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🤖 | Summer anime "Idolish Seven Third BEAT!" First appearance character ... PV released Kensho Ono ...

Photo TV Anime "IDOLiSHXNUMX Third BEAT!" PV Cut (C) BNOI / Ainana Production Committee

The appearance of the characters that first appeared in the summer anime "Idolish Seven Third BEAT!" ... PV released Kensho Ono ...

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In addition to the main screening, Toshiki Masuda (role of Izumi Izumi), Tsubasa Yonaga (role of March Izumi), KENN (role of Tamaki Yotsuba), Atsushi Abe (role of Sogo Osaka), Takuya Eguchi (role of Rokuya Nagi), Ono After-talk by 6 cast members including Kensho (Riku Nanase) is also planned.

Prior to the broadcast of the TV anime "IDOLiSH2021 Third BEAT!", Which started in July 7 ... → Continue reading

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The role of Rokuya Nagi


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