /35.1950722 degrees north latitude 137.3268694 degrees east longitude / 35.1950722; 137.3268694).
View PlazaThe altitude is 374.5 meters and the location is Chikaokamachi (North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 10.41 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 17 min 38.12 sec /35.1362250 degrees north latitude 137.2939222 degrees east longitude / 35.1362250; 137.2939222).
ShiroyamaThe altitude is 353 meters and the location is Asukecho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 16.11 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 18 min 17.17 sec /35.1378083 degrees north latitude 137.3047694 degrees east longitude / 35.1378083; 137.3047694).
MonomiyamaThe altitude is 326.2 meters, and the location is on the boundary between Hirokutecho, Kaishocho, Seto City, and Hirokutecho Town, Seto City (North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 29.54 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 8 min 3.1 sec /35.1915389 degrees north latitude 137.134194 degrees east longitude / 35.1915389; 137.134194).
MayumiyamaThe altitude is 307 meters and the location is Asukecho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 6.00 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 19 min 30.71 sec /35.1350000 degrees north latitude 137.3251972 degrees east longitude / 35.1350000; 137.3251972).
IimoriyamaThe altitude is 252.6 meters and the location is Asukecho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 57.67 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 18 min 58.19 sec /35.1326861 degrees north latitude 137.3161639 degrees east longitude / 35.1326861; 137.3161639).
Castle stage doorThe altitude is 252.7 meters (third-class triangulation point "Yuyama"), and the location is on the boundary between Otaki-cho and Nabeta-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 4 Minutes 1.30 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 14 min 14.14 sec /35.0670278 degrees north latitude 137.2372611 degrees east longitude / 35.0670278; 137.2372611).
OtaniyamaThe altitude is 248.8 meters (second-class triangulation point "Oro-mura"), and the location is on the boundary between Oro-cho and Ikeda-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 6 Minutes 21.13 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 13 min 35.21 sec /35.1058694 degrees north latitude 137.2264472 degrees east longitude / 35.1058694; 137.2264472).
Mt. Shinomoto (only Sasamoto)The altitude is 247.7 meters (third triangulation point "Shinomototake"), and the location is on the boundary between Shinohara Town and Hontoku Town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 35.66 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 8 min 33.06 sec /35.1599056 degrees north latitude 137.1425167 degrees east longitude / 35.1599056; 137.1425167).
YamanokamiThe altitude is 247.7 meters (third-class triangulation point "Shuten"), and the location is Kokaicho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 5 Minutes 34.14 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 14 min 26.22 sec /35.0928167 degrees north latitude 137.2406167 degrees east longitude / 35.0928167; 137.2406167).
JoganesanThe altitude is 226 meters and the location is Mitsukuricho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 23.75 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 14 min 38.4 sec /35.1899306 degrees north latitude 137.244000 degrees east longitude / 35.1899306; 137.244000).
Silk moth mountain (Kodamayama)The altitude is 220.8 meters and the location is Oridairacho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 12 Minutes 44.9 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 11 min 58.31 sec /35.212472 degrees north latitude 137.1995306 degrees east longitude / 35.212472; 137.1995306).
Mt. AkihaThe altitude is 198 meters and the location is Hozumi Town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 4 Minutes 34.63 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 13 min 58.66 sec /35.0762861 degrees north latitude 137.2329611 degrees east longitude / 35.0762861; 137.2329611).
Iwataniyama (Mr. Iwaya)The altitude is 190 meters, and the location is on the boundary between Kugyudaira-cho and Ouchi-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 2.59 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 13 min 20.23 sec /35.0507194 degrees north latitude 137.2222861 degrees east longitude / 35.0507194; 137.2222861).
Amberjack mountainThe altitude is 171 meters and the location is Kanpachicho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 36.82 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 13 min 8.02 sec /35.1268944 degrees north latitude 137.2188944 degrees east longitude / 35.1268944; 137.2188944).
Mt. WakakusaThe altitude is 139.4 meters and the location is Yanamicho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 5 Minutes 49.38 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 13 min 11.86 sec /35.0970500 degrees north latitude 137.2199611 degrees east longitude / 35.0970500; 137.2199611).
A beautiful tower is built on the mountaintop, forming a corner of Kuragaike Park.
TenjinyamaThe altitude is 138.3 meters and the location is Ohata Town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 54.23 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 6 min 43.12 sec /35.1650639 degrees north latitude 137.1119778 degrees east longitude / 35.1650639; 137.1119778).
OtakayamaThe altitude is 126.2 meters (third-class triangulation point "Koedo"), and the location is on the boundary between Hiratobashi-cho and Mifune-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 26.19 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 11 min 52.62 sec /35.1239417 degrees north latitude 137.1979500 degrees east longitude / 35.1239417; 137.1979500).
NomiyamaThe altitude is 116.8 meters (fourth triangulation point "Nomi"), and the location is on the boundary between Nomiyama-cho and Miyamae-cho (North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 47.62 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 10 min 59.74 sec /35.0632278 degrees north latitude 137.1832611 degrees east longitude / 35.0632278; 137.1832611).
Togoyama (Doai-san)The altitude is 105.6 meters and the location is Kotohira Town (North Latitude 35 Degrees 2 Minutes 14.36 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 10 min 47.92 sec /35.0373222 degrees north latitude 137.1799778 degrees east longitude / 35.0373222; 137.1799778).
Mt. AkihaThe altitude is 73.9 meters (third-class triangulation station "Chokoji"), and the location is Akibacho (Akibacho).North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 36.14 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 10 min 20.28 sec /35.0600389 degrees north latitude 137.1723000 degrees east longitude / 35.0600389; 137.1723000).

Main rivers, lakes and dams

Main rivers and basin map

First-class water system Yahagi River water system

  • Yahagi River(Yahagigawa) --Honkawa.First-class river(There are designated sections and some sections outside the designated section).
  • Noirigawa-Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Hirabayashi Sakai River
    Primary tributary.A first-class river with a flow length of 1 meters (designated section).The name of the first-class river according to the river code ledger is "Hirabayashi Sakaigawa".[8].
  • (Naguragawa) --Primary tributary.Class A river (designated section, some sections outside the designated section).
  • Kuroda River-Second tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Iriyamagawa-Secondary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • (Dandogawa) --Primary tributary.Class A river (section outside the designated section).
  • Otagi River-Secondary tributary.The upstream part is an ordinary river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).
  • Tominaga River-The third tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Akechi River(Akechigawa) --Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • (Azumagawa) --Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Kengigawa-Primary tributary.The upstream part is an ordinary river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).
  • (Tashirogawa) --Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Lee River-Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • (Asurigawa) --Primary tributary.The upstream part is an ordinary river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).
  • (Inufusegawa) --Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Odaira River-Secondary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Sanga River / Kise River(Sangawa / Kisegawa) --Second tributary.The upstream part is the ordinary river Sanga River, and the downstream part is the first-class river (designated section) Kise River.
    • Lake Shirasagi
  • (Good thing) --Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Chikaraishi River-Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Mifune River-Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • (Kagogawa) --Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).The Chinese character notation in the river code ledger is "Kagogawa".[8].
  • Kano River-Secondary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Ibo River-Secondary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Hiromi River-The third tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Minase River-Second tributary.The upstream part is a quasi-use river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).
  • Ichigigawa-Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
    • Kuragaike
  • Kamogawa-Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
    • Terabe Pond
  • (Aneigawa) --Primary tributary.The upstream part is a quasi-use river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).
  • Tomoegawa(Tomoegawa) --Primary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Okuwagawa-Secondary tributary.The upstream part is an ordinary river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).
  • Nohara River-Secondary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Kamikoshigawa-Secondary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Omigawa-The third tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • (Asukegawa) --Second tributary.The upstream part is a quasi-use river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).
  • Nioh River-Secondary tributary.The upstream part is a quasi-use river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).
  • Takigawa-Secondary tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • Gunkai River --Second tributary.First-class river (designated section).
  • (Yashigawa) --Primary tributary.The upstream part is a quasi-use river, and the downstream part is a first-class river (designated section).

Second-class water system Sakaigawa water system

  • Sakaigawa(Sakaigawa) --Honkawa.Second-class river.
    • Osada Pond-It is said to be the headwaters of the Sakai River, and is located on the border between Tamomicho and Kurozasacho, Miyoshi City.
  • Aisuma River・ (Aizu Magawa / Aizu Mamegawa) --Primary tributary.Second-class river.
  • Hotegogawa-Secondary tributary.Second-class river.
  • (Aizuma Ogawa) --Second tributary.The upstream part is an application river, and the downstream part is a secondary river.

Second-class water system Saruwatagawa water system

  • Great wind riverSarutagawa(Okazegawa / Sawatarigawa) --Honkawa.The upstream part is a quasi-use river, and the downstream part is a secondary river.


  • 真 夏日(Days with a maximum temperature of 30 ° C or higher) are not much different from Nagoya in recent years, and the hot and humid days continue to be around 70 days a year.
  • * Record high temperature 39.7 ° C (July 2018, 7)
  • Northwest(I.e.Blows.Since it is a little inland, about 30km from the city center to the sea, there are several days when it cools down to around -5 ° C and once every few years when it cools down to around -7 ° C.There is not much snow, and there are many sunny and dry days.
  • * Record low temperature -8.8 ° C (February 1999, 2)
Mountainous region
  • In summer, it is cooler and easier to spend than in the city, but in winter it gets colder, and at (elevation 1,200 m), rime can form depending on the season.Precipitation is slightly higher than in the plains, and there is relatively much snowfall in winter.
Toyoda district (plain area)
Climate of Toyota City (1981-2010)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F17.8
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F8.9
Average daily temperature ° C (° F3.3
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−1.7
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−8.6
Precipitation amount mm (inch)44.0
Average monthlyDaylight hours159.4167.4188.8197.5184.9142.8159.8202.3154.5164.6163.0167.82,056.2
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency[9]

Inabu district (mountainous area)
Climate of Inabu (1981-2010)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F15.3
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F5.1
Average daily temperature ° C (° F−0.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−4.7
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−13.9
Precipitation amount mm (inch)68.4
Average monthlyDaylight hours97.0111.7135.9162.7158.8122.1135.1164.2118.6117.5109.4101.31,534.1
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency[10]

City name

For the current town nameList of town names in Toyota CityFor the transition of place namesChanges in place names in Toyota CitySee.


Population distribution by age in Toyota City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Toyota City (2005)
Purple-Toyota City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Toyota City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Population ratio
  • Male population: 219,286 (March 2014, 3)[11]
  • Female population: 202,302 (March 2014, 3)[11]
  • Number of households: 168,386 households (October 2014, 3)[11]
  • Alien Registration Population: 15,220, 8,371 households (December 2006, 12)

Adjacent municipalities

Aichi prefecture flagAichi
Gifu Prefecture FlagGifu
Nagano Prefecture FlagNagano



In the Toyota city area, human activities have been seen for a long time, and it is late from the Mizuiri ruins etc.Paleolithic Ofstone toolHas been excavated.Uplift line earthenwareThe ruins of the sake drinker Jurinna, where etc. were excavated,Jomon PeriodIt is the oldest archaeological site in Aichi prefecture.Yayoi PeriodIn the Umetsubo ruins, etc.Ring moatAlso appeared.The Takahashi site is one of the largest settlements in the Yayoi period in the Mikawa region.Kofun period,KonoguchishaToKing of OchibetsuTombFront and rear circleIs said to have been built.In addition, it was made in the 6th centurySanageMany ancient burial mounds were built around the Yahagi River basin, such as the Ikeda No. 1 burial mound.[12]..Also, from the late Kofun period to the early Kamakura periodSanage KilnWas made.

Nara periodOf the country in Sanage, which is believed to have been erected inHistoric site・ From the ruins of the Maiki Temple Ruins, Mr. MononobeBodhi TempleA huge ancient templeKitano Ruins(Aichi prefecture岡 崎 市A tile of the same type as Kitano Town) has been excavated.[13].Yahagi RiverThe eastern partAncient timesIn Kamo-gun (duck criticism) called Yamada-go and Takahashi-go,Mr. Monobe OfNishimikawaInHeadquartersThat was one ofIshigami RuinsExcavatedWooden stripYou can check from. "Record of Ancient Matters], The place names of "Clothing" and "Koromo" (Koromo) appear.Nara periodBy the two-letter decreeKoromoThe notation (Koromo) has come to be used.One theory,Mikawa BayIt is also said that Iura is derived from this garment.Heian periodIn, Iho-go, Takahashi-go, Koromo-go, Unebe-go, Wakabayashi-go, etc. were established, and then Takahashi-so, Takahashi-shinso (Asuke-so),Heikaiso, Shigeharaso, etc.ManorWas developed[14].

Medieval and early modern times

Kamakura Period,Kamakura ShogunateOf the senior vassalMr. NakajoIs Takahashi-soGroundAnd,Muromachi PeriodOverNational lord OfMr. Suzuki Mikawa,Mr. MiyakeTheOfficerAs,Koromo CastleWas built and ruled.Mr. NakajoSanage ShrineMake a lot of donations toChokoji TempleTheBodhi TempleWas erected as.Also,AsukeAt the end of the Heian periodOkumikawaBecame a villain of Asuke-so, which accounts for the majority ofMr. AshsukeBut,Asuke CastleIt is said that he built and ruled the Asuke Shichiyashiki.Asuke-soGo-UtainTerritory, laterHachijo-in territory,DaikakujiIn the territoryAsuke ShigenoriMr. AshikagaSouthern DynastyIt declined and replaced Mr. Suzuki Mikawa.Muromachi Period,Mt. IimoriTo mourn the bodhi at the site of Mr. Ashisuke's residenceKosanji TempleWas erected.Matsudaira TownshipThen, of the national lordMatsudairaIwazu Castle (岡 崎 市Iwazucho)Matsudairagō MatsudairagōWas separated and placed.

Sengoku period,Mystery2 years(1493) Battle of Idano in October (岡 崎 市Idacho)soMatsudairaSoke 4th generationMatsudaira ChikatadaMr. Nakajo has declined since he was defeated.Matsudaira TownshipA child of Ochu is separated in the vicinity,Ogyu Matsudaira family,Takiwaki Matsudaira familyWas placed.Mr. NakajoMr. Suzuki MikawaIs divided into Terabe, Shuten, Asuke, etc.Terabe Castle,Asuke CastleEtc. were used as residences,Shingen Takeda,ImagawaThrough the umbrella ofEirokuAfter 7 years (1564)Okazaki Castle OfTokugawa IeyasuBecame a vassal.Mr. Nakajo, who was also expanding into AsukeMr. MiyakeHowever, he became a vassal of Ieyasu Tokugawa after Eiroku 9 (1558).InatakeIt is,Yamaya SanshokuMr. SuganumaDominatesBushijo CastleWas built, but was robbed by Shingen TakedaMr. TakedaAfter the fall, Ieyasu Tokugawa's vassalMr. OkuhiraDominated.

Edo Period, For clothes (Koromo)Koromo DomainIs placed,castle townFlourished as.Keicho9 years(1604) Joined the clothing with 1 stonesMr. MiyakeIs the current MeitetsuToyotashi StationClose toSakura CastleHowever, it was later destroyed due to the change of lord.Tolerance2 years(1749)NaitoJoined Koromo with 2 stones and tried to repair Sakura Castle, but just before the completionYahagi RiverIt spilled due to the flooding of.Therefore, the second generation of the Naito familyNaito SatofumiBy (Satofumi), it is a new castle on Mt. Doji on a hill.Seven states castleWas built.For this reason, the range of the castle town is the area around the old Toyotashi station and the presentToyota Municipal Museum of ArtAnd Meitetsu上 挙 母 駅It is roughly divided into two areas including.

