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🎭 | A love movie that crosses over time "She dances in a dream" will be released on September 9th!


A love movie that crosses over time "She dances in a dream" will be released on September 9th!

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Graduated from Meiji University / Vancouver Film School
He has been involved in many programs as a producer and director at Discovery Channel Asia (Singapore) and Walt Disney Television (Tokyo).

There was an unforgettable love in the theater (strip).Beautiful and painful blooming in the legendary strip theater that actually existed in Hiroshima ... → Continue reading


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Meiji University

Meiji University(Meiji University,English: Meiji University) IsTokyoChiyoda WardKanda SurugadaiHeadquarters at 1-XNUMXJapan Ofprivate university.1920Was installed in.Abbreviation of university TheMeiji University(Meidai).


Whole university

Edo Shogunate OfWestern schoolInheriting the tradition ofUniversity South SchoolEstablished by selecting excellent students fromMinistry of JusticeMeiho DormitoryLearn inMinistry of Justice Law SchoolYoung man who became the first graduate ofLawyerAiming to "cultivate intelligent young people who will lead modern civil society"1881Founded inMeiji Law SchoolIs the predecessor[1]. in JapanWesternModern lawJapan in the Meiji erajudicialThe majority of the first-year students of the Law School of the Ministry of Justice are involved in the establishment of Meiji University.From the founding membersCivil lawInvolved in draftingLegal profession,President of the Grand CouncilAnd othersSaionji public aspiration(12th and 14th generationsPrime Minister)Such,政治家,DiplomatMany people who have been active as

YurakuchoSukiyabashiOld inShimabara DomainThe upper mansion "Sanrakusha" was opened as a school building, but then in 1910.Surugadai OfKomatsunomiyaMoved to the ruins of the mansion, and since then has its headquarters there and continues to the present day.Including SurugadaiOchanomizuEducational facilities are concentrated in the area, "JapanQuartier LatinRepresenting Japan, also known asStudent districtIt has become.Besides the headquartersTokyoTo 2 campuses,Kanagawa1 campus set up in[2].. With 10 faculties and 12 graduate schools,Highly professional OftrainingAimProfessional graduate schoolIt is a comprehensive university with (Graduate School of Governance, Graduate School of Global Business, Graduate School of Accounting Professionals, Graduate School of Law (Graduate School of Law)).

In the entrance examination, the number of actual applicants[3]And "universities popular with students" ranking[4]It is ranked in the top class every year.The abbreviation of the university is "Meiji University" and is pronounced "Meidai". Izumi CampusNearly "Meidaimae Station"Exists.Meiji University, a school corporation, has given the trademark "Meiji University" and the name "Mage Daigaku, Mage" as the university name.Trademark registration(Registered trademarkIn addition to Japan No. 3043764), the trademark "Meidai" and "Meidai, Meidai" are also registered as trademarks (registered trademark Japan No. 6049745).


The founding spirit "established by tradition from the time of its founding"Freedom of rights, independence'[5]Based on this, the philosophy is to cultivate the spirit of freedom and autonomy, and the mission of the university is to "realize a free, peaceful and prosperous society through the creation of knowledge and the development of human resources."[6].

Aiming to be a "university open to the world" that leads the international community[6][7][8]..University officialPamphletWait[9] Then, "Strengthen the individual[6][7][8] "Urban University"TaglineOften used as.

Education and research

Meiji Law SchoolOriginates fromChief of the BoardSupporting the judiciary of modern Japan, including threeLegal professionLecturerMeiji Law SchoolOf the eraSpokesperson(CurrentLawyer) ExamsJudge prosecutor appointment testThen, the number of successful applicants reaches nearly 4% of the total[10]It has left a great mark on the history of modern judiciary.on the other hand,Eiichi Shibusawa,Taizo NamuraEstablished with the efforts of (Director of the Supreme Court) and othersZensaku Sano(Tokyo University of CommerceRepresentative commercial scholars at that time, such as the first president), have served as lecturers.[11]Faculty of CommerceAlso, it was opened for the first time at a private schoolFaculty of BusinessEtc. traditionallyCommerceBut also known.Also,Natsume Soseki,Yuzo Yamamoto,Hideo KobayashiMany famous literary figures of modern Japan are enrolled, includingTheatrical science,archeologyHas a history and track recordDepartment of literatureSuch,HumanitiesIt also has a tradition.

Also, in recent years,Social scienceOn the axisHumanities,natural ScienceIncludingInterdisciplinaryConstructed from the perspective ofCurriculumTo train human resources with creativity and ability to communicateFaculty of Information and CommunicationDevelop leaders in the IT field through education that integrates literary science and information technology with a focus on mathematical science and information technologyFaculty of Comprehensive Mathematics[12], "I-" established in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture as a training institution for international architects, the Graduate School of Global Governance, which studies how to deal with global problems through complete English education and trains global leaders. AUD "(International Professional Course)[13][14]), With an interdisciplinary and international approach, such as fashion and business education promoted by the Faculty of CommercecreativeThere are many departments and majors that aim to train practical human resources.

Professional graduate schoolThen,Meiji Law SchoolHas a tradition sinceLaw School,recent yearsCPA ExamTOP3 is firmly established in the ranking of the number of successful applicantsAccounting Graduate School,JapaneseBusiness schoolFor the first time as EFMDEuropean Foundation for Management DevelopmentObtained the international certification ECAS (EFMD Program Accreditation System) issued byGraduate School of Management(Meiji Business School), Many incumbent members, mayors, etc. are enrolledGraduate School of Public PolicyEtc. are installed.

Lifelong learningEstablished "Liberty Academy" in 1999 and opened 420 courses on 2015 campuses. From XNUMX, we introduced a course certification system of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and established a vocational practical ability development program to support women's reemployment and advance their careers.

Industry-academia collaborationSo it ’s also a national projectmethane hydratePractical research[15][16][17][18]AndArtificial consciousness,Brain scienceResearch[19][20], In planetary explorationJAXACo-developed with the Institute for Molecular Science, which responds to global environmental problems.Bio plasticdevelopment of[21],MunicipalitiesIn partnership withself-drivingDemonstration experiments are being conducted.

In particular, in the Faculty of Comprehensive Mathematics, a lot of output-oriented research based on the creator's idea of ​​literary fusion is being promoted, and research and development that anticipates the advocacy of origami engineering and industrial utilization.[22][23][24]"Electric taste display," which is the world's first patent-pending attempt and is expected to develop a wide range of businesses such as the creation of new taste media.[25][26]Other than that, with companiesInteraction designProposals for new lifestyles are being promoted through joint research.

As a university-launched venture,Narita International Airport,Mitsubishi EstateNext-generation security solution service by integrating autonomous mobile robots and cloud technology developed by the Faculty of Science and Engineering, which has started operation in large office buildingsPanasonicBy joint development withITSolution services (both2019 Osaka SummitWas invited and exhibited as "Japan's Innovative Technology and Ideas"[27]) Etc., by the Faculty of AgricultureAged meatLarge-scale deployment of "aging sheet" manufacturing technology to restaurant chains and hotels, by the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and general electronics manufacturersIoTSystem product development, etc. are in progress.

International exchange

In the study abroad programHarvard University,Stanford University,London School of EconomicsWe will provide non-refundable benefit-type subsidies for studying abroad at designated overseas university institutions, improve cross-cultural communication skills through intensive English programs, etc., and study abroad in the second to third years. In addition to the "Meiji University Overseas Top University Study Abroad Program" that we are aiming for, each faculty has its own program, and the Faculty of Political Economy has set up a program.LSE,Beijing University,Yonsei University,Nanyang Technological UniversityWe have an inter-faculty agreement with the study abroad destination and both parties.Bachelor of Science"Double degree program" and "dual degree program" that can be acquired at the same time are installed.

On the other hand, for the first time in Japan, English was the official language.MBAThe program英国"economistJapan's No. 1 in various rankings in the world, including "Magazine"Business schoolWas evaluated as[28][29][30] International University(Graduate school) Was incorporated in 2013.The university has four economic organizations (Federation of Economic Organizations,Japan Chamber of Commerce,Keizai Doyukai,Japan Trade Association) And because it was established with the support of more than 900 leading companies representing Japan (also known as "Business World Graduate School"), it is also a recipient of executive candidates for leading domestic companies.Tokyo University,Hitotsubashi University,National Graduate Institute for Policy StudiesWithInternational Monetary FundBased on the (IMF) scholarship program, it is also a designated school that accepts students from Ministry of Finance and central bank staff in Asian countries.[31], Internationalization is being promoted both inside and outside the country.Under its umbrella, it is one of the top think tanks in the world.GLOCOMAnd so on.

In addition,Oxford University,France National Center for Scientific ResearchAs an international network base with major research institutes around the worldMinistry of educationof"Shared use / joint research baseWas also selected as ""Advanced Mathematical Science Institute (MIMS)[32]Has been renewed as an S rank in the final evaluation of the ministry, and the international research organization "National BioResource Project (MUIIBR)[33]And "International Institute for Biofunctional Materials", etc., various international research projects are underway.[34][35].

Comprehensive internationalization program for education and research[36][37]Regarding the approach toMinistry of education OfInternationalization base maintenance business(Global 30)[38]Has been adopted as one of the 13 international base schools in Japan.Global COE Program[39]It has also been adopted.

In collaboration with international organizations, the Institute for Intellectual Property Law Policy (IPLPI) in 2009[40] Installed, the first in JapanWorld Intellectual Property OrganizationConcluded a cooperation agreement with (WIPO) to enhance the database on intellectual property law.The Institute of Polymer Science is the first Japanese university research institute to be registered and certified by WIPO's Environmental Technology Partners.Also,United Nations Food and Agriculture OrganizationA memorandum of cooperation has been signed with (FAO). In 2010, participated in the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), which aims to solve global issues, at the same time as its inauguration.[41][42][43][44].

In 2019, as part of the promotion of internationalization and co-creative learning and education, we will open an international mixed dormitory "Meiji University Global Village" (MGV) on the Izumi Campus with the aim of forming an international community.

Girls' education

In 1929Specialized Department Women's DepartmentHas a history of pioneering women's higher education in Japan, such as the founding of the Women's Department of the Faculty of Law, the first Japanese university. From OG, Japan's first female lawyer, judge, career bureaucrat, politician, successful applicant of the University of Tokyo graduate school, doctor of law, etc. are born.

This tradition has been passed down to the Faculty of Information and Communication, which was established in 2004, and the establishment of the "Gender Center" in 2010 and the "Women's Researcher Research Activities" aimed at training world-class female researchers in 2015. It has been inherited by the establishment of "Support Project Promotion Headquarters" and "Gender Equality Promotion Center".

Also, in sports, the lacrosse club, which is a self-managed team of general entrance examination members, has won three domestic competitions for the second consecutive year, and golf, figure skating, kendo, etc. are strong players in women's competitions. Known and has recently taken the university title.In addition, the first baton twirling club and women's baseball club members have also been born.


As part of our university identitySportsIntellectualIn order to promote the fusion of high-level sports and to contribute to education and society through sports, the entire college sportsIntegrityIs being improved.

In 2019Soccer clubWon all five university titles,Baseball club,Rugby club,Skating club(Comprehensive by figure, speed, ice hockey), has won the university throne in major competitions such as the swimming club.Also, in women's competitions, lacrosse, figure skating, golf, kendo, etc. have won the university championships.

He won many championships in the university newspaper contest.Meiji University Sports"issue. In 2019, it will be the first university-sponsored event in Japan to be held as the "Meiji University President's Cup DPT Vaccination".e-sportsHold a tournament.

Compared to other schools, there are many athletic clubs that have a small number of elite systems, but there are also many professional-oriented players in soccer, baseball, etc., and the soccer club has 4 out of 15 fourth graders.J LeagueNext (2020), the baseball clubド ラ フ トThe continuous nomination record is being updated.In both cases, the number of active professional players is the highest by university.[45]..In addition, the baseball club saidShundai ClubWhile having a strong alumni organization, the soccer club and others are carrying out their own social contribution activities that utilize external funds, such as the management of their own supporters clubs and the support of sponsor companies, which is a new link between sports and society. A system is being created.

Academic style and characteristics

Using the era-leading "Akatsuki no Kane" as a symbol, "a university that strengthens the individual"TaglineIn addition, "social cooperation / contribution" is the mission of the university along with education and research.[6][46] It is positioned as.

With its headquarters campus in central Tokyo, it provides practical education through exchanges with domestic and overseas companies, universities, government-affiliated institutions, etc., as well as an academic environment and extracurricular activity programs unique to a comprehensive university.Especially, theater and music are popular, and theater is the largest amateur theater event that mobilizes more than 4,000 spectators every year.Meiji University Shakespeare ProjectIn addition to the "Ochanomizu Jazz Festival," which invites famous musicians to music,OchanomizuMusic events will be held throughout the city.

As an urban university, there is a lot of interaction with the front lines of each field, especially in theater.Literary Theater, In musicAvex, In the OJT type undergraduate courseFuji Television Network, Inc, In sportsNikeTie-up events with such events are being held.Also, in the Faculty of International Japanese Studies, the United StatesTokyo DisneylandEarn credits in partnership withInternshipThere are also distinctive study abroad programs such as study abroad programs with rewards.


(The main source of the history section is the official website[47][48]


Modern nationThe establishment of a modern legal system was the most important issue in establishing theMeiji governmentThere was an urgent need to compile a new code by comparative research of Western laws and to train bureaucrats to understand and operate the modern legal system.As an institution responsible for these matters1871(Meiji 4) June,Ministry of JusticeToMeiho Dormitory(laterMinistry of Justice Law School) Was created.

1872(Meiji 5) 7 first-year students entered the school in July.Many laterjudge-ProsecutorAs Japan in the Meiji erajudicialIt was decided to support.Founder'sTatsuo Kishimoto,Miyagi Kozo,Yashiro MisaoAre 20 of these 3 people in JapanWestern modern lawIt corresponds to the first generation who learned.In addition, the majority of these first-year students are involved in the establishment of Meiji University.


Meiji University was a young lawyer in his twenties at the time.Tatsuo Kishimoto,Miyagi Kozo,Yashiro Misao 3 people1881Established on January 1thMeiji Law SchoolIs the mother body.

