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🤖 | Toshiyuki Morikawa, Kenjiro Tsuda, Mami Koyama, Mamoru Miyano will appear!Mamoru Hosoda's latest work "Princess of the Dragon and Belle"

Photo "Princess of Dragon and Belle" Cast Table (C) 2021 Studio Chizu

Toshiyuki Morikawa, Kenjiro Tsuda, Mami Koyama, Mamoru Miyano will appear!Mamoru Hosoda's latest work "Princess of the Dragon and Belle"

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Gorgeous voice actors such as Toshiyuki Morikawa, Kenjiro Tsuda, Mami Koyama, and Mamoru Miyano will appear.

The latest film directed by Mamoru Hosoda, "Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime," scheduled to be released in July 2021.This time, as a new cast, Toshiyuki Morikawa, ... → Continue reading

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Gorgeous voice actors

Tomoyuki Morikawa

Toshiyuki Morikawa(Morikawa Toshiyuki,1967May 1[3][8] -) isJapan OfMaleVoice actor,singer,talent.KanagawaKawasaki CityFrom,横 浜 市Raised[4].Accelerator oneCEO[7].


TokyoShinagawaBorn in[2],KanagawaKawasaki City横 浜 市Raised in[4]..When I was in elementary school in Yokohama, I was in the same townKenji UtsumiToShopping districtAfter shaking hands with him and becoming a voice actor, when he met in the studio, he was ridiculed as "Oh !! Local star !!"[9].. As a childHandstandMy body was so weak that I couldn't do it, but I woke up to train my body from the upper grades of elementary school, and after school all the time.Horizontal barBecame a boy hanging in the air[10]..When I was in junior high school, I belonged to the tennis club, and at the same time, I saved my own pocket money.Training gymStarted to go to[10].Nittai University of Physical Education Ebara High School[11] Times areAmerican FootballI belonged to the club.The university was aiming to recommend sports with the goal of becoming a physical education teacher, but suffered a serious injury that broke his neck while practicing a summer training camp.After all, I gave up American football due to neck pain.When I was thinking about engaging in sports in some other way, I was told that there was a loud voice in club activities, so the actual situation of sportsannouncerWhen I searched for an announcement school and got a pamphlet, I turned to a voice actor because the voice actor department seemed to be more fun to handle than the announcement department.However, because the tuition fee was high, it was not the schoolKatsuta Voice Actor Academyentered in[12].

At Katsuta Voice Actor AcademyTakagi Wataru,Takeharu Onishi,Three Stones,Yokoyama Chisa,Sachiko Sugawara,Michiko NeyaSynchronized students (5th term).However, the training was so strict that everyone went home crying on their way home.At the same school, while attending as a student, he was appointed as an instructor of vocalization (abdominal breathing and tongue) immediately after admission.He continued to teach for about five years until his main business became so busy that he could not continue.To a studentTomokazu Seki,Katsuyuki Konishi,Hirakawa DaisukeAnd so on.After that, he continued to be involved even after having his own company as a guest lecturer for special lectures and a seminar lecturer.Voice actor debut is for foreignersJapaneseOf the teaching materialsNarration..The first named role in the anime is "Dash! XNUMXWD』Hayaka Kato.The first starring role in the dubbing was "Pirates Kono Koi, No Fire!" (1991, released in 1992.Kevin Bacon) Or "Dancing Hero(1992, released in 1993).

I belonged to it for many years since my debut on April 2011, 4.Arts VisionTo leave theAccelerator oneEstablished.Members at the time of establishmentJun Fukuyama.

Voice actor awardThen, at the 2015th 9 Supporting Actor Award[13]Won the Foreign Film and Drama Award at the 2019th 13[14].

Selected on 2017st place on January 1, 9, "200 popular voice actors really selected! Voice actor general election! 3 hours SP" aired on TV Asahi[15].


Voice quality is "low-sounding hard voice[16]Is described.OrthodoxSecond piecePlay from the role to the third role and the role of the father character[16].

Japanese for narration and movies from the beginning of his careerdubbingAnd is in charge of many popular Hollywood actors[16]..In the dubbing of Western moviesTom cruiseIs in charge of exclusive use.The first opportunity to dubb him was Tom's starring work, "Eyes wide shutI passed the audition to decide the dubbed voice actor for DVD recording.[17]After that, he mainly dubbed the TV broadcast version of his appearance, but released in 2003, "Last SamuraiAfter that, he was officially recognized by Tom himself, so he was in charge of dubbing exclusively.[18][19]..By the way, Tom himself who actually heard the Japanese dubbing of "Eyes Wide Shut" praised him as "(Morikawa's dubbing) is the most beautiful in the world."[18], I have an anecdote that Tom was given a mask that he wore in the play because he was evaluated by overseas producers as "Japanese was the best".[17]..There is a wide range of acting such as a good young man, a second piece, a tuned person, a black man who sings like singing, besides Tom CruiseEwan McGregor,Adam Sandler,Keanu Reeves,Jude Law,Martin FreemanIs close to exclusiveBrendan Fraser,Chris O'Donnell,Owen Wilson,Colin FarrellI am also in charge of dubbing.Also, in the pastBrad Pitt,Heath ledger,Paul Walker,Josh HartnettI was also in charge of dubbing.Horiuchi KenoHiroaki Hirata,Miyamoto MitsuruLike Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt,Johnny DeppAnd Keanu Reeves are one of the few people in charge of dubbing both.

BLHe has appeared in many works and is widely known as the "King of the BL world" that he and others recognize.


RawLocal voiceIt is a little high and there is a gap with the voice.It has strong vocal cords and abdominal muscles, and can make a scream with sound pressure enough to break the microphone.The nickname in the voice actor world is "raw meat senior".

Until around 2002tobaccoI was smoking, but I have stopped since then.After stopping, he said, "My skin has become healthy."[20].

My dog's name is Morikawa William Axel.The breed is a Labrador retriever and his birthday is January 2001, 1.When you stand up, it's big enough to reach Morikawa's shoulders.After raising a dog, he said that he took good care of others and became kind to human children. He died on October 11, 2009 at the age of eight.

He lost about 2006kg between the fall of 10 and about half a year, and has continued to remodel his body since then.I belonged to the youth baseball team when I was in elementary school, and since I was raised in Yokohama, I am deeply rooted in baseball.Yokohamafan.Suddenly when I was watching the game againKiyoshi NakahataI was asked by the director (at that time) to announce the starting members[21].

It was the territory of Katakura because he was in charge of the role of Kojuro Katakura in "Sengoku BASARA".MiyagiShiroishiIs cherished as a second hometown.Great East Japan EarthquakeIn addition to donating 100 million yen to the victims individually through Shiroishi City, he participated in the annual "Oni Kojuro Festival" in the city with a lunch box and cooperated in the reconstruction by enlivening the festival. There is.At the "2011th Oni Kojuro Festival" in 4, when the earthquake struck, we presented a gold disc containing the "Oshu Katakura Gumi Performance Takeguchi" used in the main event, "Oshu Katakura Gumi Performance Takeguchi", and our own fan club. Donations collected at the event "For you!" Sponsored byShiroishi CastleEntrusted for restoration.Since then, "It's for you!" Has been soliciting donations and giving them to Miyagi Prefecture and Shiroishi City at the annual festival. In the donation box prepared at the venue of "For you!", Signs by the voice actors who participated in the event will be written with a message, so many fans will shoot. At the "Oni Kojuro Festival" that participated in 2014, it was announced that he would be appointed as an ambassador for Shiroishi City.Term of office is 2 years[22].

2016 yearsKumamoto earthquakeAfter that, he participated in the fund-raising activities of the Shiroishi Sengoku Busho Squadron Oshu Katakura-gumi to support the reconstruction of the Kumamoto earthquake, and also consulted with Shiroishi City about the donations raised for "You are for you!" Announced to collect for.

"Lupin IIIAlthough he became a voice actor under the great influence of[23], Has not yet appeared in the main part of the anime.


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation

  • (Demobilized soldier)


  • Azure Fleet (US Army Pilot A)
  • BADBOYS5 (Shinji Kotorida)
  • Anipuu Dog Talk (Voice appearance
  • WILD ADAPTER"Kou -KOU-" (Masato Kubota
  • Blood Block Front"Osama no Restaurant King" (Freeja) * Anime official fan book made-to-order DVD bundled version
  • Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN(Wackein) --Re-edited work "THE ORIGIN Eve Red Comet" TV broadcast in 2019
  • Terra Formars(Seven Stars of Hiruma[148]) -Comics Volume 21 Anime DVD included version
  • Yu Yu Hakusho White Paper Noru or Soruka (Leader of the Holy God Party)

Web anime





Responsible actor

Adam Sandler
Lee Jung Jae
Will Smith
Owen Wilson
Keanu Reeves
Chris O'Donnell
Colin Farrell
James D'Arcy
Jude Law
Josh Hartnett
Joseph Fines
Johnny Depp
Chen Kun
Chang Chen
Tom cruise
Heath ledger
Brad Pitt
  • The Mexican(Jerry Welbach) *TV Asahi version
  • snatch(Mickey O'Neil) * Deluxe Edition New Edition
  • Spy game(Tom bishop) *TV Tokyo version
  • seven(Detective David Mills) *TV Asahi version
  • Devil(Francis "Franky" Austin McIre / Raleigh Devannie) * Nippon TV version, TV Asahi version
  • Burn After Reading(Chad Feldheimer
  • Brad Pitt's melody(Elliott Fowler) *TV Tokyo version
Brendan Fraser
Ben Affleck
Paul Walker
Joaquin Phoenix
Mark Wahlberg
Martin Freeman
Ewan McGregor





  • The Wine Show -Attracted by the finest wines- (Joe Fatlini<Person>[326]) * Voice over


Special effects



Live action

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.

