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🤖 | "Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS Red Afterglow" broadcast on BS12 Twelve! "Reverse ...

Photo "Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS Red Afterglow" (C) Sotsu / Sunrise

"Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS Red Afterglow" broadcast on BS12 Twelve! "Reverse ...

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"Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS Red Afterglow" will be broadcast on BS12 Twelve "Anime 26" from 5:14 on May 26th.

"Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXI ..." which depicts the world three years after "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack" → Continue reading

 Anime! Anime!

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World Hi-Vision Channel

World Hi-Vision Channel, Inc.(World Hi-Vision Channel, Inc., Abbreviation "WHC")BS digital broadcastingIt is carried outMitsuiOf seriesSatellite backbone broadcaster.

"BS12 TwelveFree BS Digital under the name of "(BS 12 Twelve)"High definitionWe are broadcasting.Remote control key IDIs "12. "


2007May 12Broadcast started on.At the beginning of the broadcast, the catch phrase is "freely" multiplied by the remote control key ID "12".Let's see it".Weaved this catch phraseCM(CI)ButStation breakIt was being broadcast on. From December 2017, 12, "I'm watching BS12."ofSound logoIs also using.

On the other hand, on April 2009, 4Nippon Cable TelevisionGeneral satellite from (JCTV)Consignment broadcasting(CurrentSatellite general broadcasting)ofThe Golf ChannelI took over the business and started operating from the same day[2], CS specializing in golfGolf networkMerger with[3]Because of this, the broadcast ended on March 2012, 3.


  • 2006May 7 - World Hi-Vision ChannelEstablished a stock company.
  • 2007November 11-from 15:10Test radio waveStart firing.
  • November 2007, 11-Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsKanto General Communication BureauIssuance of license for BS digital broadcasting earth station[4].
  • December 2007, 12-at 1:11High definition television broadcastThe first regular program after the opening of the station is "Going to China Noodle Road" shortly after the opening video is over.The receiver display icon has a crescent moon motif and has started to use the logo. (I used it until March 2019.)
  • 2009August 4- Nippon Cable TelevisionFrom (JCTV)The Golf ChannelTransferred the business and started operation by our company (until March 2012, 3).
  • 2019April 4-Logo mark design, receiver display icon, watermark changed, unified from alphabetical "Twell V" to katakana notation "Tuelbi".Started distribution on Hikari TV.
  • 2020November 11-Allotted slots are reduced from 30 slots to 15 slots.

Of the parent companyMitsuiOn November 1, 2007, one month before the opening of the station, the cable net Saitama (later) that I had owned so farJ.com Kawaguchi TodaThrough the currentJ: COM Saitama / East Japan) And Hino Cable TV (laterJ.com Hino,J.com TokyoAbsorption-type merger)Japan Cablenet(JCN, laterJupiter TelecomTransferred to [J: COM] by absorption-type merger).It was also founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.Samurai tv(Global Satellite Broadcasting Co., Ltd. → Samurai TB Co., Ltd.) will gradually transfer all of its shares to Sky Perfect Communications (currently, 2001 and 2008)SKY Perfect JSAT), And on October 2008, 10, under the umbrella of SKY Perfect JSAT.SKY Perfect BroadcastingWas merged into.

BS12 Twelve

A 5-hour high-definition broadcast is conducted every day at 00:24 base point, and "Good quality, soundness, premium feelingIn addition to the original programs produced in-house, the programs are supplied from the broadcasting stations described below and broadcast. From the beginning of the main broadcast on December 2007, 12 at 1:11, it was broadcast in a regular manner, and no special program to commemorate the opening of the station was broadcast.In addition, this system has not been broken for the year-end and New Year holidays when other stations carry out special program-centered organization.

NHKBS Hi-Vision(Analog broadcasting) is one of the channels started by reusing the vacant band (BS-2007) due to the end of broadcasting on September 9, 30. BS-9 is 1slotTwell V has 15 slots allocated in all bands[5]..Station number[6]Is "22"Remote control key IDIs "12".However, only 222ch is actually broadcasting. Although it is the last station to be assigned the official remote control key ID of BS digital broadcasting 2K service, in the case of TVs released before 2007, the channel button is BS11 (ID "11In many cases, it is not set as in the case of "), and although it depends on the viewing environment, it may be necessary to reset the channel when selecting a channel.