At the time of establishment, oldTottori Domain-Teruchi IkedaAnd oldShimabara lord-Tadakazu Matsudaira(Edo Shogunate15th GeneralYoshiki TokugawaWith support from his younger brother)Chiyoda WardYurakuchoSukiyabashiThe former Matsudaira Tadakazu residence "Sanrakusha" was opened as a school building.Ministry of Justice Law SchoolMany human resources from graduates and study abroad groups from France participated, and it was the most advanced at that time.French lawProfessor[49].

Lecturer at Meiji Law School in January 1882[50]

1886In 12 monthKanda WardMoved to a new school building in Surugadai Minami Kogacho (currently Kanda Surugadai 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku) and established two faculties, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Administration.1903ToVocational school ordinancebyOld technical collegeWhen it became, the name was changed to the current school name.1920In 4 monthUniversity decreeByOld university(Along with the other 5 schools, as a private universityWaseda University-Keio UniversityNext to the third[52].. For more informationOld universityreference).

Chronological Table

  • 1886(19th year of Meiji)
    • January-Established two departments, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Administration.
    • December --Promulgation of special supervision regulations for private law school, relocation of school building to 12 Surugadai Minami Kogacho, Kanda-ku (formerlyOchanomizu SquareNear the site of Building C), at the relocation opening ceremonyTakaki Oki-Koki Watanabe-Fukuzawa Yukichi-Nakae ChominEtc. attended.
  • 1887(20th year of Meiji)
  • 1888(21th year of Meiji)
    • 3 month - Five major law schoolsParticipate in the Union Grand Debate[57].
    • June-Established Meiji Law School Magazine Bureau.
    • July-Established a system of principal and vice-principal (principal, Tatsuo Kishimoto, vice-principal, Kozo Miyagi).
    • August-Two faculties, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Political Science, are approved by the specially approved school rules.
    • 10 month - Tokyo Law SchoolandTokyo Buddha SchoolMerger problem with[58].
  • 1890(23th year of Meiji)
  • 1891(24th year of Meiji)
    • April-Founder Yashiro Misao passed away[59].
    • October-At the school staff meetingKansai Law SchoolApproved partnership with[60].
  • 1892(25th year of Meiji)
    • May --Tatsuo Kishimoto, Kozo Miyagi, Shiro Isobe and others announced the theory of implementation of the Commercial Code.
    • December-The Third Imperial Diet passed a bill to postpone the enforcement of the Civil Code and Commercial Code (hit the Buddhist law sect).
  • 1893(26th year of Meiji)
    • February-Founder Miyagi Kozo passed away[59].
    • July-Abolished the Faculty of Political Science.
    • 12 month - Ministry of JusticeBecame a designated school for the prosecutor's appointment test.
  • 1896(Meiji 29) November-For the first timeStudentsIs enrolled.
  • 1897(Meiji 30) September-Established a graduate school of higher education, a lecture meeting of the publishing department, and a loan student system.
  • 1898(Meiji 31) August-Kansai Alumni University Social gathering was held at the Osaka Youth Club.
  • 1899(32th year of Meiji)
  • 1900(33th year of Meiji)
    • February-Alumni Bachelor of LawstitleWill be awarded.
    • October-First diploma award ceremony[61].
  • 1901(34th year of Meiji)
    • May-Define uniforms and caps.
    • October-Held the first pseudo-parliament[62].
  • 1903(36th year of Meiji)
    • 8 month - Vocational school ordinanceByMeiji UniversityRenamed as.Renamed the Publishing Department Kohokai to Meiji University Publishing Department (abolished in 1952)[63].
    • 10 month - Kandanishiki TownPurchased the former Kanda Junior High School building and relocated the higher preparatory course[64]..The library reading room will be expanded to become a library.Oral meetingInauguration (first chairman,Fusaaki Uzawa[65].
  • 1904(37th year of Meiji)
    • May --- Due to the revision of the school rules, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Political Science, the Faculty of Letters, and the Faculty of Commerce were established, and the main and specialized departments were established in each faculty.
    • September --History Gakudo opened (Nishikicho branch school, closed in 9).
    • 12 month - Kobu RailwayOchanomizu StationOpening[66].
  • 1905(38th year of Meiji)
    • April-Opened a simple commercial school (in Nishikimachi branch school, 4)Hozen Commercial SchoolClosed after merging with).
    • July-University organizationFoundationChange to.
  • 1906(39th year of Meiji)
    • 2 month - Alumni associationIs established.
    • September-Faculty of Letters class started (9 student recruitment stopped).
  • 1907(Meiji 40) April-Meiji Higher Preparatory School opened (closed in 4).
  • 1908(41th year of Meiji)
    • April --Opened Boissonade Bunko (burned down in the Great Kanto Earthquake).
    • July-The specialized departments within the faculty became independent, and the main department became the university department and the specialized department becameSpecialized departmentRenamed[67].
  • 1909(42th year of Meiji)
  • 1910(43th year of Meiji)
  • 1911(44th year of Meiji)
    • 9 month - Yamaguchi Takasho45 Qing dynasty international students who dropped out of school will move to Meiji University Commerce Department (until December)[69].
    • October-Completion of the first memorial hall.A ceremony to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the school was held as well as a ceremony to relocate the new school building.
  • 1928(3)
    • 3 month - 3rd generation memorial hallCompletion.
    • April-Held a celebration to commemorate the reconstruction.
    • May-Approved revision of school rules for conducting exercises (seminars) in the Faculty of Commerce.
  • 1929(4)
    • 4 month - Specialized Department Women's DepartmentInstallation (law and commerce).Established a second department of commerce in the specialized department.Criminal MuseumEstablished (Memorial5th floor, open to the public after the war).
    • June-Formed a sports club by integrating 6 sports clubs.
    • November-Sundai Student Consumers' Co-op established (Public Security ActDissolved in 1932 due to revision).
    • December --Completion of Surugadai Gymnasium.
  • 1930(5)
    • January-As a university preparatory course and playground siteWadahori TownIzumi ShindenDecided to acquire the former site of the explosives storage (currentlyIzumi Campus).
    • 4 month - Specialized departmentPlace a department manager and a department manager in.Established Meiji University Commercial School (closed in 1950).
    • November-Tuition and student autonomy alliance closure case occurs.
  • 1931(6)
    • July-"Private UniversityDeposit money"Petition for" submitted to the Ministry of Education (9 universities including Meiji University).
    • October-Give 10 yen from the imperial family for library construction.Meiji University Cultural Federation formed.
    • November-Held a ceremony to commemorate the 11th anniversary of our founding.
    • December-Renamed the Department of Economics of the Specialized Department to the Department of Political Economy.Receive a refund of 12 yen out of the deposit (58 yen) paid to the national treasury (for construction of the preparatory school building)[88].. "Meiji University Sundai Shinpo" is banned.
  • 1932(7)
    • 1 month - Rugby club, Achieved the first national domination (Jingu Stadium, Meiji University 54-11 Kyoto University)[89].
    • February --The preparatory committee was established.
    • March --Meiji University Ordinance announced.Library completed (opened in June).
    • 4 month - Specialized DepartmentInstallation (literature, history, newspaper).Admission to the undergraduate school for female graduates.Renamed the president to the president.
    • October-Tuition and educational conditions issues Alliance school closure case occurs.
  • 1933(8)
    • April --Student / student disciplinary rules, alumni association rules, academy society rules, and class committee rules are enforced.
    • 7 month - Nichiro FisheriesPurchase 500 tsubo of company-owned land[90].
    • November-The alliance school closure case by preparatory science students occurs (until January of the following year).
  • 1934(9)
    • 4 month - Preparatory course IzumiMoved to.Yuzo Yamamoto"Woman's life』Donated royalties, established Yamamoto warehouse.
    • November-Held a preparatory school relocation festival and physical education day (predecessor of the Izumi festival).
  • 1935(10)
    • January-Completion of the Preparatory Martial Arts Hall (Yi Likan) (current location of the Izumi Library).
    • February-As the nearest station to the preparatory school buildingMeidaimae StationOpening of business.
    • April-Department of Political Science and Economics is divided into Political Science and Economics[91].
  • 1936(11)
  • 1937(Showa 12) July-Hachimanyama playground opened, all sports clubs except the baseball club moved.
  • 1938(13)
    • April-Established the Theater and Film Department in the Department of Arts and Sciences (later turned into a skeleton), and reorganized the Department of History into the Department of Geography and History (Ground History Department).
    • October-Baseball club achieves four consecutive victories in the six-university league match.
    • 11 month - Higher civilian examinationThree women from Meiji University in the judiciary department (Ai Kume,Yoshiko Mibuchi,Masako Nakata) Pass[94]..Director of GuidanceTakayoshi MatsumuroAn "insult case" occurs over the instructions of (Major General of the Army Reserve).
    • December-Because of the preparatory schoolyardKunigoro IizukaA monument to the soul of a major general (former officer assigned to the preparatory school of Meiji University) was erected[95].
  • 1939(Showa 14) June- Specialized Department Koa DepartmentWas newly established, and four departments of management, trade, agricultural policy, and welfare were established.
  • 1940(15)
    • 3 month - High school girl-Women's onlyAmend the school rules to allow graduates to enter the undergraduate school. Completion of Building No. 4 (two-story wooden structure, current location of the university hall).
    • 6 month - NYCCA Life InsurancePurchase 1,130 tsubo of company-owned land[96].
    • July-Completion of the preparatory library.
    • November-Held a ceremony to commemorate the 11th anniversary of our founding.
  • 1941(16)
    • April --Formed the Meiji University Bulletin Group.ChibaPurchased Honda Farm.
    • December-Opening of Master and Disciple Cafeteria (Kotaro ShidaNaming the president)[97].
  • 1942(Showa 17) September --Completion of the girls' school building.
  • 1943(Showa 18) June- MemorialHeld a student soldier send-off ceremony.
  • 1944(19)
    • March --Reorganized the women's club into the Meiji Women's College.
    • April --Established Tokyo Meiji Technical College (Surugadai, Mechanical / Electrical / Shipbuilding).Renamed the specialized department commerce department to the management department.Southern Special International StudentAdmission (only Meiji University in private school).
    • May-Izumi school building is recruited by the military.
  • 1945(20)
    • April-The air raid damages the Surugadai Gymnasium, the girls' school building, and the Izumi Preparatory School Auditorium.
    • August-due to the end of the warStudent mobilizationRelease.
    • September-Class resumed.Renamed Koa Department to Industrial Economy Department.
  • 1946(21)
    • February-Resurrection of the Alumni Association.
    • April-Established a chairmanship (President and Chairman)Tamio Kondo).
    • June-Meiji Agricultural College established (Meiji Agricultural College establishedChibaHonor Tamura, Agriculture, Livestock, Agriculture and Civil Engineering).
    • October --Resurrection of Gakuenkai (specialized department).
  • 1947(22)
  • 1948(Showa 23) April-Recruitment of students from the former specialized department and technical, agricultural, and female colleges is suspended.
  • 1949(24)
    • 2 month - School reformByNew universityThe Faculty of Law, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Agriculture were established.
    • March-Established two departments: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, and Faculty of Letters.
    • October-Old ArmyNoborito InstituteApply for the sale of the site (currently Ikuta Campus).
  • 1950(25)
    • March-Established two departments of engineering.
    • 4 month - Meiji University Junior CollegeInstallation.The Department of History of the Faculty of Letters was changed to the Department of History and Geography, and the Department of Archeology was added.Faculty of Engineering Okubo school building opened (Hozen Commercial High SchoolBorrowed from the school building, until 1952).
    • November-Ceremony to commemorate the 11th anniversary of our founding (Memorial)Emperor ShowaAttendance.
  • 1951(26)
  • 1952(27)
    • March --Approved to establish Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Commerce, Graduate School of Political Economy, Graduate School of Literature, and Graduate School of Engineering.
    • April-First and second year students of the Faculty of Law, Commerce, and EconomicsIzumi school buildingMoved to.
    • May-Formed a student union.
    • June-The unified student competition is held, and the residents' association and alumni association are newly established as a student association.
  • 1953(28)
    • March-Held a joint graduation ceremony for the last of the old faculties and the first of the new faculties.
    • April-Established Faculty of Business Administration (Ikuta)[101]..Established Department of Agricultural Manufacturing, Faculty of Agriculture.OldShinjiro MiwaPurchased a residence (later on the site of Building No. 10).
    • June-Formed an on-campus purification committee to resolve the expulsion of violent students and opposition to mass fraudulent enrollment.
    • July-Student society strikes all over the university. "Meiji University Sports』First issue (Japan's first student sports newspaper).
    • November --Reorganize the professor social gathering into a full-time professor federation (Senkyoren).
    • December-Completion of graduate school building[102](Current location of Meiji Square).
  • 1954(29)
    • March-Faculty of Law, Commerce, Politics, Literature, Engineeringgraduate SchoolApproved to establish a doctoral program.
    • June-The Criminal Museum is open to the public (Building 6, 2th floor).
  • 1955(30)
  • 1956(31)
    • April-Ikuta's Faculty of Business AdministrationSurugadaiMoved to.Expansion of the master's program in the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering.
    • June-Completion of Ogawamachi school building (current location of Shikonkan).
  • 1957(32) March --Approved for expansion of the Graduate School of Literature.
  • 1958(33)
    • March --Meiji University degree regulations established.
    • April --Completion of Surugadai Buildings 4 and 6 (formerlyYamawaki Fashion Art AcademyRuins).
  • 1959(34)
    • March --Abolition of junior college newspaper department and social studies department.
    • April-Established Graduate School of Agriculture and Graduate School of Business Administration.
    • September --Completion of Surugadai Library.
  • 1960(35)
    • January-Izumi Library completed.
    • March ――3th anniversary commemorative projectAlaskaAcademic research team departs, mountain groupDenali(McKinley) Succeeded in climbing (May).
    • April-First and second year students of the Faculty of Arts and BusinessIzumi school buildingMoved to.
    • August-Completion of Izumi No. 8 School Building.
    • September-The inauguration ceremony of Chofu baseball stadium is held.
  • 1961(36)
    • March-Ph.D. in Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering.
    • May-Completion of Surugadai Building No. 5.
  • 1962(37)
    • March --The old Meiji University was abolished.Established Honorary Doctoral Regulations and Emeritus Professor Regulations.
    • September --Completion of Ikuta Daiichi School Building.
  • 1963(38)
    • April-Approved doctoral program in Economics, Graduate School of Political Economy.
    • May-Completion of Surugadai Building No. 9.
  • 1964(39)
    • March-Ikuta No. 3 School Building, Building No. 1 completed.
    • April-Graduate School of Literature, Department of Japanese Literature, Department of English Literature, Department of French Literature, Master's and Doctoral Courses, Department of Geography, Doctoral Course Expansion.
    • March-Ikuta No. 6 School Building, Building No. 4 completed.
    • 9 month - Yasuda Fire and Marine InsurancePurchased the ground (adjacent to Izumi Campus).
  • 1965(40)
    • March --Completion of Ikuta No. 3 School Building, Buildings 2 and 3.
    • April --Completion of Surugadai Building No. 4 (formerlyMiura SunosukeFormer residence).Hijiribashi school buildingChuo UniversitySold to[104], Completed relocation to Ikuta school building of Faculty of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering.
  • 1966(41)
    • March --Established a master's and doctoral program in the Department of Industrial Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering.
    • April-Criminal Museum, Archaeological Museum, and Product Display Hall move to Ogawa Town School Building[105].
  • 1967(Showa 42) March --Renamed the Department of Agricultural Manufacturing, Faculty of Agriculture to the Department of Agricultural Chemistry.
  • 1968(43)
  • 1969(Showa 44) June- SurugadaiLiberation area on Meidai-doriKanda Calce RattanAppearance[107].
  • 1970(Showa 45) March-University Reform Special Committee established.
  • 1971(Showa 46) April-Graduate School of Letters, Department of German Literature, Master's Program in Drama.
  • 1974(49)
    • January-Formed Union Parents Association (currently Parents Association).
    • April-Expansion of doctoral programs in the Department of German Literature and the Department of Drama, Graduate School of Letters.
  • 1975(Showa 50) June- Takeo MikiAwarded an honorary doctorate to the Prime Minister (graduate of Meiji University).
  • 1976(Showa 51) June- University of California, Los AngelesConcluded an academic exchange agreement with.
  • 1978(53)
    • April --Established Graduate School of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Agricultural Economics.
    • July-The late composerMasao KogaAwarded an honorary doctorate.
  • 1980(55)
    • June-Former Prime Minister Takeo Miki at the 6th Anniversary LectureRice showerFormer Ambassador to Japan gives a lecture (Imperial Hotel).
    • November-Ceremony held to commemorate the 11th anniversary of foundation (Nippon Budokan).
  • 1981(Showa 56) April --The product display hall moves to Surugadai Building No. 4.[109].
  • 1983(58) March --Completion of Ikuta No. 3 School Building No. 3.
  • 1984(59)
    • April-Completion of the 4th anniversary library and research building.
    • June-The late adventurerNaomi UemuraAwarded an honorary doctorate.
  • 1985(60)
    • July-Completion of the 7th anniversary university hall.
    • November-The Criminal Museum, Archaeological Museum, and Product Display Hall are relocated to the University Hall.
  • 1987(62) May-Izumi school building library extension completed.
  • 1988(63) October --- Completion of Izumi Daiichi School Building.
  • 1989(Showa 64/HeiseiFirst year)
    • February --Completion of Ikuta Daiichi School Building No. 2.
    • April --Reorganized the Faculty of Engineering into the Faculty of Science and Engineering (three departments of Information Science, Mathematics, and Physics are added).
    • June --Completion of Ikuta No. 6 School Building No. 6.
  • 1990(2) April-Graduate School of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics, Doctoral Program Expansion.
  • 1991(3)
    • January --Completion of Ikuta Central School Building.
    • March-In the second department of the Faculty of CommerceIllegal entrance examDiscovered[110]In addition, the turbulent pulse of the second division student section comes to light[111](Resigned from directors in March of the following year)[112].
    • April-Integrate the administrative departments of the Criminal Museum, Archaeological Museum, and Merchandise Exhibition Hall[113].
  • 1993(5)
    • April-Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Architecture, Department of Industrial Chemistry, Master's and Master's Program of Basic Science and Engineering.
    • June-Comprehensive Facility Promotion Council decides to redevelop Surugadai A district[114].
  • 1994(6)
    • May-Completion of Surugadai Building No. 3.
    • 9 month - Murayama Tomi CityAwarded an honorary doctorate to the Prime Minister (graduate of Meiji University).
    • October-Completed all four volumes of "Meiji University 10 Year History".
  • 1995(7)
    • April-Established a doctoral program in the Department of Basic Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering.
    • 11 month - MemorialGoodbye event held.A monument was erected at the birthplace of the Meiji Law School (Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku).
  • 1996(8) September-Izumi Gymnasium completed.
  • 1998(10)
    • July --Completion of High-Tech Research Center, Completion of Ikuta Daiichi School Building No. 7.
    • September-9th Anniversary HallLiberty TowerCompletion.
  • 1999(11)
    • March --Kiyosato Seminar House completed.Completion of Ikuta Structure Test Building.
    • April-Established Liberty Academy.
  • 2000(12)
    • March --Completion of Ikuta Shokudokan (Square 3).
    • April-Established Department of Life Science, Faculty of Agriculture, librarian course and teacher-librarian course.
    • February --Completion of Ikuta Daiichi School Building No. 8.
    • October-Established Intellectual Asset Center.Completed the Central Library of the Surugadai School Building.
  • 2002(14) April --Established Department of Regional Administration, Faculty of Political Science and Economics.Established Department of Psychology and Sociology, Faculty of Letters.Established Department of Accounting and Department of Public Management, Faculty of Business Administration.
  • 2003(15)
    • April-Established Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Agriculture.
    • July --Established the Intellectual Property Headquarters to promote social cooperation.
  • 2004(16)
    • January --Academy Common completed.
    • April-Law SchoolLaw School・ Established Graduate School of Governance and Graduate School of Global Business.Business School Graduate School of Global Business, Psychological Clinical Center opened.Established Faculty of Information and Communication.Ikuta No. XNUMX School Building A completed.Suspended recruitment of junior college and second division students.Meiji University Museum(Criminal department, merchandise department, archeology department) opens in Academy Common.
  • 2005(17)
    • March-Izumi Media Building completed.
    • April-Abolished the presidential system and shifted to a two-pronged system by the president and president.Established a master's program in the Department of Clinical Anthropology, Graduate School of Letters.Established accounting graduate school.
    • October-Akihabara satellite campus opened (closed in 10).
  • 2006(18)
    • March-Meiji University Junior College closed.
    • April-Established 4 Vice Presidents.Changed the name of the Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering to the Department of Applied Chemistry.
    • December-Completion of the Shikonkan.
  • 2007(19)
    • February-Unified entrance examinations for all faculties are held at 2 venues nationwide (Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuoka).
    • April --Established Master's and Doctoral programs in the Department of Clinical Anthropology, Graduate School of Letters.Established a professional degree program at the Graduate School of Governance.Reorganized the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering, and established the Department of Electrical and Electronic Life.
    • December-Malaysia satellite office opened (University of Technology Malaysia campus).
  • 2008(20) April --Established Faculty of International Japanese Studies.Established the Department of New Area Creation, Graduate School of Science and Engineering.Established Graduate School of Information and Communication.Established Graduate School of Liberal Arts Design.Renamed the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture to the Department of Food and Environmental Policy.
  • 2009(21)
    • March --Completion of Izumi International House.
    • October-Established International Cooperation Organization.Established Intellectual Property Law Policy Research Institute.Opened Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library.
  • 2010(22)
    • March --Opened Gender Center, Faculty of Information and Communication.
    • April-Meiji University Peace Education Todo Research Institute Museum opened.
    • June-Completion of the east wing of the Izumi General Gymnasium.
    • November-Participated in the official inauguration ceremony of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI).
  • 2011(23)
    • April-Opened the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences.Established the Graduate School of Letters, Department of Literature and Media.Meiji University Press resumed[63].
    • June-Established Earthquake Reconstruction Support Center.
    • December --Completion of Ikuta No. 12 School Building D.
  • 2012(24)
    • February --Opened International Research Institute.
    • April --Opened the Graduate School of International Japanese Studies.Kurokawa farm opened.
    • May-Opened Izumi New Library.
    • November-Opened Regional Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Center.
  • 2013(25)
    • 1 month - Police collegeOpened Nakano Campus on the site.Surugadai C district education and research building (global front) completed.International University(Graduate school) Is incorporated.
    • April-Established Faculty of Comprehensive Mathematics.Faculty of International Japanese Studies moved to Nakano.Established International Professional Course, Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Science and Engineering.
    • August --Opened ASEAN Center (OpenedThailand-Bangkok).
  • 2014(26)
  • 2015(27) June- World Intellectual Property OrganizationConcluded a cooperation agreement with (WIPO) to enhance the database on intellectual property law.Established Gender Equality Promotion Center.
  • 2016(28) April-Class time changed from 4 minutes per class to 1 minutes per class.
  • 2017(20) November-"Meiji University Academic Festival" was held for the first time.
  • 2018(30)
    • February-Graduate School of Global Business is the first Japanese business school EFMD(European Foundation for Management Development) Obtained the international certification EPAS (EFMD Program Accreditation System).
    • March --Opened Meiji University Institute for Autonomous Driving Society.
    • April-Established the Department of Philosophy in the Department of Psychology and Sociology, Faculty of Letters.The Law School was integrated into the Professional Graduate School as the Graduate School of Law.
  • 2019(31/ReiwaApril --- Opened "Meiji University Global Village (MGV)", an international student hall (international mixed dormitory) on the Izumi campus.
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • February --Opened Meiji University Rainbow Support Center.
    • October-Held an event to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the birth of the school song.
  • 2021(3nd year of Reiwa)
    • January 1-Meiji University Surugadai Campus (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and its surroundings) has a shortage of child and adolescent psychiatric medical institutions, so the "Meiji University Children's Heart Clinic" was opened on the Surugadai Campus. Opened the hospital and started medical treatment for child psychiatry.[115]
    • April-Since the spread of new coronavirus infections has continued since 4, the lesson policy is announced on the official website.[116]

