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🤖 | Cosplayer Enako shows off shots of "Downtown DX" appearance


Cosplayer Enako shows off shots of "Downtown DX" appearance

If you write the contents roughly
I went to record "Downtown DX"! Thankfully, this is my third appearance! The broadcast date is Thursday, May 3th, so please take a look. " Showed off the shot.

Cosplayer Enako updated her Twitter on May 5th with an off-shot of her appearance in "Downtown DX" ... → Continue reading

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Downtown DX

"Downtown DX(Downtown Deluxe, English name:DOWN TOWN DX) IsYomiuri TelevisionBy the production ofNippon TVAffiliated stationsで1993(Heisei5 years)May 10From every weekThursday22:00-23:00 (JST) Is being broadcastTalkEntertainment showsAndDowntown OfCrown programBut also.Abbreviation is "デ ラ ッ ク ス"Or"DTDX. "


I had already moved my base of activities to TokyoDowntownIs in OsakaYomiuri TelevisionIt started as a program with contents such as welcoming big guests at the head office and listening to talks from various angles.This program was first plannedHisaya Shiraiwa(First generationproducer→ 2nd generation chief producer).However, since the two were extremely busy, the talk project for recording in Osaka was until the beginning of 2, after which the recording was mainly in Tokyo.

Since October 1998, we have invited several entertainers as guests every week, and changed the content to explore the true face of the guest while introducing photos and episodes.The guest isAn actor,talent,Idol,comedianAlthough there are various faces such as, guests often appear many times in a short period of time.

The program is renewed once every few years, and the program content is completely different from the beginning of the program and now.[Note 2]..In the past, referendums, etc.Quiz show, Throw 3 times, etc.Game showI have also adopted a format.

In the first half of 1994,NNN Today's Events』(Nippon TV production)Flying startWith the introduction of, this program was once extended by 22 minute until 55:1, but it was reduced by 1 minute again due to the advancement of the start time of "NNN Today's Event". From October 2013, 10, the follow-up program "NEWS ZERO (currently:"news zeroWith the abolition of the flying start of ")", this program was extended by 23 minutes until 00:6.[1].

From the broadcast on September 2020, 4New coronavirusIt was the first non-audience recording in the history of the program to prevent infection.In addition, the traditional style of dolls on the left and right has been changed to a style of enclosing in a circle like a discussion program.

From October 2020, 10, the preview program "Soon Downtown DX" will be broadcast on Yomiuri TV and NTV at the last 8:21 frame (however, on NTVAs described below, The first time it was not broadcast due to a broadcast accident).However, including the independent 2-hour SP of this program, "Secret Kenmin SHOW poleIn the case of the 2-hour SP of "News zero" or the combined 2-hour SP of "Secret Kenmin SHOW Goku" and this program, the frame will be moved down to 22:54 and changed to the preview program of "news zero" "Soon news zero".[2]..The Nippon TV side ended with the broadcast on June 2021, 6, but the Yomiuri TV side will continue.

Special edition

Reorganization period (Spring:-Fall:) AndSummer: -Year-endThe special program "Downtown DXDX" or "Downtown Super DX" will be broadcast for about 2 hours.Also, in the undisclosed talk collection held about twice a year,Kimura YuichiWas entertaining downtown with dishes that he was good at (currently not done). On June 2006, 6, the first 29-hour special (starting at 3:19) was broadcast.In the quiz show era, the program credit was not "Downtown DX" but "Downtown DeluxeIn the case of special, it was written as "Downtown Deluxe Deluxe" (the newspaper latte column notation remains "Downtown DX").

On March 2009, 3, for the first time since the program startedOkinawa(Chatan Town-Chatan Nirai Center) Was broadcast live (no subtitles).This is "Okinawa International Film FestivalMost of the performers also participated in this film festival, partly because of the opening of the film.The following year, in late March, Okinawa (Chatan Nirai Center or Chatan Nirai Center) will be held in conjunction with the Okinawa International Movie Festival (“Island Zenbu de Okina Matsuri” after 3).Urasoe City・ Tedako Hall orNaha・ The special program from Times Hall) is being broadcast live.[Note 3]..The 2017 Okinawa Special was recorded publicly without being broadcast live.[3].

At the end of August 2013, to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the opening of Yomiuri TV and the 55th anniversary of the program, recording was done at the Yomiuri TV headquarters for the first time in 20 years (second and first OBP).This pattern was broadcast on September 19th of the same year as a two-hour special.[4][5][6].

On January 2014, 7, "Secret Kenmin SHOW』Broadcast special,Mino Montaが約19年ぶりに当番組に出演した。同年10月16日・2015年10月8日にも2時間枠で、2016年1月14日には19:56 - 22:54の3時間枠で『秘密のケンミンSHOW』との合体スペシャルが放送された。同年4月14日にも2時間枠で放送されたが、放送途中の21:26頃にLarge earthquake in Kumamoto prefectureFrom the occurrence ofPress special programWas replaced with, and was discontinued in the middle[Note 4].

