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Support required for mother writers, piggybacking on Banksy's popularity, needing negative proof to enter?Etc: Weekly, World Ah ...

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An additional aspect that has fallen out of the recent highlights of the move to correct discrimination against women.

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Discrimination against women

Discrimination against womenWhat is (joseisabetsu)?FemaleAgainstSex discrimination.Male and femaleSome people call it (Dansonjohi). The antonym isMale discriminationThat.

Case study


Japan is considered to be one of the countries with the largest gender gap in the world.World Economic ForumPublished in the World Gender Gap ReportGlobal Gender Gap IndexThen.G7At the bottom,G20Saudi Arabia,トルコNext to the worst 3rd place[1].

The problem of improving the treatment of female workers in Japan is裁判 所bypolicyIt also overlaps with the history of formation. That is,Executive branchThe court is not moving towards equal employment opportunity for men and womenPrecedentThroughSex discriminationCan be cited as an example of correcting[2] .

The judicial movement to reduce disparities began in the late 1950s and 1960s. At that time, as a labor lawLabor Standards ActThere was, but the Labor Standards LawwageWas only banning discrimination on the grounds of womenuse,DismissalThere were no other laws that appealed to labor discrimination, such as (for example, early retirement of women was a common practice in society at that time). And in terms of wages, companies have differentiated women by putting them in different jobs than men.[2].

Under these circumstances, firstArticle 14 of the Constitution of Japan(Equality under the law) Was attempted to correct the disparity. But,My human potencyThis move failed because there is no (the constitution does not apply directly to private humans)[2].. However, the court was in 1966.Sumitomo Cement CaseCivil lawArticle 90 (Violation of public order and morals(My human potencySee)Overcame this situation by using[2].. This move spread nationwide, and courts around the world used Article 90 of the Civil Code to correct women's early retirement, marriage retirement, and childbirth retirement.[2].. In the DietEqual Employment ActWas enacted in 1985[2].

Regarding the issue of female labor, it also overlaps with the history of improving the treatment of part-time workers.Non-regular employmentPlease refer to[3].

The following is an example in Japan. In addition, it should be notedPrewarThe right to suffrage and education was also discussed in.After the warAlso, we provide clothing guidance and hair guidance that promote discrimination.Junior high school,high schoolAlso exists.Female suffrage,Coeducation,Sex discriminationSee also.

South Korea

There is an opinion that the methods of ancestor rituals are discriminatory against women.[15].

In addition,Survivor,divorceDiscrimination against womenDeveloped country(Excluding Japan)Arab countriesCompared to South KoreaThere is a survey that is terrible[16].


RiceNew York TimesPublished an article about the social status of Chinese women, noting that the rampant sexism and mistresses at work and at home in China reflect women's lack of choice.[17].

According to a survey conducted by ChinaHR.com, nearly 6% of women have been gender-discriminated against by companies while seeking employment, which far exceeds that of male job seekers. In addition, if the job seeker is a woman, there are strict requirements for marital status, age, and appearance.[17].

Women are required to be conditioned as "unmarried only" when recruiting[18].. Also, there is the word "hidden family"[18].


Russian FederationThe Labor Law prohibits women from working in 38 professions in 456 industries, including captains, train and truck drivers, carpenters, and divers. OldSoviet UnionSince then, it has been regulated to protect women from the dangers and health risks associated with these occupations, but some women are dissatisfied and file proceedings.[19][20].


As a result of the increase in Islamic immigrants, there was a situation in which "this is discrimination against women (from the viewpoint of traditional European values)" such as "invalidity of marriage because it is not a virgin". was there[21].


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