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🎭 | The strip theater is in danger, and the theater with three guests a day due to the direct hit of Corona ...


The strip theater is in crisis, and the theater with three guests a day due to the direct hit of Corona ... Waiting for the return of Ichiyo due to the diversification of the performances

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By the way, it is said that it is almost impossible to build a new strip theater due to the problem of the wind business law.

There are about 7 dental clinics and about 5 convenience stores in Japan.So what are the facilities with only 6000? → Continue reading

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Strip (sex and sex)

stripIt is,stageMainly onFemaleDancerMusicTo matchclothesIt is a show that shows the process of taking off.StripteaseAlso called.From ancient timesMasses OfEntertainmentHas become one of.


History of the strip in human history

The exact origin of the strip as a performance art is unknown.Ancient BabyloniaThere are many theories from to the present day. The word "strip (strip teas)" first appeared in 1938.However, the spectacle of women's gradual undressing excitement for male customers can be traced back at least 400 years.For example, a playwright (Thomas Otway 1652/03/03 --1685/04/14)'s 1680 comedy workThe Soldier's FortuneSo, one of the characters has the words "Be sure they be lewd, drunken, stripping whores", and you can see that the word "stripping" appears.[1][Needs verification].

In mythology, we can find events that can be regarded as striptease.SumerIn the myth ofInannaThere is a scene where he goes to hell. At each of the seven gates, she took off her clothes and trinkets.

Matthew biography14: 6 andGospel of MarkAt 6: 21-22Salome Herod AntipasThere is a description of dancing for.The dance that Salome showed to King Herod was "Dance of the Seven VeilsIt became famous as one of the origins of modern striptease.Oscar WildePoetry "SalomeIt wasn't until 1893, after the publication of[2].. Of Oscar Wilde's poetry premiered in 1905Richard StraussSince the opera version by, "Dance of the Seven Veils" has become the standard in opera, vaudeville, movies and farce.One of the earliest famous performers is Maud Allen (7/1873/8? --27/1956/10).She made this show in 7 in front of Edward VII.

6th centuryEastern Roman EmpireJustinian IWife ofEmpress TheodoraAccording to some archaeological sources, he originally started his career as an actress who also served as a whore, and in his offerings, there is a mythical undressing expression that has roots in the strip. Was included[3].

Another source of the modern strip is by French settlers in North Africa and Egypt.GhawaziRediscovery of dance.One of Ghawazi's features, the erotic "honey bee dance," is performed by a dancer known as Kuchuk Hanem, a French writer.Gustave FrobertRediscovered and portrayed by.In this dance, the dancer takes off his clothes.However, it is not clear whether this dance was traditional, and it is undeniable that it may have become such a feature due to commercial demand.

Strip history in France

From the 1880s to the 1890sMoulin rouge,Folies BergèreAt shows such as women's dance with only a few costumesTableau vivant[4]There were spectacles such as.Under these circumstances, in the 1890s, a performance called "a woman who slowly undresses to find a crawling louse" was performed.The United States folk history book, The People's Almanac, states that this is "the source of the modern strip."

A legendary Malay Dutch dancer who was later executed as a spy in France in 1905 and became famous as a tragic heroine.Mata HariBut,Guimet Museum of Oriental ArtDebuted on the stage and was a great success[5]..The most famous of her shows was the scene of showing a bra full of jewels and jewelery to decorate her body.[6].

Another landmark feature was the 1907 Moulin Rouge.The actress, called Germaine Aymos, wore only three small shells. Also known as a singer in the 3sJosephine BakerDanced semi-nude in "danse sauvage" performed at the Folly Theater and other theaters on Tabalin Street.These shows featured sophisticated choreography and gorgeous outfits.

In the 1960s, in ParisCrazy horseNaked shows are now being held[7].

