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🤖 | "Ultraman (original title)" CG animation movie!Original work co-produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Netflix

Photo "Ultraman" Teaser Art (C) Tsuburaya Productions

"Ultraman (original title)" CG animation movie!Original work co-produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Netflix

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Until now, Netflix and Tsuburaya Productions have co-produced the anime series "ULTRAMAN" (directed by Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki).

Japanese national hero Ultraman "Ultraman (original title)" is Tsuburaya Productions and Netfl ... → Continue reading

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Tsuburaya Production

Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.(Tsubasa and production,British: Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.) IsEiji TsuburayaFounded byJapanIndependent video production company.

AdvancedSpecial shooting technologyIt is known for making works usingUltra series』And continues to produce numerous TV programs and movies.

Transition of management body

The work of Tsuburaya Productions is "Ultra series], There are many high-quality works, but the production cost per piece is high, and the more you make, the higher the production cost deficit, which has been a problem for many years.Eventually, this problem often began to have a major impact on the management of Tsuburaya Productions.

Under the umbrella of Toho

At the beginning of Tsuburaya Productions, the founderEiji TsuburayaIs a movie company fromTohoIt has a strong connection with Tsuburaya Productions and is also the largest shareholder of Tsuburaya Productions, and Toho officers also served as part-time officers and sent clerical staff such as managers.Also, of TohoTokyoSetagayaDadeumiThe warehouse of the costume department near the studio inTokyo Art Center(Currently: Toho Built) was provided, and TV programs and movies ordered by Toho were received and ordered.

1969, Special effects TV drama "Operation: Mystery!By the time the program ends, there are no orders for new programs from TV stations, and work is cut off.Tsuburaya Productions, which was stuck in management, increased its capital to raise funds, and Toho, the largest shareholder, took over this and acquired a 60% stake in Tsuburaya Productions, making it a subsidiary.The president was Eiji Tsuburaya, but seven officers were dispatched from Toho, and Toho'sMasumi FujimotoAlso had the right of representation.Toho is a restructuring plan to rebuild management,Tetsuo KaneshiroAbolished the planning and literary club to which he belongs, and reduced the number of employees from about 150 to 40.[1][2]..With the help of Toho Co., Ltd., which became the parent company, a five-year grace period was set for payments to delinquent contractors and debt repayments.Thanks to that, Tsuburaya Productions was able to continue production.[3].

1970May 1, Due to Eiji Tsuburaya's illnessHajime TsuburayaBecame the 2th president.

1973May 2, Due to the sudden death of Hajime TsuburayaTsuburaya NoboruBecame the 3th president.

1979,movies"Ultraman Monster Great Battle"ButShochiku FujiIt was a big hit in the system, but regarding this, the movie magazine "Kinema JunpoIn "Rival'sShochikuThere is a description that "Toho, who looks like he sent salt to him, has a bitter face" (he refused to distribute it at Toho).

1983, The accounting was managed by the seconded executive of Toho, and the representative seal was also owned by Toho.As a result, it was Toho's main bankSanwa Bank(Current:Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) Has become easier to finance, and we have been able to overcome management difficulties.[4]..Tsuburaya Noboru was not happy with this situation.

Tsuburaya family management

1992,TBSWhen the sales rights and window rights of the "Ultra Series" that had been transferred to Tsuburaya Productions were returned, Tsuburaya Noboru established 15% of the shares of Tsuburaya Productions and Tsuburaya Noboru with the funds obtained with these rights as collateral. didTsuburaya EnterprisesAcquired 45.5% and dissolved the capital relationship with Toho.Tsuburaya Productions was run by Tsuburaya Noboru as the owner and president who holds the majority of the shares.[5].

1995May 6, Tsuburaya Noboru retired due to illness and Tsuburaya Kazuo became the fourth president.Due to the death of Noboru Tsuburaya, the shares of Tsuburaya Productions were inherited by Kazuo Tsuburaya.[6].

2001With the full-scale resumption of the special effects TV series, production costs have increased.However, on the other hand, due to the lack of a big hit and the departure from Toho, the former backing Sanwa Bank was removed, weakening the management base and worsening the relationship with TBS.[7][8].

2002In February, he left Tsuburaya Productions, but rejoined and became vice president.[9].

