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🎥 | Re-attention in the movie "Hana Koi"!Who is Awesome City Club singing the blockbuster song "Forgetfulness"?

Photo While the movie "I Fell in Love Like a Bouquet" starring Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura is a big hit, Awesome City Club, the band of "Family's Older Sister" in the play, is paying attention. Is collecting.

Re-focused on the movie "Hana Koi"!Who is Awesome City Club singing the blockbuster song "Forgetfulness"?

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In the interview, when asked "What other artists would you like to be in line with?", Yumi Matsutoya, Tatsuro Yamashita, Susumu Hirasawa, Yasuyuki Okamura, Hikaru Utada, and PETROLZ were mentioned (* 1).

While the movie "I Fell in Love Like a Bouquet" starring Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura was a big hit, "Family's older sister ..." → Continue reading

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Yasuyuki Okamura

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Yasuyuki Okamura(Yasuyuki Okamura,1965May 8 -) isJapan OfSinger-songwriter[3].HyogoKobe Citybirth.Blood TypeはB型。身長182cm。愛称はOkamura-chan.


Childhood-student days

1965May 8,Kobe CityBorn in.Air FranceBecause of the work of his father who worked forOsaka,UK,FukuokaDazaifu City,Niigata,TokyoThere are a total of 7 rotations in elementary and junior high schools alone, and they move in about 3 months at the shortest.[4]..Experience the first live performance at a school festival in junior high school.The song was original by himself and was shown in the classroom with three friends.According to himself, "Well normalFolk songAnd now it's a childish work that I don't want to hear[4]".When this live was unexpectedly received, I woke up to music in earnest.

Niigata Prefectural Niigata Higashi High SchoolStarted music activities while still in school.While buying equipment and devoting himself to the production of original music, in the cityNight clubIn HakobanbassistI also experienced a part-time job[4]..In addition, high school drops out when he is in the third grade.I'm wondering what will happen in the future, trying to challenge from something that has no possibilityRecord companyToDemo tapeBring and at the age of 19作曲家AsdebutTo do.After thatMisato Watanabe,Koji Yoshikawa,Masayuki SuzukiProviding music to others.Misato WatanaberecordingTochorusThe dance that I was dancing in my spare time while participating inproducerBegan to be seen as "shining", which led to his debut as a singer.

Footprints from record debut

1986January,singleDebuted at "OUT OF BLUE".Nippon BudokanMade inTBSThe event of "35th Anniversary Rock Festival" will be the debut liveTakako Shirai,TM NETWORK, Co-starred with Misato Watanabe.After that, he constantly releases 5 albums.

1987, At the Hiroshima Peace Concert, my best friendOzaki YutakaRealized co-starring with.The two sang Okamura's song "Young Oh! Oh!"

On August 1987, 8, an all-night concert event "" at Minami Aso Aspecta, Kumamoto Prefecture.BEATCHILDAppeared in.Again, he co-starred with Yutaka Ozaki and Misato Watanabe.The event was released in 2013 as a documentary film in theaters nationwide for a limited time.

1989July, Misato WatanabeSeibu StadiumGuest appearance at the concert "SUPER Flower bed BALL '89".1990, Starring the movie for the first time in "Peach-What do you want me to do?"Kanayama KazuhikoCo-starring with (in this eraCheckersof"CHECKERS IN TAN TAN TanukiAnd Koji Kikkawa's "Skanpin Walk], Many movies starring singers were made).

1991From then until the early 2000s, he moved away from the media and focused on providing and producing songs for other artists. During that time, Okamura's own work was limited to only one original album and a few singles. It was.

While re-released three original albums released in the 1991s at the will of the record company in 1980, he constantly performed live in 3 and 1991. In 1992 and 1993, Okamura's own new single album was not released.

At the end of 1995, the original album "Forbidden purpose of life, But here it mainly contains several singles and unreleased songs released in 1991 and 1992 in the same year.

Activities for other artistsMakoto KawamotoDebut song "Talent of love"ofComposition,Arranger,ProduceAnd also in charge of chorus.After thatNorihiro Kuroda,megIn addition to working on the debut song ofCHARA"Lemon Candy" (2001)SOPHIA"HARD WORKER" (2002),ajapai feat.Yasuyuki Okamura Provides music such as "DAI-SHA-RING" (2002).

2002 years,Asahi Miho,Carnation OfMasataro NaoeA tribute album "Anything is for you" was released, which was made by young artists who were influenced by Okamura (currently Masahiro Naoe).In addition, Asahi will release a cover single by Naoe, "Daisuki / That girl, what would you look like if I decided to shoot a long shot?"Ishino table tennisAnnounced a collaboration with "come baby".