Strip history in the United States

United States Strip is a mobile carnival and earlyburlesqueIt started in the theater.For the early typical strippersGypsy Rose Lee(Gypsy Rose Lee 1911/01/08 --1970/04/26)Sally Rand(Sally Rand 1904/04/03 --1979/08/31).A trapeze entertainer, Charmion (1875/07/18-- 1949/02/06) performed a spectacle of undressing on a trapeze as early as 1896.The footage was shot by Thomas Edison in 1901 on the Trapeze Disrobing Act.[8]It is left in the work.

Including modern stripsAmerican burlesqueAnother milestone in Japan is the legendary "Minsky Burlesque" performed in April 1925.[9]..It was performed by Minsky Brothers at a theater on 42nd Street in New York.thisburlesqueThe performance of the strip at the theater was abolished in 1937 for degrading the theater "Grind House" after several police calls.[10].

In the 1960s, the strip revived as a topless go-go dance.San FranciscoCarol Doda, a dancer from the Condor nightclub in North Beach, has made a name for himself as "the first dancer to take off his bra".[11]..The Condor nightclub opened in 1964, but Doda's topless dance show is said to have started in the evening of June 6th of the same year.[12][12][13]..The Condor nightclub show also stripped off lingerie on September 1969, 9.And this "naked style" became the mainstream of striptease in the United States.[14].

San Francisco also had the famous "Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater".This theater(English edition)Was a pioneer in introducing the strip to the strip, and this trend spread throughout the United States and even around the world.[15].

Strip history in the UK

In Britain, Laura Henderson (1864-1944/11/29) began a nude show at the Windmill Theater in London, but British law banned naked women from moving in the 1930s.To get past this ban, the models were forced to stand still like a tableau vivant.[16]..The women at the Windmill Theater also traveled to theaters in and around London.They sometimes used ropes to spin around their bodies, but for the time being, they continued to evade the ban by putting in a form that they weren't moving on their own initiative.

Another way to break through the ban was fan dance. In 1942, Phyllis Dixey founded a company, opened the Whitehall Theater in London, and a sexy current affairs caricature called "Whitehall Follies". Started.

Until the 1950s, striptease patrols were a spectator-friendly show for deserted music halls.Paul Raymond began his traveling mining business in 1951, then studied Doric dance in Soho, and in 1958 opened a private membership club, the Raymond Revuebar.This was Britain's first strip club. The revision of the law in the 1960s led to a strip club boom in Soho and the generalization of naked dance.[17]..As a venuePubWas often used.Among them, it was often found in the east end of the Sholadich district where pubs are concentrated.This pub strip is believed to follow the tradition of topless go-go dance.[18]..Although these pubs were often harassed by local police and others, some of them still survive today.A characteristic habit of these pub strips is to take a beer mug around the audience and collect chips from the audience before the stripper himself plays.This custom is believed to have started in the 1970s with the intent of topless go-go dancers, "If you want to see naked, don't pay."In addition, many pubs also perform what is called "private dance", which is obscene and obscene, in a private room inside the pub.[19].

Strip history in Japan

In the mythical worldAume no Ume OfAmaniwadoThe dance in front of is so familiar that the story of the originator of Japanese striptease is decided, and the Japanese originally had a certain understanding of such things.Asakusa's review "As a prehistoryCasino foley"The dancer drops the drawer on Friday" (that is, the contents can be seen), and he has continued to enter the market.[20][21][22].

