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🎭 | NON STYLE Akira Ishida, hey! Kuma's chasing era reveals "waiting at the theater"


NON STYLE Akira Ishida, hey! Kuma's chasing era reveals "waiting at the theater"

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Former AKB48 Minegishi Minami, who appeared as a heroine in Ishida's stage "Momotaro", "values ​​what is born on the spot (stage).

Comedy unit The Plan 9! Kuma and Akira Ishida of comedy combination NON STYLE will be released on the 6th ... → Continue reading

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Minami Minegishi

Minami Minegishi(Minegishi Minami,1992〈Heisei4 years>May 11 -) isJapan Oftalent.. Female idol group ·AKB48の元メンバーで、同グループの派生ユニット・SleevelessMembers of[2].TokyoItabashi kuTakashimadairaBackground[3].Production Ogi(Business alliance: Mama & Son) Affiliation.




  • September 10, "AKB48 Opening Member Audition”(7,924 applicants, 24 final applicants).The reason for the application was that my parents were published in the audition magazine "Akihabara 48 Project" recruitment announcement.Akimoto YasushiI saw the picture and said, "I'm a great person."[6].






  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 27th Single General ElectionIn 14th place, I was selected[10].
  • On August 8, it was announced that he would be transferred to Team B at the first day performance of "AKB24 in TOKYO DOME ~ 48m Dream ~".[11].
  • Transferred to Team B on November 11st[12].
  • On November 11rd, as a starting member of the Team B Waiting performance, we will start activities with the new team.[13].




  • On March 3, it was announced that he would be transferred to Team K and become the captain of the same team at "AKB26 Spring Solo Concert-Jixo is still training!" Held at Saitama Super Arena.[39].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 41st Single Selection General ElectionIn 19th place, was selected as the Under Girls[40].



  • On April 4th, with the graduation of Haruna Kojima, she became the only active member of the group.[44].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,SHOWROOMIt becomes clear that they belong to Production Ogi's affiliated company "Mama & Son" in the form of a partnership (business alliance).[45].


  • March-April, "Musical Futari Akuni" (Meijiza) appearance.
  • On December 12th, the group graduation was announced at "AKB8 Theater 48th Anniversary Special Commemorative Performance"[46].


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yuiri MurayamaAchieved 2 appearances in the second theater performance following[47].
  • I was planning a graduation concert at Yokohama Arena on April 4nd.[46],Infection with new coronavirusIt was announced on March 3th of the same year on the AKB18 official blog that the event was postponed due to the impact of the expansion.[48][49].


  • On March 3th, "29LIVE presents AKB17 48th Anniversary LIVE Minegishi Minami Graduation Concert-There is no spring without cherry blossoms-" will be held on May 15nd.Pia Arena MMIt was announced that it will be held in (Yokohama City) live on the distribution application "17 LIVE".[50].
  • On May 5, a relief commemorating the 12th theater performance was posted and released in the AKB1,000 theater lobby.[51].
  • On May 5th, it was announced that he would perform a graduation performance at AKB20 Theater on May 5th in his regular radio program "Minegishi Minami's I Want to Be Complimented Today".[52].
  • 5月22日、卒業コンサート『〜桜の咲かない春はない〜』がぴあアリーナMMで開催された[53].
  • 5月28日、AKB48劇場で卒業公演を行った[54]。この日で劇場オープン以来の15å¹´5か月、5651日の在籍となった[54]。翌29日をもってAKB48としての活動が終了した[55].