2003In January, it was announced that the unit single "New Wave Boy" with Takkyu Ishino will be released on February 1th and the album "THE ALBUM" will be released on March 2th, but the release will be canceled immediately afterwards. (After that, "THE ALBUM" recorded a single coupling song as a bonus track and will be released on December 19th).Ishino wrote in "Denki Groove x Idea", "There are various things in Okamura (I try not to touch the stimulant case in the shadow). I left it to the staff. " February 3 Epic Sony25th Anniversary Concert "LIVE EPIC 25However, the appearance was canceled due to "convenience of recording" after the ticket was released.In fact, assuming that Okamura himself possessed and used stimulantsStimulants Control LawBecause he was arrested for the violation, the appearance was postponed as a result of discussions among the staff. In MarchTokyo District CourtInImprisonment2·ProbationConvicted for three years (the case was announced at the time of the 3 recidivism).He left EPIC Sony, which he had belonged to since his debut.

In the summer of 2003, the outdoor live "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL Live activities resumed in 2003.A national tour "Fresh Boy TOUR" will be performed in the fall.

2004Single announcement in summer.Appeared in several outdoor live concerts in the summer as last year.In autumn, the original album "Me-imi』Announced.National tour "Me-imi TOUR" performance.Published a dialogue book "Pure Love Counseling".

June 2004, 11, ``Tetsuya Chikushi NEWS23』(TBS)of"Friday midnight flight, "A Chi Chi Chi" and "Bible (Bible)" were performed live for the first time in eight and a half years.

2005January,Shibuya WardUse stimulants in the toilet inside the record store.A few days later, he was discovered when he was tested for drugs by a police officer's job question.At a later date, the contract will be terminated by requesting the agency to be approved. In May 2005, the fan club "DATE" was closed and the official website was closed due to the termination of the contract with the agency.On the 5th of the same month, he was arrested and charged with violating (using) the Stimulant Drug Control Law. October 20, 2005,Tokyo District CourtHe was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison (2 years in prison) and was revoked due to recidivism during the suspended sentence.On the same day, an apology from the person himself will be posted on the fan site.

source[5]After2007XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Takeshi KobayashiSponsored byap bankEvent "AP BANG! Tokyo Environmental Conference vol.1Returned at ""Kahlua with Milk"A Chi Chi Chi" "Bible" "What would that girl look like if I decided to shoot a long shot?Show off 4 songs[6].. September 2007, 9, new song "Clearly more braveReleased. On October 10, Yasuyuki Okamura's special feature "Farewell to Stimulants ... The Way of Life of Singer Yasuyuki Okamura" was broadcast on "Tetsuya Tsukushi NEWS19" (TBS) "Friday Midnight Flight". In addition to the activities and interviews since March, he performed "Clearly more brave" by playing the piano with gospel arrangement.

June 2007, 10, ``Me-imi ~ Premium Edition ~] Released. From October 10th, a national tour "Yasuyuki Okamura TOUR '26" Confession "" will be performed. November 07thNagoyaOn the last day of the tour (Zepp Nagoya).The performance was postponed due to an injury at the Osaka performance the night before.Two months after the rupture of the left iliotibial band.The next day, "Yasuyuki Okamura TOUR '2" Confession "Apology and Report on the Nagoya Performance on November 07th (Wednesday)" will be posted on the official website.At the same time, a medical certificate was released stating that it would take about 11 days for leave of absence due to a contusion of the left gastrocnemius muscle.

2008On February 2, he was arrested for the third time on suspicion of violating the Stimulant Drug Control Law (possession).An apology from the Yasuyuki Okamura concert secretariat and Yasuyuki Okamura fan club staff will be posted on the official website. Addition / transfer performance of "Yasuyuki Okamura TOUR '5" Confession "" will be canceled, and the fan club "DATE", which has just started, will be dissolved.[7].. First trial at the Tokyo District Court on May 5, imprisonment for 2 years and 2 months. On May 6, he was sentenced to two years in prison.[8]

2010October 5th, my ownMySpace"Parachute GirlDemo sound source is uploaded[9].

August 2011, 5,Space shower tvSponsored summer festival "SWEET LOVE SHOWER Announced appearance in "2011".

On June 6th, they announced the release of two rearranged albums and a live tour, and resumed their activities in earnest.At the same time, he formed a masked DJ unit "OL Killer" and participated in various events.On August 17, the same year, the official website pre-opened, and the staffTwitterAn account has also been opened.Free distribution of the new song "Bu Sha Ka LOOP".

From September 2011, 9, Higashi-Meihan Tour "7 Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE" Etiquette "" performance.

From January 2012, 1, 10 performances in 2012 locations of the national tour "Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 9" Etiquette + "".