On January 2015, 4, "Secret Kenmin SHOW Downtown DX Spring Luxury Relay SPA collaboration with "Secret Kenmin SHOW" was held.

On October 2014, 10, a two-part special with a guest replacement system was broadcast for the first time since the program started.Subsequent specials are also broadcast with the same configuration.

Recording related

Recording is mainlyTokyo Media CityInside (TMC)TBSHeld every other Thursday at the Yomiuri K1 Studio owned by the company (Note that the talk show era was Osaka Yomiuri TV 1st Studio, and the quiz show era was Tokyo Yomiuri TV Tama Studio.Kanagawa-Nippon TVIkuta StudioIt was often recorded in etc.).

The recording time of talk-based variety shows is often several times longer than the normal broadcast time, but the recording time of this program is relatively short, about 1 minutes per program.It is said that this is based on the idea that the momentum and live feeling of the program are emphasized and that "customers who come to the program must record at a time when they do not get tired of it".[7].

Previous theory

Usually of variety showsPrevious theory TheADOr, it is basically done by a young comedian who has not yet appeared in the program, but regarding this programTwo people in downtown have been in charge of the previous story consistently from the beginning of the broadcast[8]..Only a small part of this prelude was broadcast on the air, but since it was made into a DVD in 2013 with the title "Downtown Prelude," it became possible to watch the entire story. As of 2019, all 5 volumes have been released.


Corner / Planning (Current style)

Regular version

Report on the entertainment world "closed room" that only the staff knows → I was able to take such a picture at a meeting → I was able to take such a picture at a meeting → I made a diagnosis without permission → Discover! Star's individuality → Discover! Star's habit
Appeared in October 2006.When the guest is having a meeting with the program staffVTRAnd talk about the guest's habits that appear there.In addition, the personality of the guest, which can be read from this habit, is explained by the psychological analyst.Nijihiko AmonThe results of the analysis by the company may be announced.
The viewer saw it! → The original viewer saw it!
It is a longevity corner among the current program corners that appeared from the autumn special on September 1998, 9.Introduce and verify guest sighting information and chikuri information sent by viewers.Goods from the corner mascot character "Tospo" will be presented to the posters.Posts that accept posts, "Small Tospo," are set up in commercial facilities all over the country.Even overseasHawaii-Los AngelesExists in.
Advanced versions of this section include "I saw an acquaintance!", "I saw a close relative of a celebrity!", "I saw a viewer & acquaintance!", And "A whistleblower in the entertainment world." The content of the present is the same as "Original viewers saw!", But BGM is the former "BGM only in the corner related to whistleblowers.Tuesday Suspense TheaterSame as the song played in ").
Star peep ranking
In the second half of the show, guest episodes will be announced from 1st to 5th place (up to 4th place or even 6th place).

On the table between downtowngongとhammerIf the guest talks about a dangerous story or a crappy punch line, Hamada hits a gong with a hammer to forcibly end the talk.In the ending, downtown and guests who have finished recording are shown talking freely in the break corner.

Special edition

Star's plain clothes
A popular corner held in the special program "Downtown DX DX".Introducing the plain clothes that the guest arrived on that day in order of total amount.Basically visibleouter-Trinkets-bag-shoesEtc. are targeted.In the corridor of the recording studio, the guest's plain clothes video will be recorded separately, and the expensive products will be introduced while focusing on them.

This corner is every timeKano sistersIs appearing, and it is promised that Kyoko Kano will be the first in the total amount and Mika Kano will be the second.[Note 5]..The highest amount in the history of the program is Kyoko Kano's "just a little mobile wear" broadcast on October 2019, 10, with an estimated total of 3 yen.[Note 6].

In addition, December 2015, 12Thursday"Downtown no Gaki no Tsukaiya Arahende !!"You should never laugh Detective 24 o'clockIn this corner, a parody[Note 7]Was broadcast.

For a limited time! Hot valve! Let me tell you! Umai food I found → Michelin hot valve in the entertainment world! My three-star food → Entertainment world weekend feast ranking
Introducing your favorite restaurants that guests love on VTR. At the end of the VTR, access to the store, contact information, etc. are displayed, but for some reason Hamada reads out "Regular holidays are ... days of the week" only on regular holidays.In addition, it is often the case that regular holidays are emphasized, such as lamenting that it is an irregular holiday.Matsumoto also said, "I don't have a regular holiday!"
Who is the best couple in the compatibility ranking !?
Entertainment world image ranking That's me!
Celebrity lifestyle survey!
Scream! Scream! Surprised Catalog

Past planning

Star character diagnosis
The show was the opening corner of the first regular broadcast after the game and talk.We will conduct a questionnaire to guest performers in advance for 10 items, and introduce excerpts from them.
Star last saturday
Star Saturday The Movie
Certificate of commendation without permission
Star lucky bag
Star Youth White Paper
Star blush white paper
Money usage ranking
Star's Recommendations Buy it! Go! Catalog
Quiz! A little scandal
Entertainment world life survey Grand Prix that I just buy
How far is it really? Wind rumor Saburo
At that moment I was shining
See by numbers! Entertainment world
Let me tell you this time !!
Is the entertainer a little strange? → Because it's an entertainer? Is this just me?
Celebrity best ranking

Past corners / plans

Talk show (early) era

At the beginning of the program, the faces of the two were hardened with plaster, and a huge one was used as a typical set.Downtown says, "I can't breathe through my nose when I mold with plaster."
The content was to invite a big entertainer as the main guest and have a talk with downtown.
A studio set with contents related to the guests was made, and an intro-like corner before the talk and a mini-corner between the talks were broadcast.
The first guestAn actor OfBunta Sugawara(However, during the talk, a mini-drama imitating a movie was performed as a set,Yamashiro ShingoとTakuzo KawayaAlso appeared in the talk until the ending).