AKB48 related

  • At the opening member audition, he was once dropped by the document screening, but he was the manager of the AKB48 theater at that time.Tonosaki TonobuHowever, when I was reviewing the documents again, I found out that it was the same birthday as myself, and there is a history that I was elected again.[87][Note 3].
  • In the program "ShakuI will do anything for my sake. "Probably because of that, the album "Sleeveless] The song "I want a scale" is included in the completely limited production version C (Minegishi version) and the regular version.Also,"Seriously School 2], The role name became "shaku"."Team B recommendation] (Umeda Team B Ver.), The phrase of his part is also "If you sympathize, give me a shaku!".
  • Akimoto YasushiEvaluated Minegishi's outstanding and stable talk ability, and said, "I will definitely be active in the entertainment world 20 or 30 years from now."[88].. Former member of AKB48 syncMai OshimaAlso from "AKB48 talkBanchoIs said to be[5].. "Master of Talk"[89]..By the way, "Weekly AKB], A plan to test Minegishi's talk power, and to host a 30-minute fictitious talk show "Minegishi Minami's Juban Game Mii-chan's Room" with a blank script and unknown until someone appears. Become.Under the rule that 30 out of 20 studio viewers will pass (as moderator) if they press the button on the totalizer.Cherry blossomI got 11 points in the talk withGushiken High School-Dandy Sakano-Dave SpecterIn the talk with, I got passing points with 25 points, 24 points, and 29 points, respectively.[90].
  • The most memorable word is Yasushi Akimoto's words, "Have the courage to be hated."[91],Drama"Letter from Sakura ~AKB48 Each Graduation Story~"I'm a role that seems to be disliked, but I'm glad if I dislike it ♡ Because everyone has embraced the drama !!!"[92].
  • Iwasaki Natsumi OfNovel"If a female high school baseball manager reads Drucker's "Management"』(Diamond Company) Model of the main character "Minami Kawashima"[Note 4].
  • Among the members, the initial members (Minami Takahashi,Maeda Atsuko·Haruna Kojima·Tomomi Itano-Mariko Shinoda)とは基本的に総じて仲が良い。高橋とは名前が同じでW Minamiとして親しまれており、高橋は峯岸の両親と一緒に峯岸の中学校の卒業式に出席したほど[93]So, Minegishi often goes to stay at Takahashi's house and says, "I will definitely wear (borrow) (Takahashi's) pants and go home."[94]An intimate relationship.Also, Maeda and Maeda are so close that they say, "I take a bath together every day and sleep together" at the location where I was staying when shooting the movie "Moshidora".[95], Kojima is also a "member who usually plays" with the two mentioned above.[96]..Itano says, "If Mii-chan was her, it would be fun!"[97]..For other members, of the same ageRino Sashihara[98]Also, from the same age and research student days, he was promoted to the same team by pushing men.Yui Yokoyama[72]In addition,Kashiwagi Yuki,Sae Miyazawa[99],Oshima Yuko[100]I am on good terms with them.Mayu WatanabeIn response, Minegishi himself "loves" but "I feel that the more my thoughts are solicited, the more I feel disliked."[97].
  • I am on good terms with the early members who graduated from AKB48,Toshima flowerIs "existence like an older sister",Hitomi KomataniIs a "great friend"Narita Risa"I and Risa were the only ones who didn't get a present from the fans at Christmas, so I cried together at that time."[101]..In addition, I declined the activity in February 2012.Hirashima Natsumi"Because it was the only same year among the early members, I was very close to each other," he said.19th Single Selection Janken TournamentHirashima, who happened to play in the first match in 』, had announced that he would put out a par first, but he couldn't go for the win and put out a par himself, and in the end he played Aiko four times. Lost after continuing[102].
  • As for my favorite songs, in addition to the sleeveless songs, I also acted as the center for the first time.Reversal Prince”[103].
  • With the acceptance of AKB48's "Red Cross Official Messenger"Red Cross First AidCompleted the basic training course (May 2011. Other participants were Tomomi Itano, Minami Takahashi,Takagi Aki,Mayu Watanabe)[104].
  • Kaspersky LabIn "Minegishi Flying Get Campaign" (September 2011)Flying Get"ofPVAll the faces of the members appearing in the movie have been replaced with Minegishi (Minegishi)TV commercialWas created.In response to this, some of AKB48's regular programs that are not sponsored by Kaspersky Lab[105][Source invalid]However, Minegishi was made in the program.
  • Google+In the club activities of the AKB48 Group, I belong to the automobile club and serve as the director.[106].
  • "Mecha x 2 cool!At the 48th High School Sports Festival attached to Tamecha no Mizu Women's UniversityTakashi Okamura"(Minegishi)Gome AyameBy pointing out that it is similar toPeople who are more important than friendsI danced.There was a great response to this event, and in addition to performing with a back dancer (the person himself) in the "3rd AKB Kouhaku Uta Gassen"[107], Goriki also made a thank-you comment saying "I was happy to imitate you."[108].
  • 峯岸が研究生に降格後、昇格してキャプテンを務めていたチーム4に在籍していたメンバーは「峯岸チルドレン」とも呼ばれ、その後、Mion MukaiはAKB48グループ総監督[Note 5]ToHaruka KagoyamaはチームK[Note 6],Saho IwatateはチームB[Note 7],Yuiri Murayamaはチーム4[Note 8]のキャプテンに、Nana Okada TheSTU48のキャプテン[Note 9]にそれぞれ就任している[109].

