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🎥 | Thank you to trumpet player Shin Kazuhara for the revival of the first opening at Kim Lo tonight.

Photo Tonight's Friday Road Show, the first opening broadcast with thanks to the late Shin Kazuhara – (Image: Program provided)

Thanks to the trumpet player Shin Kazuhara for the revival of the first opening at Kim Lo tonight

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Mr. Kazuhara played the trumpet on the first opening song "Friday Night Fantasy" on the Friday Road Show.

The second part of the Friday Road Show "Titanic" (Nippon TV) broadcast tonight (from 14:21 on the XNUMXth) died the other day ... → Continue reading

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Friday road show

"Friday road show』(Kinyo Road Show)1985(Showa60 years)May 10からNippon TVseries(NNN)[Note 2]29 stations (TV Oitaexcept for[Note 3]) Every weekFriday21:00-22:54 (JST) Is being broadcastMovie show.

2012(Heisei24 years)May 4から2021(Reiwa3 years)May 3For 9 years untilFriday Road SHOW!With the program name, in addition to the movieOne shotDrama-varietyWas also treated as a frame[2][3][4][Note 4]But,2021(3)May 4The program name is again "Friday road show』, And became a return to the movie program[5][6][7].

In addition, as a sister program in this section,2019From OctoberBS Nippon TelevisionIs being broadcast onSunday road show』(Nichiyo Road Show) is also touched on.


2021Currently, it is the only movie program that is regularly broadcast during terrestrial golden prime time.

Regarding the lineup, we are currently focusing on works for families that children can also watch.[8]..Regarding the genre,Japanese movies・Western movies,Live action-Anime, The balance between new and old works is balanced, but since the 2010s, works of a specific genre (Ghibli movies andHarry potterEtc.) are being broadcast centrally.Also, many moviesSaturdayOr, since it will be released on Friday, when the latest work of the series movie is released, there are many cases where the previous work and related works are broadcast on this program the day before (or the day).Due to the decrease in the number of golden time movie broadcasts on other stations, the hit movie is on this program.Terrestrial waveThe number of first broadcasts is increasing.

Anime movieRegarding,Wednesday road showIt was broadcast from the era, but Nippon Television has exclusive broadcasting rightsStudio GhibliThe work is especially broadcast on a regular basis. Others since 19851996OverFilm director OfToshihachi Fujita,Kazuki OmoriThe original movie for TV ("Forensic Medicine Afternoon", "A long day in forensics, Etc.) and overseas drama “New Detective Colombo, And after the name change to "Friday Road SHOW!", He also handled TV dramas.

In addition to the movie, the anime work "TV specialIs also being broadcast, and this article also treats TV specials as movies (for details, see "Friday Road Show #TV SpecialSee).

New Year holidays andJapan Academy Awards Ceremony(February or March) andNational High School Quiz Championship] (August or September[Note 5]) Will be closed when the program is broadcast. 『The strongest brain Japan's most decisive battle!Was also organized four times from 2013 to 2016, with the program absent, but since 4 it has been integrated into this frame and broadcast as "special entertainment."On the other hand, there are cases where the one-shot special program that was originally scheduled to be broadcast could not be broadcast, and this program was suddenly revived and broadcast to fill the gap (described later).


*Depending on the work, it may be enlarged or delayed. In particular, if you want to expand more than 60 minutes, you may pause regular programs at 20:20 and broadcast from XNUMX:XNUMX ahead of schedule.

Broadcast periodAirtime
March 1985, 10-March 4, 198621:00-22:54 (114 minutes)
19860May 4-November 4, 198821:00-22:51 (111 minutes)
19880May 4-November 1, 199321:00-22:52 (112 minutes)
19930May 4-November 2, 200821:03-22:54 (111 minutes)
October 2008, 10-Present21:00-22:54 (114 minutes)


It started at 21:031993May 4から2008May 9Until 21:00Road show tonight] (Konoya's Road Show) was being broadcast a pre-program.

Of the program at 2008:10 on Nippon Television on October 3, 21Flying startAlong with the change, the program promotion "Tonight's Road Show" was abolished on September 9th of the same year.AndMay 10The broadcast start of the main part has been expanded by 3 minutes to 21:00 start, and at the same time, in the Kanto area (NTV), the time from 20:54 to 21:00 before that (NNN News Spot)), a pre-program that replaces "Tonight..."Soon! Friday Road Show』Is newly established, and it will effectively start at 20:54 (however, "Now soon..."Chukyo TVOnly 2 stations.2009May 6UntilYomiuri TelevisionBut I was online, but after thatEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWas switched to. Other affiliate stationsLocal newsOr do not use the net for the weather forecast). With the broadcast on September 2011, 9, the "soon..." frame has ended.

From April 2018, 4, at 6:20-54:21, we will restart the pre-order as ``Soon Friday Road SHOW!'', but only three months later in the same yearMay 6It will be the third appearance from April 2, 2020, two years later.

Program progress until March 1997, 3

The program began broadcasting at 21:00 (1993:4 after the end of "Tonight's Road Show" after April 21), and once after the opening video.CMA commentary on the broadcast work of the day by Haruo Mizuno himself (basically, "How are you. I'm Haruo Mizuno”Was started from the greeting line), and then the main story started.

"Friday special road showIf you want to broadcast such as expanding the time frame, after commenting by Mizuno, once the CM is put in again, the main part of the broadcast may also start.

After the end of the main part of the movie, Mizuno himself explained the broadcast work of the day again.

After that, Mizuno introduced the next broadcast work.In order to adjust the time, we sometimes broadcast the "A lot of Haruo Mizuno's movies" corner, introduced the movie-related pranks, and invited guests to the studio for interviews.In the world that Mizuno personally lovedPolicemenHe also showed off related knowledge.

The last is "" by Mizuno himselfWell, moviesTrue(Really)Nice to meet you! Let's enjoy together againThe basic flow was to end with the closing line, "(varies depending on the time)".

In the broadcast on March 1997, 3, which was Mizuno's last charge, after the above line, "Now, I'm graduating from the Friday Road Show today, and the movie will continue to have some great masterpieces! I'm looking forward to it! See you again someday! See you soon!"


From the start of broadcasting to "Road SHOW!"

"Wednesday road show』Will move the broadcast day to Friday,Friday road showStarted broadcasting as[9]..The first broadcast work is "Raiders/The Lost Ark]. Since the program moved on Friday, I have been a commentatorHaruno MizunoWorks that reflect the tastes of the world gradually disappear, reflecting the tastes of the world.Hollywood moviesEntertainment works andAnimeMany works have come to be lined up.

1986May 7IsNausicaa of the valley of windWill be broadcast for the first time in this frame.Or later,Hayao MiyazakiThe director's work will be broadcast regularly in this frame[Note 6].

1987May 12800 times[Note 7]In commemoration, Mizuno introduced and broadcast the movie broadcast from the Wednesday Road Show.[Note 8].

1989Until then, "Thursday specialAnd 'Saturday specialThe "Japan Academy Awards Ceremony" broadcast on1993Broadcast to. Only at this timeFriday road show special eventWas broadcast.