  • Morikawa's Happy Borrackie(第一幕:2014年10月9日 - 12月25日、第二幕:2015年4月9日 - 6月25日、第三幕:2016年4月10日 - 6月26日、第四幕:2016年10月2日 - 12月18日、第五幕:2018年4月8日 - 6月24日 Kanagawa

Video products

  • "Axl One !!" ~ Autumn excursion with family ~
  • SSDSEvent dvd
    • SSDS Business card substitute (2005 03rd medical examination)
    • SSDS Early Summer Medical Examination (2006 05th Medical Examination)
    • SSDS Autumn Medical Examination Meeting (2006 06th Medical Examination Meeting)
    • SSDS 2007 Autumn Examination Meeting (2007 07th Examination Meeting)
    • SSDS 2008 Early Winter Medical Examination (2008 09th Medical Examination)
    • SSDS 2009 Autumn Luxury Examination (2009 11th Examination)
    • SSDS 2010 Enchanted Medical Examination (2010 12th Medical Examination)
    • SSDS 2011 Autumn Plenty of Medical Examinations (2011 14th Medical Examinations)
    • SSDS 2012 Thorough Examination Meeting 4 (2012 15th Examination Meeting)
    • 2014 SSDS Song Festival (2014 17th Medical Examination Meeting)
  • I Para 2012 (participated as 2HARTS)
  • Mao from today! Fan Thanksgiving ~ Valentine in Makumaku !? ~
  • Maoh from today! Fan Thanksgiving 2 ~ June Bride in Maohoku!? ~
  • Gintama Spring Festival (Tentative) 2012
  • Voice! Vol.3 ~ I was taken to the camp ~
  • Saiyuki + WILD ADAPTER Dice & Guns
  • Boy onmyoji Event "Grandchild" Thanksgiving ~ Listen to poems that resonate with elegance ~
  • Shonen Onmyoji Kazane Hen II Video Bonus ~ "Grandson" Thanksgiving ~ Onmyoji & Twelve Gods General Quiz Showdown
  • Private Araiso High School Student Organization Executive Department + WILD ADAPTER LIVE DVD "Go the Limit"
  • Private Araiso High School Student Organization Executive Department + WILD ADAPTER LIVE DVD GO × ON
  • Shirokuma Cafe ~ Tanabata! Make a wish for Sasa!
  • Sengoku BASARA Festival 2007 ~ Spring Team ~ (Video appearance)
  • Sengoku BASARA Festival 2007-Winter Team-
  • Sengoku BASARA Festival 2009 ~ Spring Team ~
  • Sengoku BASARA Fes.2010 ~ Red Team (Secret Guest) / Blue Team ~
  • Sengoku BASARA Festival 2010 ~ Spring Team ~
  • Sengoku BASARA 5th Anniversary Festival-Budokan Feast-
  • Sengoku BASARA Festival 2011 ~ Summer Team ~
  • Sengoku BASARA Festival 2012 ~ Summer Team ~ (Video appearance with Kazuya Nakai)
  • Sengoku BASARA Festival 2013 ~ Spring Team ~
  • Tales of Festival 2014 (Blu-ray disc)
  • Tales of festival 2017
  • Neo Romance Live Rocket Punch! 1-4
  • Beeslog TV Love Bancho / Returns Sports Festival
  • Beeslog TV Love Bancho / Returns Cultural Festival
  • Meiji Tokyo Renka ~ Hikara Roman Theater ~
  • Meiji Tokyo Renka ~ Hikara Roman Theater 2 ~
  • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!series
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!Bonito (18th recording)
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!Deluxe sea bream (20th recording)
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!Saba (22nd recording)
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!Argonaut! (25th recording)
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!Harmony!I'm addicted!鱧 !! (30th recording)
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!Uowaka -WAKASAGI- (34th recording)
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!Fish flower * One character with fish flower (37th recording)
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!鰰 -HATAHATA- (40th recording)
    • It's for you Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama!Shachi-SHACHI- (44th recording)
  • Morikawa's Happy Borrackie vol.1 ~ 16
  • Bakumatsu Rock Super Climax Raimai (Ultra Ecstasy Live)
  • Rejet Fes. 2014

Appendix, video benefits, etc.

  • TV anime 'Mischief of the gods"
    • Volume 1 Video Bonus "Tell me Toto! ~ 1st period, music ~ Tsukihito and Takashi together ♪"
    • Animate Limited Edition Volume 1 Video Bonus "Toto-sama and Rest Time! Part XNUMX!"
    • Volume 2 Video Bonus "Tell me Toto-sama! ~ 2nd period, physical education ~ Tsukihito and Takashi together ♪"
    • Animate Limited Edition Volume 2 Video Bonus "Toto-sama and Break Time! That!"
    • Volume 3 Video Bonus "Tell me Toto! ~ 3rd period / Society ~ Baldr and Loki together ♪"
    • Animate Limited Edition Volume 3 Video Bonus "Toto-sama and Break Time! That-san!"
    • Volume 4 video bonus "Tell me Toto! ~ 4th period / recreation ~ Baldr and Loki together ♪"
    • Animate Limited Edition Volume 4 Video Bonus "Toto-sama and Break Time! That's It!"
  • OVA "Angelique White Wings Memoir"
    • Making cast message.
    • The second volume cast roundtable.
  • OVA "With love from Angelique Trois"
    • Round-table discussion in the making izakaya (moderator in the corner. Other performers: Kenyu Horiuchi / Fumihiko Tachiki / Hiro Yuki / Atsushi Kisaichi)
    • The first volume cast roundtable.
  • OVA "Angelique Twin Collection vol.3-Zefel & Ernst-"
  • OVA "Angelique"
    • Message as 2HEARTS in making.
    In charge of the ED theme in the play.
  • Theme song CD with OVA "Winter Cicada" DVD.
Shinichiro Miki/Shotaro MorikuboTalk talk with 3 people of /.


* IsInternet distribution.

Radio Drama

Digital comic

  • VOMIC Usogui(Baku
  • VOMIC Suite ☆ Mission (Morishita summer
  • VOMIC Naruto Movie version release commemorative version (Namikaze Minato