basic data



school song

  • school song
    "Meiji University Song(Lyrics:Outside Kodama, Supplementary lyrics: Yaso Saijo, Song:Yamada Kosaku[121][122]
    • Sasagawa TaneoFrom (Professor of Preparatory Course)Yosano Tetsudo,Outside KodamaWas introducedTsutomu TakedaThree students, including the oneYamada KosakuWith the cooperation ofMiki RofuIt was completed after being revised by others. “White clouds flutterSurugadaiBecause the song "" is famous, it is also commonly called "Hakuun Naviku".[123][124].
    • The school song at the time of enactment is long at the end of each sectionRefrainHowever, the refrain part stopped being sung, probably because it was difficult for general students to sing.[125]..Tsutomu Takeda, who later became President of Meiji University, visited Kosaku Yamada, who was sick, and apologized for changing the school song.Yamada replied, "It's natural to change to make it easier to sing."[126].
    • During the Pacific Warright自由I experienced the hardship of being forbidden to sing Nos. 2 and 3 because the lyrics were not good.[127].
    • 2020An event was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the school song, and Kosaku Yamada's autographed score was used to reproduce and sing the <phantom> phrase.[128].
  • Student song
    "Clouds of flowers that smell in the city" (lyrics :, composition:Masao Koga[129]
  • Cheer song
    The first cheering song "Shikon no Uta" (lyrics: Meiji University cheering party, composition: Masao Koga)[130][131]
    The second cheering song "Blood tide is burning" (Lyrics: Hideo Mita, Composition: Metropolitan Police Department Music Corps)
    Third cheering song "Under the Purple Blue Flag" (Lyrics: Toshio Nomura, Composition:Yuji Koseki
    Fourth cheering song "Brave Meiji" (Lyrics: Kiyoshi Iwachi, Composition: Tomio Morita)
    In addition, "Young Meiji Song", "Shining Meiji", "Looking Up Crown", "Raging Advance", etc.In addition, there are many cheering songs.
    In addition, "Rugby Club Song (Varsity Meiji)" (Lyrics:Kaoru Kasuga, Composition:Irie Tamemori) Etc. Many traditional songs for each organization / club

Education, research



Faculty of Law

Predecessor Meiji Law School In the prosecutor (current lawyer) examination and the prosecutor appointment examination, the number of successful applicants reached nearly 4% of the total.[132][133][134][135].

The "Legal Research Institute" has been established for aspiring legal professionals, and the "Administrative Research Institute" has been established for aspiring national civil servants.Early graduation system (3 years) for students with particularly excellent grades only for those who wish to go on to graduate school or law school[136][137] There is.

  • Department of Law[138]
    • Business low course
    • International Relations Law Course
    • Public legal course
    • Law and Information Course
    • Legal course
      • The course is divided into courses from the second year, but the legal profession course is selected based on the grades up to the second year at the beginning of the third year. It is possible to change to a course other than the legal profession course in the third year
Faculty of Commerce

1904Established as the first private school in the Faculty of Commerce.In the establishment,Eiichi ShibusawaFounded by Shibusawa in addition to the support ofCommercial Law School(CurrentHitotsubashi University) Major professors participate as lecturers[139][140].. In 2001, the two departments of the Department of Commerce and the Department of Industrial Management were reorganized into the Department of Commerce and a seven-course system.Through tie-ups with well-known companies, students will develop the ability to solve problems by teams in the field of business, and after giving presentations to the executives of each company, they will actually commercialize and broadcast programs. The program is installed[141]..Early graduation system (3 years) for students with particularly excellent grades[136] There is.

The Faculty of Commerce promotes fashion and business education.Classes that combine classroom lectures, practice, and overseas training are also set up.[142].

  • Department of Commerce
    • Applied Economics Course
    • Marketing course
    • Finance & Insurance Course
    • Global Business Course
    • Management course
    • Accounting course
    • Creative business course
      • Divided into courses in the third year
Faculty of Political Economy

1925Opened.2002Established the Department of Regional Administration in.2008Introduced a "seminar instruction type course system" by revising the curriculum. As a guideline for selecting courses in the 3rd and 4th years, 4 courses are set up, which are further divided into 3 course packages for each.Students choose courses and course packages that are appropriate for their research theme, based on the guidance of the instructor in charge of the seminar.There is a journalist training program, "Basic media laboratory[143], Lectures and exercises are given by active journalists.There is also a double degree program that allows you to graduate in four years, including study abroad. Established "ACE (English Practical Ability Training Course)"TOEICAll students can take the exam at the university.