On February 2012, 2, 15 albums from EPIC Sony, which had been discontinued, were released.Blu-spec CDIt was remastered to the specifications and recurred.

On June 2012, 6, the official fan club "DATE" is back on mobile.MEG's single "TRAP" released on June 1th of the same year (Lyrics: MEG Composition: Yasuyuki Okamura Arrangement:Shinichi Osawa) Participate.

Released on September 2012, 7Base Ball BearMini album "First loveParticipated in "Kimi wa Nonfiction" (arranged and produced) recorded in "Kimi wa Nonfiction".

From September 2012, 9, the Tomei Osaka Hall Tour "Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 17" Sports "" will be performed.

From March 2013, 3, a national tour "Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 15" Mukomizu de Ijirashite "" will be performed.

August 2013, 10, single "BibanamidaReleased, TV animation broadcast in January 2014 "Space dandyWas appointed as the theme song of 』, and a PV by the animation staff was also produced.

From October 2013, 10, "Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE 16" Ivory "" has 2013 performances in 2 locations and 3 additional performance.

Released on September 2013, 10Kimura KaelaAlbum ofROCKParticipated in the cover song "TAKE ON ME" (performance, arrangement, production).

"Yasuyuki Okamura +" in "Taeko Onuki Tribute Album Tribute to Taeko Onuki" released on December 2013, 12Ryuichi SakamotoParticipated in "Urban" (vocals, arrangement, production) under the name.

Participated in the carnation tribute "What's more about me than I am?" Released on December 2013, 12, with "What are you doing at school?" (Vocals, arrangements, productions).

From January 2014, 1, "Viva Namida (Space ☆ Dandy Edition)" will be released. iTunes Store,Amazon.com,Recochoku,blackberryWorldwide distribution from major distribution sites in Japan and overseas.

August 2014, 4, single "Love is not fashionable"release. Base Ball BearYusuke Koide & manga artist Kubo BeeswaxTriple collaboration with. In June, "Mina Kubo Hyada Korase Night』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), "SP where Okamura is coming" will be broadcast for 2 consecutive weeks.

Appeared in "SWEET LOVE SHOWER" on August 2014, 8.

August 2014, 9,KishidanSponsored byKishidan ExpoParticipated in "2014".

August 2014, 11,Waseda UniversityAppeared in the school festival "Machiawase with you in the 4th period".

August 2014, 11, single "Become a boyfriend and be kindReleased, the first performance is "SMAP x SMAP』(Kansai TV・ Fuji TV) At "S ・ LIVE"SMAPCo-starred with.

From November 2014, 11, "Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 19" Fire "" will be performed in 2014 locations and 3 performances.4 additional performance.

From April 2015, 4, 26 performances in 2015 locations of the national tour "Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 10" This is my life "".

March 2015, 3, "BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKEIt was revealed that he was in charge of the music for the interactive movie "BAO BAO CLOCK".

From October 2015, 10, the tour "Yasuyuki Okamura 31 FALL-WINTER TOUR" Meaning of Love "" will be performed in 2015 locations and 3 performances.4 additional location and 1 performance.

From April 2016, 4, 9 performances in 2016 locations of the tour "Yasuyuki Okamura 12 SPRING tour" Happiness "".

From November 2016, 11, the tour "Yasuyuki Okamura 25 FALL-WINTER tour" Fate "" will be performed in 2016 locations and 4 performances.

From April 2017, 4, 15 performances in 2017 locations of the tour "Yasuyuki Okamura 13 SPRING Tour" ROMANCE "".

August 2017, 9 "Kishidan ExpoAppeared in "2017".

From November 2017, 11, the tour "Yasuyuki Okamura 3 FALL-WINTER TOUR" Red "" will be performed in 2017 locations and 4 performances.

June 2017, 11, ``Music Station』(TV Asahi) First appearance,DAOKOCollaboration single withStep up LOVEWas unveiled on TV for the first time.

From April 2018, 4, 14 performances at 2018 locations of the national tour "Yasuyuki Okamura 16 SPRING Tour" Machiavellian "".

On June 2018, 6, he participated as a guest in the carnation 30th anniversary live "35th year carnation" SUNSET MONSTERS "".

September 2018, 7, ``ap bank fesAppeared in '18 ".

June 2018, 8, ``Good night Japan Good sleep!] Vol.20 (NHK G) As a guest.

June 2018, 10, ``King's brunch』(TBS) as the theme song" Shonen Saturday "was revealed.This song has been used since the broadcast on the 6th.

October 2018, 10, fashion brand ``LOWRYS FARMIt became clear that the original song was produced as the image song for the third installment of the 2018 A / W creative series.

