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📺 | "Kamen Rider Drive" starring Ryoma Takeuchi is available for free on YouTube!

Photo Let's run together! – Ryoma Takeuchi transforms into Kamen Rider Drive

"Kamen Rider Drive" starring Ryoma Takeuchi is available for free on YouTube!

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Takeuchi, who has appeared in many movies and dramas such as the movie "Sensei Kunshu" and the drama "Love You as the World Ends", played Shinnosuke, who fights as Kamen Rider Drive.

The special effects drama "Kamen Rider Drive" (48 episodes) starring Ryoma Takeuchi will be released on May 5th at Toei Special Effects Yo ... → Continue reading

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Kamen Rider Drive

Kamen Rider series > Kamen Rider Drive
Heisei Kamen Rider Series
First workKamen Rider Gaim/GaimYear ending March 2013
-March 2014
First workKamen Rider DriveYear ending March 2014
-March 2015
First workKamen Rider GhostYear ending March 2015
-March 2016

"Kamen Rider Drive(Kamen Rider Drive, European notation:KAMEN RIDER DRIVE[Annotation 1]) Is2014May 10から2015May 9Until,TV Asahi seriesAt every Sunday 8:00-8:30 (JST) All 48 episodes were broadcast,ToeiProductionSpecial effects TV drama, And the name of the hero who transforms into the main character in the film.

The catch phrase is "This guy is a detective and Kamen Rider !!. "


The 16th work of the Heisei Kamen Rider series.

Kamen Rider Drive, the leading roleAutomobileIs set as a motif, the first in the seriesbikeNot a rider who drives a car[1][Annotation 2]..On the story sideCriminal dramaThe elements of are incorporated, and most of the characters on the ally sideMetropolitan Police DepartmentIt is solidified by the person who belongs[1][4]..There have been Kamen Riders who belong to the police or transform into police officers in the past, but this is the first time that a police officer has become the main character.[5].

ストーリー形式は過去の作品と同じく前編と後編の2話完結で1つの事件を描くスタイルであるが、エピソードによっては1話完結のストーリーを前振りとして次の2話に繋げる事実上の3話構成(第9-11話、20-22話)や、1話完結の事件2つを合わせて1つのエピソード(第12・13話)を構成する場合もある。全体としては、第24話までが第1部[6], Episode 36 is Part 2 (Police Edition)[7]), The 37th and subsequent episodes are the final series (Roymude edition)[7]) And it is roughly divided.In addition, the main story is completed in episode 47, and the final episode (episode 48) is a special edition in collaboration with the next work "Kamen Rider Ghost".[8][9]It is positioned as.

Previous workKamen Rider Gaim/Gaim』Similar to the four-part composition that inserts the CM three times during the broadcast, but in this work except the first episode and the 3th episodeAvan titleIt is a broadcasting form that starts directly from the OP and continues to the A part without inserting a commercial.[Annotation 3]..In addition, after the end of the main story, it will be the next notice without inserting a commercial.There was a narrator up to the previous work "Kamen Rider Gaim" and explained the contents of the previous time, but there is no narrator in this work, and the cross program and the next notice narration is Chris Peppler as Mr. Belt[Annotation 4]However, Ryoma Takeuchi, who plays Shinnosuke, is in charge of a rough explanation of the previous events in some of the episodes.Also, before the start of each episodeCross programIn the Heisei Kamen Rider series so far, the telop of "Start after this", which was often used only for the first time, is used every time, and after that, "Kamen Rider Ex-AidThis format was followed until.[Original research?]


In planning this work, the main character has "strength" as a single hero, and the "mechanical feeling" element that differentiates it from the previous work is emphasized, and motifs such as "car" and "criminal" are emphasized. Was chosen[10].

Of the main writerRiku SanjoThinks that in order to make the car look attractive, it is necessary to draw it as being equal to or better than Kamen Rider, and the first work "Kamen Rider』\ EarlyKamen Rider No. 1CycloneThe car is positioned as an important buddy of Kamen Rider, such as being unable to transform without a machine.[11]..Also, transforming in a car meansRescue police seriesImagine[12]..Also, from the planning stage, the American car action drama "Night riderIs conscious[11][13]..Sanjo and producer Takahito Omori think that the hero who rides the machine is the royal road, so many people around him were surprised that "Kamen Rider who only rides in the car" is novel.[11].

At the planning stage, it was proposed to focus on "games", but it was rejected because it was not the age when the target children played games.[14][Annotation 5].

The idea of ​​making the hero a detective was raised from the stage when the motif was decided to be a car, and there was also a design proposal that incorporated police elements,Feeling of sight,Scheduled harmonyThe idea of ​​being a detective was once withdrawn because of the strong feeling.[11][15]..However, the TV station side requested that a work that made the episode attractive like a detective is good, and Sanjo also came to the idea that the situation where a hero riding a car can play an active part is only an incident, and in the end it is a story set in the police. Became[11]..The design of the drive and tridron was decided at the time when the police element was removed from the project, so the police element is not incorporated in the design[11].

The rival character Chase / Mashin Chaser will be commercialized at Bandai's request to challenge the product development of the evil character due to the popularity of Road Baron of the previous work "Kamen Rider". Ta[13][16][17]..Producer Omori said in later years "Ex-Aid" and "Kamen Rider BuildThe popularity of the evil Kamen Rider in 』states that the influence of this work is large[17].

Serve as the main directorRyuta TasakiAimed to break the preconceived notion of Heisei Kamen Rider that had been created among viewers and creators, and was aware that it would not be a copy of the work they had worked on.[18][Annotation 6].

Chief producer Omori has been producing for the first time in 6 years since "Kiva", so the environment surrounding the program has changed drastically, so in the early days, the response did not come nicely, and he played a police drama for a year. Instead of drawing, because it is a conflicting hero "Kamen Rider", it attracts viewers, so I will focus on that, and in the first half I will pursue the mystery of the incident that occurred in a single shot, and after the third cool, the beginning By reconstructing the schedule of the story and focusing on digging into the character, the vertical axis of the story is strengthened, and the past of Shinnosuke Tomari scheduled for the final stage is advanced to the third cool. And so on[7][19][20].


Year 2014.One day when it was raining, a mysterious artificial life form aiming for the destruction of humankindRoymudeAttacked all over the world.The power of Roymude slowed everything around and killed many.The phenomenon that the surrounding movement slows down laterHeavy acceleration,From the top, The event of the Roymude raidGlobal freezeCame to be called.At the same time, a detective of the Metropolitan Police DepartmentShinnosuke TomariIs a colleagueAkira HayaseAt the same time, he was engaged in a battle with the criminal of the bombing terrorism, but due to the heavy acceleration that occurred, he accidentally fired a pistol, and the secondary disaster caused serious injury to Hayase.Same night, police officerKiriko ShijimaEncounters a Roymude and is in danger of life, but a willing miniature carShift carMasked warrior who fights by usingKamen Rider Proto DriveSaved my life.

Six months later.Shinnosuke is a department specializing in mysterious cases that was established after the occurrence of the global freeze.Special Affairs DivisionHe was lethargic from the blunder that caused Hayase to be seriously injured, and Sabo continued to be taken back to the department by his colleague Kiriko.One day, an attempted murder case occurs in which a human becomes bright red and loses consciousness, and the Special Affairs Division sets out to investigate.In the investigation, Shinnosuke was a belt with artificial intelligence.Drive driver (Mr. Belt)I met a shift car used by Mr. Belt.Shinnosuke discovers Roymude who attacks humans before long, and is urged to transform by Mr. Belt who was wearing it, and a warrior who fights with the power of a shift cardriveTransformed into and repelled Roymude.After that, Kiriko, who knew about the prototype drive, made Shinnosuke a secret base.Drive pitAnd tell them not to leak the drive to the Special Affairs Division.Eventually, Shinnosuke learned that Protodrive was called "Kamen Rider" and was a secret warrior.Kamen Rider DriveAs a result, he devotes himself to the battle with Roymude.On the other hand, Roymude is also a leader.heartAnd the staffBrenStarts to move, a warrior with the same power as Kamen RiderMashin ChaserTo pay out.Although he is an enemy, he never attacks unrelated humans and with Kamen RiderOne fightHe was a warrior with a noble side who wanted to.As the battle intensifiesKamen Rider MachKiriko's younger brother who was training as a qualified personGo ShijimaReturns from the United States and joins the group, and Drivepit confronts Roymude with a two-person system.

At one point, a Roymude executiveRoymude 001 (Freeze)As a result, a new type of Roymude that fuses with humans is created, and the Kamen Rider side who cannot kill humans is forced to struggle.The fusion evolution Roymude that appeared attacked the hospital where Hayase was hospitalized, and many citizens were in danger.Shinnosuke witnesses Hayase's crisis, overcomes Mr. Belt's opposition that "the identity of Kamen Rider must be secret", and finally transforms into a drive in front of the general public.In this way, it became known to the world that "the police officer was a Kamen Rider."On the other hand, Mashin ChaserChaseRecalls that he was once a prototype drive, but he has vowed friendships with the Hearts and was wondering if he should fight again for humans.Hart entrusts the decision to Chase himself, but when he sees Kiriko, who he once saved, falls into a crisis, he realizes that it is his instinct to save humans, and the third warrior.Kamen Rider ChaserTransformed into, rebelled against Roymude.

After Chaser joined, Shinnosuke once had his fatherEisuke TomariArrest the criminal who killed.However, the true criminal is Roymude 001, who was masquerading as a human being inside the police.Soichi MakageAnd a police officer who is his minionMitsuhide NiraIt was two people. At the mercy of the two people's tactics, the entire Special Affairs Division is in danger of being viewed as an enemy by the world at one point, but Shinnosuke exposes their crimes to the sun and restores the honor of the Special Affairs Division. By overthrowing Makage = Freeze Roymude and driving Nira to ruin, he was able to fulfill his father's vengeance.On the other hand, in the investigation of Tsuyoshi who pretended to be brainwashed by Roymude and followed them, Tsuyoshi and Kiriko's father were the creators of Roymude.Tenjuro BarbinoHowever, it was discovered that he survived as a conscious body like Mr. Belt.At first, it was Barbino who showed a pretense to help the Special Affairs Division, but it was all a trap.Barbino is an evil warriorGordo DriveTransform into, using the hearts that are supposed to be allies as a stepping stone, and stripping the fangs to the whole world to cause a second global freeze.