AsukeToReplacementFlag book OfHonda familyJinya (Jinya)Asuke Jinya)was there.In TerabeOwari DomainThere was a 1-koku camp of the Watanabe family, a senior vassal.There was a 1,120 stone camp of the Hatamoto Shuten Suzuki family in the Shuten.Matsudaira TownshipIn the alternate HatamotoMatsudaira familyThe camp was placed.For a while, also in Iho in the northern part of the cityIbo clanWas placed, but disappeared in a short period of time.Also, in some parts of the cityKariya DomainTerritory,Okazaki DomainThere was also a territory[14].


Transition of local governments in the city area
countyBefore Meiji 21April 22, 10Meiji 22-Meiji 45Taisho 1st year-Taisho 15th year1-64Heisei 1-PresentNow
Toyota VillageToyota VillageApril 25, 1
Town system Koromo
April 39, 7
merger Koromo
KoromoShowa 26 years 3 month 1 Date
Municipal system Toyota City
Showa 34 years 1 month 1 Date
Renamed Toyota City
Toyota CityToyota City
Umegatsubo VillageMeiping VillageMeiping Village
Home villageAisuma VillageAisuma Village
Dobashi Village
Kanaya VillageNekawa VillageNekawa Village
Shimobayashi Village
Lower market village
Chokoji Village
Nishiyama Muromura
Nishinomiyaguchi VillageMiyaguchi VillageMiyaguchi Village
Terabe VillageTerabe VillageTerabe VillageApril 39, 7
merger Takahashi
TakahashiShowa 31 years 9 month 30 Date
Toyota CityTransfer to
Kosema VillageMasutomi VillageMasutomi Village
Minami Kosema Village
Nishi Omi Village
Hiizumi Village
UshinomuraNomi VillageNomi VillageNomi Village
Higashiyama Muromura
Shimotogo Village
Shibukawa VillageShibukawa VillageShibukawa Village
Ueno YamamuraUeno YamamuraUeno Yamamura
Ichigi VillageIchigi VillageIchigi Village
Hirai VillageHirai VillageHirai Village
Yanami VillageYotsuya VillageYotsuya Village
Iwataki Village
Former YamanakamuraApril 39, 7
merger Ishinomura
IshinomuraShowa 30 years 3 month 1 Date
Sanage TownTransfer to
Showa 42 years 4 month 1 Date
Toyota CityTransfer to
ChikaraishiIshigase VillageIshigase VillageIshigase Village
Higashieda Shimomura
Higashi Hirose Village
Kokutsuki Village
Omine Village
Nakagiri VillageNakanomuraNakanomura
Nakagane Village
Noguchi Village
Yamaji Village
Tsubaki Village
Koshirami Village
Teratani ShimomuraNanashigeNanashige
Tero Village
Nariai Village
Chidori Village
Kamitakimi Village
Shimotakami Village
IhodomuraIho VillageIho VillageApril 39, 7
merger Homi Village
Homi Village
Kamiiho Village
Shimo Ibo Village
Tono Kaizumachi
Tamomi Village
Hatsuso VillageHashimi VillageHashimi Village
Shinohara Village
Nishi Hiromi Village
Ohata Village
Sanage VillageHirosawaHirosawaApril 39, 7
merger Sanage Village
Sanage VillageShowa 28 years 4 month 1 Date
Town system Sanage Town
Otobe Village
Turtle neck village
Kano Village
Maigi Village
Shigo VillageKamigo VillageKamigo Village
Arai Village
Hanamoto Village
Koshido Village
Mifune Village
Nishihirose VillageFukishimo VillageFukishimo Village
Nishieda Shimomura
FujisawaApril 39, 7
merger Ishinomura
IshinomuraShowa 30 years 3 month 1 Date
Sanage TownTransfer to
Matsumine Village
Oshizawa Village
MisakumuraApril 39, 7
Fujioka VillageTransfer to
Fujioka VillageFujioka VillageShowa 53 years 4 month 1 Date
Town system Fujioka Town
Fujioka Town17
Toyota CityTransfer to
Kamikawaguchi VillageApril 39, 4
merger Fujioka Village
Shimokawaguchi Village
Iino VillageFujikawa VillageFujikawa Village
Nishinakayama Village
Fukami Village
Tamohei Village
Kitaisshiki Village
Kamidoai VillageTakaokaTakaoka
Oridaira Village
Kita Sogi Village
Cobblestone village
Nishiichi Nonomura
Oiwa Village
Sanka Village
Kise Village
Nishi Hosoda VillageHonjo VillageHonjo VillageApril 39, 7
merger Obara Village
Obara VillageObara VillageObara Village
Market village
Osaka village
Ogusa Village
Blacksmith Village
Li Cun
Yanping Village
Downstream village
Hirahata Village
Kuramata Village
Okabayashi VillageToyohara VillageToyohara Village
Ohira Village
Terahira Village
Loading village
Dadong Village
Mitsukubo Village
Senrai Village
Niki VillageFukuhara VillageFukuhara Village
Nonomura, Higashi City
Kawami Village
Kashiwaga-dong Village
Miscellaneous village
Maedo Village
Ogakura Renmura
Tashiro Village
Eitaro VillageKiyohara VillageKiyohara Village
Matsuna Village
Shimo Niki Village
Yuya Village
Nishitanba Village
Hiraiwa Village
Miyashiro Village
Iwashita Village
Okura Village
Hokkaido University
to East Malaysia
Matsudaira VillageMatsudaira VillageMatsudaira VillageApril 39, 5
merger Matsudaira Village
Matsudaira VillageShowa 36 years 11 month 1 Date
Town system Matsudaira Town
Showa 45 years 4 month 1 Date
Toyota CityTransfer to
Toyota City
Kugyudaira VillageOgawaOgawa
Nakagaki Tomura
Katsura Nomura
Kawamukai Village
Seven sales villages
Takiwaki Village
Nishi Onuma VillageNagasawa Village
Yuhei Village
Hayashizoe Village
Shimokawachi Village
Large salary village
Curved village
Iwakura VillageShiga VillageShiga Village
Akahara Village
Mutsugi Village
SeisakumuraHoei VillageHoei Village
Yanshan Village
Tsutsumi Village
Kayahara Village
Camellia village
Hamei Village
Otsu Village
Shimoyashiki Village
Tokoro Ishimura
Sugiki Village
Nioh Village
Higashimiyaguchi Village
Magaki Uchimura
South Yanping Village
Hiagari Village
Iwaya VillageApril 39, 5
merger Morioka Village
Morioka VillageShowa 30 years 4 month 1 Date
AsukechoTransfer to
Toyota CityTransfer to
Shimohira Village
Kiriyama VillageHozumi VillageHozumi Village
Rule village
Shuten VillageApril 39, 5
merger Matsudaira Village
Matsudaira VillageShowa 36 years 11 month 1 Date
Town system Matsudaira Town
Showa 45 years 4 month 1 Date
Toyota CityTransfer to
Toyota City
Shirase Village
Kazumura Shigeta
Nihongi Village
Ashikaga VillageAshikaga VillageApril 23, 12
Town system Asukecho
Toyota CityTransfer to
Nakano Gosho Village
Hiramura this morning
Kamikuni TanimuraMorioka VillageMorioka VillageApril 39, 5
merger Morioka Village
Morioka VillageShowa 30 years 4 month 1 Date
AsukechoTransfer to
Yotsu Matsumura
Cold field village
Kamioda Village
Hiraori Village
Kaigo Village
Uewaki Village
Shimosagiricho Village
Kamisagiri Village
Shimokuni Tanimura
Tanimura, China
Kuwahara Tamura
Tochimoto Village
OnomuraWild forest village
Kagobayashi Village
Inokuchi VillageOiwake Village
Terazawa Village
Chikaoka Village
Oshima village
Tashin Village
Iwagami Village
Tonaka VillageKanazawa VillageKanazawa Village
Kawabata Village
Warabi VillageYamagaya VillageApril 39, 5
merger Kamo Village
Kamo Village
Azakai Village
Yudo Village
Ayawatari Village
Okura Renmura
Tsubaki Tatemura
Murohira VillageMuroguchi Village
Foot mouth village
Yamano Neutral Village
Higashiomi Village
Kuzuzawa Village
Built-in ream
Mingchuan VillageIsegami VillageIsegami Village
Rentani Village
Hirasawa Village
Otaga Village
Kuwata KazumuraKamo VillageKamo Village
Chida Village
Kamikaito VillageNiyumiyamura
Higashi Taba Village
Kamiyagi Village
Nutazawa Village
Ichikase VillageTatsuoka Village
Suda Village
Foot Hara Village
Chino Village
Sugo Village
Koshida Kazumura
Kawamen Village
Gotanda Village
KukimuraApril 26, 2
Separation Yamato Village
April 39, 5
merger Asuri Village
Asuri Village
Forest villageForest village
Fukaori Village
Kita Odamura
OimuraFukuchi Village
South Hosoda Village
Daichizawa VillageToyooka Village
Yashiro Village
Yakuwa VillageShinmori Village
Kazumura Sugada
TamagasemuraTamano Village
Nagano Village
Nishigashio VillageHirooka VillageAsuri VillageAsuri Village
Higashi Watari Village
Mikura Village
Real Kurimura
Okura Village
Kiriyama Village
Otezawa Village
Tsukihara Village
SurimuraApril 27, 6
Separation Mizuho Village
Shentian VillageShirayama Village
Higashi Hiromi Village
Tochinozawa Village
Neutral Village
Okawara Village
Higashi Nakayama Village
Otsuka Village
Shionosawa Village
Ushiji VillageIkoma VillageIkoma VillageApril 39, 5
merger Asahimura
AsahimuraAsahimuraShowa 42 years 4 month 1 Date
Town system Asahi
Tatsuhara Village
Shizurase Village
Yohei VillageKengi VillageKengi Village
Manmachi Village
Akiga Village
Owatari Village
MakimotomuraTsukuba VillageTsukuba Village
Obata Village
Pyeongzaki Village
Kusakabe Village
Aunt Sawamura
Takakura Village
Kamiikuma VillageIkuma Village
Shimoikuma Village
Soda Village
Sawajiri VillageSugimoto VillageNomi VillageNomi Village
Ogakiuchi Village
Genshige Village
Kuzawa Village
Baishi Village
Higashika Shiomura
Oshite VillageOshii Village
Manne Village
Kikuta Village
Torinosu VillageSakakinomura
Tsukihata Village
Kosawa Village
Nomi village
Arima Village
Sasado Village
Ikeshima Village
Daping VillageDaping Village
Higashi Hagihira Village


Azakai VillageAzakai VillageEna District, Gifu Prefecture
Azakai Village
April 23, 5
merger Ena District, Gifu PrefectureSannomura(part)
Mino Village, Ena District, Gifu Prefecture
Showa 30 years 4 month 1 Date
Higashikamo District, Aichi Prefecture
AsahimuraTransfer to
Subuchi Village
Isshiki VillageNohara VillageEna District, Gifu Prefecture
Nohara Village
Kamikiri Village
Kaminakagiri Village
Shimonakagiri Village
Shimogiri Village
Shimazaki Village
Higashiran VillageXiashan VillageXiashan VillageApril 39, 5
merger Xiashan Village
Xiashan VillageXiashan VillageXiashan Village
Wago Village
Ogishima Village
Temple village
Hirase Village
Tahirazawa Village
Tochitate Village
Kuroiwa Village
Kurosaka Village
Ashi Atomic Village
Higashi Onuma VillageOnuma VillageOnuma Village
Hanazono VillageHanazawa Village
Fence Sawa Village
Makigata Kazumura
Nagamine Village
Takano VillageTomiyoshi VillageTomiyoshi Village
Nohara Village
Hoden Village
Rino Village
Yoshihira Village
Dalin Village
Tateiwa Village
Hafu Village
Rice field
Ueda ShiromuraTaori VillageNukata-gunXiashan Village(part)Shimoyamamura, Nukata-gun (part)Shimoyamamura, Nukata-gun (part)Showa 31 years 9 month 30 Date
Shimoyama Village, Higashikamo DistrictTransfer to
Oriji Village
Tashiro Village
Turnip Village

Inahashi VillageKitashitara-gunInahashi VillageInahashi Village, Kitashitara DistrictInahashi Village, Kitashitara DistrictShowa 15 years 5 month 10 Date
merger Kitashitara-gunInabu Town
Higashikamo-gunTransition to
(Inabu Town, Higashikamo District
Natsuyaki Village
Noiri Village
Onose Village
Oshiyama Village
Busetsu TownKitashitara-gunBusetsu VillageBusetsu Village, Kitashitara DistrictBusetsu Village, Kitashitara District
Kuwahara Village
Gosho Kaizumachi
Kawate Village
Kuroda Village
Higashikamo-gunTominaga Village

Kaminakajima VillageUnebe VillageUnebe VillageApril 39, 5
merger Kamigo Village
Kamigo VillageShowa 36 years 4 month 1 Date
Town system Kamigo Town
Showa 39 years 3 month 1 Date
Toyota CityTransfer to
Toyota City
Amida Domura
Kawabata Village
Nakagiri Village
Distribution village
Kunie Village
Baba villageMasuzuka VillageMasuzuka VillageMasuzuka Village
Awatera Village
Rinshoji VillageSueno VillageSueno Village
Togari Village
Eikaku Shingo
Oshikamo Village
Ueno VillageUeno VillageUeno Village
Kazue VillageKazue VillageKazue Village
Fukuju Shingo
Hirobe Shingo
Wakabayashi VillageWakazono VillageWakazono VillageApril 39, 5
merger Takaoka
TakaokaShowa 31 years 5 month 1 Date
Town system Takaoka Town
Showa 40 years 9 month 1 Date
Toyota CityTransfer to
Hanazono Village
Yoshihara Village
Komaba VillageKomaba VillageKomaba Village
Dalin Village
Nishida Shingo
Tsutsumi VillageTsutsumi VillageTsutsumi Village
Oto Village



NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationRinkichi Watanabe1951/3/11955/4/291946 Elected as mayor of Koromo by semi-public election[18].
First elected mayor by 1947 final vote[19].
The city system was enforced on March 1951, 3, and Toyota City was born.
On April 4, the same year, he was elected by the mayor when his term expired.[20].
2 feeJuichi Nakamura1955/4/301956/1/6Mayor of Koromo from 1929 to 1946.Died during his term.
3 feeSadaichi Nagasaka1956/2/191964/2/18The city name was changed to Toyota City on January 1959, 1.
4 feeYasushi Sato1964/2/191976/2/18
5 feeTakashi Nishiyama1976/2/191988/2/18
6 fee1988/2/192000/2/18
7 feeKohei Suzuki2000/2/192012/2/18
8 feeToshihiko Ota2012/2/19Incumbent

City hall/branch

  • Toyota City Hall --Nishimachi
  • Takahashi Branch-Higashiyamacho
  • Kamigo Branch-Kamigo Town
  • Takaoka Branch-Takaoka Town
  • Sarutoshi Branch-Shigocho
  • Homi Branch Office-Homicho
  • Ishino Branch Office-Chikaraishicho
  • Matsudaira Branch-Kugyudaira Town
  • Fujioka Branch-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Obara Branch-Obara Town
  • Asuke Branch-Asuke Town
  • Shimoyama Branch-Onuma Town
  • Asahi Branch-Odocho
  • Inabu Branch-Inabu Town
  • Toyota City Station West Exit Service Center