Mini corner between talks

Downtown weather forecast ("Yangbo Mabo weather forecast』Parody)
Sometimes it was broadcast at the end of the show.The weather forecast for the day after the broadcast day (Friday) was actually being broadcast.
Downtown social tour
A 2-minute mini-corner where you can visit various factories all over the country where there are really two moderators dressed in school uniforms and be impressed.
In terms of production, it was close to Tale, and the two did not speak at all, only the sound inside the factory, and the surrealism that they were impressed with the products and products completed at the factory.
Image deluxe
The second half consists of a traditional talk corner and a quiz corner "Image Deluxe" for big guests.
An individual battle with a total of 3 people, 4 guests who are close to the big guests.
It is either a preferential vote or a free vote with a maximum of 5 choices, but the winner is the one who wins 10 votes in both cases.
The theme of the question is an event related to a big guest, and one of the options is a big guest.The ending is a talk corner with big guests and downtown.

Quiz show era

It was broadcast as a quiz show for about three years from February 1994 to March 2. It was a team battle with 1997 teams of 3 people, and it was an 3 team battle at the time of special.

Tashiro MasashiIs a regular answerer, and other answerers are guests or semi-regular (Tsutomu Sekine,Shofutei Shobo,Naomi MatsuiEtc.).

Concept Thegambling..To 1,000 ordinary people on the street cornerquestionnaireBased on, the panelists predict the answers to the questionnaire.The winning team won a prize in proportion to the score (initially the score unit is "Yen",afterwards"pointChange the unit to ").There were many quizzes with a mechanism to double or halve the amount of money (points) in possession (rounding down the fractions after the decimal point), and the system was such that the movement of points increased in the latter half.

"DX Referendum (DX Super Referendum)After the renewal from the quiz style to the game program in the spring of 1997, it continued until September 1999.

Main corners of the quiz show era

Big star image race
Continued from before the renewal.Basically, five race runners are asked to vote one by one according to the content of the theme, and the one who achieves 5 votes first is the correct answer.Matsumoto, who does not know the race result, sets odds based on his own judgment and prejudice (mainly 1 to 10), and he bets his money with reference to that.If you answer correctly, your stake will be returned at the set odds.
One-vote race
A modified version of the image race.Ask one specific person, look at each race runner in the preliminary selection, know the contents and decide whether to drop out or leave, and the one selected from the remaining runners in the final selection will be the correct answer ..
Aim for double-digit questionnaires for 1,000 people!
A quiz in the form of a writing question in which 1,000 people are asked "What is a celebrity?"The theme and the number of people in each ranking will be announced, and the panelists will write one answer to the flip based on it.Then, the results will be announced in order from the top. If 99 or more or 10 or less answers are answered, it will be "Dobon".
  • At the beginning, it was held in the middle of the program, and 10,000 yen was added for each correct answer, and there was no penalty for Dobon.
  • Later, it became an opening quiz, and two questions were asked for the start of 3 points, and if the answer was correct, it was plus 2 yen, and in Dobon it was minus 5,000 yen.
Opening quiz 1,000 people questionnaire Entertainer seven lines → 1,000 people questionnaire New seven lines
A hint of the 1,000th place, which is the standard, out of the best 10 of the 7-person questionnaire of the entertainer's name starting with the specified acronym ("What is a OO entertainer?" And questions other than entertainers were also asked in "new") , 1st to 6th place. The first answerer of the first question starts with the answerer written on the card selected by Matsumoto, with the card with the answerer's name shuffled on the monitor. From the second question onward, those who answered the last one of the previous questions will continue to answer.If you hit the previous 1th place or less, you can continue to answer, and if the answer is 2th or lower, the answer right will be transferred to the answerer on the left side of the screen.Hamada gives a hint and answers with a raised hand if the remaining answers are running out and there is no correct answer. The correct answer from 1st to 6th place will add 8 yen (1 yen if it was the last person). If you hit the 6th to 5,000th place, you will get a 1 yen reduction in Dobon, and if you are out of the top 3, there will be no change.
Opening quiz Which is the world!
A two-choice questionnaire asked to 101 people predicts which one has become the majority.The first point is correct from 2 yen, and lost from 3 yen.
Sense Grand Prix Japanese Three Choices → Catalog Quiz Japanese Three Choices → Quiz / Entertainer Grand Prix! Japanese Three Choices
A, B, and C three-choice question that shows images according to the theme of 1,000 people and guesses the images that many people have guessed.
  • Initially, questions were continued until a team with 5 correct answers appeared (all team members changed when a team with 3 correct answers occurred), and 5 yen was added to the team with 5 questions in advance.
  • Later, it will be divided into the first and second half, and five questions will be asked to each answerer of each team. 1 yen will be added for each correct answer.5 yen for each perfect (this 1 yen includes 5,000 yen for the correct answer to the question), and if there is no perfect answer, 10 yen will be added to the answerers with many correct answers (even if there are multiple answers) Will be done.
Squishy Kirizem
A quiz with a special edition that started with a special in the fall of 1995. Ask the entertainers who appear in the VTR about the five themes specified by the program, and ask them to answer each theme and answer whether they like it or not. Of the answers from VTR entertainers, the answerer guesses either the last answer, Suki or Kirai.
Quiz Entertainer Idea Dictionary → Quiz Idea Dictionary Renaissance
A quiz that asks a total of three celebrities, one female and two males, to say words that begin with the acronym of the Japanese syllabary, including dakuon and semi-voiced sound, and predict the answer.First, as a reference, the representative ideas of the three people are introduced, and in the problem, as "trends and countermeasures", after introducing some answers that show the same tendency to each of the three people, the acronym that becomes a problem is given. .. The first and second questions have the same tendency and countermeasures, and the third question has different tendencies and countermeasures, but in rare cases, all three questions have the same tendency and countermeasures.For each question, 1 yen will be added for one correct answer (later changed to "point", the same applies below), 2 yen for two correct answers, and 3 yen for all correct answers.The title has changed to "Renaissance", but the content of the quiz is the same, the BGM has been changed, the background color of the celebrity who answers is red for women, yellow and blue for men, and an illustration background with the image of a celebrity has appeared.
Voice Quiz Hearing Hearing