Strips in general form1947May 1,TokyoShinjukuTsunohazu (currently Shinjuku XNUMX-chome)TeitozaIt started as an event called "The Birth of Venus", the first nude show in Japan, at the theater on the 5th floor.It was performed as one of the 27 variety shows where songs, dances, and tales were performed, and it took about 1 seconds at the longest to show nude.[23]..What is the model at this time?Planning and productionToyokichi Hata..To the staffSeiji TogoThere was[23]..The breast was exposed,Genital areaWas hidden by a fan[24]..If the model moves, it will be caught as a customs disturbanceGHQBecause it was sent from, the actual woman was dressed as a nude painting in Western Europe, and there was no dance and she was still.Tableau vivant showWas called.Still, it was a great shock, and it caused a great response, and it was said that a flood of customers filled the stairs on the 5th floor and formed a long line on the ground.[25]..After that, the regulations were relaxed and various measures were taken such as a water show to make changes.1948January,TaitoAsakusa OfTokiwazaThe first full-scale striptease incorporating dance was held at[26] After that, it spread nationwide and became popular entertainment.In particularShochiku(Togeki Burlesque RoomAnd Asakusa Park Theater "Park Burlesque".Gypsy rose),Toho(Nikki Music Hall), The two major Japanese entertainersTokyo YoshimotoIt is noteworthy that he also entered the market temporarily.In the movie at that time,Return to Carmen HometownYou can also ask about the social situation surrounding the strip.Also, strippers were often called "Nude-san" at that time.

1948 years,Hiroshima cityThe strip theater inside was caught.The theater argued that it was an art rather than an obscenity, but in 1950, the Supreme Court posed for about a minute and a half with the lower body exposed.Public obscene sinShowed the judgment that it corresponds[27].

1950s,France,Rock seatIn the intermission,Shunji Sayama,Nagato Isamu,Kanichi Tani,Keiroku Seki,Mutsuo Totsuka,Unno cutlet,Kiyoshi AtsumiAndTohachiro,Tohru Yuri,Yanami Mutoshi,Ichiro Zaitsu,Shinsuke Sannami,Shiro Ito,Ishii Hitoshi,Kinichi Hagimoto,Jiro SakagamiThe comedies showed off their tales.After that in the 1970sBeat takeshiAnd in the 1980sRed light(Shibuya Dotonbori TheaterFrom)Asakusa Kid[28]Until the time of (French seat), it continued to decline.Also around this time, strip dancersA kind of butterflyVeneerWas attached to the crotch (compared to the OS system that appears later, so-called TS system).

1965In August, the National Police Agency conducted a simultaneous crackdown on strip theaters nationwide.8 out of 313 theaters nationwide were caught for some reason[29].

From around the 1970s, she became naked (all strikes), mainly in the Kansai area, and showed her female genitals.Specialショー[30] OfSayuri IchijoThey became popular (so-called OS system).Ichijo was caught, but gradually all strikes became common.In addition, "showing how female performers are entwined on the stagelesbian"Show" (less, not lesbian), "black and white show" where a couple of performers perform the actual act, "cruel show" where a couple of performers perform SM play, and customers have sexual intercourse with a dancer on stage The "cutting board show" (described later) was in full swing.The OS system gradually surpasses the TS system.By that time, even specialized magazines such as "Nude Intelligence" appeared.The content of the show was further escalated, and the pony and dancer "bestiality"Show" also appeared, but in 1985Wind management lawAfter the enforcement of the strip theater, the number of strip theaters decreased sharply due to the strengthening of police crackdowns.

Also, as for the relationship between striptease and comedy in the 1970s, the popular TV program "8 o'clock! Everyone gathered』, DriftersKato teaBy, a gag with a strip motif "Only Chot" (Taboo _ (Latin music)It is noteworthy that (see also) prevailed in the world.However, it was so popular that even younger children who didn't understand the meaning could actively imitate it.Vulgar showIt becomes the target of finger bullets.

In the 1980s, it became popular as an idol stripper.Mika Madoka, Do not perform the production "MasturbationBecame famous for the showHitomi Shimizu, Later called "Legendary Dancer"Rina KageyamaA young and blessed idol dancer played an active part.Also, around this time, it was a time when it was still socially talked about, and as a recordShoufutei Tsurumitsu OfUguisuda ni Music Hall(Appeared at midnight at All Night Nippon) and radioYuri Osawa's leisurely wideOn the signboardAmorousness AwardThere was a corner, and the topic of striptease flowed during the tea ceremony.