Kamen Rider makeover

Shinnosuke Tomari(Tomari Shinnosuke / Kamen Rider Drive
The main character of this work.Special Affairs Division Police Officer.Height 185 cm.left handed. 23 years old → 24 years old[Annotation 7]..BirthdayMay 12BecauseChristmasI'm dissatisfied with being able to put together a birthday present.Blood TypeIs O type.The first person is "I".Freeze Roymude has an idiosyncratic constitution and strong willpower that the ice needles do not work.
"Handle sword", "door gun", etc. (both of them) just by looking at the weapon of the driveIntroducing Kamen Rider Drive Kamen Rider #Kamen Rider DriveThe naming sense is so bad that it is named (see)), and Mr. Belt is amazed.A big car enthusiast, my private carNissan GT-R, The office desk is decorated with car figurines, and many deciding lines are woven with words about cars.According to the members of the Special Affairs Divisioncandy[Annotation 8]Is my favorite.
The father of a police officerEisuke Tomari(Tomari EisukeBeing influenced by him, he succeeded him as a police officer.Long time agoSpecial groupAlthough he was an elite detective, he was transferred to the Special Affairs Division in the form of an island exile after making Hayase, a colleague's detective and partner, unrecoverable due to a misfire caused by heavy acceleration during the investigation of the case.After that, he lost his passion for work due to the trauma of the case, and became a problem detective who decided to skip if there was a chance, but once the engine started, he showed one side as a hot-blooded man.
I have a habit of saying "I stopped thinking", but the meaning is different when I'm skipping and when the engine is running, and when I'm skipping, it's just annoying, so when I confront Roymude, I issue it to inspire myself. ..When motivated or serious, re-tighten the loose tie, and when the truth of the case is reached after the investigation, the situation converges with the deciding line "Brain cells are the top gear!" Start moving toward.When organizing and reasoning the case, multiple visions about the case revolved around him, and when the arrangement and reasoning were completed, he muttered that he was "connected."
Assigned to the Special Affairs Division in August 2014[21], Tridron and drive driver (Mr. Belt) for some reason[Annotation 9]He was given in Japan and transformed into a drive for the first time when he encountered Roymude, who is believed to be the criminal in the attempted murder that occurred after he was assigned.
While admitting her skill as a buddy to Kiriko, she did not initially recognize her as the opposite sex because she had the impression that she was a "small noisy violent woman" in her usual behavior. It was.After that, in episode 43, when Chase asked, "Do you love Kiriko?", I realized that I was in love with Kiriko.
For Tsuyoshi, Kiriko's younger brother and another Kamen Rider, he was initially swayed by his troublemaker personality, but declared himself to be a brake for him who tends to be unreasonable, and is a good brother. It is a minute.From Tsuyoshi, he is called "Shin-san", including the misunderstanding of his relationship with Kiriko.
The influence of his father Eisuke's line of duty was great, and he was so impatient to know the truth that he neglected the protection of the person Roymude was targeting, and from Chase, "Isn't it the mission of Kamen Rider to protect humans? "?"
In response to the light bullets emitted by Freeze Roymude, who was reborn in a super-evolved state, he was once killed, but because Mr. Belt played a role like a life support system, he escaped the death of cells, Rinna. Using the shift tridron developed by Kiriko, he was revived with the life-threatening behavior of Kiriko.He defeated Freeze Roymude and later arrested Nira, the true criminal of Eisuke Tomari, and put an end to his ties.
In the final battle with Gordo Drive and others, he infiltrates the Special Defense Center Building with Hart and Medic, but is seriously injured by the attack of Sigma Circular.However, he regained power with the healing of Medic's abandoned body, and destroyed Sigma Circular with Heart.Immediately after that, he dared to perform a final single combat with Hart with a living body, and saw off his disappearance with salute.Then, when he broke up with Mr. Belt, he handed the shift breath to Krim Steinbelt, who appeared in the hologram.
A few days later, the terrorist organization Neoshade, who is a relative to himself and Hayase,眼魂(iconHe is investigating the case of stealing an item called "Belt" from the laboratory, but he occasionally sees Mr. Belt's hallucinations due to the feeling of loss for Mr. Belt's disappearance.However, with the encouragement of Oda who sensed Shinnosuke's feelings, he wiped out his anxiety and decided, "Even if I can't transform, even if Mr. Belt isn't there, I'm a detective and a Kamen Rider !!" Was renewed, and the battle with Neoshade was settled.
After the Neoshade case was over, he was promoted to police officer and transferred to the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division XNUMX.Like Eisuke, he has been active as an ace for a long time.Acting together as Kiriko and Buddy, she later gets married.
  • The name is derived from "STOP (night) & GO (advance)" because it starts running when the engine starts, although it is stopped at first.[13].
  • There are many overlapping elements in settings such as personality.Kamen Rider W"ofRyu Terui / Kamen Rider AcceleratorIs conscious of differentiation from[11][13].. Of the main writerRiku SanjoInitially assumed that the character image of Shinnosuke Tomari was "a little twisted cool guy", but decided that the image was different from Takeuchi who was actually appointed, and from episodes 9 to 11 "cool" I changed it to suit Takeuchi himself, saying, "I was dressed as a character, but the roots are hot."[22]..The death and resurrection of Shinnosuke in episodes 32 and 33 was drawn to the death and resurrection of the main character in "Fourze", so it was just a picture of Shinnosuke's death.[23].
"Shuriken Sentai Ninninger VS Kamen Rider Drive"
He arrests Ninninger, who was at the scene when the heavy acceleration occurred, although he misunderstood that he was a ninja but the flashy colors were rather suspicious.
"Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3"
At the beginning of the incident (when the alternate history was made), due to the influence of the alternate historyShocker riderBecome.Then fight for justiceKotaro Minami / Kamen Rider BlackWitness and regain the heart of justice.
"d video special Kamen Rider 4"
A spin-off work of "Masked Rider No. 3". He notices the déjà vu caused by the repeating history of "I am killed in action first, and then Tsuyoshi is killed in action", and proves that time is being rewound with Mr. Belt.
"Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider"
Appeared as one of the legend riders.Contacted Takeru Tenkuji, who is searching for the Pac-Man virus incident, and gave Takeru information about Dr. Pac-Man's true identity, Michihiko Zaizen, to help clarify the incident.In the final episode of the TV series, Mr. Belt was sealed deep underground, so he cannot transform.
Haruto Sohma (Kamen Rider Wizard) informs Takeru of the enemy hideout and tells Takeru the location.Even if he couldn't transform, he rushed alone because he thought he was a Kamen Rider Drive, and while he was fighting with Takeru and others, he received Mr. Belt from Kamen Rider Gaim who suddenly appeared and transformed again.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
He is active as the leader of the 4th Special Crimes Investigation Section, and is still involved in criminal investigations with the soul of Kamen Rider in his heart.
Go Shijima(Shijima Gou / Kamen Rider Mach
A young man who has returned from the United States and is a photographer, and is the younger brother of Kiriko Shijima. 19 years old.The first person is "I".
While living in the United States, he was selected as a qualified person by Mach developer Dr. Harley Hendrickson and was trained under him, but he abandoned the training and returned to Japan without permission.[Annotation 10][Annotation 11], Will fight Roymude with Drive.
Although he is overly self-conscious, such as appearing on the spot while showing a high-tension and flashy performance, his sister Kiriko shows her affection for her sincerely, saying, "Because it is the only important family."It has both high physical ability such as backflip and handstand, as well as investigative ability and reasoning ability comparable to police officers.In the jurisdiction of the Special Affairs Division, he often cooperates in solving cases from another point of view, taking advantage of the lightness of his footwork as a general public.
At the time of the first meeting, he looked down on Shinnosuke as "the engine starts too late", but later he was deeply moved by his insight and action, and reconciled, so that he would admire him as a big brother. Become.In addition, he calls him "Shin-san (or Shin-brother)" because he has a good relationship with his sister Kiriko in the sense of a relationship between men and women.
He is strongly hostile to Roymude and has the theory that all human enemies, Roymude, should be defeated.[Annotation 12]..Even for Chase, who saved Kiriko's life as a prototype drive in the past, he has not been able to take a straightforward attitude due to his grudges and father, and asked, "Can I and you be friend?" In response to the question, he sometimes gave an answer like "I'm a human being and you're a Roymude, I can't be."However, Kamen Rider's belief in trying to protect someone during Shinnosuke's line of duty was recognized, and his attitude gradually softened, probably because he often acted together when he could not appear in the Special Affairs Division.In addition, there is a section that shows a certain understanding of the difference in thinking with him, such as leaving the treatment of Roymude and Chase who understand the human heart to Shinnosuke.
Sometimes I was impatient that the difference between myself and the power of the drive began to widen, but when Kiriko said, "I believe in Tsuyoshi more than anyone else," I regained my confidence and dead in the dead heat. Succeeded in complete control of the zone.
After the battle where Shinnosuke transformed into a drive in front of the citizens, he himself revealed his identity as Mach by unraveling the transformation.
When I was told that Dr. Barbino's consciousness was recorded on Bren's tablet, I thought that if I took it away, I could get a hint to defeat Roymude, so I pretended to be brainwashed by Freeze and joined the Roymude faction. ..At that time, he secretly sent information to the Special Affairs Division as "Mr. X".After that, when Freeze and Chase fought, he saw a gap and took the tablet from Bren and left the place with Chase.He apologized to Kiriko for pretending to be manipulated and for killing Shinnosuke, and told Dr. Barbino how to revive Shinnosuke.
However, while engaging with Hart with a drive, he was attacked by Ride Booster Red operated by Barbino, and Hart told him about his father's past and nature, and he was shocked to realize that he was only a tool for Barbino. ..After that, he renewed his determination to "defeat the evil that threatens humans, even if it is his father."
Until the 40th episode, he usually had only a two-wheeled license, but when he learned that Chase was training to obtain a special four-wheeled license, he also received training from a sense of opposition to him, and the tornado case was cleared up. After that, he obtained a special four-wheeled license.
In the final battle, I witnessed the end of Bren, who took abandoned action to save Medic from the hands of Barbino, "I thought I wouldn't sympathize with Roymude, but now I'm in a super-heart! ", And there was a change in emotions, such as protecting Heart and Medic from the 004 self-destruction.After that, in the decisive battle with Gordo Drive at the Special Defense Center Building, Chaser entrusted him with his signal chaser and driver's license, and witnessed his suicide bombing attack.After his death, regretting himself for not being obedient to Chase, he squeezed his power and transformed into Mach again, using the signal chaser left by Chaser.Kamen Rider Chaser MachTransforms into and defeats Gordo Drive at the end of a deadly battle (the illusion of Kamen Rider Chaser helped when the rider kicks collide with each other).Immediately after that, Kiriko rushed to the scene and said, "If this happens, I should have said,'You are my friend.'"And, without hesitating to beg for the life of "Don't erase my great brain from the world!" At that time, he spilled "Goodbye, dad."
After the battle with Roymude, he travels with Dr. Harley to pick him up and wanders around the world in search of the soul of the dead Chase.In addition, the photographs of animals and nature that were announced at the destination became a hot topic, and he became world famous as a phantom photographer.I carry the signal chaser and driver's license entrusted to me by Chase without sealing.
  • Name is"Kamen Rider"soHayato Ichimonji / Kamen Rider No. 2PlayedTsuyoshi SasakiAnd "Mach GoGoGo』Derived from Go Mifune.Also, like Shinnosuke, "Silence(ShijimaIt also means the change from static to dynamic, which is "GO".[24]..The character is also a cheerful and reliable image like Hayato Ichimonji.[16]..In the original script, Kiriko was called "Sister", but by calling it "Sister" according to Inaba, Tsuyoshi's multifacetedness is expressed.[25].
  • The T-shirt with "Go" written on it is based on the imagination that the habit that I got when I was little was told to write my name on my belongings.[26].
"Shuriken Sentai Ninninger VS Kamen Rider Drive"
Encountered Kamen Rider No. 3, also known as Kyoichiro Kuroi.The case will be explored from a different direction than Shinnosuke.
"Superhero Wars GP Kamen Rider No. 3"
Appeared as a rider of justice from the time the incident began (when the history was altered).After that, he joins Shinnosuke and others and fights.However, in the final battle, he was killed in action after being hit by a mass attack of shocker monsters, and even after historical revision, only Tsuyoshi's death was not corrected.The name of the priest is "Tenshinin Soun Kengo Householder".
"D Video Special Kamen Rider No. 4"
A spin-off work of "Masked Rider No. 3".The history of Tsuyoshi's death mentioned above has also been revised, but it is one of the causes of the situation that occurred in this work.
"The Movie Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future"
While believing in Shinnosuke, who became a wanted criminal, he tries to secure himself once.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive Super Movie War Genesis"
He returned to Japan in the midst of the paranormal phenomenon caused by eye demons, and handed over the Mach driver flame developed by Dr. Harley for Shinnosuke to Shinnosuke.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
The activity two years after the TV series and the past before the TV series are depicted.
It was revealed that 017 and 018 had hatred for Roymude after his best friend was killed.Dr. Harley helped him to practice Mach, but he stopped training because his father knew that he was a barbarian and 017 and 018 went to Japan. Was there.
He was searching for a relationship between humans and Roymude, and was traveling to find a way to become a Kamen Rider with only a good heart without being bound by anger and hatred.Returned to Japan for the second wedding party of Shinnosuke and Kiriko and was involved in the incident.Being a former Kamen Rider, he was authorized as a visiting investigator狩野And form a combination.While building a good relationship with Reiko, the daughter of Mitsuya Nishibori, she realized that 005 was a mastermind from the hint she left unconscious, and Kamen Rider with a prototype Mach driver in her hand. Headed for the fight.
Chase / Protozero (Roymude 000) / Kamen Rider Proto Drive → Mashin Chaser → Kamen Rider Chaser
The first warrior to bear the name of "Kamen Rider" in this work, a prototype Roymude with the number "000".The first person is "I".He usually calls himself "Chase", wears a purple and black rider suit-style jacket, and is the copy source.Koichi KanoIs taking a human form that imitates[28].
The only core program of human service that "protect humans" in Roymude[Annotation 13]Is strongly installed and is different from other Roymudes, and at the time of Global Freeze, a prototype drive system was installed and many Roymudes were returned to the core after the battle.Kamen Rider Proto DriveAs a subject of the awe of Roymude.However, because the protodrive system at that time did not have the function to destroy the core of Roymude, it was forced to stop functioning due to the defeat of Heart Roymude.After that, he was greeted by Hart as a friend of the same Roymude, and underwent program overwriting and memory erasure by Bren and remodeling and restoration by three people, Makage (Freeze) Hart Bren, and a warrior developed by Roymude.Mashin ChaserWas reborn as.
A cool, quiet and orderly personality.His main task is to purge Roymude, who behaves inappropriately, and he is feared to be called a "reaper" by his fellow Roymudes.However, the core of Roymude, which was the target of the purge, was not destroyed and was given the opportunity to start over.Since I witnessed Kiriko sneaking up and sheltering Shinnosuke, her behavior and behavior have changed.[Annotation 14]Becomes upset and frustrated as "(I am) too sweet".Later, when Bren revealed his identity, he fell into a state of confusion and was about to be disposed of as a defective product by Bren. Received re-brainwashing in the form of falsification.
After re-brainwashing, he became a hitman who pointed his gun at Kiriko, who is a human being, without hesitation, and he began to attack Shinnosuke's appeal to regain his consciousness as a prototype drive without hesitation.[Annotation 15].
In the five-place simultaneous murder case, he gained the ability to cause super-heavy acceleration by strengthening and remodeling Medic, and attacked unrelated people just to lure the drive, but lost in the decisive battle with the drive who saw the appearance ..
After that, on a rainy night, Kiriko was found to be lying down with a deep hand, and in a certain building, Kiriko received treatment using a mad doctor and regained consciousness.At this point, the brainwashing with the urge to destroy by Medic had been resolved, and I learned that Kiriko saved herself and believed that she would return to herself when she was still a prototype drive. upset.Kiriko went missing with the flowers in the room.
After that, he suffers from being unable to decide his own path between humans and Roymude, but rescues Kiriko who was attacked by Sword Roymude and says, "It may be my instinct to save humans." I asked myself and decided to try again.Using the Mach driver flame and signal chaser developed by RinnaKamen Rider ChaserTransform into and defeat Sword Roymude.
Since transforming into Kamen Rider Chaser, he has been actively cooperating with Shinnosuke's investigation, such as appearing in the Special Affairs Division and trying to contact the people involved in the case alone. There is a slightly clumsy side, such as not giving details of the 001 (freeze) ability because "no one asked me".However, from the words and actions of Shinnosuke, Tsuyoshi, and Kiriko, he learned that "family is important, and if it is involved, my heart will be disturbed", and I will strengthen my desire to care for and protect them.
When Shinnosuke was killed by the attack of Freeze Roymude, which evolved into a super-evolved state, Tsuyoshi was driven by remorse and said, "I believe as a Kamen Rider who fights for his life to protect people. "Go through the road" and encouraged him, creating an opportunity for Tsuyoshi and Kiriko to recover.Around this time, Tsuyoshi softened his attitude toward chase, and even though he hated getting used to it, he began to trust him.However, Tsuyoshi's mouth never clearly said he was a friend.
Special four-wheeled license in episode 40[21]Got[Annotation 16]..You will learn the existence of a lover in the case of an angel, and you will be aware of the influence or the budding of love feelings for Kiriko.[Annotation 17]However, when he learned that Shinnosuke and Kiriko were thinking about each other, he experienced a broken heart and shed tears, but on the other hand, he said, "I'm rather proud of this pain. I feel like I'm closer to humans." I was feeling.
Although he confronted Gordo Drive with Tsuyoshi in the final battle, he was overwhelmed by the power, and while the Mach driver flame was destroyed, he transformed into a Mashin Chaser again and took a deep hand in the form of holding Tsuyoshi.Chase, who can no longer be transformed, entrusts Tsuyoshi with a signal chaser and a driver's license, saying, "I and you are not friend, but bring it. It is a treasure that humans gave me."Then, when he told Tsuyoshi the last words, "If Kiriko can protect his loved ones," he squeezed the remaining power and self-destructed with Gordo Drive.
After his death, Tsuyoshi's hand settled the battle with Gordo Drive, and Kiriko, who arrived at him, reported the death of Chase to Hart and Medic through Shinnosuke.At that time, Hart described him as "a warrior who could be respected both as an enemy and as an ally," and Medic apologized to him in his heart, "I did something terrible to you."
  • Sanjo decides where Chase standsOkita SojiorHajime SaitoCompared to[13].
  • By default, Chase protected Kiriko by the program of Barbino, which showed that Barbino also had a side to think of her daughter.[29]..This setting was also passed on to Taiko Katono, who plays, but it was said that it was not in the end.[29]..The license episode incorporates the theatrical version of the admission benefits into the play, but Sanjo states that it was a good precursor to the trend of Chase wanting to get closer to humans as a result.[22].
  • Protozero was designed earlierCyberoid body ZZZColoring, changing face and chest plate[30]..Since it is a chase body, it is finished while imagining a facial expression like a Kannon face, not only being neutral, but also adding elegance.[30].
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive Super Movie War Genesis"
Impact of historical changes due to Shinnosuke and Takeru being skipped in the past (2005) (time travelbyButterfly effect), And confront the army of Roymude and Eye Devil with Tsuyoshi and others.In the introduction of posters and pamphlets, I have Shingo Ax, but there was no scene to actually use it in the play.

Metropolitan Police Department

About the special situation section#Settings / TermsSee also

Kiriko Shijima(Kiriko Shijima
Shinnosuke's companion in the Special Affairs Division police officer.Tsuyoshi's sister.The first person is "I".
He has been appointed as the Metsuke of Shinnosuke, the demon of sabotage, and has first-class fighting and shooting skills.[Annotation 18]So, using his own shift car, he also supports Shinnosuke's battle without being affected by heavy acceleration.Later, Rinna gave him shoes equipped with reinforced bullets and gravity generators, and by kicking and shooting with them, he gained enough fighting power to return the advanced Roymude to human form, albeit unexpectedly.
However, when he learned that his younger brother Tsuyoshi returned to Japan suddenly, he seemed to lack his living ability, such as cleaning up the cluttered room in a hurry and cooking in an unfamiliar manner.
On the day of Global Freeze, I was attacked by Roymude 010 before becoming Paint Roymude, and I couldn't smile at all because of the horror at that time.Even if he smiles rarely, when Shinnosuke points out, he immediately returns to the top of the Buddha and denies that he is not laughing.[Annotation 19]..At that time, he became a collaborator of the drive after being helped by the prototype drive.I have tried to transform into a drive in the past, but I could not completely transform because I could not withstand the impact of tire mounting.[31].
After the battle with Roymude, he was transferred to the Investigation Division 2015 with Shinnosuke.Later, on December 12, 24, he married Shinnosuke.[Annotation 20], The eldest son英志Give birth.
  • The name is "silence" that brings out tranquility and "silence" because it is mysterious.(I.e.Derived from[13].
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
I take childcare leave and take care of Eiji.
Rinna Sawagami(Rinna Sawagami
Visiting Electronic Physicist, Special Affairs Division.The first person is "I".It is Rinna who named the special phenomenon caused by Roymude, commonly called "Donyori", as "heavy acceleration".
Although he has a cheerful personality and is a mood maker in the special affairs section, he is eager to be single and sometimes holds joint parties and often participates in marriage hunting parties.On the other hand, Kisaburo Sasamoto, who was dating in college, still has an unforgettable side.When he played a decoy as a couple with Oda, he called Oda "Genpachi" and investigated them together, and after that, he seems to be familiar.In the office of the Special Affairs Division, one person occupies a locker for four people.
I've known Krim Steinbelt since I was alive[31], At an American university, was invited by Dr. Harley to support him as a drive collaborator.In addition to heavy acceleration particle measuring instruments and heavy acceleration mitigation machines used in investigative activities, drive weapons such as handle swords and door guns and Shingo Ax, which is a chaser weapon, are all Rinna's inventions.In addition, it is possible to repair and improve the Mach driver flame, which is the next system, and to make duplicates, and the speed from development to completion is extremely fast.
After the battle with Roymude, he returned to his core business and academic societies, where he became a world authority on electronic physics and later won the Nobel Prize in Physics.
  • The name comes from "noisy" as opposed to Kiriko's "silence"[13].
  • Because of the initial setting of "I like pink", the nails are in pink, and the design is done by Yoshii himself.[32].
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
I haven't given up on my research on Roymude and Kamen Rider, but I'm at a loss in Klim's words.When Tsuyoshi needed to fight as a Kamen Rider, he believed in him and entrusted him with a prototype Mach driver and shift viral core.
He had withheld a proposal from Oda, but decided to accept his feelings because he was seriously injured.
Kyu Saijo(Saijokyu
Visiting Network Researcher, Special Affairs Division.The first person is "I". "Kyu Saijo" is a handle name, and his real name isKenta Imai(Imai Kenta[Annotation 21]..It is nicknamed "Study-chan" by Shinnosuke, and is called "Study Taro" by Genhachiro. "What a XX!" Is a habit.I have no siblings.
Because of her nerdy appearance and strong personality, the police officers around her want to smoke.However, the ability to collect and analyze information is unmistakable enough to be recognized by Klim as a "genius child", and not only does it provide clues to solve the case many times, but Roymude's core is usually hidden in the network. It boasts a track record of elucidating the facts of searching for human beings to copy and their traces.The details of his activities as a network researcher in his main business are unknown, but in the otaku world, he is proud of his charismatic name under the title of "His Excellency" and sometimes publishes books.
After the battle with Roymude, he became a popular novelist in addition to his main business, and his novel "Mechanical Friendship", which made use of his experience in the Special Affairs Division, became a big bestseller.
  • The name comes from the fact that information technology is "highest grade".[13], It is mentioned in the 20th episode even in the work.
Jun Honganji(Honganji Jun
Chief of the Special Affairs Division.The class is vigilant.Blood type is A type.First person is "I"[Annotation 22]..Members of the Special Affairs Division are called with "chan".
He is a moderate person who hates troubles and does not like big changes, and he has a habit of reminiscing about "○○ (my first person) is not, ○○ (my own personality and feelings)".Normally, I just watch over the actions of my subordinates and do nothing from myself, but at key points such as negotiating so that Shinnosuke can meet with prisoners in prison and giving advice to subordinates who are lost. Has made appropriate backups, and has been astonished by his unfathomable ability.It's a family of three, a wife and a daughter, but he says that his relationship with his daughter has been jerky lately.
My hobby is golf.GarakeI am particular about fortune-telling, and the color of the tie is matched by the lucky color of the day.
In fact, he is the biggest supporter of Klim, a drive driver, and established and maintained the Special Affairs Division under the water as a cover for Kamen Rider Drive to easily operate inside the police organization.He revealed the identity hidden by Shinnosuke's transformation in front of a large number of people, and announced the identity of the drive to the public with the meaning of attracting Roymude's attention to the police side.[Annotation 23].
At the end of the story, as the first mass-produced driver developed by the policeKamen Rider JunTransformed into.However, because it was the first mass-produced model, it stopped functioning several tens of seconds after the transformation and could not move in the transformed state, so it did not participate in the battle during the work.
After the battle with Roymude was over and he became counselor, Shinnosuke settled his relationship with Neoshade and handed him a resignation to transfer him to the First Investigation Division.After that, his achievements in eradicating Roymude in the Special Affairs Division were recognized, and he was flooded with difficult missions, and he was even called "visiting Honganji Temple in case of trouble", and was later promoted to Deputy General Manager of the Metropolitan Police Department.
  • The name comes from "other power application" because it does not act on its own[13]..In the initial plan, it was set as a female manager.[15].
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive Super Movie War Genesis"
Promoted to director.Orders Shinnosuke and Kiriko to conduct a top-secret investigation of the frequent paranormal phenomena.Also, during the work, he transformed into Kamen Rider Jun again.However, he was instantly killed by Da Vinci's eye demon and died in the other world, but he met with a hermit in the middle of that world and was returned to this world and revived.
Genpachiro Otta(Ota Genpachirou
Assistant Police Department, Investigation Division XNUMX, Metropolitan Police Department.The first person is "I".Nickname is "Gen-san".It is called "Genpachi" by Rinna.
Contact personnel with the Special Affairs Division.At the beginning of the story, the special affairs section including Honganji, which has a higher rank, was treated as a nuisance by making a fool of it. At first glance, I like Rinna as a "teacher".[Annotation 24]..A realist and quite stubborn, he initially denied the existence of the heavy acceleration phenomenon as a "mere urban legend" and refused to admit it stubbornly even if he experienced it himself.Roymude and Kamen Rider Drive while acting with the Special Affairs Division[Annotation 25][Annotation 26]I have gradually come to recognize a number of mysterious phenomena, including the existence of, and now I am working hard to investigate cases involving heavy acceleration phenomena, but upper management who do not understand mysterious phenomena like I used to. Is indignant[Annotation 27].
After the battle with Roymude, he was promoted to Inspector.As a famous detective of the Metropolitan Police Department, he devoted half his life to the Investigation Division XNUMX, and later became the Investigation Division Chief.
  • The name comes from being a "fieldist chasing (the criminal)"[13], Historical drama "Shadow Concentric IIIt is also the beginning of Genhachiro Hotta.
  • The truth about mistaking "Roymude" was that Sanjo originally picked up the character on the TV-kun DVD written by Hasegawa, but Sanjo felt deep psychological resistance at the launch of "MOVIE War Full Throttle". Keiichi Hasegawa recollected the hint in episode 32, thinking that Keiichi Hasegawa would be involved in the freeze when the freeze appeared.[25][22].
"Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3"
Due to the influence of alternate history (becomes a history dominated by Shocker), Shocker's PhantomCheetah KatatsumuriAppeared as.His personality was a ruthless and completely different person, and he was the only member of the Special Affairs Division who was an enemy until the end.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
I was proposing to Rinna, but the answer was pending.From Asamura who escaped from prison, he hides Tachibana and becomes unconscious.
"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Heart"
Became his buddy to support the resurrected heart as a detective.
Mitsuhide Nira(Garlic Chives Hide
Oda's boss, who was newly appointed as the Chief of the Investigation Division of the Police Agency from April.First person is "I" or "I"[Annotation 28]..We are monitoring the Special Affairs Division under the direction of Soichi Makage, and even if Shinnosuke finds out that Makage is a mechanical life form (Roymude), he will try to deal with it properly. I didn't.
A typical sarcastic managersnakeA nasty personality like.I was surprised to find out that Shinnosuke was a drive, but I took it in the wrong direction and teased Shinnosuke's failure with a sarcastic attitude, obstructed Shinnosuke trying to know the truth of the case, and made my father Insulting words and deeds make Shinnosuke irritated, and at the end he plans to give in.[Annotation 29].
It has interfered with the investigation of the Special Affairs Division many times, but on the contrary, their strategy[Annotation 30]In many cases, he is overtaken, and he is slacking off each time.
Its true identity is the true criminal of the case 12 years ago that killed Shinnosuke's father, Eisuke.PrideWas abnormally bloatedegoistBren also describes him as "a stupid, cowardly and worst human being."Contrary to his personal pride, he has no pride as a police officer. When he witnessed Eisuke as a true police officer in a bank robbery case 12 years ago, his jealousy exploded, and he shot and killed Eisuke with a pistol that the robber had in a way that took advantage of the turmoil.I was enslaved by 001 (Makage, also known as Freeze) who was watching the whole story, and I followed him with a sense of humiliation.
After Bren loses to the drives and runs away, he is arrested by Shinnosuke, but he says, "Roymude and Kamen Rider, I'll see which one wins until the end." He was taken away while leaving.
In addition, after Nira's demise, his predecessor, Detective Akagi, was appointed as the Chief of the Investigation Division XNUMX.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
Makoto Asamura (Takeshi Utsugi), Ichiro Negishi, Hajime Taga, Koichi Sakaki, and others who escaped from prison by Mitsuya Nishibori, who was manipulated by 005, and who were also involved in a case related to Roymude. Standing at the center of the group, he is happy to take part in Nishibori's (005) dynamism, also as a revenge for Shinnosuke.
Regarding Shinnosuke, who had driven himself to ruin, he began to hate more than Eisuke from his resentment, and even about the battle between Kamen Rider and Roymude, who once boasted that he would see it, It was boring. "
His personality has become more bankrupt and brutal than when he first appeared in the TV series, such as being described by Nishibori (005) as "full of madness." Nishibori (005), who decided to cut off the TV, took care of it himself, boarded the detention center, and after playing with Asamura, he shot dead without hesitation.After that, in response to instructions from Nishibori (005), he took Negishi and aimed at Karasawa again as a reproduction of the past Roymude crime, but failed due to Negishi's betrayal and was arrested again by Shinnosuke and Hayase. It was.
Koichi Kano(Kano Koichi
ChaseIs the copy source ofTransportation riot policePolice motorcycle member[27]..Kiriko speculates that Chase's serious personality was also inherited from him.In addition to the final episode of the TV series, which will be the first appearance, it has appeared frequently in derivative works.
  • The appearance of Kano is due to Riku Sanjo's plan.[33].
"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Chaser"
It depicts how Chase copied him and his everyday scenes.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
In response to the case of Mitsuya Nishibori (005), he teamed up with Tsuyoshi, who was authorized as a visiting investigator.