19921000th anniversary and 20th anniversary[Note 9]As a gift plan for the "1000th Anniversary Memorial Telephone Card" was held.In April of the same year, the title was "4th Anniversary Special".Kiki's Delivery Service''Nikita''Field of Dreams''Misery』Broadcast over four weeks.[10]

1997On March 3, Haruo Mizuno, who served as a commentator and moderator for about 28 years from the "Wednesday" era, dropped out.No commentator has been assigned since then (described later).

2004May 12Than,Digital terrestrial broadcastingInProgram-linked data broadcastingCarried out. In addition to introducing broadcast works and giving notice of the next notice, since 2010 we have been doing "scene guides" that display explanations for each scene for some works centered on animation movies.[Note 10].. further2006On August 8th, including HD RemasterHigh definitionWas done. From October 2010, 10, as with other stations, only digital broadcasting can be used for Western moviesStereo broadcasting(Broadcast in two languages-Commentary broadcastincluding. Secondary audio started "Stereo 2")[Note 11].

During the period from July 2010, 7, there was an attempt to unify the relationships on a monthly basis under the titles of "○○ Month" and "○○ Series" (Example: "Ghibli Month", "NTV MOVIE Month"". , "Love & Fantasy Series", etc.), this project is still being carried out irregularly.

2010May 10From 2012:3 to 30:19 from March 20th, XNUMXSingle-shot special program frame"Friday Super Prime] Has been organized, when extended broadcast for 2 hours, this program was a pause.

Change to "Road SHOW!"

From April 2012, 4, the title of the program frame is "Friday Road SHOW!』Renamed. The lineup mainly focuses on movie works that continued from the "Friday Road Show" era, but now we are producing and broadcasting about 4 special dramas "Special Drama Project" per year.[2].. In addition, as the first of the "Special Drama Planning" in this frame, "July 1, 2012"Lending a Family ~Family Complex~] (Screenplay:Naofumi Kogami)[11]Was broadcast.

2013It was renewed further from April, and although it is infrequent and irregular, a new variety of "special entertainment" will also be broadcast.[12].. The first one was broadcast on May 1, the same year.News that I want to tell Akira Ikegami]. After that, a total of two broadcasts were made in the same year with another one, and this was not broadcast for a long time,2017May 2The broadcast "Special Entertainment" was resumed for the first time in 3 years and 4 months in the broadcast "Choose your destiny if you have two lives", and the same yearMay 5IsNationally disliked announcer grand prize 2017Was broadcast. "BEST gift" was also broadcast on December 12 of the same year, and three "special entertainment" were broadcast only in this year.2018Was broadcast "special entertainment" for two consecutive weeks on January 1th and February 26nd (however, the content of the broadcast is completely different every week).

Broadcasted on May 2013, 10Maiko Haaaan!!!], starring as the first attempt of the programAbe SadaAnd the directorNobuo MizutabyAudio commentary Secondary audioWas broadcast on.

Broadcasted on May 2016, 1Castle Laputa in the SkyIn ", a countdown to "Balus" was displayed, and at the moment when Theta and Pazoo said "Balus", the data broadcasting was disintegrated.

From around 2019, plans and lineups that reflect the opinions of viewers are increasing. August 8 of the same yearSpirited Away』Simultaneous broadcastStudio ponockOne of the three short films produced will be decided by audience vote on the official website for the first time in the program[13].. result,"Invisible ManWas broadcast. Broadcast on February 2020, 2 ``Movie version Detective ConanThe series will be selected for the work to be broadcast in the general election on the official website, and as a result of the vote, it won the first place.Detective Conan The assassin in the pupilWas broadcast[14].. From 2020, a project to broadcast works based on requests from viewers "Friday "Request" Road SHOW!Was started (described later).

Broadcasted on May 2019, 3Don't stop the camera!』, conducted a deputy audio commentary by the cast and director. Also, in the first cut, one scene that lasted 37 minutes, no commercial was inserted.

Since September 2020,Artificial intelligence (AI)Introduced an audience rating prediction system based on the selection of the lineup. As a result of repeated experiments for 8 months, the accuracy improved until the error became less than 1% on average, and it was put into practical use.[15].

Broadcasted on May 2020, 5Detective Pikachu (Movie)』, Will be the first in historyTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.A Pokemon movie was broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting other than.

To "road show" again

From the broadcast on April 2021, 4, the title of the program frame will be "" again.Friday road show』Returned.The title has returned for the first time in about nine years since 2012 before the renewal, and the program logo has also been changed to the one with the original motif.[5]..Broadcasting of special dramas and variety shows will be abolished, and only movies will be broadcast as before March 2012.[6][7].

Regarding this renewal, producer Nobuki Hojo said that the number of dramas and variety shows decreased, the number of movie broadcasts increased again, and the program celebrated its 35th anniversary in the previous year. He said that he changed the title to the original title with the thought.Also, since many viewers were familiar with the title of "Road Show" that was broadcast for many years, after the change, the titles of "Road SHOW!" And "Road Show" continued to coexist, starting with SNS. One of the reasons is that they tried to unify[6][7].

Broadcast work

Anime works

"Friday Road Show" has an extremely high proportion of broadcasting animated works compared to other movie programs. Since 2010, it has broadcast more than 10 anime movies every year. Also,デ ィ ズ ニ ー-PixarThe work is also on air.[Source required].

Studio Ghibli works

Especially in this program,Studio GhibliBecause NTV has the exclusive right to broadcast the work on the ground wave, the timing of the release of Ghibli's latest work andSummer VacationIt is customary to broadcast past Ghibli works during the holiday season. About 5 films are broadcast annually, and once broadcasted works are re-broadcasted approximately every 2-3 years.Castle Laputa in the Sky, Etc. that are broadcast for two consecutive years,Hohokekyo next to YamadaThere are also works that have only been broadcast once. 『Tomb of FirefliesIsSecond World WarThe number of broadcasts in August is overwhelming due to the relationship with the theme of[Note 12].. Also, even though it was produced as the only TV special, due to its short length, it had never been broadcast in the "Friday Road Show" frame since the main broadcast.I can hear the sea], 2011May 7ToFrom Kokuriko slopeTo the release of "Tales from EarthseaIt was broadcast as a "Friday special road show" together with. On the other hand,Red Turtle An Island StoryThere are cases where even Ghibli works are not broadcast in the main frame until now.[Note 13].. Regarding Ghibli worksEnd rollIn principle, it is broadcast uncut, including2016May 11Broadcast of "Cat repayment] Or2018May 1The ending is omitted in the broadcast "Earthsea" etc., and the number of times that the completely uncut version including the end roll is not broadcast is increasing.However, the works of Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, and Yoshifumi Kondo have been uncut, including end rolls, on Friday Road Show.

Other/NTV related anime works

In addition to Ghibli works, the following anime works are regularly broadcast.

The above-mentioned anime works are being broadcast, and all of the works mentioned above are related to production by Nippon Television, except for "The Girl Who Spends Time." Among them, there are no cases where the studio map work and "Summer Wars" were broadcast outside the main frame. Also, "Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro" was not aired until 2017, and "Eva New Theatrical Version" was never aired outside of this program until 2020.[Note 15][Note 16].

