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🧑‍🎨 | Easy to use with plenty of ♡ ZARA's "quilting pouch" design is stylish!

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It's easy to use with plenty of it ♡ ZARA's "quilting pouch" design is stylish!

If you write the contents roughly
You can also purchase from ZARA's online store, so please search by product name!

I recently found a cute pouch in ZARA ♡ At a ZARA shop where I went to buy clothes, a stylish design ... → Continue reading

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EC site

EC site(EC site) means our own products (in the broad sense, products of other companies) and services,インターネットOwn operation of the aboveWebsiteでSaleIt is a site that does. What is ECEnglish: electronic commerce(Electronic Commerce =E-commerce) Stands for.

Multiple companies and individual shopsインターネットThe website of the form that opens in one place above,Electronic mallSee the item.

Products and services

otherMail orderSimilarly, there are many. The following items are on Wikipedia.


Mail order #Advantages and disadvantages of mail orderSee also

利 点

  • Since the company sells its own products and services, it is easy for the seller to be clear, recognized, and trusted.
  • To some extent, they can provide services and products freely.
  • brandSuch as strategyMarketing strategyCan be done easily.
  • A courier delivers them to your home without having to carry bulky or heavy luggage yourself.


  • WebsiteCapital investment for construction and maintenance is required.
  • It is inferior to the online shopping mall in terms of products and services.
  • It is easy to compare prices with other stores, so price competition is likely to occur.
  • In the field of fashion such as clothes and shoes, there are cases where different sizes occur, and fine parts that are difficult to understand on websites and designs of actual products are not liked.
  • EC site is closed due to maintenance,Credit bureau(Empire data bank,Tokyo Shoko Research), the credit bureau may conduct an investigation on the operating company if the information indicates that the operating company will be legally arranged.[1].. In factAmish,Caskidson Japan,AquamarineHowever, due to maintenance of the EC site, etc., the business collapsed immediately after taking a leave.

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注 釈



商標(Shohyo)Products,ServiceA sign that conveys the provider to the consumer who is provided. This article mainly describes the meaning of commercial transactions.


trademark(™), Service mark (℠), Etc. are also abbreviated.ProductsWith signs such as letters, figures, symbols, three-dimensional shapes, colors, and sounds for consumers who are provided with goods and services to recognize the providers of goods and services.14st centuryLaw scholarBaltorus (English edition)It is a concept that was conceived together with.

When a provider of goods or services puts a trademark on goods, packaging, goods used for providing services, electromagnetic images, etc. at the time of selling the goods, the consumer can recognize the source by the trademark and select it. If the provision of goods and services continues to be of a certain quality or higher, the trademark will be recognized by a wide range of consumers, its credibility will be improved, and its property value will be generated.patent right,CopyrightAs well asIntellectual property rightAsTreaty,lawProtected by, excellent trademarks are beneficial to the development of industry and the interests of consumers.

The first trademark in Japan is a cosmetics manufacturerYanagiya Main StoreRegistered.


The trademark of the product istrademark, Service trademarkService markIt is called. In addition to flat objects such as letters, figures, and symbols that are visually transmitted, and characteristic three-dimensional shapes such as products and signboards,acoustic,smell,taste,touchIf the consumer becomes aware of the characteristics, it will function.


The source is clearly indicated, quality assurance guarantees a certain level of quality, and advertising promotes a wide range of positive choices.[1].


Tangible products have trademarks on their bodies and packaging. Since services are intangible, they are displayed on equipment such as stores and vehicles that provide services, displayed as output on websites and display screens, and trademarks are shown on tangible products sold or rented to provide services. .. The notation is often based on American domestic law.

the purposeNotation
  • trade mark
  • TM
  • ™
Service mark
  • service mark
  • SM
  • ℠
Registered trademark
  • registered trademark
  • (R)
  • ®

Japanese trademark system TheTrademark lawArticle 17 of the Enforcement Regulations does not stipulate the "Registered Trademark Mark ®" as displaying the registered trademark with the characters "Registered Trademark" and "Registration Number", but the above American mark was made by China on August 2002, 8. Widely used worldwide, such as promulgated in Article 3, Paragraph 37 of the Trademark Law Enforcement Ordinance of the People's Republic of China. In addition, those used in a manner that exerts the self-other product identification function or the source display function are regarded as trademark use. Formal indications such as explanations and designs are not trademark uses.[2].


Examination at the time of application, first-to-file principle such as the United States, first-to-file principle such as Japan and Europe, etc. differ in each country and region. Apply directly to the country seeking trademark protection orMadrid AgreementUnless an international application is filed under the Protocol, the scope of protection is limited to the country, and even if an international application is filed, in principle, it is necessary to undergo examination in the country seeking protection.

Trademark as property

  • Second World WarBecause Germany was defeated in Japan, the trademark rights registered by the German trading company in Japan before the warAllied Supreme Commander General CommandWas requisitioned and owned as a reparation property after the war. In 1950, a Japanese trading companyBoschWhen I tried to import the company's machine, it became a problem as it violated the trademark law.[3].


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