"Former humans" with a clear ego who have become special devices (drivers) by converting consciousness and memory into data.Two bodies, "Drive Driver" and "Banno Driver", will appear in the play.

Mr. Belt (drive driver)
It is a navigation system installed in Tridron, and it is a belt-shaped device that transforms Shinnosuke into a drive.Introducing Kamen Rider Drive Kamen Rider #Kamen Rider DriveSee section).The first person is "I".You can communicate smoothly with Shinnosuke by complaining when Shinnosuke calls himself a "belt" and, rarely, ironically.[Annotation 31]..Scientist in built-in memoryKrim SteinbeltAll consciousness and memory of is downloaded (see below).
Originally, Protozero (Chase) was transformed into Protodrive and fought together.
It was he who set up the Special Affairs Division at Honganji Temple and encouraged Shinnosuke to be assigned to the Special Affairs Division, and reminded Shinnosuke not to reveal the identity of the drive to anyone other than Kiriko.Until the identity of the drive became public in episode 25, from a secretive side, Shinnosuke, who hates it, was sometimes in a bad mood.
In order to prevent Shinnosuke's physical death during the battle with Roymude 001 (Freeze), he fused his mind and his own data, and revived Shinnosuke at the same time as the driver restarted.As a result, he became one with Shinnosuke, and only when he transformed into a type tridron, he became able to manipulate Shinnosuke's body at his will.
After the annihilation of Roymude, in order to prevent his technology from being abused, he recovered the shift breath from Shinnosuke and told the members of the Special Affairs Division, "One day, when the future comes when my invention will be used only for the right thing. Say goodbye to him, and he froze himself in the basement of the drive pit with Mach Driver Flame and Lupine Gunner, signal bikes other than shift cars and signal chasers, and Tridron Ride Mach Ride Chaser and fell asleep.
When I learned that Shinnosuke and Kiriko were attracted to each other, I was very welcomed and supported the love road, even though I wouldn't be able to see it.After the final battle, when he said the final farewell to the Special Affairs Division, he told Kiriko, "I will continue to ask for this proficient companion."
  • Character depiction appears in "Knight Rider"Night 2000Artificial intelligencePUTTYHowever, due to Sanjo's intention to avoid the relationship in which Kamen Rider uses a car, he was positioned as a commander in a higher position than the main character.[13][11][Annotation 32].
"Surprise Future"
In episode 40, the personality became swayed by the urge to destroy due to the installation of a malicious program on the drive driver that Barbino stole when developing the Banno driver, and the situation was changed to Roymude in 2035. It will be attached to 108.
"Masked Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pacman vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider"
Kamen Rider Gaim, who has the power of God, takes it out of the drive pit deep underground and awakens from freezing.It is handed over to Shinnosuke who was fighting without being able to transform and reunites.
Vanno driver
Tenjuro BarbinoUnder my control004A copy driver that analyzes and duplicates the drive driver that was robbed by.
Unlike the original silver-based color, the buckle is dyed black and the central display is yellow.
The consciousness of the barbarian transferred from the tablet is installed, and it has the function of transforming the parasitized body into a gold drive by twisting the ignition key.


Krim Steinbelt
The scientist who developed the drive system and the optical drive engine "Core Dry Beer".Calm and gentlemanly.The first person is "I".He is a disciple of Dr. Harley, the developer of Kamen Rider Mach, and he still interacts with him as a drive driver.
As for his own family during his lifetime, he said that he was "research-oriented and single for life" and never had a wife or child.
Although he came to Japan at the request of his best friend Dr. Banno and was involved in the development of Roymude, he opposed the practical application because the prototype 000 equipped with the independently developed core dry via caused a heavy acceleration phenomenon. ..Disappointed and disappointed to see Barbino develop 000-001, which plagiarized 003 techniques at his own discretion, and torture 002 (Heart) by the name of an inhumane "experiment". I broke up.
Fifteen years ago, he died as a human being in the rebellion of early Roymudes such as Hart.[Annotation 33].
Tenjuro Barbino(Ban no Tenjuro / Gordo Drive
A scientist who was the father of Utashima siblings and a close friend of Krim Steinbelt.First person is "I"[Annotation 34]..The developer of the mechanical life form Roymude, who was the source of virtually all of the story.
At the same time as having a good brain, he had extreme and dangerous selfishness and madness.mad scientist..He has no feelings of affection for his family, Tsuyoshi and Kiriko, and considers the feelings of Hearts and Roymude as well as the surrounding people, including the two, as mere research material.
Although Roymude was almost completed as a self-propagating android 15 years before the beginning of the story, the problem of enormous drive energy source and miniaturization of the external brain could not be solved, and Klim was told that the optical drive engine "Core Requested the provision of "dry beer" technology.Although Klim was concerned about the dangers of Roymude and himself, which will be described later, he made a body of 000-001 based on the structure of 003 at his own discretion.[Annotation 35]..Soon after, he was killed as a human being in the rebellion of three early Roymudes from 001 to 003.For revenge, the conscious body that applied core technology as "eternal torture" was imprisoned in the cyber world, and Bren kept and managed it for a long time and had occasional secret conversations.
After gaining the trust of Tsuyoshi and infiltrating the Special Affairs Division, he attacked Shinnosuke and robbed the drive driver via 004.By installing itself like Klim on another driver that duplicated itVanno driverAt the same time, he prepared a malignant program for the drive driver and created a trigger for Mr. Belt's runaway in "Surprise Future".
Furthermore, it has the same power as the super-evolved Roymude by destroying only the core of 006 that attacked itself soon after, attaching to the body that became a shell and parasitizing it.Gordo DriveTransform into and acquire a powerful body.
The ultimate goal is to cause a second global freeze, eliminate all obstacles by heavy acceleration on a global scale, and then digitize and number all human beings like Klim and himself.[Annotation 36]Met.
  • It was planned from the beginning of the project that the barbarian would be the actual last enemy, and Sanjo had assumed from an early stage that the barbarian would be an evil drive.[34].
Harley Hendrickson
A scientist living in the United States.Krim Steinbelt's teacher, who can be said to be the cornerstone of Kamen Rider.An old man with a dynamic personality, he is currently enjoying a trip around the world in his side car.
Although it is related to Klim, it has not been targeted for eradication of Roymude, and although he developed the "Next System (= Kamen Rider Mach)", the system remains unfinished because the qualified person Tsuyoshi returned to Japan without permission in the middle of training. ..Immediately before the Voice Roymude incident, he also delivered an unfinished shift dead heat to Shinnosuke and others, and before and after that, he himself came to Japan during his world trip and made final adjustments.At that time, I left a handmade pie in the drive pit, but on the back of the package of this pie, the equation leading to the completion of the trailer gun and the blueprint of Manturn Jackie Spanner, who is said to be the pit crew, were drawn.
After the battle with Roymude, he came to pick up Tsuyoshi, who was about to embark on a wandering journey.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
He was monitoring 017 and 018, who had been active before the Global Freeze, rescued him by being at the scene where Tsuyoshi was attacked, and liked his unfounded self-confidence and trained Next System.

Shinnosuke Tomari officials

Akira Hayase(Akira Hayase
Former detective.Special group of the department in front of the special investigation team[35]Shinnosuke's former companion and best friend.The first person is "I".
During his time as a detective, he was an excellent police officer who was calm and calm, such as quickly following and stopping Shinnosuke's mistakes and bloody behavior, and was able to demonstrate his responsiveness.However, he was seriously injured in an accident caused by Shinnosuke's failure on the day of Global Freeze and retired from the police.After that, he worked on rehabilitation for more than half a year and lived a life of relying on a wheelchair at Azusa Yumi Hospital.
He didn't resent Shinnosuke, who injured himself, and sent a word of encouragement to him, who was guilty of self-responsibility, saying, "Run instead of me."
After a while, he recovered to the point where he could walk only with crutches and supporters, but the prisoner he had arrested in the past transformed into a Sword Roymude by fusion evolution, and he was targeted for his life.He shook off Shinnosuke's warning that he should run away, and showed the courage to stand alone in front of Sword Roymude, who attacks the hospital, in order to protect others.After that, Shinnosuke rushed in and transformed into a drive to protect himself, and as a result, it became an opportunity to reveal the identity of Kamen Rider to the world.
At the request of Honganji Temple, he secretly set up a temporary pit in case of emergency, and reunited with Shinnosuke with a body that had not been completely cured.
  • The name comes from the fact that Shinnosuke is relatively "quick" and "bright".[13].
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
Although the injury is almost completely healed, he is active as a negotiator.Kiriko is on maternity leave, so she returns temporarily as Shinnosuke's buddy.
Eisuke Tomari(Tomari Eisuke
Shinnosuke's father and former assistant police officer.Shinnosuke was killed when he was in the first year of junior high school.It seems that he was a very talented police officer, and Honganji is also praised as "there is no person in the main office who does not know Eisuke Tomari."His death has been the key to making Shinnosuke walk on the path of a detective.
Twelve years ago, he and his colleague Nira boarded a bank robbery case with information from Roymude 12 (Freeze), but he was betrayed and shot dead by Nira who had a strong jealousy for himself.It is ostensibly recognized that he was shot dead by a girl who was pointed at by a robber, but suspicious points led to suspicion of Freeze.
Although the circumstances are unknown, he noticed that someone was manipulating police information conveniently, and approached Zhang's own shadow (freeze).His memory wasn't tampered with when he received the ice needles he released, and Freeze described him as "the first person this ability didn't work for."
Eiji Tomari(Eiji Tomari
Shinnosuke and Kiriko's son.The first appearance was "Surprise Future", which was treated as a deceased person in the same work, but later explained that he was born as two sons in the history of Roymude's defeat, after Kiriko in the final episode of the TV series. It is mentioned in the telop. Also appeared in "Novel Kamen Rider Drive".