On the other hand, the aforementioned “The Girl Who Spends Time” and “The Girl Who Spends Time” broadcast on July 2020, 7Movie voice"[Note 17], Which will be broadcast on August 8Fireworks, do you see from the bottom or from the side?"[Note 18]In some cases, NTV broadcasts anime works that are not related to production.[16].

TV special

In addition to existing theater releases, a new TV special for "Lupin the Third" was released in 1990.[Note 19]It is broadcast every year from 2013 to 2014, and has been broadcast irregularly since XNUMX (the old work may be rebroadcast).Other works that broadcast TV specials are "touch], [Delicious Shinbo], [YAWARA!], [city ​​Hunter], [The first step], [DEATH NOTE"Such. "Touch" was broadcast on the Fuji TV series, but because Fuji TV lost its right to rebroadcast, it was being rebroadcast and broadcast on TV specials on NTV.

On December 2014, 12, the TV special "Detective Conan"Detective Conan Conan Edogawa disappearance case-worst two days in history-Was broadcast. In addition, it is a crossover work "Lupine The XNUMXrd VS Detective Conan] Was also broadcast on the same frame on March 2009, 3.

special edition 

The Friday Road Show may broadcast a special edition as follows.

Friday special road show

"Wednesday Road Show"Wednesday special road showAs in the title of “Friday Road Show”, long-time movies, blockbuster movies, hits by Nippon Television, works by dead actors (mainly memorial special projects), When broadcasting new works, etc.Friday special road show』(Kinyo Tokubetsu Road Show)[17]..The first was broadcast on January 1988, 1.Gone with the Wind (Movie)"[Note 20].. February 2011, 2The sun does not sinkIs broadcast uncut for 4 hours. It has become the longest Japanese movie since the program started[17].

In the title of "Friday Special Road Show", uncut broadcast of Ghibli work, long-time work such as Harry Potter series, new TV special of animation works such as "Lupin the Third", "Smile in the sun!], [A dangerous detective Forever TV SPECIAL '98There are drama specials such as. In addition,2003Broadcasted in June and March 6,TitanicWas planned for two consecutive days on Friday and Saturday, so the nextSaturdayAlso"Two nights special road showWas broadcast in the title.

However, since the 2010s, even if it is a long movie, the broadcast time is often not extended, and the usual 2 hour frame[Note 21]It is not uncommon for the main part to be greatly cut and broadcast in order to fit in.

Also, in some cases, a special program related to the work was broadcast as a set with the main movie. As reference,2010May 2From 19:56, a special program titled "Ponyo was born this way" was announced from 21:00 to 23:04 from XNUMX:XNUMX.Ponyo on the cliff] The main part was broadcast[18].. same yearMay 11From 19:00, "Friday Super Prime"Friday Special Road Show Harry Potter 4 Hours SP" will be held until 20:00 as Part 1 "Harry Potter Favorite Celebrities VS" Sage's Choice "Florida & London Screaming Tour SP" at 22:54 Until Part 2 "Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixWas broadcast as[19].

Depending on the work, there is no pre-program broadcast, or due to the expansion of the time frame,Entertainment showsMay be suspended. This continues even after the title was changed to "Friday Road SHOW!".

After the renewal, the title of "Friday special road show" is not used.

Friday request roadshow

From 2020, a project to solicit and broadcast movies that viewers want to broadcastFriday request roadshow[Note 22]Was started.The first is "" broadcast on May 1 of the same year.Love songs for angels...』.After that, in the second bullet, "Back to the future』Broadcast the trilogy, the third"NA"When"Devil wearing Prada], In the 4th bulletTitanicBroadcast for 2 weeks[20]It is said that we will continue to solicit requests as an annual project.[21]..However, there have been no cases in which Japanese movies were selected.

Producer Nobuki Hojo told Mantan Web (Mainichi Shimbun) that he started the "Friday Request Roadshow" as follows.

"Home aloneWas broadcast in 2018, and the audience rating and response were very good.Actually, it was December, so it felt like "Home Alone", but the response was better than expected, and "Is there a need? There was a momentum to dig up old works. "
"The origin of the style is a request project for the movie version of" Detective Conan "that was held in 2020. This project received nearly 55 votes and was very popular. Therefore, we also targeted works other than Conan. We decided to expand and solicit requests for the works we wanted to see. " — Nobuki Hojo,Friday Road Show: Reasons for "Masterpiece Broadcasting in the Subscribing Era", Background of Request Planning ... Ask Program P Mantan Web (Mainichi Shimbun)
AirdateTitle / Publication yearRemarks
2020th of February 5Love songs for angels...(1992)
2020th of February 6Back to the future(1985)[21]
2020th of February 6Back to the Future PART2(1989)
2020th of February 6Back to the Future PART3(1990)
2020th of February 10NA(1982)
2020th of February 10Devil wearing Prada(2006)
2021th of February 5
2021th of February 5
Titanic(1997)The first part will be broadcast on May 5th and the second part will be broadcast on May 7th.
2021th of February 5stand by Me(1986)
2021th of February 6Goonies(1985)


Movie commentator

  • Haruno Mizuno(April 1985, 10-March 4, 1997[9]) A memorial video was shown on June 2008, 6, immediately after Mizuno passed away.


  • Miki Sakagami(September 1997, 4[9] -March 2009, 3) *The explanation of the work was lost, and Sakagami was in charge of the narration as a navigator instead.[9].
  • Keisuke Mori(NTV announcer)Yuri Nishio(Nippon Television Announcer at that time) (October 2008, 10-March 3, 2011) * In charge of facilitating the "Soon! Friday Road Show".
  • Keisuke Mori (NTV announcer)Nana Suzue(NTV announcer) (April 2011, 4-September 1, 2011) * I was in charge of facilitating the "Soon! Friday Road Show".
  • Kiyoshiro Kato(April 2012, 4-March 6, 2013[12]) *Since renewing to "Friday Road SHOW!", he has been a navigator.[12].. He appeared as a "Cinema Boy" before and after the main part with the program character "Stanley", and at the beginning of the program, he introduced the highlights of the main part, and after the end of the main part, the part that was impressive in the main part as "movie memo".
  • Sasha-Park Lumei(April 2013, 4 -) *Sasha serves as a "movie meister" and Park serves as a "partner".[22].

Program character

  • Stanley (March 2009, 3-July 27, 2018)
Black rabbit There are other companions. After the renewal in 2012, he continued to serve as a program character,Movie heaven] Is also treated as a program character, and continues to play an active role as a program character after graduating from "Friday Road SHOW!".
  • Mia-chan (July 2018, 7 -)
A 17-year-old high school girl who loves movies.The name is "Cairo's purple rose』StarringMia Farrow.
  • Ankh (July 2018, 7 -)
A mysterious creature. It has a pattern like a mask of Tutankhamen.A symbol of life and religion in ancient EgyptAnkhNamed from.