Commercial broadcastingHas been a member as an associate member since April 2015, 4.[7][8]..According to Article 148 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Broadcasting Standards, "WeeklycommercialThe total amount of the broadcast time should be within 18% of the total broadcast time. "[9], The most broadcast of the daymail orderProfessional channel"QVC』Hi-VisionSimul broadcastingAnd there were days that lasted up to 1 hours a day.[10]。2010年4月1日より、平日2:00 - 8:00、土曜3:00 - 6:00、日曜3:00 - 8:00までQVCのサイマル放送を停止した。これに伴い毎週日曜日深夜(月曜未明)4:00 - 5:00(のちに3:00 - 5:00)は放送休止枠となった[11]..However, it is broadcast all night on Sundays at midnight on an irregular basis, about once a month. Until 1, QVC was the only mail-order program, but after the simul broadcast was reduced, CMs of various mail-order companies began to be broadcast at the time of CM in the middle of the program like other stations. , 2010-minute programs like documentary programs of various mail-order companies have come to be broadcast during the time when QVC is not being broadcast.

In addition, there are only a small part of live broadcast programs on Twelve such as QVC and professional baseball broadcasts, and the live broadcast programs produced in-house are in May 2010."TwellV Hobby Heaven"And"Suzuka 8 time endurance road race"relayLimited to a small number such as (2014-2018).

2011Occurred on January 3Great East Japan EarthquakeでChibaSince the QVC headquarters in Tokyo was damaged and could not be broadcast, TwellV also temporarily stopped broadcasting 24 hours a day due to the fact that QVC simulcast could not be performed from the same day and power saving, and every day from 3:5 to 2011:3 ( (There is a suspension advance depending on the day) was devoted to suspension and maintenance. QVC resumed on March 23, 5, and resumed broadcasting all night from May. Subtitled broadcast on some programs in 2012 (Teletext) Started.

Since the start of broadcasting, in the upper right corner of the screenWatermarkIs displayed (deleted 1 second before entering the CM / sponsor display).Also, from April 2015 to March 4, the "BS2019ch Twelve" logo was displayed in blue immediately after the CM frame for about 3 seconds.[12][13](Not displayed on QVC and some programs).

From October 2015, 10, the name of the channel name will be changed to "BS12 Twelve”, And the station name display of digital TVElectronic program guide(EPG),News (Chinese),TV information magazineNotation such as was also changed[14][15].. From April 2019, 4, the station logo, receiver display icon, and watermark have been changed, and the notation has been unified from the alphabet "Twell V" to the katakana notation "Tuelbi".However, the domain name "twellv.co.jp" on the official website and the user name "@ BS1_TwellV" on the official Twitter account still have some remnants of the alphabet notation, and have not been completely abolished.

About distribution on cable TV

At the beginning of the stationCable TVIn stations, lack of frequency band and program organization policy[16]For reasons such as, the largest cable TV companyJ: COMAnd someCable TVStationOptical broadcastingSo the redelivery has not been carried out.On the other handJCNAnnounced on its official website that it will be retransmitted at all Group stations from April 2011.

After that, following the management integration of J: COM and JCN,2012From December, distribution has started even in the J: COM series, which has not been distributed for a long time since the opening of the station.However, in J: COM, due to the frequency domain, in principle, it is provided in the CS domain, except for some areas (including the former JCN stations) that are distributed by BS.[17].

Major program suppliers (in alphabetical order)


Most programs are organized irregularly, and very few programs have a fixed broadcast time.In addition, there are many cases where the broadcast end date is not stated.It seems that most of them have ended broadcasting.


