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🎥 | Yuya Yagira "Someone's handkerchief" Sweat overwhelmed by the greatness of Katsushika Hokusai?

Photo movie "HOKUSAI" release commemoration!Yuya Yagira cranked in at the big wave talk event!

Yuya Yagira "Someone's handkerchief" Sweat overwhelmed by the greatness of Katsushika Hokusai?

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This work is an original story that connects the life of the genius painter Hokusai (adolescent: Yagira, old age: Tanaka), who has few materials about his life, by connecting historical facts and the age when the work was born.

Actors Yuya Yagira and Min Tanaka commemorate the release of the double-starring movie "HOKUSAI" held at the Edo-Tokyo Museum on the 13th!Big… → Continue reading

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Senior citizens

Senior citizens(Koreisha)社会Compared to other members inageIt is a group of members with a high value. HoweverSenior citizensThere is no fixed definition of age.

In Japanese, as a synonymOld man(Rojin),Elderly(Toshiyori),ElderlyThere are words such as (Otoshiyori). Also, this generationelderlyIt may be called (Rounen).


The line of old age is vague and subjective, but of the United NationswhoBy definition, over 65 years old[1]People are considered to be elderly, and they are retired orOld age pensionIt is also possible to say people who are more than eligible for benefits.

In Japan, 0 to 19 years old are generally considered to be minors, 20 to 64 years old are considered to be active generations, 65 to 74 years old are considered to be early elderly, and 75 years or older are considered to be late elderly.

Regulations in the medical system

Act on ensuring medical care for the elderly, And various laws and regulations associated with it[2]Stipulates that 65-74 years old is the early-stage elderly, and 75 years or older is the late-stage elderly.

Definition in the Elderly Persons Employment Stabilization Law

  • Elderly - Act on stability of employment of elderly people, etc.(Abbreviation: Elderly Persons Employment Stabilization Law) means "elderly persons" who are 55 years of age or older.[3].
  • Elderly people, etc. --"Elderly" and "Middle-aged" under 55 (45+)[3]), And "middle-aged and elderly unemployed, etc." under 55 years old (unemployed people between 45 and 65 years old and other unemployed people who are particularly difficult to find employment, specificallyDisabled,Criminal lawAccording to the regulations such asProbationRegarding the mediation of the occupation of the person attached toProbation officeFrom the longPublic Employment Security OfficeThose who contacted the chief[3]Say something that does not fall under "elderly"[4]) Say.

Classification in demographics


How to call

Excessive social security benefits, cognitive and physical deterioration,dementia・ Disgust for the elderly due to the fatigue and social burden of nursing care for the elderly who are prone to illness such as bedriddenElderly abuse (Ageism) Has increased. In response to this, there is a tendency to avoid age-emphasized expressions such as "older, older, older" and devise and use value-neutral expressions such as "more experienced, senior". ing. For example, instead of old, senior, elderly, aged, the name of the medical system for the elderly and the design change of the elderly driver sign.

In the past, the term old man was widely used, but recently there is an opinion that it may be a discriminatory term.[6].

JapanesePublic transportElderly peoplehandicapped・ Sick / injured ・Pregnant womanFor etc.Priority seatingIs provided,Japan National Railway,Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of TransportationSome businesses, such as, described this as a "silver seat." From here, in Japan, the elderlysilverIt came to be called. In addition, elderly people often describe themselves as "silver." To utilize the vocational skills of the elderly, "Silver Human Resource CenterThere are facilities named "" in various places.

Medical aspect

dementiaPrevalenceIs rare in the working age group under 65 years old with 2-10%,[7], Sudden increase after age 80, and more than half affected in Europe by age 95 and older[7].. OECD predicts that 20 years from now, Europe will have 1.5 times more dementia if the prevalence by age remains at its current pace[7].

5 types of personality traits and Rachard

  1. Mature type-A type that has hope for the future without regretting the past. Generous.
  2. Rocking chair type (dependent type)-A type that accepts reality. They tend to rely on someone who provides material and emotional support. I try to live comfortably.
  3. Defensive type (armor type)-A type that tries to maintain the level of activity when young. Does not allow aging.
  4. Indignation type (hostile type)-A type in which dissatisfaction with old age appears as an attack on others (fireworks, automobiles). Blame others for the mistakes of life.
  5. Remorse type-A type that thinks that life was a failure and blocks it. I think it was because of my incompetence.


