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🎥 | Former Nogizaka46 ・ Reika Sakurai ・ First starring in the movie Sae Okazaki, Natsume Mito and a trio from high school

Photo Movie "Shinonome Color Weekend" (from left) Reika Sakurai, Sae Okazaki, Natsume Mito (C) 2021 "Shinonome Color Weekend" Production Committee

Former Nogizaka46, Reika Sakurai, movie first starring Sae Okazaki, Natsume Mito and high school trio

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I played Masami Ando, ​​also known as "Andy," who likes cameras and has a nerdy temperament.

It was announced that former Nogizaka46 Reika Sakurai will star in the movie "Shinonome Color Weekend" released this fall.For co-starring ... → Continue reading

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