Program nameBroadcast dateRemarks
SKI TV4Monday 21:00-21:30
BS12 Wednesday basketball!Wednesday 19:00-20:00Start May 2018, 10
Strategic golfSunday 13:00-13:30Start May 2018, 10
Golf Women's Heroine BattleSunday 13:30-14:00
tv.moto ChannnelLast Saturday 21:30 --22:00
Irregular programs
Both broadcasts are produced by the team, and the Lotte game isTBS News Bird(Until 2017)Nippon Television News 24(From 2018), Orix and Rakuten gamesJ SPORTS, Seibu battleFuji TV TWO, Softbank gameFOX bs238(Until 2019)Sports live +(From 2020), the Nippon-Ham fightGAORA(It was planned to broadcast for the local event from 2020, but due to the postponement of the opening, it will be broadcast for the base event), but the sub-audio of the visitor team support live is uniquely BS12 Twelve Producing (Announcers and commentators of each team production broadcast and talents of each team fan are appointed).

Music program

Program nameBroadcast dateRemarks
Uta no WagamamakanMonday 5:00-5:30
Luang Music TimeMonday 6:25-6:30
Master of KayokyokuTuesday 4:30-5:00
Song diary of Setsuko Shimizu and Eiko AndoTuesday 5:00-5:30
Music bankTuesday 21:00-22:00
MUSIC BBWednesday 2:30-3:00
Akemi Misawa's tea party / song worldWednesday 5:00-5:30
Aito Masato's Tobide KayokyokuThursday 4:30-5:00
Teiji Yamazaki's refreshing songThursday 5:00-5:30
ROCK'A BEAT TOKYOFriday 2:30-3:00
One push! Good Morning KayokyokuFriday 5:00-5:30
Hitomi Nishikawa and Yuji Misato's song weatherSaturday 4: 45 - 5: 00
Forefront of KayoSaturday 5: 00 - 5: 29
Rumi and Spring's Dream Come onSaturday 5: 29 - 6: 00
Eiji Okuyama Heart's Hometown AizuSaturday 6: 00 - 6: 30
"Music Traveler" -The Trajectory of Youth-Saturday 6: 30 - 7: 00
Junpei Oda's Music CafeSunday 4:30-5:00
Daisuke / Mai's singing lifeSunday 5:29-6:00
Nursery rhyme chorus ♪ Great chorus of famous songsSunday 16:00-16:30
The Cassette Tape MusicSunday 21:00-21:55October 2017, 10-
Irregular programs
  • Kamakura Music Festival

Movies / Dramas (Japan / US / Europe)

Program nameBroadcast dateRemarks
Two childrenMonday 19:00-20:54
Healthy and culturally minimal livingTuesday 19:00-20:50Kansai TV production
It's time againThursday 19:00-20:55KANOX-TBSProduction
U-Boat The Series Deep Sea WolfFriday 19:00-20:50"Friday Killer Street" frame
Started on February 2021, 2.Japan's first broadcast
Saturday Western TheaterSaturday 19: 00 - 21: 30The end time depends on the time.
Curry song.Saturday 21: 30 - 22: 00Pause in the last week
Sunday Anime TheaterSunday 19:00-21:00The end time depends on the time.
Start May 2020, 10
Woman, love and mystery Masterpiece selectionTuesday 19:00 --21: 00 (irregular)Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.・ BS Japan (currentlyBS Tele)Production.
TelepackCarefully selected production works and broadcast
Tuesday Suspense Theater Masterpiece selectionNippon TVMake.
Carefully selected and broadcast works produced by Telepack
Seicho Matsumoto Masterpiece SelectionThursday 19:00 --21: 00 (irregular)

Chinese drama

All broadcast in subtitled version.

Program name (Japanese title)Original titleBroadcast dateRemarks
The Legend of Dugu ~ The Empress's Wish ~Monday-Friday 5:30-6:30
Story of Yanxi-The Queen of the Counterattack Burning in the Purple Forbidden Castle-Monday-Friday 16:00-17:00
Princess Silver-Lost Memories and Three Loves-Monday-Friday 17:00-18:00BS first broadcast
Sword Dynasty-Snow dancing in a turbulent world-Monday-Friday 18:00-19:00Japan's first broadcast
Ashes of Love-Love with honey blooming-Tuesday-Saturday 3:30-4:30
My Deer Friend ~ Love Concierge ~Sunday 14:00-15:00BS first broadcast

Korean drama

All broadcast in subtitled version.

