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📺 | Amazon Original drama "Panic ~ Secret Game ~" preview video has arrived!


Amazon Original drama "Panic ~ Secret Game ~" preview video arrived!

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Cast by Olivia Welch ("Unbelievable Only One Truth"), Mike Fest ("West Side Story" 1 Edition), Jessica Sula ("Split"), Camron Jones ("Purge"), Ray Nicholson Starring Nicholson ("Promising Young Woman"), Enrique Marciano ("Black List") and others.

An Amazon Original drama "Panic ~ Secret Game ~ ..." which is a drama of the best-selling novel of the same name. → Continue reading

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Cam'ron(Cam'ron,alias: Killa Cam, Real name: Cameron Giles,1976May 2 -) isThe United States of America OfHip hop mc[1].

New York CityManhattanHarlem districtBackground[2]..Harlem's representative rap group "Diplomats(Commonly known as "Dipset"), he is also the founder and leader.In addition, the rap group "Children of the Corn(I was active in the group under the name "Killer Cam").Also appeared in several moviesdirected byIs serving.


Jay ZThe album "Come Home With Me" produced by the US Open became a huge hit with over 150 million sales in the United States.[3].


Cam'ron is the sameニ ュ ー ヨ ー クRapper from50 cents,Jay Z, Mase,Nasetcbeefwas there. In 2008, he became estranged with his crew Diplomats Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, but later settled.


Studio album

  • Confessions of Fire (1998)
  • SDE (2000)
  • Come Home With Me (2002)
  • Purple Haze (2004)
  • Killa Season (2006)
  • Crime Pays (2009)
  • Purple Haze 2 (2019)



  • 2002 Paper Soldiers
  • 2002 Paid in Full
  • 2005 State Property 2
  • 2006 Killa Season


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