Mitsuya Nishibori(Nishihori Koya
Be a criminal psychologistNeo shadeCopycat.According to the novel described below, he has committed many crimes such as kidnapping and injury in addition to imitating Neoshade.
He had already been arrested at the time of episode 0 (described later), but in episode 11 he reunited with Shinnosuke Tomari at the detention center to hear information about Goro Minami, a science fiction writer and known as the inventor uncle.that time,Case with LupineI'm asking about.
Episode 0Countdown to Global Freeze"
Shinnosuke Tomari and Akira Hayase reveal that they are copycats of Neoshade and are about to be arrested.005Being interested in, he succeeds in escaping for a while.After that, he was rescued by Protodrive when he was about to be killed by 005 and was arrested when he was faint.
"type TOKUJO"
It became clear that he was on the day before the Global Freeze with university professor Masahiko Odagiri, and he had a conversation with Shinnosuke Tomari who came to the detention center again.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
Manipulated by 005, he uses the anima system while believing in his own will and makes a leap to become a god that surpasses Roymude.The jailbreak prisoners were used to reproduce (imitate) the Roymude incident, and the device was activated using the fear accumulated in the network, but he died leaving behind a shelled body due to being short-circuited by 005.
Reiko Nishibori(Reiko Nishihori
Daughter of Mitsuya Nishibori. Called "Yoriko Soma" and made contact with Mach.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
While getting closer to Tsuyoshi and his heart, he is mentioned as a suspect in the case of Mitsuya Nishibori (005).
So Utsugi(It seems to be flirting/Makoto Asamura(Asamura Makoto
A man who was acting as a revenge agent at a dark site called "Judge Time" that appeared in episodes 18 and 19.
A young man who gave private sanctions one after another to the bad guys who were determined only by arbitrary prejudiced interpretation, and finally helped himself from thugs for all sins Touma OkajimaRubbed on and killed[Annotation 37]..As a result, Okajima's younger sister秋絵Was seen by the public with curiosity and led an unhappy life, and Okita's teacher's police alumnus who sympathized with her Shingo TachibanaIs Roymude 065 =Judge RoymudeWill help and cause an incident.
Shinnosuke and Tsuyoshi revealed their true nature and were arrested by Oda, but he continued to take an open-minded attitude without repenting of his sins until the end.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
In the same work, the real name is known to be Makoto Asamura.Mitsuhide Nira and others helped Mitsuya Nishibori (005) to escape from prison, but as a result of holding a resentment against Tachibana who made the opportunity to be arrested and trying to retaliate at his own discretion, he was escorting Tachibana He was stopped by a rice field, stabbed him after rubbing, but was arrested and imprisoned again.
In this case, Nishibori (005) gave up and was shot dead by Nira, who had infiltrated the detention center under his instructions, calling him "Purge."From Nira, he was called "Utsuke-kun" after the pseudonym he used to use.
Hajime Taga(Beginning
A prisoner with the nickname of killing a policeman who appeared in episodes 25 and 26.He evolved with Sword Roymude and aimed at Hayase who once arrested himself, but after a fierce battle with Shinnosuke, he was defeated and separated from Roymude and was urgently arrested.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
After jailbreak, he participated in the case of Mitsuya Nishibori (005) and attacked the bank with Koichi Sakaki who also jailbroken, but he was arrested and died in the form of being cut off from 005.
Ichiro Negishi(Negishi Negishi
A man who was arrested as the criminal of the case 29 years ago (the bank robbery murder case in which Shinnosuke's father was killed) that appeared in episodes 30 and 12.
Fused with Roymude 067,Open RoymudeThen, he robbed and murdered again for the purpose of closing the mouth of witnesses and accomplices of the incident 12 years ago including Yukari Karasawa, but was separated from Roymude before the cooperation of Drive and Chaser, and defeated Open Roymude. Later, he is arrested.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
Participated in the case of Mitsuya Nishibori (005) and escaped from prison with Mitsuhide Nira and others.He acted with Nira and attacked the president of the land-raising shop, which seemed to be as vicious as ever. I protected myself from the situation.
Keisuke Okamura(Okamura Keisuke
The leader of the terrorist force "Neo Shade" that appeared in episode 48.
After the Global Freeze, he was secretly in contact with Roymude during the battle between Kamen Rider and Roymude.In the midst of searching for a new power to replace Roymude,Newton Ghost Eye SoulAnd steal from the laboratory.
One month before the final episode, Shinnosuke and his Kamen Riders forced the organization into a state of destruction, and while being attacked by the monster Eye Demon (Gamma) aiming at the eye soul, they escaped painfully.After that, Shinnosuke and Oda, who found a new hiding place, are cornered again, but when Shinnosuke who regained his eye soul is attacked by a monster, he wants the power of that monster as well. become.Taking advantage of the turmoil, he escaped again, this time taking Kiriko as a hostage, and holding Shinnosuke's eyes in a certain place[Annotation 38]Lure you to come to.He demands that Shinnosuke rush to hand over his soul, but Shinnosuke overcomes his anxiety about breaking up with Mr. Belt, and the rebirth of the organization ends in failure.

Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Drive
Shinnosuke Tomari transforms.
Kamen Rider Mach
Go Shijima transforms.
Mashin Chaser → Kamen Rider Chaser
Chase was a Roymude warrior who transformed, but later reborn as a Kamen Rider.
Gordo Drive
An evil warrior created by Tenjuro Barbino as his own body.


The enemy monster in this work.English notation isRoidmude.Machine life formAlso called.A total of 108 breeding-enhanced androids, all given individual numbers[Annotation 39]..When it receives a certain amount of damage, the body disappears and it changes into a numbered number-type energy body called the core, which corresponds to the soul.Unless the Roymude that became only the core explodes and disappears[Annotation 40], You can restore your body with Viral Core.

The core is roaming the network and can be moved from someone's computer to the real world.It has the power to generate a heavy acceleration phenomenon, the appearance and memory of a human being, and the ability to mimic the person by copying data such as the heartbeat.By absorbing human desires as energy, we awaken to the evolutionary state.According to Hart, even if it becomes possible to control humans and reproduce the core, it is not possible to increase more than 108 bodies because the barbarian is dead.

Dr. Barbino, a close friend of Krim Steinbelt, was studying and developing the basic theory, but it required a huge external brain and a huge amount of energy consumption.[21], When he failed, he gained the ability to generate heavy acceleration by installing Core Dry Beer as a brain part, even though he knew that Klim begged for it was dangerous.[36].. 15-000, which was made based on 001 003 years ago, caused rebellion by having an ego, killed Dr. Barbino and Klim, caused a global freeze half a year before the story, but was repelled by protodrive and shift cars Was done.

The purpose is to collect four super-evolved states by a certain time, and this is called the "promised number".It is permissible to rampage in human society in order to awaken to the evolutionary state by sticking to human skills, but since this is also the "existence of shadows" according to Bren, unnecessarily conspicuous behavior or human beings If it is judged to be inspiring or acting in a way that benefits them, it will be denounced by the executive committee, and if it is overdone, it will be purged by the Mashin Chaser and the core will be recovered.[21]..After Mashin Chaser-Chase lost its function as a god of death due to the program tampering by Medic, the new head of the god of death, Medic, along with the god of death unit that strengthened and remodeled the lower Roymude, her own recognition and standards. We are purging based on.

  • The name is a composition of "android" and "mutant"[13]..Since Inves, the enemy character of the previous work "Kamen Rider Gaim", was an organic existence, it was set as a robot-like existence as a differentiation.[13][Annotation 41].. The number 108 was set to clarify the end point of the story.[13].
  • I thought it was scarier to see the dense details and the design that didn't make sense, so it was intentionally blind.[30]..Initially, only the body Roymude had no eyes, and by specializing in motifs, an identity emerged and I was trying to put my eyes in it, but with some exceptions it became eyeless.[30]..Also, from the appearance of a mechanical life form that is a copy of a human being, parts such as the spinal cord are included as a common design, but in order to emphasize the inorganic side rather than the organic side, the chamfered spine By making the parts from metal, it looks like a bone at first glance, but if you look closely it looks like a mechanism[30].
  • In terms of modeling, it was intended to save suits by establishing a story without introducing an evolutionary state by making the design of the lower Roymude as a monster.[7]..However, in the first half, there were many screenplays involving Roymude in the story, so the appearance of new evolutions increased more than planned, and after Shoot Roymude, all existing suits have been remodeled.[7].
An enhanced form in which the body Roymude absorbs human desires and leads to awakening.In addition to being able to cause heavy acceleration in a wider range than the body Roymude, many have special abilities for each individual.
It awakens by mimicking a determined human being and repeating actions based on the desires of the original person, but there is a tendency for this to behave too much even among Roymudes.[Annotation 42].
As a different evolutionary pattern, it has been confirmed that the target human desire is aroused without mimicry, and the desire is absorbed by the side, but in this case, the absorption amount is unstable and the body is awakened. There is also the possibility of returning to Roymude.That said, it doesn't really matter because you can quickly return to evolution and overcome it by absorbing a sufficient amount of desire and fully awakening.
Individuals awakened to this form do not have a numbering plate on their chest, but instead are referred to by executives as the head of the name based on their abilities.[Annotation 43].
  • Designs and abilities are based on occupations and abilities that embody the desires of each Roymude.[11][13].
Fusion evolution
A form in which Roymude and humans are fused by Neo Viral Core.Mainly lower-level bodies are fused, but higher-level and higher Roymudes can also be fused.In that case, in addition to the ability of the fused evolution state, the ability of the fused advanced Roymude is added.
Unlike normal evolution, it can absorb stronger desires by integrating with humans, so its specifications exceed the conventional ones.As a feature, the whole body has a color based on red, and a monitor showing the numbering is attached to the chest.Regardless of the individual that has already evolved to the upper level or higher, if it is separated from the human, Roymude will also return to the lower level, so there is a demerit that the fighting power will be greatly reduced.
Since it is integrated with humans, there is a risk that the fused humans will die if they are defeated normally.However, by analyzing a part of the armor of Mashin Chaser and inputting the data to each driver, it became possible to separate Roymude from humans before defeating it.
  • I avoided the setting of merging bad guys and monsters because it overlaps with "W", but it is the easiest to understand, because the concept of good and evil of committing a crime with the help of Roymude becomes similar. Incorporated[37].
Super evolution
A form that is the final stage of the evolution of Roymude.There is no difference in shape from the evolved state (advanced Roymude), but some coloring has changed to gold.
Base emotions that Roymude learned from humans[Annotation 44]Evolution is possible by raising the limit to the limit.
The output of core dry via has increased significantly, and it is a super evolutionary class.[Annotation 45]By synchro-activating four core dry vias at the same time, it is possible to generate heavy acceleration that affects the entire world.Roymude et al. Have set the ultimate goal of a global freeze by this, and have set the required number of four super-evolved states as the promised number.

Single number

Executive-class Roymudes with single-digit numbers from 001 to 009.There is a difference from the general body Roymude, such as the muffler of the clavicle part being golden and the nape part being decorated like an erimaki.

He was a core member of Global Freeze, and he was working hard to carry out the plan with the members who are hiding in the major cities of each country, mainly based in Japan, where they were born.

In "Novel Kamen Rider Drive", they are called "zero number" possession because they first have double digits of zero, and their bodies are early prototypes of viral cores that were completed before the rebellion began. It is a prototype, and its growth speed is slower than that of Roymudes who have a subsequent viral core, and there is instability in maintaining the evolutionary state, but since it was active from the earliest stage, it has a lot of experience points. , Has the same or better power than the subsequent Roymudes.In addition, by applying the instability of evolution, it is diverted to a mimicry that hides power by intentionally returning to the state of lower Roymude.