August 2018, 10,Nippon BudokanMade inHot Stuff Promotion40th Anniversary Event "Hot Stuff Promotion 40th Anniversary MASAKA" Ultra Boy Meets Super Girl ""YUKIAppeared with.

November 2018, 11, "West Japan Heavy Rain Reconstruction Charity Concert-Beautiful Stars in the Sky Project-" Kazuyoshi Saito Appeared in "with Friends".[10]

Appeared on "Music Station" (TV Asahi) on November 2018, 11,KICK THE CAN CREWThe collaboration single "Address feat. Yasuyuki Okamura" was unveiled on TV for the first time.

November 2018, 11, Original romance reality show "Romance drama Koi ga Shitai 21" (AbemaTV), It became clear that "Super Girl (Etiquette 2019 ver)" was decided as the theme song.This song is my own single song "SUPER GIRL] With a new arrangement.

On January 2019, 1, the single "Shonen Saturday" was released.The coupling includes "Super Girl (Etiquette 23 ver)" which is the theme song of "Romance drama Koi ga Shitai 2" (AbemaTV).[11]

From April 2019, 4, 6 performances at 2019 locations of the national tour "Yasuyuki Okamura 15 SPRING Tour" Celebrity "".

June 2019, 5, ``Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody』(NHK-FM) As a personality[12][13].[14]

August 2019, 5,RHYMESTERSponsored festival "Human intersectionAppeared in "2019".[15][16]

June 2019, 5, ``After 6 junction』(TBS Radio) Appeared.[17]

July 2019, 7, "Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody" (NHK-FM broadcasting) The second broadcast.[18]

August 2019, 9,HermesAppeared on the Internet radio broadcast "Radio Hermes", which is being developed for a limited time.

July 2019, 9, "Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody" (NHK Radio First Broadcast) Third broadcast.[19]

From October 2019, 10 to 6 FALL tour "Yabaiyo! This feeling." 2019 places 4 performances.[20]

On October 2019, 10, it was revealed that he will participate in the feature film "Music" released on January 6, 2020 as a cast of the voices of the main characters.[21]

October 2019, 10, 19 FALL Tour "Yeah! This feeling."Zepp DiverCityIn the performance atRHYMESTERThe collaborative work "MacGuffin" was unveiled for the first time.At the same time, it was revealed that the code name of the song is "Yasuyuki Okamura and Rhymester".

On November 2019, 11, he appeared in "After 13 Junction" (TBS Radio), and "McGaffin / Yasuyuki Okamura and Lime Star" was OA for the first time in the program.

On November 2019, 11, digital release and streaming distribution of "McGaffin / Yasuyuki Okamura and Rhymester" started.[22]

January 2020, 1, "Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody Early Spring SP" (NHK Radio First Broadcast)broadcast.[23]

June 2020, 3, ``Music Station』(TV Asahi), Yasuyuki Okamura also appeared as a lime star and performed "MacGuffin".

From 2020 year 3 month 25 dayTower RecordAppeared in the "NO MUSIC, NO LIFE" poster opinion advertisement series.[24]

June 2020, 3, ``Kanjam Perfect Burn Show』(TV Asahi) appearance.[25]

On April 2020, 4, the album "Misao" was released.[26]

August 2020, 4,J-WAVE"STEP ONE].

August 2020, 7,NHKMusic program"SONGSAppeared in. Performed three songs, "Shonen Saturday", "Step Up LOVE", and the representative song "Daisuki".[27]

July 2020, 8, "Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody" (NHK Radio First Broadcast) Fifth broadcast.[28]

July 2020, 9, "Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody" (NHK Radio First Broadcast) Sixth broadcast.[29]

July 2020, 11, "Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody" (NHK Radio First Broadcast) Seventh broadcast.[30]

January 2021, 1, "Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody 2 First Laughter" (NHK-FM broadcasting)broadcast.[31][32]

During the period of February and March 2021, the NHK TV / radio program "Everyone's song, The song "Gugu Choki Choki" written for the program is on air.[33][34]

July 2021, 2, "Yasuyuki Okamura's Camon Everybody" (NHK Radio First Broadcast) Ninth broadcast.[35][36]

From March 2021, 3 to 21 SPRING tour "Sou" 2021 places 10 performances.[37]


In middle and high schoolbasketballHe belongs to the club, and the lyrics that reflect the basketball club are used in Okamura's songs.He said that he lived alone in an apartment in Niigata City when he was in high school, and was living a cut-down life in order to become a musician.

Once belonged to the same labelTakayuki Osawa,Hideaki Matsuoka, The same year and the same musician as OkamuraKoji Yoshikawa,Ozaki YutakaAnd so on.In particular, he was so close to Yoshikawa and Ozaki that Okamura often accompanied him to drink alcohol.

