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📺 | Reputation of Hiroshi Abe's daughter ... "Dragon Zakura"

Abe shows a depressed look in the rainy scene

Hiroshi Abe's daughter's reputation ... "Dragon Zakura"

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In the previous student role, Saeko (34) also made a special appearance for the first time to please the fans.

Ginza, Tokyo on the night of mid-April when it rains.There was a large man standing in a mask.Hiroshi Abe (4).That person ... → Continue reading

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Saeko(Saeko,1986May 11[1] -) isJapan Oftalent,Businessman,モデル, Originalactress[2].MiyazakiBackground[1].Hyuga Gakuin Junior High Schoolgraduate.Horikoshi High Schoolgraduate.Waseda University Faculty of Human SciencesDropped out on correspondence course[3][4].. Blood type is O[1].

Stage name at the beginning of debutSaecoSince 2011SaekoI am trying. Two sons from the UK since 2017UKI entered a boarding school. The person lives in Japan.


  • 2003-in the name of Dokyu SaecoNippon TVSponsored "Nippon Telegenic2003” was elected. At the same time magazine "Weekly Young Jump"ofControlWon the grand prix.
  • August 2007, 8-at my blog at the timeHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersBelongingWith DarvishSimultaneously report being engaged with and being in the 6th week of pregnancy.
  • November 2007-Married to Darvish.
  • March 2008-Birth of the first child (eldest son).
  • October 2008, 10-Office at the end of September 24Top coatConfessed on the blog that the contract had been terminated by. Declared "I will concentrate on my husband's support and parenting."
  • February 2010-Birth of the second child (second son).
  • November 2010-I was acting as a representative "" was forced to close due to poor sales. At the same time, restarted with the new brand "". However, the contract as a clothing producer also ended in November 11 due to the expiration of the period.
  • November 2011-Azusa photo essay collection.
  • January 2012-divorce established. It was reported that Saeiko had custody of the child. That there was no comfort[5].
  • January 2012, 1-In an article on the January 23, 2012 article on Darvish's official blog, "There was no root or leaf story about her in the media etc. but the fact is almost zero. She is devoted He worked hard to support himself, worked hard at home, and never asked for exorbitant compensation or child support."[6], "I was abandoning childcare and housework and playing around, requesting 1000 million yen a month for child support", it is false and not true[6].
  • October 2013-By the spin-off of the office,Avex VanguardBelongs to[7].
  • October 2015-Appeared as Masako Mohri, an English conversation school clerk in Fuji TV's new 10 month drama "8 → 9 ~ A Buddhist monk in love with me ~"[8].
  • February 2017- Start TodayThe president ofMaesawa YusakuIn December 2015, he declared a relationship at a Maezawa company's year-end party and had a good relationship with Saeko's children, but on Instagram he officially reported a period of relationship.[9].
  • September 2017-The sons of 9 and 9 years old at that time英国UKI enrolled in a boarding school.
  • April 2020, 4-Management and sales activities are conducted at a private office after the contract period with Avex Management expires.[10].
  • Released in June 2020sweet』(Treasure Island) In October issue, graduated from the magazine that served as a regular model for about eight and a half years[11].
  • Since 2020Tochigi OfNasuMoved to Nasu Farm Village and started activities as a manager[12].
  • April 2021, 4-A surprise appearance as Maki Kobayashi, who also played in the previous work, in the first episode of the TBS Sunday Theater "Dragon Zakura", which will be the first drama appearance in about five and a half years, has received a lot of attention.[13]..Re-appeared in the final episode[14]..On the 29th after the end of the film, he released a close-up video of the final episode on his You Tube channel, saying that his subsequent activities as an actress "I think the play is the last one today". Virtually retired from the business[15].

Appearance work

TV drama





  • Shrimp Great(December 2005th-December 12th, 8)-The role of the heroine Paritegi *The 12 Seoul Performing Arts Festival Award and Drama Award





Photo album


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