2003, Kazuo Tsuburaya resignedMasahiro TsuburayaIs the fifth president,Kazuo TsuburayaIs the chairman with the right of representation,Hideaki TsuburayaIs appointed as managing director.On the other hand, the managing directorKoichi TakanoIn this processBandaiHe was asked to resign and left the company because he planned a coup d'etat to take over.[10].

2004In June, Masahiro Tsuburaya resigned due to sexual harassment of female employees and Hideaki Tsuburaya became the sixth president.[11]..Hideaki Tsuburaya, who aimed to normalize accounting, was also dismissed at the board of directors a year later with the consent of Chairman Kazuo Tsuburaya, who holds a majority stake.Toho real estateWas a director of the company, but became the 7th president[12].

2007In February, net income was only about 2 million yen, while sales were about 56 billion yen in the fiscal year ended.An officer who was worried about bankruptcy due to the expansion of the cumulative deficit requested a change of president from Kazuo Tsuburaya to Masahiro Tsuburaya of the production department. In June, Kazuo Tsuburaya became the eighth president due to the dismissal of Mt. Ooyama, who had insisted on a major restructuring at the board of directors.[13].

Make TYO a consolidated subsidiary

Tsuburaya Productions faced a bankruptcy crisis with a cumulative deficit of 30 billion yen due to the suspension of loans from banks. In October, with the introduction of a part-time director, a video company that produces content for commercialsTYOFor the time being, I received a loan of tens of millions of yen.However, because it could not be repaid, TYO acquired a majority stake in Tsuburaya Enterprises, which had been used as collateral.In addition, TYO became the largest shareholder by holding 80% of the shares of Tsuburaya Enterprises, including the shares acquired through a third-party allotment.In addition, by transferring 22.5% of the shares of Tsuburaya Productions owned by Kazuo Tsuburaya to Tsuburaya Enterprises, the shareholding ratio of Tsuburaya Productions in Tsuburaya Enterprises was raised from 45.5% to 68%.Through these processes, TYO acquired the management rights of Tsuburaya Productions and joined the TYO group.[14]..With the dismissal of Kazuo Tsuburaya, Morishima became the 9th president. After TYO's participation in management, Kazuo Tsuburaya remained as chairman of Tsuburaya Productions and Tsuburaya Enterprises, but the family business of the founder family, Tsuburaya Family, which had continued since the establishment of Tsuburaya Productions, was put to an end.

BANDAI NAMCO Group Capital Participation

Internal organizational reforms by TYO are progressing, and in parallel with these, Tsuburaya Productions has a strong connection with the "Ultra Series".BANDAI NAMCO GroupIs capital participation.

2008May 1, TYO transferred and sold 33.4% of its holdings to Bandai, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Group. Morishima resigned in OctoberShinichi OokaBecame the 10th president.

2009In July, a further share transfer was carried out (Bandai holding ratio is 7%), and the management voice of the Bandai Namco Group at Tsuburaya Productions is increasing.During this time, Kazuo Tsuburaya retired from chairman to honorary chairman, and his honorary position also retired, which completely excluded the Tsuburaya family from management.

Make Fields a consolidated subsidiary

2010May 4, TYO holds all 51% stakeFieldsTsuburaya Productions became a subsidiary of Fields[15][16].

2017May 8, Ooka resigned but became the 11th president.

2019May 4, Tsukagoshi resigned but became the 12th president.Tsukagoshi becomes chairman.