  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Regional Administration
    • Our Courses
      • Political Science / Sociology Comprehensive Course
      • Economics / Economic Policy Comprehensive Course
      • Regional administration comprehensive course
      • International Cultural Comprehensive Course
Faculty of Business

1953Established as the first private school of business administration.Established as a specialized faculty for business management, separated from the Faculty of Commerce.2002In addition, the department system of management, accounting, and public management was transferred. In the 3s, the faculty alone attracted more than 1990 applicants.

Although the undergraduate entrance examination is conducted and the department affiliation is from the second year, it is possible to take exercises (seminars) and specialized subjects other than the department to which the department belongs.A human resources development program that develops leadership and advanced communication skills is also set up as a curriculum. As part of "cultivating global human resources," we will also focus on practical English education and IT education."Youth president training course" (for students who are candidates for successor presidents who are planning to succeed to the business and students who want to start a business) is set up in the common general course between faculties, and practical programs such as lectures by active company managers are available. It is prepared.Seoul National UniversityIt has its own inter-faculty agreement with the Faculty of Business Administration.Early graduation system (3 years) for students with particularly good grades[136] There is.

  • Department of Business Administration
    Learn the overall structure of corporate management and acquire the basic knowledge that is essential for management.Business planning / management in the business planning department of a private company and business departmentPlanning-Marketing,management consulting,Venture business OfStart-up,managementAssuming a career such asCurriculumThe set.
  • Department of Accounting
    Learn the basics of accounting to grasp corporate activities numerically.Certified public accountant,Tax accountantIn addition to specialists such asInternational Accounting Standard,US GAAPControllers and management of global companies that make use of such knowledgeConsulting farm,think tankWe plan to train professionals such as.
  • Department of Public Management
    Established from the basics of new publicity to concrete management theory regarding actual activities.Career after graduationNPOA curriculum has been set up with directions for three types of management: government, government, and public business.Introduced a practical education program,Industry-academia collaborationWe plan to develop human resources in the non-profit sector.
Department of literature

It has a tradition of teaching by well-known literary figures since the prewar literary department.To the main literary figuresNatsume Soseki,Ueda Satoshi,Yuzo Yamamoto,Hideo Kobayashi,And so on.

2002Department of Psychology and Sociology,2004Established a literary media major in the Department of Literature.

  • Department of History and Geography
    • Department of Japanese History
    • Asian History Major
    • Department of Western History
    • Archeology major
      1950Established as the first private school major in archeology.A total of 11 full-time archeology staff are enrolled, and lectures on overseas archeology are also offered by invitation from outside the university.University Joint Archaeological SymposiumOrganized.
    • Geography major
  • Department of Psychology and Sociology
    • Department of Clinical Psychology
    • Department of Contemporary Sociology
    • Philosophy major (established in 2018)
Faculty of Information and Communication

2004Opened in.It develops an educational curriculum that transcends the boundaries of humanities and science, and is positioned as a faculty of "a new academic field that transcends social studies, humanities, and natural sciences."[144].. "Specialized Department Women's Department (Meiji Women's College in 1929, and in 1944)" established in 1950Meiji University Junior CollegeThere is a history of opening the faculty in the form of inheriting the flow of "(reorganization)".Gender equality societyFurther promotion of womenCareer formationSuch asgenderWith a particular emphasis on research, a gender center was established within the faculty in 2010 to open up and develop a new academic field called gender studies.[144].telepathyInformation transmission bycommunicationTo study etc.Supernatural power(Parapsychology) And other courses are also available.

Small-group seminar education is conducted in stages from the 1st year to the 4th year, and it is possible to specialize in the field of interest.In information processingCCNA,Oracle MasterWith the goalInformation literacyConduct education.International-related subjects are also enriched, and foreign language education menus that are not available at other universities are also available.Social researcherWe have also set up a program for acquiring qualifications.

Media literacyIn the program for trainingFuji TelevisionEstablished a unique course (video representation theory) by joint program production with[145]..Under the guidance of Fuji TV program production staff, students plan, plan, and interview newsreels, and finally complete it as a single program.[146].

  • Department of Information and Communication
    • Social system and public course
    • Organization and community course
    • Multicultural and International Cooperation Course
    • Media and Environment Course
      The course system was abolished from 2017 enrollment.
Faculty of International Japanese Studies

While focusing on Japanese culture and social systems, we will focus on intensive English education with a small number of people and international liberal arts education to correctly understand different cultures.As a study abroad programOxford UniversityIn addition to studying abroad in languages ​​and semesters, Florida State UniversityDisney worldInternship study abroad in partnership with Disney (organization by Disney's executives, etc.management,leadershipIn addition to taking classes such as, while receiving rewards for on-site training at Disney World, in the international communityCommunication skills-leadershipHalf a year to feedInternship) Etc. are installed.Also,Beijing UniversityThere is a particularly deep exchange with the company, such as setting up a co-sponsored course.Also,Comic-AnimeCulture courses are located in this faculty.The male-female ratio is about 1: 2, and the female ratio is high. In April 2013Izumi CampusWas newly established fromNakano CampusMoved to.There is an early graduation system (3 years) for students with particularly good grades[147].

  • Department of International Japanese Studies
    • Japanese culture course
    • Japanese Social System Course
      Course system will be abolished from 2013
  • International Japanese Studies Specialized Subjects
    Research area[148]: Pop Culture Research Area, Social Systems / Media Research Area, International Relations / Cultural Exchange Research Area, International Culture / Thought Research Area, Japanese Culture / Thought Research Area, Visual Culture Research Area, Japanese Research Area, English Research Area
Faculty of Science and Engineering

The origin is the Tokyo Meiji Technical College, which was established in 1944. Due to the postwar academic reform, it became the Faculty of Engineering in 1949 and was reorganized into the Faculty of Science and Engineering in 1989.[149]..About 3% of undergraduate students go on to graduate school[150].

The "I-MAST" (Institute of Meiji Advanced Science and Technology), an education and research system that integrates the undergraduate and graduate schools of science and engineering, provides students with many choices and is a general mixed class across departments. In addition to curriculum such as liberal arts classes and practical language education, it is also characterized by information processing education under one of the leading system environments in Japan.In addition, as part of global human resource development, it is possible to take classes such as English on a liberal arts campus, and joint research with leading institutions inside and outside Japan is being promoted.

  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Life
    In addition to experimental / practice subjects, specialized subjects include the fields of environment / energy, new materials / devices / nanotechnology, communication networks, and life / information control systems.A comprehensive academic society related to electrical and electronic information controlInstitute of Electrical EngineersThe chairmanMatsunori MitsunoriA professor is working (the second school from a private university).
  • Department of Mechanical Information Engineering
    In addition to the basic education courses for studying mathematics and physics, there are courses for materials and structure, motion and vibration, energy and flow, design and production / management, measurement / control, information / mathematics, and comprehensive design skill development.
  • Architectural course
    In addition to the subjects such as architectural design exercises / practices, there are subjects in the fields of structure / materials, architecture / city planning & management, environmental engineering, and architecture / urban design.There are only a few facilities in Japan, such as a large experimental building for studying the strength and structure of a real building.
  • Department of Applied Chemistry
    The subject groups include general area-related, experimental / research-related, analytical chemistry-related, inorganic chemistry-related, organic chemistry-related, polymer chemistry-related, physical chemistry-related, and chemical engineering-related.The ratio of female students accounts for about 30%.
  • Department of mechanical engineering
    In addition to basic subjects and experimental training subjects, there are subjects such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, strength of materials, and mechanical mechanics as "four major mechanics", and specialized subjects such as processing / working, materials, design, measurement / control, and information processing. There is a group of subjects.Passenger plane OfJet engineThe school is equipped with the actual products and test benches.
  • Department of Computer Science
    Subjects include basics, hardware, software, and applications.
  • Mathematics[151]
    In addition to basic and introductory courses, there are courses such as algebra, geometry, analysis, mathematical education, computer / information science, and probability statistics.
  • Department of Physics[152]
    In specialized education, there are subjects of common basics, department specialization, and multiple fields.About 6% go on to graduate school.There are 14 laboratories and the average number of students is 5.
Faculty of Agriculture

The predecessor of the Meiji Agricultural College, which was established in 1946.[149].Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryAs a base development project supported by the government, we will realize a stable supply of food and industrialization of agriculture.Plant factoryIt is one of the eight major bases for research and development and human resource development nationwide.There is also research on cosmetics and food, and some departments have a female ratio of over 8%.2012ToKawasaki CityKurokawaA research and training facility with a total project cost of billions of yen that integrates advanced technology on 13.3 hectares of land in the district. Kurokawa farm[153][154] Established.

  • Department of Agriculture
    There are two study models, "food production-related" and "environment-related".In addition to the common core subjects, the major subjects include "food production-related" subjects, "environment-related" subjects, and "food production-related" and "environment-related" common subjects.Often in other universities it is a different departmentFood production"When"Environmental protectionThe feature is that "" is in the same department.
  • Department of Food Environmental Policy
    2008Renamed the Department of Agricultural Economics to.It is a liberal arts department in the Faculty of Science, and comprehensively researches the themes of "food and agriculture" and "environment and resources" from the aspect of social science."Major I" for delving into interest is divided into "Food and Agriculture" and "Environment and Resources".Asahi beerOverseas training is set up by tie-up with.
Faculty of Comprehensive Mathematics

New faculty opened in 2013[12]..Educate the cutting edge of mathematical science and information technology, and develop human resources who will be leaders in the fields of mathematical science and IT.We will train human resources who can face each other with mathematical and logical grounds from a complex perspective that spans society, the humanities, and the natural sciences.

It is installed on the same campus because it emphasizes education that integrates literacy.Faculty of International Japanese StudiesIt is also possible to take courses such as. Seminar participation is possible from the first year.

  • Department of Phenomenon Mathematical Sciences[156]
    AndMeiji UniversityIt is a new academic field advocated by the government, and aims to understand phenomena by constructing and analyzing mathematical models for various phenomena that appear in nature and society.Specialized education subjects consist of subjects such as "Basics of Phenomenon Mathematics", "Computer Mathematics", "Social Mathematics", "Creative Mathematics", and "Practice / Research".
  • Department of Advanced Media Science[157]
    Specialized education subjects consist of subjects such as "Introduction / Special Lecture", "Programming", "Information Technology", "Media Mathematical System", "Advanced Information Media / Human", and "Practice / Research".Computer music, Media art design and other art-related subjects, from program design / development technology to cultural content design technology, we provide a wide range of education that integrates literacy.
    The faculty members include researchers in fields such as product design, interaction design, media studies, and augmented reality.
  • Department of Network Design[158]
    Specialized education subjects consist of subjects such as "Network Design Basics", "Network Core Technology", "Intelligent Mathematical Systems", "Network Design", and "Practice / Research".In addition to the basic engineering technology and computer technology that form the network, we have set up a wide variety of subjects that allow you to widely learn the "intelligent mathematical system" for flexibly solving problems and the technology of network design around you.It is responsible for creating human resources who can play an active role as engineers who play a central role in the planning, construction, and operation of various network systems.

Graduate School

  • Graduate School of Law(Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Until 2013 students
      • Department of Public Law
        • Master's Program Course
          • Law Study Course
          • Law specialization course
      • Civil Law Major
        • Master's Program Course
          • Law Study Course
          • Law specialization course
    • From 2014 students
      • Department of Public Law
        • Master's Program Course
          • Legal researcher training course
          • Advanced professional training course
      • Civil Law Major
        • Master's Program Course
          • Legal researcher training course
          • Advanced professional training course
  • Graduate School of Commerce(Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Department of Commerce
      • Economic series
      • Commercial series
      • Management line
      • Accounting series
      • Financial / securities series
      • Insurance series
      • Transportation series
      • Trade series
  • Graduate School of Political Economy(Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Political Science Major
      • Master's Program Course
        • Researcher training course
        • Specialized course
    • Economics Major
      • Master's Program Course
        • Researcher training course
        • Specialized course
  • Graduate School of Business Administration(Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Business Administration
      • Master's Program Course
        • Research course (researcher training)
        • Management course (re-education type for adults)
          Both courses consist of 10 courses: business theory, corporate theory, business science, business management, personnel / labor, business history, financial accounting, management accounting, public management, and global course. ..In addition, in the research course, we will focus on enhancing language learning and develop management and accounting research using foreign languages. The subjects are "Foreign Literature Research", "Communication Research", and "Business Administration Research Method".Specialized subjects in the doctoral course are management theory special research, corporate theory special research, management science special research, business management special research, personnel and labor special research, business history special research, financial accounting special research, management accounting special research, public accounting special research. Consists of.
  • Graduate School of Literature(Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Master's program
      • Japanese Literature Major
      • English Literature Major
        • English Literature Specialization
        • American literature major
        • English Studies
        • English teaching profession
      • French Literature Major
      • German Literature Major
      • Drama major
      • Literary media major
      • History major
        • Japanese History Specialization
        • Asian History Specialization
        • Western History Major
        • Archeology major
      • Geography major
      • Department of Clinical Anthropology
        • Department of Clinical Psychology
        • Clinical Sociology
    • Doctoral Program
      • Japanese Literature Major
      • English Literature Major
      • French Literature Major
      • German Literature Major
      • Drama major
      • History major
        • Japanese History Specialization
        • Asian History Specialization
        • Western History Major
        • Archeology major
      • Geography major
      • Department of Clinical Anthropology
        • Department of Clinical Psychology
        • Clinical Sociology
  • (Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Information and Communication Major
  • (Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Department of International Japanese Studies
      Research areas of the first semester: Pop culture research, media / society / international research, multicultural coexistence / intercultural education research, Japanese language / Japanese language education research, English education research, culture / thought research
  • (Master's program/Doctoral program)
    A comprehensive graduate school established in 2008 that considers "peace," "environment," "human rights," and "coexistence."The ethics of human behavior accompanying the dramatic development of science and technology, the understanding of different cultures in the global society, the construction of a peaceful and sustainable society, the development of new knowledge and actions regarding coexistence with the natural environment, these are in the 21st century. It is presented as a fundamental issue in human history, and the goal is to create (design) new "knowledge" for these contemporary issues.
    • Liberal Arts Design Major
      • "Ethics / Philosophy / Religion" Area Research Course (Renamed to "Thought" Area Research Course from 2014)
      • "Culture" area research course
      • "Peace / Environment" Area Research Course
  • Graduate School of Science and Engineering(Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Electrical Engineering Major
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Department of Architecture and Urban Studies
      • International architectural city design system
        In April 2013, the "International Professional Course" was stated that the domestic construction industry is required to train construction engineers with a view to expanding overseas.[13]Established in the master's program.
    • Department of Applied Chemistry
    • Department of Information Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physics major
    • New Area Creation Major
      • Safety studies
      • Digital content system
  • Graduate School of Agriculture(Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Agricultural Chemistry Major
    • Agricultural science major
    • Agricultural Economics Major
    • Life Science Major
  • (Master's program/Doctoral program)
    • Department of Phenomenon Mathematics
      Is a global base of "Meiji UniversityAdvanced Mathematical Science Institute (MIMS)[32]Established in 2011 as an educational and research institute.It is a field to elucidate and apply various phenomena of modern society caused by uncertain fluctuations (brain, immune system, Internet, economic fluctuation, social development, etc.) by modeling using mathematics, mathematical biology, mathematical medicine. , Mathematical finance, and contribute to the development of mathematical science such as mathematical human science.
      Since 2011, we have been holding the "MIMS Phenomenon Mathematical Research Presentation by High School Students" every year.University of Tsukuba Komaba High School,Hiroshima University High SchoolEtc. have won a prize.
      The origami-type 3D printer developed by Professor Ichiro Hagiwara, an advocate of origami engineering, makes it possible to easily create three-dimensional objects at low cost, and is used for research on the structure of automobile bodies to reduce collision impact. other[159]Since it will be possible to manufacture products without using expensive molds, it is possible to shorten the development time and cost of small lot products.
    • Advanced Media Science Major
    • Network Design Major
  • (Doctoral course only)
    • Department of Global Governance
      International civil servants and internationalNGOAll classes are conducted in English, accepting people who want to become professionals.In addition, three programs are offered: "Public Policy Program", "International Development Policy Program", and "Regional Management Program".