Program title logo

Except for the 3rd generation logo, there are multiple display patterns such as "one line break on" Friday "" and "one line writing" for displaying the program title logo.In rare cases, it may be "vertical writing".
The title logo of the current opening is "one line writing".
First generation (October 1985, 10-March 4, 2012, April 3, 30-Present)
  • It is almost the same as the predecessor "Wednesday Road Show". It was a title logo that was once broken on "Friday" and placed on the second row as "Roadshow". In the case of "Friday Special Road Show", the word "Special" surrounded by a square frame was added next to "Friday".In the ending other than the program opening and on the program official homepage, it was displayed with the character arrangement without line breaks.
    • There is an exception, and in the net station guide that was flowing after the credit provided by the A frame until 1990, the horizontal bar of the 8th stroke at the bottom of "gold" was extended and the "day road show" was placed on it. It was.This follows the Wednesday Roadshow logo.
  • It was announced that this program will be renewed on April 2021, 4, and the 2th generation logo (eyeball logo) described later was announced, but the 4st generation logo is used for the opening of the main part.[Note 23].
Second generation (March 2, 2012-March 4, 6)
The arrangement of letters is the same as that until March 3 of the same year, and the katakana "show" was changed to "SHOW!" In English.Part of the letters was designed in squares, triangles, and circles, and was colored.[23].
Second generation (March 3, 2018-March 7, 20)
The character layout has been changed to one line instead of the two-line title logo, which is a simple Gothic logo.In addition, "FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT since 2" was written on the upper right of the logo.[24].
4rd generation (March 2021, 4 --- present)
  • With the title returning from Friday Road SHOW! To Friday Road Show from April 2021, 4, the title logo will also be changed to something close to the first generation.[5].
    • It is almost the same as the original logo, but NTV says "ReiwaIt has been announced that it will be updated to a version, so to speak, it is the "Reiwa version of the first logo".The difference is that the dakuten itself of the "do" in the "road show" has a white border, making it a "eyeball".This is based on the idea that "we would like to send you works that attract everyone's attention, such as various masterpieces and popular works that were big hits."
  • However, in reality, the title logo in the opening and the main part of the program displays the "first logo" with no dakuten, and the "fourth logo" with the eye is mainly used for advertising such as commercials and official websites. It stays in the logo.

Opening video

First opening (Usage period: October 1985, 10-March 4, 1997)

Theme song "Friday night fantasy(Composition:Pierre Porto, Performance: Pierre Porte & His Orchestra,TpSolo: Dominique Dras[Needs verification]/Susumu Suhara[25][26]

  • Same as the opening video of "Wednesday Road Show", with the sunset and the seaYotto HarborIt is a composition that reflects.Film image.
  • Contents ... People watching the scenery at the seaside boathouse → Sunset鴎→ At Yacht HarbordogA person who plays with → A man in twilight wearing glasses → A yacht floating in the sea at sunset → A program logo is displayed in the center of the screen (a large fade-in from the sunset scenery, the scenery of the yacht harbor becomes night in an instant) → Movie name View → OffercreditSaid.
  • The original tone of the song isF minorIs. Also,ピ ア ノWith the pattern that starts from the beginning oftrumpetThere is a pattern starting from[Note 24][Note 25].
  • Due to the convenience of the broadcast frame, there were times when a shortened version of the opening was aired with a part of the video / theme song cut.In that case, until around September 1989, "Friday Road Show XX (work logo)" → provided will be displayed on the blue background, and from October of the same year, a still photo of one scene of the work scheduled to be aired (or In many cases, "Friday Road Show XX (work logo)" → provided was displayed with the video) in the background.
  • At the time of the song's release, 100 LP record versions and 200 single record versions were presented from the program.At the time of the announcement[Note 26]Mizuno says, "Such wonderful music gives us an unforgettable impression."
  • The shooting location of the video isSagami Bay(To be precise, facing Owada Bay, which is a small bay in Sagami Bay,)Miura PeninsulaWest Bank)KanagawaYokosukaIn the Sashima areaSashima fishing port(Sajima Marina) and Kanagawa Prefecture, also on the west coast of the Miura PeninsulaHayama TownIt is the Horiuchi fishing port (Hayama Marina) in the Abuzuri district.The image of the pier is a pier on the Hojo coast in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture.The building on the left rear side in the last scene is called "Patisserie La Mare de Chaya Hayama Main Store"Western confectionery store.[Original research?]
  • This song was used as BGM in the memorial video at the time of Mizuno's death mentioned above, and the song was played in the program for the first time in 11 years since Mizuno's departure.
  • 2010May 10Even in the broadcast of "Friday Road Show 25th Anniversary", this opening was edited and flowed.
  • 2015May 10-May 10-May 11In the broadcast of "Friday Road SHOW! 30th Anniversary", this opening was revived for 3 weeks only[Note 27]. afterwards,2021May 1This opening was used again as "Friday Road SHOW! 35th Anniversary" in the broadcast of[Note 28],2021May 5Of the trumpet player who died in April of the same yearSusumu SuharaUsed as a memorial to[Note 29][26].
2nd generation opening (Term of use: April 1997, 4-March 4, 2009)

Theme song "Cinema Nostalgia(Composition:Joe Hisaishi)
Staff-Production:Hayao Miyazaki, Drawing / Direction:Yoshifumi Kondo, Production:Studio Ghibli

  • Animated works.Contains short films and commercials produced by Studio GhibliDVDIncluded in "A lot of Ghibli SPECIAL Short Shorts".It was used for 12 years like the first generation.
  • Contents ... Program at the top of the screenlogoDisplay (Uncle Friday[Note 30]A gentleman named moves the projector.Also, the left and right sides of the screen are of movie filmPerforationIt has become.Pokemon shockThe speed of the left and right edges has been corrected to be a little slower due to the influence of) → Provided credit display → Movie name display (The movie name to be broadcast is displayed in fade-in with the projector lens enlarged).
  • Since the left and right ends are perforations of the movie film,Digital terrestrial broadcastingBut it was displayed without any discomfort.
  • 2015May 10-May 10This opening was revived for only two weeks as "Friday Road SHOW! 30th Anniversary" on the broadcast.Probably because Miyazaki was involved in the production, the organized work was a movie produced by Studio Ghibli on both days.Then in 2May 6This opening was also used as "Friday Road Show 35th Anniversary" in the broadcast of[Note 31].
3nd generation opening (Term of use: April 2009, 3-March 27, 2012)

Theme song "Stanley weekend(Composition:Taro Iwashiro)
Production: Airside[Note 32]

  • Animated works.The official title of the video is "The Moon and The Rabbit".
  • Terrestrial digital broadcastingAccording to the first opening videoHi-vision productionIt became.Iwashiro, who composed the theme song, commented, "I tried not to get in the way of the main story no matter what movie was broadcast."[27].
  • Contents ... Rabbit Stanley and his friends run desperately toward the movie theater to see the "Friday Road Show" that starts around the moon rise on Friday night.Like the predecessorlogoDisplay → Offer credit display → Movie name display (After Stanley rushes to the seat, the movie name to be broadcast is displayed on the screen).
  • At the "Friday Special Road Show", Stanley's costumes will be changed to formal ones such as black ties.fireworksAnd the cheers of the audienceSound effectIt will be another version with added.
  • This opening was later called "Movie heavenWas taken over by.
4nd generation opening (Term of use: April 2012, 4-March 6, 2016)

Theme song "TGIF (Thank God, It's Friday!)(Composer: Tetsuji Ohno)
Video / theme song production:Various Japan

  • Animated works. Produced and used with the change of title to "Friday Road SHOW!".
  • Contents ... Stanley and his friends are excited to get lost in the movie world such as action, science fiction, suspense, love story, and animation.
  • The background color changed every month.