Also, from that time (especially after around 1990) to gain the popularity of the audienceAdult videosHad appeared inactressAt the beginning of the introduction, a long line was formed in front of the venue, and it became popular as a replacement system, but the number of customers continued to decrease, and by the beginning of the 2000s it was compared to the heyday. There was no shadow to see.

In recent years, as other sexual entertainment options have increased, the number of visitors has decreased, and many theaters have been forced to close due to lack of management.AmendmentCustoms business lawUnder the regulation ofA stallOnce the business was canceled, no new business license was issued.While some theaters are closing down, there are several theaters that have secured a certain number of guests, mainly in urban areas, but these theaters alsoPolaroidIncome from the show is increasingly supporting theater management.There are also theaters that try to set priority seats for women and couples in order to appeal to female customers.[31]..The transition of the rise of the Kansai-type rugged appearance, the rise of the TS-type, which can be said to be a swing back, progresses relatively to the strip that has become a mere sex custom, but it is not enough to repel the absolute inferiority. .. In the 2010sMiho Wakabayashi,Akane MakiseThese strippers played an active part.

Increase in female customers

NHK general TVStriptease-themed "No Nare" (crying naked) October 2018, 10[32]Is being broadcast, and the way of receiving it is changing so that it is praised as "impressive" (especially by women who are the same sex as the performer), and the way of receiving it by society is also changing.[33]..There are also female fans who chase down to rural areas.

Movies / plays, etc.

A work starring strippers and nude dancers.

  • TV Drama / Japan
    • Scratched angel(1974-75) Episode 3, Famous Beautiful ActressMari NakayamaBecame nude and surprised the viewer.Starring Kenichi Hagiwara and Yutaka Mizutani.
  • TV late night program
    • Strictly speaking, it is not a stripper, but Keiko Asaji, Aki Takejo and other nude dancers from the Nikki Music Hall appeared.

Strip as pop culture

  • Western painting

Gypsy (1962) featured Natalie Wood as the famous Burlesque Queen Gypsy Rose Lee, showing off her impressive "Let Me Entertain You" performance.Later, in 1993, it was remade for television.Cynthia Gibb played Gypsy Rose Lee. Stripper (1963) featured Gypsy Rose Lee herself and performed her trademark in the title role.The documentary film "The Dawn of Piccadilly" was produced at the Windmill Theater in 1962. In 1964, he painted the last night of the Windmill Theater with "Closed (British Movietone)". In 1965, the feature film "Viva Maria! Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau starred in the striptease performance.[34].

Also, the documentary "Carousella" produced in 1965 portrayed the Soho strip artist.Another documentary film shows another side of the strip, a film called "Stripp" shot at the Phoenix Club in Soho.

  • Western movies with strippers

Big Town, Sin City, Hustlers, From Dusk Till Dawn

Fee structure

Admission is approximately 3,000 to 6,000 yen, depending on the theater.During Golden Week, Obon, New Year, and special entertainment, there are often extra charges.Many theaters offer student discounts, silver discounts, early morning discounts, late night discounts, coupon tickets, and point cards (admission discounts and free points when points are accumulated).Normally, there is no time limit, so once you enter, you can enjoy it until the closing time.

There are many seats surrounding the stage, and you can watch the strippers perform a dance to the music.The costume is taken off along with this dance.Strip theaters in big cities are not only about the beauty of dancers, but also about the structure of the stage.照明,musics,smoke OfShowAlso attracts beautiful viewers.

The main performances of the show are as follows.

Solo bed
The show focuses on dance, and gradually takes off their costumes as they progress.
Touch show
Have multiple spectators touch the bust in turn.
Finger pong show
Have multiple spectators insert their fingers into the vagina in turn.
Tengu bed
Perform masturbation using a tengu mask, dildo, etc.
SM show
Perform SM or self-bondage show with a pair of men and women or a woman alone.
Black and white, raw board
See below
floral streetcar
Blowguns in the twat, ring trumpets, write calligraphy, fold bananas and cucumbers, or show eggs and flames from the twat.