Drama CD

  • Pet Prince Series (Demon King)
    • Pet Prince ~ Rainbow Color Fragment ~ * First Limited Special Edition CD
    • Pet Prince
    • Pet Prince ~ Wings to the Future ~ * First Limited Special Edition CD
    • Pet Prince Talk CD
    • Pet Prince ~ Rainy Day Hentai Prince Again !! ~
  • Ai Death Gunseries(Beauty Yashiki
    • Ai Death GUN # 1 ~ With a soul from ancient times ~
    • Ai Death GUN # 2 ~ A bouquet for beautiful death ~
    • Ai Death GUN # 3 ~ Honeymoon's invitation to move to the eyes ~
    • Ai Death GUN # 4 ~ The sound of Ai Death Gun's rain bouncing in the sky ~
    • Ai Death GUN # 5 ~ Mariage is next to eternity ~
    • Ai Death GUN # 6 ~ The Goddess's Kiss to Orion ~
  • CD Novel Love WarlordNaoe Kanetsugu(Uesugi Kagekatsu
  • Ao no Maharaja(Booth errand A)
  • Asagaya Zippy(Kenji Arashijima)
  • Ami! Non-stop(Nozomi Mido)
  • Are you Alice? ─ Chack mate. (White Knight)
  • 1.5.8.-just one time-(Bee
  • Initial D Extra Edition-Black Lightning, New Undefeated Legend(Eikichi Shimamura)
  • Innocent size(Hiroshi Octagon)
  • Unjokaku Kitan (Karin)
  • Space Pirate Treasure Fleet! (Vilorem Voder)
  • ABC murder case (Hercule Poulo
  • Overlev!(Takao Takeuchi)
  • O * G * A Tag Royal Series Drama CD (Onijo Earth
  • Prince (laughs) series("The Little MermaidPrince
    • Love between a prince and a mermaid
    • if ~ Prince (laughs) Gakuen ~
    • Prince (laughs) Series Radio Drama CD Volume 1
    • Prince (laughs) Series Date CD Volume 3
    • Prince (laughs) Series Variety Drama CD 3rd Party
    • Prince (laughs) series if ~ Prince (laughs) school ~
    • Prince (laughs) series drama CD if ~ Prince (laughs) Gakuen 2nd semester ~
    • Prince (laughs) Series Official Fan Book Bonus CD
  • As the fox Sama says! Drama CD Volume 1 (Matsujuo)
  • Weather Sentai How Weather Series (Gnome)
    • Weather Sentai Howweather 2
    • Weather Squadron Howweather-Sunny, Rain, Cloudy, Snow, Thunder-
    • Weather Squadron Howweather ~ Summer vacation! Everyone gathers! ~
    • Weather Sentai Howweather-New Year!Program reorganization orz ~
    • Weather Squadron Howweather (Explosion)
    • Weather Squadron How Weather ~ Weather Chu Announcement Chu !! ~
  • Otodama -Sound Spirit- (Kodama Invitation)
  • Give flowers enough to drown (Savario Astorga)
  • Olympus(Hades)
  • KAMUI(Aki Tachibana, Soraho Hasumi)
  • Chaos Legion(Sieg Varheit)
  • Doll souvenir Ayatsuri Sakon Original Drama Album II "Gaiden Furisode Furisode Hell" (Yosuke Amemiya)
  • Crisis Nosuke Exemption Otono Ichiban ~ Taster Crisis ~ (Fujimi Tomitsuru Nosuke)
  • Oni Kizuna ~ KIZUNA ~ Series (Shuten-doji)
    • Leave this shadowy crow
    • Seeking the other sun
  • Kiss (Goshima Satoshi)
  • Aristocratic detective Edward(Shiva Atwood)
  • Strange story series(Yasuhiko Tatsumura)
    • Strange Story Series 1 Phantom Girl Strange Story
    • Strange Story Series 2 Birthday Strange Story
    • Strange story series 3 Shirabyoshi strange story
  • Mao from today!series(Sir Weller Konrad
    • Christmas in Makumaku !?
    • Freelance business from today!
    • Behind the scenes, this time the ultimate weapon!
    • Behind the scenes, a big escape tonight!
    • Behind the scenes, the wind will blow tomorrow!
    • A love diary with your Excellency and Ma !?
    • Back Ma DX!
    • Holy Sand Country DX! Outbound / Inbound
    • Maou from today! Hajimari's Journey Orchestra
    • Nativity of King Ma ☆ Special
    • Freelance business from today! Project B
    • Maou from today! OST2 + D
    • Maou from today! This is the anniversary of Ma !?
    • DJCD Makumakoku Broadcasting Association
    • Sir Weller Konrad night-night
    • A freelance business that starts today! His Majesty and his godfather, "I can't sleep tonight."
  • Butler todayKanazawa
  • Galaxy Lloyd Cosmo X IN Hero cross line Drama CD (Nex)
  • Knights of Glar Quatre saisons April spill cherry (Chiron)
  • "Kura x Raba" -Meister Singers' Melancholy- (Bach)
  • GRACE DOOR series (Seiji Ichijo)
    • GRACE DOOR 1 ・ 2
    • GRACE DOOR Mini Drama CD * "Kurofune ZERO 2008 Summer" Appendix CD
    • GRACE DOOR The limit day of butlers
    • GRACE DOOR Otome Road and the 5th Butler "Delusion of Butlers Grace Door" * CD attached to the novel version
    • GRACE DOOR Otome Road Cookie Reprint CD
  • Drama CD Kuroshitsuji(Sebastian Michaelis
  • Genji Monogatari ~ Recollection ~ ( Light source
  • Beast document2 (Shizuma Murakami)
  • Huanglong ears(Kiroemon Natsume)
  • E-Senki-(Hideyoshi Toyotomi
  • This boy is called a villain. (The president[339]
  • When in trouble, ask the stars! Series (Kiyomine Hosaka)
    • When in trouble, ask the stars!
    • Ask the stars when you are in trouble! 2 ~ How many real friends do you have? ~
    • Ask the stars when you are in trouble! 3 ~ Angel alone ~
  • Saiunkoku storyseries(Shuei Ran
    • Volume XNUMX Affectionate home cooking struggle!
    • Volume XNUMX A hand of love for you
    • Volume XNUMX Everyone is aiming for the morning
    • Drama CD1 Extra Edition- "Shuei Ran and Koyū" / "Fellowship Hot Spring Trip"-
    • Drama CD2 Extra Edition- "Seiran and Liu Hui"-"Fellowship Fireworks Festival"-
    • Drama CD3 Extra Edition- "Fellowship? Bear Extermination"-"Shurei and Liu Hui"-
    • Second Series Drama CD1 Extra Edition- "Love Deeper than the Sea"-"Kagetsuki and Kasuzu"-
    • Second Series Drama CD2 Extra Edition- "Back or Front-Shiran and Yan Qing and Yuen-"-"Seiran and Seiran-Someone's Hands-"-
    • Second Series Drama CD3 Extra Edition- "Toryu no Ai-Reishin Hong-Reishin Hong-"-"Shurei and Liu Hui-I'm glad I met you"-
  • Saiyuki (Masato Kubota
  • Jigokudo spirit world communication(Soryu Fujimon) * Comics Volume 6 Special Edition with Drama CD[340]
  • Quiet Don(Boar Koshiro
  • Shuffle Heroes Weaving Time vol.2 -Oshu Fujiwara- (Fujiwara no Yasuhira)
  • Sherlock Holmes(John H. Watson
    • Drama CD "Sherlock Holmes"
    • Drama CD "Sherlock Holmes" Volume 2
  • Drama CD Joker game(Amari
    • Soreike! 2nd grade D group Mr. Sakuma
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  • Polar bear cafeOriginal drama CD series (Panda Mama)
    • Shirokuma Cafe Original Drama CD 3 "Panda Cafe"
    • Shirokuma Cafe Original Drama CD6 "Porcupine Cafe"
  • Castle Story Matsudaira Katamori and Aizuwakamatsu Castle (Aizuwakamatsu Castle)
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  • SSDS Series (Michael Schumeyer)
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    • Strange Plus (3) -SERIAL ADDICT
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  • SOUND DRAMA Absolute Tuninger NoA Vol.1 ・ 2 (Moon
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  • Midsummer night's dream(Cicius
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  • The wizard's bride(Simon[342]) * Volume 5 First Limited Edition CD
  • Mamotte Shugogetten!Series (Izumo Miyauchi <2nd generation>)
  • Substitute Earl Series(Sieg)
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    • Marriage of the vicarious Earl
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  • Yokai apartment's dignified everyday life(Mr. Ryu) * Drama CD attached to Special Edition Comics Volume 3-6
  • Yokohama travelogue(Ayase)
  • Romantic hunting (Major Shinohara)
  • WILD ADAPTERseries(Masato Kubota,Akira(?))
    • WILD ADAPTER 1-6
    • Limited Edition Book Included Mini Drama CD1 Seven Deadly Sins "Greed"
    • Limited Edition Book Included Mini Drama CD2 Seven Deadly Sins "Gluttony"
    • Limited Edition Book Included Mini Drama CD3 Seven Deadly Sins "Jealousy"
    • Limited Edition Book Included Mini Drama CD4 Seven Deadly Sins "Arrogance"
    • Limited Edition Book Included Mini Drama CD5 Seven Deadly Sins "Laziness"
    • Limited edition book included Mini drama CD6 Seven deadly sins "wrath"
    • Limited Edition Book Whole Volume Purchaser Benefits Mini Drama CD7 Seven Deadly Sins "Lust"
  • Reading Cafe Story Basket-Complete Collection of Literature Listening in Synopsis- "Rashomon"

Game-derived drama CD

  • Abunai ★ Love Investigation Room series(Aoi Onose
    • Abu Nai ★ Koi no Shoujo -Fun Hot Spring Trip-
    • Abu Nai ★ Koi no Shoujo -Stop her joint party![343]
    • Abu Nai ★ Koi no Shoujo -Fear of Camp-[344]
  • Apocripha / 0 Blue Tail in the cross series (Jade Davis)
    • Apocripha / 0 Blue Tail in the cross Vol.1 ・ 2
    • Apocripha / 0 Passion Flower
  • Meiji Restoration Ryoma Gaiden Series (Ryoma Sakamoto
    • Meiji Restoration Ryoma Gaiden Roman Swashbuckler ~ (Food) Volume ~
    • Meiji Restoration Ryoma Gaiden Roman Katsugeki ~ (Yu) Volume ~
    • Meiji Restoration Ryoma Gaiden Roman Katsugeki ~ (Yu) Volume ~
  • SYK ~ New Theory Nishiyuki ~ Drama CD ~ The dream of cluster amaryllis becomes a dust, a dust ~ (Makoto Jiro)
  • Garuzu Paradise / Reverse Harlem Party Volume 4 (Ryunosuke Tachibana
  • Welcome to CHiRAL CAFE (Rai)
  • Five People's Love Prince -Himitsu's Contracted Marriage- Drama CD Volume 5 (Takeshi Kanzaki[345]
  • CD drama collections Mikuni will(Kanko Ankoku)
  • Butlers' love affairs A special luxury vacation (Shinichiro Kujoin)
  • SHUFFLE!Series (Forbesy)
  • Summon Maria A bouquet for the encounter, and tears for a small love.Monster collectionDrama CD (Flame
  • White Flower Cage-Scarlet Fragment 4series(Magic lantern
    • Shiroka no Cage-Scarlet Fragment 4[346]
    • White Flower Cage-Scarlet Fragment 4-Poetry of Four Seasons Drama CD Sakuraka Nikata[347]
    • White Flower Cage-Scarlet Fragment 4[348]
  • Super Robot Wars OG THE SOUND CINEMA Vol.2, Vol.3 (Kyosuke Nambu)
  • Super Robot Wars OG x Infinite Frontier Special Drama & Soundtrack Disc(Kyosuke Nambu)
  • Street Fighter EX2 Drama CD(Hayate)
  • Street fighter ZERO3 Drama album (Ryu
  • TV anime Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector Drama CD vol.2 (Kyosuke Nambu)
  • Sengoku BASARASeries (Kojuro Katakura)
    • TV animation "Sengoku BASARA" Volume 2
    • Sengoku BASARA 2 ~ Hyakka Ryouran! The role of Odawara ~
    • Sengoku BASARA 2 ~ Sora!Battle of Anegawa ~
    • Sengoku BASARA 2 ~ Jet Black! Honnoji Incident ~
    • Soul revolution ~ Introduction
  • Funeral shop XLORD"End Re: START" (Takatada Hojo)
  • Tales of symphonia~ A long time ago ~ vol.3 (Yuan)
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS(Carla Tsukinami
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS De S Vampire CD VERSUSII Vol.4 Carla VS Shin[349]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE Vol.1 eclipse chapter[350]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS Do S Blood Sucking CD BLOODY BOUQUET Vol.3 Carla Edition[351]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS de S blood-sucking CD VERSUSIII Vol.1 Ayato VS Carla[352]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS LOST EDEN Vol.3 Tsukinami[353]
  • Drama CD TV animation "devil may cryVol.1 ・ 2 (Dante
  • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Series
    • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Radio Drama Vol.1 ~ feat. Kei Hazuki / Sakuraya Morimura (Morimura / Father, Moriyama)
    • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Radio Drama Vol.2 ~ feat. Madoka Himejo, Kazuma Suzuka (Toshimitsu Sawada, Rentaro Honda)
    • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Radio Drama Vol.3 ~ feat. Mihara Color, Reiichi Himuro (Yukiyo Mihara, Rentaro Honda)
  • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd KissSeries (Takafumi Wakaoji)
    • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss Short Drama Collection ~ Seaside Sketch ~
    • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss Drama & Image Song Album Vol.3 ~ Christopher Weatherfield, Shota Tenchi, Takafumi Wakaoji ~
  • Dot Kaleshi -We're 8bit Lovers!-III ~ Yami no Hanayome ~ (Ankokukishi
  • Drama CD Now, Sengoku Busho-sama! Volume 1 (Oda Nobunaga
  • Iridescent Prince Volume 1 (Tatsuya Ichijo
  • Bakumatsu Rock series(Toshizo Hijikata
    • "End of the Edo Rock" First-come-first-served bonus drama CD "Screaming! Enthusiasm! Hot Spring Battle"
    • "Bakumatsu Rock" store privilege "Poemi Dream"
    • "Bakumatsu Rock Super Soul" First-come-first-served bonus drama CD "Gakuen Rock Screaming! Enthusiasm! Election Battle"
    • "Bakumatsu Rock Super Soul" store privilege "Poemi ☆ Rush"
  • Phantasy Star ~ Sealed Memory ~ Drama CD & Fan Book(Euseis)
  • Fantastic Fortune 2 series(Johann Herschel
  • BLACK WOLVES SAGA series(Arles V. Fernoa
    • BLACK WOLVES SAGA Original Sound Track plus Drama
    • BLACK WOLVES SAGA -Last Hope- Song collection "Tears"
  • Bloody CallSeries (gin)
    • Bloody Call Drama CD "I ~ NEDE Edition ~"
    • unENDing Bloody Call Limited Edition Bonus Drama CD "Club NEDE"
    • unENDing Bloody Call Store Bonus Drama CD "Hell Flower Blooming in the Abyss ~ Go to hell with You ~"
    • unENDing Bloody Call Store bonus drama CD "Bloody Gakuen"
    • unENDing Bloody Call Store bonus drama CD "Fuun NEDE Castle"
  • Drama CD "Magna Carta" -Gekijou Hen-Flowers Burning in Revenge-(Agreian Jay Owen)
  • Magical Girl Fancy CoCo (Vodka Russian)
  • Water melody 2 Scarlet memory~ Afterglow ~ (Yasuhide Azumi)
  • Meikoi Audio Theater Series (Charlie)
    • "Meiji Tou Koi Ai" -Shunso / Otojiro Edition-
    • "Meiji Tokyo Koiai" ~ Kyoka / Yakumo Edition ~
    • "Meiji Tokyo Koi Ai" -Ogai Mori Edition-
  • Goddess Apocalypse Persona(Kei Nanjo
  • Drama & Message CD Love Love Angel-Angelique-(Ernst)
  • Love Bancho 2 Midnight Lesson !!! Drama CD Sweet Sweet Birthday !!! (Host chief
  • Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Original drama (Irving Fold Valeria)