  • 1948,Pacific WarBecause I shot a movie that uplifted the fighting spirit duringTohoWas banished from public office (dismissal of request)Eiji TsuburayaEstablished a special film technology research institute (commonly known as "Tsuburaya Research Institute") at home.
  • 1950, Moved the laboratory to Toho studio.
  • 1952, Eiji Tsuburaya is released from public office and returns to Toho.
  • 1956, Eiji Tsuburaya establishes a personal organization, Tsuburaya Productions Research Institute, on the premises of his home[17].
  • 1959,Kazuo SagawaMinoru NakanoIs added,Shinichi SekizawaOf the scriptwriter who was under the control ofTetsuo KaneshiroAlso participated in the Mainichi Broadcasting System TV movie "Astro boy』Ordered from the special effects part[17].
  • 1962Moved the laboratory to a small building in Toho Studio[17].
  • 1963May 4, Established Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. by incorporating Tsuburaya Special Skills Research Institute[18][17]..Around August of the same year, Kiyoshi Suzuki participated as a photography assistant and Koichi Takano participated as a photography engineer.[17].
  • May 10, Theatrical movie "Nikkatsu and Ishihara Promotion", which is the first work of the special effects scene as Tsuburaya ProductionsAlone Across the Pacific Ocean"publish[18][19][17].
  • 1964May 3, Toho invests capital and officers[17]..In addition, Toho's Sanezumi Fujimoto and Satoshi Shibayama have been appointed as representatives and directors of Toho.TokyoSetagayaDadeumiThe warehouse of the old costume department near the studioTokyo Art CenterThe site of (currently Toho Built) is provided to Tsuburaya Productions as the head office.[17].Ushio cleaningLeaves the company[20].
  • 1966May 1, The first special effects TV drama series "Ultra Q』Started broadcasting.
  • May 7, Special effects color TV drama series "Ultraman(The start of broadcasting at key stations is the special effects TV drama "Ambassador MagmaIt wasn't the first color TV special effects work because it was about two weeks late.)
  • 1968,Tsuburaya NoboruJoined the company.Toru Narita,Nonagase SamadhiLeaves the company.
  • May 4, Tsuburaya NoboruTsuburaya EnterprisesEstablished.
  • May 12, Toho undertook a large capital increase and became the parent company with a 60% stake in Tsuburaya Productions, and 10 out of 7 officers were dispatched from Toho and led by Toho to restructure 150 employees to 40. The literary club is also abolished.Changed the trade name to Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.[18][17].
  • 1969,Tetsuo Kaneshiro,Shozo Uehara,Noriyoshi IkeyaLeaves the company.
  • 1970May 1, Eiji Tsuburaya left TBS due to illnessHajime TsuburayaBecame the 2th president[17].
  • 1972In May, Tsuburaya Music Publishing (currently Tsuburaya Music) was established.
  • 1973May 2, Tsuburaya Hajime, who left Fuji TV in 1968 and started Tsuburaya Enterprises, became the third president.[17].
  • same year,Shigemitsu TaguchiLeaves the company.
  • 1974,Chayo ProductionsIn collaboration with the movie "Jumborg A & GiantAnd the movieUltra 6 Brothers VS Monster Army』Produced.
  • 1979May 4, The first TV anime "The ☆ Ultraman』Started broadcasting.
  • 1983January,Kazuo TsuburayaHideaki TsuburayaJoined the company[21].
  • 1984, In order to avoid bankruptcy due to a business crisis, program sales rights and window rights will be granted for a limited period of 7 years from this year.TBSSold for tens of millions of yen[22].
  • 1987,America OfHollywoodEstablished Ultracom in.
  • 1989June leaves the company[9].
  • 1991,Chugoku OfShanghaiEstablished Tsuburaya Animation Studio Company in Japan[23].
  • 1992, Tsuburaya Noboru acquired a majority stake in Tsuburaya Productions owned by Toho and became independent from Toho's umbrella.Noboru Tsuburaya seized management rights and all rights were distributed to Tsuburaya Productions, Tsuburaya Enterprises, and Tsuburaya Music Publishing.[24].
  • 1995May 6, Tsuburaya Noboru retired due to illness and Tsuburaya Kazuo became the fourth president[9]..Established "Shanghai Entani Planning Co., Ltd." in Shanghai, China.[25]
  • From around this time (December 1995), by Chaiyo Productions, "From" Ultra Q "to"Ultraman Taro"and"Jumborg A』In 7 worksJapanExclusive rights other than (hereinafter referred to as "Ultraman's overseas use rights" in this section) "are claimed (for details, see"Ultraman proceedingsSee).
  • 2002In February, Tsuburaya Akira rejoined the company and became vice president.
  • In June, I got stuck in cash flow and couldn't borrow from banks.BandaiReceived a loan of 12 million yen with a repayment deadline in December on condition of management improvement[10].
  • 2003, Kazuo Tsuburaya resignedMasahiro TsuburayaBecame the 5th president.
  • In the same year, the managing director who was forced to submit a resignation for planning a coup d'etatKoichi TakanoRetired[10].
  • same year,Masakazu MigitaLeaves the company.
  • 2004In April, the Supreme Court ruling confirmed the loss of the copyright proceedings against Chaiyo Productions.
    • As a result, Tsuburaya Productions lost "Ultraman's overseas usage rights" under Japanese law.This right is1998Chaiyo Productions received 1 million yen from BandaiThailandIt has been transferred in exchange for the waiver of the exclusive use rights other than the above (this case has been finalized by the Supreme Court decision in the process of losing the copyright infringement damages lawsuit against Tsuburaya Productions of Chaiyo Productions), and under Japanese law Bandai owns the "right to use Ultraman overseas".
  • In June, Masahiro Tsuburaya resigned due to sexual harassment of female employeesHideaki TsuburayaBecame the 6th president.
  • 2005In April, the head office was changed from Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo to Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.HachimanyamaMoved to.The old head office was renovated and used as a Kinuta office building for storing hero and monster costumes and for CG production.
  • In May, Tsuburaya Akira left the company.
  • In June, due to the dismissal of Hideaki Tsuburaya, became the 6th president.
  • 2007In June, Kazuo Tsuburaya became the 6th president due to the dismissal of Mt. Ooyama.
  • October, 10% stake in Tsuburaya ProductionsTYOAcquired and became a subsidiary.Due to the dismissal of Kazuo Tsuburaya, became the 9th president.The management of Tsuburaya Productions by the Tsuburaya family since its establishment has come to an end.
  • 2008May 1, Tsuburaya Productions, Tsuburaya Enterprises, TYObuild upMerged to make Tsuburaya Productions the surviving company and a wholly owned subsidiary of TYO.The build-up was restarted as a special effects production section of Tsuburaya Productions, and at the same time, the capital was significantly increased from 1000 million yen to 3 million yen.
  • May 1,Ultra seriesBandai, which has been involved in toys for many years, acquired a 33.4% stake from TYO and invested in Tsuburaya Productions. At the same time, it monopolized the commercialization rights of Tsuburaya Productions' works, which were previously renewed annually.Hiroshi MaruyamaLeaves the company.
  • In February, the Thai Supreme Court found that the contract regarding "Ultraman's overseas usage rights" was forged, and decided that the transfer was invalid.
    • As a result, under Thai law, "Ultraman's overseas usage rights" still belong to Tsuburaya Productions.
  • May 2, Closed the Kinuta building (the first building of Tsuburaya Productions) and returned the site to Toho and announced the demolition by selling its own property in the adjacent land to Toho Real Estate.The last release for the media was carried out[26].
  • Morishima resigned in OctoberShinichi OokaBecame the 10th president.
  • May 12, "Shanghai Enya Planning Co., Ltd." dissolved.
  • May 12, UM took over "Ultraman's overseas usage rights" from Chaiyo Productions and succeeded in various proceedings.
  • 2010May 4, TYO holds all sharesFieldsTransferred to.Tsuburaya Productions became a consolidated subsidiary of Fields and is the Chairman and Representative Director of Fields.Hidetoshi YamamotoBecame chairman of the board of Tsuburaya Productions.
  • 2011In July, head office from Hachimanyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo to TokyoShibuya WardSakuragaoka TownMoved to.
  • 2017May 8, Ooka resigned but became the 11th president.
  • 2018May 4,CaliforniaThe Chuo Ward District Court found that the result of the investigation using "Discovery" was a forged contract regarding "Ultraman's overseas use right", and decided that the transfer was invalid.[27].2019May 12,9th Circuit Court of AppealsThis conclusion was maintained even in the appeal hearing in[28][29].
    • As a result, Tsuburaya Productions still has "Ultraman's right to use overseas" under the US Constitution.
  • 2019May 4, Tsukagoshi resigned but became the 12th president.Tsukagoshi becomes chairman.