Participating songs in AKB48

Single selection music


AKB48 Team Surprise

Gravity Sympathy Performance

  • Gravity sympathy
  • Nice triangle relationship
  • When departing
  • AKB Festival
  • Than you think...
  • Where does the goddess smile?

Rose ceremonial performance

  • The future sees
  • When was the last time you drank ice milk?
  • Broken love alliance
  • Rose ritual
  • Beautiful hunt
  • River of love
  • Cheeks, tunnel

Album selection songs

  • "God songsRecorded in
    • Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!
    • You and the rainbow and the sun
  • "Being hereRecorded in
    • girls
    • What I can do-in the name of "Team K"
    • Whereabouts of the wind
    • Being here
  • "1830mRecorded in
    • First Rabbit
    • Night of leaving home-in the name of "Team K"
    • Welcome
    • Aozora, are you lonely?
  • "Next footprintRecorded in
    • After rain
    • Team Slope-Under the name of "Team 4"
    • Ichininosan
  • "This is Rhodes, jump here!Recorded in
    • The existence of love
    • Panama Canal
    • Tears are delayed-in the name of Minegishi Team 4
  • "Between 0 and 1Recorded in
    • Emissary of love-in the name of "Team K"
  • "thumbnailRecorded in
    • Me on that day
    • Everything is in the middle

Other participating songs

Unsourced songs

  • It resembles me (Songs included in "AKB3+Me" software for Nintendo 48DS)

Pachisuro AKB48 Goddess of Victory

  • Heavy Rotation
  • AKB Festival

Theater performance unit song

Team A 1st Stage "PARTY begins"

  • Kisshadameyo (2nd UNIT)

Team A 2nd Stage "I wanted to meet you"

  • CHERRY of Nagisa
  • Rio Revolution

Team A 3rd Stage "For someone"

  • Shoot down with a throwing kiss!
  • Uniform disturbs

Team A 4th Stage "I'm in love now"

  • Pure love crescendo

Sunflower Team 1st Stage "My Sun"

Himawari-gumi 2nd Stage "I can't let my dream die"

  • Bye Bye Bye

Team A 5th Stage "Love Prohibition Ordinance"

  • Love ban ordinance

THEATER G-ROSSO "I can't let my dreams die" performance

Team K 6th Stage "RESET"

  • Reversal Prince

Umeda Team B Waiting Performance

Research student performance "My Sun"

  • do not call me an idol

Research student performance "Pajamas Drive"

  • Crying tears
  • Jeanne d'Arc in the mirror

Minegishi Team 4 "Holding Hands" Performance

  • This chest bar code

Minegishi Team 4 "Idol Dawn" Performance

  • Heaven bastard

Koasa Shunpitei "Eve is Adam's Ribs" Performance

Minegishi Team K "Final Bell Rings" Performance

  • 22 sister songs


Video work

Directed work

Music video



TV drama



Internet tv






  • Zanzibar Night 2013 (September 2013, 9,Shinkiba Studio Coast)
  • Can songs that are always sung in karaoke be sung well without being nervous !? Minami Minegishi, 2014th Recital (November 11, 28,AKB48 CAFE & SHOP AKIHABARA Theater Cafe)
  • 2018 11th International Water Association World Conference / Exhibition Side Event "That's Really? World Water Problems and Japan's Water Situation !!" (September 2018, 9,TFT Hall) --Talk session guest


Photo album

Photo book

Magazine serialization

Newspaper serialization

  • AKB48 Minegishi Minami's Team 4 & Research Student Rojiro Report[Note 12](November 2013, 6 -,Tokyo Sports)
  • Minegishi Minami's "I want to be praised tomorrow if possible" (September 2020, 9-,Asahi Shimbun)


  • Minami Minegishi 2011 Calendar (September 2010, 9,Hagoromo)
  • Minami Minegishi 2012 Calendar (November 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Minami Minegishi 2012 TOKYO Date Calendar (November 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Minegishi Minami Calendar 2013 (November 2012, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop Minegishi Minami Calendar 2013 (December 2012, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Wall-mounted Minegishi Minami Calendar 2014 (December 2013, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop Minegishi Minami Calendar 2014 (December 2013, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Wall-mounted Minegishi Minami Calendar 2015 (December 2014, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop Minegishi Minami Calendar 2015 with Clear File (December 2014, 12, Hagoromo)


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