I have one sister.There are many songs about youth, romance, and sex.visionSince I was in my twentiesGlassesAre wearing.

longDriver's licenseI didn't have one, but it was revealed in the 2018 Machiavellian Tour Pamphlet that I had a driver's license.

Heart markThe logo "Peach Mark" with the motif of "Peach Mark" was designed by the person himself, and the album "Peach Mark"Yasuyuki』Used from.

DREAMS COME TRUE OfMiwa YoshidaHas mentioned Okamura as one of his favorite artists.

Favorite entertainerDowntownとSama-zu[38].



 Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberRemarks
1st1986th of February 12Out of Blue7Inch07 ・ 5H-329
2nd1987th of February 3Check Out Love07 ・ 5H-340
3rd1987th of February 5Young oh! Oh!07 ・ 5H-356
4th1987th of February 7Dog Days07 ・ 5H-366
5thFebruary 1988, 2 (1Inch)Ikenaikotokai7Inch
8 cm CD
07 ・ 5H-407
October 1988, 2 (CD)10 ・ 8H-3006
6th1988th of February 4SUPER GIRL07 ・ 5H-3025
10 ・ 8H-3025
Anime"City hunter 2"Ending theme
7th1988th of February 9Bible8 cm CD10 ・ 8H-3058
8th1988th of February 11Love10 ・ 8H-3074Honda"NEW todayCF song
9th1989th of February 4Love tambourine10 ・ 8H-3104
10th1989th of February 12Pretending to be a friendESDB-3070
11th1990th of February 2Peach TimeESDB-3075
12th1990th of February 7I'm crazyESDB-3128
13th1990th of February 10What would that girl look like if I decided to shoot a long shot?ESDB-3145
14th1990th of February 12Kahlua with MilkESDB-3177
15th1991th of February 7Tarzan BoyESDB-3232
16th1992th of February 10Parachute GirlESDB-3332
17th1995th of February 10charm pointESDB-3620NHK-FM"Music square"Opening theme
18th1995th of February 12Peach X'mas12 cm CDESCB-1711Limited edition
1996th of February 11ESCB-1788

1997th of February 11ESCB-1847
1998th of February 12ESCB-1921
19th1996th of February 12Harenchi8 cm CDESDB-3734
20th1999th of February 11セ ッ ク ス12 cm CDESCB-2056
21st2000th of February 4Midnight cyclingESCB-2097First paper jacket specifications
22nd2000th of February 6SexeSESCB-2151
23rd2001th of February 3Marshmallow Honeymoon feat. Captain FunkESCB-2223
24th2004th of February 5Mon ShiroUICJ-5033
25th2004th of February 7Miracle JumpUICJ-5035Fuji Television Network, IncSystemHEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP"Ending theme
26th2007th of February 9Clearly more braveUMCK-5182
27th2013th of February 10BibanamidaXQME-1001Television Animation"Space dandy] Theme song
28th2014th of February 4Love is not fashionableXQME-1002Base Ball Bear OfYusuke Koide & manga artist Kubo BeeswaxTriple collaboration with. Under the name of "Yasuyuki Okamura w Yusuke Koide".
29th2014th of February 11Become a boyfriend and be kindXQME-91002Included benefits: 2 trading cards set (6 patterns in total / 3 types in total)
-2015th of February 7XQME-1003Collaboration single with.Released at the same time as the analog 7inch board (UBKA-9001).
30th2015th of February 9Love messageXQME-1004"Movie everyone!It's Esper!Theme song
RCC TV"Imanama!Theme song
-2017th of February 10Step up LOVETFCC-89643
DAOKOCollaboration single with.Television Animation"Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND"Ending theme.Regular edition B includes Okamura's new song "I don't forget" (theme song of the movie "").
31st2019th of February 1Shonen SaturdayXQME-1005TBS information wide variety program "King's brunch"Theme song.For couplingAbemaTVThe theme song of "Romance drama Koi ga Shitai 2"Super girl(Etiquette 2019 ver) ”is included.
32nd2019th of February 11McGuffinDigital distribution-RHYMESTERCollaboration single with. Under the name of "Yasuyuki Okamura and Rhymester".
33rd2021th of February 3Goo Goo Choki Choki12 cm CDXQME-1006NHK “Everyone's song』February / March 2021 on-air music

Original album

  1. yellow(1987 3 年 月 日 21)
  2. DATE(1988 3 年 月 日 21)
  3. Yasuyuki(1989 7 年 月 日 14)
  4. Tutor(1990 11 年 月 日 16)
  5. Forbidden purpose of life(1995 12 年 月 日 13)
  6. Me-imi(2004 9 年 月 日 1)
  7. 幸福(2016 1 年 月 日 26)
  8. Fuck[39](2020 3 年 月 日 31)