Successive presidents

Successive generationsNameTenureRemarks
First generationEiji Tsuburaya1963-1970Founder of Tsuburaya Productions
2nd generationHajime Tsuburaya1970-1973Eiji Tsuburaya's eldest son
3nd generationTsuburaya Noboru1973-1995Eiji Tsuburaya's second son
4nd generationKazuo Tsuburaya1995-2003Tsuburaya Noboru's eldest son
5nd generationMasahiro Tsuburaya2003-2004The eldest son of Hajime Tsuburaya.Retired due to sexual harassment of female employees
6nd generationHideaki Tsuburaya2004-2005Hajime Tsuburaya's second son
7nd generation2005-2007Toho real estateInvited from the director of.Became the first president from other than the Tsuburaya family
8nd generationKazuo Tsuburaya2007Mt. Ooyama dismissed Shigeki and returned to work
9nd generation2007-2008Tsuburaya EnterprisesParticipate in the establishment of
10nd generationShinichi Ooka2008-2017Tsuburaya Productions Photographer
11nd generation2017-2019Walt Disney JapanMovieNEXTrigger
12nd generation2019-タ カ ラ ト ミ ーExperienced overseas business in the overseas division "Tommy International"


tv set


original video




Production cooperation



The mark was designed by Minoru Nakano, an optical compositing engineer, and has a polygon formed by connecting the ends of each line in addition to the Tsu line with the motif of "Tsu" of "Tsuburaya" and the alphabetical notation of "TSUBURAYA" in the middle. Has become[30].

