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🤖 | Theatrical animation "ARIA The CREPUSCOLO", Blu-ray released on 8/18!Comment video release


Theatrical animation "ARIA The CREPUSCOLO", Blu-ray will be released on 8/18!Comment video release

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The exterior of the Blu-ray comes with a three-sided case that uses illustrations drawn by the original author Kozue Amano, and an inner jacket that uses illustrations drawn by character design and animation director Yoko Ito. Not only valuable images such as stage greetings, public commemorative stage greetings, and dubbing reproduction scenery, but also a drama CD of about 40 minutes is included, and the contents are full of benefits that fans must see.

Theatrical animation that has returned as a new animation to the Memorial Year, which is celebrating the 15th anniversary of TV animation broadcasting ... → Continue reading

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Amano Kozue

Kozue Amano(Amano Kozue, same real name[1],1974May 5 -) isJapan OfFemale cartoonist..The old pen name isAmano Kozue(The reading is the same).SaitamaI'm from Blood typeA type.. The representative work is "AIR"・"Roman club"Such.200811Than"Amanchu!Is being serialized.



Besides being serialized in a commercial magazine,DoujinshiI was writing, but I am not doing it now because I am busy.Be sure to keep it in the close shadow of the author of the bookCatIt is known as a big cat lover, such as putting a cat on it and using the name of the domestic cat "ARIA" as it is.pregnancyAt that time, my family and assistants jokingly asked me, "Can I really love you more than a cat?"I used to have two cats, "Misuke" and "Aria", both of which are being serialized in "ARIA".Passagedoing.Currently, he has three white cats, "Cha" ("Aria" when he came to the house), "Princess", and the new princess' brother "Ten".

Husband is the younger brother of a female cartoonist who is a close friend[2].

HobbyShopping,ゲーム(Dragon Quest series,Final fantasy series,MOTHER series), Special skill is to sleep while standing. "Gyas !!" is a habit. I have a close relationship with the voice actors of "ARIA", especiallyChiwa SaitoThe four-leaf clover episode in "ARIA" was born when Saito consulted Amano about his work problems.

In the past, the original drawings and illustrations were published on his own personal site called "AMANO COMPANY", but now it is closed.The domain used seems to have fallen into the hands of others and has been changed to a page that introduces the author. The "Monogusa Club," which doubles as a message to readers that was seen at the end of the "ARIA" series, has disappeared since "Amanchu!". From the July 2010 issue of "Comic Blade", the serialization of "Amanchu!" Will be once every three months, and the pregnancy was announced in the October issue. Returning to the monthly serialization.


Previous list

  • Roman club(6 volumes in total) --The old Enix version is out of print, and a new version is released by Mag Garden.
  • Yumekukai-Short stories. Includes "Eve Festival," "Ichigo-chan Panic," "Setuna no Natsu," "Small Holy Night," and "Dream Sky World-Opening Dream Door."Same as above.
  • Sky Song-The second collection of short stories. Includes "Sky Song," "Magic Postman," "ANGEL VOICE," and "Earth Episode II A Planet Named EARTH."Same as above.
  • Crescent noise(6 volumes in total) --Out of print.
  • Ohisama Smile-Shojo manga short stories. Includes "Ohisama Smile", "Magic Sunflower-kun", "Akiiro March!", And "Fish Fantastic Song".Although it is out of print, it was renamed to "Sunflower" by Mag Garden and republished.
  • AQUA(2 volumes in total) --Old Enix out of print.New edition released by Mag Garden.Simultaneous recording of the one-shot work "Othello Game" in Volume 2 of the old edition.The one-shot work "Special Navigation" is recorded at the same time in the second volume of the new edition.
  • AIR(12 volumes in total) -As a sequel to "AQUA", the characters and settings were serialized as they were.
  • Amanchu!(16 volumes already published)
  • Mamanchu! --An essay manga depicting the author's own pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.
  • ARIA full version(7 volumes in total) --A complete version of 7 volumes of both "AQUA" and "ARIA" titles


About the new edition

"Roman Club", "Yumekukai", "Sora no Uta" (above Gangan Comics), "AQUA", "Sunflower (Renamed Ohisama Smile)" (above Stencil Comics) are currently on sale from Blade Comics. , There are the following changes.

  • Change the cover, size, and some recording order.
  • Deleted the end corner (Monogusa Club).
  • "AQUA" Volume 2-The one-shot work "Othello Game" has been deleted, and "Special Navigation" published in other magazines has been recorded instead.



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