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🎥 | Yuya Yagira Talk event "Gives courage" to seniors who continue to work on one thing


Yuya Yagira "Give me courage" and "HOKUSAI" talk event for seniors who continue to work on one thing

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Along with the words "survive", I drew a picture with colorful colors on the dynamic waves reminiscent of Hokusai's work "Kanagawa Okinami Ura".

A talk event of the movie "HOKUSAI" depicting Ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai in the Edo period will be held at the Edo-Tokyo Museum on the 13th. → Continue reading

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Kanagawa Surfing

"Kanagawa Surfing"(Kanagawa Okinamiura) isKatsushika Hokusai OfSightseeing spotUkiyo-eAssortment "Thirty-six views of Futaki』\ One figure out of all 46 figures.Currently "off the coast of Kanagawa"波Also written as "back"[*1]..Horizontal large formatNishiki-e. "Kaifu fine weather""Yamashita white rainIt is called the three major characters together with[2]A masterpiece in the series, it is the most widely known masterpiece in the painting industry as a whole.[1].

Ferociously swirling high and violently波濤When,波Of the three that are rubbed byboatA dramatic glimpse of Mt. Fuji, which is far away from the undulating waves, while facing them.構 図I'm taking.The stream of water, the swell of the waves, the movement of the boat along the waves,Mount FujiGentleRidgeEverything like that folds over and over againLogarithmic spiralIt is a component of.

There are various theories about the model land. What is "off the coast of Kanagawa"?Kanagawa横 浜 市Kanagawa kuAlthough it is offshore, the three ships in the figure arePush boatCalledBoso PeninsulaからEdoToMarine ProductsBecause it was used when carryingTokyo BayOn the opposite bank of KanagawaKisarazuThere is a theory that he wanted Mt. Fuji from the offshore area of[3].



It is composed of three elements: Onami, three ships, and Mt. Fuji in the background.The composition is complemented by the signature in the upper left corner.

Mount Fuji

It is the subject of the Thirty-Six Views of Mt. FujiMount FujiIs drawn as a background at the bottom center of the screen.JapanMt. Fuji is sacred and is considered a symbol of beauty[4].

Mt. Fuji, which is supposed to be magnificent, is drawn small and contrasts with the brilliant waves of the foreground.[5].


In the picture, there are 3 swords that are rubbed by the big wavesboatIs drawn.This ship was used for transporting live fish at that timePush boatIs[6].

For each shipBarbarianThere are eight rowers clinging, two or more passengers visible on the bow, and about 8 people on the screen.[6]..People are stiff in the ship, contrasting with dynamic waves[5].


The sea is raging, cutting out the moment when the crest of the waves breaks.The curve of the wave draws an arc and forms a composition centered on Mt. Fuji in the background.The spray of waves scattered from the wave front is like snow falling on Mt. Fuji.The wave height is almost the same as the boat in the back, and the length of the oshiokuribune is generally 12MetersIt is 15 meters from, and Hokusai stretches the vertical scale by 30%, so the wave height can be estimated to be 10 to 12 meters.[6].

This wave sometimes(I.e.May be interpreted as[*2]..Such an interpretation1960 eraAfter that[Source required]..Prior to that, it was interpreted as a normal wave.During Hokusai's lifeKanto-KansaiThere have been no major tsunamis in Japan, but past major tsunamis1792ToKyusyuGot up inHigo annoyanceIt is possible that he was telling and listening to the situation.However, the waves written in this work have short wavelengths and are not depictions of tsunamis.[6]. Also2019May 1ToOxford UniversityとEdinburgh University OfOne big waveSucceeded in generating a huge wave in the research of (Freak Wave), and the shape of the wave is very similar to the shape of the Great Wave off Kanagawa.(I.e.There is a possibility of a big wave, but the details remain unknown.[Source required].


Signature at the top left of the screenPay off) Consists of the title and signature.The title written in the vertically long rectangular frame is "Thirty-six Views of Tomitake / Off the coast of Kanagawa / Namiura ".The signature written on the upper left is "Hokusai Kaiseki Ichiboshi (Hokusai, New, Iitsu, Hitsu)".


From the worn state of the woodblock, it can be seen that it has been popular since that time.In addition to being held in major museums in Japan and around the world, it is also in the collection of individual collectors.

It is possible to obtain the original even in modern times.2003May 3One of the paintings from the Yuget Beres collection was auctioned off at 1.EuroIn addition to the value of2002A set of 46 pieces of Thirty-six Views of Tomitake, including this work, was auctioned for 135 million euros.[7].


This work is1870 eraIn the second halfEuropeWent to[Source required].Post-ImpressionismPainterVan GoghAcclaimed[Source required]It influenced European artists.In addition, "海』(1905)ScoreThere is a story that Debussy got the idea of ​​the song from this picture because "Kanagawa Okinami Ura" was printed on the cover of the song, but it is an unfounded myth.[8].

1963May 10IssuedInternational Letter Character Weekstamp[9]and2016May 1A type of greeting stamp "Greeting Japan" issued[10]This figure is printed on.

1994May 8ToトルコIssued inTourismOne type of stamp (face value is 1Lira)[11]On, a plate very similar to the Great Wave off Kanagawa was printed.The theme of the stamp isRaftingThe relationship with Japan, the sea, and Hokusai is unknown.[12].

AmericansurfingApparel brandQuiksilverAnd ROXY logo motif.

2015May 1ToFrench postThis figure was printed on a 1.9 euro stamp issued by[13].

2024New to be published every timeThousand yen billThis figure was adopted on the back side[14].


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