A corner that started instead of the quiz idea dictionary.Only celebrity voices (materials that have already been published in some form, such as interviews) are heard, so guess who they belong to.

  • Raise your hand when you find out, fill in the flip on the answering table, and show it to Hamada to judge the correctness.If the answer is correct (basically limited to full name), score points by winning.If the answer is incorrect (unless it is particularly regrettable), Hamada will read it aloud.You can answer as many times as you like during the time.If you cannot answer correctly and the time limit expires, you will get "Dobon" and the answerer's points will be halved.
  • If you answer correctly in 1st place, you will get 10,000 points, then 2 points in 9,000nd place, 3 points in 8,000rd place, and 1,000 points will decrease by 1,000 points, but you can get at least XNUMX points.
  • During the team battle era, the points of the team at the start of the corner were evenly distributed to two people, and everyone participated in the problem (groups such as MAX are counted as one person, and only one representative participates in the problem). Was there.At the end of the corner, the scores of the two team members were added up again.
  • It continued even after the transition to individual warfare.EspeciallyShiro ItoAt the end of the term, Hamada called the title "Shiro Ito's Hiyahiya Hearing" because he was not good at it.
  • Matsumoto also participated in the quiz, but it was not included in the winning ranking and did not affect the score fluctuations of the panelists.
Bye-bye chance ・ Japanese "aiueo"
Win the first place in the questionnaire of words starting with the first letter of the Japanese syllabary designated for 1,000 people.All respondents give answers to Flip, consult within the team and select one answer. If you hit the 50st place, your points will be doubled, and if you hit the 1nd place, your points will be halved as Dobon.After changing to the fill-in-the-blank question format (such as "○○ car", "Mr. ○○", and kanji with a specific hen), it became a rule that even if you write an answer outside the best ten area, your score will be halved.
Bye Bye Chance Downtown Oicho Kabu

A corner that started in place of "Japanese Aiueo".Hanafuda OfOicho KabuIn a quiz based on, the best 10 items of a certain questionnaire survey are given.The items are the same, but they are divided into two categories for men and women, and the ranking is hidden.Downtown becomes the parent, Matsumoto first deals one of the men's and women's cards to each team, and finally downtown draws the card.The ranking of the questionnaire results will be the first number (the ranking was announced after the card was initially distributed, but later changed before distribution).With reference to this result, the ranking of the questionnaire results of the undisclosed gender is predicted, and if the last digit of the total of the two rankings is close to 2, the victory is achieved.Downtown first chooses a card, and each team chooses a card other than the one chosen by downtown.The ranking of the cards selected by each team is announced and the last digit number (2 is "Turnip", 1 is "Inketsu", 9 is "Nitako", 1 is "Santa", 0 Was called "Yonta", 1 was "Goke", 2 was "Roppou", 3 was "Naki", 4 was "Ocho", and 5 was "Turnip"). The ranking of the selected cards in downtown is announced, and if the last digit is larger than the parent's downtown, the score will be doubled by the answerer's win, and if the number is the same or less, the score will be halved by the downtown win.If downtown rolls a 6, all the answerers will inevitably lose, and if the answerer rolls a 7, the decision will be lost.