Program nameBroadcast dateRemarks
I met for the first time but I love youMonday-Friday 7:00-8:00BS first broadcast
Welcome 2 Life-Future drawn with you-Saturday 14: 00 - 16: 002 episodes continuous broadcast


Program nameBroadcast dateRemarks
Leave it to Ronbu Ryo's fishing!Thursday 3:00-3:30
Hyori's Homestay2Thursday 21:00-21:55Korean variety
In love with HawaiiSunday 18:00-18:55
Irregular programs
  • A journey through one railroad photo story
  • Kentaro× Shinpei Kurihara Shirokanedai XNUMX-chome Cafeteria (produced by Hoodies TV)
  • It's a Hokkaido product exhibition, but what? (HBCProduced ・ As of June 2014, it will be broadcast on Thursday from 6:21 to 30:22. )

Kids anime

From the beginning of the station, it had been broadcasting overseas animation and Japanese old / semi-new / new animation, but it ended on March 2020, 3, and until September 4.Open UniversityThere was no broadcast of anime works, which was the only free BS broadcasting station except.

However, on June 1990, 3Nippon TVWas broadcast onLike the clouds, like the windIs a company of the same Mitsui GroupMitsui Real Estate SalesIt was produced as part of the 20th anniversary commemorative project of the company, and since 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the company's founding and the 30th anniversary of the main broadcast, it was broadcast exceptionally on July 7 of the same year.[18].

From October 2020, on Sundays around 10:19Sunday Anime Theater] Is newly established.Movie version animation,OVA, Special editions edited for TV, as well as anime concerts2.5 dimensional workWill also be broadcast[19].

From January 2021, the animation frame "Tuesday-Saturday 1 o'clock (Monday-Friday 2:26)Anime 26] Was newly established.

Program nameBroadcast dateRemarks
Sunday Anime TheaterSunday 19:00-21:00The end time depends on the time.
Start May 2020, 10
Sylvanian Families mini story cloverSunday 21:55-22:00Start May 2021, 4
Anime 26Tuesday-Saturday 2:00-3:00Start May 2021, 1
Frog Pickles -Yomochi no Iro-Irregular broadcasting

Information and documentary

Program nameBroadcast dateRemarks
Wednesday morning live TV "MB's I Dora 1"Wednesday 6:30-7:00In-house program
Drunk Dragon's Stupid Selling Research Institute!Saturday 16: 00 - 16: 30
BOOKSTAND.TVSaturday 2: 30 - 3: 00
Market Analyze plus +Saturday 13: 00 - 14: 00
Drunk Dragon's Stupid Selling Research Institute!Friday 16:00-16:30Start May 2014, 11
DyDo Drinko Special Japanese Festival → DyDo Group Japanese FestivalSaturday 18: 00 - 18: 55
Saturday 18: 55 - 19: 00
A Bite of ChinaFriday 21:00-22:00
Super Mu worldIrregularStart May 2017, 4
BS12 guideIrregularBan program
Irregular programs
  • In-house program
Eco Music TV
  • Superb view healing travelogue
The program names until September 2015 were "Healing Time" and "Relaxing Time".

Life improvement entertainment

Some are broadcast for several months, others are discontinued after a few times, and the broadcast is not stable.The title will change in about a month, and the number of titles aired in the past will be huge, so I will omit it here.In addition, the program and website are linked, and requests for materials and inquiries from cooperating companies are also made within the program (telephone, inquiries).QR codeSuch).Therefore, it can be said that it is a de facto program frame sale.


High-definition simulcasts are broadcast most of the time.

Finished program

In-house production

  • Go to China Noodle Road
Terrestrial waveButKSB Seto Inland Sea BroadcastingでSales netIt had been.
For past broadcasts,TOKYO MX-tvk-Tele ball-Chiba TV-Gifuhoso-Mie televisionAnd CS broadcastingHistory channelBut it is being broadcast.