Situation drama CD for maidens

  • Aino Kotoba Part 6 [Toshiyuki Morikawa]
  • Word attack CD "Tiara" with love poem 2
  • Loving taunt (Incubus
  • I'll love you Chun ♪ (Kohei Okumura
  • Longing Occupation CD VOL.5 Pediatrician Edition (Shuichiro Saeki
  • Longing date CD vol.3 Like a romance novel with a handsome writer ... One summer love edition (Ryunosuke Izumi
  • CD that you can put up in the bath ~ Hot spring anthropomorphic collection ~ Series (Noboribetsu
    • 2nd "Noboribetsu"
    • Full drama ~ "DOKI ☆ DOKI Onsen Tour Part XNUMX"
    • Full drama ~ "DOKI ☆ DOKI Onsen Tour Part XNUMX"
    • Mixed bathing 2nd "Noboribetsu & Yunokawa"
  • Your lacrimal gland loosening corps! !! !!Vol.1(Haruka-HARUKA-
  • Summon now! Tsundere Boyfriend (Darling) Volume 1 Ore-sama Ryuo Hen
  • Royal Prince Academy (Ryunosuke Yagyu
    • Royal Prince Academy vol.4 Prince of Ibara
    • Royal Prince Academy vol.5 Prince of the Mermaid Princess
    • Royal Prince Academy vol.6 Beauty and the Beast Prince
  • Royal Prince Academy ~ re: fairy-tale ~ (Ryutaro Yagyu
    • Royal Prince Academy ~ re: fairy-tale ~ vol.4 Prince of the Thumb Princess
    • Royal Prince Academy ~ re: fairy-tale ~ vol.5 Beauty and the Beast Prince
    • Royal Prince Academy ~ re: fairy-tale ~ vol.6 Prince of Swan Lake
  • Ojisama VS Wakazo Let's fall in love again (Eito Shinomiya
  • Cocktail Stories vol.2 On a cocktail night (Jake
  • CD "Criminale!" Vol.48 that escapes for 3 hours with boyfriendTempesta
  • CD "Criminale! X" Vol.48 that escapes with boyfriend in 5 hoursTempesta
  • CD "Kuroyoshiwara Melanchoria" that goes to the floor with a boyfriendShino Noi Seno
  • Sensitive time 4 ~ A theater show at a screw-wound hat shop ~Magician
  • Sensual old story 8 ~ Princess story ~ (The lake of swan
  • KISS x KISS collections Vol.13 (Hitoshi Takasaki
  • Monthly Men's Picture Book Uniform Edition Black Edition (Pastry chef
  • Monthly Men's Encyclopedia Teacher Edition Black Edition (Ski instructor
  • Kill himCD # 02 ~ Australia & Kageraku ~ (Kazumi Wami[354]
  • Weekly bed-sharing CD special edition (Masaya
  • Shinsengumi silent prayer Vol. XNUMX (Forgetfulness)Yamazaki Jo
  • Shinsengumi Blood Soul Record Forget-me-not Volume XNUMX (Yamazaki Jo
  • Shinsengumi Hibane Roku Forget-me-not Volume XNUMX (Yamazaki Jo[355]
  • True / Abuse CD (Health doctor
  • Stretch 7days CD "Beautiful Together" (Instructor Shinonome Firefly
  • Sengoku bed-sharing series Vol.6 Nobu Oda (Oda Nobunaga
  • Sangokushi SangokushiZhao yun[356]
  • Healed by the heavenly people CD Vol. XNUMX ~ Four Tenno Hirome Ten Hen ~ (Wide-eyed sky
  • Two of Us (Izumi Fujisaki
  • Love brothers (Koichi
  • Dolly Fougere (Takumi Kayashima)
  • Boxed CD 3 Boxed with a fox (Fox
  • Leukocyte club activity record-nursing edition- (NK cell
  • You can do it alone! (Masaomi Kato
  • HONEY BEE Good night with sheep series vol.22 "Even if it's made by Tago
  • Pillow boy(Yuichiro Iida
  • Bee voice medicine "Punkel D" (Kuroda)
  • Nectar Garden-Prince and Bird in the Basket-Part 1 Alexis Rusted Rose Garden (Alexis
  • A CD ~ Night ~ that makes you flirty with more boyfriendsHouki
  • Yandere Heaven-The splendid Sanjo family- (Yasunori Minase
  • LOVERS ONLY series (Kunio Ichiyanagi
    • LOVERS ONLY 6 Director Kunio Ichiyanagi's buzz
    • LOVERS ONLY 9 Director Kunio Ichiyanagi's impatience
  • Love presenter (Shiro Morisawa
  • Date CD with Toshiyuki Morikawa
    • vol.1 ~ In Yokohama ~
    • vol.2 ~ Drive Edition ~
    • vol.3 ~ Hot spring edition ~
  • Sleep in my palm-Onmyoji illusion- (calm