* There was no opening from the broadcast on April 2016, 4 to the broadcast on July 1, 2018, and the main part of the movie started immediately after the notice.

5th generation opening (use period: July 2018, 7-present)

Theme song "Era[28]"(musics:Masakatsu Takagi,song:Meng Song of Shangbaishi)
Staff-Director:Mamoru Hosoda, Character design / drawing:Satoko Morikawa, Art setting:Kamijo Anri, Art director :, Costume:Daisuke Iga, Production:Studio map

  • Animated works.Director Hosoda says, "I want" Friday Road SHOW! "To continue to be a place for young people to meet movies." "I want the younger generation to feel the world of movies." I wish I had a life-changing encounter with a young girl who had no experience through movies. "
  • Contents ... A 17-year-old high school girl "Mia-chan" is walking in a void space with a mysterious creature "Ankh" on her shoulder.You can see the door where the light leaks wherever you go.When you open the door to be guided, you are sitting on a chairCountess"Tanja" looked back and met. ThereEgypt OfCairo. She was a female manager who hosted a secret private movie salon. The actresses and animals invited from all over the world were relaxing there. Mia also sat down and was excited to wait for the start of the movie.
  • In the "Friday Road SHOW!" Era, "FRIDAY NIGHT DELIGHT since 1985" is also written when the program logo is displayed.
  • The same opening will be used for "Sunday Road SHOW!" Broadcast on BS Nippon Television from April 2019, and the title of the Sunday version of BS is written as "SUNDAY NIGHT DELIGHT since 4".
  • The title logo has returned to the first generation from April 2021, 4, but there is no change in the OP video, only the logo has been changed.

Ending video

First ending
  • Contents ... Regarding the end pattern of 5 seconds after the credit provided, until September 1991, a still image (the setting is that the yacht stays floating until night. The Friday Road Show logo is displayed above, Below is "(Old logo, later no logo) Nippon TV END") from around October of the same year to around September 9.Movie(The setting is that the batten part of the yacht is crushed and the silhouette of the person on the yacht isCanoeIt is said to transfer to. In the "Friday Roadshow" logo, the "Roadshow" below entered next to "Friday" above and labeled "THE END" below. The end pattern was abolished from around October 1996.
    • Later, a still photo (or video) of one scene of the movie that was aired that week will be provided to the background.creditWas displayed, and then a version with a 5-second end pattern also appeared. There are also cases where the program ended without the usual 1 second end pattern flowing after the still credit (or video) of one scene of the movie that was broadcast during the week was displayed in the background. (Example:1990"The 8th anniversary of the end of the war special project" was broadcast on August 3Union fleet"Such). Also, in the early 1990s, there was also a pattern in which an end pattern of 5 seconds flowed after a commercial or viewer announcement announcement was inserted after the provided credit was displayed with a still photo (or image) as a background. (Example: “1990” aired on October 10, 5Kiki's Delivery Service]). In addition,1988Broadcasted on January 1Gone with the windAfter the still picture and the provided credits were displayed, the still picture remained, “Friday special road show Nippon TV 35th anniversary special program special program wind and complete.
    • Early staff rolls continued to use the background used at the Wednesday Roadshow.Later, from around 1988, several scenes of the aired works and the main characters were aired in a slide show format.
    • BGM uses the trailing part of the theme song "Friday Night Fantasy" from the start of broadcasting to around March 1993, and the opening part starting with the trumpet of the same song from April of the same year to September 3. Was.On rare occasions, I used the theme song of the work that aired that week (eg, "" aired on July 4, 1996.YAWARA! Special I've always been about you ...))

No. 1 work of the year in each year

Here, among the works broadcast in this program from October 1985, 10, when the broadcast started, to November 4, 2020, the works that ranked first in the audience rating each year are shown.Broadcast suspension programs are not included.

All the ratings listed here are based on the ratings of Video Research held in the National Diet Library.All figures are household ratings.

The audience rating isVideo researchResearchKanto area・Household ・Real time.[29]

Friday Road Show Era
YearsAirdatetitleAudience ratingRemarks
1985May 10Rambo25.3%
1986May 10Star Wars Empire Strikes Back23.0%Expanded by 30 minutes.
1987May 10Indiana Jones/Legend of the Mage26.9%Expanded by 30 minutes.
1988May 4Rambo22.8%
1989May 4Rambo/Rage Escape24.2%
May 10Rambo 3/Afghan of Anger
May 10Indiana Jones/Legend of the MageExpanded by 32 minutes.
1990May 10Kiki's Delivery Service24.4%Expanded by 20 minutes.
1991May 10NA23.5%Friday special road show. Expanded by 30 minutes.
1992May 12Fishing Fool Diary 422.0%
1993May 12Fishing Fool Diary 523.6%
1994May 2Fishing Fool Diary 428.4%
1995May 1Fishing Fool Diary 227.7%
1996May 8The man is painful Torajiro truth one way27.6%A memorial project for Kiyoshi Atsumi. Expanded by 20 minutes.
1997May 3Shall we dance?27.4%The broadcast time that Haruo Mizuno gave the final commentary. Expanded by 50 minutes.
1998May 8Abunai Detective Forever TV Special '9825.7%45th anniversary commemorative program
1999May 1Princess Mononoke35.1%Expanded by 50 minutes.
2000May 2Nausicaa of the valley of wind23.3%Expanded by 30 minutes.
2001May 1Princess Mononoke26.9%Expanded by 50 minutes.
2002May 7Star Wars Episode 1/Phantom Menace21.4%Expanded by 45 minutes.
2003May 1Spirited Away46.9%A special road show on Friday, the 50th anniversary of the opening of NTV.

Broadcast time is from 20:30 to 23:09.

It is the number one movie program ever broadcast in Japan.

In addition, the special program that was broadcast immediately before had an audience rating of 27.3%.

2004May 6Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone30.8%Friday special road show.

Broadcast time is from 20:00 to 23:09.

2005May 12Harry Potter and the Secret Room21.7%Friday special road show.

Broadcast time is from 20:00 to 23:19.

2006May 7Howl's moving castle32.9%Expanded by 30 minutes.
2007May 11ALWAYS Sunset on XNUMX-chome20.8%Expanded by 35 minutes.
2008May 2DEATH NOTE THE LAST NAME23.6%Expanded by 45 minutes.
2009May 6Spirited Away21.4%40 minutes expansion
2010May 2Ponyo on the cliff29.8%Friday special road show.

Broadcast time is from 19:56 to 23:04.