DX referendum → DX super referendum
The item that got the most votes by conducting a questionnaire to 1,000 people on the street (basically 5 generations x 200 people or 4 generations x 250 people. In rare cases, the ratio of people was different. In some cases, there were 2,000 people in the special program). Is the last quiz of the program that predicts which one, and the content is the same as the image race.Matsumoto, who does not know the race result, sets the odds with his own judgment and prejudice, and bets the full amount of points with reference to it.If you answer correctly, you will be returned with the odds that you have set, and that will be the winning prize.The order of answers was from the team with the highest score, and if there was a tie, they played rock-paper-scissors and had discussions.
Even after the transition to the game talk program, it continued until September 1999.

Game show era

About a year and a half from the spring special in March 1997 to September 3, the theme was shifted from quizzes to games.Masashi Tashiro continued to be regular, and other panelists were guest or semi-regular, Hamada was the sole performer, and Matsumoto was also participating in the game as a panelist.

It was changed from a team battle to an individual battle.The score unit continues to be "points".

Main corners of the game show era

GO! GO! Sliper
Each guest holds a round magnet sheet, stands horizontally on the wall, and throws the magnet vertically while sticking it to the wall.
Magic ball !! Showdown face
Quiz! Back view
Look at the rear view of the celebrity on the VTR and guess the celebrity's name.As a hint, turn around a little.If you find out, listen to Hamada and get a score if the answer is correct.
Song Game Music Festival --MUSIC FESTIVAL -
Uta game !! Let's do Doremi → Uta game !! Let's do new Doremi
The theme will be announced, and the answer will be answered while singing the answer starting with the specified acronym in the rhythm of Doremi's song. Seven answerers are lined up in order, and the first letter is answered in order from "A" in the order of the Japanese syllabary, the first correct answer gets 7 points, and the incorrect answer gives the second answerer the right to answer. Is transferred and gets 50 points with correct answers, and after that, 1 points are accumulated every time the answer right is transferred due to incorrect answers, and if all 1 people can not answer, the score will be through and the next letter will be asked .. When you reach "Wa", it ends.In addition, there is a set of keyboards, and when answering, the answerer first rides on the keyboard of Do, if the answer is correct, the next answerer rides on the keyboard of Les, and then every time the answer is correct Answer on the keyboard of the scale of, and if you answer up to Shi, sing "Let's sing", and if you make a mistake in the middle, you will start again from Do.
Later, the title was renewed as "Uta Game !! Let's do a new Doremi" to answer the best 5 answers in the questionnaire, and when the answer was found, I ran to the keyboard set and got on the keyboard in order from the answerer who arrived early. The correct answer will be 1 points regardless of the ranking, and the correct answer will be 2 points and 3 points. If you answer the final answer, you will get 5 points.All the best 5 will open, and if you can't answer even if you go to the last one, it will end.
Please! Call your name !!
A corner where you can guess the official name of something that is not usually known.First, the VTR introduces a female narrator to explain the parts, and the staff who changed the voice in the studio becomes the parts, and while playing with the guests of the answerer, they are asked to guess the name that is the answer.At the festival that hit, "Hmmm!The penguins doll chorus sings the officially named chorus (it was a panel at the beginning, but later became a stuffed animal).Even after the transition to the talk show, the score was abolished, but it was done for a while (until March 1999).
Celebrity questionnaire survey
Throw 3 times → Throw 3 times Eleven
Hold 10 balls with both hands and throw them into a hole in a distant wall. In the 2nd and 3rd times, the balls that did not enter are picked up and thrown again, and the number of balls that are thrown 3 times is competed.The number of balls to be thrown later increased by one, and it became "throw three times and eleven" to throw 1 balls.It was held for a while after the transition to the talk show, but after the scoring system was abolished, the rule was changed to a successful prize of 11 yen (until August 3).
It is a signboard game of the program,TakaraToys that imitated games were released from, and arcade games also appeared, which became a boom.
DX Super Referendum → 1,000 word-of-mouth information !! Ranking to get to know
Last corner.Continuing from the quiz era, it became a longevity corner that lasted for five and a half years from February 1994 to September 2.Since Matsumoto also participates in the game as a panelist, Matsumoto's advance prediction and odds setting has been abolished.
Unlike the quiz era, the answering seats were abolished, so performers including MatsumotoMerry-go-round OfTrojanThe results for each age group are announced while the horses move back and forth on a set that imitates the above, and finally the results for all age groups are announced in ascending order, and the horse of the incorrect answerer goes back.Then, the horse of the answerer who remained until the end rose and announced the winner.When Matsumoto won the championship, for some reason he was in a situation like an exposed person, and there was one act that covered his face and was embarrassed.