Law School

The professors"Prominent faculty" section in the list of people at Meiji UniversitySee.It is fully equipped with a specialized library / law library specializing in law, a mock court, etc. The "Legal Research Institute" has been established with the cooperation of the "Meiji University Hosoukai" to support law school graduates from passing the bar examination. 2011Bar examinationThe number of successful applicants was 90 and the pass rate was 23.5%, but in 2016 the number of successful applicants was 36 and the pass rate dropped to 12.12%.[160].. The 2017 subsidy, including the basic amount, was evaluated as zero because the educational effect was not sufficient.The cumulative pass rate was also judged to be sluggish, and the capacity sufficiency rate in FY2016 was less than half.[161]..After that, the number of successful applicants in 2017 was 30 (pass rate 11.7%), and the number of successful applicants in 2018 was 25 (pass rate 12.3%). As a result of reforms such as the enhancement of the homeroom / deputy homeroom system and detailed small-group education with a visible face, the number of successful applicants in 2018 was 40 (pass rate 2019%), and the number of successful applicants in 26 was 16.0 (pass rate 2020). %, 30th place in the number of successful applicants).In addition, the efforts for educational reform have been highly evaluated, and the amount of subsidies from the national government has increased more than before, such as receiving a comprehensive evaluation of "A⁺" in the 23.6 law school public support and review program and "A" in 9. doing.

Professional graduate school

Research and Intellectual Property Strategy Organization

In 2003Ministry of educationAdopted as a model school for the development of the University Intellectual Property Headquarters, and established the "Meiji University Research and Utilization Intellectual Property Headquarters".

  • Research Planning Promotion Headquarters
    • Basic Research Division
      • Institute of Social Science
      • Humanities Research Institute
      • Science and Technology Research Institute
        • High Tech Research Center
          A facility jointly used by the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Agriculture, with various research facilities and equipment installed.
    • Research cluster
      • Intellectual Property Law Policy Institute (IPLPI)[40]
        Intellectual property lawPromote comprehensive and global research and business activities in cooperation with domestic and foreign researchers, practitioners, industry, legal profession, government, international organizations, etc.The representative isNobuhiro NakayamaProfessor(Nishimura & Asahi (Japan's largest law firm) Advisor,Creative Commons Japanrepresentative).It holds international conferences by inviting the Director General of the European Patent Office and the Director of the Patent Office of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
      • Institute of Ancient Studies, Japan
        The history, archeology and literature of the ancient Japanese archeology (Yayoi-Heian period) are organized as "Japanese ancient studies", and the history and cultural image of the civilization of the archipelago is presented at a new level.Aim to build a global research center for Japanese ancient studies.Beijing University,Korea University,University of Southern CaliforniaExchange activities with major overseas research institutes are being carried out.
      • Wild Science Institute
        Founded in 2011.The director is a thinker / anthropologistShinichi Nakazawa.
  • Research and Utilization Intellectual Property Headquarters
    • Intellectual Asset Center
    • Research Results Utilization Promotion Center
  • Advanced Mathematical Science Institute (MIMS)[32]
    With this new academic field created by Meiji University, we will work to solve problems in a wide range of areas facing the modern world, from natural phenomena such as earthquakes to the world economy.Promote plans to become a global hub for phenomenological mathematics ("Global COE Program"reference). In 2014,Ministry of education OfShared use / joint research base(The one who received the base certification in the field of mathematics and mathematical science)Kyoto University,Kyushu UniversityThis is the third school after that, and the first at a private university).Smartphone appCommercialization and newXNUM XD modelingDeveloped by the modeling technique of large three-dimensional objects by3D printer[22][24] Etc. have been reported.
  • Illusion Museum[162][163]
    Advanced Mathematical Science Institute and Incorporated Administrative AgencyJapan Science and Technology AgencyA research exchange base for computational illusions established by (JST) in 2011.In addition to the illusions of the five senses including touch, taste, smell, and hearing, a wide range of human activities including irrational choices in human economic behavior and voting behavior, misunderstandings in communication, and mistakes in media expression are regarded as illusions. Aims to establish a wide range of cross-sectional illusion science, which is a common principle.The representative isKokichi Sugihara教授[164].
  • International Research Institute (MIGA)[165]
    Established in 2011think tank..Inviting international political and business people, academics, etc. from outside the university, collaborating with government agencies, universities, companies, international organizations, etc. in Asia-Pacific countries to conduct policy proposal-type research related to international issues, and the government Make recommendations to[166].
  • National BioResource Project (MUIIBR)[33]
    Meiji UniversityUniversities, research institutes, companies, etc. in Japan and overseasconsortiumInternational research organization by.The purpose is to create, maintain, and utilize biological resources that contribute to the development of next-generation medical technology based on agriculture.
  • Obsidian Research Center[167]
    Based on the concept of "human-resource environment system"archeology,GeologyLaunched a cross-sectional research project related to ,,obsidianPromote research on the dynamism of humankind's approach to diverse resources, including.Promote the construction of an international network with major research institutes around the world.
  • Plant Factory Basic Technology Research Center[168]
    21Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryEstablished by "Advanced Plant Factory Facility Development Project"Plant factoryOne of the eight major domestic bases for research and development and human resource development related to plant factories.Technology developed independently for the purpose of reducing production costs, such as nano bubble sterilization of culture solution, artificial lighting, pesticide-free and clean vegetable-free production system by aseptic air conditioning, and utilization of natural energy by windmill and solar power generation. The concept is an educational facility where you can see "advanced and dreamy agriculture".The Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the Faculty of Business Administration, and the Faculty of Commerce jointly develop research and development, regional distribution of products, and human resource development projects.
  • Gas hydrate laboratory
    Regarding methane hydrate, which is expected to be a future domestic energy source related to global environmental changes, the "Surface Gas Hydrate Research Consortium" led by this institute succeeded in recovering methane hydrate in multiple sea areas such as the Sea of ​​Japan. It has become clear that it is widely distributed in the sea area, and it has attracted attention as having a great influence on the world's resource topography.In addition, traces of microorganisms have been confirmed in gas hydrate crystals, and it is attracting attention as a new means for elucidating the origin of life, which is one of the most important issues in earth science and life science. From 2020, the base will be moved to the Ikuta campus.
  • Regional Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Center
  • Main specific research unit
    • Civilization and Management Research Institute (Installation period: 2010.4 to 2015.3)
      Peter F. DruckerResearch on management theory and ideas, and develop management personnel.
    • Disarmament Peace Research Institute (Installation period: 2010.4 to 2015.3)
      "Utsunomiya Disarmament Laboratory』(19805Utsunomiya Tokuma(Member of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the Japan-China Friendship Association)think tank)'S research results will be inherited and developed, and research on disarmament and international peace will be conducted.Muammar al-KazafiAfrican Union(AU) In addition to satellite dialogue meetings with the chairman, recently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,UNRWA,JICAIn collaboration with Filippo Grandi (UNRWA Secretary-General),Sadako OgataHeld a public symposium with the participation of (JICA Chairman) and others. Published "Quarterly Disarmament Global Citizens" ().
    • Business Information Ethics Research Institute (Installation period: 2011.4 to 2016.3)
      Conduct research and recommendations on issues related to information ethics / computer ethics in companies.
    • Business Innovation Research Institute IBIM (Installation period: 2012.2-2017.1)
      Companies and regionsSustainabilityA comprehensive research institute for business innovation that also conducts joint research with external organizations with the central theme of (sustainability).Launched a project to form a base nationwide that connects young managers and leaders.

International Organization

  • International Cooperation Headquarters
  • International Education Center
  • Japanese Education Center

Social Cooperation Promotion Organization

  • Liberty Academy
  • Regional Cooperation Promotion Center

Library, etc.

  • library[169]
    • Central Library[170]
      "Japan Library Association Architecture Award(2002)[171] Awarded.Regular exhibitions are held mainly in the gallery[172]..It has various distinctive collections, and in 2009, it opened a new "Gesner Award Bunko".It has advanced facilities such as a group reading room and a multi-purpose hall that are partitioned according to purpose, and is visited by about 3,000 visitors annually, including visitors from overseas.
    • Izumi Library[173][174]
      「入ってみたくなる 図書館」 のコンセプトのもと 総工費37億円を費やし、2012年5月に開館した地上4階建て最先端の大規模滞在型図書館。テーブル席、ソファ席、ブース席など用途に合わせた1,200の閲覧席に加えて 共同閲覧室、グループ学習室、各種講座用ホールやギャラリー、カフェなどを併設。2012年5月開館以来の来館者数は、延300万人を突破(2015年11月現在)[175], Also called "Terminal" among international students. "Good Design Award(2013)[176] as well as "Japan Library Association Architecture Award(2014)[177] Award.
    • Ikuta Library[178]
      "Gallery ZERO", an exhibition space for digital contents and photographs, is also installed.
    • Nakano Library[179]
      Newly opened with the opening of Nakano Campus in 2013
    • Raw library[180]
    • Media library
      A media library has been set up on each campus where you can watch various media materials such as language materials and movies.
  • Manga library
A manga special library that boasts the largest collection of books in Japan.Approximately 18 items such as manga books and magazines are stored.
"Cool JapanA facility that serves as an outpost for the "Tokyo International Manga Library" (tentative name), which aims to become a "worldwide base".
In 2014Beijing UniversityOpened in.At the opening ceremonyMasato Kitera150 people from both countries, including the Ambassador to China, attended.

Aku You Memorial Museum


OB lyricist,Yu AkuMemorial hall. 2011, Academy Common B1FHato busInstalled in the zone that was also a sightseeing course.

Meiji University Museum

Surugadai CampusThe museum inside consists of a criminal department, a merchandise department, an archeology department, and a university history exhibition room.

Other education and research organizations

  • National Examination Guidance Center[182]
    • Legal Research Institute[183]
    • Accounting Institute[184]
    • Administrative Research Institute[185]
  • Meiji University Press[186]
    Resurrected in 2011 for the first time in half a century. An academic liberal arts book named "Meiji University Liberty X"SeriesAre being published one after another.
  • Kurokawa farm[153][154]
    "Agri Eco Farm" opened in 2012 and has advanced technology with a total project cost of several billion yen.Plant factoryWith a production system that makes full use of advanced technologyOrganic farmingAt the same time as being a farm that also has an environment-friendly production system based onSatoyama,Biotope,Biomass energyCirculation system,rainwaterUsage system,Wind-power generationFuture type such asecosystemFully equipped.A wide range of practical training and research and development is possible, and we aim to disseminate the next-generation farm model to the world and aim for future international cooperation.[42][187].
  • Gender center
    It was established in the Faculty of Information and Communication in 2010.Deputy director and former Fuji TV announcer Professor Naomi UshioShinzo Abe-AkieTaking full advantage of having a relationship with the Prime Minister and his wife[188],FemaleSelf-enlightenmentWe are actively promoting the promotion of success.
  • Gender equality promotion center
  • Female Researcher Research Activity Support Project Promotion Headquarters
  • Education Reform Support Headquarters
  • Education Development and Support Center
  • Education Informatization Promotion Headquarters
  • Admission Center
  • Employment Career Support Center
  • Volunteer center
  • Student counseling room
  • Peace Education Todo Research Institute Museum
  • Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Support Center
  • Psychological Clinical Center
  • Medical, Law and Ethics Museum (ELM, full-scale operation started in 2015)
    It was said to be the highest authority in the field of medical law in Japan.Koichi BaiThe archives of (Founder of Japan Medical Law Society, Vice Chairman of World Medical Law Society) are used as basic materials.In Japan ...BioethicsResponsible for academic leadership.


Global COE Program

2008Every timeMeiji UniversityAdvanced Mathematical Science Institute (MIMS)[32]Was adopted as the only global COE program in the Meiji era.[39]..Is a new academic field created by researchers at Meiji University who aim to contribute to society by elucidating many complex systems that exist in nature and society such as the world economy from natural phenomena such as earthquakes.We have concluded agreements with research institutes around the world and are engaged in educational and research exchanges at the international level.With the aim of building an international network for education of young researchers, we are applying for a young researcher training program called (ITN) in EU countries in collaboration with universities in 11 European countries as a collaborative institution on the Japanese side.[189].