April Fool

When it came to April Fool's Day, he announced elaborate material on the Internet.[31][32].Eiji TsuburayaIt was planned by Cyber ​​Eden (the company that operates the official website of Tsuburaya Productions "Tsuburaya Station") to which the great-grandson belongs, and Tsuburaya Productions was supervised.[32].

  • 2005,Baltan AlienHas taken over the official website of Tsuburaya Productions, "Tsuburaya Station".Tsuburaya Productions April Fool's Day No. 1[32].
  • 2006, "M-78 (M-Nana Hachi)" (mixiParody) opened[32].
  • 2007, Opened "m-78" as before.Last time, access was concentrated, so there were complaints from fans who could not see because the server went down.Father of ultraThe apology was posted by.The server environment was actually strengthened[32]..Also, the day before was "Ultraman Mobius』Because it was the last inning, it was in the form of logging in with the account of Ultraman Mebius.
  • 2008,CanegonIs "Kanegon's 78 Channel Summary Blog" (channel 2systemSummary siteParody) opened[32].Ultra brothersAnd the monsters2 channel terms,VIP languageThere was a strange sight of having a conversation at.Also, in someSpecial effects! BoardUltra material was also included.
  • 2009, Continuing from last time, in addition to Kanegon's blogSophie"Blog of the captain working in the land of light",Ultraman Taro"Blog of instructors working in the land of light", "Blog of space ninja covert action" by Alien Baltan,Alien Metron"Earthling Observation Blog",Zetton"Ultra Hero Strategy Blog",Gomorrah"Gomotan ★ Burogu" (Shokotan ☆ BlogBlogs such as (parody) were set up.When I sent a support email to the email address written on Gomorrah's blog, Gomorrah replied individually (some people carried over the reply the next day).Also, "Shwashuwa Video" (Nico Nico DougaIn addition to the officially distributed video, the parody of the popular video on Nico Nico Douga was also displayed, and live broadcasting was also carried out.In addition, "" announced during the live broadcastUltraman 80"Broadcast 30th Anniversary DVD-BOX" will actually be released.
  • 2010, "Tsuburaya Tatter" (TwitterParody) opened[32]..Ultra warriors and monsters continued to tweet in near real time for 24 hours.Since the tweet itself was made by acquiring an official Twitter account, it was possible to browse Twitter of Ultra Warrior and Monster.BoothkaWhen"Ultraman FestivalOther than the account, the update was stopped in just one day due to "the physical limit of the translator", and Twitter of Ultra Warrior and Monster was completely deleted. The idea of ​​"Twitter parody" has been around for a long time, and the name was originally planned to be "Duwatter", but it was changed to "Tsuburaya Tatter" because it was difficult to understand.[32].
  • 2011,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) AndFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantAtFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentThis project was not carried out due to consideration for, and instead, "Ultra 5 Oaths 2011"YouTubeWas delivered at[33].
  • 2012, It was announced on Twitter along with the circumstances that it will not be done when Yohei Tsuburaya changed jobs.

a popularity vote

In the past, the popularity of successive characters was voted on the Internet.

  • 2010,movies"Ultraman Zero THE MOVIE Super Battle! Belial Galactic Empire"Tsuburaya Hero & Monster / Alien Ranking" will be held to commemorate the release of[34][35].
  • 2013, Held "Ultra Hero General Election" and "Ultra Monster General Election" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Tsuburaya Productions. For the "Ultra Monster General Election"Yahoo! JAPANWith the cooperation of, a special website was set up, resulting in a total of nearly 80 votes, exceeding the "Ultra Hero General Election".[36][37].
    • Ultra Hero General Election-1st:Ultraman Tiga, 2nd place: Ultraman Zero, 3rd place: Ultraman Mebius
    • Ultra Monster General Election ―― 1st place: Zetton, 2nd place: Alien Baltan, 3rd place: Gomorrah

ス タ ッ フ

Past staff

Past related staff

Tsuburaya Productions Performing Arts Club

  • 1982Joined Tsuburaya Productions in MarchHiroshi TsuburayaIt was set up for the purpose of managing.
  • 2007May 10, Closed because he could not get rid of his chronic deficit.Most of the talents they belong to are new companies of Tsuburaya Music.TMLabHave been transferred to.
  • 2013May 11, TM Lab finishes management of the talent to which he belongs.Most of the talents they belong to have been transferred to the newly established vif.

