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🧑‍🎨 | Special exhibition of works by artists related to Kawaguchi

Photo Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture

A special exhibition of works by artists related to Kawaguchi

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This special exhibition is open until May 5th at Kawaguchi Municipal Art Gallery Atria.

In Kawaguchi City, which is aiming to build an art museum, a project that collects works donated to the city and paintings by local artists ... → Continue reading

 Tele ball

Saitama Prefecture's TV station, "Tele-Tama, which is good for you," delivers "news that is good for you," such as daily incidents, accidents, and topics of the town.

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Gallery (art)

(Gallery, Art gallery)Artworks[1]Is displayed / exhibitedSaleTo doFacility,組織.

公共 機関OrArt dealer BuildingEtc. are usually managed.MuseumCompared to this, the site area and indoor volume are small, and although there are many cases where no admission fee is charged, there are exceptions.A galleryIt is also called (garo), but the products it handles areA paintingIn recent years, the word gallery is often chosen because it is not limited to.

Word history

The word gallery in Japan isEnglishas well as the FrenchIt is often a transcription from.Galleria (Galleriagallery) Is originallyItalianso"回廊Means.FlorenceでCosimo de'MediciOpened the corridor of his mansion to the public and allowed them to browse its collections, which meant a room for the aristocratic class to show paintings to acquaintances, and these painting rooms were made public. As you goMuseumIt came to be used synonymously with.

イタリアGalleria di Uffizi in Florence (Uffizi Gallery),The United Kingdom OfUK OfNational gallery,Tate gallery(Tate britain) Is a well-known museum that includes the word gallery in its name.This usage is rarely found in Japan."" "" As a few examplesTokyo Opera City Art Gallery"Is mentioned.

Gallery classification

It is divided into public galleries such as civic halls operated by municipalities and private commercial galleries.It may be classified according to the location and the products handled.

Public gallery

Most public galleries in Japan are rented spaces, and it is rare for them to organize their own projects.In addition, it is normal not to sell (mediate) exhibited works, and in some cases it is prohibited.However, there are exceptions, such as overseas, for example.UKPublic gallery Whitechapel Gallery Is mediating the sale of exhibited works.

In Japan, the publicMuseumIn many cases, the space is rented to large author groups and cultural business groups such as newspaper companies.The gallery, on the other hand, offers facilities of a size and rent that are easy for small groups and individuals to rent.1960 eraThe rental gallery (later gallery) that was born in Japan was a system unique to Japan, but recentlyニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,ParisThere are also rental art galleries targeting Japanese artists and Japanese art galleries who want to add their careers in overseas exhibitions. (Since rental art galleries are generally considered to be a system unique to Japan, there is an intention to misunderstand the history of overseas rental art galleries as announcements at planning art galleries.)

In Europe and the United States, there are no rental galleries, but there are many galleries run by individual artists and groups (Alternative·space,Voluntary gallery).Many have a short lifespan, but there are also examples of long-term activities with public funding.Many have a production space such as a joint atelier.Japan also1980 eraAround this time, spaces were gradually created by the independent management of writers.

Private gallery

Private commercial galleries are divided into "planning galleries" that display works selected by the gallery side and "rental galleries" that rent space to artists at regular intervals.In addition, the planning gallery handles the primary distribution from the management of the exclusive artist to the sale.primary・ "Gallery" and "Gallery" that mainly deals with dead writers and resale works and supports secondary distributionSecondary・ It is classified as "Gallery".In some cases, one gallery doubles as a planning gallery and a rental gallery (a case in which a space is rented at one time and an independent project is carried out at another time).

Planning galleryArt dealer (art dealer)It is normal for money to be exchanged and profitable by selling the exhibited and displayed works to customers (purchasers of products), and the rental gallery is from the author (creator of the product) to the facility The usage fee and the commission according to the sales are in the galleryProfitIn many cases, the fee system is adopted.

Gallery dealing with contemporary art

In general, each gallery has its own specialty,現代 美術There is a gallery that mainly deals with.Most of the works of contemporary art are very limitedコ レ ク タ ーIn Japan, galleries dealing with contemporary art are rented because they were considered to have no commercial value for the general audience.A galleryWas often the case.Also, such galleries are often galleries dealing only with contemporary art.However90 eraSince then, the number of planning galleries specializing in contemporary art has been increasing in Japan, and the ratio of rental galleries has been declining accordingly.

Since rental art galleries are rare in the world, contemporary artists bring their works to the art galleries.Art dealerThe artist creates the work at the request of the art dealer, and the art dealer sells the work to wealthy people and art lovers.

Photo gallery

mainly写真There is also a gallery that exhibits.

カメラ,the filmThere is a maker gallery run by a manufacturing company,PhotographersIt provides a place for presentations.In Japan, new photographers are often announced at such rental galleries.Big photo award (Kimura Ihei Award,Domon Ken AwardEtc.), contributing to the development of photographic expression.

Voluntary galleryThen.workshopThere is also a place where there is a kind of teacher-apprentice relationship between the operator of each gallery and its users, and a kind of faction is formed.However, these connections also contribute to the development of photographic expression.

In addition to these, as a gallery for the purpose of selling original prints, which is rare in JapanZeit Photo Salonand so on.

Major gallery areas

in JapanTokyo OfGinza,Osaka OfNishi TenmaHas been known as an area where art galleries are concentrated,1990 era OfJapan's economic situationContinuing to close or relocate major galleries, reflecting2000 eraIs fairly dispersed.In Japan, the number of Western-style planning galleries and art dealers is increasing.


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  1. ^ A work is a product, but it mainly refers to a product created by artistic activities.The source isKojien.

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外部 リンク

Alpha Trianguli Australe

Triangulum Australe α starFrom the solar systemTriangulum AustraleDirection about 391Light yearsAt a distance ofstarで2st magnitude star..The brightest star in Triangulum Australe.Heavenly South PoleClose toJapanThen.OkinotorishimaIt can only be seen from.


OrangeSuperstar.G-type main sequence starorWhite dwarfWithStar systemThere are observational data showing the possibility that this is the case, but as of 2014companionHas not been found[5].

Barium starIt is a metal-rich star that has twice the amount of metal as the Sun.[5]..In the centerhelium OfNuclear fusionBycarbon,oxygenIs believed to have been generated[5].


The scientific name is α Trianguli Australus (abbreviation is α TrA).The unique name isAtria[2] (Atria[3][4]).The origin of the proper name is an abbreviation of the scientific name Alpha Trianguli Australus.[3].. Published in 1899Richard Hinckley Allen Of Star Names --Their Lore and Meaning It is believed that the name became widespread in the 20th century because it is not listed in.[2].

注 釈

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  1. ^ a b Parsec is calculated from 1 ÷ annual parallax (seconds), and light-years are calculated from 1 ÷ annual parallax (seconds) x 3.2615638.
  2. ^ Calculated from visual magnitude + 5 + 5 × log (annual parallax (seconds)).Notation up to the first decimal place


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