Legal definition

The strip theaterBox office lawStipulated inEntertainment hallAs a result, it is subject to the regulations of related laws and regulations regarding its management and installation.

In addition, the management of the strip theaterLaws on regulations such as sex business and optimization of operationsEstablished in (Wind Law)Store-type sex customs special businessIt corresponds to one of.Article 2, Paragraph 6, Item 3 of the Wind Law says, "Exclusively.Sexual curiosityA box office that shows the appearance of a person who has taken off his clothes to arouse other good manners or a box office that has a significant effect on the sound development of boys (Cabinet Order Law (Act No. XNUMX of XNUMX) This is because one of the definitions is "business that manages what is specified by a Cabinet Order as (No. XNUMX)) as stipulated in Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX.

Men's strip for women

MaleStrips are mainly female orゲ イIt is done for the audience.There used to be a show of foreign men like "J-men's Tokyo" in Japan.It is extremely difficult for men to strip men in large theaters because it is illegal for men to expose their genitals under Japanese law.

As a movie depicting the world of male strippers, "Full Monty","Magic MikeIn love with La Bear Macho (Director =Joe Manganiello).

List of strip theaters

Previously manyHot spring townThere was also a "hot spring strip", but the strip theaters, including those in urban areas, are currently closing one after another.

Existing theater

Main closed / closed theaters

  • Hokkaido
  • Tohoku
    • Hachinohe Manone(Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture) (Closed)
    • Sendai Rock(Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture) (Closed)
    • Koriyama Music Theater(Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Kansai Nude Specialty Museum, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture) (Closed on June 2018, 6)
  • Kanto
    • (Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture) (Closed in 2020)
    • (Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture) (Closed)
    • Shinjuku TS Music(Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) (Closed on January 2017, 1)
    • DX Kabukicho(Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) (Closed on January 2019, 6)
    • SHOW-UP Omiya Theater(Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture) (Closed)
    • Funabashi Wakamatsu Theater(Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture) (Closed on August 2013, 8)
    • (Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture) (Closed)
    • Golden theater(Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) (Closed in the summer of 2013)
  • Central part
    • Live Theater Ginei(Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) (Closed on October 2010, 10)
    • (Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Isawa Onsen, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture) (Closed)
  • Kansai
    • (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) (Closed)
    • Kansai New Art(Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) (Closed)
    • Kujo OS(Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Sakai Ward, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Nara City, Nara Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) (Closed)
  • Chugoku
  • Kyusyu
    • Hakata Rock Hollywood(Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) (Closed May 2007, 5)
    • (Beppu City, Oita Prefecture) (Closed)
    • (Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture) (Closed)
    • Naha Music Theater (Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture) (Closed May 2006, 5)
    • (Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture) (Closed)

Related person

  • Shino Sakuragi ――I went to Sapporo Dotonbori Theater, a fan of striptease.
  • Tanaka small Masamasa
  • Shoichi Ozawa
  • Takenaka Labor
  • Nagai Kafu
  • Inoue Hisashi
  • Toyokichi Hata
  • Shiro Maggy ――During the era of laying down, I walked around all the strip theaters that were open at that time[35].
  • Harayoshi City -A photographer who has been shooting strips for a long time.deceased.
  • Masahiko Taniguchi -A photographer who has been shooting stops for a long time since the early 1990s.Present progressive form.He is said to be a photographer chasing the last strip.The book "Nude Woman's Gorgeous Picture Scroll-Strip is Now-" (published by Kawade Bunko).Also active as an exclusive photographer for the former strip fan magazine "SDJ".