Past affiliation




Related facilities

Kinuta company building

OnceTokyoSetagayaDadeumiThe first building of Tsuburaya Productions that existed in.OriginallyToho StudioKyoto costumeIt was used as a costume warehouse for (currently Toho Costume).

1964,TohoWas provided to Tsuburaya Productions when[38]..It is said that it was a medical building before Kyoto costume[38].

2005In April, due to the relocation of the head office, it was used as an editing studio in the CG department under the name Kinuta Digital Symphony.

2008In February, Kinuta Digital Symphony was dismantled.

"Kaiju BoothThe masterpiece invention research institute that appeared in "Ultra sevenThe police station that appeared in episode 8 was photographed using the building of the Kinuta office building.[38].

For works other than Tsuburaya Productions, "Talking three sisters SchustrianIn episode 40, the Kinuta office building was used as one of the locations.

Monster warehouse

A warehouse that used to store hero and monster costumes on the second floor of the first Tsuburaya Productions building in Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.Initially, it was not specialized in costumes, but costumes, props, dolls, models, miniatures, etc. were also stored.[38].

In April 2005, due to the relocation of the head office, many of the collections were also moved to the new office building.[39].

2006In July, it was renovated as an exhibition space displaying some of the costumes, costumes, props, dolls, and models, and was opened to the public for a limited time.[40][41].

In February 2008, the monster warehouse was dismantled due to the closure of the Kinuta office building.A pillar full of scratches with a tag for organizing costumes that has been left behind since the Kyoto costume era[41]Some of them are stored at Tsuburaya Productions[42].

In addition, "Ultra Fight』Episode 196 and"Ultraman MaxThe monster warehouse was also used for shooting episode 24, etc.[38].

Toho Built

It is one of the Toho studios that once existed.Although it is not owned by Tsuburaya Productions,Ultra seriesIt has been used for many years as a shooting location.

1996, The relationship was deep, such as the renovation being carried out with the investment of Tsuburaya Productions.[38].

Related books


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外部 リンク

Kenji Kamiyama

Kenji Kamiyama(Kenji Kamiyama,1966May 3[1] -) isJapan Ofア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンdirected by,Writer,Director,Management.. CorporationCrafterRepresentative director jointCEO.

Person overview

SaitamaChichibu CityI'm from."Ghost in the Shell SAC"series,"Guardian of the Spirit], [Eden of the East"Such.The main production base isProduction IG.

"Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEXIs popular overseas as well, such as recording the highest rating of CATV in the United States.[2].. The "SAC" series will be a huge hit with cumulative DVD sales exceeding 230 million.[3].

Kamiyama of the timesOshii MamoruDescribes as "a class president.""I didn't think it would sell so well. I should have crushed it earlier," he jokingly said.In response, Kamiyama said, "I wish I could be a shadow warrior of Mr. Oshii."

A production with a structure that flows on the back side separately from the events that are flowing on the front side, and political themesAnimeThe method I brought to Oshii was inherited from Oshii, but I have never actually learned how to direct it, and I have never joined the team of director Oshii's work, so I call it "Mind Master".He said that it was the only moment when he received the lecture directly to have the questions answered and matched with the ideas and methodologies that he had inferred through the work.

It is a belief to have a thorough discussion with the staff and produce a script.As a person influenced by genuinenessStephen King,Kakuei TanakaThe novelist who was influenced byJD SalingerIt is said.Also, as an opportunity to become an anime director, I saw "I saw it when I was 14 years old.Star Wars/Counterattack of the Empire, And then "Mobile Suit Gundam』, And talked about his roots, thinking that if it were an anime, he could draw a work of the same scale.


1984, Chosen as a high school with club activities for independent animation production while walking around the local high school cultural festivalSaitama Prefectural Chichibu Agricultural and Industrial High SchoolGraduated from the Department of Food Science.Aspiring to become a chef in Tatemae, he continues to produce animations, which he has been enthusiastic about since he was a student.