FY2019 (Heisei 31) Initial Budget[21]

Accounting nameBudget amountYear-on-year comparison
General account1,84300 million yenUp 2.2%
Special account725 billion0312 yenUp 2.0%
Corporate accounting344 million yen7.7% reduction
All accounts2,912 million yenUp 0.9%


Health and hygiene

  • Toyota City Public Health Center-Nishimachi
  • Toyota Meat Center-Akibacho
  • Toyota City Animal Protection Center-Yanamicho


Toyota City Council

  • Number of people: 45 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023[22]
  • Chair: Hirotaka Sugiura (Members of the Liberal Democratic Club of the Toyota City Council)
  • Vice Chairman: Shizuo Sakumoto (Toyota City Council Citizens Forum)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative)
Toyota City Council Liberal Democratic Club Members28◎ Akira Suzuki, Kiyoshi Itagaki, Fumiya Ki, Toshiaki Haneda, Hirotaka Sugiura, Shigeo Tsuzuki, Hiromi Mie, Hiroyasu Ota, Mt. Tekaridake Yamaguchi, Shinichi Fukatsu,
Masanari Yamada, Fumikatsu Kubotani, Toshitaka Kitagawa, Hirofumi Sugimoto, Yasutaka Asai, Atsushi Iwata, Hiroshi Mizuno, Takeshi Miyamoto, Yozo Ebisawa, Mineo Okumura,
Yasumi Fukuoka, Toru Fukaya, Yasuo Terada, Joichi Kamiya, Hidehito Fukatsu, Yoshihito Ishikawa, Takeshi Sugiura, Atsushi Kondo
Toyota City Council Citizens Forum10◎ Yoshiaki Furuki, Takahiro Nakamura, Kosuke Hito, Shizuo Sakumoto, Masaki Shioya, UK Yoshino, Takahide Suzuki, Toshikazu Nakao, Kazuyuki Kurayama, Yoshikatsu Yamamoto
Komeito Toyoda City Council4◎ Masanao Kojima, Lab Tashiro, Sayuri Enoya, Chisato Oishi
Japanese Communist Party Toyota City Council1Miharu Nemoto
Toyota Citizens' Association1Koichi Okada
Municipal administration meeting where you can hear your heart1Ryuji Nakajima

(As of June 2020, 2[23][Annotation 4]

Aichi Prefectural Assembly

  • Constituency: Toyota City Constituency
  • Number of people: 5 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 336,846[25]
  • Voting rate: 51.39%[25]
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Masahiro SuzukiThis39LDPNow39,058 vote
Kazutoshi KamiyaThis58LDP32,983 vote
Hideki SakuraiThis58Independent31,133 vote
Yoshikazu KigamiThis50IndependentNow28,999 vote
Takashi KatoThis45Komeito23,511 vote
Yoshinori Omuradrop62Japan Communist Party13,894 vote

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Aichi 11 Wards
(OldInabu TownToyota City, excluding the area,Miyoshi City
Shinichiro FurumotoIndependent6Constituency
Tetsuya YagiLDP3Proportional revival
Aichi 14 Wards
(OldInabu TownArea,Toyokawa,Gamagori,Shinshiro,Koda Town,Shitara,Toei Town,Toyone Village
Soichiro ImaedaLDP3Constituency

Nobuko Motomura TheProportional Tokai blockWinning alone

Local agency, etc.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Japan Pension Service
  • Nagoya Wide Area Office Center
    • Toyota Pension Office-Shinmeicho
Aichi Labor Bureau

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Chubu Regional Development Bureau
  • Yahagi Dam Management Office --Shizurasecho
  • Yahagi Dam Management Office Toyota Branch --Jumokucho
  • Toyota Maintenance Branch Office-Hirashibacho
  • Toyota Branch Office-Kitamachi
Chubu Transport BureauAichi Transport Bureau
  • Nishi Mikawa Automobile Inspection Registration Office-Wakabayashi Nishimachi

Ministry of Finance

National Tax Agency

Ministry of Defense

SDF Aichi Regional Cooperation Headquarters

Ministry of Justice

Nagoya Correction District
Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau
  • Toyota branch office --Tokiwa Town (inside the joint government building)
  • Toyota Public Office --Kitamachi

Ministry of Agriculture

Forestry Agency

裁判 所

Summary court


  • Nishi-Mikawa Prefectural Office Toyota Government Building --Motoshirocho (Toyota Kamo General Government Building)
  • Toyota Kamo Passport Corner-Wakamiyacho
  • Toyota Kamo Prefectural Tax Office-Motoshirocho (Toyota Kamo General Government Building)
  • Toyota Kamo Welfare Counseling Center --Motoshirocho
  • Toyota Kamo Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Office --Motoshirocho (Toyota Kamo General Government Building)
  • Toyota Kamo Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Office Forest Maintenance Division-Asukecho
  • Toyota Kamo Agricultural Extension Guidance Center --Motoshirocho
  • Central Livestock Hygiene Service Center Toyota Kamo Branch --Eiseicho
  • Toyota Kamo Construction Office-Tokiwacho
  • Toyota Kamo Construction Office Asuke Branch --Asukecho
  • Animal Conservation and Management Center-Hozumi Town
  • Aichi Industrial Science and Technology Center-Yakusacho
  • Prefectural Forest Office Asuke Business Division-Asuke Town
  • Nishi-Mikawa Waterworks Office Toyota Water Purification Plant --Josuicho
  • Toyota Police Station
  • Asuke Police Station


Health and welfare facilities

  • Toyota City Central Health Center
  • Toyota City Fujioka Health Center
  • Toyota City Social Welfare Center-Nishikicho
  • Toyota City Ohara Welfare Center Fukushi no Sato --Sawadacho
  • Toyota City Shimoyama Health and Welfare Center Madoi no Oka-Kandonocho
  • Toyota City Fujioka Welfare Center Fujinosato-Fujioka Iinocho

Medical institution

Major medical facilities
  • Toyota Kosei Hospital --Josuicho
  • Toyota Memorial Hospital --Heiwacho
  • Minamitoyota Hospital-Hiromicho
  • Asuke Hospital --Iwagamimachi
  • Jindai Hospital-Sanagecho
  • Toyota Nishi Hospital-Homicho
  • Toyota Regional Medical Center-Nishiyamacho
  • Kinugahara Hospital-Hirokutecho
  • Sankuro Hospital-Kozakacho
  • Kikuchi Hospital-Wakamiya Town
  • Sakura Hospital-Hoeicho
  • Ieda Hospital-Unebe Nishimachi
  • Yoshida Orthopedic Hospital-Mitachicho
  • Saito Hospital-Shigocho
  • Suzuki Hospital-Tsukimicho
  • Nakano Gastroenterology Hospital-Komashincho
  • Toyota Yamanote Hospital-Yamanote
Other medical facilities
  • Toyota City Okabayashi Clinic --Okabayashi Town

Cultural and exchange facilities

Exchange Center / Community Center

  • Azuma Exchange Center-Tamachi
  • Asahioka Exchange Center-Miyukicho
  • Igo Exchange Center / Saruto Community Center-Shigocho
  • Ishino Koryukan-Chikaraishicho
  • Umetsubodai Exchange Center-Umetsubocho
  • Kamigo Exchange Center / Kamigo Community Center --Kamigo Town
  • Sarutokita Exchange Center-Kanocho
  • Monkey Throw Exchange Center-Aokicho
  • Suenohara Exchange Center-Hoeicho
  • Chonghua Tate Exchange Center-Showa Town
  • Takahashi Exchange Center-Takahashi Town
  • Toyonan Exchange Center-Suigencho
  • Homi Exchange Center-Homicho
  • Maebayashi Exchange Center --Maebayashi Town
  • Masutomi Exchange Center-Shika Town
  • Matsudaira Exchange Center / Matsudaira Community Center-Kugyudaira Town
  • Misato Exchange Center-Misato
  • Ryujin Exchange Center-Ryujin Town
  • Wakazono Exchange Center-Hanazonocho
  • Wakabayashi Exchange Center-Wakabayashi Higashimachi
  • Fujioka Koryukan-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Obara Koryukan-Eitarocho
  • Asuke Exchange Center-Asukecho
  • Shimoyama Exchange Center-Shimoyama Town
  • Asahi Exchange Center-Odocho
  • Inabu Exchange Center-Inabu Town
  • Fujioka Minami Exchange Center-Nishinakayamacho
  • Water Purification Exchange Center-Oshimizucho
  • Takahashi Community Center-Higashiyamacho
  • Takaoka Community Center-Takaoka Town
  • Western Community Center (Toyota Hottokan) --Honshincho

Exercise / physical education facility

Gymnasium, etc.
  • Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu --Sengokumachi
  • Sky Hall Toyota(Toyota City General Gymnasium, Toyota City Budokan) --Hachimancho
  • Toyota City Sports Park --Takamachi
  • Higashiyama Sports Center-Horaicho
  • Takaoka Park Gymnasium-Nakadacho
  • Yanagawase Park Gymnasium-Unebe Higashimachi
  • Western Gymnasium-Nishishinmachi
  • Asahi Gymnasium-Shimogiricho
  • Aizuma Sports Square --Nishishincho
  • Takahashi Sports Square-Takahashi Town
  • Matsudaira Athletic Ground-Ouchicho
  • Homi Athletic Ground-Homigaoka
  • Ishino Sports Square --Higashihirosecho
  • Higashiyama Sports Square-Horaicho
  • Kosema Sports Square-Kosema Town
  • Wakazono Sports Square-Yoshiwaracho
  • Iwakura Athletic Square-Iwakura Town
  • Suenohara Athletic Square-Hoeicho
  • Takaoka Park Ground-Nakada Town
  • Fujioka Sports Center-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Fujioka Tennis Court-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Fujioka Athletic Square-Orihiracho
  • Fujioka Sogo Ground Baseball Stadium-Kisecho
  • Fujioka Yamamura Square --Shirakawa Town
  • Asuke Training Center-Asuke Town
  • Asuke Ground-Asuke Town
  • Asuke Tennis Court-Asuke Town
  • Asuke Noyamamura Square-Okuramachi
  • Shimoyama Training Center-Onumacho
  • Shimoyama Athletic Field-Onumacho
  • Inatake Natsuyake Ground-Natsuyake Town
  • Ohara Training Center-Market Town
  • Inoue Park Swimming Pool-Inouecho
  • Toyota Stadium Pool (inside Toyota Stadium)
  • Himori Park Swimming Pool-Kosaka Town
  • Toyota Regional Cultural Square Pool --Nishida Town
  • Kamogawa Park Pool-Higashiyamacho
  • Asuke Pool-Asuke Town
  • Western Shimoyama Pool-Shimoyamatashiro Town
ゴ ル フ 場
  • Inabu OGM Country Club
  • Obara Country Club
  • Kamo Golf Club
  • Kyowa Country Club
  • Golf Club Daiju Asahi Course
  • Golf Club Daiju Toyota Course
  • Sasado Country Club
  • Sanage Country Club
  • St Creek Golf Club
  • Chukyo Golf Club Ishino Course
  • Teiho Country Club
  • Toyoda Country Club
  • Nagoya Green Country Club
  • Nagoya Hirohata Golf Course
  • Nanzan Country Club
  • Pines Golf Club
  • East Nagoya Country Club
  • Fujioka Country Club
  • Fujioka Short Course
  • Royal Country Club Shimoyama Course

Foreign relations

Sister city/affiliated city


sister city
Friendship partner country

2005At the Aichi Expo held in Aichi Prefecture, municipalities in Aichi Prefecture (excluding Nagoya City) welcomed 120 officially participating countries of the Expo as "one municipality one country friendship project" as friendship partners.[28].



Partner city
Mutual support agreement at the time of disaster

International organization


Honorary Consulate-General


Primary industry


2015 units in 80pearIs producing[29], Mainly in the Sanage areapeachCultivation of pears is popular.In particular, the pear "Atago" boasts the highest production in the prefecture.Atago was the heaviest pear in the world in 2011Guinness World RecordsWas certified as.At 52 farms in the Takaoka / Kamigo areateaIs cultivated and out of the productionMatcha"TenchaOccupies 9%[Source required].. As of February 2015, 27, of the 2 hectares of cultivated land under managementRice fieldIs 1,854 hectares,fieldIs 354 hectares and the orchard is 239 hectares.[30].

Main agricultural products

な ど[31]


Northeast (formerlyAsukecho-Inabu Town)soCedar,Japanese cypressThe processing and production of wood such asHowever, the number of forest houses is decreasing year by year.

local specialty
Local sake

Agriculture and forestry related facilities

  • Agricultural Life Creation Center-Wagocho
  • Rural Environment Improvement Center-Takaoka Town
  • Asahi Agricultural and Forestry Hall-Odocho
  • Agricultural and livestock product processing facility --Onuma Town
  • Tsukuba Kobo-Makimotocho
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Center for the Elderly --Natsuyakecho
  • Forest Hall-Higashihirosecho
  • Miuchi City Aribayashi-Ouchi Town
  • Dingkan-Miuchicho
  • Toyota Forest Union
  • Toyota Forest Union Toyota Office
  • Toyota Forest Union Obara Fujioka Office

Secondary industry


MeijiからTaishoSericultureGala spinningThe textile industry has developed, especially in the Matsudaira area.TomoegawaUtilized rapids such as tributaries ofWater millGala spinning has developed.After the war, the textile industry in Koromo-cho declined as the demand for raw yarn decreased.

after that,ToyotaWith the completion of the factoryautomotive industryThe manufacturing industry centered on has developed.Currently, many Toyota-related companies are located in Toyota City.

In addition, due to the thriving manufacturing industry, there are cities in the city.South AmericaSystem (especiallyBrazilMany foreign residents, mainly (affiliated), live and work in factories.15,220 foreigners registered (as of December 2006, 12)[Source required]Is living.Especially in the northern part of the old cityHomi housing complexIs one of Japan's leading foreign settlements, with approximately 45% of all residents being foreigners.[Source required].

Tertiary industry


So-called for employees of Toyota Motor-related companiesToyota calendarThere are also many private shops that operate in.City center TheToyotashi Station-Shin-Toyota StationPeripheral, in recent yearsCommercial complexRedevelopment such as is being carried out.

Major commercial complexes

Around Meitetsu Toyotashi StationNagasakiya Toyota store,Toyoda Sogo,Toyoda Sati, Gallery Airpita Toyota store existed in the past, but closed one after another. The Aeon Toyota store closed in August 2015 due to aging stores, but after being demolished and rebuilt, on September 8, 2017.AEON STYLE ToyotaOpened as.

Movie theater

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • --Kozakahonmachi
  • Toyota branch
    • Fujioka Chamber of Commerce-Fujioka Iinocho
    • Ohara Chamber of Commerce-Obara Town
    • Asuke Chamber of Commerce-Asuke Town
    • Shimoyama Society of Commerce-Onuma Town
    • Asahi Chamber of Commerce-Odocho
    • Inabu Chamber of Commerce-Inabu Town

Major companies headquartered in the city

Listed companies
Other major companies

Industrial park

  • Nishihirose Industrial Park
  • Hanamoto Industrial Park
  • Shinohara Industrial Complex
  • Hiromi Industrial Park
  • Toyota City Iron Works Complex
  • Tokai Electronics Industrial Park

Main factory

According to the materials released by Toyota City based on the June 2017, 6 Industrial Statistics Survey, there are 1 factories with more than 300 employees in the city.