Theme song

Successive ending themes

ス タ ッ フ

  • Director: Harutomo Nishida (Crossbreed, formerly production staff → director)
  • Directors: Seimon Kaneshiro (Crossbreed, formerly production staff), Takashi Nakamura (BINGO), Hiroyuki Horiya, Shogo Tsuji, Kenichiro Oka (Nextry), Yoshihiro Tamaki (BACK-UP)
  • Constitution:Mitsutaka Takasu,Kimura Yuichi[Note 8] ,Hirokazu Yamana,Tomoji Hasegawa, Suzuki Shigeki (Yamana / Suzuki → Both were formerly brains),Yudai Shimoda,Takeshi Takemura, Uno Kohe
  • Brain:Kuramoto Mitsudome(Previously configured)
  • SW: Shigeo Watanabe (formerly a camera)
  • CAM: Takashi Hinata, Takahiro Ito
  • Voice: Yasuhiko Oshima
  • VE: Chisa Kito, Risa Hanawa
  • Lighting: Kensuke Shinoda
  • Edit: Dai Ohno
  • MA: Kidai Inaba
  • Sound effects: Koji Nakamura, Hiromi Isogawa (both Nextry)
  • narrator:Sota Arai,Kiritani Butterfly
  • Art: Shinpei Yamamoto (Yomiuri TV)
  • Art production: Katsuaki Nagata (Fuji Art)
  • Art Coordinator: Yuichiro Yano (Fuji Art, formerly art progress)
  • Title logo: Kazuhiro Nakazato (studio-pool.com, formerly the program logo character)
  • Stylist: Noriko Takado, Eijiro Toshimitsu
  • Makeup: Office MAKlSE, TEES'
  • Staff cooperation:Cross bleed,Backup media, BINGO, Beonest,Fujiar,Nouvelberg, CRAZY TV, Avid Symphony Nitis, Kyoeisha, Julia Japan inc, freed, Asahi Seiban, studio-pool (Fuji → formerly art cooperation, Nu ・ CRAZY ・ Kyoeisha → formerly technical cooperation)
  • Promotion: Wataru Saito, Tomoya Yoshii (Yomiuri TV)
  • Desk: Satsuki Miyashiro (Yomiuri TV)
  • Production staff: Ko Nakatani, Mai Nishiyama, Takeshi Horikoshi, Keisuke Mizukami, Yuya Aoyama, Yusaku Sekiya, Chiyuki Anjo (BACK-UP), Hiroya Ueda (Yomiuri TV)
  • Casting: Miyako Negishi and Kazuya Kitamura (both beonest)
  • Cooperating Producer: Noriaki Kikui (Yoshimoto Broad Entertainment)
  • Assistant Producer: Yuki Muto (around August 2019-, Yoshimoto Kogyo), Misae Yamamoto (November 8, 2018-, formerly production progress, cross bleed)
  • Cooperation:ytv Nextry(Until January 2011Sound effectsUntil March 2015Wise visionNotation)
  • Production cooperation:Yoshimoto Kogyo
  • Director / Producer: Shinya Endo (Yomiuri TV, June 2021, 6-, formerly director)
  • Producers: Kazuyoshi Suzuki (July 2019, 7-, Yoshimoto Kogyo, formerly AP), Yukiko Aramaki, Minami Kanai (Nextry, Aramaki → formerly production progress, Kanai → February 4, 2020-), Wakasei Satomi (November 2, 6-, formerly desk → AP, cross bleed)
  • Chief Producer: Yoshitsugu Nishikawa (Yomiuri TV, June 2021, 6-)
  • Produced by: Yomiuri TV

