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🧑‍🎨 | Attention for stationery lovers!Metal dip pen "DRIL LOG" Too beautiful design and smooth writing comfort

"DRIL LOG", a metal dip pen that attracts the attention of photo stationery enthusiasts

Attention to stationery lovers!Metal dip pen "DRIL LOG" Too beautiful design and smooth writing comfort

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The person in charge at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books (Tokyo), which wholesales precision tops, suggested that metal dip pens are popular, and couldn't they be made of metal?

The metal dip pen "DRILLOG", which is used by applying ink to the pen tip, is a precision metal processing Zion (Gifu ... → Continue reading

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Glass pen

Glass penIsDip penIs a kind ofガ ラ スMade ofペ ン.1902ToJapan OfWind chimesInvented by a craftsman[1].

Capillary actionIt is a writing tool that uses.There is a groove on the side of the tip-shaped glass of the brush, and thereイ ン クYou can write a considerable length by replenishing.Unlike metal pens, the pen tip runs in all directions,InkThere are advantages such as being able to use.It used to be useful for office work,Ballpoint penWith the advent of such, it is rarely used now.The connection to the pen shaft is a screw type, and a dedicated pen shaft is required.

1989In addition, an integrated glass pen was made (especially called a "twisted glass pen"), which was made entirely of glass from the pen shaft to the nib.It looks beautiful and is highly regarded as a craft.

How to use

You can use it just by immersing the pen tip in ink, and you can write continuously for about one postcard.However, there is a characteristic that ink does not easily come out when writing upright.It is good to lay it down to some extent and write it.After use, wash with water and wipe off the water with a cloth or tissue paper.

Since it is made of glass, you can tell that the ink has run out when the pen tip becomes transparent.When refilling ink, be careful as it will cause damage if you touch the edge of the ink bottle with the pen tip.[2].

Also, if you put the pen tip on the bottom of the ink bottle, it will break easily.


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