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🤖 | "That Flower x Rascal" Anime Famous Scene Realized !? Collaboration Goods Appeared

Photo "We still don't know the name of the raccoon we saw that day." (C) ANOHANA PROJECT (C) NIPPON ANIMATION CO., LTD.

"Anohana x Rascal" Anime Famous Scene Realized !? Collaboration Goods Appeared

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It will be released sequentially from May 2021, 5 at the Nippon Animation official shop "ANi ★ CUTE" and anime shops nationwide.

We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day. And Rascal the Raccoon's character ... → Continue reading

 Anime! Anime!

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Anime shop

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    Anime shopIt is,AnimeWorks and related products derived from them (Character Goods) Specialize in general salesretail store.

    Main products

    Depending on the lineage and size of the store, some products may not be available even if listed below.In addition, we sell products developed independently by the affiliates, and generalbookstore,Record storeIn many cases, there are limited benefits that cannot be found at other stores such as.Broadly dividedCharacter Goods,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWith stores that mainly handle such things asBook,Video softwareThere are bookstore-type stores that mainly handle such items.

    Business other than product sales

    • OwnInformation magazineIssuance of --- Not only the series but also each store may issue its own.
    • Hosting events related to works and voice actors, handling tickets --- Large stores may have a space for holding events in the store.
    • Work sourceVideo softwareInformation magazines issued by companies, etc.FlyerDistribution
    • Doujinshi sale event,CosplayDistribution of leaflets issued by event organizers, etc.
    • Installation-Some stores are in the same line and some are not.

    Main stores

    ● The stores marked with ● are in addition to the actual storesOnline ShoppingIt is also a store that is also involved.

    Those with a physical store

    • Animate● --AllPrefecturesThere is a store in.We handle the latest works in general, but we are particularly strong in women's goods.
      • Gamers● --Animate series.broccoliThere are many products related to broccoli works because of the background of its establishment.There are strengths in men's goods.
      • Rashinban● --Animate series.Middle Agesspecialty shop.
      • Melon books● --Animate series.Basically, it is strong in douujinshi, but there are many stores with an assortment of products similar to anime shops.
      • Calligraphy● --Animate series.A bookstore that is strong in subculture.
    • Mandarake● --Second-hand specialty store.Tokyo·中It is inNakano BroadwayBased in, we handle all kinds of goods regardless of old and new genres.
    • Toranoana● ――Basically, it is strong in douujinshi, but there are many stores with an assortment of products similar to anime shops.
    • G-store●- Tablier&COSPA·group.
      • COSPA●- CosplayMainly relationships and character apparel.Cospa Co., Ltd., which operates it, has a close relationship with broccoli.
    • Sofmap● --OriginallyComputer shopBecause of the gameHobbyThere was kind of handling,Yamagiwa SoftSince becoming a subsidiary of the company, it has begun to handle as many character goods as specialty stores.Parent companyBic cameraThere is also an in-shop in the store as "Akihabara Sofmap".
      • Animega ● --OriginallyBunkyoThe Musashisakai Ekimae store was opened as an independent store as the first store, and the subsequent development is centered on the annex to the Bunkyodo.According to Bunkyodo's management restructuring policy, mail-order business was transferred to Sofmap on August 2019, 8, and the actual store was also transferred to Sofmap on November 1, 2019.
    • K-BOOKS● --Basically, it is a second-hand goods specialty store,New issueSome stores have a corner.Strong against coterie.TokyoとOsakaSet up a store in.
    • Yodobashi Camera●- Government-designated cityRevolve aroundConsumer electronics storeAnd with the hobby floorInternet mail orderHandles character goods and figures.
    • Asobit City ● --The operator isConsumer electronics store OfLaox.2002The first store, which opened in Japan, attracted attention as one of the largest stores in Japan in the industry, but closed in a short period of time, reduced in scale and relocated, then closed at the end of March 1 and withdrew from the Akihabara area.CurrentlyCanal City HakataThere is only one store.
    • primaniacs● --The operator isMasameya..Headquarters in Ginza, TokyoAnimateIt has a dedicated sales floor in the store.
    • O-TRAP ●- WakayamaLocal shop. 2001-until 2005Wakayama Broadcastingof"Exciting! Anime GeoWas a sponsor of.
    • TOWERanime- Tower Record OfAnime songIn October 2013 at an anime shop centered onLALA Garden TsukubaRenovated and opened an existing store in.TogetherYasuda SuzuhitoAnnounced the clerk character "Reiko Tawa" by design. The floors for handling anime at the Shinjuku store in May 2014 and at the Nagoya Kintetsu Passe store in July 5 have been refurbished to become TOWER anime.
    • み み あ み● ――The main products are figures and models, but we also handle character goods on a scale comparable to that.Originally it was mainly mail order, but in 2015Sagamihara CityOpened a real store in 2016, in XNUMXAkihabaraIt is open in.
    • Shukawaya● ―― Used general hobby shop.Like the competing Mandarake and Rashinban, we handle all kinds of goods regardless of old or new genres.Originally it was mainly mail order and mail order purchase, but in 2015TakatsukiOpened a real store in Akihabara in 2016Shizuoka CityIt is open in.

    What existed in the past

    Mail order only

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