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Private University Academic Research Advancement Promotion Project (until March 2008)

  • [190]
    • Science and Technology Research Institute
      • Research on activation of vital functions and advanced functionalization of artificial life forms
    • Biofunctional Application Nanomaterials Development Laboratory
      • Creation of new functional nanomaterials using biological materials
    • Environmentally Friendly Energy and Materials Research Institute
      • Development of environment-friendly energy and materials in electrical and electronic engineering and their applied research
    • Advanced Agriscience Team for Biological Utilization
      • Biotechnology for food production and biological utilization in the 21st century
    • Science and Technology Research Institute
      • Biotechnology project for food production and biological utilization in the 21st century
  • [190]
    • Institute of Social Science (Industrial Vitality Revitalization Research Group)
      • Research project for training entrepreneurs, businessmen, administrative personnel, etc. for the development of local industries
    • Institute of Social Science
      • Research on establishing an administrative management system for crisis management
    • Business Administration Research Institute
      • Research on strategic partnerships between NPOs, governments, regional companies, and universities in community development
    • Management Quality Science Institute
      • Quality-oriented human resource development and smart business collaboration-Research on management quality science-
  • [190]
    • Local Area Community Systems Laboratory
      • Ubiquitous Shopping Street Project
    • Regional Industrial Human Resources Development Research Center
      • Promotion of local industry in collaboration with specific bases for human resource development and management improvement of local companies
  • Academic Frontier Promotion Project[190]
    • Graduate School of Science and Engineering
      • Research on improving seismic performance of building structures and equipment inside structures that are subject to severe tremors
    • Institute of Social Science
      • Society / Human / Information Platform Project
    • Humanities Research Institute
      • Study of obsidian mining mine in the Stone Age
    • Institute of Social Science (Commercial and Business Administration Research Group)
      • Advanced Global Business and IT Management
    • Reliability Databank Laboratory
      • Research on reliability databank construction of machine materials and machine elements
    • Advanced Medical Materials Creation Laboratory
      • Creation of high-performance biomaterials that support advanced medical care and their application as medical devices
    • Institute of Ancient Cultural Properties
      • Interdisciplinary study of environmental history and human activity
    • Science and Technology Research Institute
      • Development of damage control and function maintenance system for structures and equipment / devices / piping systems under strong ground vibration
    • Institute of Ancient Studies
      • Comprehensive study of letters, iconography, folklore and religion in ancient Japanese culture
    • Institute for Bioresource Chemistry
      • Interdisciplinary research on advanced utilization of next-generation functional material "lacquer"

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Private University Strategic Research Infrastructure Formation Support Project

  • Research that forms a research base[191]
    • Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of stress response and its application to the agricultural and food fields
    • Research on establishing an administrative management system for crisis management
    • Comprehensive research on ancient studies to investigate the civilization of the Japanese archipelago
    • Creation and application of functional nanostructures
    • Development of food production technology aiming at low carbon and nitrogen emissions
    • Construction of next-generation regenerative medicine technology using biofunctional materials and formation of vertically integrated research base
    • Construction of a prehistoric anthropology based on the historical transition of the human-resource environment system
    • Reconstruction of the intellectual property legal system that considers the multiple values ​​of information goods and the role of creators and users
    • Organizational Information Ethics: A Study of Policy Recommendations for Addressing Information Ethics Issues in Commercial and Nonprofit Organizations
    • Construction of an organic resource recycling agricultural system in the region using sub-critical water-treated organic liquid fertilizer
    • Interdisciplinary research on the construction of a scientific analysis and evaluation system for lacquer and the investigation of lacquer culture
    • Formation of a completely artificial light type plant factory research base in urban areas based on the agricultural-commercial-industry collaboration model
    • Research on social management and establishment of governance in crisis management
    • Establishment of a new function control method for reproductive endocrine tissues by utilizing large-scale omics
    • Formation of a global center for Japanese ancient studies
    • Establishment of advanced environmental adaptation plant design research base based on elucidation of environmental response function
    • Research on the effect of improving public services of social enterprises by utilizing impact investment
    • Comprehensive historical research on disarmament / arms control and weapon transfer / technology transfer


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology GP (Good Practice)

  • High quality university education promotion program[192]
    • Independent / independent practical education through regional / industry-academia collaboration[141]
  • Highly qualified teacher training promotion program
    • "Class design ability formation support project"
  • Graduate Education Reform Support Program
    • Emergence of next-generation human resources who transmit mathematical science to society
    • Human resource development program for compound-eye Japanese ancient studies research
    • Overseas advanced education and research practice support
    • Research on the introduction of power systems for wind power generation
  • Unique University Education Support Program[192]
    • "Education and learning support system using networks (cultivation of" individuals "in an information-oriented society and creation of new learning-related styles)"
    • "Active efforts for internationalization by twinning"
    • Active use of the library as an "educational place"
    • Formation of a consortium for integrated education in mathematical life sciences
    • New development of support for the formation of basic skills for working adults by the student department -M-Navi program for the overwhelming majority of middle class-
    • Employment promotion program that responds to potential social participation needs for regional revitalization through wide-area cooperation
    • "Legal Education in Collaboration with the University of West Sydney"
    • "Support for learning for persons with disabilities in university education"
    • "Development of International Accounting Professional Training Program"
    • Long-term study abroad support "Meiji University long-term study abroad support program"
    • Overseas advanced research practice support "establishment of network robot control method"
    • "Development of biosensors using interfacial nanostructures"
    • "Brain cognitive developmental research on social intelligence"
    • National Legal Career Support Platform
  • Program for supporting contemporary educational needs[192]
    • "Wide area cooperation support program-Chiyoda-ku = Greater Tokyo area ECM (Education Chain Management)-"
  • "Attractive Graduate Education" Initiative
    • "MTS Mathematical Science Education with an Emphasis on Social Relations"
    • "" Process "Academic Evaluation System"
    • "Improvement of Accounting Graduate School Curriculum to International Standards"

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Super Global University Project

  • Top Global University Project Creation Support (Type B: Globalization Driven Type)[193]
    • To the world! MEIJI8000-Fostering students' independent learning and fostering human resources with excellent future development capabilities-

IT measures / information education

State-of-the-art and largest IT as a domestic universityInfrastructureTo build and implement the Ubiquitous College Plan.In 2005, we collaborated with the information-related departments of Tokyo's leading private universities.University Information SummitWas founded.

  • 2008-Introduced one of the largest universities in Japan.Achieves large-capacity data communication inside and outside the campus[194].
  • 2008-First in Japan with a student ID cardSuicaIntroduced "Student ID card with Suica" that integrates commuter pass[195]..In addition to certificate issuance payment, library entry / exit management, and simple authentication of the campus system, electronic money payment for university cafeterias and stores is realized.
  • 2010-First on-campus at a domestic universityCloud systemIntroduced.Teachers and students can use PCs outside the university, such as at home, in the same environment as classrooms and laboratories within the university.[196].
  • 2010-『iTunes Participation in "U" is permitted (and 3 other schools including the University of Tokyo), and video content such as classes, university information, student content, and sports specials is distributed.[197].
  • 2012 --Introduced the mobile portal system "Blackboard Mobile Central (iMeiji)"[198].iPhone,iPadIt has become possible to obtain all information about the university from mobile tools such as.
  • 2015-All applications for the 2016 general entrance examination will be "Web applications"[199] .

Academic festival

Held from 2017 for the purpose of promoting co-creative research and introducing it outside the university.Aiming to build a co-creative community that takes the framework between academics, by leadingly predicting turbulent social changes and asking society about technologies and knowledge for the future, epoch-making innovation through industry-government-academia collaboration Attempt to wake up.Presentations of university research results, collaboration negotiations with external organizations and companies, symposiums inviting experts from inside and outside the country, and discussions with general participants will also be held.

Lifelong education

"Liberty Academy"

1999Liberty Academy, a lifelong learning institution established in Japan, is an intellectual asset of the university.graduate School-library-博物馆Networked lifelong education departments such as.The basic idea isHighly professionalContribution to global citizens, issues facing global citizensLiberal ArtsCourses are offered in five parts: special planning, culture / culture, qualifications / practices, languages, and business, with the three categories of education) and regionalism (contribution to local communities).Opened more than 5 courses at each campus and Kurokawa Farm[201][202]

"Smart Career Program for Women"

From April 2015, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyHigher Education Bureau"Certificate of Course (Program)" promoted by[203] Participated in "Smart Career Program for Women"[204][205]..For the courses offered, "Advance Your CareerEnglish practice "" BusinesspresentationIn addition to practical subjects such as "Vision,"Roadmap""CoachingEtc. Self-development seminarThere are subjects in the field of system[206]..The course coordinators are a professor of the Faculty of Commerce and a former Fuji TV announcer and a professor of the Faculty of Information and Communication. Naomi UshioIs serving[205].

On January 2015, 12,Katsunobu KatoMinister of XNUMX million activitiesVisited the program and exchanged opinions with President Kenichi Fukumiya and Professor Ogawa, and actually in the coaching course.Self-enlightenmentI observed the situation of[207].

Social cooperation activities

In 2003, it was adopted as a model school for the university intellectual property headquarters development project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the "Meiji University Social Cooperation Promotion Intellectual Property Headquarters" was established.Aiming to build a new collaboration frame between society and the university, we have positioned the return of the university's "knowledge" born from research results to society as the mission of the university alongside research and education, and are developing a number of businesses.

University officials and graduates

University organization

As of 2016, it has produced more than 54 graduates in Japan and overseas.Meiji University Alumni Association[209][210]"Is one in the Meiji era[211]In the spirit of ", we will contribute to the development and fulfillment of our alma mater, and continue our energetic activities so that the students who follow can realize their dreams and contribute to society.[212]..The year after the school opens1882Alumni rules have been established for the alumni, and graduates, cram school supervisors, and experienced directors are referred to as alumni as alumni qualifications. The university is the first to use the name "alumnus".

Other alumni organizations are often named "Surugadai Club" or "Sundaikai" for each industry or region, and a university bulletin called "Surugadai History" is published. These are named after the place name of "Sundai" where the headquarters of Meiji University is located.By the way, the notation method of these organizations and bulletinsSundai Preparatory SchoolThe notation is similar, but not directly related. (Sundai Preparatory SchoolFounder of the former professorToshiharu Yamazaki

The "Union Shundaikai", a domestic OB / OG coalition organization, is the "Masumizu Club", which was established in 1953 as a gathering of business OBs and OGs, and the OBs who are active in politics, academia, and business in 1964. The "Meito Club", which was formed by OG with the aim of building a university that represents Japan, was integrated and established in 2002.Overseasニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,Los AngelesThere are alumni organizations in 10 bases around the world.In addition, the following are the main OB / OG organizations for each industry.

  • Meiji University Hosoukai
  • Sundai Accountant Club
  • Meiji University Certified Public Accountants Association
  • Meiji University Media Club (MMC)
  • Meiji University Labor and Social Security Attorney Sundai Association
  • Meiji University Scrivener Club
  • Meiji University Administrative Scrivener Association
  • Construction Real Estate Sundai Association
  • National Shimei Club (Inter-industry exchange meeting)
  • Bluish-purple club
  • Others (* Alumni Association occupational branch was abolished in 15 due to rule revision)



Campus location

Surugadai Campus

Located in central Tokyo, "Liberty Tower] Centered on the urban campus.In the Edo period, the area around the area was lined with daimyo residences and hatamoto residences, and in the Meiji period.royal,Ethnic family,Mitsubishi ZaibatsuIt is the place where the head family and others settled, and the Surugadai campus was old in 1910.KomatsunomiyaIt was opened on the site of the mansion.

Enter the university headquarters "Liberty Tower』Aims to be an information transmission base in the world2000Completed in[214][215].Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourismby"Cityscape Grand Prize] Etc. have been awarded.After that2004To "Academy Common[200][216][217]],2006"Bluish-purple building" (Alumni Hall),2013"Global Front" was completed.Furthermore, the school site is being expanded and the campus is being reorganized by acquiring the adjacent land, and plans are underway to develop the "Cultural Liaison Building," "Student Center," and "Tokyo International Manga Library" (tentative name).[218].

It has been a symbol of the university for a long time.Old memorial hallAfter the Great Kanto Earthquake, not only faculty and staff, but also students and school friends rushed in early, and voluntarily carried out reconstruction activities to proceed with construction throughout the university (in addition).Saionji public aspirationPurchased over 1,000 books byMitsubishi Joint Stock CompanyThere was a lot of support such as a donation of 1 yen (at that time) by[219].. Later years,Important cultural propertyAlthough it became a designated candidate, it will be rebuilt due to problems such as maintenance), the successor "Liberty TowerWas constructed with a donation of about 100 billion yen from university officials such as OBs and OGs.[220].

Izumi Campus

  • Faculty of Law: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Information and Communication, 1rd and 2th year
  • Graduate School of Use: Graduate School of Liberal Arts Design
  • Affiliated facility: Izumi International House
  • Traffic access:KO Keio Line-IN Inokashira Line Meidaimae Station[221]

1930Acquired land in Japan and started using it as a ground for baseball clubs and rugby clubs.1934In April, the preparatory school building was relocated.Suginami-EifukuWhile the background is in a residential area ofMeidaimae Station TheShibuya-Shinjuku-Kichijoji-ShimokitazawaIt is also located about 3 to 10 minutes from each of the nodes.

2005In April, along with the opening of the Faculty of Information and Communication, the "Izumi Media Building," a new 4-story, all-glass school building, was completed, and a media study room, a language call study room, a media library, etc. were set up. In March 7, the "Izumi International House" (International Exchange Center) was completed in line with the opening of the Faculty of International Japanese Studies.

Many of the existing school buildings, gardens and landscapes are former directors of the Faculty of Engineering, who are renowned as architects representing modern Japan.Horiguchi SumiIt is a work by, especially the second school building is "Selected by DOCOMOMO JAPAN Architecture of modern movement in JapanIs registered in.In addition, it opened in May 2012, and "Good Design Award(FY2013)[176]" as well as "Japan Library Association Architecture Award(FY2014)[177]Was won New Izumi Library[173][174] Has a very high student utilization rate with the concept of "a stay-type library that makes you want to enter"[175], Is nicknamed "Terminal" among international students.

Among students, there is a slang term for retaking classes at Izumi after advancing to Surugadai as "returning Izumi" and repeating a year as "stopping Izumi".