  • Arthur's Guardian Black Board (Fumio Kanano)
  • I don't feel like I love you (Takuro Jinnai)
  • Say I love you.(Kyoichi Nobuo)
  • Affectionate series (Kyosuke Sasaki)
    • Devotion
    • Affectionate Hana Katayuki All Service CD
  • Love hidden in the blue sea (Ellink Krishna)
  • Blue trail Series (Sanshiro)
    • Blue trail
    • Catharsis spell
    • Crystal crown
    • Baroque pearl
    • Persona non grata
    • Phantom Pain
  • Secret of Akuma (Zahan)
  • Tomorrow in his bed. (Senzoku winter solstice)
    • Tomorrow in his bed.
    • Monthly Dear + June 2011 issue Appendix Senzoku-san x Namihei-kun series
  • Adult Education-Gentleman Training- (Tomoe City)
  • Analyst's Melancholy Series (Jeffrey)
    • Love rating AAA
    • I can't take the risk of love
    • Target price of temptation
  • After 5 is Kiss Rain 1 and 2 (Kyoichiro Tsuda)
  • ANIMAL X (Higa)
  • Dangerous series (Izumi Sudo)
    • Dangerous Series Dangerous Happiness Super Extra Edition
    • Dangerous rose and lily garden
  • After the storm (Masahiko Sakaki)
  • ANSWER series (Takaro Masashiba)
    • ANSWER
  • How to make a cool boyfriend fall (Ichiji Tanaka)
    • How to make a cool boyfriend fall
    • Monthly Dear + March 2012 Appendix How to make a ikezu boyfriend fall
  • Work that cannot be continued for a lifetime 1 (Katayama Satoshi)
  • One-inch pillow paper (Fujisui Soba, barber, prince)
  • Mr. Ibaraki and Mr. Kyobashi 1 (Manjiro Masaka)
  • Integra (Matsuhide Ryomon)
  • Uhau Men's Dormitory 2 ~ No Jinyoshi!Student Organization Inside School ~ (Ryuji Narumi, Professor Perry)
  • Ecstasy is forever ~ Beautiful prison ~ (Shogo Hiraiwa)
  • Executive Boy ~ Forbidden Fruit ~ (Kyoichiro Mayumura)
  • A series far away from Eden (Masaomi Kato)
    • Far away from Eden [God Izuko's Paradise]
    • Far away from Eden 2 [Paradise in the shade]
    • Far away from Eden 3 [Painful Night Paradise]
  • N University Hospital Series (Ryuji Shinozaki)
    • N University Hospital Series 1 ~ Dream Back View ~
    • N University Hospital Series 2
  • YEBISU Celebrities4 (Tatsuya Kano)
  • Gloss Sin-Konootoko, Sinner Nari- (Tate)
  • ENDLESS series (Yuri Masaki)
  • Delicious body (Yoshihisa Asakura)
  • Hey!Tanaka-kun's tenth bango ~ Everyone's beast ☆ Make me crazy tonight ~ (Shogo Hiraiwa)
  • Dynasty Spring Evening Romance (Fujiwara brothers)
    • Dynasty Akebono Romance
  • Watch out for wolves! (Takashi Minase)
  • If it falls (Saku)
  • Man's heart (Hiroyasu Saki)
  • Boys have a secret (Teruya Tsukishiro)
    • Unrequited love has a secret
    • There is a secret in ground fighting
  • The demon longs for a haunting god
  • Please! Darling (Hiroshi Aihara)
  • Misunderstanding is the seed of love (Shingo Kurono)
  • My thing! M ・ I ・ N ・ E (Yagami Katsuragi)
  • Under meSeries (Keiichiro Yoshioka)
    • Drama CD TARGET1: Higuchi / Shimizu
    • Drama CD TARGET2 under me: Yamaguchi / Yoshioka
    • Sound & D under me
  • Catch Me! (Koichi Kogen)
  • School heavenSeries (Hideaki Nakajima)
    • Gakuen Heaven 2 ~ Invincible 3rd grade ~
    • Gakuen Heaven 2 ~ Welcome to heaven ~
    • Gakuen Heaven 3-Happy Paradise-
    • Gakuen Heaven ~ BITTER CHOCOLATE ~
    • Gakuen Heaven ~ SWEET CANDY ~
    • Gakuen Heaven-The future is yours-
    • DJCD BL Gakuen Broadcasting Club "Bell ☆ Radi"
  • Katakoi Paradise (Hitoshi Kawase)
  • In God's arms (Father)
  • Charisma (Yonekura)
  • A cute person. 1-8 (Eiji Kagami)
  • Cute. (Akinari Mogi)
  • KEEP OUT (Kadokura)
  • Full of danger (Chiya Shimazu)
  • Aristocrat Series 5 Beloved by Hong Kong Aristocrats (Alex Roe)
  • I can't kiss, I want to fall in love (Harumi Minagawa)
  • A series in which you fall in love (Shogo Onijima)
    • You fall in love 3 You drown in love 2
    • You fall in love 4 You drown in love 3
  • Hold hands with you (Takahiro Nakai)
  • I want to be your only prince (Riku Hojo)
  • Staring at your eyes (Takahiro Nakai)
  • Vampires and pleasant friends 1 and 2 (Nagoya)
  • Kira Hoshi Dial (Ichiro Sawamura)
  • Kirepappa.3 (Takatsukasa Chihiro)
    • Kirepapa.Mizuki Original Gaiden ~ And Ginyukikan where nobody is gone ~
  • Forbidden words of love (Yoji Takarai)
  • Silver Requiem (Geo Emperor Lucian Zorba les Soler)
  • Golden Cain (Keiichi Arima)
  • Friday Gentlemen's Club (Takaya Togo)
  • Crown of grass Star crown (Nioh)
  • Kissing is a lie taste series (Daisuke Wachi)
    • Kissing is a lie
    • Kissing is a lie taste 2
  • Series (Nobuhito Furuya)
    • My heart is exploding
    • The words are shaking quietly
  • Kedamono series (Kazuaki Murase)
    • The beast laughs twice
    • Sleeping beast
    • A man called the beast
    • Honeymoon beast
    • The beast invites sweetly
    • Beware of beasts
  • Love Guide Series (Hirotaka Takaoka)
    • Love guide
    • Love guide 2
  • GOLD (Shinji Misawa)
  • I miss you (Tomohiro Hatayama)
  • Intelligence series in love (Tonehide Domon)
    • Intelligence in love
    • Intelligence in love 3
  • Because I'm destined to fall in love (Yui Takase)
  • Jewelery designer series in love (Masaki Kurokawa)
    • Jewelry designer in love
    • Jewelery designer in love (remake version)
    • Jewelery designer in love 2 Diamond with him
  • Pessimist in love (Shuhei Taguma)
  • How to make koi tea Series (Joban Crystal)
    • How to make koi tea
    • Koi tea method 2
  • From love series (Takatoshi Nishihara)
    • Love sawagi
    • Sawagi of love
    • Great Sawagi of love
    • Dream of love Sawagi
    • Snow of love Sawagi
    • Not for sale mini drama CD
  • Love Examination Room 2 (Keigo Yuki)
  • Koi no Hana (Keisuke Otsuki)
  • Secret Diplomacy of His Excellency (Koji Yoshinaga)
  • Duke of Kuroko (Tenjin Takahara)
  • Kokoro Sawaide (Haruyuki Kuga)
  • Children's Corner Series (Kazumasa Muto)
    • Children's Corner 2 Hasumi High School Hurricane
    • Children's Corner 3 Worst Heels
    • Children's Corner 4 The essence of rumors (troublemaker)
    • Children's Corner 5 Conditions of bad luck (Bad Boys)
    • Children's Corner 8 Branch Point Vol.1 [Initiation]
    • Children's Corner 10 Branch Point Vol.3 [Explosion]
  • ComicsDeluxe Superb Lover 1 (Akito)
  • Corsair series (Ayers)
    • Corsair I / II
    • Corsair III ~ Wind Assassin, Part XNUMX ~
    • Corsair IV ~ Wind Assassin, Part XNUMX ~
    • Corsair V ~ Beat of Memory ~
    • Corsair VI ~ The Sea Embracing the Moon 1 ~
    • Corsair VII ~ The Sea Embracing the Moon 2 ~
    • Corsair VIII ~ The Sea Embracing the Moon 3 ~
    • Corsair IX ~ The Sea Embracing the Moon 4 ~
    • Corsair X ~ The sea holding the moon 5 ~
  • Lamb capture cake!Series (Kazuomi Sakisaka)
    • Lamb capture cake!
    • Lamb capture cake! 2 ・ 3
    • All pre-CDs of applicants "Long night of wolf seniors"
  • Worst (Kyoichi Arido)
  • Goku / Gloss GOKU / EN (Yoshizumi Ryugasaki)
  • Close the last door!(Kenzo Honda)
    • Close the Last Door! 1 ・ 2
    • Excuse me from the open door
  • Sakurazawa VS. Shiromo series (Toshiaki Yaginuma)
    • Naisho's romance in the staff room
    • After-school troubles
  • Sakurada senior remodeling plan (Seiichiro Mibu)
  • SASRA 2 (Lucius Alexandrus)
  • I have no intention of saying goodbye (Takuro Jinnai)
  • Happiness comes in this way (Hiroyuki Homma)
  • I'll make you happy ~ Find Midori-san! ~ (Ei Shinohara)
  • Can be happy 1-5 (Yukihiko Honda)
  • Happy LEVEL Part.3 (Shinya Kamio)
  • Gerard and Jacques (Gerard & Jacques)
  • Cat on the G line 1 ・ 2 (Atsushi Ikeda
  • GP Gakuen Student Council ExecutiveSeries (Ryoichi Tsuruga)
    • GP Gakuen Information Processing Department
    • GP Gakuen Information Processing Department 2
    • GP Gakuen Student Council Executive
  • Hell Tour (Top) (Bottom) (Enmaou)
  • Drop petals Apple scent (Autumn Nakagawa)
  • Butler ★ Game (Kai)
  • The president's uncle. (Shizuka Nagasawa)
  • Sugar Code (Makoto Odoi)
    • Sugar code
    • Monthly Dear + July 2011 issue Appendix Sugar Code
  • The novelist confesses (Shunji Sasahara)
  • Four views of boysflower(Toru)
  • Queen's Cook-Pleasure of Gastronomy- (Edoardo Tristan)
  • Chocolatier's love conditions (Masato Ichinomiya, Takehiko Ichinomiya)
  • Shosen Kedamono Series (Kyoichi Gio)
    • Shosen beast
    • The demon fox
    • Dragon King's bride
    • Dragon King's Bride Special Edition (Yuya Momokawa)
  • Chopin Series (Kakyoin Risuhito)
    • Chopin Series 1 Pink Chopin
    • Chopin Series 2 Koneko no Waltz
    • Chopin Series 3 Transcendental Techniques Practice Song
    • Chopin Series 4 Starlight Chopin
    • Chopin Series 5 Cherry Night Chopin
    • Chopin Series 6 Beachside Chopin
    • Chopin Series 7 Snow Dance ☆ Chopin
  • Private Takizawa High School Student Organization (Keisuke Fujimoto)
  • Jewelry designer series (Masaki Kurokawa)