2011May 1Spirited Away16.5%Expanded by 40 minutes.
2012May 1ALWAYS Sequel XNUMXrd Sunset17.0%Expanded by 30 minutes.
Friday Road SHOW! Era
YearsAirdatetitleAudience ratingRemarks
2012May 7Spirited Away19.2%Expanded by 40 minutes.
2013May 8Castle Laputa in the Sky18.5%
2014May 7Princess Mononoke21.9%Expanded by 50 minutes.
2015May 2Breeze19.5%Expanded by 40 minutes.
2016May 1Kiki's Delivery Service18.8%Expanded by 15 minutes.
2017May 1Spirited Away18.5%Expanded by 40 minutes.
2018May 8Howl's moving castle14.5%Expanded by 35 minutes.
2019May 8Spirited Away17.9%Broadcast time is from 19:56 to 22:54.
2020May 5Kingdom16.5%Expanded by 45 minutes.First terrestrial broadcast.Main story uncut.
May 8My Neighbor Totoro
2021May 3Fukushima 5011.8%First terrestrial broadcast, uncut main story, 30 minutes expansion.
Friday Road Show era (renewal period)
YearsAirdatetitleAudience ratingRemarks

Successive works with high ratings

Video researchResearchKanto area・Household ・Real time.

RankingAirdatetitleAudience ratingRemarks
12003th of February 1Spirited Away(2001)46.9%NTV 50th anniversary program
"Friday special road show"
21999th of February 1Princess Mononoke(1997)35.1% 
32006th of February 7Howl's moving castle(2005)32.9%
42004th of February 6Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(2002)30.8%"Friday special road show"
52010th of February 2Ponyo on the cliff(2008)29.8%
61994th of February 2Fishing Fool Diary 4(1992)28.4% 
71994th of February 12Fishing Fool Diary 6(1994)28.3%
81995th of February 1Fishing Fool Diary 2(1990)27.7%
91996th of February 8The man is painful Torajiro truth one way(1985)27.6%"Friday special road show"
Kiyoshi AtsumiMourning plan
1995th of February 9Fishing Fool Diary 4(1992)
111997th of February 3Shall we dance?(1996)27.4%This timeHaruno MizunoDropped the show
121994th of February 9Fishing Fool Diary 5(1993)27.1% 
132003th of February 2Princess Mononoke(1997)27.0%
142001th of February 126.9%
1987th of February 10Indiana Jones/Legend of the Mage(1984)
1995th of February 3I have no license!(1994)
171999th of February 2Shall we dance?(1996)26.7%
182004th of February 12Spirited Away(2001)26.1%"Friday special road show"
1997th of February 10Fishing Fool Diary 8(1996)
2003 years 6 month 28 day (Saturday)TitanicSecond part(1998)As a "2 night continuous special road show",
The second part isSaturdayWas broadcast to
Strictly speaking, it will be outside the "Friday Road Show" frame.
211998th of February 8A dangerous detective Forever TV Special '98
(Original work)
25.7%45th anniversary commemorative program
TV special
221985th of February 10Rambo(1983)25.3% 
232003th of February 6matrix(1999)25.1%
241994th of February 7Lupine the Third: Burn and Slash Iron Sword(Original work)24.9%TV special
252006th of February 10Death Note Part XNUMX TV Special Edition(Original work)24.5%Director's Cut TV Special Edition
261990th of February 10Kiki's Delivery Service(1989)24.4%
271989th of February 10Indiana Jones/Legend of the Mage(1984)24.2%Stephen SpielbergMasterpiece selection
1989th of February 4Rambo/Rage Escape(1985) 
1989th of February 10Rambo 3/Afghan of Anger(1988)
301994th of February 7Fishing Fool Diary 3(1991)24.1%
1998th of February 7Lupine The Third: Flame Memory ~ TOKYO CRISIS ~
(Original work)
TV special
"Friday special road show"

*Source:Friday Road Show Best 30 Ranking'

Sunday road show

From April 2019, 4, on BS Nippon Television, the program will be released on the Noren program.Sunday Road SHOW!』Started broadcasting. The basic broadcast time until March 2021 is every Sunday 3:21 --00: 22[30]. The opening and the program character use the same thing.

In addition to the title change in the terrestrial version from April 2021, this is also "Sunday road show』Changed to.Also, the program title logo has been changed to the same design as the "Friday Road Show" logo.Broadcast time has also been changed to Sunday 20:00 --21: 54[31].

Since it is a BS program, Western movies are in principle Japanese字幕Single in version[Note 33]The ending is also broadcast uncut.

In addition to the title of the same name being broadcast on the Nippon Television network in the 1960s,NST Niigata General TelevisionThere was an "NST Sunday Road Show" that aired the "Wednesday Road Show" on Sunday with a time shift.


As with the movie programs of other stations, from the time of the Wednesday road show, many overseas works produced and broadcast their own Japanese dubbed version.

However, the number of productions has decreased since the 2000s. Broadcast on December 2010, 12, "Phantom of the OperaWas cut off for a while at the end, but the broadcast on August 2017, 8, "Jurassic WorldThe original dubbing of the program was produced for the first time in about six and a half years.After that, on February 6, 2018, "PAN ~ Neverland, the beginning of a dream ~』Broadcast with an original sound source that replaced the existing dubbed version of the talent dubbed part with another voice actor, and the broadcast on December 2019, 12Home Alone 3, "" Broadcast on July 2021, 1Parasite Semi-underground family] Is being broadcast as a new dubbing.

Producer Nobuki Hojo said about dubbing in 2020, while the opportunity to divert existing dubbing has increased in recent years due to cost, making it difficult to make new dubbing, "Keep the light on. I want to go, "he said, saying that he would like to continue producing about one work a year.[32].

Talent dubbing

* Excludes those that use the theatrical release version / package version.

Special drama planning

Here are the special dramas that were broadcast during the "Friday Road SHOW!" Era (excluding anime TV specials).Commentary broadcastIs being carried out.What is listed here is a broadcast under the title of "Friday Road SHOW!".Therefore, on May 2018, 5,Genius Bakabon"3" was broadcast in the part corresponding to this frame, but the program name is "Golden Manabi WeekSince the title is "Special Drama", the broadcast of this frame was suspended, so it is not described here.

The audience rating isVideo researchResearchKanto area・Household ・Real time.[29]

AirdatetitleRemarksAudience rating
2012th of February 7Lending a Family ~Family Complex~9.7%
2013th of February 3Cheap FlightThe model of "CHERRY'S Airlines" that appears in the play isPeach Aviation14.2%
2013th of February 4Reverse ~ Metropolitan Police Department First Division Team Z ~Originally it was scheduled to be broadcast on January 2013, 1, but it was postponed due to the reason described below,
The appearance scene of Kiyoshiro Kato was cut.
2013th of February 9The magic of cleaning up your life 12.3%
2014th of February 2Masked Teacher9.4%
2014th of February 2Best hospitalityStart time is advanced to 20:5412.0%
2014th of February 5Nightmare Special 9.9%
2014th of February 6Magnet man12.0%
2014th of February 10Higanbana-Women's Crime File11.3%
2014th of February 118.7%
2015th of February 3The woman farthest from the marriage13.1%
2015th of February 6THE LAST COPWith Nippon TelevisionHuluCo-production12.9%
2015th of February 9Magnet man 2015 8.7%
2015th of February 11Visual Detective Higurashi Traveler13.5%
2016th of February 3Genius Bakabon ~ Family Bonds12.2%
2016th of February 3Goodbye Debussy-Pianist Detective Yosuke Misaki-8.4%
2016th of February 9Guard Center 24 Wide Area Security Command RoomSimultaneous distribution on the Asian satellite channel "GEM"7.6%
2016th of February 9Gappa teacher!7.2%
2017th of February 1Genius Bakabon 29.5%
2017th of February 2Zenigata InspectorWOWOW・Co-production with Hulu[33]12.5%
2017th of February 3North Wind and Sun Court12.0%
2017th of February 5Woman who returns home13.0%
2017th of February 7Our Courage Less Cities 201710.0%
2018th of February 2Yomiuri Television60th anniversary special dramaThe wife who brought up the geniusYomiuri TV production6.5%
2020th of February 7From today I am special11.2%