Food (3 factories)
  • KewpieKoromo Factory
  • Prime DelicaToyota Daiichi Factory
  • Prime Delica Toyota No. XNUMX Factory
Plastic (5 factories)
Rubber products (1 factory)
Ceramics / earth and stone (1 factory)
  • AGCAichi Factory (Toyota)
Metal products (1 factory)
Production machinery (3 factories)
Information and communication equipment (1 factory)
Transport machinery (34 factories)
Others (1 factory)

post office

(Taizi TheYu Yu windowIndicates the installed post office. )

  • Toyota Asahi Post Office-Asahicho
  • Toyota Umetsubo Post Office --Higashiumetsubo Town
  • Toyota Kitamachi Post Office-Kitamachi
  • Toyota Shinmachi Post Office --Shinmachi
  • Toyota Suigen Post Office --Suigencho
  • Toyota Post Office-Tsukasacho
  • Toyota Dobashi Post Office-Tsuchihashi Town
  • Toyota Miyama Post Office-Miyamacho
  • Toyota Yamanote Post Office-Yamanote
  • Toyota Post Office --Tozukacho
  • Toyota Wakamiya Post Office --Tsukimicho
  • Toyota Ichigi Post Office-Ichigicho
  • Toyota Itsutsugaoka Post Office-Itsugaoka
  • Toyota Kamiike Post Office --Kamiike Town
  • Toyota Takahashi Post Office --Takahashi Town
  • Toyota Higashiyama Post Office-Higashiyamacho
  • Unebe Simple Post Office --- Unebe Higashimachi
  • Kamigo Post Office-Kamigo Town
  • Sue's Simple Post Office-Oshikamocho
  • Toyota Ekaku Post Office --Ekakushinmachi
  • Toyota Togari Simple Post Office-Togaricho
  • Toyota Obayashi Post Office --Obayashi Town
  • Toyota Komaba Post Office-Komabacho
  • Toyota Takaoka Post Office --Wakabayashi Nishimachi
  • Toyota Tsutsumi Post Office-Tsutsumicho
  • Toyota Nakamachi Post Office --Nakamachi
  • Toyota Hanazono Post Office --Hanazonocho
  • Toyota North Post Office --Shigocho
  • Toyota Hiratobashi Post Office-Hiratobashi Town
  • Toyota Water Purification Simple Post Office-Josuicho
  • Toyota Homigaoka Post Office --Homigaoka
  • Toyota Yakusa Post Office --Yakusa Town
  • Homi Post Office-Homicho
  • Ishino Post Office-Chikaraishicho
  • Sakaue Post Office-Sakauecho
  • Matsudaira Post Office-Kugyudairacho
  • Fujioka Nishinakayama Simple Post Office --Nishinakayamacho
  • Fujioka Post Office-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Mitsukuri Post Office-Mitsukuricho
  • Japan Post-Obaracho
  • Ohara Hirahata Post Office-Hirahatacho
  • Obara Post Office-Kaminigicho
  • Shi Daoci Post Office-Ohira Town
  • Asuke Post Office --Asukecho
  • Asuri Post Office-Okuramachi
  • Kuniya Simple Post Office-Kuniya Town
  • Morioka Post Office-Norisadacho
  • Azo Simple Post Office-Azocho
  • Shimoyama Post Office-Onumacho
  • Habu Post Office-Habucho
  • Japan Post-Odocho
  • Asugawa Post Office-Asugawacho
  • Sugimoto Post Office-Sugimoto Town
  • Inabu Post Office-Inabu Town

Agricultural cooperative

  • JA Aichi ToyodaMain store --Nishimachi
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Azuma Branch --Honshincho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Umetsubo Branch --Higashi Umetsubo Town
  • JA Aichi Toyotaue Koromo Branch --Kanayacho
  • JA Aichi Toyota Dobashi Branch --Tsuchihashicho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Toyonan Branch --Maeyamacho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Negawa Branch --Shimobayashicho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Takahashi Branch --Takagami
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Gotate Branch-Misato
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Unebe Branch-Unebe Higashimachi
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Kazue Branch-Kazuecho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Kamigo Branch --Kamigocho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Sue Branch-Oshikamocho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Obayashi Branch --Obayashi Town
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Komaba Branch-Komabacho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Takaoka Branch-Wakabayashi Nishimachi
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Take Branch --Takecho
  • JA Aichi Toyota Tsutsumi Branch --Maebayashicho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Nakata Branch --Nakada Town
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Hanazono Branch --Hanazonocho
  • JA Aichi Toyota Tsutsumi Branch --Tsutsumicho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Yoshinaka Branch --Yoshiwaracho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Kano Branch-Kanocho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Saruto Branch --Shigocho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Yakusa Branch-Yakusacho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Homi Branch-Homicho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Nakagane Branch --Nakaganecho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Matsudairashigacho --Matsudairashigacho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Nishinakayama Branch --Nishinakayamacho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Fujioka Branch --Fujioka Iinocho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Obara Branch --Obaracho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Kaminigi Branch --Kaminigicho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Asuke Branch-Asukecho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Shimoyama Branch --Onumacho
  • JA Aichi Toyota Asahi Branch --Odocho
  • JA Aichi Toyoda Inatake Branch --Busetsumachi

Financial institution

  • Aichi BankToyota Branch-Koromocho
  • Aichi Bank Toyota Minami Branch --Akebonocho
  • Aichi Bank Toyota Water Purification Branch-Josuicho
  • Ogaki Kyoritsu BankToyota Branch-Kitamachi
  • Okazaki Shinkin BankUwagoromo Branch-Shimoichibacho
  • Okazaki Shinkin Bank Toyota Branch-Kitamachi
  • Okazaki Shinkin Bank Toyota Minami Branch --Yamanote
  • Okazaki Shinkin Bank Maeyama Branch --Maeyamacho
  • Okazaki Shinkin Bank Toyota Misato Branch --Hirokawacho
  • Okazaki Shinkin Bank Takaoka Branch-Wakabayashi Higashimachi
  • Juroku BankToyota Branch --Nishimachi
  • Juroku Bank Yamanote Branch-Yamanote
  • Seto Shinkin BankToyota Branch-Jinnakacho
  • Seto Shinkin Bank Saruto Branch --Aokicho
  • Seto Shinkin Bank Fujioka Branch-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Chukyo BankToyota Branch-Tozukacho
  • Tokai Labor BankToyota Branch-Yamanote
  • Tokai Rokin Bank Toyota Kita Branch --Kyomachi
  • Toyota Shinkin BankMain store-Motoshirocho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Asahi Branch --Miyagamicho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Shimoichibacho Branch --Shimoichibacho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Jinchu Branch --Hinodecho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Tanaka Branch-Tanakacho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Dobashi Branch --Akebonocho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Toyota Ekimae Branch --Kitamachi
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Toyota Town Branch --Maeyama Town
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Motomachi Branch-Hirokutecho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Yamanote Branch --Yamanote
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Wakamiya Branch-Wakamiyacho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Kamiike Branch --Kamiikecho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Takahashi Branch --Takahashi Town
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Nomiyama Branch-Nomiyamacho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Kamigo Branch --Kamigocho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Obayashi Branch --Obayashi Town
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Takaoka Branch-Wakabayashi Nishimachi
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Tsutsumi Branch-Tsutsumicho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Yabashi Branch --Hanazonocho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Aoki Branch --Aokicho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Inoue Branch-Inouecho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Saruto Branch-Shigocho
  • Toyota Credit Bank Water Purification Branch-Josuicho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Homi Branch-Homicho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Fujioka Branch-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Asuke Branch-Asukecho
  • Toyota Shinkin Bank Inabu Branch-Inabu Town
  • Nagoya BankToyota Sales Department-Kitamachi
  • Nagoya Bank Toyota Minami Branch --Yamanote
  • Bank of Nagoya Toyotahigashi Branch --Shibuyacho
  • Bank of Nagoya Toyota Water Purification Branch-Josuicho
  • Hundred five banksToyota Branch-Kitamachi
  • Bikai Shinkin BankToyota Branch-Kitamachi
  • Hekikai Shinkin Bank Toyota Nishi Branch --Ogawacho
  • Hekikai Shinkin Bank Takaoka Branch --Wakabayashi Higashimachi
  • Hekikai Shinkin Bank Toyota Minami Branch --Obayashicho
  • Hekikai Shinkin Bank Toyota Higashi Branch --Uenocho
  • Hekikai Shinkin Bank Kamigo Branch --Kamigocho
  • Hekikai Shinkin Bank Kotobukicho Branch --Kotobukicho
  • Hekikai Shinkin Bank Asahi Branch --Asahi Town
  • Mizuho BankToyota Branch --Nishimachi
  • XNUMX banksToyota Branch-Kitamachi
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationToyota Branch-Kitamachi
  • Mitsubishi UFJ BankToyota Branch-Kitamachi
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Toyota Branch Toyota City Hall Branch Office --Nishimachi
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Toyota Minami Branch --Yamanote


Regional meeting

housing complex

Aichi Housing Supply Corporation
  • Kamiike Residence-Kamiikecho
  • Miyagami Housing-Miyagami Town
  • Miyagami Kita Housing --Miyagami Town
  • Miyagami Residence-Miyagami Town
  • Sanage House-Aoki Town
  • Shigo Housing-Shigo Town
  • Unebe Residence-Unebe Nishimachi
  • Kamisotone Housing-Wakabayashi Higashimachi
  • Homidanchi-Homigaoka (different from the Homidanchi of the UR Urban Organization. Generally, the Aichi Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation side is the prefectural housing or Homigaoka, and the UR side is the public housing or Homigaoka. Distinguish. Although the prefectural management and the public corporation are adjacent to each other, each self-governing body is independent for each district, and the Toyoda City district committee members are also treated as separate districts.)
  • Shibuya Housing-Higashiyama Town
  • Oshikamo House-Hoeicho
  • Miwa Housing-Miwa Town
  • Hatsufuki Residence-Kyogamine
  • Tsutsumi Housing-Tsumimachi
  • Kamigo Housing-Kamigo Town
  • Azuma Residence-Azuma Town
  • Hirashiba Housing-Hirashibacho
  • Koromo Housing-Sakaemachi
  • Natsuyake House-Natsuyake Town
  • Tero Housing-Tero Town
  • Kirito Residence-Asahigaoka
  • Takefu Housing-Kubocho
Toyota Municipal Housing
  • Asahigaoka House-Asahigaoka
  • Iino Housing-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Ichigicho Housing-Ichigicho
  • Ichinoki Residence-Meiwa Town
  • Inoguchi Housing-Inoguchi Town
  • Iwakura House-Iwakura Town
  • Nursing house with baby --Kurodacho
  • Heights with a baby mother-Kurodacho
  • Ebine no Sato-Sugimotocho
  • Onuma Housing-Onuma Town
  • Ochibe Housing-Asukecho
  • Kashiwa Hora Housing-Kashiwa Hora Town
  • Kajibata House-Kuwabara Town
  • Kajibata Heights-Kuwabara Town
  • Kaneiba House-Kuwabara Town
  • Kamigami Residence-Shika Town
  • Ox cart housing-Asahigaoka
  • Kyogamine Housing-Kyogamine
  • Kuwadawa Residence-Kuwadawacho
  • This morning flat house-Asukecho
  • Corp Kajibata-Kuwabara-cho
  • Sasado House-Sasadocho
  • Shika No. 1 House-Shika Town
  • Shika No. 2 House-Shika Town
  • Suigencho House-Suigencho
  • Sugimoto Housing-Sugimotocho
  • Living Sacred Heart House-Sacred Heart Town
  • Chino Housing-Kuwadawacho
  • Sotoda House-Busetsumachi
  • Sotoda Housing No. 2-Busetsumachi
  • Takamine Shita Housing-Nobayashi Town
  • Chikaoka Housing-Chikaokamachi
  • Tero Housing-Tero Town
  • Nakagawara Housing-Higashiumetsubo Town
  • Nakane Housing-Nakane Town
  • Nakamichi Housing-Kozakacho
  • Ryuta Housing-Hirokutecho
  • Hatsufuki Residence-Kyogamine
  • Hamaiba Residence-Shiga Town
  • Higashiyama Housing-Higashiyama Town
  • Matsudairashiga Residence-Matsudairashigacho
  • Maruyama House-Maruyama Town
  • Miwa Housing-Miwa Town
  • Yuya Yuu-Yuyu-Yuya Town
UR City Organization
Large-scale condominiums, etc.
  • Zesta Water Purification Tower
  • T stage water purification tower gate
  • Luminary Tower in front of T Stage Josui Station
  • Tower the Toyota
  • Park Tower Toyota

Elderly support facility

  • Toyota City Core Comprehensive Support Center
  • Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Sunflower House Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Toyota Community Care Support Center
  • Toyota Kosei Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Shakyo Comprehensive Support Center
  • Hottokan Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Toyota Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Regional Comprehensive Support Center Kuragaike
  • Regional Comprehensive Support Center Toyotaen
  • Regional Comprehensive Support Center Kazue no Sato
  • Sunflower Town Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Minami Fukujuen Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Wakabayashi Garden Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Tsutsumi Garden Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Minorien Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Kosasa no Sato Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Toyota Fukujuen Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Ishinosato Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Regional Comprehensive Support Center Saruto no Paradise
  • Regional Comprehensive Support Center Homi no Sato
  • Laughing House Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Fujinosato Comprehensive Support Center
  • Toyota Regional Comprehensive Support Center Fujioka Akane Residence
  • Fukushi no Sato Comprehensive Support Center
  • Asuke Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Madoi no Oka Comprehensive Support Center
  • Warmth Village Comprehensive Support Center
  • Inabu Comprehensive Support Center

Elderly welfare facility

Elderly welfare facility
  • Toyota City Elderly Welfare Center Toyotajuen-Togaricho
  • Toyota City Elderly Welfare Center Warmth Village-Ikejima-cho
  • Toyota City Inatake Welfare Center --Kuwabara Town
  • Hyakunenso / Asuke Mamedakan --Asuke Town
  • Toyota City Elderly Hot Spring Rest Facility Jurakuso
  • Toyota City Welfare Employment Center Fureai no Ie-Kitamachi
  • Toyota City Welfare Employment Center Yamamuro Hana House-Muromachi
  • Nursing home for the elderly Wakakusaen-Wakakusacho
  • House for the Elderly Rest Asahiso --Kashio Town
  • Specified private facility Toyota Hottokan-Honshincho
  • Light-cost home for the elderly Care House Toyota
  • Light-cost home for the elderly Care House Minami
Special nursing home for the elderly (welfare facility for the elderly)
  • Toyota Fukujuen
  • Toyotaen
  • No. 2 Toyotaen
  • Minami Fukujuen
  • Subaru
  • Hosuien
  • Yasutatsu Ohara
  • Toyota Minorien
  • Tomoe no Sato
  • Sunflower town
  • House of laughter
  • No. 2 Toyotaen
  • Kuragaike
  • Homi no Sato
  • Ishino no Sato
  • Toyota Wakabayashi Garden
  • Saruto no paradise
  • Fujioka Akane House
  • Amenity Toyota station square
Nursing care health facility
  • Toyota Health Facility for the Elderly
  • Joystay
  • Welbe
  • Kazue no Sato
  • Fujioka
  • Sanage
  • Takaoka Elderly Care Health Facility
  • Unit-type nursing care facility for the elderly Sanage