Past staff

  • Director: Kusato Tabuchi (Yomiuri TV, formerly director)
  • Directors: Atsushi Ai, Juichi Tanaka, Takahiro Ito / Takeshi Shioguchi (Yomiuri TV), Toru Yamazaki (Wise Vision), Masaya Yamaguchi,Toshihiro Hayashi(Crash out), Kenta Takeuchi (April 2019, 4 only),Kei Namiki・ Taishi Uehara (BACK-UP)
  • Constitution:Tetsuo Hikita,Chosuke Kawara
  • Brain: Akihiko Sakaki, Kenichi Shimoda
  • Production staff: Yuji Uno
  • Technology: Masami Matsuo, Mitsuo Ono, Takuma Sakaguchi (all Yomiuri TV)
  • SW: Yuji Kikukawa, Takuma Sakaguchi, Masayuki Hiramatsu (all Yomiuri TV)
  • Cameras: Takeshi Nomura, Naoki Morishita, Takao Kato, Kazuhisa Matsumoto, Kokichi Hayashi (all Yomiuri TV), Tadanobu Komatsu, Tomotaka Sato, Kokichi Hayashi
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  • MA: Hideo Taniguchi, Yuichi Sugai, Hiroshi Kubota, Kuniaki Tanabe, Akatsuki Enjoji
  • narrator:Yanami child,Fumihiko Tachiki,Koha la smart
  • Art: Daiki Ito, Noboru Wataya, Emi Omae (all Yomiuri TV)
  • Art progress: Kanako Naito (Fuji Art)
  • Makeup: Noriko Makise, Eisuke Shibusawa
  • Stylist: Atsuko Kitada
  • Public Relations → Promotion: Shuichi Ryujin, Norihiko Imamura,Anna Kobayashi, Kohei Yoshida, Takashi Kato, Muneshige Miwa, Akihiro Nishikawa (Nishikawa → formerly public relations), Seidai Moriwaki (all Yomiuri TV)
  • Desk: Saori Yamamoto
  • AD: Yusuke Ariake, Akira Iwakami, Kazunori Ibe, Toshiya Matsunaka, Shinichi Takase
  • Assistant Producers: Taku Koga, Chisato Sakaguchi (Sakaguchi → Yoshimoto Kogyo), Kazuhisa Matsuyama, Yuko Ueda
  • Chief Producer: Daiji Imaoka, Yoshiki Kimura,Hisaya Shiraiwa,Kazuki Takeno(木村→以前はプロデューサー、武野→1995å¹´4月 - 2008å¹´9月までプロデューサー、1996å¹´4月までディレクター(1995å¹´4月 - 1996å¹´4月の間は一部の回でPD兼務)。1994年末スペシャルのみ演出を担当。2015å¹´3月まではWise vision兼務出向だった。2008å¹´10月 - 2018å¹´5月31日)、池田典正、小石川伸哉、富田求、山内隆行(山内→2015å¹´2月5日 - 4月9日)、勝田恒次(2017å¹´6月8日から2021å¹´6月10日、以前はディレクターのみでディレクター兼務プロデューサーは2008å¹´10月以降から2015å¹´1月29日まで、2015å¹´2月から2017å¹´6月1日までプロデューサー)(全員読売テレビ、白岩は1998å¹´4月 - 2002å¹´6月までワイズビジョン所属として番組に関与)
  • producer:Hiroshi Osaki,Akihiko Okamoto,Hiroshi Fujiwara, Toshikazu Mori (Yoshimoto Kogyo → Yoshimoto Creative Agency since October 2007), Shunji Teramoto, Masaya Yamaguchi (Crashout)
  • Director / Producer: Hisaya Shiraiwa (Until March 1995, concurrently serves as Director / Chief Producer only in April, Chief Producer after May),Katsuo Hirayama(読売テレビ、2018å¹´11月15日 - 2019å¹´8月、2011年からディレクター、2015å¹´2月5日から2018å¹´11月8日までは演出)
  • Director / Chief Producer:Jiro Nishida(読売テレビ、1998å¹´4月 - 2002å¹´6月の間はワイズビジョン所属。初期ディレクター→1996å¹´5月から演出、CP兼務は2010å¹´7月8日 - 2015å¹´1月29日)
  • Cooperation:Nippon TV Video,Kyoritsu,Video staff,IMAGIC,Sony PCL,Acoustic house
  • Technical cooperation:HIBINO, ADEC
  • Costume cooperation: BEAMS,AOKI
  • Recording studio:Tokyo Media City
  • Staff Cooperation: Director's Wave, Cox Project

Net stations and broadcast time

"Downtown DX" net station
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast dateNet situationRemarks
Kinki wide areaYomiuri Television(Ytv)NTV seriesThursday 22:00-23:00Production Bureau
HokkaidoSapporo TV(STV)Simultaneous net
AomoriAomori Broadcasting(RAB)
IwateTV Iwate(TVI)
MiyagiMiyagi TV(MMT)
AkitaAkita Broadcasting(ABS)
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting Corporation(YBC)
FukushimaFukushima Central Television(FCT)
Kanto wide areaNippon TV(NTV)
YamanashiYamanashi broadcasting(YBS)
NiigataTV Niigata(TeNY)
NaganoTV Shinshu(TSB)
ShizuokaShizuoka Daiichi Television(SDT)
ToyamaNorthern Japan Broadcasting(KNB)
IshikawaTV Kanazawa(KTK)
FukuiFukui Broadcasting(FBC)[Note 9]
Chukyo wide areaChukyo TV(CTV)
Nippon Sea TV(NKT)
HiroshimaHiroshima TV(HTV)
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcasting(KRY)
TokushimaShikoku Broadcasting(JRT)
Nishinippon broadcasting(RNC)
EhimeNankai Broadcasting(RNB)
KochiKochi Broadcasting(RKC)
FukuokaFukuoka Broadcasting(FBS)
NagasakiNagasaki International Television(NIB)
KumamotoKumamoto citizen TV(KKT)
KagoshimaKagoshima Yomiuri TV(KYT)[Note 10]
OitaOita Broadcasting(OBS)TBS seriesSaturday 13: 00 - 14: 00Delay net
OkinawaOkinawa TV(OTV)Fuji TV seriesSunday 1:20-2:20 (Saturday midnight)[Note 11]

Past net stations

  • Miyazakihoso(MRT, TBS series) --Although it was temporarily discontinued on March 2007, 3, broadcasting resumed on Thursday, April 26, 2010 from 4:15 to 20:00.However, it was discontinued again on March 20, 54.Currently, it is broadcast irregularly.

Changes in broadcasting time

periodAirtime(Japan time)
1993.101994.03Thursday 22: 00-22: 54 (54 minutes)
1994.041994.09Thursday 22: 00-22: 55 (55 minutes)
1994.102013.09Thursday 22: 00-22: 54 (54 minutes)
2013.10NowThursday 22: 00-23: 00 (60 minutes)


allYoshimoto R&CReleased from[9].