  • The origin of each name is not the motif, but the one you want most[25].
A leader of Roymude.A gorgeous personality that doesn't care about the details.The first person is "I".The human form takes the form of a young man dressed in a long red leather coat.Roymude was made to copy humans for the first time.The number as Roymude is 002.Barbino was trying to explore his emotions.
He is a liberalist in contrast to the orderly chase and Bren, and often tolerates Roymude's selfish actions.
He has feelings of friendship and dearness toward Roymude as "my" friends "who have only 108 bodies in the world", and when they try to meet them by themselves when they are awakened, or when they disappear, they are terrible. He has a friendly personality, such as showing a sad appearance.As a result, the trust of the executives is strong, Bren favors them, and Medic is the only executive to be adored by them.Even Chase, who has no memory of the past and does not know who he is, told Hart that he "believes in you."Roymude 001 (Freeze) is said to be a vessel that reigns as a new kind of king from Makage, and is regarded as the leader of the front.
He described Shinnosuke's actions as a "terrible man" and "interesting man" when he tried to bring him to a battle at the expense of himself, and declared that he had no intention of defeating him in the state of a human being before transformation. He says he will not stop Shinnosuke, who has been untransformed.
At the end of the game, Medic became a puppet of Barbino, and he was forced to obey him, but Bren's self-sacrifice exploded his anger at Barbino.Choose a way to fight with Shinnosuke and defeat Sigma Circular.At that time, his own core was also damaged, so he realized that he was dead and after a single combat with Shinnosuke, he reached the limit of his core.At the end, I was crying and was delighted to have made a human friend for the first time and disappeared.Shinnosuke and Kiriko were also pitiful for the death and were salute.
  • Original:Hiroi Shinzo(Hiroi Shinzo[38]..A young businessman who refused to apply for investment by Barbino during his lifetime.From Barbino, as a tool to relieve the grudge against the businessman, a terrible torture called a painful and stimulating experiment was repeated.From the description on the official website[Detailed information for identifying documents]Hiroi, who became the model, was said to have already been destroyed by Barbino, but in "Drive Saga Kamen Rider Heart", it is said that he is still alive in 2018.
  • Sanjo is the standing position of the heartIsamu KondoCompared to[13].
  • The end of the heart was planned from the beginning, and Sanjo is the movie "ブ レ ー ド ラ ン ナ ーRoy Batty is the image source[34].
Heart Roymude
Roymude 002 has evolved心 臓The original appearance of the heart, which is reminiscent of.It has evolved into an evolved state on the day of Global Freeze.
It has the ability to draw out the power of the internal combustion engine above the limit value, and boasts extremely high fighting ability.
When anger reaches its peak, it reaches a runaway state called a dead zone and exerts even more tremendous power, but the kickback to itself is also large.[Annotation 46]It is also a double-edged sword that will self-destruct if you are not good at it.In addition, the ability of super-heavy acceleration will be obtained later by strengthening and remodeling the Medic.
It has the ability to strengthen itself according to the opponent's ability and always obtain a fighting ability that exceeds the opponent,joyBy achieving super evolution due to the emotions of, even the type tridron of the drive has become more than equal.
In the super-evolved state, it emits a golden super-light wave and is strengthened to the extent that the surrounding area can be scorched.
  • The motif is the human mind, but I think that it also absorbs the human mind that is not complimented, and it is a monster made up of distorted hearts such as missing hearts, distorted hearts, and separated hearts. Has become[30]..Initially, the chest had a hole in the shape of a heart, but the weakness was exposed at the position of the heart in humans, and instead the heart at the position of the throat became an image of a hole. , The holes make it easier to get the beam and technique[30]..I didn't think deeply about the red color, it's just a heart.[30]..In charge of designTakayuki TakeyaI wasn't aware of it, butGood luck!! Robocon"ofGantz senseiIt states that it was pointed out in common with[39]..In the super evolution state, only the red of the heart is changed to gold, there is no particular change in modeling[30].
"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Chaser"
Knowing the danger of an angel and hostile, he is pulled out of the core.
"Kamen Rider Drive Final Stage"
It was revived by the Paradox Roymude that was revived due to the distortion of time, but in the battle it regained its ego and attached to the drive side and transformed into a Kamen Rider Drive type tridron and fought.
"Kamen Rider Ghost Legend!Rider's soul!"
Appearing from the eye-shaped coat of arms with Frey, he fought against the ghosts.The Kamen Rider that I knew seemed to be trying out the ghosts, saying that he was "a stronger human being," and the ghost who became a driving soul and defeated himself was recognized as "that's why Kamen Rider" and exploded.
One of the earliest three Roymudes, Barbino was trying to explore knowledge.He is a staff member and is mainly responsible for monitoring and managing Roymude and assisting Heart.The first person is "I".The human form takes the form of a young man wearing a dark green jacket and silver-rimmed glasses.The number as Roymude is 3.In human society, he is a research chief specializing in special cases and mechanical life forms.Nomi So(Noumi Yes[40][41]Are active as.
A slightly larger tablet terminal[Annotation 47]It is mainly used for collecting information on human society and absorbing the core of the purged Roymude.Dr. Tenjuro Barbino's consciousness is built in the tablet terminal, and it seems that he was having a dialogue with Barbino through the tablet.[31].
Basically, he uses honorifics for any person and has an intellectual attitude, but he has a nervous and cautious personality. He has a habit of arranging three words that are different from "○○ is XX and △△" and simply expresses the behavior and nature of the other party.He has a strong loyalty to Hart, which is why he is always in conflict with the Medic.
By fusing with NirajealousyAcquire the emotion of[42]Even though it has reached a super evolutionary state, it is defeated in the battle with Drive and others.It was in the core state for a long time, but it will be revived at the will of Medic after the death of the tornado.[Annotation 48]..In episode 42, he escapes at the request of Hart to interfere with Barbino's plan, but when Medic becomes a barbarian puppet, a sense of companionship grows and he begins to seek rescue on his own.Eventually, he realizes Barbino's aim to sacrifice Medic and decides to help her to regain Heart's smile.After that, while pretending to surrender himself and cooperate with Barbino, he succeeds in rewriting the program by putting his claws in Medic's body.At the end, she took her place and received the surplus energy of Sigma Circular, and disappeared after saying "excellent and sincere ..." in front of the Hearts.
  • Original:Mitsuharu Kinoda(Kineta Mitsuharu..A genius programmer who is the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, he loves glasses and handkerchiefs under the influence of his near-sighted and sweaty man.
  • Sanjo is the standing position of BrenToshizo HijikataCompared to[13]..The name comes from "Brain" and is mentioned in episode 44 in the film.
  • It was played that the character image gradually became rich in emotional expression and comical.MatsushimaBy Riku Sanjo, a scriptwriter who expected it, and Matsushima's ad lib in response.[43].
  • The buckle of the belt is silver when it is Bren, but it is gold when it is Nomi because it creates annoyance.[44].
Bren Roymude
Roymude 003 has evolvedbrainBren's original appearance reminiscent of.
It has nerve-related abilities such as memory erasure of the subject and nerve poisoning that even Kamen Rider can eventually die.It also has the power to smash the drive's Justice Cage, and can shoot a very powerful beam from its hand.
In the process of fusing with Nira in Neobat Viral Core, he learned his intense jealousy and achieved super evolution.As a result, it is strengthened to the extent that neither deadly poison nor even Mad Doctor can be used, and it is possible to perform timed and remote control.In addition, it is possible to give a ranged attack with a psychic wave, and it is also possible to attract an explosion with an energy wave.Barriers can be stretched from the hand, nullifying even close range attacks.
  • Since the design motif is a brain group, it has become a brain and has become a big head.[30]..The flat part of the crown is the sliced ​​brain, the fine details around the clavicle are the cerebellum, and the large parts such as the shoulders and around the eyes are the cerebrum.[30]..Unlike the fluttering red and gold, it became a calm green and gold[30]..Takeya, who was in charge of the design, said that he was not aware of it, but pointed out the commonality with Robogari of "Ganbare !! Robocon".[45].
"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Chaser"
Using toxins, he created a dummy to replace himself, the heart, and the chase, and escaped from the predicament.
Gothic Lolita outfit with a black nurse cap[Annotation 49]A female senior Roymude dressed in.The first person is "I".The number as Roymude is 009[36].
Defeated by Protodrive on the day of Global Freeze, he slept in a state of asphyxia with the core left in his body, but was awakened and revived by being given the power collected by the device left by Bolt Roymude. Act as an executive member. As its name means "medic" and "doctor", it has the ability to treat, repair, and remodel humans, animals, and Roymudes.This ability has the side effect of feeding back the emotions to be repaired to itself, and emotions are accumulated just by exercising the ability.
He treats others with a soft tone, such as adding "-dewa" to the end of the word, but his true nature is because he took on the evil heart of Roymude, which was restored from the emotional feedback of the above-mentioned ability. Has become particularly cunning, arrogant, and ruthless in Roymude, and he also uses his fellow Roymude to sacrifice.He calls the heart with a "sama" and shows strong loyalty, but shows a two-sided attitude, such as treating the heart with care, including executives.In particular, Bren, who also shows loyalty to Hart, is a friend of dogs and monkeys, and often despise him.
I was observing the copy source Misuzu Hatori to try to evolve herself, but after receiving initialization treatment by Barbino, I learned that Misuzu wanted to meet her dog show, and the emotion that was my base was my husband. A heart that believes in a certain heart[36](愛欲[46]), But immediately after that, it turns into a puppet of Barbino, and is programmed to direct surplus energy to himself.However, Bren's abandonment plan breaks his brainwashing and chooses to fight with Shinnosuke.In the final battle, head to Sigma Circular with Shinnosuke and Hart.However, at the time of the initialization of the barbarian, he loses the ability to repair the core and the power of super heavy acceleration and becomes stuck.When he witnessed the dying Shinnosuke, he healed him in exchange for his own life, shed tears hoping for the victory of Hart and Shinnosuke, and left behind saying "Good morning ..." and disappeared.
  • Original:Misuzu Hatori(Hatori Misuzu/ Pet dog show (personality)[46].ballerinaSo, because of that influence, when talking or movingArabesquelikeballet[Annotation 50]Often poses for.He had lost his memory for a year, but in the last episode 42, he recovered and is living another life.
  • It does not exist at the planning stage, and was created to increase the number of enemy executives with the appearance of Kamen Rider Mach and Kamen Rider Chaser.[34], Was given as a role like Tsuyoshi who stirs three of the original executives, Heart Bren Chase.[25]..Playing ballet in episode 12Racecourse ふみかOf the director's special skillHidenori Ishida Ad libBy incorporating in[43]..The episodes with dogs in episodes 41 and 42 are based on a request from the TV station to "incorporate the elements of pets that children are interested in" in the summer, and the scriptwriter who likes dogs. ofKeiichi HasegawaIs inflated[22].
Medic Roymude
The original appearance of the Medic, which evolved from Roymude 009.Unlike the human form, it has a body color based on white.Medical treatment such as instant repair / modification of Roymude using a multifunctional blade equipped at the tip of a tentacle extending from the back, cutting of an object using a high heat ray like a laser scalpel, imitation of a corpse that moves at will Have the ability to recall actions.It is also possible to tamper with the shift car program by applying a special coating.It also generates energy like a black rose and is used for dizziness and defense.After the super evolution, the repair ability was strengthened, and it became possible to strengthen the power by putting energy on the tentacles extending from the back.
  • Since the motif is "medical", it is weak only with females, so it became a cast as a key symbol in medical relations, and it was adopted because it overlaps with the symbol of robotism.[30]..In order to give it a goddess-like appearance, parts like the Buddha's garment are placed along the waist line to make the waist look thin as if it were an optical illusion.[30]..In order to give a slightly naughty feeling, it is a back view showing the line of the buttocks[30]..Also, in order to give a femininity, the protruding part above the eyes is made like a breast.[30]..Takeya, who was in charge of the design, initially submitted a rough design with a syringe as a motif, but it was rejected, and he said that he was requested to be Robin instead of Robopecha of "Ganbare !! Robocon".[47].
"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Chaser"
In order to study love, he takes independent actions such as reading books at the library and karaoke alone.
Freeze / Soichi Makage(Makage Soichi
One of the earliest three Roymudes, Barbino was trying to explore his mental strength.Behind the scenes of Roymude.In the form of a middle-aged man who calls himself Soichi Makage, he is also the director of the National Defense Bureau.Member of the House of CouncilorsWe are working as.The first person is "I".He is called a "teacher" by Nira.The number as Roymude is 001.Freeze is the name when it became an evolved state, and the name as a lower Roymude is "001".Even after evolution, they are often referred to as "Makage" and "001".
He was also involved in a bank robbery case in which Shinnosuke's father, Eisuke, was murdered 12 years ago. He noticed it as an existence, and in exchange for falsifying the memory of the people who were present at the scene of the incident with his own ability and concealing his existence in the incident, he promised loyalty to himself and enslaved him.He later ordered Bren and Open Roymude to seal their mouths.
With the charismatic Heart as the King of Roymude, he entrusts the guidance of his compatriots and hides himself in human society.The reality is so mysterious that it makes medic and call it an "eerie man," and even the heart calls it a phantom existence.
At Bren's request, we have developed a neo-viral core that transforms Roymude into a fusion evolution with humans.With the completion and the identity of the drive announced to the public, Nira will be supervised by the Special Affairs Division, and behind the scenes, he will command the fusion evolution Roymude with Bren.After being felt by Shinnosuke, he confronts in an evolved state and is defeated once, but evolves into a super-evolved state due to humiliation.Bury the drive once.After that, he attacked Kiriko and others to prevent Shinnosuke from resuscitating, but he not only allowed the resuscitation but also was defeated by Drive Type Tridron.At the end, the core exploded, mocking Shinnosuke, saying, "You are really ridiculous when you believe that you have defeated your father's death."That statement revealed that Nira was the murderer of Eisuke.
Freeze Roymude
The original appearance of Makage, the freeze that Roymude 001 evolved.Has the ability to manipulate memory by driving a small ice needle into the back of the other person's ear[Annotation 51]By using this ability for his subordinates and those involved in the incident, he was manipulating information from within the Metropolitan Police Department, such as making the incident caused by Roymude absent.However, it seems that this attack can be overcome if there is a strong will like Eisuke Tomari.The fighting power is also exceptional, it has the ability to freeze the opponent with a snowstorm, and that power is enough to drive the type formula to untransformation.
A year agohumiliationIt is said that it evolved by learning the emotion, but it can be arbitrarily degenerated into a lower class figure, and when it first appeared, it remained as a lower class Roymude for a long time, but as a mastermind to Shinnosuke By being identified, it appears as an evolutionary state.Furthermore, due to the blow of the type formula, the humiliation received by the father and son of Tomari becomes a super evolutionary state.As a result, after flying into the air, it is possible to shoot frozen bullets that can kill ordinary humans.
After Shinnosuke defeated Sigma Circular, he fainted and reappeared with Sword and Thief in a super-evolved form in the dream world at that time.He attacks Shinnosuke, who has lost his way into the dream world, but suddenly appears Kamen Rider Ghost, and he is defeated with the swords.
  • With a devilish image, aiming to be just bad and cool, the details with snowflakes and ice motifs were dropped into a metallic texture, and it inevitably became white.[30]..It became golden in the super evolution state, butKeita AmemiyaからGaroWas pointed out to be similar to[30].
  • The suit is a new model[30].
A senior Roymude who returned from overseas at the request of Hart.The human form is a man wearing a white suit, a white hat, and round sunglasses, and looks like a mafia boss with two men in black clothes.The first person is "I".He advises Hart, "You should be careful about your feet," and even creates an atmosphere of pulling out the Hart.He has a slightly high-pressure personality, such as calling him "you" for Bren and 008 (tornado).In episode 37, when confronting Chase and Tsuyoshi in the ruins, he manipulates Chinese martial arts (kung fu) despite his real humanity, and even if he is against two Kamen Riders at the same time, he has an overwhelming fighting ability. Show off and have considerable ability.According to Hart, it seems that it is already in an evolved state, but even Hart hides his own evolutionary state and abilities, and its true ability is unknown.The condition for super evolution is considered to be the disposition of Tenjuro Barbino, and he attacks Barbino (Banno driver) with his subordinates.Immediately before showing off his evolution, only the core was pulled out of his body and destroyed by a sudden blow by the tentacles of Banno.The remaining body is robbed by the barbarian and used to transform into Gordo Drive.
008 / Tornado
A senior Roymude who returned from overseas at the request of Hart.The number as Roymude was 008, and the initial human form that first appeared was simply called "008".The first person is "I".
It is the goal of George Shirakane who copied himself to put on a necklace made by a woman with a beautiful neck, revealing that she is in a super-evolutionary state, and by fulfilling that, she can become a super-evolutionary state. She was kidnapping women one after another.However, it was difficult to find a hit, and finally Kiriko was found as a hit woman and kidnapped.He tried to put on the necklace forcibly, but Shinnosuke, who found out where he was based on the information obtained from the research, destroyed the necklace.Immediately after the second battle with the drive, he hunted down the drive with his ability to manipulate the wind, but was gradually hunted down by the drive with the help of Mach, and at the end the tornado generated by the booster Rider Kick operated by Chaser Defeated by the drive used and Mach's double rider kick.
  • Original:George White Bell(George..A fashion designer dressed in wild clothes.He seems to be a serious narcissist, and because he copied his memory and personality, he praised himself as "I'm amazing" and "I'm the best" as a habit.
Tornado Roymude
The original appearance of the tornado, which is an evolution of Roymude 008.When returning to Japan, it has evolved into this evolutionary state, but like Freeze and Heart, it can be arbitrarily degenerated into a lower class figure, so when it first appears as a tornado, it will evolve once it becomes a lower class figure. It has been made.According to Mr. Belt, "when it becomes a super-evolved state, it is a terrifying opponent comparable to a heart", and as the name "Gale" suggests, it tornadoes with its ability to generate tornadoes and quick movements, and its speed also attracts type formulas. It wasn't.
  • The design is based on Iron Roymude with swirl details from above.[30].
004 / Fake Crim[36]
In the process of making 001 to 003, Barbino secretly made Roymude in Klim, and it is the only Roymude that incorporates the control program of Barbino, and he becomes his loyal servant and acts alone. ing.The first person is "I".
He was present at the time of the attack on Klim's house in 001 (Freeze), 002 (Heart), and 003 (Bren), and he copied Klim to acquire his appearance and brain.After that, the ruler program was released for a certain period of time, erasing all memories, and although he was acting with other Roymudes for more than 004 years after the global freeze, the program restarted at the reunion with Barbino and acted together with Barbino. To do.The vanno driver and sigma circular are made from the memory and brain of Klim copied by XNUMX.Bren's disappearance tries to prevent the extremely high drive from attacking the barbarian field, but on the contrary, he is defeated by the onslaught of the drive.At the end, he tried to take Kamen Rider, who was caught in the electromagnetic field caused by Banno, to Hart and Medic, and died.However, the attempt ended because the core was destroyed by the effect of the explosion and Dead Heat Mach used his wits to push the drives out of the electromagnetic field.

Body Roymude

Early form of Roymude.There are three types, cobra type, bat type, and spider type, and the numbers indicating their own rank are numbered on the iron plate of the chest.Depending on the book, the name may be ""Lower RoymudeIs written as[30].

Basically, the cobra type, bat type, and spider type each act as a group of three bodies, one for each, and all three types shoot compressed energy bullets as a common technique.The cobra type and spider type will develop their evolutionary abilities when they grow to some extent.

  • The numbering settings are intended to be shown to different people using the same suit, and each has a personality and dialogue to differentiate it from conventional combatants.[11]..On the Toei official website, Roymude, whose individual number is known, is color-coded into gold (bat type), silver (spider type), and copper (cobra type) according to the type of body.
  • The spider type was designed first, and the parts around the neck are clearly colored differently so that it does not look like the same thing came out.[30].
Cobra type
It has high power and agility, and has pure offensive power and excellent fighting power.Often becomes the leader of a group.
  • Design motifCobra man[30]..It is a scale like a reptile[30]..It is the face of a snake with a hole like an orbit where the eyes are.[30].
Bat type
Power is low but speed is high.It has high mobility, such as taking an aerial battle in which the neck wrap is transformed into wings and flies.
  • Design motifBat man[30]..Since the folded feathers come to the neck, vertical lines are added to match the bone line as a whole, and tingling thorn-like parts are placed in various places.[30].
Spider type
It spits out a highly sticky net-like thread from its mouth and uses acrobatic tactics that take advantage of its lightness, such as compressed energy bullets from its fingertips.
  • Design motifSpider man[30]..The details of the body surface are like threads spiders spit out.[30]..Although it is a hole, it has eight eyes.[30].
Runaway body
A giant form in which Roymude mutates by incorporating multiple viral cores.It can be said that the shape of the viral core is deformed.
Cobra type
A mutated form that incorporates multiple cobra viral cores.The body is huge and consists of multiple cobra viral cores connected vertically.
Spider type
A mutated form that incorporates multiple spider viral cores.It looks like eight legs extending from the huge spider viral core.
Bat type
A mutated form that incorporates multiple bat viral cores.It looks like wings and legs growing from a huge bat viral core.
grim Reaper
Roymude acts as a corps of reaper under the direct control of Medic, who inherited the name of the god of death.Mainly plays a combatant role under the command of executive Roymude.The first appearance is 20 episodes.
The fighting power is strengthened by the strengthening and remodeling ability of Medic, and it fights with weapons such as scythe Helsice, gun-shaped weapons, and claws.
  • Because of the setting of "existence used as a piece that has lost its will", the expression is lost by making the head like a prison.[30].
  • The suit is a remodeling of the body[30]..It is covered with a cloth, but the hanging part is gathered so that it does not look like a simple cloth[30].

List of Roymudes

No.Evolution / Fusion EvolutionViral coreMimicked personHuman form designation[36]First appearance work
000Mashin ChaserNoneKoichi KanoChase"Drive" Episode 11
001Freeze RoymudeCobraSoichi MakageFreeze"Drive" Episode 25
002Heart RoymudespiderHiroi Shinzoheart"Drive" Episode 1
003Bren RoymudebatMitsuharu Kinoda
Kusakabe chapter
Bren (Sou Nomi)"Drive" Episode 2
Thief Roymude"Drive" Episode 34
004-spiderKrim SteinbeltFake Klim"Drive" Episode 39
005-batMitsuya NishiboriMitsuya Nishibori"Secret Mission"
Revenger Roymude"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
006Unknown[Annotation 52]CobraUnknownUnknown [Annotation 53]"Drive" Episode 1
Gordo DriveVanno driver-"Drive" Episode 41
007Sword Roymudebat-"Drive" Episode 25
008Tornado RoymudespiderGeorge White Belltornado[Annotation 54]"Drive" Episode 39
009Medic RoymudeCobraMisuzu HatoriMedic"Drive" Episode 20
010Paint RoymudespiderKazuhiro Asayapaint"Drive" Episode 3
011-bat--"Drive" Episode 43 (Photo only)
Bat-shaped giant Roymude"Drive theatrical version"
012-spider--"Drive" Episodes 1 and 48
013grim ReaperCobra--"Drive" Episode 43
014-Cobra--"Drive & Gaim"
015grim Reaperspider--"Drive" Episode 45
016Giant technique of hypertrophic breath[Annotation 55]bat--"Nin Ninja VS"
017Gunman RoymudebatGuffGunman"Drive" Episode 12
018-spiderBeanDark Merchant[Annotation 56]"Drive" Episode 13
019grim Reaperspider--"Drive" Episode 45
020-spider--"Drive & Gaim"
021grim ReaperCobra--"Drive" Episode 44
022grim Reaperspider--"Drive" Episode 43
023Crash RoymudeCobraUnknownCrush"Drive" Episode 4
024Bolt RoymudespiderGoro MinamiInvention uncle
"Drive" Episode 9
Bolt ghost"Drive" Episode 11
Spider type giant Roymude"Drive" Episode 11
025-spider--"Drive" Episode 37 (Photo only)
026Bat-shaped giant Roymudebat--"Drive" Episode 28
027Fake drivespiderUnknown-"Secret Mission"
028grim ReaperspiderUnknownbody guard"Drive" Episode 31
029Iron RoymudeCobraNobuo Masuda
Iyo Sawai
Nobuo Masuda
Iyo Sawai
"Drive" Episode 1
030Voice RoymudespiderHide Amajo
Kisaburo Sasamoto
Koichi Kano
Hide Amajo
Kisaburo Sasamoto
"Drive" Episode 16
031-Cobra--"Drive" Episode 37 (Photo only)
032grim Reaperspider--"Drive" Episode 44
033Scooper Roymudebat-"Drive" Episode 7
034grim ReaperCobra--"Drive" Episode 21
035grim Reaperbat--"Drive" Episode 45
036-spiderUnknownRoymude 006's subordinates"Drive" Episode 37
037-CobraCorpse (name unknown)Bolt's subordinates"Drive" Episode 9
038-CobraUnknownRiot police members"Drive" Episode 36
039-spiderUnknownRiot police members"Drive" Episode 36
040-batRiot police members"Drive" Episode 36
041grim ReaperCobra--"Drive" Episode 37
042-spider--"Drive" Episode 1
043Bat-shaped giant Roymudebat--"Drive" Episode 28
044grim Reaperspider--"Drive" Episode 20
045grim Reaperspider--"Drive" Episode 38
046-spiderUnknownEvent staff"Drive" Episode 16
047-spiderUnknownPolice special forces members"Drive" Episode 36
048-batUnknownPolice inspector general"Drive" Episode 36
049-CobraUnknownPolice Special Forces Captain"Drive" Episode 36
050Seeker Roymudespider--"Drive" Episode 27
051-batBank robberyUnknown"Drive" Episode 3
Toshio Miwa"Kamen Rider Chaser"
052-Cobra--"Drive" Episode 41
053-bat--"Drive" Episode 41
054grim Reaperspider--"Drive" Episode 21
055-Cobra--"Drive" Episode 48
056-spider--"Drive" Episode 41
057Giant technique of hypertrophic breath[Annotation 55]Cobra--"Nin Ninja VS"
058-bat--"Drive" Episode 41
059grim Reaperbat--"Drive" Episode 45
060-spiderUnknownrobbery"Drive" Episode 5
061-bat--"Drive & Gaim"
062-CobraUnknownRoymude 006's subordinates"Drive" Episode 37
063-Cobra--"Drive" Episode 41
064-spider--"Drive" Episode 17
065Judge RoymudeCobraShingo Tachibanajudge"Drive" Episode 18
066-bat--"Drive" Episode 1
067Open RoymudeCobra-"Drive" Episode 29
068-batUnknownOffice worker style man"Drive" Episode 37
069Bat-shaped giant RoymudebatKoichi SakakiKoichi Sakaki"Drive" Episode 14
070grim ReaperCobra--"Drive" Episode 45
071-bat--"Drive" Episode 2
072-batKyu SaijoFake Kyu Saijo"Drive" Episode 20
073-Cobra--"Drive" Episode 44
074-CobraUnknownrobbery"Drive" Episode 5
Cobra type giant Roymude"Drive" Episode 6
075grim ReaperCobra--"Drive" Episode 45
076-bat--"Nin Ninja VS"
077-batToshio Miwa-"Drive" Episode 43 (Photo only)
Beast dopant"Kamen Rider Chaser"
078-spider--"Drive" Episode 27
079-spider--"Drive" Episode 41
080grim Reaperbat--"Drive" Episode 43
081grim Reaperspider--"Drive" Episode 45
082-Cobra--"Drive" Episode 27
083grim Reaperbat--"Drive" Episode 44
084-spiderHajime FujinomiyaFake Fujinomiya Hajime"Drive" Episode 2
085-CobraUnknownEvent staff"Drive" Episode 16
086-Cobra--"Drive" Episode 37 (Photo only)
087Bat-shaped giant Roymudebat--"Drive" Episode 28
088-bat--"Drive" Episode 1
089Shocker Bull Bullspider
Sealed shuriken
Dr. DeeDr. Dee
Youkai Bull Bull
"Nin Ninja VS"
090Cook RoymudeCobraMiho MasukawaMiho Masukawa"Drive" Episode 37
091Shoot RoymudebatTakuro MogiTakuro Mogi"Drive" Episode 23
092grim ReaperbatUnknownbody guard"Drive" Episode 31
093-spider--"Drive" Episode 2
094grim ReaperCobra--"Drive" Episode 20
095-bat--"Drive" Episode 17
096MutantbatNanao LiraFake Nanao Lira"Drive" Episode 14
097-spider--"Drive" Episode 44
098-bat--"Drive" Episode 39
099Angel Roymude Super EvolutionspiderShouko Hazamaエ ン ジ ェ ル"Kamen Rider Chaser"
100grim Reaper
Kamen Rider Lupine
Cobra--"Secret Mission"
101grim Reaperbat--"Drive" Episode 45
102-spider--"Kamen Rider No. 3"
103-batUnknownBolt's subordinates"Drive" Episode 9
104grim Reaperbat--"Drive" Episode 21
105grim ReaperCobra--"Drive" Episode 45
106Thief Roymudebat--"Drive" Episode 34
Bat-shaped giant Roymude"Drive" Episode 34
107-bat--"Drive" Episode 44
108Paradox RoymudespiderNight ageNight age"Drive theatrical version"
Kamen Rider Dark Drive
Another driveオ ー ラオ ー ラ"Kamen Rider Geo"
ZZZKamen Rider LupineNoneZoruk TojoUltimate Lupine"Drive & Gaim"
5886-Chimera of spider, bat, cobra--"Kamen Rider Heart"
Not all individual numbers have appeared in the TV series, and as mentioned above, some individuals have appeared only in derivative works such as the movie version.