Special entertainment

The audience rating isVideo researchResearchKanto area・Household ・Real time.[29]

AirdatetitleAudience ratingRemarks
2013th of February 5News that I want to tell Akira Ikegami10.6%
2013th of February 10The No. 1 famous music festival11.7%Live broadcast
2017th of February 2If you have two lives, choose your destiny10.4%
2017th of February 5Nationally disliked announcer award201712.1%[Note 34]
2017th of February 12BEST present7.0%
2018th of February 1pacific saury Okamura Festival I hear the trouble of the Japanese chief!8.5%
2018th of February 2The strongest brain Japan's decisive battle!10.9%[Note 35]
2018th of February 4Last Day The Last Words-Is that really good?-7.0%
2018th of February 6Nationally disliked announcer grand prize 201811.4%
2018th of February 10Great! Biography8.3%
2018th of February 11I met a shocking Anno!8.0%[Note 36]
2019th of February 2The strongest brain Japan's decisive battle!9.5%
2019th of February 3OB vs Active Professional Baseball Kochin Battle 2019 Spring7.9%
2019th of February 5The god of entertainment12.2%
2019th of February 5Nationally disliked announcer grand prize 20198.8%[Note 37]
2019th of February 5Great connection8.1%
2019th of February 105 Geniuses I Want to Know Now VS pacific saury Okamura SP7.5%[Note 38]
2020th of February 2The strongest brain Japan's decisive battle!10.8%
2021th of February 2The strongest brain Japan's decisive battle!10.9%

Internet station

  • The mark in the remarks column is the station that started the net at the same time as the station opened.
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesAirtimeRemarks
Kanto wide areaNippon TV(NTV)NTV seriesFriday 21:00-22:54Production Bureau
[Note 39]
HokkaidoSapporo TV(STV)[Note 40]
AomoriAomori Broadcasting(RAB)
IwateTV Iwate(TVI)
MiyagiMiyagi TV(MMT)
AkitaAkita Broadcasting(ABS)[Note 41]
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting Corporation(YBC)[Note 42][Note 43]
FukushimaFukushima Central Television(FCT)
YamanashiYamanashi broadcasting(YBS)
NiigataTV Niigata(TeNY)[Note 44]
NaganoTV Shinshu(TSB)[Note 45]
ShizuokaShizuoka Daiichi Television(SDT)
ToyamaNorthern Japan Broadcasting(KNB)
IshikawaTV Kanazawa(KTK)■
FukuiFukui Broadcasting(FBC)[Note 46]
Chukyo wide areaChukyo TV(CTV)[Note 47]
Kinki wide areaYomiuri Television(Ytv)[Note 48]
Tottori-Shimane Nippon Sea TV(NKT)
HiroshimaHiroshima TV(HTV)
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcasting(KRY)
TokushimaShikoku Broadcasting(JRT)
Kagawa prefecture, Okayama prefectureNishinippon broadcasting(RNC)
EhimeNankai Broadcasting(RNB)
KochiKochi Broadcasting(RKC)
FukuokaFukuoka Broadcasting(FBS)
NagasakiNagasaki International Television(NIB)■
KumamotoKumamoto citizen TV(KKT)[Note 49]
MiyazakiTV Miyazaki(UMK)Fuji TV series
NTV series
TV Asahi series
[Note 50]
KagoshimaKagoshima Yomiuri TV(KYT)NTV series■
  • 1993Until September 9th, after the credit provided for the A frame, a screen saying "The Friday road show you are watching is being sent on the XX station nationwide on the net" was displayed (in XX, the net station on the broadcast date is There was a number). The announcement after the offer display has also been changed to "Wednesday road show from here..." → "Please continue to enjoy Friday road show" (In the Wednesday era, it will immediately enter the offer credit of B frame, but after Friday shift Came to insert the local spot frame in front of it).

Irregular broadcasting

  • TV Oita
    • A cross-net station with Fuji TV. Broadcast mainly on some special drama projects and variety projects. Join as a networkNationally disliked announcer awardIs always broadcast.
  • Okinawa TV
    • Fuji TV affiliate. We may broadcast some special drama projects and variety projects.
  • Ryukyu Broadcasting
    • TBS seriesStation. "Detective Conan"ofTelevision AnimationSince we have the right to broadcast the version, the movie version of the same work, which will be broadcast for the first time on TV, will always be broadcast, and some special drama projects and variety shows may also be broadcast.

Past net stations

  • Yamagata TV(At that timeFuji TV series) Start-March 1993, 3.
    • From the Wednesday road show eraTuesday road show] As of Tuesday 21:XNUMX, the time difference net. Yamagata Television's TV Asahi seriesNet changeIt ended on March 1993, 3. From April 26, 1993, Yamagata TVSunday Western Theater”, and Yamagata Broadcasting has started a “Friday Road Show” online at the same time[Note 51]. The opening video is a modified version of the original video.dogPeople who play with → People in twilight → Program logo displayed in the center of the screen[Note 52])
  • Shinetsu Broadcasting
    • From Wednesday era, as a "Saturday movie theater", I made an internet connection on Sunday morning (midnight on Saturday).TV ShinshuContinue broadcasting after opening[Note 53]I was doing, but TV Shinshu "News shuttle] Due to a major change in the organization with the start of the net, "Friday Road Show" will be online, ending September 1987, 9.
  • Hokuriku Broadcasting
    • Broadcasted in the unclear zone from the Wednesday era as "Invitation seats for masterpieces" (at the end of the day, it will be delayed on Saturday before dawn. With the opening of TV Kanazawa, it ended on March 1990, 3, early morning (31th midnight).
  • TV Nagasaki
    • When I was a cross-net (NNS non-member) station with Nippon TelevisionWednesday road show] Simultaneous net from the start of broadcasting. It became a full-time net for Fuji Television system on October 1990, 10, until March 5, 1991 for half a year.
  • Miyazakihoso
    • In this frame, TV Miyazaki has the broadcasting right, but before TV Miyazaki starts the simultaneous netSaturday dramaOnly the movie adaptation of the movie was transferred to the authorities.
  • Kagoshima TV
    • It was broadcast on the internet simultaneously until March 1994, 3, when it was a cross-net station with Nippon Television. After that, it ended with the opening of Kagoshima Yomiuri TV.

Program suspension/change due to sudden situation (disaster, incident, memorial service, etc.)