  • "Downtown Prelude Vol.1" (March 2013, 3)-* Includes prelude collection + bonus footage from 29 to 2004.
  • "Downtown Prelude Vol.2" (March 2013, 3)-* Includes prelude collection + bonus footage from 29 to 2007.
  • "Downtown Prelude Vol.3" (August 2013, 8)-* Includes prelude collection + bonus footage for the first half of 28-2009.
  • "Downtown Prelude Vol.4" (February 2014, 2)-* Includes prelude collection + bonus footage from the second half of 19 to 2010.
  • "Downtown Prelude Vol.5" (February 2014, 2)-* Includes the prelude collection + bonus footage of the 19 broadcast.


  • 2020å¹´10月8日、番宣番組『まもなくダウンタウンDX』(21:54 - 22:00、以下『まもなく』)が放送開始。この日、制作局の読売テレビでは通常通り『まもなく』が放送されたが、日本テレビでは予定時刻になっても放送が開始されず、21時55分30秒すぎより「ピー」という音(Test tone) And "NETWORK"CGVideo (Yomiuri TV net mark[Note 12]) Is displayed for about 1 minute, then the seabed image etc.FillerWill be broadcast for about one and a half minutesBroadcasting accidentOccurred, and "Soon" was not broadcast.After the filler, the commercial was broadcast as usual, and the main story was also broadcast as planned.The cause was an artificial data entry error on the production station Yomiuri TV.[10][11][12][13][14]..Also, this time zoneLocal frameSince other affiliated stations were broadcasting mini-programs for each station, a broadcasting accident like NTV did not occur.


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注 釈

  1. ^ 2011May 10Conducted from.Before thatanalog-Digiana・ Both digitalMonaural broadcasting.
  2. ^ Especially in the 1990s, the program concept was frequently modified.However, since the beginning of the 2000s, the studio set has only been renewed once every few years, and the program content is1998It's almost the same as autumn.
  3. ^ In any yearOkinawaThen.Okinawa TVIt was broadcast on Saturday or Sunday afternoon of the same week (because there is no Japanese TV affiliated station in Okinawa prefecture), and in the program, "I am doing it from Okinawa, but it is not broadcast live in Okinawa, 2 days "It will be broadcast with a delay" is mentioned at the opening every time.
  4. ^ For this reason, this program was canceled and on May 5, "7daysTVWas broadcast again as part of.
  5. ^ In the video when the costumes are introduced, a gorgeous production such as laying a red carpet in the corridor of the studio and preparing special lighting is also used (in the case of Kyoko Kano, a man around her may appear).
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  7. ^ The facilitator of this parody isDausotauso.
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  9. ^ TV Asahi seriesWith (sub)Cross net stationHowever, it is not a member of the general program supply department of the TV Asahi series, and it is treated as a single net on the official website of NTV.[1].
  10. ^ Broadcast started when the station opened in April 1994.Until then, it was not broadcast in the prefecture (it was a Nippon Television affiliate until March 4, 1994).Kagoshima TV(KTS) is a counterprogram of Fuji TV that is still in the time zone.Thursday Theater』Because I was online at the same time).
  11. ^ As mentioned above, the Okinawa live broadcast SP in March every year will be broadcast on Saturday or Sunday afternoon of the same week.
  12. ^ This is an ID screen that each broadcasting station inserts on the line before and after the material VTR sent to each station during the time when there is no net program or during the commercial, and it does not appear in the broadcast.


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外部 リンク

Yomiuri Television Thursday 21:54-22:00
Previous programProgram nameNext show
With Shinobi
Soon downtown DX
(July 2020, 10 -)
Nippon TV Thursday 21:54-22:00
next Creators
[Nippon TV production frame so far]
Soon downtown DX
(December 2020, 10-February 8, 2021)
[Yomiuri TV production frame only during this time]

[Nippon TV production frame again]
Yomiuri TV production, Nippon TVseries Thursday22:00-22:52 frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Downtown DX
(July 1993, 10 -)
Yomiuri TV / NTV Thursday 22:52-22:54
Sports island
[Nippon TV production frame so far,
Continue by moving down / shortening by 2 minutes]
Downtown DX
(July 1993, 10 -)
[From here Yomiuri TV production frame]
Yomiuri TV / NTV Thursday 22:54-22:55
Sports island
[Nippon TV production frame so far]
Downtown DX
(October 1994-March 4)
[* Limited to this, Yomiuri TV production frame]
NNN Today's Events
[Advance 1 minutes and continue]
[From here, NTV production frame]
[Deferred by 6 minutes, shortened by 5 minutes and continued]
[Nippon TV production frame so far]
Downtown DX
(July 2013, 10 -)
[From here Yomiuri TV production frame]
Nippon TV series including Yomiuri TV Thursday 22:55-23:00
[Deferred by 6 minutes, shortened by 5 minutes and continued]
[Nippon TV production frame so far]
Downtown DX
(July 2013, 10 -)
[From here Yomiuri TV production frame]


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