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🤖 | Voice actor Mamoru Miyano releases music video for 21st single "Transparent"


Voice actor Mamoru Miyano releases music video for 21st single "Transparent"

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The LIVE Blu-ray & DVD "MAMORU MIYANO STUDIO LIVE ~ STREAMING! ~", Which recorded his first studio live on December 12, last year, is scheduled to be released at the same time as the single.

2021st Shin released on May 5, 26 (Wednesday) by Mamoru Miyano, who is active as a voice actor and artist ... → Continue reading

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Studio live

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Studio Live Co., Ltd.It is,ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンIt is a Japanese company whose main business is the planning and production of.

With credits such as production cooperationStudio live,Studio liveIt may be written as.Also, as a joint pen name of the studioIndori hut,Mandrill club(Mandori Club), And may be credited as character design or setting cooperation.

Overview / History

TCJ Movie Club (laterAiken) From drawingToyoo Ashida Mushi ProductionThrough1976It was established as "Studio Live Co., Ltd." in July and reorganized into a joint-stock company in December 7.Initially it was a studio specializing in drawing, but laterPre-production(Planning,Character Design,Show,script), Became involved in the production contractor, and dispatched animators belonging to the company to each company in the form of secondment.

The company is a production company centered on animators, and there are no staff in charge of finishing, shooting, or production.Therefore, when making a production contract, joint production with other companies orGross outI am working on it.

In the early participation work, "UFO Warrior Diapolon』(Aiken).In addition,Sunrise,Mad house,Studio comet,Reed productionHe has participated in many works such as (Temporary Production Lead).

Participated in the productionTelevision Animation"Sailor MoonThe 21st episode is set in an animation studio, and the names of the guest characters Hiromi Matsuno and Kazuko Tadashita are based on the names of the members of Studio Live who were enrolled at that time.

In 2011, Ashida, who was the first president, took up the post of president due to illness.Hiroshi Kanna(Ashida passed away in July of the same year. Currently, no one is clearly in the position of chairman).

2016 years,Nico Nico Live BroadcastEstablished "Studio Live Channel" as a paid channel for (Nico Nama).This channel ended in November 2019, but from the same month of the same year it is a flat rate systemCloud FundingHas announced the concept of producing the company's first completely original work using the original characters born during the Nico Nico Live Channel era.[1].

Work history

* Works other than those mentioned are under the name of Studio Live.

Prime contract production


TV series

Movie theater

Video series

Production cooperation

TV series

Movie theater

Video series

Work in charge of drawing

TV series

Movie theater


Web anime

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