Original drama
Call! The heart of Japan
Youth group drama series
The truth! The historical drama
Friday killer street

From January 2019, the overseas drama frame "Friday Killer Street" will be set up from 1:19 on Friday.

  • Houdini & Doyle's Mysterious Case File-Mystery Solving Method- March 2019, 1-March 11, 2019
  • Burning Ice -Unproven Sin- (First broadcast in Japan) February 2019, 2-March 15, 2019
  • Hannibal March 2019, 4-March 26, 2019
  • BLOODLINE(BS first broadcast) July 2019, 7-September 5, 2019
  • Babylon Berlin March 2019, 10-March 4, 2019
  • THE TUNNEL-Blood that fell on the border --January 2020, 1 --January 3, 2020
  • Hannibal 2(BS first broadcast) February 2020, 2-March 7
  • Counterpart / Dark Alternate (BS First Broadcast) April 2020, 4-May 3, 2020
  • Cleaning Up --July 2020, 7 --August 24, 2020
  • Tin Star -Another Me- (First broadcast in Japan) October 2020, 10-November 9, 2020
  • Vienna Blood (First broadcast in Japan) November 2020, 11-November 13, 2020
  • Babylon Berlin Season 3(First broadcast in Japan) December 2020, 12-January 4, 2021
  • Agatha January 2021, 1 --January 15, 2021
Chinese drama
Korean drama

Travel programs

Kansai TV
Chukyo TV
  • The look of the old castle
  • Follow the Yangtze River 6380 km
EX entertainment
Travel channel
  • A little luxury! European train travelogue[20]
  • Walking with the landlady After all, the hot spring area you want to go to
  • Okinawa Chanpuru trip
  • Locals teach! 2 nights 3 days trip
  • Railroad mystery of Keitaro Nishimura
  • Rumored hot spring inn Thorough check of connoisseur Madam
  • Wagai weather ~ From my town ~
  • National unexplored station file
  • Railroad trip around hot springs in Asia
  • Kazuhiko Ohta's XNUMX Famous Japanese Izakaya[20]
  • Gamshala Travel Group
  • HokkaidoSeasonal seasonal goyomi (summer edition)
  • Maho Toyota's Asian Gourmet Navi
  • Akira Nakao's Okinawa "Ah, yeah" wandering trip
Rail channel

Cooking program

Hoodies tv
  • Sweets & Bread
  • Sweets & Sweets
  • Hoodies
  • Emi Hashi× Ko-chan dinner improvement committee
  • Living NotebookSupervision Showa taste that you want to eat again
  • Daily kitchen
  • Basic cooking series
  • KentaroDelicious and extremely
  • Deep Kira-Mendou
  • Kou-chanIt's in the fridge ...
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting

Economic programs

Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)
Daiwa Securities Information TV
  • Weekly stock market
Stock Voice
  • Today's stock Tomorrow's stock
Tokyo planning

Other programs

Golf Network (formerly The Golf Channel)
  • LPGATour
  • Round lessons with professionals
  • Hank Haney Project
  • Ra! ~ Surfing on Planet ~ Series
Disney channel

After broadcasting until the final episode, it will be broadcast again from the first episodeHeavy RotationWas repeated (1 year or XNUMX months).

Happy 241(Closed)
  • Ishida ism
  • 20th century famous cars
Independent station
National Geographic Channel
  • Overseas documentary hour

Kids anime

Until December 2017, children's animation was broadcast from Monday to Friday at 12 o'clock.

From August to November 2013,Kadokawa ShotenBroadcasts a UHF anime that is involved in production.

Fuji Television Network, Inc
2009年3月の毎週日曜日午後に全エピソードを集中放送後、同年6月から12月にかけて水曜 19:00 - 20:00に第1話から1話ずつ放送。
Kids station

Kayo pop channel
  • Nagira TV-Talk about that era-
TV Aichi


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