Welfare facility for the disabled

General welfare facility
  • Toyota City Welfare Center for Persons with Disabilities, Sun Abilities Toyota --Nishiyamacho
  • Employment and Life Support Center for Persons with Disabilities
  • Toyota City Comprehensive Support Center for Persons with Disabilities Second Sunflower-Hirashibacho
  • Toyota City Comprehensive Support Center for Persons with Disabilities Warm-Sakaemachi
  • Toyota City Comprehensive Support Center for Persons with Disabilities Keyaki Works --Sakaemachi
  • Toyota City Sakura Works-Taiseicho
Admission facility
  • House of light
  • Support facility for people with disabilities Mumon
  • Sun Home Toyota
  • Ohara Dormitory

Facilities for the handicapped children

  • Ohara Gakuen


  • Umetsubo Gakuen-Umetsubocho

Communication / life infrastructure

Mass media


tv set

Relay station

life line


Power plant
Chubu Electric Power
  • Asuke Power Station-Asuke Town
  • Asuri Power Station-Ogawara Town
  • Oshiyama Power Station-Oshiyama Town
  • Kamo Power Station-Ajikyocho
  • Downstream power plant-downstream town
  • Kuroda Power Station-Kurodacho
  • Koshido Power Station-Hiratobashicho
  • Sasado Power Station --Sasadocho
  • Shirase Power Station-Kokaicho
  • Dozuki Power Station-Dozukicho
  • Tokise power plant --Tokizecho
  • Tomoegawa Power Station-Yotsumatsucho
  • Higashiomi Power Station-Higashiomicho
  • Mayumi Power Station-Kawate Town
  • Morioka Power Station-Tochucho
  • Yahagi Daiichi Power Station-Kushiharashizurase, Ena City
  • Yahagi No. XNUMX Power Station-Ichihiracho
  • Okuyasaku Daiichi Power Station-Otagicho
  • Okuyahagi Daini Power Station --Ushijicho
  • Omenoki Wind Farm-Inabu Town
  • Toyota Daiichi Power Station --Nishinakayamacho
  • Toyota No. XNUMX Power Station
Chubu Electric Power Power Grid
  • Aichi Substation-Downstream Town
  • Kazue Substation-Kazuecho
  • Kita Toyoda Substation-Tamomicho
  • Konosucho Substation-Konosucho Town
  • Tobu Substation-Higashioshimacho
  • Nishihirose Substation-Nishihirosecho
  • Nishimachi Substation-Nishimachi
  • Minami Toyoda Substation-Treasure Town
  • Miyaguchi Substation-Miyamachi


City Gas
  • Toho Gas Toyota Sales Office-Koromocho

Water and sewerage

Garbage and urine disposal

Garbage disposal facility
  • Green Clean Fujioka-Fujiokaiinocho
  • Togari Clean Center-Togaricho
  • Fujioka Plant-Shimokawaguchicho
  • Azuma Sanitary Plant --Maebayashicho
  • Green Recycling Center-Shidarecho
Human waste treatment facility
  • Azuma Sanitary Treatment Association --Dissolved on March 2015, 27.

Cremation facility

  • Toyota City Kosema Seien --Kosema Town

Education/research institutions



Incidentally,Toyota Institute of TechnologyIs not in our city, but in NagoyaTenpaku WardIt is in.

College of technology


high school


Junior high school / elementary school

Junior high schoolprimary school
Toyota City Sokakan Junior High School --Sakae TownToyota Municipal Koromo Elementary School --Hirashibacho
Toyota City Motoshiro Elementary School --Yawata Town
Toyota City Asahi Elementary School --Asahi Town
Toyota City Asahigaoka Junior High School --AsahigaokaToyota City Dojiyama Elementary School --Miyuki Town
Toyota City Negawa Elementary School(Excluding some) --Shimobayashi Town
Toyota City Yamanote Elementary School(Part) --Yamanote
Toyota City Koromoga Elementary School --Sankencho
Toyota City Toyonan Junior High School --SuigenchoToyota City Negawa Elementary School (part)
Toyota City Peace Elementary School --Heiwacho
Toyota City Maeyama Elementary School(Excluding some) --Maeyama Town
Toyota City Yamanote Elementary School (part)
Toyota Municipal Takahashi Junior High School --Takahashi TownToyota City Terabe Elementary School --Ueno Town
Toyota City Hirai Elementary School --Dodocho
Toyota City Yanami Elementary School --Yanamicho
Toyota City Higashiyama Elementary School(Part) --Shibutanicho
Toyota City Ichigi Elementary School --Ichigicho
Toyota City Kamigo Junior High School --KamigochoToyota City Takane Elementary School --Hiromicho
Toyota City Unebe Elementary School --Unebe Nishimachi
Toyota City Takaoka Junior High School --Wakabayashi NishimachiToyota City Wakabayashi Higashi Elementary School --Wakabayashi Higashimachi
Toyota Municipal Wakabayashi Nishi Elementary School --Wakabayashi Nishimachi
Toyota Municipal Homi Junior High School --HomichoToyota City Obata Elementary School --Ohata Town
Toyota City Ibo Elementary School --Homicho
Toyota City Higashihomi Elementary School(Excluding some) --Homigaoka
Toyota City Nishihomi Elementary School --Homigaoka
Toyota City Saruto Junior High School --KanochoToyota City Kano Elementary School --Kanocho
Toyota City Higashihomi Elementary School (part)
Toyota City Shigo Elementary School(Part) --Shigo Town
Toyota City Sarutodai Junior High School --AokichoToyota City Aoki Elementary School --Aokicho
Toyota City Nishihirose Elementary School --Nishihirosecho
Toyota City Ishino Junior High School --ChikaraishichoToyota City Higashihirose Elementary School --Higashihirosecho
Toyota City Nakagane Elementary School --Nakaganecho
Toyota City Kamitakimi Elementary School --Kamitaka Town
Toyota City Matsudaira Junior High School --KugyudairachoToyota City Kokai Elementary School --Kokaicho
Toyota City Iwakura Elementary School --Iwakuracho
Toyota City Kugyudaira Elementary School --Kugyudairacho
Toyota City Takiwaki Elementary School --Takiwakicho
Toyota City Toyomatsu Elementary School --Sakauecho
Toyota City Ryujin Junior High School --RyujinchoToyota City Yamanote Elementary School (part)
Toyota City Takemura Elementary School --Sumiyoshi Town
Toyota City Dobashi Elementary School --Dobashi Town
Toyota City Misato Junior High School --MisatoToyota City Nomi Elementary School --Nomicho
Toyota City Higashiyama Elementary School (excluding some)
Toyota City Hirokawadai Elementary School --Shibutanicho
Toyota Municipal Azuma Junior High School --ShinmachiToyota City Koshimizu Elementary School --Tamachi
Toyota Municipal Miyama Elementary School --Miyama Town
Toyota City Wakazono Junior High School --HanazonochoToyota Municipal Wakazono Elementary School --Nakane Town
Toyota City Umetsubodai Junior High School --Nishiyama TownUmetsubo Elementary School, Toyota City --Umetsubomachi
Toyota City Maebayashi Junior High School --MaebayashichoToyota City Tsutsumi Elementary School --Tsutsumihonmachi
Toyota City Komaba Elementary School --Komaba Town
Toyota City Masutomi Junior High School --Shika TownToyota City Furusema Elementary School --Shika Town
Toyota City Itsutsugaoka Elementary School --Itsugaoka
Toyota City Itsutsugaoka Higashi Elementary School --Itsugaoka
Toyota City Suenohara Junior High School --Toyosaka TownToyota City Maeyama Elementary School (part)
Toyota City Sueno Elementary School --Oshikamocho
Toyota City Obayashi Elementary School --Obayashicho
Toyota Municipal Isago Junior High School --InouechoToyota City Shigo Elementary School (excluding some)
Toyota City Inoue Elementary School --Inouecho
Toyota City Fujioka Junior High School --KisechoToyota City Iino Elementary School --Fujiokaiinocho
Toyota City Ishidatami Elementary School --Ishidatamicho
Toyota City Mitsukuri Elementary School --Mitsukuricho
Toyota City Obara Junior High School --EitarochoToyota City Doji Elementary School --Senraimachi
Toyota City Honjo Elementary School --Ichibamachi
Toyota City Obara Chubu Elementary School --Yuya Town
Toyota City Asuke Junior High School --AsukechoToyota City Asuke Elementary School --Asukecho
Toyota City Cold Field Elementary School --Yotsumatsucho
Toyota City Oiwake Elementary School --Chikaokamachi
Toyota City Sagiri Elementary School --Kamiwakicho
Toyota City Norisada Elementary School --Norisadacho
Toyota City Hagino Elementary School --Kuwata Kazumachi
Toyota City Meiwa Elementary School --Hirasawa Town
Toyota City Shinmori Elementary School --Shinmoricho
Toyota City Okura Elementary School --Okuramachi
Toyota City Mikura Elementary School --Okuramachi
Toyota City Shimoyama Junior High School --Onuma TownToyota City Hanayama Elementary School --Shimoyamatashiro Town
Toyota City Onuma Elementary School --Onuma Town
Toyota City Asahi Junior High School --SugimotochoToyota City Odo Elementary School --Shimogirimachi
Toyota City Shikishima Elementary School --Sugimotocho
Toyota City Inabu Junior High School --Kuwabara TownToyota City Inabu Elementary School --Inabu Town
Toyota City Fujioka Minami Junior High School --NishinakayamachoToyota City Nakayama Elementary School --Nishinakayamacho
Toyota City Water Purification School --OshimizuchoToyota City Water Purification Elementary School --Josuicho
Toyota City Josuikita Elementary School --Josuicho

Children's and kindergartens, etc.

Public children's garden
  • Toyota Municipal Asahi Children's Garden-Nichinancho
  • Toyota City Kamigo Children's Garden --Kamigo Town
  • Toyota Municipal Koromo Children's Garden-Koromocho
  • Toyota Municipal Sumiyoshi Children's Garden-Sumiyoshi Town
  • Toyota City Takahashi Children's Garden-Mizumacho
  • Toyota City Dojiyama Children's Garden-Kozakacho
  • Toyota Municipal Toyota Children's Garden-Suigencho
  • Toyota City Nomi Children's Garden-Misato
  • Toyota City Hirayama Children's Garden-Hirayama Town
  • Toyota Municipal Fujiyabu Children's Garden-Hoeicho
  • Toyota City Miyaguchi Children's Garden-Miyaguchi-cho
  • Toyota City Miwa Children's Garden-Dodocho
  • Toyota City Yamanote Children's Garden-Yamanote
  • Toyota City Wakabayashi Children's Garden-Wakabayashi Higashimachi
  • Toyota City Ibo Children's Garden-Homicho
  • Toyota Municipal Ima Children's Garden-Imacho
  • Toyota City Umetsubo Children's Garden --Umetsubo Town
  • Toyota City Ekakushin Children's Garden --Ekakushinmachi
  • Toyota City Obata Children's Garden-Shinohara Town
  • Toyota City Obayashi Children's Garden-Obayashi Town
  • Toyota City Kamitakami Children's Garden --Kamitakacho
  • Toyota City Koshido Children's Garden-Koshidocho
  • Toyota City Komabacho Children's Garden-Komabacho
  • Toyota City Sueno Children's Garden-Oshikamocho
  • Toyota City Takane Children's Garden-Kazuecho
  • Toyota City Takami Children's Garden-Wakabayashi Nishimachi
  • Toyota City Takemura Children's Garden --Nakamachi
  • Toyota City Tsutsumioka Children's Garden --Tsutsumicho
  • Toyota Municipal Terabe Children's Garden-Uenocho)
  • Toyota City Tosei Children's Garden --Nishihirosecho
  • Toyota City Togari Children's Garden-Togaricho
  • Toyota City Toyomatsu Children's Garden-Toyomatsucho
  • Toyota Municipal Nakagane Children's Garden-Shiromicho
  • Toyota City Nakaneyama Children's Garden-Takaokahonmachi
  • Toyota City Negawa Children's Garden --Shimobayashicho
  • Toyota City Hikari Children's Garden-Yanamicho
  • Toyota City Higashihirose Children's Garden --Higashihirosecho
  • Toyota Municipal Higashiyama Children's Garden-Shibuya-cho
  • Toyota City Hirai Children's Garden-Dodocho
  • Toyota City Hirosawa Children's Garden-Maigicho
  • Toyota Municipal Honji Children's Garden-Honjicho
  • Toyota City Matsudaira Children's Garden-Kugyudaira Town
  • Toyota Mifune Children's Garden-Mifunecho
  • Toyota Municipal Wakazono Children's Garden-Nakanecho
  • Toyota City Wakamiya Children's Garden-Wakamiyacho
  • Toyoda Municipal Iino Children's Garden-Fujioka Iino Town
  • Toyota City Stone Pavement Children's Garden-Shirakawa Town
  • Toyota City Kise Children's Garden-Kise Town
  • Toyota City Nakayama Children's Garden-Nishinakayamacho
  • Toyota Municipal Mitsukuri Children's Garden-Mitsukuricho
  • Toyota City Okusa Children's Garden-Obaracho
  • Toyota City Hokuei Children's Garden-Shimonigicho
  • Toyota Municipal Doji Children's Garden-Okabayashicho
  • Toyota City Ashikaga Momiji Children's Garden-Iwagamimachi
  • Toyota City Norisada Children's Garden-Norisadacho
  • Toyota City Okura Children's Garden-Okura Town
  • Toyota City Hieda Children's Garden-Hiedacho
  • Toyota City Asuke Mayumi Children's Garden-Asuke Town
  • Toyota City Onuma Children's Garden-Onuma Town
  • Toyota City Eastern Children's Garden-Habucho
  • Toyota City Sugimoto Children's Garden --Sugimotocho
  • Toyota Municipal Owatari Children's Garden-Shimogiricho
  • Toyota City Inatake Children's Garden-Busetsumachi
  • Toyota Municipal Masutomi Children's Garden-Shigacho
Private children's garden
  • Aomatsu Children's Garden-Asahigaoka
  • Joko Children's School-Miyamachi
  • Central Nursery School-Shigocho
  • Tokai Children's School-Nomicho
  • Kojima Children's School-Kanayacho
  • Hoshigaoka Children's Garden-Nakada Town
  • Takahara Children's Garden-Takaharu Town
  • Wakaba Children's Garden-Wakabayashi Higashimachi
  • Daini Wakaba Children's Garden-Wakabayashi Higashimachi
  • Ibobara Children's Garden-Oshimizucho
  • Second Ibobara Children's Garden-Oshimizucho
  • Josui Hikari Children's Garden-Josuicho
  • Toyota Yamato Kids Children's Garden-Imacho
  • Morinohikari Children's Garden-Oshimizucho
Private kindergarten cooperation type authorized child institution
  • Koromo Lutheran Kindergarten-Sakuramachi
  • Nakayama Matsumoto Kindergarten --Nishinakayamacho
  • Miyama Kindergarten-Fukadacho
  • Homigaoka Kindergarten-Homigaoka
  • Inoue Kindergarten-Inoue Town
  • Itsutsugaoka Yamato Kindergarten --- Itsutsugaoka
  • Rinkyu Kindergarten-Obayashi Town
  • Josui Matsumoto Kindergarten-Josuicho
  • Toyota Holy Spirit Kindergarten-Seishincho
  • Toyota Higashioka Kindergarten-Horaicho
  • Nagoya Yanagishiro Junior CollegeAttached Toyota Kindergarten-Ichigicho
  • Ryujin Children's Garden-Ryujincho
  • Unebe Children's Garden-Unebe Nishimachi
  • Tsutsumi Children's Garden-Hondacho
  • Higashi Homigaoka Children's Garden-Homigaoka
  • Mizuho Children's Garden-Mizuho Town
  • Maruyama Children's Garden-Maruyamacho
Small-scale childcare establishment
  • Kids House Toyota-Nishimachi
  • Nursery House-Jinnakacho
Private kindergarten
  • Misato Kindergarten-Misato
  • Mafumi Kindergarten --Higashiumetsubo Town
  • Toyota Yamato Kindergarten --Imamachi
  • Toyota Hoshigaoka Kindergarten --Nakadacho
  • Matsudairayamato Kindergarten-Iwakuracho
  • Bell Toyota Kindergarten-Itsutsugaoka
  • Aoki Kindergarten-Aoki Town
  • Hirashiba Kindergarten-Jinnakacho
  • Hikari Iino Kindergarten-Fujioka Iinocho
  • Toyota Hanazono Kindergarten-Hanazonocho