Selection album

  1. precocious(1990 3 年 月 日 21)

Best album

  1. OH! Best(2001 3 年 月 日 28)

Self remix album

  • Business(2005 3 å¹´ 月 日 30)

Self rearranged album

Other albums

Other participating works


  • Okamura-chan Encyclopedia (March 2005, 3)
  1. In addition to the original albums from "yellow" to "Forbidden Life", live concerts, couplings, video clips, etc. are included.Completely limited production board.
  • 20th Century, Legends and Youth (December 2012, 12)
  1. A DVD-BOX containing live DVDs from "Love φ Sex '88 DATE" to "Fancy Guerrilla" with bonus footage, as well as the leading movie "Peach: I want you to do what I want" and video clips.Completely limited production board.

VIDEO / DVD / Blu-ray

  • Date In Short Pictures
  • Love φ Sex '88 DATE
  • Peach Show '89
  • Peach-What do you want me to do?
  • Live Kateikyoushi '91
  • It's A Peachful World
  • Fancy Guerrilla Video Shop '92
  • Symposium Yasuyuki Okamura Fresh Boy TOUR 2003
  • Me-imi Tour 2004
  • Live Etiquette 2011 (First limited edition comes with 3 bonus tracks and Hajime Anzai design T-shirt, Blu-ray will be released at the same time)
  • 2013 Live "I'm messing around with you"
  • Happiness 2016
  • Machiavellian

Provided song

  • Misato Watanabe
    • GROWIN'UP (composed in 1985, chorus)
    • Subete Kimino Tame (composed in 1985)
    • Lazy Crazy Blueberry Pie (composed, arranged, chorused in 1985)
    • Bye Bye Yesterday (composed in 1985)
    • Long Night(Composed in 1986)
    • I want to be nice (composed in 1986, chorus)
    • 19-year-old secret desire (composed in 1986)
    • Resistance (composed in 1986)
    • Sad Wish (Here & There) (composed in 1986)
    • I want to stare (Restin'InYourRoom) (composed in 1986)
    • A Happy Ending (composed in 1986)
    • Lovin'You (composed in 1986)
    • Half Moon (composed, arranged, chorus in 1986)
    • Sharara (composed in 1988)
    • 19-year-old secret desire (The Lover Soul Version) (composed in 1988)
    • Tobe Mokei Hikoki (composed in 1989)
    • Cold milk (composed in 1989)
    • See the rainbow(Composed and arranged in 1989)
    • Watch the Rainbow (Honey-bee Version) (composed, arranged, chorus in 1990)
    • Niji Wo Mitakai (tokyo mix) (composed, arranged, chorus in 1990)
    • Hadaka no Kimochi (1991 composition, arrangement, chorus)
    • I'm going to cry (composed in 1992)
    • Jungle Child (composed in 1993, chorus)
    • BIG WAVE came (composed in 1993)
    • Counterattack of a young monster (composed in 1993, chorus)
    • Saenai 20 Dai (composed in 1993)
  • Koji Yoshikawa
    • Robbed Wink (composed in 1986)
  • Masayuki Suzuki
    • To another night ~ Let's go ~ (composed in 1986)
    • Luv or Trap (composed in 2016, chorus)
    • TOKYO Beramee SOUL (composed in 2016)
  • Makoto Kawamoto
  • Ayashi Nishida
    • It doesn't matter what's going on (composed and arranged in 1998)
  • Norihiro Kuroda
    • Thrill vacation (composed in 2000)
    • Lemon candy (composed in 2000)
  • meg
    • Scanty Bruce (composed in 2002)
    • TRAP (composed in 2012)
    • HARD WORKER (arranged and produced in 2002)
    • Goodbye beloved Peter Pan Syndrome (composed in 2012)
  • Daemon Kogure
    • SING LIKE A HUG (composed and arranged in 2003)
  • Atsushi Sakurai
    • SMELL(Composed and arranged in 2004)
  • Asahi Miho
    • Secret Franboise (composed in 2004)
    • Speed ​​Runner to Haruka (composed in 2004)
    • Strawberry Chips (2005 Remix)
  • Sakurazuka yakun
    • Aserunda girls are always looking at you inconspicuously (2007 lyrics, composition, arrangement)
    • Kamereon Girl (composed and arranged in 2007)
  • Issei Yo
    • Lesson (composed, arranged, produced in 2012)
  • Funk in Japan
    • Bomb scary Yasuyuki Okamura REMIX (2012 remix)
  • Base Ball Bear
  • Hanazawa Kana
    • Mittens (composed in 2019)


  • Delusion University Tour Report (SWITCH)
  • The Road to Marriage (2012-2018,GINZA)
  • With that girl, being late, studying (November 2011-,TV Bros.)
  • Road to Happiness (2019-, Weekly Bunshun WOMAN)