Roymude related settings and terms

Viral core
A black miniature car type compressed metal material that is similar to the shift car that is the basis of Roymude's body[21]..It is usually stored and managed by executive Roymudes such as Heart and Bren, and is provided to other Roymudes as needed.[Annotation 57].
There are three types, cobra type, bat type, and spider type, and when multiple Roymudes with their bodies are taken in, they mutate into a huge form.
Neo Viral Core
A red viral core developed by Makage's hand, Roymude 001 (Freeze) at the request of Bren.When the lower Roymude fuses with the human who has it, it changes to a fusion evolution state.As usual, there are three types, cobra type, bat type, and spider type, and like a shift car, the owner can act without influence in heavy acceleration.
The conditions for conformity are originally limited to villains who have big negative emotions, so to speak, and if the negative emotions are less than a certain value, the fused humans cannot withstand the power of neoviral core and are in a state of asphyxia. Fall into.
Heavy acceleration
Phenomenon that slows down the movement of surrounding people and objects due to the decrease in relative speed caused by core dry via[Annotation 58]..During the outbreak, the creatures in the effective range will remain conscious and feel as if only the body is dull, but those with core dry vias will not be affected.[Annotation 59].
To the general publicFrom the topAn application that notifies the occurrence status of heavy acceleration is also distributed.
Super heavy acceleration
Abilities gained by Mashin Chaser and Heart through the strengthening and remodeling of Medic.It creates a field that causes a stronger acceleration phenomenon than usual, and even Kamen Rider and normal Roymude completely stop moving.If it is a dead heat, it can be mitigated to some extent (still it can move), and the person who generated it and the drive type formula can move freely without any influence.It seems that Kamen Rider Chaser can also be activated on the setting.
Sigma Circular
A spherical device developed by Roymude 004, a key item to achieve the long-cherished desire of world domination of Gordo Drive.
It has a function to absorb and store energy generated by core dry vias and electric power and self-evolve, and by storing sufficient energy, global freeze occurs, which is a global heavy acceleration that stops the whole world at the same time. And, it will be the greatest threat to humankind to achieve the digitization, numbering and management of the consciousness of all human beings.
In addition, although it is floating in the air after the evolution is completed, it attacks the adversary by firing high-power diffused lasers while moving at high speed, and vibrates the energy of four super-evolved bodies in terms of defense. By emitting as a wave, it becomes possible to wear a field of offense and defense.
It operates by absorbing the energy generated from Gordo Drive itself and the super-evolved Heart, Bren, and Medic core dry vias, and regurgitating the surplus energy to Bren.After that, it will be installed on the top floor of the Special Defense Center Building, and will wait for the time of evolution by continuing to absorb the energy taken from each part.
And the evolution was completed shortly after Gordo Drive was defeated by Chaser Mach.According to the program of Barbino, he stands in front of the drives to accomplish the above-mentioned purpose, but after the death battle, the people who were destroyed by the drive and the heart and the data numbers were restored.
  • The design image isClioneAnd the design concept is "Mecha Cryone"[30]..It is out of the human body so as not to make you feel personality[30]..Initially, it was thought of as a structure that puts humans in the body like Aiden Maiden because it converts humans into data.[30].
  • The suit is a new model[30]..Initially, it was based on Crash Roymude, but it has nothing to do with Crash, and as a remnant of that, the parts of Crash remain on the back in the design drawing.[30]..In the design, the suit actor's leg was pulled out with a greenback and floated in the air, but in reality it was hung.[30].


Case Investigation Division under special circumstances
Shinnosuke et al. A department that specializes in investigating special cases to which Kamen Rider officials belong, and is abbreviated.Special Affairs Division..It was urgently established in August 2014 as a cover for driving to easily operate inside the police organization by the efforts of Honganji Temple to cooperate with Klim after the occurrence of the global freeze.[21]..All members are involved in the murder of Klim and Professor Odagiri.[21], The office is not the Metropolitan Police Department building, but the Kuruma Driver's License Examination Center, which has a drive pit in the basement[Annotation 60]It is in.
At the beginning of the TV series, which kept the existence of the drive secret, the police officers of the main office had to make vague recognition for the purpose of countermeasures against strange incidents, so they were dismissed as "island flow" and the budget was reduced. Was not officially recognized, and the connection with the main office was only Oeda dispatched from Section XNUMX, but it survived due to the resolution of the Roymude case and the underwater work by Honganji.
Since Honganji announced the existence of Kamen Rider to the public, it has been officially recognized as a department specializing in mysterious cases with Kamen Rider, interviewed by the media, provided direct information from victims, and invited members to the First Investigation Division. However, due to the plots of Makage (Freeze 001), Bren (Nomi) and Nira, they are often in danger of being dismantled.After Nira's arrest, he was promoted to a formal department under the direct control of the Criminal Department, but it was stated that he could not move to the Metropolitan Police Department building because the drive pit was located underground.Since the drive pit was destroyed by the attack of Roymude in episode 45, the base was moved to the temporary pit prepared by Hayase.
In episode 47, Roymude was annihilated and disbanded, and the members decided to follow their respective paths.
Heavy Accelerator Particle Measuring Instrument
A special detector developed by Rinna.From the sound during operationPico PicoAlso called.Used by the Special Affairs Division to find out if Roymude is involved in the case.
It consists of a gun grip type parabolic sensor that connects to the main body carried on the back with a tube and a special helmet with various parts, and the appearance is very strange.A parabolic sensor detects particles that remain on the spot when Roymude or the like causes heavy acceleration.
The ride booster is equipped with an improved version that is 50 times more accurate than the measuring instrument for the Special Affairs Division.[48].
Heavy acceleration reduction machine
A backpack-type special device developed by Rinna.By carrying it on your back, you will not be affected by heavy acceleration.Because it makes a sound like a heavy accelerator particle measuring instrument during operationPico Pico No. 2Also called.In episode 18, an improved version that nullifies Roymude's electric shock attack and adds body armor that can withstand some hits (Pico Pico No. 3) Was developed.Furthermore, it has been downsized to about two shift cars.Pico Pico No. 4Is being developed and is being prepared for mass production.
The first appearance is "Drive & Gaim".
Drive pit
A tridron maintenance site built in the basement of the Kuruma Driver's License Examination Center.It is the base of activities for Drive and its collaborators, and was initially known only to some in the Special Affairs Division.It was destroyed by the attack of Roymude in episode 45, and then moved to a temporary pit prepared by Hayase.
Defense Center under special circumstances
Known as "Special Defense Center Building".A facility for taking measures against violent crimes committed by Roymude.Construction was suspended due to pressure from Soichi Makage, also known as Roymude 001 (Freeze), so completion was delayed until the time of episode 43.In episode 45, it is occupied by Gordo Drives and made into a promised place to cause a second global freeze.
Core dry beer
An optical drive engine that combines the power source developed by Krim Steinbelt with AI-like judgment.[21]..It is installed in the body of Roymude and the system of Kamen Rider, and when activated, it generates heavy acceleration.It is also possible to generate waves that nullify heavy acceleration, and if you have a core dry via, you can act normally even during heavy acceleration.
Global freeze
A large-scale heavy acceleration phenomenon and sabotage by 2014 Roymudes that occurred half a year before the story (April 4, 8).Due to the success of the prototype drive and shift cars, Roymude was rejected.
According to Mr. Belt (Klim), the effect of the global freeze that came half a year ago is only about one-fourth of the original effect, and the second global freeze that Gordo Drive, Barbino, is aiming for is Kamen Rider and It is said to have such an effect that the movement of all human beings except police officers equipped with picopico is completely stopped.
Barbino tried to build a world where he could not have a physical body without his permission by causing a global freeze on a global scale and converting all humans who stopped moving during that time into data.
Neo shade
Terrorist forces aiming to overthrow Japan.Including the appearance of only the name, it appeared in several related works such as "Secret Mission type ZERO".On the day of the Global Freeze, Shinnosuke and Hayase, who found the hideout, cornered him, but Hayase was seriously injured due to Shinnosuke's failure due to the aftermath of the heavy acceleration phenomenon.
The subsequent trends were not mentioned in the play, but one month before the final episode, Shinnosuke, Tsuyoshi, and Chase rushed into the hideout that had moved to another location, and leader Okamura. It turns out in the same story that the organization was destroyed by the arrest of all members except.Okamura who escaped alone is a mysterious item眼魂Although he tried to revive the organization using the above, he was stopped by being arrested by Shinnosuke.
Take a break
Milk candy, a product of Kurachi Confectionery.Shinnosuke's favorite item.According to the investigation, Shinnosuke, who continues to eat this, is often stuck in the investigation and is uncomfortable.
Marmar Mansion
A popular anime that reached its final episode around Christmas 2014 in the world of Shinnosuke and others.The daily life that happens to the residents of the condominium is drawn, and Shinnosuke says, "It's nice that all the lines are subtitled."[Annotation 61].
In addition to carrying around the goods of this anime (plush toys, T-shirts, etc.), he finally proved the existence of Roymude, who is a human ally, by creating an opportunity to hit him and Roymude 072. It is also an important work that has become.


The role of Mr. BeltChris PeplerHas been a candidate for the voice of the belt, but the main writer, Riku Sanjo, is in the car.J-WAVEHe was appointed because he often listened to Peppler's program and had the impression that Peppler could hear him in a car.[16].

Many young regulars have been appointed because they had auditioned for Toei special effects works in the past.[34]..The role of KirikoUchida RioIsTensou Sentai GoseigerTakahito Omori, the chief producer who was auditioned for the role of guest in the film, found Uchida's name in the audition material for this film and recommended it.[34]..As a heartTomoya WarabiIsPirate Sentai GokaigerThe role of Basco and "Tokumei Sentai Go Busters』Has been nominated as an entertainer, and was recommended by producer Taku Mochizuki, who had been pushing Warano since that time.[34]..As a chaseTaiko Ueno・ The role of TsuyoshiInaba friend・ The role of BrenMatsushimaThey were also regulars who remained until the final examination in the Kamen Rider role audition.[34]..As a medicRacecourse ふみかWas appointed after auditioning for the role of Kiriko[34].


Voice appearance


Suit actor

ス タ ッ フ

The chief producer said,Zyuden Sentai KyoryugerTakahito Omori, who was in charge of ", was selected for the first time in the Kamen Rider series, and the sub-producer was the previous work"Kamen Rider Gaim/Gaim], Taku Mochizuki continues to cast.Riku Sanjo was the main writer and Keiichi Hasegawa was the sub-writer for the script.Masked Rider WizardJunko Komura, who was in charge of the script, also participated.Omori teamed up with Sanjo in "Kyoryuger" and there was a conflict to re-appoint Sanjo without a break, but Omori participated in the Kamen Rider series "Kamen Rider KibaSince it has been sinceKamen Rider WAnd 'Kamen Rider FourzeI thought that I needed the help of Sanjo, who was experiencing the second term of Heisei, and came to join hands again.[16]..Nobuhiro Mouri, who was in charge of the script for the final episode, said,d video special Kamen Rider 4Was also asked to participate in the TV series, but "Shuriken Sentai NinningerBecause it was decided to participate in, I wrote only one book[64].

Ryuta Tasaki will continue to be in charge of pilot production from "Kamen Rider Gaim".Takayuki Shibasaki was in charge of all three theatrical versions produced during the broadcast period of this work, in addition to the second pilot and the final episode (episodes 45 to 47).In addition, Nobuhiro Suzumura, who has participated in various works in the early stages of the Heisei Kamen Rider series, and Kyohei Yamaguchi, who became a full-fledged rotation director, are among the directors, of which Yamaguchi is the director of this work. It was the only production in the team.Shuhei Naruse and Kotaro Nakagawa have been jointly in charge of the gekitomo music since "W".Roymude's designer said,Kamen Rider J』Since then Takayuki Takeya will participate.


The theme song is "Kamen Rider W FOREVER AtoZ/Fate Gaia Memory''Kamen Rider W Returns Kamen Rider EternalMatsuoka Mitsuru[Annotation 67]New unit withMitsuru Matsuoka EARNEST DRIVEIs in charge.

SSPD ~ Steel Sound Police Dept ~, which is in charge of a part of the insert song, is a music unit formed for this work by Otogi (vocals), Reifuto (guitar), Tatsumi (bass), and Soto (drums). Is. The activity was suspended at the end of 2015, and since then it has restarted as Breathing Booost with the same member.

Theme song
Lyrics- Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement- tatsuo / Song --Mitsuru Matsuoka EARNEST DRIVE
It was also used as an insert song in episodes 1-4, 6, 8 and 9.Also, from the third episode, at the same time as the title is displayed, "Chris Peppler as Mr. Belt (drive driver)"Start your engineCall is inserted.
In episodes 47 and 48, it was used as the ending theme, and in episode 47, "SURPRISE-DRIVE (type Orchestra)" was also used as the BGM in the play.
"SURPRISE-DRIVE (type Orchestra)" is also used in the announcement of episode 33.
Insert song
"Full Throttle" (Episode 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 24, 46)[Annotation 68]
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement --tatsuo / Song --SSPD ~ Steel Sound Police Dept ~
Kamen Rider Mach's theme song.
"Don't lose your mind" (Episode 15, 16, 18, 30)
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement --tatsuo / Song --SSPD ~ Steel Sound Police Dept ~
Kamen Rider Drive theme song.
In episode 18, only the front and back were used.
"UNLIMITED DRIVE" (Episode 33/34)
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition --DJHurryKenn / Arrangement-- RYO[Avoid ambiguity] / song - Kamen Rider GIRLS
Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridron theme song.
"Spinning Wheel" (Episode 36, 38, 40, 45)
Lyrics-Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement- Naruse Shuhei / Song-Shinnosuke Tomari, Go Shijima, Chase (CV Ryoma Takeuchi, Yu Inaba, Taiko Katono)

Related CD

In this work, the CD-BOX after the end of the broadcast, which has been customary since "Kamen Rider Ryuki", will not be released, and the soundtrack CD released during the broadcast period will be included only in the first half of the TV series. Music development was smaller than the previous year, such as staying.This release method has been followed since this work.

The theme song CD is "SURPRISE-DRIVESee.

Kamen Rider Drive Original Soundtrack
Released August 2015, 4.
Don't lose your mind
Released April 2015, 4.Includes "Full Throttle" in the coupling.
Kamen Rider Drive Kamen Rider No. 3 Kamen Rider No. 4 Best Collection
Released September 2015, 9.In addition to the theme song and insert song of this work, the theme song of the movie version is recorded.