Special school

International School

Brazil school

Designated driving school

  • Toyota Motor Driving School-Maeyamacho
  • Toyota Central Motor Driving School-Sangencho

research Institute

Major research facilities

Education support facility

Child care support facility
  • Toyota City Children Development Center-Nishiyamacho
  • Toyota Child Care Comprehensive Support Center "Aiai" --Wakamiyacho (T-FACE A Building 9th floor)
  • Shiga Children's Gathering Square "Yuyu" --Shiga Town
  • Yanagikawase Children's Gathering Square "Nikoniko" --Unebe Higashimachi
  • Ashikaga Child Care Support Center-Yagamicho (Toyota City Ashikaga Momiji Children's Garden)
  • Iino Child Care Support Center-Fujioka Iinocho (Toyota City Iino Children's Garden)
  • Ibo Child Care Support Center-Homicho (in Toyota City Ibo Children's Garden)
  • Koshido Child Care Support Center-Koshidocho (in Toyota City Koshido Children's Garden)
  • Tsutsumi Child Care Support Center-Hondacho (in Toyota City Tsutsumi Children's Garden)
  • Togari Child Care Support Center-Togari Town (Toyota City Togari Children's Garden)
  • Miyaguchi Child Care Support Center-Miyaguchi Town (in Toyota City Miyaguchi Children's Garden)
  • Yamanote Child Care Support Center-Yamanote (in Toyota City Yamanote Children's Garden)
  • Wakazono Child Care Support Center-Nakanecho (in Toyota City Wakazono Children's Garden)
  • Inabu Child Care Support Center-Busetsumachi (in Toyota City Inabu Children's Garden)
  • Ogusa Child Care Support Center-Obaracho (in Toyota City Ogusa Children's Garden)
  • Onuma Child-rearing Support Center-Onuma Town (in Toyota City Onuma Children's Garden)
  • Sugimoto Child Care Support Center-Sugimoto Town (Toyota City Sugimoto Children's Garden)

Other facilities

  • Faculty Hall-Homicho
  • Chubu Lunch Center-Sakocho
  • Eastern School Lunch Center-Higashiyama Town
  • Southern Lunch Center-Takemotocho
  • Peace Lunch Center-Heiwacho
  • Northern School Lunch Center-Inouecho
  • Toyota Special School Kitchen --Oshimizucho
  • Fujioka Lunch Center-Kisecho
  • Asuke Lunch Center-Asuke Town
  • Inabu Lunch Center-Inabu Town



ToyotaBecause it is a company town, the usage rate of private cars is quite high.[Source required]..Therefore, as a measure against the abolition of bus routes and traffic blank areasCommunity busHas been introduced.In recent years, Toyota Motor Corporation and other companies have been promoting the use of public transportation for commuting.

Railway line

The railway lines that pass through Toyota City generally run from north to south, and there are only a few lines that run from east to west, such as the Meitetsu Toyota Line and Linimo.The line is built in some areas of the west and not at all in the east. National railwayJR linewasOkata LineAlso,1988(Showa 63)Aichi Loop Railway-Aichi Loop LineBecause it was converted toJRIt is a city without railway lines and stations.

Nagoya StationTo get outMeitetsuChiryu Station-Nagoya Municipal SubwayFushimi Station-Marunouchi Station・ Aichi Kanjo RailwayKozoji Station-Nakaokazaki Station-Okazaki Station・ LinimoFujigaoka StationIt is necessary to change trains once.All trains that pass through the city are regular trains (local trains), and you are forced to change trains, so you often use buses.On the Shinkansen, Mikawa-Anjo Station will be used more often in consideration of parking lot flights.

Chubu International AirportTo get to (Centrair) by trainToyotashi StationYou can go by Meitetsu train fromChiryu StationJingumae StationYou need to change trains at.Furthermore, from Jingu-mae Station to Chubu AirportNonstopIf you go byMuskyTo rideμ-Ticket(Special vehicle ticket) is required, and 360 yen will be charged separately.[Annotation 5]..Therefore, many buses and cars are used to get to the airport from our city.

In addition, all of Meitetsu, Linimo, and Aichi Kanjo RailwayIC card ticket-sense oforTOICAIn the area of ​​manaca / TOICAVarious IC fare cards that can be used interchangeablyCan be used.

In the future, Meitetsu will be on the Mikawa Line between Chiryu and Toyota City.Double trackBy 2027Meitetsu Nagoya - Toyota CityWe are planning to operate a limited express train in the meantime, shortening it from the current 60 minutes to about 40 minutes, but at Chiryu StationElevated businessAnd the cost of double-tracking work(I.e.At this stage, the section in Toyota City will be double-tracked, while the section in Chiryu City will be partially single-tracked due to financial problems.

Nagoya Railway(Meitetsu)
(Miyoshi City)-(02)Water purification station -(01)Kami-Toyota Station -(MY08)梅 坪 駅
(11)Sanage Station -(10)Hiratobashi Station -(09)Koshido Station -(08)梅 坪 駅 -(07)Toyotashi Station -(06)上 挙 母 駅 -(05)Dobashi Station -(04)Takemura Station -(03)Wakabayashi Station -(02)Mikawa-Yatsuhashi Station -(Chiryu City)
Aichi Loop Railway(Aikan)
(Seto City)- Yakusa Station - Shinohara Station - Homi Station - Kaizu Station - Shigo Station - Aikan Umetsubo Station - Shin-Toyota Station - Shin-uwagoromo station - Mikawa-Toyota Station - Suenohara Station - Eikaku Station - Mikawa-Kamigou Station -(Okazaki City)
Other,Kitanomasuzuka Station - Daimon StationAlthough it is about 165 meters between (both in Okazaki City), it passes through our city.
Aichi Expressway(Linimo)
(Nagakute City)- Ceramic Museum Minami Station - Yakusa Station
Abolished route
Nagoya Railway
Uwagoromo Station- Toyota Motor Front Station - - Togari Station -(Okazaki City)
  • (2004(Abolished in 16) Mikawa Line
Sanage Station- Mikawa Mifune Station - Shidare Station - Mikawa Hirose Station - Nishinakagane Station

Bus route

Since there are many areas in Toyota City that do not have railroads or are far from stations, many bus routes have been set up centering on the old city area before the merger.Previously, there was an intercity highway bus that could go from Toyota city to Sakae or Nagoya station (Meitetsu Bus Center) cheaper than the Meitetsu line and subway without changing trains, but it was abolished only in March 2020.

Chubu International AirportTo (Centrair)Direct busAlso exists,Meitetsu busIs operating.

Meitetsu bus
JR Tokai Bus
Hoei Kotsu
  • Toyota Headquarters Line
Community bus


In recent years, the development of the Shin Tomei Expressway and the Tokai Kanjo Expressway has progressed, and it is becoming one of the prefecture's leading transportation hubs.

(Okazaki City)-(19-2)Toyota Junction - (19-3) Toyota Kamigo Service Area / Smart IC -(20)Toyota Interchange -(Miyoshi City)
(Okazaki City)-(1)Toyota Higashi Junction
(1)Toyota Higashi Junction -(2)Toyota East Interchange -(19-2)Toyota Junction -(3)Toyota Minami Interchange -(Kariya City)
(1)Toyota Higashi Junction -(2)Toyota Matsudaira Interchange -(2-1)Kuragaike parking area -(3)Toyota Kanpachi Interchange -(4)Toyota Fujioka Interchange -(Seto City)
General toll road
Yakusa interchange - Yakusa Higashi Interchange - Yakusa Main Line Toll Office - Kano interchange - Sanage interchange - Sanage-higashi interchange - Nakayama interchange - Nishihirose parking area - Nishi-Hirose Main Line Toll Office - Nishihirose interchange - Shidare interchange - Chikaraishi interchange
(Chiryu City)- Ikoma interchange
National road
Prefectural road

"Toyota" number

AutomotiveLicense platePreviously, the "Mikawa" number was used.In Toyota City, from Aichi Prefecture in May 2005 (Heisei 17)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIt was submitted as a request to.May 7"Local numberWas selected along with "Okazaki" and "Ichinomiya" in Aichi Prefecture as an area to promote the introduction of "".The "Toyota" number was actually introduced in 2006 (Heisei 18).May 10Is.This number applies only to Toyota City.