YearstitlePerformance scale/venue
19871st Tour "yellow"
1988 Tour "DATE"
1989Tour "DATE ​​SPECIAL"
Tour "Peach"
1990 - 1991special event
Let's spend the year-end and New Year holidays with Okamura-kun
1991Tour "tutor"
Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR '91
1992Tour "Forbidden purpose of life"
1996Tour "True, Forbidden Purpose of Life"
Tour "Pink Guerrilla '96"
Tour "Harenchi"
2003Fresh Boy Tour
2004Me-imi tour
2007Yasuyuki Okamura TOUR '07 "Confession"
20112011 Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE
2012Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 2012
"Etiquette + (plus)"
Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 2012
2013Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 2013
"It's messy over there"
Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 2013
2014Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 2014
"Dream for the future"
Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 2014
2015Yasuyuki Okamura LIVE TOUR 2015
"This is my life"
Yasuyuki Okamura 2015 FALL-WINTER TOUR
"Meaning of love"
2016Yasuyuki Okamura 2016 SPRING TOUR
Yasuyuki Okamura 2016 FALL-WINTER TOUR
2017Yasuyuki Okamura 2017 SPRING Tour
Yasuyuki Okamura 2017 FALL-WINTER TOUR
2018Yasuyuki Okamura 2018 Spring Tour
2019Yasuyuki Okamura 2019 SPRING Tour
Yasuyuki Okamura 2019 FALL Tour
"No! This feeling."
2020Yasuyuki Okamura 2020 SPRING Tour
2021Yasuyuki Okamura 2021 SPRING Tour


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外部 リンク


Petrols(PETROLZ) was formed in 2005 in JapanThree-piece-band[1][2][3].


members areRyosuke Nagaoka,Jungo Miura, And Toshihide Kawamura[4].英国so"gasolineThe band name that means "was named by car lover Nagaoka.[2][4].

The reason for the formation was that Nagaoka, who originally played the guitar in various places, wanted to create a place where he could pursue what he wanted to do purely fun.[5]..以前からfrom beforeBlack musicNagaoka, who also liked and wanted to play music that wasn't ordinary rock, wanted to form a band with someone who could speak properly.hip hopFormed by inviting Miura, who was in the band, and Kawamura, who has been with him since high school.[5][6].

I made it into a three-person group simply because I thought it was cool, and because I thought it had a wide range of swings as a band.As the number of people increases, the minimum number of people increases and it is difficult to be flexible, but with a trio it can be large or small.[5][7]

On the official siteイ ラ ス ト TheUKResidentIllustratorSo, by Yuko M, who participated as a chorus in a band called "Shishamo" that Nagaoka formed when he was in junior high school and continues his activities after that.[5].

Music production

As for how to assemble the songs and arrangements, Nagaoka brings in a rough demo, matches it in the studio, and repeats the live until the arrangement is settled. I think the CD is just a record, and I enjoy the music changing from the original feeling.[6][8]

As I continued my activities, the number of notes became smaller and smaller, and the style of filling the gap with chorus instead of musical instruments became clearer.[8].

The lyrics are particular about Japanese.The trigger wasUKWhen I was studying abroad in Japan, people from the music industry often camePubAn acquaintance of Nagaoka who was working part-time at was looking for interesting musicOASIS OfAgentWhen I told him about him as a Japanese person playing rock music, he said, "I'm tired of English music and I'm really interested in new music."Nagaoka, who was told about it later, said, "I went to England as if I were looking at the real thing, but if the locals say that, I should make music that only Japanese people can do." It made me feel better, and I changed my mind that it is better for the Japanese to express in Japanese without having a complex in English, and to transmit Japanese music from Japan as a Japanese.[7][9][10]


ChibaI'm fromTokyo IncidentsAlso active as a member of[11].
I met Kawamura when I was in high school, and while I was in collegeJunpei Shiina OfBack bandI met Miura in my work[5].
KanagawaKamakura cityI'm from.Nickname is "Jumbo".
Before starting Petrolship hop・ I was enrolled in the band "LOOP JUNKTION"[5].Kazuya Yoshii(THE YELLOW MONKEY) Also active as a support member[11].
I met Nagaoka around 2001-2002[6].
OsakaTakaishibirth,ChibaRaised.Nickname is "Bob".
Nagaoka has been a music companion since high school, and has formed a band called "Shishamo" with friends including Nagaoka.[6][7][11].Support musicianAlso active.
Since my friend invited me to a band when I was in middle schoolBUCK-TICK,LUNA SEA such asVisual keiI started listening to music called.When I entered high school, I met Nagaoka and was refused to invite me to a visual kei band, but on the contrary, I was encouraged to listen to Western music.Before starting Petrols, visual keiGerman metalWas listening[5].