Broadcast schedule

  • As a general rule, subtitlesInterrogativeUnified with. Interrogative words such as "why" and "what" are in hiragana and red letters (in the list)BoldPart).
  • At the end of each episode, four shift cars or signal bikes owned by the drive or Mach (priority is given to the one used at that time) will be displayed.[Annotation 69]The production is done.
  • As mentioned above, the main story is up to episode 47, and episode 48 is the next program "Kamen Rider GhostIt is produced as a special edition in collaboration with.
AirdateBroadcast timessubtitle事件[Annotation 70]Appearance Roymude[Annotation 71]scriptAssistant action directorAction directordirected by
Year ending March 201405 Day1My time iswhyDid it stop?Continuous reddish murder attempted murder
  • Roymude 029[Annotation 72]
    • Iron Roymude (Voice-Masafumi Yokoyama) (Episode 2)
  • Roymude 042 (Episode 1)
  • Roymude 088 (Episode 1)
  • Roymude 071 (Episode 2)
  • Roymude 084 (Episode 2)
  • Roymude 093 (Episode 2)
  • Roymude 001 (Episode 1)
  • Roymude 006 (Episode 1)
  • Roymude 002 (Episode 1)
    • Heart Roymude
  • Roymude 003 (Episode 1)
    • Bren Roymude (Episode 2)
  • Roymude 012 (Episode 1)
  • Roymude 066 (Episode 1)
Riku SanjoHirofumi IshigakiRyuta Tasaki
May 102What is Kamen Rider?WhatOr
May 103WhoDid she rob her of her smile?Museum high school girl missing case
  • Roymude 010 (Episode 3,4)
    • Paint Roymude (Voice-Lou Ohshiba) (Episode 3,4 and XNUMX)
  • Roymude 084 (Voice- Yuta Murakami) (Episode 3)
  • Roymude 051 (Voice- Taro Oga) (Episode 3)
  • Crash Roymude[Annotation 73] (Voice-HIRO (Yasuda Dai Circus)) (Episode 4-6)
  • Roymude 060 (act / voice- Leader Yasuda(Yasuda Dai Circus)) (Episode 5)
  • Roymude 074 (act / voice- Kuro-chan(Yasuda Dai Circus)) (Episode 5,6)
    • Giant Roymude (Episode 6)
  • Mashin Chaser
Takayuki Shibasaki
May 104Proud trackerWhatDo you think
[Annotation 74]1109 Day5Steel robbersWhatAre you aiming forFood transport vehicle attack caseMorota Satoshi
May 116The warriorWhoWill you fight for
May 117The decisive momentHowWas it takenTokyo continuous building collapse case
  • Roymude 033 (Episode 7)
Keiichi HasegawaToshihiro OguraKyohei Yamaguchi
May 118What is the secret that dwells in that chest?WhatOr
1207 Day9what should I doCan you be a cool bodyAerial discharge ignition incidentRiku SanjoToshihiro OguraOsamu Kaneda
May 1210In the past of the beltWhatWas there-
May 1211Preventing the Dark Holy NightWhoOr
  • Mashin Chaser
  • Bolt ghost (Voice-Isamu Ago)
    • Giant Roymude
May 1212White Kamen RiderWhereDid you come fromAttempted murder of a land raiserHidenori Ishida
20150May 1
[Annotation 75]
13To my younger brotherwhyIs there no brake?
May 114The black shadow that aims at herWhoOrPopular actress stalker case
  • Roymude 069 (Voice- Shunsuke Miura) (Episode 14)
    • Giant Roymude (Episode 14)
  • Roymude 096(Mutant / poison claw equipment) (Voice- Haruka Suenaga
Keiichi HasegawaMorota Satoshi
May 115That feeling reachesWhenOr
201 Day16Rinna SawagamiwhyWas it sowa sowaLarge-scale fraud case[68]Riku SanjoKyohei Yamaguchi
208 Day17It ’s the dead heatWhoOr
May 218whyDid Assistant Police Officer Okita follow him?Revenge agent case[68]Keiichi HasegawaHidenori Ishida
May 219WhatWill judge a detective
301 Day20Kyu SaijoWhenWas it Roymude?Idol voice actor attack case[68]
  • Roymude 072 (Voice-Kenta Hamano)
  • Roymude 044 (Grim Reaper)
  • Roymude 094 (Grim Reaper)
  • Medic Roymude
Riku SanjoOsamu Kaneda
308 Day21The ragged deadWhatDo you talk aboutSimultaneous murder in 5 places[68]
  • Medic Roymude
  • Roymude 034 (Grim Reaper)
  • Roymude 054 (Grim Reaper)
  • Roymude 104 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 21)
May 322With F1 bodyど う や っ てShould i fight
May 323To stop the mischievous smileWhoOrContinuous notice bombing incident
  • Shoot Roymude (Voice-Naoki Takeshi)
Junko KomuraNobuhiro Suzumura
[Annotation 76]405 Day24WhatWill run Mach
May 425The new strugglewhyDid it startWeighted escape charges and attempted murder[68]
  • Roymude 007 (Voice- Takashi Ohara
    • Sword Roymude (Voice-Mitsuyoshi Tani)
  • Mashin Chaser
  • Roymude 001
  • Heart Roymude
Riku SanjoMorota Satoshi
May 426ChaserWhereAre you heading to
May 427The reason why Go Shijima fightsWhatOrNew residential area inhabitants continuous assault case
  • Roymude 050 (Voice- Kiyoto Yoshikai
    • Seeker Roymude (Voice-Haneyuri)
  • Roymude 078 (Episode 27)
  • Roymude 082 (Episode 27)
  • Bren Roymude (Episode 28)
  • Roymude 026 (Episode 28)
    • Giant Roymude (28 episodes)
  • Roymude 043 (Episode 28)
    • Giant Roymude (28 episodes)
  • Roymude 087 (Episode 28)
    • Giant Roymude (28 episodes)
Keiichi HasegawaHidenori Ishida
503 Day28whyWas the family targeted?
May 529In the robbery case, in realityWhatWas thereBritish bank clerk continuous shooting caseJunko KomuraRyuta Tasaki
May 530Telling the true criminalWhoOr
May 531The important memory iswhyWas it erased?Disappearance of the owner of the town factory (actually, continuous kidnapping)[68]
  • Roymude 001
    • Freeze Roymude
  • Roymude 028 (Grim Reaper) (Performance-Atsushi Ishii)
  • Roymude 092 (Grim Reaper) (Performance- Kenji Tominaga
  • Bren Roymude
Keiichi HasegawaKyohei Yamaguchi
May 532What awaits the end of evolutionWhatOr
  • Freeze Roymude (32 episodes)
    • Freeze Roymude Super Evolution
  • Bren Roymude
607 Day33WhoDid Shinnosuke Tomari take his life?Riku SanjoMorota Satoshi
May 634WhoDid Eisuke Tomari take his life?Kakenhoken Evidence Theft Case[68]
  • Roymude 106 (Voice- Anri Katsu) (Episode 34)
    • Thief Roymude (106 Ver)(episode 34)
    • Giant Roymude (34 episodes)
  • Roymude 001 (recollection only) (34 episodes)
  • Bren Roymude (Episode 34)
    • Bren Roymude Super Evolution
    • Thief Roymude (003 Ver)
  • Heart Roymude
  • Medic Roymude (Episode 35)
  • Roymude 038 (Episode 36)
  • Roymude 039 (Episode 36)
  • Roymude 040 (Episode 36)
  • Roymude 047 (Episode 36)
  • Roymude 048 (Performance- Obana Kanji) (Episode 36)
  • Roymude 049 (Performance-Naoki Boar) (Episode 36)
[Annotation 77]May 635The Deaf Castle IncidentwhyDid you get upSpecial Affairs Division Deaf Castle Case[69]Keiichi HasegawaKyohei Yamaguchi
705 Day36The bullet isWhereWill lead justice to
May 737Aiming for the ultimate tasteWhoOrContinuous machine life form ignition incident
  • Roymude 036 (Performance-Ei Otoko) (Episode 37)
  • Roymude 062 (act --Kazuya Okada) (37 episodes)
  • Roymude 041 (Grim Reaper)
  • Roymude 045 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 38)
  • Roymude 068 (act-Jiro Uchikawa) (37 episodes)
  • Roymude 025 (photo only) (37 episodes)
  • Roymude 031 (photo only) (37 episodes)
  • Roymude 086 (photo only) (37 episodes)
  • Roymude 090 (Voice-Momoka Ayukawa)
    • Cook Roymude (Voice-Sonrei Yoshioka)
  • Heart Roymude
    • Heart Roymude Super Evolution (Episode 38)
  • Medic Roymude
Riku SanjoKenzo Maihara
May 738The devilwhyDo you continue to seek evolution?
May 739The whirlwind kidnapperWhenWill it attackContinuous female kidnapping case
  • Roymude 008
    • Tornado Roymude
  • Heart Roymude Super Evolution
  • Roymude 036 (Episode 39)
  • Roymude 062 (Episode 39)
  • Roymude 098 (Episode 39)
  • Roymude 006
  • Roymude 004
Takayuki Shibasaki
May 840Two genius scientistswhyDid it collide?
[Annotation 78]May 841The golden driveど う や っ てWas bornContinuous female coma case[69]
  • Roymude 006 (Episode 41)
    • Gordo Drive
  • Roymude 052 (Episode 41)
  • Roymude 053 (Episode 41)
  • Roymude 056 (Episode 41)
  • Roymude 058 (Episode 41)
  • Roymude 063 (Episode 41)
  • Roymude 079 (Episode 41)
  • Heart Roymude Super Evolution
    • Roymude 002 (recollection only) (42 episodes)
    • Heart Roymude (recollection only) (42 episodes)
  • Medic Roymude
    • Roymude 009 (recollection only) (42 episodes)
    • Medic Roymude Super Evolution (Episode 42)
Keiichi HasegawaKyohei Yamaguchi
[Annotation 79]May 842The truth of the goddess isWhereIs it in
[Annotation 80]May 843The second global freeze isWhenWill it wake upSecond Global Freeze Attempted Case[69]
  • Bren Roymude Super Evolution
    • Roymude 003 (recollection only) (43 episodes)
  • Gordo Drive
  • Roymude 004 (Voice-Chris Peppler)
  • Roymude 013 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 43)
  • Roymude 022 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 43)
  • Roymude 080 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 43)
  • Roymude 011 (photo only) (43 episodes)
  • Roymude 012 (photo only) (43 episodes)
  • Roymude 051 (photo only) (43 episodes)
  • Roymude 077 (photo only) (43 episodes)
  • Roymude 099 (photo only) (43 episodes)
  • Roymude 100 (photo only) (43 episodes)
  • Roymude 066 (Episode 43)
  • Roymude 021 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 44)
  • Roymude 032 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 44)
  • Roymude 083 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 44)
  • Roymude 073 (Episode 44)
  • Roymude 097 (Episode 44)
  • Roymude 107 (Episode 44)
Riku SanjoHidenori Ishida
May 844WhoDid you love the heart the most?
May 945What is Roymude's last dream?WhatOr
  • Gordo Drive(45th and 46th episodes)
  • Roymude 015 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 45)
  • Roymude 019 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 45)
  • Roymude 035 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 45)
  • Roymude 059 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 45)
  • Roymude 070 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 45)
  • Roymude 075 (Grim Reaper) (Episode 45)
  • Roymude 081 (Grim Reaper) (episodes 45 and 46)
  • Roymude 101 (Grim Reaper) (episodes 45 and 46)
  • Roymude 105 (Grim Reaper) (episodes 45 and 46)
  • Sigma Circular[Annotation 81](Voice-Masakazu Morita (male voice / 47),Ayumu Fujimura(Female voice / 47)) (Episode 46, 47)
  • Freeze Roymude Super Evolution (Episode 47) (Dream World)
  • Sword Roymude (Episode 47) (Dream World)
  • Thief Roymude (Episode 47) (Dream World)
Takayuki Shibasaki
May 946彼 ら はwhyDid I have to fight
May 947Friend, youWhoWill you entrust the future toHirofumi Ishigaki
Go Miyazaki
May 9The last episode of
(Special edition)
Ghost caseNorihiro MoriOsamu Kaneda

Other media development

For details of each work below, refer to the links for each item.Unless otherwise specified, Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed ​​appears in each work.


"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Drive & Armor MOVIE War Full Throttle"
Published April 2014, 12[70]..This work and "Kamen Rider Gaim/Gaim]'S crossover work.
The video of the same work was used in the OP from the 5th to 12th episodes of the TV series, which is the release time.
"Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3"
Published on February 2015, 3.Kamen Rider seriesSuper squadron seriesCrossover work.
The video of the same work was used in the OP from the 21th to 26th episodes of the TV series, which is the release time.
"The Movie Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future"
Published August 2015, 8.A single work of this work.
The video of the same work was used in the OP from episodes 38 to 44 of the TV series, which is the time of release.In addition, from the same episode to 41 episodes, all 1 episodes of the new short drama "Movie release commemoration! 4 minute story" that had some connection with the story of the week were broadcast.
The story of the work is positioned as an event between episodes 40 and 41 of the television series.[71].
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive Super Movie War Genesis"
Published December 2015, 12.Next work "Kamen Rider Ghost] And the crossover work of this work.
"Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider"
2016May 12Release. 『Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] And "Kamen Rider Ghost" crossover work.Shinnosuke Tomari / Kamen Rider Drive is here.
"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Super Hero Wars"
2017May 3Release.A crossover work of the Kamen Rider series and the Super Sentai series.Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridron is now available.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Build Be The One"
2018May 8Release. 『Kamen Rider Build』Independent work.In addition to Kamen Rider Drive, Heart, Bren, and Medic Roymude super evolutions have appeared in the epilogue.
"Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Anniversary Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER"
2018May 12Release. 『Kamen Rider Geo] And "Kamen Rider Build" crossover work.Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed ​​and Roymude are now available.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Zio Over Quartzer"
2019May 7Release. A solo work of "Kamen Rider Zio".Kamen Rider Drive, Go Shijima / Kamen Rider Mach, Krim Steinbelt are now available.In addition, a part of the video of the 45th episode of this work is also used.
"Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation"
2019May 12Release. "Kamen Rider Zio" and "Kamen Rider Zero One] Is the main crossover work.Kamen Rider Drive type speed is now available.

Other TV series

"Kamen Rider Ghost"
When using the Newton soul in the fourth episode of the same work, the dialogue based on the events in the final episode of this work is spoken from the ghost's mouth.
"Kamen Rider Zio"
Kamen Rider Drive appears in the world of 2068 as one of the statues of successive Heisei Kamen Riders.
Kamen Rider Drive type speed is now available on EP41 and EP45. Chase on EP47 / EP48 / Mashin Chaser[72]And Roymude appeared.In addition, part of the video of episode 47 of this work is used in EP45, and part of the video of episode 48 of this work is also used in EP26.

TV special

"Shuriken Sentai Ninninger VS Kamen Rider Drive Spring Break Combined 1 Hour Special"
Broadcast on March 2015, 3."Shuriken Sentai Ninninger]'S crossover work.

Secret mission series

A general term for a group of "Drive" short drama works developed in various media.Various episodes that cannot be told in the TV series are revealed.

The theme is to do content that is not feasible in the TV series, and it is an extra edition with a high degree of freedom.[6].

"Secret Mission type TV-KUN Hunter & Monster! Follow the mystery of the super phantom thief!"
Production/Issue- Shogakukan
Entertainment magazine for children "TV-kun] A special DVD recording drama included as an appendix to the January 2015 issue (released around November 1, 2014).The secret story that leads to the movie "MOVIE Taisen Full Throttle" and "type ZERO" described later is revealed.
"Secret Mission type ZERO Episode 0 Countdown to Global Freeze"
A DVD recording drama distributed to the first 100 million people as a present for visitors when the movie "MOVIE Taisen Full Throttle" was released for the first time.The truth about the battle between Protodrive and Roymude during the Global Freeze mentioned at the beginning of the TV series is revealed.
"Secret mission type TOKUJO"
Included in "Drive" Blu-ray COLLECTION, which will be released sequentially from April 2015.The story behind the assignment of each member of the Special Affairs Division is revealed.Only this work consists of 4 episodes, and in the 4rd episode last, a quiz to guess the truth of the case is also held.
In the TV series, it is a mystery-style detective drama that was difficult to make because it had to include action with Roymude, and the script has experience of working on both animation and live-action,Kindaichi Shonen's Case File N』And is good at mysteryYuuya TakahashiWas in charge of[6][19].
Each story title
Episode 1 "Special Affairs Divisionど う や っ てWas it collected? "
Episode 2 "What is the Anima System?"Something'
Episode 3whoDid you kill Professor Odagiri? "
Episode 4whyDid Dr. Barbino aim for a global freeze? "
Screenplay-Yuya Takahashi
Action Director-Hirofumi Ishigaki
Director-Nobuhiro Suzumura
Shooting-Koji Kurata
Assistant Director-Kazuya Kamihoriuchi, Yasuhiro Omine, Hiroyuki Ura
original character
Masahiko Odagiri
Professor of Human Sciences at Shinkyo University and researcher of anima system.
"Novel Kamen Rider Drive"
The name of Odagiri has appeared, and the anima system is greatly involved in the work.
Kusakabe chapter
Public Security Department, Metropolitan Police Department.
Hitomi Kasai
Masahiko Odagiri's assistant.
Guest appearance
"Televi-kun Super Battle DVD Kamen Rider Drive Secret Mission type HIGH-SPEED! (Type High Speed) Real Power! Type High Speed ​​Birth!"
Production / Publication --Shogakukan
The DVD recording drama that started recruiting in the March 2015 issue of "Televi-kun" (released around February 3, 2015) and was sent to applicants as a gift (charged) for all.[Annotation 83]..In order to counter the sudden appearance of the fake drive, the real power of the drive is released.Introducing the limited edition "Drive Type High Speed" and the limited shift cars "Shift High Speed" and "Mega Max Flare".
Screenplay-Junko Komura
Action Director-Hirofumi Ishigaki
Director-Nobuhiro Suzumura
Shooting-Koji Kurata
Assistant Director-Kazuya Kamihoriuchi
original character
Shadow MoonThe 14th issue of the magazine "Tebire-kun" on the cover[Annotation 84]Was sold.It has the property of copying what it touches.In addition, voice actor Tomokazu Seki also plays a human form.
Fake drive
A copy of Roymude 027 touching Kamen Rider Drive.The belt voice is played by Tomokazu Seki, not Chris Peppler, to resemble the real thing.
Guest appearance
"Televi-kun Super Battle DVD Kamen Rider Drive Secret Mission type LUPIN ~ Lupine, Last Challenge ~"
Production / Publication --Shogakukan
"Televi-kun" November 2015 issue (released around October 11, 2015) and driveMookDVD recording drama recruited in this "Kamen Rider Drive Super Complete Works" and sent to applicants as a gift (charged) for all[Annotation 85]..It is said that it is just before the final episode, and the connection between the phantom thief Ultimate Lupine (Kamen Rider Lupine) and the drive (Shinnosuke) started from the first secret mission "Chase the mystery of the super phantom thief!" The relationship is settled.