Traffic safety

  • Toyota City Traffic Safety Learning Center


  • Asahigaoka Bicycle Storage

Religious facility


Koromo district
  • Ansuin-Sakuramachi.Jodo sect.
  • --Umetsubomachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Ichijo Church-Takyocho.Shinshu Koshoji school.
  • Kannonin-Senzokucho.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Kanonji-Honjicho.Rinzai sect.
  • Kushu-ji Temple-Higashishinmachi.Nichiren Masamune.
  • Ekoji Temple-Changkoji Temple.Rinsai sect Tofukuji school.
  • Koshinji Temple-Higashiumetsubo Town.Sōtō school.
  • Koboin Toyota Inari-Kozakahonmachi.Shingon sect Daigo school.
  • Komyoji-Shimomarket Town.Jodo sect.
  • Yoyoin-Kozakacho.Jodo sect.
  • --Kanaya Town.Shingon sect Daigo school.
  • Jokakuji-Miyamachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Mugenin Jokuji Temple-Kita Town.Jodo sect.
  • Daiseiin Shogenji Temple-Honjicho.Jodo sect.
  • Jyogyoin Ganoji Temple-Imamachi.Jodo sect.
  • Jokoji Temple-Shimomarket Town.Rinsai sect Tofukuji school.
  • Masakiin-Kozakacho.Jodo sect.
  • Namenji Temple-Kawai Town).Jodo sect.
  • Joboji-Honshincho.Jodo sect.
  • Shinryuji Temple-Asahigaoka).Sōtō school.
  • Mizuonji-Uwagoromo.Shingon sect Daigo school.
  • Zuikoin-Koromocho.Jodo sect.
  • Zenyado Temple-Shimobayashi-cho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Ogamein-Chokoji Temple.
  • Chokoji Temple --Changkoji Temple.Rinsai sect Tofukuji school.
  • Dojuji Temple-Honjicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shiunin Tosenji Temple-Kosaka Town.Jodo sect.
  • Tokujuji-Takyocho.Jodo sect.
  • Nyorai Temple-Honshincho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Fukujuin Mugenji Temple-Miyaguchicho.Jodo sect.
  • Joganin Fukumanji Temple-Kanaya Town.Jodo sect.
  • Hongakuin Hounji Temple-Dobashi Town.Jodo sect.
  • Mikawa Betsuin Koromo Branch-Shinmeicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Myomiji Temple-Nichinan Town.Nichiren sect.
  • Yakuoji-Kosaka Town.Jodo sect.
  • Yakushiji Temple-Kyomachi.Sōtō school.
  • Yoryu Temple-Jumokucho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Ryujuin-Senzokucho.Rinzai sect Eigenji school.
  • Reiganji Temple-Hirashibacho.Sōtō school.
Takahashi district
  • Iouji Temple-Yanamicho.Sōtō school.
  • Jizo-in Temple-Takahashi Town.Jodo sect.
  • Kannonin-Doaicho.Jodo sect.
  • Kanonji-Ueno Town.Jodo sect.
  • Iwataki Temple-Iwataki Town.Jodo sect.
  • Gyotokuji-Muromachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Koshinji Temple-Nomi Town.Jodo sect.
  • Koshinji Temple-Shika Town.Sōtō school.
  • Kosema-in-Kosema-cho.Jodo sect.
  • Kounin-Hirokawa Town.Jodo sect.
  • Gokurakuji-Mitachicho.Jodo sect.
  • Nishitani-in-Shiga-cho.Jodo sect.
  • Jizoin-Hirokawa Town.Jodo sect.
  • Shukoji Temple --Terabecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shoan-ji Temple-Ikeda Town.Jodo sect.
  • --Shika Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • --Hirokawa Town.Jodo sect.
  • Masamitsu Temple-Ichigicho.Sōtō school.
  • Shoshinji Temple-Omicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Jyosenji Temple-Ichigicho.Sōtō school.
  • Jodoin-Terabecho.Jodo sect.
  • Jorakuji Temple-Nomi Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shorinji Temple-Yanamicho.Shinsou Takada school.
  • Shingakuin Jomyoji Temple-Nomicho.Jodo sect.
  • Zuioin Fuonji Temple --Terabecho.Jodo sect.
  • Chisho-ji Temple-Fuso-cho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Tokoin-Terabecho.Jodo sect.
  • Tokoin-Hirai Town.Sōtō school.
  • Nembutsu-ji Temple-Hirokawa Town.Jodo sect.
  • Mirai Temple-Shika Town.Sōtō school.
  • Munoji Temple-Morimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Meishoji Temple-Ueno Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Yakushiji Temple-Mitachicho.Jodo sect.
  • Tatsutain-Kosemacho.Sōtō school.
  • Jizoin Rendaiji Temple-Ueno Town.Jodo sect.
Kamigo district
  • Anzanji Temple-Haizucho.Jodo sect.
  • Anfukuji Temple-Oshikamocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Ichiunin-Oshikamocho.Jodo sect.
  • Ikkoji Temple-Ekakucho.
  • Unebe Nishimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Ekaku Church-Ekakucho.Jodo sect.
  • Ganshoji Temple-Masuzuka Nishimachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Gansei-ji Temple-Unebe Higashimachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Kannon Church-Masuzuka Higashimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Kanonji-Ekakucho.Jodo sect.
  • Gyofukuji Temple-Masuzuka Higashimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Kenmei Temple-Hoeicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Koganji Temple-Kazuecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Kofukuji Temple-Unebe Nishimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Saikouji Mikawa Toyota Missionary School-Kazuecho.Jodo Shinshu Honganji school.
  • Jyoganji Temple-Kamigocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shingetsuin-Kazuecho.Jodo sect.
  • Kiyoanji Temple-Unebe Higashimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Oshoji Temple-Kamigocho.Jodo sect.
  • Sairen Church-Haizucho.Jodo sect.
  • Senshuji Temple-Fukujucho).Jodo sect.
  • Sennenji Temple-Ekakucho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Otsuin-Togaricho.Jodo sect.
  • Choganji Temple-Kazuecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Tendoin-Kamigocho.Jodo sect.
  • Togari Church-Togaricho.Jodo sect.
  • Amidain Fukurinji Temple --- Unebe Higashimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Hensho-ji Temple-Oshikamocho.Jodo sect.
  • Masuzuka Church-Masuzuka Nishimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Minaji Temple-Hiromicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Yakuoin-Unebe Higashimachi.Shingon sect Toyoyama school.
  • Yusenji Temple-Unebe Higashimachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Yuzoji Temple-Saiwaicho.Jodo sect.
  • Next Shoji Temple --Yukimachi.Jodo sect.
Takaoka area
  • Amida Ritsuji Temple-Nishidacho.Jodo sect.
  • Enrakuji Temple-Wakabayashi Nishimachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Gansho-ji Temple-Maebayashi-cho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Kyosho-ji Temple-Yoshiwara-cho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Koonji Temple --Takemotocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Koshinji Temple-Takemotocho.Jodo sect.
  • Korinji Temple-Tsumimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Gokurakuji-Komaba Town.Rinzai sect Myoshinji school.
  • Saiunji-Sumiyoshi Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shiunin-Sumiyoshi Town.Jodo sect.
  • Junryo Temple-Hondacho.Jodo sect.
  • Naruto Ritsuji Temple-Obayashi Town.Jodo sect.
  • Joshoji-Wakabayashi Nishimachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shinjoji Temple-Nakanecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Zuioji Temple-Tsutsumihonmachi.Sōtō school.
  • --Komaba Town.Jodo Shinshu Honganji school.
  • Tokuhonji Temple-Tsutsumihonmachi).Sōtō school.
  • Mangokuji Temple-Nakada Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Hongenji Temple-Miyukihonmachi.Jodo sect.
  • Hojuin-Kamioka-cho.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Mantokuji Temple-Maebayashicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Manpukuji Temple-Obayashicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Yojuji Temple-Hanazonocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Ryuko-ji Temple-Nakamachi.Rinzai sect Myoshinji school.
Sanage district
  • Amidain-Hiratobashicho.Jodo sect.
  • Unryuji Temple-Shigocho.Sōtō school.
  • Enmei-ji Temple-Shigocho.Sōtō school.
  • Kannonin-Koshidocho.Shingon sect Daigo school.
  • Kanonji-Otobe Town.Jodo sect.
  • Kiho Temple-Kanocho.Sōtō school.
  • Koshoin-Kanocho.Jodo sect.
  • Kuramayamabetsuin Koeji Temple-Inouecho.Hironori Kurama.
  • Guilin Temple-Mifune Town.Sōtō school.
  • Koshinji Temple-Maikicho.Jodo sect.
  • Kotokuji Temple-Hontokucho.Sōtō school.
  • Komyoji-Hanamotocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Korinji Temple-Shigocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Juou-ji Temple-Kamekubicho.Sōtō school.
  • Joganji Temple-Mifune Town.Jodo sect.
  • Shosanji Temple-Kamekubicho.Jodo sect.
  • Jozenji Temple-Kamekubicho.Sōtō school.
  • Shinkoji Temple-Araicho.Jodo sect.
  • Ryusanji Intake Hospital-Sanagecho.Jodo sect.
  • Senshuin-Koshido Town.Jodo sect.
  • Omatsuji-Kanocho.
  • Daihidentosho Temple-Sanagecho.Sōtō school.
  • Chojuji Temple-Kamekubicho.Sōtō school.
  • Tsukamoto Church-Kanocho.Jodo sect.
  • Togenji Temple-Uwaharacho.Sōtō school.
  • Hozumiji Temple-Nishihirosecho.Sōtō school.
  • Daishoin --Mifune Town.Immobility.
  • Meio-ji Temple-Maikicho.Sōtō school.
  • Myogakuin-Kamekubicho.
  • Yakuoji-Shidarecho.Sōtō school.
  • Yakushiji Temple-Koshido Town.Jodo sect.
Homi district
  • Eifukuji Temple-Homicho.Obaku sect.
  • Kozenji Temple-Kaizumachi.Hokke-shu Jinmon style.
  • Jizo-ji Temple-Homicho.Sōtō school.
  • Jofukuji Temple-Ibocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shorinji Temple-Hirohatacho.Sōtō school.
  • Song Yue Temple-Kaizumachi.Sōtō school.
  • Chozenji-Kaizumachi.Jodo sect.
  • Tokuoin-Yakusacho.Sōtō school.
  • Tokugoin-Higashihomicho.Sōtō school.
  • Hoonji Temple-Ibocho.Rinsai sect Tofukuji school.
  • Yakushiji Temple-Shinoharacho.Sōtō school.
  • --Shinoharacho.Sōtō school.
  • Rokiin-Homicho.Jodo sect.
  • Ryudo-ji Temple-Shinohara Town.Sōtō school.
  • Rinkoji Temple-Tamomicho.Sōtō school.
  • Kazunori Temple-Homicho.Shinshu Otani school.
Ishino district
  • Onshinji-Yamanakacho.Sōtō school.
  • Kannonin-Hoyucho.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Kinsenji Temple-Higashihirosecho.Sōtō school.
  • Koji Temple-Higashihirosecho.Sōtō school.
  • Guangchang-in-Chikaraishi-cho.Jodo sect.
  • Hirosawa Temple-Higashihirosecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Gokurakuji-Fujisawa Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shoko-ji Temple-Matsuminecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Joshinji Temple-Yamanaka Town.Jodo sect.
  • Jyosenji Temple-Kominemachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Seizenji Temple-Ishinocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Kiyotsuji Temple-Kamitakacho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Chidori Temple-Chidori Town.Sōtō school.
  • Zokei Temple-Noguchi Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Akirachikai Temple-Tomita Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Nakagane Temple-Nakaganecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Teratani Shita Church-Temple Shitamachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Nariai Church-Nariaicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Ryoji Temple --Chikaraishicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Hoyu-ji Temple-Hoyu-cho.Shinshu Otani school.
Matsudaira district
  • --Sakauecho.Jodo sect.
  • Ouchi Church-Ouchicho.Jodo sect.
  • Kaifukuji Temple-Kokaicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • KISSHOIN-Kugyudairacho.Sōtō school.
  • Kyoonji Temple-Toyomatsucho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Jizoin Tamsenji Temple-Matsudairashigacho.Jodo sect.
  • Kazoin-Katsuranocho.Jodo sect.
  • Kensho-ji Temple-Iwakura Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Kogetsuin --Matsudaira-cho.Jodo sect.
  • Kotokuji Temple-Kugyudairacho.Jodo sect.
  • Jizoin-Sakagami Town.Sōtō school.
  • Shunkoin-Iwakura Town.Jodo sect.
  • Shinkoji Temple-Toyomatsucho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Harukaji Temple-Hayashizorecho.Sōtō school.
  • Shokuji Temple-Kugyudairacho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Gohoin Senkoji Temple-Takiwakicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Senshuan-Katsuranocho.Jodo sect.
  • Chokei-ji Temple-Iwakura-cho.Sōtō school.
  • Chokei-ji Temple-Matsudairashigacho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Nagamatsuin-Takiwakicho.Sōtō school.
  • Chofukuji Temple-Matsudairacho.Tendai sect.
  • Tokusanji Temple-Nakagaitocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Tokushoan-Matsudairashigacho.Jodo sect.
  • Hokkoji Temple-Kamogawa Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Hotokuji Temple-Nagasawa Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • --Otakicho.Sōtō school.
  • Myoshinji Temple (Tokai Animal Cemetery) --Hozumicho.
  • Yugenji Temple-Kokaicho.Sōtō school.
  • Raigoin-Iwakura Town.Jodo sect.
  • Rensei-ji Temple-Sakagami Town.Shinshu Otani school.
Fujioka district
  • Sakaegyo Temple-Shimokawaguchicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Kyoan-in-Fukamicho.Jodo sect.
  • Keishoji-Sangacho.Sōtō school.
  • Koyoji Temple-Orihiracho.Sōtō school.
  • Kongoji Temple-Kitaishikicho.Sōtō school.
  • --Mitsukuricho.Sōtō school.
  • Zuiunji Temple-Nishinakayamacho.Sōtō school.
  • Zoen Temple-Shirakawa Town.Sōtō school.
  • Tensoji Temple-Kisecho.Sōtō school.
  • Tentokuji-Mitsukuricho.Sōtō school.
  • Tokushoji Temple-Kisecho.Sōtō school.
  • Rinsoji Temple-Fujiokaiinocho.Sōtō school.
Obara district
  • --Senraimachi.Shingon sect Daikakuji school.
  • Kusho-ji Temple-Sawadacho.Sōtō school.
  • Kyosei Temple-Obaraokuracho.Shinsou Takada school.
  • --Ichibamachi.Sōtō school.
  • Hirozenji Temple-Market Town.
  • --Ichibamachi.Jodo sect.
  • (Daruma Temple) --Mitsukubocho.Rinzai sect Myoshinji school.
  • Matsugetsu Temple(Ohara Inari) --Osaka Town.Sōtō school.
  • --Kawami Town.Shingon sect Koyasan school.
  • Zenmyoji-Hirahatacho.Shinsou Takada school.
  • Tosenji Temple-Iwashitacho.Shinsou Takada school.
  • Horamaki Temple-Kaminigicho.Sōtō school.
  • Yufukuji Temple-Yanadaira Town.Shinsou Takada school.
  • Ryusenji-Himencho.Sōtō school.
  • Reiunji-Obaracho.Sōtō school.
Asuke district
  • Amidaji Temple-Oimachi.Jodo sect.
  • Anshoin-Iwayamachi.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Iwasaki Kanonji-Asukecho.Sōtō school.
  • Incho Temple-Chikaokamachi.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Entsuin-Asugawa-cho.Sōtō school.
  • Okyoji Temple-Hisakicho.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Kaizoji-Sugo Town.
  • Ganei Temple-Kuricho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • --Asukecho.Sōtō school.
  • Kosanji Temple --Asukecho.Sōtō school.
  • Jigenji Temple-Wachibaracho.
  • Soonji Temple-Asukecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Juoji Temple-Asukecho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shoanji Temple-Nishi Kashio Town.Sōtō school.
  • Jyounji Temple-Kiriyamacho.Jodo sect.
  • Shokakuin-Muroguchi Town.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Jokokuin-Komachi.Jodo sect.
  • --Gotandacho.Sōtō school.
  • Shingetsuin-Norisadacho.Sōtō school.
  • Zuiunji Temple-Kaigocho.
  • Senkyuji Temple-Nakadachicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Senzo Temple-Tochimotocho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Zendouji Temple-Kuniyacho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Sensenji Temple-Cold Tamachi.Jodo sect.
  • Sokichiji Temple-Higashikawabata Town.
  • Sogenji Temple-Kami-Yagi Town.Sōtō school.
  • Daikoin-Okuramachi.Sōtō school.
  • Daishuin-Shinmoricho.Sōtō school.
  • Chuguji Temple-Kuwadawacho).Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Chofukuji-Ajikyocho.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Tokoji Temple-Hiroricho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Tokuyo Temple-Tomioka Town.Sōtō school.
  • Nyorai Temple-Kamioda Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Manshoin-Yamayacho.Sōtō school.
  • --Asukecho.Sōtō school.
  • --Ayadocho.Sōtō school.
  • Hoonji Asugawa Branch-Asugawa-cho.Nichiren sect.
  • Hojuin-Tsuzurasawa-cho.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Hojuin-Asukecho.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Hakuganji Temple-Suricho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Myomiji Temple-Okuramachi.Nichiren sect.
  • Myoseiji Temple-Wachibaracho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Rakuen Temple-Taburicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Ryuhoji Temple-Kawazuracho.
  • Ryoshinji Temple-Asukeshirayamacho.Shinshu Otani school.
Shimoyama district
  • Yiyoji Temple-Hanazawacho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Enmanji Temple-Temple Town.
  • Kosho-ji Temple-Habucho.Sōtō school.
  • Hikarisetsu Temple-Onuma Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Kofukuji Temple-Tochidachicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Jiyokuji Temple-Habucho.Sōtō school.
  • Jisso-in Temple-Ranmachi.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Shoeiji Temple-Tateiwamachi.Sōtō school.
  • Joenji Temple-Kaburakicho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Shotokuin-Temple Town.Rinzai sect.
  • Jorakuji Temple-Noharacho.Sōtō school.
  • Seijuin-Taori Town.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Daishoji-Wagocho.Sōtō school.
  • Choshoji Temple-Shimoyamatashiro Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Tojuin-Onumacho.Jodo sect Nishiyama Fukakusa school.
  • Tojun Temple-Onuma Town.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Tosenji Temple-Higashiobayashi Town.
  • Fukujuin-Azocho.Sōtō school.
  • Fukuenji Temple-Hanazawacho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Myoganji Temple-Okuwamachi.Rinzai sect Eigenji school.
  • Myorakuji-Hanazawacho.Shinshu Otani school.
Asahi district
  • --Kusakabecho.Sōtō school.
  • Sangenji Temple-Higashihagihira Town.Rinzai sect Myoshinji school.
  • Jiyokuji Temple-Sugimotocho.Sōtō school.
  • Jotokuji Temple-Ichihira Town.Shinsou Takada school.
  • Seiryoji Temple-Sakakinocho.Sōtō school.
  • Masuko-ji Temple-Manmachi Town.Sōtō school.
  • Zofukuji Temple (Wind Chime Temple)-Odocho.Sōtō school.
  • Chigyo Temple-Odocho.
  • Chonin Temple-Ikejima-cho.Shinshu Otani school.
  • Toanji-Shimogiri Town.Jodo sect.
  • Tokurinji-Sasadocho.Shinsou Takada school.
  • Fukuzoji Temple-Ota Town.Sōtō school.
  • Myomiji Temple-Azakaicho.Rinzai sect Myoshinji school.
  • Risshakuji Temple-Otsubo Town.Shinshu Otani school.
Inabu district
  • Shojuji Temple-Kurodacho.Sōtō school.
  • Zuiryuji Temple --Inabu Town.Rinzai sect Myoshinji school.
  • --Onose-cho.Sōtō school.
  • Ryukoin-Kuwabara Town.Sōtō school.