2005May 2, Nagaoka invited Miura and Kawamura to form.same yearMay 10First live at Shimokitazawa Garage.Since then, he has been active based in Shimokitazawa Garage.

2007May 4, Held a live event called "Ryosuke Kaido" to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the founding of Shimokitazawa Garage.Limited mini album "Temporary exemption (Karimen)] Has been released.

2008May 2Held a film concert "PETROLZ's first sound source recording song selection meeting" inMay 3The first official sound source "MUSIC FOUND BY HDR-HC3] Has been released.May 12Mini album "EVE2009] Has been released.

2010May 11Performed the first tour "1st stint" from. Starting from Roppongi, Tokyo on the 26th, he will travel to Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Osaka in 5 days.

2015May 2Tour "go Apex" from. I will go around 14 places in Nagoya, Umeda and Shibuya on the 3th.May 8Released the 10st album "Renaissance", which will be sold nationwide for the first time in the 1th year since its formation, and toured 11 places nationwide "Renaissance".[8]..After that, a one-man tour "Our first" conventional "tour" Renaissance "" will be held until October.

2016A live tour "On The Road Again Again" will be held from September.

2017Will perform a national tour "BASE-2" from February to March. On March 3nd, the tribute album "WHERE, WHO, WHAT IS PETROLZ?Will be released[12].



 Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded musicRemarks
1st2009th of February 5amberENCD-13Limited to live venues.
After pre-sale at Daikanyama UNIT, it will also be sold at Shinsaibashi Club Quattro on May 2009, 5.
Available only at Tower Records from August 2009, 8
Currently discontinued.
2nd2010th of February 11IdolENCD-13Limited to live venues.
Includes 1st stint sticker.
3rd2013th of February 10

September 2019, 9 (recurrence)


ENCD-38 (recurrence)

Limited to live venues.

From the "2019 Code" tour held in 3, remixed and remastered and reissued.

4th2014th of February 3ENCD-24Nationwide store sales.
Rental limited2019th of February 6Unbalanced diet / lakesideENSD-01Held at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books from June 2019, 6 to July 28, 7

Rental CD limited to the PETROLZ fair venue.

The sound source is a remastered sound source of the songs recorded in the mini album "Temporary Exemption".

5thWater vapor / intruderENCD-40Held at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books from June 2019, 6 to July 28, 7

Limited sale at PETROLZ fair venue.

After the fair, it will be sold only at the live venue and mail order.

6thTanoC / ReverbENCD-41

Mini album

 Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded musicRemarks
1st2007th of February 4Temporary exemptionENCD-09Limited to live venues.
After a limited sale of 150 pieces at the Shimokitazawa Garage, an additional 2007 pieces will be sold at the same live house on May 5, 4.
2nd2008th of February 12EVE2009ENCD-12Live venue / Tower Records online limited sale.
Started handling at Tower Records stores in February 2009.
Currently discontinued.
3rd2012th of February 11

September 2019, 9 (recurrence)


ENCD-38 (recurrence)

First nationwide store sales.

From the "2019 Code" tour held in 3, the paper jacket specification, remix and remastering have been applied and reissued.

4th2013th of February 2ENCD-20Limited to live venues.
Also sold at JET SET RECORDS from June 2013.
A re-edited version of the songs recorded in the discontinued "EVE 2009" and "amber".


 Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded musicRemarks
1st2015th of February 8ENCD-32Nationwide store sales.
Equilateral triangle paper jacket.
2nd2019th of February 10ENCD-42 (CD)

ENCD-42X (LP + CD)

Nationwide store sales.

The first analog version of the album is also on sale (with a CD with the same content).

The analog record will be sold in advance at the PETROLZ Fair venue held at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books from November 2019, 11 to December 13, 12.

After the fair, it will be sold only at the live venue and mail order.


Live album

 Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded musicRemarks
1st2008th of February 3MUSIC FOUND BY HDR-HC3ENCD-11Live venue, Amazon limited sale.
Currently discontinued.
2nd2012th of February 5ENCD-17Live venue limited sale
Also sold at JET SET RECORDS from June 2012
Sold at Tower Records Shinjuku store for a limited time from June 2012th to July 6th, 6.

Tribute album

 Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded musicRemarks
1st2017th of February 3WHERE, WHO, WHAT IS PETROLZ?VIZL-1139Limited edition.
VICL-64766Normal Edition.
2nd2017th of February 8WHERE, WHO, WHAT IS PETROLZ ?? – EP配 信LimitedEP.


"Hanouta"Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.systemProgram for children"Shimajiro no wow!"Uta Corner"


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