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🤖 | Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto shows off her beautiful bust and legs in a sexy costume with a bright red body


Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto shows off her beautiful bust and legs in a sexy costume with a bright red body

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On this day, Miyamoto showed off her sexy outfit, from Katyusha to high heels, all in bright red.

Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto updated her Twitter on May 5th to show off her sexy outfit.Miyamoto is this ... → Continue reading

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Heels(High heels) when wornHeelsThe part isToeThan 7cmShoes with a shape that can be lifted above. It has the meaning of "high heel".If the height is 4 cm or more from the ground surface, it will be "middle heel", and if it does not exceed 4 cm, it will be "low heel".[1].

pumpsからBootsThere are many variations up to. There are other names depending on the height and thickness of the heel, the shape of the toes, etc., and those with thin and sharp heelsStiletto heels,StilettoHeel(British: stiletto heel),SandalsThose with a shape close to that with exposed toes and heelsHigh heel sandals(British: high heel sandal, high-heeled sandals) AndStrappy High Heels(British: strappy high heels),Mule(Buddha: Mule) Is also called.JapanSayPlatform bootsThose with high heels and high toes, such asPlatform shoes(British: platform shoes) Called.

In recent years, shoes of this form have generally becomeWestern boots,Elevator shoesMost are limited to women's shoes, except for men's shoes such as.


There are several theories about the origin of high heels that continue to the present day, and no established theory has been established.

  • 400s BC,AthensSo, high heels that make you look taller became popular among prostitutes. This was also worn by men.
  • From the 15th century, fashion overshoes called chopines have become popular among aristocratic women and high-class women in Italy and Spain.
  • At the end of the 16th century, high heels that continue to the present day are born in Europe.

Overflowing in townSewageIt is sometimes said that it was born to avoid filth, but modern high heels are for fashion, and their origin has nothing to do with avoiding filth.[2].

Louis XVIHe used to wear it to make him look taller, and was worn by both men and women from the pre-modern period to the early modern period. But,Napoleonic WarBegins in each countryNational ArmyWhen was founded, high heels were considered women's footwear, as men began to choose functional shoes to run around the battlefield.

Long and short

利 点

  • Tall, make your legs look longer, and balance the appearance of your head and body (in the long run, it worsens your style)[3]).
  • Reduces the need for short stature people to look up at the person they are talking to when standing up.
  • Emphasize women's footsteps and complement fashion.


  • When driving a car, the toes do not move freely, so the feeling of the toes becomes dull and it becomes difficult to understand how much the pedal is depressed.Also, because the Achilles tendon is always tense, pedal operation is easy to get jerky.For this reason, driving a car while wearing high heels (other clogs, sandals, etc.) may be prohibited by the detailed enforcement regulations of the Road Traffic Act of each prefecture ()Road Traffic LawArticle 71).
  • From the aircraftEvacuation slideWhen escaping on the slide, the sharp heels of the high heels can damage the escape slide.[4]..For this reason, passengers must take off their high heels during an emergency evacuation.[4].

Health drawbacks

  • The center of gravity is not stable and uncomfortable. It also makes it easier for ankles to sprain.
  • Since humans originally have a skeleton suitable for walking barefoot, the posture is distorted by continuing to wear high heels.Hallux valgus, Swelling,Stiff shoulderIf it becomes seriousHerniated disc-Low back painIt also becomes. As a result of continuing to exert excessive tension on the skeleton, the bones and muscles are strained and the pelvis is distorted. When the skeleton is distorted, it causes coldness, swelling, low back pain, etc., and in the worst case, it leads to deterioration of pregnancy function.[3].
  • Since the bones and muscles are distorted, it can lead to flat buttocks and bulging lower abdomen.StyleWorse[3].
  • Wearing high heels makes it easier for you to fall, increasing the impact on your ankles that support your weight and accidents.
  • Since stability cannot be maintained when standing upright or walking, the legs are overloaded and pain occurs (especially for long periods of time). As a result, if you continue to wear it, it will damage your bones and tendons.Hallux valgus(See below).
  • GratingThe heel fits in the hole and falls.
  • Due to the high heel design, the wearer's weight tends to move extremely toward the toes and be pushed.
    • If the design of the shoe tip is squeezed with the toes, there is no freedom of the toes and as a result, you will walk at the base of the toes. Prolonged wear relaxes the balance of muscle strength and the ligaments between the fingers, distorting the skeleton of the foot (eg)Victoria BeckhamToo much high heels deformed the skeleton of the foot, making walking difficult, and recovery required surgery with an incision in the affected area).
  • High-heeled shoes have a structure that lifts the heel, so they are alwaysAchilles tendonTension.
  • In particular, problems with the soles of the wearer's feet caused by wearing high heelsFish eyesとBlisterMay appear in the form of. This is because the weight is concentrated on this part and is sandwiched between the metatarsal bones and the ground.

Social acceptance

Some have a strong love and hatred for high heels. For exampleフィリピン OfImelda MarcosAndルーマニア OfElena CeausescuWas famous for his huge collection of high heels.On the other hand, some peopleFeministClaims that high-heeled shoes are a tool for men to constrain movements and restrain women.

Acceptance in entertainment and creative work


  • "High heels were invented by a woman kissed on her forehead." Christopher Morley (American writer)


  • 1991"Heels』Tacones Lejanos (Spain)
  • 2002"Bicycle and high heels" (Japan)


TV drama

  • "Residency investigationEpisode 4 of the 8th season "The Devil in Broken Heels" (September 2017.9.7, XNUMX) --- It is said as a symbol of a positive and successful woman, such as the line of the female president who says "I can't go back when I wear high heels."


Criticism / essay

  • "Desire high heels" "boots and high heels"

Architectural work


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  • Carmel by the Sea ――There are several special laws and regulations that remain, and one of them is that you must not wear high heels without permission.
  • #KuToomotion[1]

外部 リンク

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