Ikuta Campus

The campus is about 20 minutes by train from ShinjukuIkutaLocated on a hill. 17m2The site is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and large-scale experimental equipment.

This place is oldArmy Science InstituteUnder the umbrellaNoborito InstituteAt the site, after the end of the war1945From October1949Until autumnKeio UniversityFaculty of medicinePreparatory course,Faculty of EngineeringPreparatory course,Faculty of LawIt was used as a temporary school building for the preparatory course (1 year)[223].

The former second school building No. 3 (current location of the second school building A) isToyoko YamazakiOriginal movie"White Tower"It was also known as the location of (released in 1966)[224].

"Meiji University Peace Education Todo Research Institute Museum" opened in 2010, "New Chemistry Building" (XNUMXnd School Building D)2011Completed.2012About 1,240m2Acquired the land adjacent to the campus and opened the "Regional Industry-Academia Collaboration Research Center".Citizen's course "Liberty AcademyAnd summer vacation science class for elementary and junior high school students[225], Implemented cutting-edge research results experience programs for junior and senior high school students. In 2014, the first school building No. 6 was completed.In addition to a large ground, there is also a practice area such as an equestrian club on the premises.In April 2012, apart from the Ikuta Campus,Kawasaki CityAsoKurokawaA land rich in nature with a satoyama (12.8m)2), Kurokawa Farm, a state-of-the-art agricultural research and training facility, was newly opened.

Nakano Campus

  • Faculty of use: All grades of the Faculty of International Japanese Studies and the Faculty of Comprehensive Mathematics
  • Graduate School of Use: Graduate School of International Japanese Studies, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of New Area Creation, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture, International Professional Course[13]
  • Affiliated facilities used:Advanced Mathematical Science Institute (MIMS)[32]
  • Transportation access: JR / Tokyo MetroNakano Station8 minutes walk from the north exit[226][227]

2013April, before and during the warArmy Nakano School, After the warPolice collegewas thereNakano OfNakano Four Seasons CityOpened as the 4th campus within.

It consists of a "high-rise building" with 14 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground, which houses classrooms and laboratories, and a "low-rise building" with 400 floors above ground, which houses a dining room, library, hall (5 seats), etc. It is connected by an atrium.Many lounges will be set up throughout the campus as self-study spaces and communication spaces.With the opening of the Nakano CampusFaculty of Comprehensive MathematicsWith the new establishment ofIzumi CampusからFaculty of International Japanese StudiesWas relocated.

Campus that existed in the past

  • Hachioji branch school
1883By attracting local influential people (Kaishintō-affiliated representatives)Hachioji YokoyamachoEstablished in (Principal and Vice-Principal)Ichiro Yoda).The school was closed in about a year and a half due to a decrease in the number of students and financial reasons.[228].
  • Kojimachi branch building
Kojimachi WardA school building that also serves as a dormitory that existed for a short time at 54 Ichibancho.The same placeSaionji public aspirationBrotherTokudaiji MitsunoriIt is said that he gave a lecture in a tatami-matted building in a corner of the house.In addition, in the vicinity of the Kojimachi branch buildingMiyagi KozoWith the mansionYashiro MisaoThere was also a mansion[229].
  • Nishikimachi branch school
1903Former Kanda Junior High School building was purchased and made into a high school preparatory school building.In September of the following year (in both China and South Korea)StudentsPreparatory educational institution for1909The commercial department was expanded and relocated to1912Used until the end of May[70].
  • Okubo school building and Hijiribashi school building(Faculty of Engineering)
1949Meiji University was born inFaculty of EngineeringWas initially teaching in Izumi, but because there were no science facilities at all,1950ToShinjuku ward(I.e. OfHozen Commercial High SchoolBorrowed from the school building19517Holy Bridge AcademyAcquired the school site of1965It was used as the Hijiribashi school building until the relocation to the current Ikuta campus was completed.
  • Akihabara Satellite Campus(* Abolished in 2010)
Aiming to become a research and development base for the global information industryAkihabara CrossfieldParticipated in the plan, focusing on ITIndustry-government-academia collaborationAs a base for developing business2005It was opened in Akihabara Daibiru (17).It consists of a seminar space, a research space, and a collaboration space, and was used for technical seminars such as the Faculty of Science and Engineering, joint research with companies, and presentations and demonstrations of research results.In addition, the University of Tokyo, University of Tsukuba, etc. move in.

Auditorium / Hall

  • "Academy Hall" (Surugadai Campus)[230]
    A large hall (accommodating about 3 people) set up on the 6rd to 1,200th floors of the Academy Common.With a structure that takes in natural light, both the audience seats and the stage are movable.It has been used for a wide range of purposes such as international conferences, symposiums, plays, concerts, and premiere previews of overseas movies.
  • "Liberty Hall" (Surugadai Campus)
    A hall installed in the Liberty Tower (accommodating about 500 people).Used at symposiums, academic societies, etc.
  • "Global Hall" (Surugadai Campus)
    A hall set up at the global front (accommodating about 200 people).Used at symposiums, academic societies, etc.
  • "Media Hall" (Ikuta Campus)
    The main hall (central school building) of the Ikuta campus.Used at symposiums, academic societies, etc.
  • "Hall" (Nakano Campus)
    A hall that can be used by about 400 people in the image of the woods.Used in lectures, video conferencing, classes, etc.

Sports competition facility

  • "Hachimanyama Ground" (Setagaya, Tokyo)
    The headquarters of the Meiji University Athletic Association.1937Opened.2003In March, in addition to the athletics stadium with a 3m all-weather track, a rugby field, soccer field, American football field, hockey field, archery field, and second training camp will be completed.At the entrance of the second training camp, a large gate structure called "Victory Arch" is installed on the all-glass wall.
  • "Meiji University Utsumi / Shimaoka Ball Park" (Fuchu, Tokyo)[231]
    A training and competition facility based at Meiji University and the baseball club of its affiliated school.2006October, FuchuMitsuiCompleted on the site of the ground.The site of about 7.5 m² is equipped with an indoor practice field, an indoor pitching practice field, and a training camp, as well as an artificial turf first stadium and a natural turf second stadium that are also used for official games.An electric scoreboard will be placed at the main stadium.
  • More
    "Nishichofu Camp" (Chofu, Tokyo) of the rigid garden ball club and table tennis club2004In the form adjacent to the attached Meiji High School and Junior High SchoolJapan AirlinesIt was installed on the site of the ground.
  • About the "(tentative name) Meiji University Sports Park" concept
    For the maintenance of practice areas and training camps for each department of the athletic club and the establishment of a new facultyTama TechAbout 20 m of trace2The plan to open "Meiji University Sports Park (tentative name)" was announced (June 2010).Mitsubishi CorporationWas planned to be used as early as 2014.[232]..But on the premisesKinranThe endangered wild grasses were seenGoshawkSince the nesting site was confirmed, the examination by the Tokyo Natural Environment Conservation Council based on the Tokyo Nature Conservation Ordinance took a long time and was approved in May 2013, but the start of construction was significantly delayed and the facility was reduced. I was forced to change the plan[233]..Furthermore, due to the reconstruction project following the Great East Japan Earthquake and the soaring construction materials and labor costs associated with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it was found that the construction cost would be 1.7 times higher than the initial plan.As a result, by October 2013, the Meiji University Council decided to withdraw the "sports park" installation plan at the site of Tama Tech.[234], Asked Setagaya Ward to cancel the city planning change due to the sale of Hachimanyama Ground.On the other hand, Hino City is requested to cancel the business plan on November 11th.[235]..MC costs a lot of money to acquire land, and its use is almost limited to schools (Urbanization control area), I asked Meiji University to continue the business or buy the land. In March 2015, Mitsubishi Corporation filed a lawsuit against Meiji University for a total payment of about 3 million yen.[236], April 2018 The Tokyo District Court partially accepted the claim, saying, "It is unavoidable to give up the plan, but Meiji University was obliged to discuss the possibility of land purchase in good faith as a post-processing." Ordered payment of 4 million yen (Mainichi Shimbun 8/3900/2018)[237].

Student hall, seminar house, etc.

  • Meiji University Global Village
  • Izumi International House
  • Komae International House (affiliated facility)
  • Ikuta Guest House
  • Kiyosato Seminar House
  • Yamanaka Seminar House
  • Sugadaira Seminar House
  • Lake Hibara Seminar House
  • In addition, there are 5 contract facilities, etc.

Welfare facility

The Meiji University Co-op, which originally operated a welfare facility to collect records of purchasing professor's textbooks,MilitantsbyStudent movementAs an activity base of, it was also a source of funds[238] Therefore, the Meidai authoritiesPolicemenDismantled by 2003 with the cooperation ofMeiji University #Student MovementSee).At the same time, the Meiji University authorities established Meiji University Support Co., Ltd., an external operating company, in January 1996, and are currently operating in the form of taking over the business of the co-op.[239]..The facilities entrusted by Meiji University from Meiji University are diverse, including the following student cafeterias, cafes, restaurants, libraries and convenience stores.[238][240].

Student cafeteria, cafe, restaurant, etc.

  • Surugadai Campus
    Liberty Tower"Sky Lounge Akatsuki" on the 17th floor is a high-rise restaurant with a total of 367 seats.On the Surugadai campus, there are also "Salon San" on the 23rd floor of Liberty Tower and Academy Common "Café Pénsee".[241], Shikonkan "Restaurant Foresta"Chinzanso[242], Global frontSaint Marc CafeEtc.
  • Izumi Campus
    The restaurant building "Izumi no Mori" has set meals and noodles on the 1st and 2nd floors, and a cafe and "BAGEL & BAGEL" on the 3rd floor.Also in the libraryOdakyu Restaurant SystemOpened "Foresty Coffee Meiji University Izumi Campus Store".
  • Ikuta Campus
    In addition to "HILLS (21F)" and "Meiji University Ikuta DINING (2F)" in Square 3 (restaurant building), "Student Hall" 32F in Building 1Noodles, Cafe "Turipano", Neo Yataimura, etc.
  • Nakano Campus
    There is a food corner and a cafe corner on the first floor of the low-rise building[243][244].

Foreign relations


Universities / research institutes

Major partner schools
Other cooperation agreements, etc.

Companies, incorporated administrative agencies, etc. (only some are listed)

Endowed course establishment organization

There are many endowed courses by external organizations such as companies, covering various specialized fields from journalism, media strategy to fashion business.

Entrusted business

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,Ministry of education,Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,Mitsubishi Research InstituteWait

Tie-up project
  • Faculty of Information and Communication ×Fuji Television[253]
    Through program production in collaboration with Fuji TelevisionMedia literacyA course to learn practically.Students are divided into teams, and under the guidance of Fuji Television's program production professionals, they plan, plan, and interview newsreels, and finallyFuji TV Wangan StudioSo each team brings this program video and completes it as one program.
  • Faculty of Commerce ×Dentsu×Asahi Shimbun[254]
    Through the experience of business processes in the mass media such as the Asahi Shimbun headquarters, the Asahi Shimbun executives made plans considering the positioning of the Asahi Shimbun through competitive analysis and the business model of the newspaper by comparing with other media. Give a presentation for.
  • Faculty of Commerce x Dentsu xFM Tokyo[255]
    As "industry-academia collaboration special class" RADIO FUTURE "-radio program production for university students by university students", through the experience of the problem solving process in the actual business field of radio, the ability to grasp various phenomena and the ability to extract problems, Foster the ability of teams to solve problems.Learned the series of processes and ideas of radio program production and broadcasting, made plans for program production, presented to executives, produced radio programs based on the report contents at TOKYO FM Studio, and broadcasted 12 times in total. To do.
  • Faculty of Commerce ×JTB
    The company's business development manager will serve as a lecturer in the class "Learn the concept and method of new service business development" in collaboration with JTB, and students will aim to propose new businesses based on travel with the company's employees. Hearings to related industries and company tours will be conducted for each group, and finally a presentation will be given to the executives of the company, including the president of JTB Corporation Tokyo, and commercialization of the winning work will be considered.
  • Faculty of Commerce ×HONDA
    Hybrid car OfInsightThrough lectures by more than a dozen employees, including Honda's product planning staff and development managers, we will learn about the overall picture of development, production, sales, etc. at automobile manufacturers.We also visit research institutes and give lectures that touch on development secrets.Students summarize sales strategies and make proposals in a competition format to executives and marketing department leaders.Honda expects students to play a role as an external planner and uses their opinions in future sales strategies.Social Media"mixiThe appearance of the development in a big campaign using "" is the TV program "Nikkei Special Gaia Dawn] And so on.
  • Faculty of International Japanese Studies ×JTB×JAL×Hilton[256]
    After taking intensive language lectures at the University of Hawaii, for about 4 months, I took lectures focusing on hospitality-related subjects at the University of Hawaii, and after learning the basics for internship, for about 3 months. Internships at local hospitality-related companies such as JTB Hawaii, Japan Airlines Honolulu Branch, Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Resort, and Outrigger Resorts.Study abroad period is 8 months.
  • Faculty of International Japanese Studies ×Walt Disney World[257]
    Florida State UniversityIn addition to taking classes such as organizational management and leadership by Disney officers, etc., a unique half-year paid leave that cultivates communication skills and leadership in the international community while receiving rewards for on-site training at Disney World.Internship.
  • Keio GroupBusiness proposal project
    Keio Department StoreJoint planning and sales of Recruit Pumps.
  • Faculty of Commerce (Seminar) ×Lotte,Sanyo Shokai,Hirota of Western confectionery,Yanagiya Main Store, Metro Commerce, etc.
    Collaboration product development, public relations strategy development, store consulting, etc. planned by students
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Information Science ×cyber-agent
    Joint research on the development of cutting-edge advertisement distribution technology
  • Faculty of Agriculture Department of Food and Environmental Policy ×Asahi beer
    Agricultural experience training in China
  • Other,Kinokuniya BookstoreMeiji University Book Fair (recommendation corner for professors, etc.) in collaboration with, simulated venture management by students, store management, book planning / publishing by planning proposals to publishers, free paper issuance, etc.
  • More
    • Future Skills Project Study Group (Suntory Holdings,Shiseido,Oracle Japan,Nomura Securities,Astellas Pharma * Joint project with Sophia University, Tokyo University of Science, etc.)
      Under the theme of "how to develop human resources who can play an active role in society," a curriculum is implemented in which business people and university people share problems and develop students with independence and applied skills.
    • Japan Chamber of Commerce
      "Regional Revitalization Human Resources Development Project" (Practical Career Education Support Project)
    • JTB
      Research on "homestay effect of foreign students", joint research on collaborative projects for the formation of "study abroad promotion joint platform"
    • Benesse Corporation
      Joint research on collaborative projects aimed at forming a "study abroad promotion joint platform".We aim to establish a total solution model from overseas recruitment of international students to admission to employment.We will also develop and research a versatile Web application system in collaboration with Benesse.