Koromo district
  • Akiba Shrine-Akiha Town
  • Akiba Shrine-Meiwa Town
  • Akiba Shrine-Sankencho
  • Umetsubo Shrine-Umetsubocho
  • Kashima Shrine --Shimo Market Town
  • Selfish Shrine-Kanayacho
  • Selfish Shrine-Shimobayashicho
  • Kita Shrine-Kitamachi
  • Koromo Shrine --Koromocho
  • Jumoku Shrine-Jumokucho
  • Shirahigesha-Kosaka Town
  • Shinmeisha-Imamachi
  • Shinmeisha-Kosaka Town
  • Shinmei Shrine-Marunecho
  • --Suigencho
  • Susanoo Shrine-Heiwacho
  • Konoguchisha --Kubo Town
  • Teiho Shrine-Teihocho
  • Nishiyama Shrine-Wakakusa Town
  • Hakusan Shrine-Kyomachi
  • Hachiman Shrine-Dobashi Town
  • Hachiman Shrine-Honjicho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Wakamiya Town
  • Himori Shrine-Kozakacho
  • Hirayama Shrine-Hirayamacho
  • Fukadayama Shrine-Fukadacho
  • Toyooki Shrine-Toyota Town
  • Toyookinishimiya Shrine-Yamanote
  • Mitake Shrine-Hisaokacho
  • Miyaguchi Shrine-Miyaguchicho
  • Meiwa Mitake Shrine Saikan --Meiwa Town
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Senzokucho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Chokou-ji Temple
  • Mountain Shrine-Toyota Town
  • Ryugusha-Chokoji Temple
Takahashi district
  • Karasu Shrine-Ichigicho
  • Kotohiragu Shrine / Akiha Shrine-Kotohira Town
  • Shika Shrine-Shika Town
  • Twelve Shrines-Mimacho
  • Moritsuna Shrine-Terabecho
  • Shinmei Shrine-Izumimachi
  • Shinmei Shrine-Ueno Town
  • Shinmei Shrine-Doaicho
  • Shinmei Shrine-Hirokawa Town
  • Ojingu-Muromachi
  • Tsushima Shrine-Ikeda Town
  • Tsushima Shrine-Fuso Town
  • Tenmangu-Dodocho
  • Nomitake Shrine-Nomiyamacho
  • --Nomiyamacho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Iwataki Town
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Hirai Town
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Company Town
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Ichigicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Omicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Morimachi
  • Yanami Shrine-Yanamicho
  • Washitori Shrine-Mitachicho
Kamigo district
  • Akiba Shrine-Ekakucho
  • Atagosha-Ekakucho
  • Inari Shrine-Unebe Higashimachi
  • Yaei Shrine-Hoeicho
  • Kashimasha-Yukimachi
  • Kasumekasuga Shrine-Togaricho
  • Kamisatogokoku Shrine --Kamigocho
  • Kumano Shrine-Yukimachi
  • Sanno Shrine-Fukujucho
  • Company mouth company-Unebe Nishimachi
  • Company entrance company-Unebe Higashimachi
  • Company entrance company-Ekakucho
  • Jozan Inari Shrine-Kamigocho
  • Shinmeisha-Kazuecho Saigo
  • Shinmeisha-Shimominamiyashiki, Kazuecho
  • Shinmeisha-Kamigocho
  • Shinmeisha-Masuzuka Higashimachi
  • Hisaeno Shrine-Hoeicho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Masuzuka Nishimachi
  • Togari Ontake Shrine-Toyoeicho
  • Toyota Shinmeisha-Hoeicho
  • Nishijinmeisha-Unebe Nishimachi
  • Hachiman Shrine-Unebe Higashimachi
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Kamigocho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Kamigocho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Haizucho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Masuzuka Nishimachi
  • Hiyoshi Shrine-Hiromicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Unebe Higashimachi
  • Wakamiya Hachimansha-Oshikamocho
Takaoka area
  • Akiba Shrine-Yoshihara Town
  • Atsuta Shrine-Wakabayashi Higashimachi
  • Itsukushima-Nakamachi
  • Itsukushima Benten Shrine --Nishita Town
  • Inari Shrine-Hanazono Town
  • Inari Shrine-Ryujincho
  • Oshima Shrine-Oshima Town
  • Kashima Shrine-Obayashicho
  • Kompira Shrine-Ryujincho
  • Nitta Shinmeisha-Komashincho
  • Shinmeigu-Kamiokacho
  • Shinmeisha-Komaba Town
  • Shinmeigu-Takaoka Town
  • Shinmeisha-Tsumimachi
  • Shinmeigu-Nakane Town
  • Shinmeisha-Nishiokacho
  • Shinmeisha-Honda Town
  • Tsushima Shrine-Takemotocho
  • Nishiyama Reclaimed Inarisha-Hirotacho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Takemachi
  • Hachiman Shrine-Tsumimachi
  • Hachiman Shrine-Tsutsumihonmachi
  • Hachiman Shrine-Nakada Town
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Nishita Town
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Hanazonocho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Honmachi
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Yoshihara Town
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Wakabayashi Nishimachi
  • Toyooki Shrine-Miyuki Honmachi
  • Maebayashi Shinmeisha --Maebayashi Town
  • Water Shrine-Takemotocho
Sanage district
  • Aokihara Shrine-Aokicho
  • Akiba Shrine-Sanagecho
  • Akiba Shrine-Mifune Town
  • Ichioshi Shrine-Uehara Town
  • Kano Inari Shrine-Kano Town
  • Amberjack Inari Daimyojin-Hiratobashicho
  • Kumano Shrine-Kamekubicho
  • Sanage Shrine --Sanagecho
  • Sanage Shrine Nishinomiya-Sanagecho
  • Sanage Shrine Higashimiya-Sanagecho
  • Edashitagawa Shrine-Hiratobashicho
  • Shinmeisha-Shidarecho
  • Tatehaya Shrine-Sanagecho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Mifune Town
  • Tenmangu-Koshido Town
  • Haiwa Shrine-Hiratobashicho
  • --Koshidocho
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Hanamotocho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Hanamotocho
  • Mabase Shrine-Hiratobashicho
  • Soldier Shrine-Araicho
  • Hirosawa Tenjin-Sanagecho
  • Chest Shrine-Hiratobashicho
  • Hakken Shrine-Nishihirosecho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Otobe Town
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Shigocho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Hontokucho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Maikicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Mifune Town
Homi district
  • Atago Shrine-Kaizumachi
  • --Homicho
  • Oshimizu Shrine-Oshimizu Town
  • Kaizu Shrine-Kaizu Town
  • Kaiho Shrine-Josuicho
  • Kitano Tenmangu Shrine-Kaizumachi
  • Kifune Shrine-Higashihomicho
  • Shirahige Shrine-Ohata Town
  • Shinmeisha-Tamomicho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Hirohata Town
  • Tenmangu-Obatacho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Ibocho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Ibocho
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Hirohata Town
  • Homi Shrine-Homicho
  • Mitake Shrine-Tamomicho
  • Munakata Shrine-Yakusacho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Shinoharacho
  • Yakusa Shrine-Yakusacho
Ishino district
  • Akiba Shrine-Higashihirosecho
  • Iwakura Shrine-Nakaganecho
  • Miho Shrine-Kominemachi
  • Kanpachi Tenmangu Shrine-Kanpachicho
  • Sanage Shrine-Fujisawa Town
  • Shinmei Shrine-Orocho
  • Shinmeisha-Shimomurocho
  • Shinmeisha-Shiromi Town
  • Shinmei Shrine-Nakagiricho
  • Shinmeisha-Hoyucho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Yamanaka Town
  • --Noguchi Town
  • Hakusan Shrine-Chikaraishicho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Chidori Town
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Kamitakacho
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Terocho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Matsuminecho
  • Hirose Shrine-Higashihirosecho
  • Hachiho Shrine-Hoyucho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Ishino Town
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Kunitsukicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Terashitacho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Tomita Town
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Nariaicho
  • Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine-Oshizawacho
Matsudaira district
  • Akiba Shrine-Iwakura Town
  • Akiba Shrine-Katsuranocho
  • Ichikishima Shrine --Nakagaitocho
  • Inari Shrine-Nagasawa Town
  • Inari Okami-Matsudaira Town
  • Ugase Shrine --Ugase Town
  • Ouchi Shrine-Ouchi Town
  • Kasuga Shrine-Takiwakicho
  • Kumano Shrine-Kokaicho
  • Korokusho Shrine-Sakauecho
  • Shiga Shrine-Iwakuracho
  • Shiga Shrine-Matsudairashigacho Nakazawa
  • Shiga Shrine-Matsudairashigacho Miyayama
  • Shinmeisha-Iwakura Town
  • Shinmeisha-Otakicho
  • Shinmeisha-Ouchi Town
  • Shinmeigu-Katsuranocho
  • Shinmeigu-Kugyudairacho
  • Shinmeigu-Sakagami Town
  • Shinmeisha-Sakagami Town
  • Shinmei Shrine-Ishikusu Town
  • Shinmeisha-Takiwakicho
  • Shinmeishita-Toyomatsucho Shinmeishita
  • Shinmeisha-Miyakawa, Toyomatsucho
  • Shinmeisha-Miyamae, Toyomatsucho
  • Shinmeisha-Nakagaitocho
  • Shinmeisha-Nabetacho
  • Shinmeisha-Hayashizorecho
  • Shinmei Shrine-Hozumi Town
  • Chichikomamori Shrine-Nabetacho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Ishikusu Town
  • Tsushima Shrine-Nagasawa Town
  • Tsushima Shrine-Hozumi Town
  • Tenjingu-Toyomatsucho
  • Toyosaka Shrine-Sakagami Town
  • Toyomatsu Shrine-Toyomatsucho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Iwakura Town
  • Hakusan Shrine-Kokaicho
  • Hachigamine Shrine-Sakauecho
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Kamogawa Town
  • Hachiman Shrine-Sakagami Town
  • Hikade Shrine-Sakauecho
  • Fuji Shrine-Toyomatsucho
  • Matsudaira Toshogu --Matsudairacho
  • Water Shrine-Katsuranocho
  • Yamanakaten Shrine-Kugyudairacho
  • Rokusho Shrine --Sakauecho
  • Rokusho Shrine Uemiya-Sakauecho
Fujioka district
  • Iinoakiba Shrine
  • Ishitobisuhara Shrine
  • Isozaki Shrine-Hasama Town
  • Isozaki Shrine-Fukamicho
  • Yaei Shrine-Nishinakayamacho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Hasama Town
  • Tenjinsha-Shimokawaguchicho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Sangacho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Tamodairacho
  • Harunoyama Shrine-Kitaishikicho
  • Fujioka Shrine-Kitaishikicho
  • Mitake Shrine-Kisecho
  • Hachino Shrine-Nishiichinocho
  • Yabashira Shrine-Ishidatamicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Orihiracho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Kamikawaguchicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Kamidoaicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Kisecho
  • Yabashira Shrine-Sangacho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Shirakawa Town
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Nishinakayamacho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Hokusogicho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Mitsukuricho
Obara district
  • Ashiwa Shrine-Matsunacho
  • Inari Shrine-Eitarocho
  • Inari Daimyojin-Otomachi
  • Iwaoteru Shrine-Yanadairacho
  • Kamohara Shrine-Obaracho
  • Kumano Shrine-Ichibamachi
  • Kumano Shrine-Iwashita Town
  • Kumano Shrine-Osaka Town
  • --Himencho
  • Sai Shrine-Hiomocho
  • Zao Shrine-Kitasasadairacho
  • Shiratori Shrine-Shimonigicho
  • Shinmei Shrine-Eitarocho
  • Shinmeisha-Obarakitacho
  • Shinmei Shrine-Kawashimocho
  • Shinmeisha-Kuremata Town
  • Shinmei Shrine --Zasshikicho
  • Shinmei Shrine-Li Town
  • Shinmeisha-Dozukicho
  • Shinmeigu-Kakekakecho
  • Shinmeisha-Kyotamba Town
  • Shinmeisha-Hirahata Town
  • Shinmei Shrine-Mitsukubo Town
  • Shinmei Shrine-Yuya Town
  • Suwasha-Obarakitacho
  • Suwa Shrine-Kaminigicho
  • Hoshimiya Shrine-Eitarocho
  • Tenno Shrine-Eitarocho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Ohira Town
  • Hakusan Shrine-Otomachi
  • Hakusan Shrine-Okabayashicho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Nishihosodacho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Koharadashirocho
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Blacksmith Mansion Town
  • Minemori Shrine-Karukayacho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Otocho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Zasshikicho
Asuke district
  • Akiba Shrine
  • Akekawa Kumano Shrine
  • Asuke Inari Shrine-Asuke Town
  • Asuke Inari Daimeisha-Asuke Town
  • Asuke Hachimangu Shrine --Asukecho
  • Asuke Shrine --Asukecho
  • Iwa Shrine-Okuramachi
  • Ikume Hachimangu Shrine-Shinmoricho
  • Itsukushima Shrine-Shimodairacho
  • Inari Shrine-Ayadocho
  • Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine-Asukecho
  • Oi Tenjin-Oimachi
  • Hoe Shrine-Kamisagiri Town
  • Hoe Shrine-Yamayacho
  • Kamiwaki Shrine-Kamiwakicho
  • Kunimori Inari-Shimokuniya Town
  • Kumano Shrine --Shimokuniya Town
  • Kumano Shrine-Kami-Yagi Town
  • Kumano Shrine-Norisadacho
  • Kumano Shrine-Wachibaracho
  • Silk Moth Shrine --Higashi Watari Town
  • Konpirasha-Asukecho
  • Sannosha-Okuramachi
  • Sanno Shrine-Nobayashi Town
  • Shiratori Shrine-Futa Miyamachi
  • Shinmeigu-Ayadocho
  • Shinmeisha-Kagohayashicho
  • Shinmei Shrine-Kitaodacho
  • Shinmeisha-Kuniyacho
  • Shinmeisha-Komachi
  • Shinmeisha-Sawanodo Town
  • Shinmeisha-Shirakuracho
  • Shinmeisha-Surimachi
  • Shinmei Shrine-Sendamachi
  • Shinmeisha-Chikaokamachi
  • Shinmeisha-Tsubaki Tatemachi
  • Shinmeisha-Tochimotocho
  • Shinmeisha-Neutral Town
  • Shinmeigu-Hiraori Town
  • Shinmei Shrine-Tanimachi
  • Suwa Shrine --Angadazawa Town
  • Ishido Shrine --Kuwata Kazumachi
  • Tsushima Shrine-Kawazuracho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Kuwaharatacho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Shimosagiricho
  • Tsushima Shrine-Tomioka Town
  • Tsushima Shrine-Futa Miyamachi
  • Tsushima Shrine-Yotsumatsucho
  • Tenpaku Shrine-Asukecho
  • Tenpaku Shrine-Tochinosawacho
  • Tomei Shrine-Yotsumatsucho
  • Tomei Shrine Okumiya-Yotsumatsucho
  • Toyooka Shrine-Tomioka Town
  • Nakano Shrine-Yamano Nakadachicho
  • Naruse Shrine-Tomioka Town
  • Wakaichi Shrine-Iwagamimachi
  • Hakusansha-Asukeshirayamacho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Horacho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Urushitacho
  • Hakusansha-Otsuka Town
  • Hakusan Shrine-Kiriyamacho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Higashiomicho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Kodamaishi, Yamagaicho
  • Hakusan Shrine-Yamagaicho Hiyomomichishita
  • Hachioji Shrine-Yotsumatsucho
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Asukecho This morning flat
  • Hachiman Shrine-Ozorencho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Otagacho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Kaigocho
  • Hachimangu Shrine-Kuwata Kazumachi
  • Hachiman Shrine-Gotandacho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Shionosawa Town
  • Hachiman Shrine-Shinmoricho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Tsuzurasawa-cho
  • Hachiman Shrine --Nishi Kashio Town
  • Hachiman Shrine-Nakajima, Miuchicho
  • Hachiman Shrine-Higashikiri, Miuchicho
  • Hachishosha-Hisakicho
  • Hiyoshi Shrine-Kiriyamacho
  • Hiromi Shrine-Inokuchicho
  • Fushimi Inari-Komachi
  • Hosoda Shrine-Hosoda Town
  • Yahan Shrine-Sugo Town
  • Yasaka Shrine-Higashioshimacho
  • Eight Pillar Shrine-Hirasawa Town