1985,Studio styleJoined the company.Initially background andArt directorAct as.

1996 years,Hiroyuki OkiuraAt the invitation of "The werewolf JIN-ROH"ofShowTo serveProduction IGJoined the company.

2002,Mini Pat』Become the first director. In the TV anime, "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEXThis is the first directorial work, and both the work and its series have been highly acclaimed.

2009, As an original / director work, "Eden of the East] Announced two TV series and theatrical version.Chika UminoWithCollaborationIt becomes a topic in.

2011, In a different way from existing 3D movies, JapanCel animeA 3D stereoscopic movie that emphasizes depth expression while maintaining styleShell Mobile Task Force SAC SOLID STATE SOCIETY 3D] Is announced.Tomohiko IshiiBy the producerProduction IGParticipated in the first voluntary distribution[4].PiaIn the first day satisfaction ranking, the satisfaction level was 89.5, which was the first place, and it was released in 1 on the same scale.Oshii Mamorudirected by"GHOST IN THE SHELL2.0 ”satisfaction exceeds 83.8 points[5], Topped the final box office in 10 days. Since the box office revenue exceeded 20 million yen in 1 days, it was an unusual development to triple the number of screens and publish it.[6]..Theater students commemorating 10 spectators and box office revenue exceeding 2 million yenAudio commentaryAt the screeningUstreamThen, the number one in about 21 channels in the world,Nico Nico Live BroadcastThe number of viewers has exceeded 13[7][8].

2011, Ltd. STEVE N'STEVENEstablished (Stephen Stephen).Representative director jointCEOAppointed to.

2011, The movie released in the fall of 2012009 RE: CYBORG』Production announcement event was held and the production process was renewedJapanimation Ofpromotion videoTheatrical release.Sanitary broadcasts at 4 other theaters nationwideYouTube,Ustream,Nico Nico Live BroadcastBut the scene of the venue will be delivered at the same time.It has been viewed by more than 23 people worldwide.[9].

2016May 11, Company name changed from STEVE N'STEVEN Co., Ltd. to CRAFTAR Co., Ltd.[10].


Directed work

TV anime series work

Movie works

Web animation work

Music video

Participating works




  • Kenji Kamiyama's movie has never been shot How to shoot a movie / essay (April 2009 / March 4 Kodansha)


  • General Feature Kenji Kamiyama 10 Years of Debut A New Horizon of Anime Expression (October 2012) Kawade Shobo Shinsha
  • Kenji Kamiyama Walker (March 2017) KADOKAWA

Manga original

  • 009 RE: CYBORG (2012-2015, 6 volumes) -Story
  • Cyborg 009 Departure Edition Setting off (2013 009 RE: CYBORG Deluxe Edition Blu-ray BOX Bonus Comic) -Story
  • CYBORG 009 CALL OF JUSTICE(2016 Top and Bottom Volume) -Screenplay
  • Princess Hirune My Story I Don't Know (2017) Kadokawa Comics Ace 2 volumes in total)



Animation kobe
  • 9th Individual Award
  • 12th Best Picture Award "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society"
  • 14th Best Picture "Eden of the East"
Tokyo Anime Award
  • 9th Excellent Work Award "Eden of the East"
Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival
  • 6th Excellence Award "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX"
  • 11th Judging Committee Recommended Work "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society"
  • 11th Judging Committee Recommended Work "Guardian of the Spirit"
  • 13th Jury Recommended Work "Eden of the East"
Digital Content Grand Prix
  • 21st Jury Award "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society"
Tokyo International Anime Fair
  • 2003 Work Excellence Award "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX"
Advanced Imaging Association Lumiere Japan Award
  • 2011 Theater Film Division "Ghost in the Shell SAC SOLID STATE SOCIETY 3D"
  • 2013 Best Picture Animation / VFX category "009 RE: CYBORG"
DEG Japan Award/Blu-ray Grand Prize
  • The 6th Best High Quality Award "009 RE: CYBORG"
Fantasia International Film Festival
  • 21st Audience Award Animation Category Gold Award "Princess Hirune-The Story of I Don't Know-"
  • 2018 Excellence Award "Princess Hirune-The Story of I Don't Know-"
Japan Academy Award
  • The 41st Excellent Animation Work Award "Princess Hirune-The Story of I Don't Know-"
  • 2018 awards innovator


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