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Related item

外部 リンク

Laws on regulations such as sex business and optimization of operations

Laws on regulations such as sex business and optimization of operations(Fuzokuei Gyoto no Kisei and Gyomu no Kisei Kato Nikan)Japan Oflaw.Law numberIs Law No. 23 of 122, on July 1948, 23 (Showa 7).AnnounceWas done.Abbreviation isWind management law(Fueiho),Wind law(Fuukiho),Customs business law(Fuzoku Eigyoho) etc.


  • 1948 --Enacted as "Customs Business Control Law"
  • 1954 --For customs businessPachinko parlors"Add
  • 1955 --Billiards (ビ リ ヤ ー ド) Is excluded from the control of the Customs Business Control Law
  • 1959April 4-Revised the title to "Businesses Affecting Customs Law"
  • 1966 - ト ル コ 風 呂(CurrentSoapland) Is subject to the regulation of the law.
  • 1984August 8-Major revision (Major revision (1985February 2)
    • Revised the title to "Act on Regulation of Customs Business, etc. and Optimization of Business".Business hours are until midnight, and peep rooms, fashion massages, etc. are also subject to notification.With this effectNo-pan coffee shopDisappears.
  • 1998May-Major amendment (except for some provisions)1999Enforced in April)
  • 2005May-Major amendment (except for some provisions)2006February 5)
    • Strengthening penalties
    • Public Safety CommissionYou must submit a business notification to the store, prepare a notification confirmation at the store, and immediately present it when requested by a person concerned such as a customer or the police.
    • Regarding salesVisitorIt is also forbidden to do anything, and for that reason, to stand in front of people or to hang around.
    • Dispatch typeFashion health(Deriher) AndSM clubabout,The reception desk is a storeIt is considered that the address, etc. must be notified to the Public Safety Commission, and facilities in the prohibited area will be subject to detection.
  • 2015May-Major amendment (except for some provisions)2016May 6Enforcement)
    • ダンス,DiscoIs out of the requirements for customs business and is changed as follows.
      • Sales No. 1 (cabaret) and sales No. 2 (clubs, host clubs, cabaret clubs, etc.) will be integrated as new sales No. 1.
      • Regulations for No. 3 business (dance restaurant) and No. 4 business (dance hall) have been abolished. Low illuminance (3) out of No. 10 businessル ク スOnly stores that operate in the following) will continue to be subject to permission for customs business as "low-light restaurants".If you serve alcoholic beverages at midnight, you will be subject to the "Specified Entertainment Restaurant Business" described later.
      • Business No. 5-8 becomes new business No. 2-5.
    • Added the provision of "Specified entertainment restaurant business".Let the guests entertain at midnightAlcoholic beverageThe business that provides
    • In customs businessHinode businessStart time is "sunriseWas changed to "6 am".


Business hours related to customs business (business start time-until midnight or 0:1, but midnight hours until midnight or 0:1 am-6:XNUMX amPrefecturesExcludes stores that have been licensed to operate restaurants offering alcoholic beverages.Business location (Residential areas,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,hospital) The purpose is to optimize customs business by prohibiting business in the vicinity and restricting the entry of young people (under 18 years old).

For some industries such as No. 5 sales1984At the time of enactment of the new law, "The concept of the target equipment is unclear, and the criminal constituent requirements are ruled.Cabinet OrderBecause it is entrusted toCriminal statutory principleContrary toUnconstitutionThere was criticism that it was legislative.[1].

Business hours and business areas are eachPrefecturesIt is supposed to be stipulated by the ordinance of[2], Depending on the area, business hours may be extended due to festivals, etc.Public Safety CommissionIs recognized by.

As an example,Ishikawa OfPachinko parlorsFrom April to MayGolden week, In SeptemberKanazawa Hyakumangoku FestivalDuring the period (Kanazawa(Limited to), the old Bon Festival in August, and from December 8st to January 12th, business is permitted until 21 am in each period.[3].MieIs open all night from December 12st to January 31st[4].

The "National Customs Environment Purification Association" stipulated in Article 40 of the Law isJapan National Crime Prevention Association.