    • Jewelry designer in love
    • Diamond with him
  • Innocent 1 and 2 (Masanari Kurata)
  • Pure Mistake(Ryuichiro Isaka)
  • Junjo Romantica 2 -5 (Ryuichiro Isaka)
  • Passionate Youngman (Hidenori)
  • New theoryHeart(teacher)
  • Sweet Dragon 1-3 (Lucy)
  • I wonder why I like it (Takehisa)
  • I love what I like, so I can't help it!! Series (Ayano Kogetsu)
    • I like what I like, so I can't help it !! + White Flower + TRUTH [fall]
    • I like what I like, so I can't help it !! + White Flower + TRUTH [rise]
    • I can't help it because I like what I like !!-Mission Choice-
  • Scandal series(Kotobuki-kun)
    • Scandal with him
    • Scandal after school
    • School festival is a scandal
    • Holy night scandal
    • Eyes in love are scandal
    • School trip is a scandal
    • Scandal of the night in love
  • SUPER LOVERS(Haruka Kaiso)
  • The King of Spades is also mine (Riku Hojo)
  • Slaver's Series (Takanari Saeki)
    • Slavers Kiss
    • Slaver's Lava Part XNUMX / Part XNUMX
    • Slaver's Nude
    • Freezing eye
  • SEXY EFFECT 96 series (Shuichi Suda)
    • SEXY EFFECT 96
  • Absolute obedience series (Kanzaki Ko)
    • Absolute obedience
    • Absolute Obedience 2 Absolute Bondage (Kanzaki Ko)
    • Absolute Obedience Absolute Bondage Purchase Bonus Three Secrets
  • Yes -ZE- Series (Akii Santo)
    • Ze -ZE- 1 Raizo
    • Ze -ZE-4 Konoe Hen
    • Ze -ZE- 5 Akira Hen
    • Ze -ZE-6 FINAL Waki ​​Hen
    • Leave it to the Lord / Ze-ZE-
  • Advise the student council president Series (Sou Yamashiro)
    • Hey, Class President! 3
    • Hey, Class President! 4
  • I hate teachers. (Takayuki Shizu)
  • Night dew on the lips (Kyoichi Wakae)
  • That's love, series (Kazuhiro Hioki)
    • That's love
    • That ’s love, is n’t it? 2
  • Still, I have a gentle love (Ryo Onoda)
  • It ’s just love (Kyosuke Sasaki)
  • Welcome back (Yoshihiro Fuji)
  • Only one man (Kazumasa Ozaki)
  • That's why you love it. (Ritsu)
    • Monthly Dear + October 2013 issue Appendix That's why you loved it.
  • Because Maou-sama hates him series (Miko)
    • Because Maou hates him
    • Because Maou hates him a few
  • Thanatos Twin Series (Victor Ivanovich Kaverin)
    • Tanatos Twins 1912
    • Tanatos Twins 1917
  • People who sow seeds-South & Kitagami series (Kitashinro)
  • DOUBLE CALL Series (Tatsumi Touma)
    • DOUBLE CALL 1 --3
    • DOUBLE CALL 4 ~ Beyond the parabola 1 ~
    • DOUBLE CALL 5 ~ Beyond the parabola 2 ~
    • DOUBLE CALL 6 ~ Beyond the parabola 3 ~
    • DOUBLE CALL 7 ~ Beyond the parabola 4 ~
    • DOUBLE CALL special editing CD
  • Double bind series (Yoshinari Kamijo)
    • Double bind 1 and 2
    • Outface Double Bind Gaiden
  • I want to be fooled (Rito Katase)
  • A person who likes even if deceived (Kata Hino)
  • Disciplinary Committee Series (Ryohei Aoki)
    • School ♥ Disciplinary Committee
    • Bondage ♥ Disciplinary Commission
  • Chibi Tora-san's Adventure Series (Tora-san)
    • Chibi Tora's Adventure
    • Tora brother and dog
  • Teardrop (Takeshi Kamiyama)
  • Teito Gentlemen's Club (Koichiro Takaoka)
  • Why do tears come out (Hitoshi Hayakawa)
  • I do not want to touch that, no matter what Series (Onoda)
    • I do not want to touch that, no matter what
    • Still, I have a gentle love
  • Moon Desert Murder Case (Natsuhiko Minowa)
  • All the way through the moon desert (Riki)
  • As if the moon hides in the dark night(Hanjuro Hattori)
  • Why do tears come out (Hitoshi Hayakawa)
  • Younger boyfriend's love management habit (Takao Yasui)
  • Saucy. (Akinari Mogi)
  • News Center Lover (Takeyuki Kamino)
  • Don't let me sleep (Summer)
  • BAD BOYS! (Eikichi Yazaki)
  • Heart and ace are mine (Riku Hojo)
  • Hafez al-Assad, a lapis lazuli crown
  • With love from the bathroom ~ The dizzying suffering is the taste of honey ~ (Kazuyuki Shinohara)
  • Hanain-Fallen Mitsuka-Series (Tatsumi Tojo)
    • Flower shade -Fallen Mitsuka- Drama CD [Natsu no Yoru no Yume Firefly]
    • Hanain -Fallen Mitsuka- Drama CD Volume XNUMX Yoizuki
  • Series (Takaaki Su Wu)
    • Night book ephemeral soft skin
    • Far away from the flower garden ~ Flirt flower ~
  • Will the flowers bloom 1 (Kazuaki Sakurai)
  • Hanamachi Monogatari Series (Tatsumi Tojo)
    • Hanamachi Monogatari Volume XNUMX-Volume XNUMX
    • Hanamachi Monogatari Whole Volume Pre-order Bonus: Roundtable CD
    • Hanamachi Monogatari Reservation Bonus CD
    • Hanamachi Monogatari Official Mail Order Bonus CD
    • Hanamachi Monogatari Yume Emaki
    • Hanamachi Monogatari Yume Ichiya VividColor 5th Anniversary
  • Rose no Ki Ni Rose no Hanasaki Ku ~ Mizukawa Hogetsu no Jikenbo ~ (Mizukawa Hogetsu)
  • I was holding springSeries (Kyosuke Iwaki)
    • Embracing Love 1-10
    • GIGOLO Memorial Edition
    • Winter cicada(Keiichiro Akizuki, Kyosuke Iwaki)
    • PREMIERE Embracing Love SPECIAL (Kyosuke Iwaki, Ryoichi Mitani)
  • Jade for Jade (Richard Bernstein)
  • PBB series (Junsuke Aki)
    • PBB 1-3
    • Punch ↑ × PBB Not for sale Drama CD
  • Non-guardian (Atsushi Seo)
  • Aphrodisiac teacher love hand (Kobara)
  • Irreverent and barbaric (Oda)
  • Pretty Baby 1 and 2 (Kiichi Hiura)
  • Pretty Babys 1 and 2 (Kyoichi Mikuni)
  • Mirage of Blaze series (Yoryu Shimoma)
    • Flame mirage
    • Mirage of Blaze Eagle, who flies for
  • A faint piece of love (Yunagi)
  • My silver fox (Rei Akitsushima)
  • My Voice-Kin no Gacho Hen (Hideyuki Kurokawa)
  • Your story I know (Shibusawa)
  • Be mine series (Kageaki Uesugi)
    • Surely pure love should be mine
    • Sleep next to you and be mine 2
    • Let's go to the cool part, be mine 3
  • Our Kingdom Series (Okumiya)
  • I want to be a honey (Masahiro Hoshina)
  • Hong Kong Love Night Song (Brian Rei)
  • Howl at the skyscraper! (Tomoyuki Kamiya)
  • Midsummer Victims I and II (Ryuichi Okura)
  • Maho Demy Weekly Diary Series (Arthur Winter Byron)
    • Magic Academy Low Grade Fever Club
    • Magic Academy Secret Garden
    • Magic Academy Mugen Palace
    • Magic school temptation lesson
    • Magic Academy Athletic Meet Eve Festival
    • Magic Academy Meteor Waltz
    • Magic Academy Labyrinth Romance
    • Magic Academy Forbidden Poem
    • Magic Academy ♥ Moonlight Prison
    • Maho Demy Weekly Diary ~ Magic Academy / Low Grade Fever Club ~
  • Marukakuya's wife (Shinsaburo)
  • Mizuki-sensei has a close call! (Tsushi Kaido)
  • Indecent series (Ryumon Fujiwara)
    • Indecent Series 2 Disturbed by an indecent kiss
    • Indecent Series 3 Intoxicated by Indecent Body
    • Indecent Series 4 Love is indecent
  • Indecent Sexy Lehman's Series (Senior Managing Director Takahashi)
    • Indecent Sexy Lehmans
  • Missing Road-Calling You Across the World- (Ethan Brass Mono Castellan)
  • Breast series(Yuji Takano)
    • Breastlessness
    • Chestnut Photograph
    • Marionettes for chest
    • Labyrinth of chestnut
    • Roulette
    • Breastful idol
    • Breastful half moon
  • Once again ONLY YOU (Hiroto Arisa)
  • MODS -Mod- (Shigure)
  • Dangerous feelings (Kashiwazaki Keigo)
  • Temptation recipe series (Sakura Hongo)
    • Temptation recipe
    • Temptation Recipe 2 -5
  • Premonition (Hiroya Sunaga)
  • A common story. (Yusaku Ikeda)
  • Would you like to come to my wife (Keigo Ikezaki)
  • No. XNUMX x Security-Single Mind- (Keiichi Taki)
  • La Vian Rose (Koichi Uzuki)
  • Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-(Rye)
    • Lamento ~ BEYOND THE VOID ~ DRAMA CD Vol.1
    • Lamento ~ BEYOND THE VOID ~ DRAMA CD Vol.2
    • Lamento ~ BEYOND THE VOID ~ DRAMA CD Vol.3
    • Lamento ~ BEYOND THE VOID ~ Drama CD Rhapsody to the past
    • Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID- Drama CD Lamento Academy
    • Drama CD Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID- Rhapsody to the past
    • Lamento ~ BEYOND THE VOID ~ Asato-Figure-Bonus Drama CD
    • Lamento ~ BEYOND THE VOID ~ Konoe-Figure-Bonus Drama CD
    • Lamento ~ BEYOND THE VOID ~ Baldo-Figure-Bonus Drama CD
    • Lamento ~ BEYOND THE VOID ~ Rye-Figure-Bonus Drama CD
  • Lasting Snow (Ryusuke Hamana)
  • Nobleman of the pear garden (Soshiro Joban)
  • President's favorite (Takuma Hayase)
  • Dragon King's mistress (Ken Tsubasa)
  • A man who keeps a dragon (Tien Lai)
  • Both feelings are not a joke !! (Kanda Tokizo)
  • Yoshito Tsukihana (Kuromizu)
  • Love certificate (Harumi Minagawa)
  • Love age series (Koshiro Hokuto)
    • Love age
    • Love age service for all applicants
  • Rossellini's son series (Leonardo Rossellini)
  • Selfish Prisoner (Kyosuke Ikusawa)
  • Me, a cat, and a flower garden (Satsuki Kujo)
  • Evil ~ WARU ~ (Akira Oizumi)
  • Dog x Cat Series (Junya Aso)
    • Dog x cat
    • Dog x Cat 2 ・ 3
    • Service for all applicants