When the elderly exceed 7% of the population in a certain country / regionAging society, When it exceeds 14%Aged society, When it exceeds 21%Super aging societyCalled.

In Japan, it was the lowest at 1935% in 4.7, but reached 2007% in 21.5, making it a super-aging society. In Japan, it was number one in the world until the 2050s, but after 1 it will be number two or less in the world.

Relationship with society

In general, some older people経 験It is said that he is proficient in various things. Many people have retired from the front line due to deterioration of cognitive and motor functions due to aging, deterioration of memory due to senility, etc., but their abundant experience and the intuition derived from that experience are learning. There are some elderly people who demonstrate efficiency beyond the knowledge gained through practice and the skills acquired through practice. It is said that young people should learn what they should learn and pass it on to future generations.

Since ancient times, the elderly have gained a certain position in society due to seniority and high turnout in elections, but unlike modern times.Ancient timesからModernIn the early days, medical technology had not been developed, so it became rarer as we got older, and for a long time there was a special honorific title for the elderly, called "elder" or "elder".ConfucianismKeiro's idea based on is helping the elderly to be respected.

Case in Japan

According to the announcement by the Cabinet Office in 2018, the estimated population aged 65 and over (as of October 10) was 1 million. This is 3,558% of the total population[11].. As in the second life, the percentage of elderly workers was low because the elderly stopped working when they reached retirement age (1980% as of 4.9), but as of 2017, the number of elderly workers is increasing and they are older. Workers make up about 1% of workers[12].

Living alone

Aging society,Nuclear FamilyDue to the rapid progress of the conversion, the number of elderly people living alone has increased. 1955 households in 42[13]The number of elderly single-person households was 1965 in 79.[13], 2005 million households in 386[14], 2015 million households in 380[15]It has become.

Traffic fatal accident by an elderly driver

Nationwide in the first half of 2005 (April-September)Traffic accidentThe number of fatal accidents caused by elderly drivers has increased. In response to this situationNational Police Agency"In addition to safety education, it is necessary to consider measures according to the individual driving ability of the elderly," and included a cognitive function test when renewing the driver's license for the elderly aged 75 and over.Road Traffic LawAmendment of 2007Ordinary DietIt was submitted to the website and will come into effect in June 2009.

In 2019, a series of elderly driving accidents became a big topic, and discussions such as voluntary return and license restrictions became active.[16][17].. While there are voices requesting restrictions on licenses, there are also realistic voices such as "I can't live without a car in rural areas."[18][19].

Isolation of the elderly

The problems are the lonely death of elderly people who have lost their social ties such as work and family, and the need to commit crimes and seek social ties from prisons.[20][21].. According to doctor Toshinori Kato, if you continue to work for a company for 30-40 years, your brain will also function by working at the company, and after retirement, the more lonely and isolated elderly people are, the more "essential brain things" There will be a situation where you can't use the split, and your understanding will be reduced, and you will not be able to pay attention to your surroundings and will be reflected on your own.[22].

Aggression of the elderly

NHKAccording to a survey of 65 elderly people aged 487 and over, about half of them "may" get "sharp" because their emotions cannot be suppressed in their daily lives.[23], Furthermore, 3% answered that "it becomes difficult to control emotions with age"[23].. Masanori Nishita, a psychiatrist,Nuclear FamilyIn an established society, while elderly people live alone or with their spouse, they are abandoned by society because their range of action is narrowed due to the decline in motor function and they cannot keep up with the progress of IT and information technology. He strengthened his feelings, pointed out the possibility of becoming aggressive to society, and stated that it would lead to the phenomenon that "elderly people are sharpened" as "the reaction of the brain to the changing modern social environment". Is[24].. Furthermore, in Nishita, there is a case where "sharpening of personality" occurs due to aging, and people who were short-tempered when they were young become more and more impatient.[24]Or, cases that become aggressive due to deterioration of frontal lobe function[24]Is listed. According to doctor Toshinori Kato, deterioration of brain function causes deterioration of hearing and memory, and as a result, it may be difficult to understand other people's stories well and emotions may explode.[23].. Of a psychiatristHideki WadaPoints out that there are many elderly people who are not satisfied with their narcissism and "feeling runaway from the feeling of hunger that they are not taken care of by others."[25].


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