AirdateWorks scheduled to be broadcastThe work that was replaced and broadcastReason for changeTransfer broadcastRemarks
1986May 11Flash dance
(Program pause)Occurred in the evening on the dayIzu Oshima Miharayama large eruptionAboutPress special programFor broadcasting.1986May 12 
1988May 9incarnation
Continued Planet of the Monkey
Emperor ShowaSelf-restraint measures due to sudden changes in the state of.1988May 12
1989May 11Shaolin Temple, the land of anger
Gold Wolf revives
Yusaku MatsudaA memorial project in response to the death of the.1990May 1
1996May 8stand by Me
The man is painful Torajiro truth one way
Kiyoshi AtsumiA memorial project in response to the death of the.1996May 8
1996May 8Tomb of Fireflies
stand by Me
Supports transfer due to the memorial project mentioned above.1997May 8
2001May 9Die hard 3
Back to the future
American terrorist attacksSelf-restraint measures because it was just after.2002May 3
2003May 1115 minutes
Perfect storm
In the same stationAudience Rating Acquisition CaseSelf-restraint due to the content being judged to be inappropriate due to the occurrence of.2003May 11
2011May 3Nukamonka
(Program pause)Occurred in the afternoon on the dayGreat East Japan EarthquakeFor news special program broadcasting.2011May 4[Note 54]
2011May 4Spiderman
Due to the influence of the previous paragraph, the broadcast of "Numonka" was organized on this day.2011May 4
2013May 1Reverse ~ Metropolitan Police Department First Division Team Z ~
(Original work)
Calligraphy Girls!! Our Koshien
same yearMay 1Occurred inAlgerian hostage caseBecause it includes a scene that reminds[34][35].2013May 4[Note 55]
2013May 9Wolverine: X-MEN ZERO
Red pig
Hayao MiyazakiIs a special project in response to the announcement of retirement from feature film production.2013May 9
2014May 1(Program pause)Predators
I was supposed to appear in a special programHosokawa Goki Tokyo Governor ElectionBecause he ran for, he suddenly returned to regular.-[Note 56]
2014May 10Center of the Earth 2 Mysterious Island
I Am Legend
Mt. Ontake eruption on September 9 of the same yearBecause it includes a scene that reminds[36].2015May 2
2014May 11Apology king
Happiness yellow handkerchief
Ken TakakuraA memorial project in response to the death of the.2018May 10
2017May 6Battleship
Dark shadow
same yearMay 6Happened toUS NavyMissile destroyer"FitzgeraldTo remind you of a collision accident.2017May 9[Note 57]
2017May 6Dark shadow
Straw shield
As stated in the previous section, the "Dark Shadow" broadcast was advanced to the previous week.-
2018May 4Crimson Love Song from Detective Conan
Tomb of Fireflies
Takahata IsaoA memorial project in response to the death of the.2018th of February 4
2018May 4Pacific Rim
Crimson Love Song from Detective Conan
The broadcast of "Detective Conan to Beni no Koi Uta" was postponed for one week last week as described in the previous section.2018May 5
2019May 4Detective Conan The Shipwreck in the Sky
Lupine the XNUMXrd Lupine VS human replica
Monkey punchA memorial project in response to the death of the.2019May 9
2020May 3(Program pause)Black panther
New coronavirusThe baseball season opener was postponed due to the spread of infection by[37].-[Note 58]

ス タ ッ フ

Current staff

  • Constitution:Pierre Sugiura
  • Production cooperation: Hidekazu Hirai (AXON)
  • Format edit: Hiroko Ikemoto, Rei Ishii (AXON), Hiroyuki Yamamoto (Scarecrow)
  • Desk: Miyuki Moritani (formerly AP)
  • Assistant Producers (AP): Kana Yamada, Miwako Tomizawa (formerly production cooperation), Akane Nishi
  • Producers: Keisuke Mukasa, Naoki Iwasa
  • Production: Nobuki Hojo (2017th June 6 -)
  • Production work: Nippon Television (There is no notation of production work, only station logo)

Past staff

  • Production cooperation: Chikage Tajima, Norio Furuta, Tsudaidai Murata, Miki Yamamoto (AXON)
  • Art: Hidetoshi Isomura (Nippon Television Art)
  • Public relations: Seiichiro Toda
  • Desk: Akemi Murata, Miyuki Abe
  • Assistant Producers (AP): Masahiko Nakajima, Maya Murata, Aya Ogura (formerly Desk), Aya Fukushima
  • Producers: Norihiko Nishi, Aki Hibiki,Toru Horikoshi,Seiji Okuda, Daisuke Kadoya, Hiroyuki Inage, Shunji Yabu
  • Production (Chief Producer): Shinichiro Maeda, Keiko Miyazaki[38], Taro Kurosaki, Naotaka Kito (formerly producer)


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Special entertainment may not be provided depending on the plan.
  2. ^ Of the internet stations,TV MiyazakiOnly for program supply organizationNNSNon-members (only NNN news network members).
  3. ^ Depending on the work, there may be a one-shot delay net in the afternoon frame on weekends.
  4. ^ In the TV section of newspapers such as the Yomiuri Shimbun, due to character restrictions, the period from April 2012 to March 4 is still described as "Friday Road Show" regardless of the movie or non-movie broadcast work. Others were labeled "Friday Road" and "Friday Road SHOW!".
  5. ^ Broadcast on December 2020, 12.Entertainment showsHowever,sponsorHowever, they are not integrated into this frame.
  6. ^ In addition, Hayao Miyazaki's work was already regularly broadcast on the castle of Lupine III Cagliostro in the predecessor program "Wednesday Road Show".
  7. ^ This number of broadcasts is the number of broadcasts from the predecessor program "Wednesday Road Show".
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  12. ^ Broadcast results include 8 broadcasts in August and 10 broadcasts outside of August. First broadcast in 8May 8So, the first time it was broadcast outside of August was the 8th time in 9.May 9It has become.
  13. ^ The first terrestrial broadcast of this work is ``Kanto local frame'' on January 2018, 1.Movie heaven』Made in.
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  16. ^ "Eva New Theatrical Version" was held at NHK "All Evangelion VotesFor the first time in April-May 2020NHK BS4Kas well as the NHK BS PremiumWas broadcast on.
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  18. ^ The original isFuji Television Network, IncTV drama with the same name that was broadcast on.
  19. ^ The first TV special in 1989 "Bye bye liberty one crisis!IsSaturday Super SpecialBroadcast in a frame.
  20. ^ Broadcast time is from 18:00 to 22:51.It was broadcast as a program commemorating the 35th anniversary of the opening of Nippon Television.
  21. ^ Broadcasted on December 2014, 12Dark Knight RisingIn the case of ", it was extended by 30 minutes than usual.
  22. ^ Before the 4th installment, the title was not changed, so it was broadcast as "I want to see! I want to show! Masterpiece movie Friday" Request "Road SHOW!".
  23. ^ Reprinted version of the first opening broadcast on May 2021, 5Side panelThe original logo was also displayed on.
  24. ^ There are only two patterns that start with the beginning of the piano.From the beginning of the broadcast to around June 2, it was a version with an arrangement added to the original song, but from July of the same year to around December 1990, the version starting with the same piano solo as the original song was used.
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