Radio, talk CD

  • Healed Bar Wakamoto the CD Vol.02
  • Sengoku BASARA Series
    • DJCD Sengoku BASARA Volume 1
    • DJCD TV Anime "Sengoku BASARA XNUMX" [Fri] Kojuro Katakura Special Edition
    • DJCD TV animation "Sengoku BASARA XNUMX" [Kongo]
    • DJCD Sengoku BASARA
    • Sengoku BASARA Magazine CD Farce BASARA Toku!
    • Sengoku BASARA XNUMX Sengoku Travel Navi-Oshu Edition-
    • Sengoku BASARA Local Information CD Burari, Warlords Two Trips-Kyoto Edition-
    • DJCD "Sengoku BASARA -Hot Blood! Yose Raji!-"
  • Saint Beast DJCD
  • DJCD NARUTO RADIO Gale Thunder 15
  • Net & Radio series
    • Net & Radio PASTEL COLLECTION 2003 vol.1-2
    • CD Radio Pastel Collection 2001
  • BL inside story SPECIAL 2003 Part.1
  • BL Detective Story / BL Inside Story SPECIAL 2004
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa's Morimori Sanpo Train GO! ~ Yurikamome Edition ~
  • RADIO DJCD [BLEACH “B” STATION] Second Season 5
  • Radio CD "Ninja Slayer from Radio Station" vol.1-2

Facility announcements, etc.

Narration / CM

  • Nintama RantaroFire brigade <disaster prevention animation> (Tazo Yarisugi <Joe fire extinguisher>) (1998)
  • Congratulations on the anime voice actor (Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.-2002January 1) * "Kinnikuman II』In the program promotion,Masaya OnozakaKonami YoshidaAnd appeared
  • LOL problemAnswerman (Fuji Television Network, Inc Broadcast version at the end of 2001.Long time agoTomokazu SekiWas in charge)
  • UnileverCompany mod's hair TVCM (mainly on air in 2006)
    • MIX Nuance Style Secret Edition
    • Soft keep 30 seconds
    • Reverse hair technique 15 seconds
    • Airy Technique 15 Seconds
    • Color care system 30 seconds
  • K-1EX Real Sauna Suit CM Narration (2007/12)
  • Aprius Hair Glance Shampoo Over-the-counter Demo CM Narration (2008/1)
  • E-MobileCompany TVCM (2008 / 3-4)
    • Impossible !? EMOBILE "Telephone Service Start" 15-second version & 30-second version
  • NHK BS2 "BS Teens ClubModerator Hokuyo gives dubbing guidance to Maou fans (2008/5)
  • NHK General "EDUCATION 2.0 Education in a rapidly changing world (44 minutes)" Narration (2008/10/18)
  • NHK Education "EDUCATION 2.0 (enlarged 90 minutes version)" narration (2008/10/31)
  • "Star Wars-Legend is handed down" "Star Wars science fiction" (narration) (2008/7/14 & 15 WOWOW)
  • NHK comprehensiveNHK News Good morning Japan -Special feature Tom Cruise- "Voice over (2009/3/19)
  • NHKBShi "Classic Documentary" Piotr Anderszewski A pianist's journey "(2009/7/18)
  • Discovery channelNarration for 2009 consecutive weeks from November 11, 7
    • "Who is Jesus Christ? Childhood"
    • "Who is Jesus Christ? Evangelism Days"
    • "Who is Jesus Christ? The Last Time"
  • Ultraman Powered Sound Encyclopedia (as Kenichi Kai)
  • "VISION for INNOVATION" Toshiba's new focus business Video content (narration)
  • Clone Wars Maru Understanding Movie (Narration) (2011/3/25 --4/9)
  • Fuji TV ONE/Fuji TV TWO/Fuji Television NEXT Promoter narration (irregular)
  • Coca-Cola ZeroMIGP TVCM, Web Narration (2011 / 10-12)
  • Takara
  • NHK comprehensiveNHK News Good morning Japan -Special feature Tom Cruise talks about movies and Japan- "Voice over (2011/12/14)
  • Emergency union Duke Fire CM (Duke)
  • DX Pirate Battleship Captain Shark
  • NHK BS Premium "SHERLOCK(Bansen Narration)
  • Mission: Impossible / Ghost Protocol TVCM Narration (2011/12 --2012 / 1)
  • Pachislot Mission: Impossible PV Narration
  • Arakawa Under the Bridge Movie version CM narration (2012/2)
  • Shiru Shiru Mi Shiru's Day(Voice of Optimus Prime) (2012/8/5)
  • NHK Education "NHK High School Course World History 17th Modern Korean Dynasty" (Narration) (2012/9/6)
  • Challenge 45-year-old World Cup-Kazu talks about the current location (narration) of "KAZU" (2012/10/27)
  • Real record! World love and hate mystery wife VS husband killing Shuraba file (voice appearance) (2012/11/10)
  • Aiming to create a green network-Toshiba Fuchu Office- (Narration) (2012/12/13-)
  • Trihada ㊙ Scoop Video 100 Department Jiten(ボイスオーバー)(2013/3/12、2014/11/26、2015/7/9、2015/9/24)
  • "47 RONIN" 30-second spot (Keanu Reeves Ateleco)
    • "I'm not alone"
    • "I want to eat with my friends"
    • "I already have a lot of rice"
  • Mos BurgerCM "New Extraordinary Hamburger Sandwich" (Narration) (2014 / 12-)
  • NHK BS Premium "The most beautiful moment in the world"(Guide) (2015/2/12, 2015/4/4, 2015/4/8-)
  • Moist Diane TVCM Series (Narration)
    • Moist Diane "Moist & Repair"
    • Moist Diane "Volume & Scalp"
    • Moist Diane "I'm using"
    • Moist Diane "Hot Spring Trip (Damage)"
    • Moist Diane "Hot Spring Trip (Fuwatsuya)"
    • Extra Shine "Memory of Hair"
    • Extra Shine "Salon Quality"
    • Extra Damage Repair "Salon Quality"
    • Carly Rae Jepsen "Teaser"
    • Carly Rae Jepsen "15 seconds ver."
    • Moist Diane "Fir Bubble Shampoo"
    • Moist Diane "Warikomi Mask"
    • Moist Diane "Wet Hair Oil"
    • Moist Diane "Beautiful Hair and Mind"
    • Moist Diane "Teaser"
    • Moist Diane "Encounter"
    • Moist Diane "Makeup Room"
    • Moist Diane "Shooting Site"
  • Moist Diane Botanical TVCM Series (Narration)
    • Moist Diane Botanical "Beautiful Hair and Mind"
    • Moist Diane Botanical "Sicilian Fruit"
  • Randrin -Laundrin- TVCM series (narration)
    • Fabric mist
    • Randrin Laundrin "Softener"
    • Randrin Laundrin "Softener / Fabric Mist"
  • Outlaw TVCM (narration)
  • Asian culture of Shima Kosaku(Promoter narration)
  • NHK BS2 "BS World Documentary Series Business Inner Curtain" Diamond Eternal Shine is Made in This Way "" (Narration) (2015/1/24)
  • Hansoku Monchi Cheese (Gouchi.MonchhicPR video) You Tube: 2015/3/23-* 6 times in total
  • Thorough elucidation!SHERLOCKSecret (voice over)
  • Dinosaur Deathmatch: A New Kind of Hitman (Narration) (2015/8/2)
  • John Wick(30-second notice Ver. Narration)
  • Little Prince The Little Prince and ITVCM (narration)
  • NHKBS Premium ~ A way of life called Hiromi Go ~ 60-year-old entertainer (narrative) (2016/3/18)
  • Mission: Impossible/Rogue NationTVCM (narration)
  • G / get channel (Mr. Kumano)
  • Cisco Systems, IncEwan McGregor starring VP (voice over)
  • NHKBS Premium Actress Yo Yoshida goes on the German Swabian hot spring road (narration) (2016/9/1)
  • NHK E-Tele Predecessors' Power, Wisdom Izumi (Voice Over) (2016/10/11)
  • NHK BS Premium "Mystery of the Sky Machu Picchu-21 Mystery Thorough Investigation!" (Narration) (2016/12/17)
  • LINE: Disney Tsum TsumTVCM (narration)
  • Understand the charm of the Sengoku and famous castles!A 400-year story of a mysterious and surprising castle (narration) (2017/3/10)
  • Special news program My electricity-6 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake (narration) (2017/3/11)
  • Dlife 5th Anniversary Special "Overseas Drama SO! Election" (Narration)
  • Rhymester Utamaru Weekend Shuffle (Corner Narration) (2017/7/8)
  • Ogiyahagi's favorite car NO CAR, NO LIFE!(BS Nippon Television・ Narration) (April 2018, 4[367] -)
  • NHK GeneralHistory story(September 2018, 4[368], Voice over)
  • Ghost Stories British Ghost Stories Trailer (2018, narration[369]
  • Leohouse"Hiroshi's Quotations Theater Series" Radio CM (as Hiroshi Nohara) (July 2018, 7)[Source required] -)
  • Kosuke Toriumi and Tomoaki Maeno's adult trisets(5th-10th Narration)[370]
  • National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Promotion Video (May 2019, Narration[371]
  • UFO: European Unsolved Case Files (July 2019, Narration)[372]
  • Suntory Craft boss WebCM "Crayon Shin-chan x Craft Boss" To All Fathers "" (June 2020, narration)[373]