Since this law defines the category of special business related to sexual customs as "stores that provide sexual services to the opposite sex", stores that provide sexual services to the same sex are not included in the target, and men in the family registerShemaleIs not applicable when dealing with male customers[5],JK BusinessIs also outside the scope of this law.


Customs business

It is defined in Article 2.Each prefecture where the store is locatedPublic Safety CommissionBusiness with permission from.

  • ReceptionEating and drinking business
    • No. 1 business-Business that entertains customers and eats and drinks, cabaret, waiting, restaurants, cafés and other facilities (cabaret,ク ラ ブ,Host club,Cabaret clubSuch)
    • No. 2 business-Low light restaurant (10)ル ク スThe following darkA coffee shop-bar..Entertainment by the clerk is not possible. Excludes No. 1 business. )
    • No. 3 business-District seat restaurant.Those that are difficult to see from others and have audience seats with an area of ​​XNUMX square meters or less (Couple cafe)
  • Other (PlaygroundSales)
    • No. 4 business --Well, Ajiyanya (Sparrow), Pachinko shop (Pachinko parlors)Such
    • No. 5 business - Arcadeな ど
      • The difference between "No. 4 sales" and "No. 5 sales" is that "No. 4 sales" is a business that "installs equipment and makes customers play games that may arouse gambling (the game method itself may arouse gambling). "There is something)" and "No. 5 business" are "game equipment that can be used for games that may be gambling for purposes other than the original purpose (the game method is not intended to be gambling, but the game Equipment that has the potential to inspire gambling apart from its intended use) ".

Sex-related special sales

To each prefectural public safety commission that operatesnotificationAnd open for business.

Specified entertainment restaurant business

Established in 2015 by amending the law.Business with the permission of each prefecture Public Safety Commission where the store is located.It was obligatory to establish a "customs environment conservation council" established by businesses, local residents, police, etc.

Night club-DiscoOf the businesses that provide alcoholic beverages by providing other facilities to allow customers to entertain at midnight, those that are not customs businesses are eligible.Equivalent to a movie theater before screeningIlluminance10ル ク スThe following stores are subject to customs business as low-light restaurants, and are not specified entertainment restaurant business.The law was amended to abolish the regulation of the old customs No. 3 business (dance restaurant, business ban of 66 square meters or less), but it was not limited to dance but was targeted at "entertainment".

But,189th DietEven in the deliberation inNational Police AgencyThe answer is ambiguous about the "definition of entertainment" and does not make any specific reference.Depending on the content of the ministerial ordinance, sports bars that were not previously regulatedlive house・ Karaoke pubs may be subject to new regulations.

Liquor service restaurant business at midnight (midnight-0 am)

If you are open late at night, please contact each prefectural Public Safety Commission.notificationAnd open for business.

The industries that cannot provide alcoholic beverages from midnight to 0 am are stipulated in Article 6 of this law, and stores that fall under Article 33 of this law cannot make a notification to operate alcoholic beverage restaurants at midnight.There are many industries that fall under the category of customs business.family restaurantIs prohibited from entering stores under the age of 22 without a guardian from 6:18 to 32:XNUMX the next day, depending on Article XNUMX of this law and prefectures.Youth protection and ordinanceAccording to regulations.

Permission and notification

When conducting the above "customs business", the prefecture where the store is locatedPublic Safety CommissionToAuthorizationIt is necessary to apply and obtain permission. When conducting "special business related to sex and customs" and "business of restaurants offering alcoholic beverages at midnight", not permit but to the Public Safety CommissionnotificationRequires.

At the time of the revision of the Fuei Law, the permission system for special business related to sex and customs was discussed, but it is not appropriate for the Public Safety Commission to "permit" sex and customs business, and it is grasped whether or not sexual services are actually provided. The notification system was considered appropriate.

When the business is closed, the Public Safety Commission is not obliged to submit a "business closure notification", and the number of notifications and the number of business stores do not match.


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