V cinema

"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Chaser"
Released on April 2016, 4.V-cinema work with chase as the main character[73].
"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Mach / Kamen Rider Heart"
Released on November 2016, 11.A V-cinema work with Go Shijima and Heart as the main characters.

Web drama

"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Bren"
Delivered at Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club in April 2019[74].. Actually produced two years after the April Fool's Day lie announcement on April 2017, 4[74]..In addition, some of the images of episodes 2 and 43 of this work are also used in the second episode.

Web video

"Let's! Tire Kokhan Festival"
"Toei Tokusatsu" continued to be produced by Gaimthe UAF YouTube-channel WEB video delivered from November 2014th (PART11) and December 16th (PART1), 12 on "Official".A re-edited video that introduces Tire Koukhan.
"Kamen Rider Drive VS Horror Zumbo Gambo Roymude"
WEB video delivered from March 2015, 3 on "Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official".An original short drama-style video that re-edits the battle of the drive while chasing the unidentified Zumbo Gambo Roymude.
"Kamen Rider Drive & Kamen Rider Mach Let's Transformation Course"
WEB video released on YouTube "Bandai Official Channel" from March 2015, 3. I will explain the transformation poses of the two.
"Kamen Rider Drive Chase Special Movie"
WEB video released on YouTube "Bandai Official Channel" from April 2015, 4.Chase, who became a Kamen Rider chaser, confesses.


"Novel Kamen Rider Drive -Mach Saga-"
Written by Takahito Omori, Supervised by Keiichi Hasegawa.Kodansha character library(Kodansha) Released on April 2016, 4[75].

Drama CD

"Drama CD Drive Saga Kamen Rider Mach Yumesoden"
2016 year 11month 25 Date released[76].


"Kamen Rider Summon Ride!"
2014May 12Was released inPlayStation 3-Wii UGame software for.A "figure summoning action" game in which a video game of Kamen Rider with a drive as the leading role is linked with the included rider figure (ride figure) and item chip (ride chip) with special effects.Ride figures and ride tips are also sold separately.
"Bike Rider DX3 Time Rider"
2014May 12Was released inNintendo 3DSDedicated download-only game software.A drive collaboration stage can be added (for a fee).
"Narelunder! Kamen Rider Drive"
An arcade game that has been in operation since March 2015.KinectKamen Rider Drive also moves according to the movement of the player in the built-in experience-based game.A photo will be printed to commemorate the appearance during play. In the location test version in September 2014, "Narelunder! Kamen Rider Gaim" was in test operation.

Video software

Both are sold byToei video[77].

TV series "Kamen Rider Drive"
This work will be released as a single volume (4 episodes recorded)DVDOnly, and other than this, 3 single volumes (12 episodes) were recorded.Blu-ray COLLECTION and DVD COLLECTION have been released.In addition, the video privilege is recorded only for the Blu-ray COLLECTION version and the DVD COLLECTION version.Regular cell DVD andRental DVDThere is no recording in.Also, regarding episode 32, the music at the time of the main broadcast differs depending on various circumstances, and it is treated in the same way in online distribution such as Toei special effects fan club.
Regular DVD
rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
120150May 2First0Episode 1-Episode XNUMX04 storyDSTD08961
220140May 3First0Episode 5-Episode XNUMX08 storyDSTD08962
320150408 DayFirst0Episode 9-Episode 12DSTD08963
420150May 5Episode 13-Episode 16DSTD08964
520150May 6Episode 17-Episode 20DSTD08965
620150708 DayEpisode 21-Episode 24DSTD08966
720150805 DayEpisode 25-Episode 28DSTD08967
820150909 DayEpisode 29-Episode 32DSTD08968
9Year ending March 201507 DayEpisode 33-Episode 36DSTD08969
rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
120150408 DayFirst0Episode 1-Episode 12BSTD08981DSTD08981
220150708 DayEpisode 13-Episode 24BSTD08982DSTD08982
3Year ending March 201507 DayEpisode 25-Episode 36BSTD08983DSTD08983
420160106 DayEpisode 37-Episode 48BSTD08984DSTD08984
Hero club
Re-edited DVD of the TV series.All 2 volumes.
rollRelease datesubtitleNumber of stories usedStandard product number
12014th of February 12Fully open the engine with top gear!Kamen Rider Drive is here !!Episode 1-Episode 2DSTD03776
220150May 1Regain the smile of your buddy!Kamen Rider Drive !!Episode 3-Episode 4DSTD03777

Rebroadcast on CS / independent station

Independent station

Rebroadcast on TV Asahi

Online delivery


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  2. ^ For other protagonists who drive car-type machinesKamen Rider BLACK RX(The car-type machine is Rydon), but this work is the first if it is set to "ride only in the car"[2][3].
  3. ^ The method that started from the opening without this avant-title was followed up to "Ex-Aid" except for some stories.
  4. ^ Episode 33 Rio Uchida, who plays the role of Kiriko, is in charge of the next announcement narration only according to the development during the work.
  5. ^ Later, this setting was made one after another.Kamen Rider Ex-Aid』Adopted in[14].
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  11. ^ In the case of Seeker Roymude, the ability of Seeker Roymude amplifies his negative emotions (hate for Roymude) and runs away, causing Seeker Roymude's true identity, Yoriko Soma (Reiko Nishibori) and Chase. I tried to kill him.
  12. ^ In the 13th episode, he made a heavy acceleration himself to search for Roymude's technique and collided with Shinnosuke.
  13. ^ This program is the instinct and raison d'etre of Chase, which cannot be erased by any means, is not affected by Bren's memory erasure, and even Medic has been forced to make detours. It has been invalidated by Bren's unprotection. According to Mr. Belt in "Chaser", it seems to be a "program of perfect justice", and it is explained that "when human emotions are input, the program will be hindered."
  14. ^ Choose an unpopular place to fight the drive, increase the purge tolerance for Roymude, and save more life than fighting yourself when fighting Drive in an incident caused by Bolt Roymude. Do nothing for the priority drive and miss it.
  15. ^ However, due to the alteration of the program by the Medic, Roymude could not be executed, and he could not fulfill his role as the original Shinigami.
  16. ^ The driver's license photo is a smile, which is "because I was told to laugh" in another version of YouTube's Toei movie channel, "What You Can Get with a Driver's License."
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  18. ^ Physical ability is higher than Shinnosuke.
  19. ^ However, in episode 6, even if he smiled, he protested that he was passed through by Shinnosuke, and in episode 11, even if Shinnosuke who regained consciousness pointed out that, he said, "What's wrong with laughing? I do not deny that I showed a smile.Also, in episode 47, even if Shinnosuke said, "You have the best smile," he answered "yes" without denying it.
  20. ^ It was proposed three months after the final episode of the TV series.
  21. ^ The person himself does not have a good image of his real name, and the otaku world is so thorough that even the name at work is passed by "Nishijo". Even when wanted for "Masked Rider No. 3", only "Kyu Saijo" is written on the poster.
  22. ^ In episode 24, "I" is used.
  23. ^ I have long been skeptical about the series of Roymude-related incidents that occurred on a global scale, including the Global Freeze, because there is too little data compiled within the police, and police officials are involved in those incidents. I was suspicious of it even before the true identity of Makage / 001 was discovered.
  24. ^ Even after her engagement, she sometimes calls her a "teacher" and she is angry.
  25. ^ However, since it is under heavy acceleration every time, only a part of it can be seen, and since it does not recognize the type change, the appearance drawn in the picture is red hands (speed), black legs (wild), green face (technique). ) And 3 were mixed.
  26. ^ In the five simultaneous murder cases, I saw the whole picture of Kamen Rider Drive (type speed) and Kamen Rider Mach for the first time (although it was under heavy acceleration phenomenon), and when I visited the Special Affairs Division later "I was finally able to see (the whole picture) of Kamen Rider," but I still don't know about the type change of the drive, so "Black Kamen Rider (Wild) and Green Kamen Rider (Technique). Is two Kamen Riders different from Kamen Rider Drive (Speed) and Kamen Rider Mach, and there are a total of four Kamen Riders. "After that, in the case of Sword Roymude, he has visually recognized the type change to the type formula.
  27. ^ During the Sword Roymude case, several colleagues from the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division XNUMX who learned of the existence of Roymude and Kamen Rider went to the Special Affairs Division and apologized to Oda.
  28. ^ "I" was used in the first person when it was cut off as obsolete in the shadow in episode 32, and after it was discovered by Shinnosuke in episode 34.
  29. ^ These words and actions were due to the jealousy he had for Eisuke, Shinnosuke's father, hitting Eisuke's son, Shinnosuke.
  30. ^ When he came to monitor Shinnosuke, who cooperated with his operation, Chase attacked himself in the form of Protozero, and as a result of being squeezed by Shinnosuke and others, he was forced to release Shinnosuke's decency. I was confused by the XNUMXD images of the innumerable victims made by colorful commercials.
  31. ^ "Mr. Belt" is the name that Shinnosuke rephrased with "san" during the above-mentioned exchange.
  32. ^ Sanjo is KITT's polite and current position than the driver.car navigationIt also states that it is the same as[11][15][16].
  33. ^ Therefore, even after becoming a driver, the early type Roymude 001-003 (especially Freeze and Heart) who killed himself had trauma, and flashed back the memory of the night when Roymude occasionally attacked while waiting as a "nightmare". I have something to do.In that case, it causes an unexpected behavior (I confess that "the troublesome nature remains" about this).
  34. ^ "I" in my lifetime.
  35. ^ It incorporated a strong desire for human emotions to counteract Klim's human service program.
  36. ^ Humans who have been converted into data cannot even have a physical body without the permission of the barbarian, and will be effectively controlled by the barbarian.
  37. ^ The reason is selfish that Okajima didn't like the fact that he was more justice than himself.
  38. ^ For Shinnosuke, the scene of a trauma incident (where Shinnosuke's time stopped), where Shinnosuke once injured his partner Se.
  39. ^ The number is read in Japanese ("001" means "zero zero ichi").
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  43. ^ "Iron" "Paint" "Scooper" etc.The names of the executives "Heart" and "Bren" are also derived from this.
  44. ^ Freeze is humiliation, Heart is joy, Bren is jealous, and Medic is lustful.
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  48. ^ However, a special viral core that can be returned to the core at any time by the Medic is used.
  49. ^ In addition, this costume has a mechanism that changes its appearance according to her mental state, and it changes color from pure white to jet black as the filth of the heart accumulates.
  50. ^ Play Medic and Misuzu HatoriRacecourse ふみかIt is also a special skill of.
  51. ^ According to Chase, when the person who was hit with the ice needle touches a specific keyword (police officials are "Roymude"), it is dominated by forged memories.In addition, a scar in the shape of an ice crystal remains at the place where the needle is driven.Apart from this, it is also possible to grow and develop the ability of Roymude by sharing its own power with other Roymudes.
  52. ^ Because it was defeated before exposing its appearance as an evolutionary state.
  53. ^ It was simply called "006".
  54. ^ Initially it was simply called "008".
  55. ^ a b Kyuemon IzayoiEnlarged by the technique of hypertrophied breath that is activated.
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  57. ^ Mainly re-payment for individuals who have lost their bodies due to drive attacks.
  58. ^ In episodes 12 and 13, at about the same time as the Gunman Roymude incident, the general public used the bracelet "Donyori Band", which was sold by Gunman's younger brother, to cause heavy acceleration and robbery and other wrongdoing. There were also cases of working.
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外部 リンク

In this work, I also got the first Twitter account in the Kamen Rider series.Together with the official websites of each company and station as before, the latest information was sent from the program broadcasting period to the end of April 2017.

TV Asahi series Sunday 8:00-8:30
Super hero timeFirst frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Kamen Rider Gaim/Gaim
(December 2013, 10-February 6, 2014)
Kamen Rider Drive
(December 2014, 10-February 5, 2015)
Kamen Rider Ghost
(December 2015, 10-February 4, 2016)

Sensei monarch

"Sensei monarch』(Sensei-kunshu) isMomoko KodabyJapan OfComicthe work. 『Separate Margaret』(Shueisha) From the August 2013 issue[1]Serialized until March 2017 issue[2]..A comical depiction of the love between teachers and studentsLove comedy.

In 2013VOMICThe live-action movie was released in 2018[3].


A high school girl who is stupid and simple, but honest and hard at everythingAyuha SamaruOne day, a handsome me-like teacher who came on behalf of the class teacher for a sudden hospitalizationYuki HiromitsuI fell in love with my teacher.However, Mr. Hiromitsu takes an uneasy attitude to the fierce attack from Ayuha.


The voice section isVOMICIn charge atVoice actor, The section of the performance is the live-action movie versionAn actorRefers to.

Samaru Ayuha (Samaru Ayuha) / Samaru
Voice- Rumi Okubo / Performance- Minami beach
16 year old high school first grader.A girl who is not popular and is losing 1 consecutive confessions.He is honest and hard at everything, but he has a stupid and simple personality.
One day, at a gyudon restaurant that I entered because of a frustrated burnt meal, I noticed that the contents of my wallet were empty, and asked a man to help me when I was in trouble.The next day, when the class teacher was suddenly hospitalized, it was the man who helped me last night as a substitute teacher.
Ayu is pleased to think that she is destined to meet that man, Hiromitsu-sensei.Since then, he has attacked with various approaches, but continues to take an attitude that is not tied to Professor Hiromitsu.At the beginning of the series, he was depicted as a person who seemed to fall in love with him, but since he met Professor Hiromitsu, he has been a teacher.I love Mr. Hiromitsu.
Nicknames are "Samaru", "Ayu", and "Ayu-chan".Birthday is September 9th.
Yuki Hiromitsu / Professor Hiromitsu
Voice- Junichi Suwabe / Performance- Ryoma Takeuchi
25 歳[4]..Due to the hospitalization of his predecessor, Ayuha suddenly became a temporary teacher in Ayuha's class.My subject is mathematics.From the neat looks, she received an enthusiastic love call from a female student from the beginning of her assignment.
He is calm and calm, does not express his emotions very much, and tends to get a cold impression because he is devoted to being cool, but in reality he also has the kindness to be considerate of others.And surprisingly tears are fragile.
At first, I felt that Ayu, who came in contact with me without discipline no matter how cold it was, was annoying.In addition, Ayu, who makes only useless words and deeds, was incomprehensible and was regarded as a new difficult problem for herself.However, before I knew it, I started to enjoy being with Ayu, and I confessed that I would go out with Ayu.
author,Momoko KodaPrevious work "Heroine disqualifiedHirosuke Hiromitsu, who appears in the movie, is his younger brother.
Nicknames are "Mr. Hiromitsu," "Yuki," and "Yuki-chan."Birthday is May 5th.
Sawada Kotake / Toratake
Voice- Atsushi Abe / Performance- Taiki Sato
Ayuha is a boy from the same junior high school.Belongs to the basketball club.I'm worried that I'm short, but my face is fairly well-organized, and I've been quite popular since I was in junior high school.It is very solid because it has many younger siblings, and it also has a gentlemanly side that cares for women casually.Also, he is a working student and has a lot of part-time jobs.
Actually, I liked Ayuha, and at first I hated Mr. Hiromitsu, who continued to take an untidy attitude.
However, after hearing about Professor Hiromitsu's feelings for Ayuha and his determination and determination to associate with Ayuha, he decided to watch over the relationship between the two.
Mugi Matsumoto / Mugi-chan
Hiromitsu's colleague's teacher.The subject in charge is society.Young, beautiful and friendly, it is popular with both boys and girls.Actually, he was a senior of Professor Hiromitsu when he was in high school and college, and he belonged to the same circle when he was in college.She also asked for a temporary teacher of Professor Hiromitsu.At first, it was suspected that he was a former girlfriend of Mr. Hiromitsu because of his close friendship with Mr. Hiromitsu.Later, it was discovered that Professor Hiromitsu was the first person to spend the night with him.
After learning about Ayumi's feelings toward Hiromitsu-sensei, she consults with her every time she wants to get closer to an adult woman, and she gives her adult-like clothes as a gift. ing.
Even after the relationship between the two started safely due to her support, it seems that they are supporting the relationship behind the scenes, such as giving advice to both parties and creating opportunities for the two to meet on holidays. ..

Bibliographic information


  • Sensei Kunshu Extra Edition[15]("Bessatsu Margaret" August 2018 issue, "my!』Includes 3 volumes. )


Works not included in the book

  • Gal man monarch[Annotation 3]("Bessatsu Margaret" December 2013 issue[16], February 2014 issue separate volume "BETSUMA 2TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL TRIBUTE VOL.50"[17]
  • Gal man monarch who came back[18]("Bessatsu Margaret Sister" August 2014 special edition summer issue)

Voice comic

It is being distributed on the VOMIC official website as Shueisha's voice comic "VOMIC". The first episode was delivered at the same time as the release of one volume of the book on November 2013, 11[16].


2018May 8Published in[3][20].


ス タ ッ フ


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