Other contents

  • Ninja Slayer Alarm Clock App (2016, App)Ninja Slayer / Fujikid Kenji



Release datetitleStandard product number
1st1994th of February 11HEAVEN'S DOORVPCG-84233
2nd1997th of February 3GARDEN OF EDENVPCG-84628
3rd2003th of February 1JOLLY ROGERAKCJ-80025
    • LIVE VIDEO / ADAM (discontinued)
    • LIVE VIDEO / Toshiyuki Morikawa Dinner Show Surrounded by the warmth of the winter sun in Akasaka Prince Hotel
    • LIVE VIDEO / Toshiyuki Morikawa Dinner Show Surrounded by the warmth of the winter sun in Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 4☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 2 ☆ Ancient & team HiiragiAncient[Member 1]"We, Ayanagi Gakuen Kasakurakai"Television Animation"Star-Mu』Third insertion song
May 5☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 5 ☆ Hoshitani x Moon Emperor x Uozumi & AncientYuta Hoshitani (Natsuki Hanae), Moon Emperor Kaito (Ransbury Arthur), Uozumi Asaki (Tomoyuki Morikawa"Straight forward"
Ancient[Member 1]"SUPER x SPACER"TV anime "Star-Mu" related songs
May 6☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 12 ☆ team Otori & team Hiiragi & Yangu × Hachiya × Kitahara × Nanjo & AllcastAll cast[Member 2]"Gift ~Curtain Call~"TV anime "Star-Mu" third season insertion song
May 10ONE PIECE Island Song Collection Sorashima "In the Name of God"Enel (Tomoyuki Morikawa"In the name of God"Television Animation"ONE PIECE] Related songs
May 11Superb view of Tenka / Moon FangOda Nobunaga(Tomoyuki Morikawa), Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Natsuki Hanae), Shingen Takeda (Katsuyuki Konishi), Kenshin Uesugi (Kosuke Toriumi),Sanada Yukimura(Daiki Yamashita),Date Masamune(Yuichiro Umehara"Amazing scenery"Television Animation"Sengoku Night Blood"Opening theme
"Moon Fog"Game "Sengoku Night Blood" opening theme
May 12Black SomareOda Nobunaga(Tomoyuki Morikawa"Kurosomare"The ending theme for the TV anime "Sengoku Night Blood"
"Amazing scenery"TV anime "Sengoku Night Blood" related songs
May 8SlipisOlivia (Rie Nagae), Olivia's older brother (Tomoyuki Morikawa"Tooi and Oi Space Animo"Television Animation"Play Asobase] Related songs
May 8BAKA-BONSOIR!BPO -Bakabon-no Papa Organization-[Member 3]"BAKA-BONSOIR!"Television Animation"Midnight! Genius Bakabon"Opening theme
"BAKA-BONSOIR! Nano Order Remix"TV animation "Midnight! Genius Bakabon" related songs
May 9Ambulance absoluteOda Nobunaga(Tomoyuki Morikawa), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Natsuki Hanae), Kenshin Uesugi (Kosuke Toriumi), Shingen Takeda (Katsuyuki Konishi), Yukimura Sanada (Daiki Yamashita), Masamune Date (Yuichiro Umehara), Mori Motonari (Takeyasu Koyasu"Bullet Absolute"Game "Sengoku Night Blood" related songs
May 7Sekai variety My voice season 2 soundtrackBOKUKOE (Tomoyuki Morikawa"If this voice can protect Sekai again"Theme song for the variety show "Sekai Variety Boku Voice Season 2"
May 11HELIOS Rising Heroes Ending Theme Vol.2East sector[Member 4]"Extreme game"The ending theme of the game "Elios Rising Heroes"
  • Angelique Sunflower ~ from Twin Collection (Vo. Ernst)
    • H [↓] 2O
  • Angelique ~ Dear My Angel ~
    • Homage of oblivion (Vo. Ernst)
  • Inuyasha Character Song Single (Vo. Naraku)
    • Sunset
  • Mao from today! Character Song Series vol.2 Lord Weller Konrad
    • "Eternal ring" (Vo. Sir Weller Konrad)
    • "Love Me Tender" (Vo. Sir Weller Konrad)
    • "Sword of the Sky" (Vo. Sir Weller Konrad & Sir von Beefeld Wolfram (Vo.Mitsuki Saiga))
  • Maoh from today! Character song album Minna no Uta (Vo. Sir Weller Konrad)
  • Kinnikuman IIseries(Terry the kid) "STARS AND STRIPES"
  • Kinnikuman II Character Song Collection New Generation Justice Superman Song * 2002
  • Kinnikuman II Muscle Vest * 2002
  • Kinnikuman II The Perfect Collection * 2008
  • The Story of Saiunkoku Song of Memory (Vo. Shuei)
    • Wind
    • Voice of Seiran
  • Shonen Onmyoji Character Song Kacho Fugetsu ~ Byakuya ~ (Vo. Seiryu)
    • Saku no Yoru
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE "Guilty x Guilty !!!" (Vo. Tsukinami Carla, Tsukinami Shin (Vo.Shotaro Morikubo))
    • SOS-AtoΩ-
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST II- Tsukinami Family ver (Vo. Tsukinami Carla, Tsukinami Shin (Morikubo Shotaro))
    • Bloody Dies irae
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS VERSUS SONG Requiem (2) Bloody Night Vol.III Carla VS Shin
    • Operation X (Vo. Tsukinami Carla, Tsukinami Shin (Shotaro Morikubo))
    • Operation X -Carla Ver- (Vo. Tsukinami Carla)
  • Deadman Wonderland Character Song (Vo. Azuma Genkaku)
    • Jyoya
    • Nirvana
  • BLEACH BEAT COLLECTION 3rd SESSION: 04 (Vo. Kaname Tosen)
    • The sound of late autumn
  • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss Drama & Image Song Album Vol.3 (Vo. Takafumi Wakaoji)
    • Polaris ~ Only one in this sky
  • "Jump in the worldYukimura Sanada (Toshiyuki Morikawa) & Rokuro Unno (Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Bricon-BLEACH CONCEPT COVERS-(Vo. Kaname Tosen)
  • "Thank you !!" (Shuhei Hisagi (Katsuyuki Konishi) & Kaname Tosen)
  • 1.5.8.-just one time- (bee)
  • "ONE'S DRIVE ~ Go Ahead ~" (Coco (Shotaro Morikubo) & Hachi)
  • Shirokuma Cafe 7th Ending Theme (Vo. Panda Mama)
    • Panda mom at will ♡
    • Shirokuma Cafe Theme ~ Panda Mama ~
  • PSP version Bakumatsu Rock Theme song "What's this?" (Super Soul 團 [Ryoma Sakamoto (Kisho Taniyama), Shinsaku Takasugi (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Kogoro Katsura (Shotaro Morikubo), Toshizo Hijikata, Souji Okita (Kenshō Ono)】)
    • What's this?
  • Bakumatsu Rock Super Climax ★ Song (Toshizo Hijikata)
    • Motto! !!
    • Light that shines ultramarine
  • Bakumatsu Rock Triangle ★ Rock and Roll (Ryoma Sakamoto (Kiaki Taniyama), Shinsaku Takasugi (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), Kogoro Katsura (Shotaro Morikubo), Toshizo Hijikata, Souji Okita (Kensho Ono)
  • TV version Bakumatsu Rock ED "Cum DAY BREAK" (Super Soul 團 [Ryoma Sakamoto (Kiaki Taniyama), Shinsaku Takasugi (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), Kogoro Katsura (Shotaro Morikubo), Toshizo Hijikata, Souji Okita (Kensho Ono)])
    • Climax DAY BREAK
    • Five colors
  • Bakumatsu Rock Tenka (Toshizo Hijikata, Souji Okita (Kensho Ono))
    • Emergency Illusion -Over Mirage-
    • Black butterfly
  • Game "End of the Edo Rock Super Soul Mini Album" (Super Soul 團 [Ryoma Sakamoto (Kisho Taniyama), Shinsaku Takasugi (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), Kogoro Katsura (Shotaro Morikubo), Toshizo Hijikata, Souji Okita (Kensho Ono)], Tokugawa Keiki (Mitsuki Saiga), Naosuke Ii (Hiroki Yasumoto), Matthew Calbraith Perry Jr. (Junichi Suwabe), J (Yuh))
    • WHITE
    • Incomplete puzzle
  • "Reform without Waste-Victory Battle Junichirou-" (Junichirou Koizumi)
  • "ONE PIECE" across Japan! 47 Cruise CD-Eneru-

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
1999th of February 3Lupin IIITribute album"You's Explosion"Eizo Sakamoto,Tomoyuki Morikawa"Cengata March"
2006th of February 2Unofficial! Seikima II Cover Album VOICETomoyuki Morikawa"The best kiss in the world'
2012th of February 2Disney Date Voice Prince"Someday in a dream (眠 れ る 森 の 美女)
2019th of February 5Neverland / Voice Actor x Masao Urino"Yokohama Iki"
  • Nerima Screaming Club "Nerima Screaming Club Ichi"



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