Concluded agreements such as exchange projects and community support with the following local governments.Developing a number of businesses.

Study abroad / international exchange

History of international exchange / Agreements with overseas universities and research institutes

1910To the AmericanColumbia University,University of Pennsylvania,University of ChicagoConclude an international student agreement with[258]At that time, it was at the forefront of international exchange, but it flowed in a domestic direction after the war, and in recent years it has resumed the flow of internationalization.Currently, it is a major partner schoolCambridge University,Oxford University,University of Paris In addition, in the Asian region, where personnel exchanges are traditionally strong, ChinaBeijing University,Tsinghua University,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,Nanjing University,KoreanSeoul National University(Faculty of Business Administration),Korea University,Yonsei UniversityHave an exchange with.At research institutesFrance National Center for Scientific Research(Europe's largest government basic research institute),Russian Academy of Sciences,Chinese Academy of Social SciencesThe construction of an international collaboration system with research institutes in each region is underway.

Meiji University Overseas Top University Study Abroad Program

A system that provides non-refundable benefit-type subsidies to students studying abroad using the agreement study abroad or accredited study abroad system to prestigious overseas universities that are specifically designated among the overseas study abroad subsidy programs established by the university. ..After enrollment, we provide study abroad counseling at an early stage, and by taking intensive English programs and taking English lessons, we have achieved a significant improvement in English proficiency and cross-cultural communication abilities, and went to a prestigious university designated in the second to third years. Aim to study abroad (2 semester to 3 semester).

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Internationalization Base Development Project" (Global 30)

21 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyInternationalization base maintenance businessWas adopted as one of Japan's leading internationalization base schools along with the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University.[38][259]..Launched "Global Common Program" with the aim of becoming a world-class university2020Promote plans to accept 4,000 international students and send 1,500 students to the world.To further strengthen international competitiveness, we will train advanced human resources who can play an active role internationally.Beijing,MoscowIn addition to the Japan Study Abroad CenterSydney,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,ParisWe will also proceed with the installation and provide a one-stop service to all Japanese universities.

Consortium / Study Abroad Program

International exchange (politics, economy, culture)

  • April 2009, International Human Rights Organization "Human Rights Watch(HeadquartersNY) Opens Tokyo office in Academy Common as an Asian base[260][261]..In addition, the International Organization Pacific Islands Center (PIC) has an office in Shikonkan[262][263].
  • 2009 year 12 month,African Union(AU) ChairmanMuammar al-KazafiAt the suggestion from, a satellite dialogue meeting was held at the Academy Hall.Sponsored by the Meidai Disarmament and Peace Research Institute, in addition to studentsYuriko KoikeyuanMinister of Defense, Many African embassy officials and press participated.Became the first host school in Asia[264].
  • United Nations"Proceed withUnited Nations Academic ImpactParticipated at the same time as the inauguration[41]..Developing various initiatives through an international network. In 2009Geneva OfUnited Nations Human Rights CouncilHeld a debriefing session in 2010ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfUnited Nations HeadquartersParticipated in the official inauguration ceremony held in. In 2013, under the theme of "What we university students can do to realize world peace, development, and human rights," Deputy Secretary-General Eliasson and the United NationsAcademic Impact Hold interactive sessions with students from participating universities[43].
  • In June 2010, a meeting with core members of the World Presidents' Conference (IAUP) was held at the Liberty Tower.Koichiro MatsuuraUnder the chairmanship of (former UNESCO Secretary-General), the Chairman of the World Presidents' Conference, Balaam Madine AyubFidel Ramos(OriginalフィリピンThere was a lively exchange of opinions between the main members of the IAUP and domestic university officials.[265].
  • Since 2001University of ViennaHeld a joint symposium with Tokyo and Vienna alternately.Reception at each other's embassy,Ministry of Foreign AffairsContributes to cultural diplomacy through academics, such as congratulatory speeches.Developing interdisciplinary collaboration across diverse disciplines[266].. Other,Beijing UniversityThere are courses co-sponsored by the Foreign Language Institute and the Faculty of International Japanese Studies.

Student life

Annual event

School festival
Originally, school festivals were held as "Shundai Festival", "Izumi Festival", and "Ikuta Festival" on each campus. Among them, "Shundai Festival" on the headquarters campus was said to be a representative school festival in terms of both content and scale. Part of the school festival's proceeds was used to fund anti-mainstream activities[267]Therefore, it was abolished and has not been held since 2000.After the Izumi Festival was temporarily suspended, the name was changed to "Meidai Festival", and the name of "Ikuta Festival" was changed to "Ikumei Festival".
Yumi Matsutoya,Tatsuro Yamashita,Southern All Stars,DREAMS COME TRUE,Seiko Matsuda,SMAP(The only school festival live that appeared at the intention of the agency[268]),AKB48(First school festival live) and other famous artists are appearing.
One of the famous events was "Overnight Hike" (a large-scale march by students from Izumi Campus to Surugadai Campus), but nowadaysavexThe dance event "Dancer Bird" co-sponsored by the students, "MEIJI ROCK FESTIVAL", which is the largest student, and "Model Fashion Live", in which famous models also appear, are famous.Fuji Television,J-WAVECollaboration projects with major media such as public broadcasting of are also active.
Meiji University Shakespeare Project
The annual theater festival held in November every year.Literary TheaterAnd under the guidance of top professionals in each field (guidance cooperation record: musicShinichiro Ikebe, Costume designShinjiro Asatsuki, Other cooperationLiterary TheaterEtc.), students take the lead in performing, producing, directing, sounding, advertising, etc., at the Academy HallShakespearePerform a play.It attracted more than 3,500 spectators each year and mobilized a record high of 2018 in 4,583.A backstage tour for junior and senior high school students is set up, and in parallelCambridge UniversityStudent troupePembroke PlayersShakespeare drama byworkshopMany students participate in.
Ochanomizu JAZZ Festival[269]
An annual music festival that invites famous artists.
Many OB musicians gather every year under the call of "Rakuyukai" (an OB organization that controls light music clubs).The current chairman of "Rakuyukai" is the general producer and moderator.Ryudo Uzaki-Yoko AkiMr. and Mrs.From the main concert at the Academy Hall to the street music festival around the campus, it will be held throughout the city of Ochanomizu. (All proceeds from FY2011 will be used to support the reconstruction of Tohoku)[269]
Meiji University President's Cup DPT Vaccination E-sports Tournament
Sponsored by the first university in Japan, which started in 2019e-sportsCompetition.
Soukei Akira Event
The annual events bearing the name of "Hayakeimei" include jazz festivals, rugby competitions, eloquence speech competitions, debates, music festivals, glee club concerts, mandrink love concerts, charity, and athletic competitions (soccer). , Volleyball, handball, golf, distant tournament (Kyudo), jazz baseball, athletic festival, etc.), university public relations liaison council, etc. Started in 1914,Keio University,Waseda UniversitySoukei Akira 3 university league match in baseball withTokyo Roku University Baseball Federation,Tokyo Roku UniversityIt has become the roots of.

Club Circle

Including non-official circles that do not receive activity subsidies from universities, it is said that there are more than 2,000 (according to the explanation at the open campus).The Meiji-based Incare circle (a circle composed of students from multiple universities) is characterized by a high proportion of participants from other universities.

1929While attending schoolTakeo Miki,Shinkuro Nagao(AfterMayor of Tokushima), With the support of the Kanto 43 University Speech Department, conducted a speech to the United States and Europe for the purpose of world peace and international goodwill, and also conducted a speech in the Republic of China with the goodwill of Japan and China.He made the first world expedition as a domestic university speech department.[Source required] Lectures, etc., inviting incumbent ministers and former prime ministers are held regularly, and in recent years,Yukio Hatoyama(Former prime minister),Sadakazu Tanigaki(Liberal Democratic Party President),Katsuya Okada(Democratic Party Representative),Seiji Maehara(Representative of the Democratic Party),Kunio Hatoyama(Democratic Party Deputy Representative),Mizuho Fukushima(Social Democratic PartyParty leader) etc. have been invited

  • Dance system
    In addition to the five major university-approved dance circles, there are many non-official dance circles, including the Grand Prix team (amateur section) of the Japan Jazz Dance Arts Association Contest.
    "Dancer Bird" is an annual dance event held at the Meidai Festival. "MEIJI ×avexBy collaborating with other teams, not only the dance teams on campus but also other large teams will be invited.
    There are also many girls-only dance circles, which started in 2012.UNIDOLThen, it is the most winning school by university.
  • 1954Wound.Has produced a large number of manga artists and manga industry people. Special books such as "Meidai Manken OB Works" (CBS / Sony Publishing) have been published.
  • Rakugo Study Group[287]
    1960Wound.Since its inceptionEntertainment worldProduce human resources in various fields includingSports ClubMinistry of Culture..The early days are the teensKinbara Tei MaoMaster,TalkXNUMXth generationTakarai MakotoI was instructed by my master.The Takaza name is a tradition inherited from seniors for generations, such as Shikontei, Izumiya, Surugatei, and Ikutaya.TeiCall yourself. "Shikontei Shii Morning" isYuji Miyake(Fourth generation),Tachikawa Shisuke(Fifth generation),Masayuki Watanabe(XNUMXth generation) inherited from the predecessorAttack nameTakaza name.201110, Held "Meiji University Rakugo" to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Meiji University and the 50th anniversary of the founding of Rakugo[288].
  • Meiji University Sports
    1953Japan's first student launched insports newspaper..It is issued 10 times a year, and the number of copies is about 1.5 to 3.
  • More
    In the university-approved circle "Kreis Tennis Club" that once existed,2014XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Shinjuku wardKabukichoOldShinjuku Koma TheaterIn front of it, multiple students who belonged to it caused a stunning uproar.[289].. On July 7, Meiji University imposed the revocation of the club's official recognition and the disposition of the abolition department.[289][290].


Meiji University Athletic Association1905In the same year, the judo club, kendo club, sumo club, and hardball club were created one after another, followed by the race club, archery club, and hardball baseball club, and currently 43 clubs are counted. 1953Japan's first studentsports newspaper"Meiji University Sports] Is published.1959In the baseball club alumni association "Shundai ClubThe Sundai Athletic Meet is formed as a comprehensive organization of the athletic meet by the OB organizations of each department.

2020Currently the Japanese versionNCAAAlso calledUNIVASAlthough he has not participated in the competition, he has achieved top-level results in the university, mainly in major competitions. In 2019, baseball, rugby, soccer, etc. became student champions, and girls' breakthroughs are also seen. In recent years, women's clubs such as Lacrosse, figure skating, golf, and kendo have also become university champions.In addition, some people are aiming to play an active role on the international stage while still in school, and the first professional player such as soccer, rugby, and table tennis has been born from this university.

  • In addition, the shooting club, which has won the All Japan Student Championship 24 times, the women's golf club, which is the 2019 student champion, the Shorinji Kempo club, which has won three consecutive titles twice in the past 10 years, and many others.OlympianBoxing club, wrestling club, fencing club, archery club, rowing club, etc.
  • Ming early battle,Meikei match,Ming battle,Tokyo Roku University LeagueSee articles such as.

Relationship with society

Employment / Economic Relations

Private companies have the most career paths for graduates.Empire data bank4th in the ranking of the number of presidents by university of origin[294]..It has the tradition of establishing the Faculty of Business Administration for the first time at a private university, and has produced the founders of many well-known companies.Due to the strength of the employment support system, it is also called "the Meiji era of employment" and is ranked first in the employment guidance related ranking by university by major media.[295][296][297][298].. From the first year, there are classes by the personnel staff of companies, and at Surugadai and Ikuta campus, about 1 companies are gathered to hold on-campus recruitment screenings and interviews.

Public employee examinationAs an instructor, the "Administrative Research Institute" (capacity of about 1 students per grade. Selected by written / interview test) is set up, and it is said to be a de facto on-campus prep school, with instructors invited from qualification acquisition prep schools.Bar examination,CPA ExamEtc.National examanationFor examinees, a dedicated facility "National Examination Guidance Center" was opened at the Surugadai Campus Sarugakucho Campus.Also,InternshipThe "Job Career Support Center" has been set up to enhance the system and further strengthen career support.

Meiji University related awards

  • He has been teaching for over 20 years and has been teaching.Nippon Pen ClubKnown as a national poet, serving as chairmanOoka ShinIn honor ofAsahi ShimbunFounded in collaboration with.The award ceremony will be held at Academy Common.OldShin Ooka Word MuseumThe collection will be taken over by the "Ooka Shinbunko", which is scheduled to open in Surugadai.
  • Meiji University Literary Award
    Established "Yumiko Kurahashi Literature Award" in the novel category and "Yu Aku Lyrics Award" in the lyrics category.The best work in the novel category is "Squid』Published in.
  • Meiji University Faculty of Letters Reading Impressions Contest
    A reading impression contest for high school students and working adults.The selection committee chairTakashi SaitoProfessor.

Works related to Meiji University, such as literature, theatrical films, and TV dramas

Affiliate school

Affiliated school

Affiliated schoolThere are three junior and senior high schools, but Meiji University is in charge of only Meiji High School and Junior High School attached to Meiji University, and the remaining two schools belong to separate corporations.


Scandals by faculty and staff

Student scandals

  • 20199 month - Metropolitan Police DepartmentShinjuku Police StationIt is,2018Tokyo on June 11stShinjuku ward OfCartoon cafeSo, a male student (4 years old) in the 23th year of our universitySleep inducerA woman (20 years old) who entered the store together with the juice mixed withCash cardSteal and nearbyTMJAssuming that a woman was asked to enter her PIN and withdrew 35 yen in cashComa robberytheftA male student on suspicion ofArrestdid.In March, after another woman (in her twenties) drank the same juice in the same districtComaThen, an incident occurred in which the wallet was stolen.A male student is said to have hinted at involvement, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the relationship[300].


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