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📺 | Sarunosuke Ichikawa, an enthusiastic performance reminiscent of the drama in "Sukatto Japan"!Bishonen, Hidaka Ukisho


Sarunosuke Ichikawa, an enthusiastic performance reminiscent of the drama in "Sukatto Japan"!Bishonen, Hidaka Ukisho is chest-kyun ...

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In addition, Shinya Kiyozuka, Hina Higuchi and Mayu Tamura of Nogizaka46 will appear in the studio for the first time.

Sarunosuke Ichikawa and Hidaka Ukisho (Bishonen / Johnny's Jr.) will broadcast "Exciting TV ..." on Fuji TV today on May 5th. → Continue reading

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Kiyotsuka Shinya

Shinya Kiyozuka(Shinya Kiyozuka,1982May 11 -) is Japanesepianist,作曲家,Arranger,An actor.

TokyoI'm fromTristone EntertainmentAffiliation[1], The label I belong to is Universal Music.Wifeactress-talent OfEri Otoguro.



My parents loved music, especially classical music, which was often played in the house[4]..My mother wanted to play the piano and violin when she was little, but my grandmother was negative about it, so I had my sister learn the violin and Kiyozuka to learn the piano so that my child could learn it.[16]..Kiyozuka started playing the piano at the age of five, and his older sister, who was two years older than him, went to Toho Gakuen's "Music Class for Children". Ta[4]..Over time, my sense of music was cultivated, and I started attending from the age of 7 while hating lessons and practice.[4].

I was exercising dreaming of becoming a baseball player in the future[17]..I thought about becoming a professional pianist from the sixth grade of elementary school, but I lost the qualifying at the competition I received after I became a junior high school student, and all my efforts so far were wasted, so I thought that I would be a losing dog as it is, so I spend about half a day every day I started spending time practicing. One year later, 6 1thAll Japan Student Music Competition1st place in the national tournament junior high school section[4].

There are people who are familiar with college from high schoolToho Gakuen UniversityI proceeded to, but realized that what I thought was right was not accepted by others and I became like a piano machine.I'm trying to go to a world where no one knows me even though I'm new to schoolMoscow ConservatoryStudy abroad atSergei DorenskyStudied under.AroundDenis Matsuev,Nikolai LuganskiI was trained in an environment where laughter leaks when I play and make mistakes in the presence of people, but the free time when I have nothing to do is the hardest, watching movies, drinking, and sometimes going on a wandering trip. I spent two years while returning home without getting anything.[4].

After returning to Japan, I had no one to talk to other than my family.I didn't even like the piano, but I had a request for a concert in a previous biography.Thinking about it, I went to say hello to the people who had taken care of me and built a network of contacts.[4].

I like talking so much that I take a long MC time, which is unusual for a classical concert.Hitoshi Matsumotoな どComedianProclaim that he respects.for that reasonEntertainment showsMany appearances,Every day broadcastingSponsored bySinging story king deciding match"I serve as a judge.

In childhoodSaitamaTokorozawaThere was a time when I lived inSaitama Seibu LionsIs a big fan of.



  • SEEDING(Released on July 2019.07.17, XNUMX)
  • connect(Released on July 2018.12.12, XNUMX)
  • For tomorrow(Released on July 2017.10.18, XNUMX)
  • KIYOZUKA(Released on July 2016.12.07, XNUMX)

Participating works


Movies (works)

TV drama (work)

Delivery drama (work)

Stage (work)

Straight play



Media appearance

TV program

Radio program

  • Shinya Kiyozuka X Time Radio (October 2019, 10-,TBS Radio

Movie (media appearance)

TV drama (media appearance)

Distribution drama (media appearance)

Stage (media appearance)

Musical Goya -GOYA-

"Musical Goya -GOYA-IsG2A musical written and written by Shinya Kiyozuka. 2021 premiere[22] .




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外部 リンク


Nogizaka46(Nogizaka Forty Six,Nogizaka46) IsJapan OfFemale idol group.Akimoto YasushiProduced by2011May 8Was born in[1].


In 2006Sony Music Entertainment(SME) GroupDefstar RecordsBelonged toAKB48 King recordThe fact that it was a hit after transferring to (2008) isSony musicAs the person in charge said, "The fish I missed was big," it had a big impact on Sony.[2][Note 1].. Against this background, in 2011, a new product produced by SME and Yasushi Akimoto was jointly produced.Female idol groupWas planned and led to the formation of Nogizaka46[4].. At the time of formation, the members of the modelMarika Ito,Mai FukagawaOf the Nippon Telegenic 2011 candidateSayuri InoueOf Miss Magazine 2011Misato Eto, Of the original Momoiro CloverKashiwa Kashiwa,Youth girls' school OfKawago Haruna,Nojo Aimi, SPL∞ASHNakamoto Himuka,SPLASHYamato Rina[5],CHIMOMany people with experience in performing arts, such as Nori Hatanaka Naka[6].

Sony Music is betting the future on the development of Nogizaka46[7].. Nogizaka46 has the concept of "no concept"[8], Of AKB48Shadow cabinetExists as (shadow cabinet)[9][Note 2].. That aspect is Nogizaka46's 1st single "Round and round curtainCoupling song "They may have wanted to meet you"ofMVBegan to emerge from[11][12]..This MV is AKB48's "Wanted to meetAKB48's work that tracedIs drawing[12]..For this reason, the MV for "I Wanted to Meet" was shot in midsummer, while the MV for "Maybe I Wanted to Meet" was shot in midwinter.[13].. MV was the center of AKB48 at that timeMaeda AtsukoAppeared and was selected as the center of Nogizaka46Rina IkomaThere is a scene that sends a line of sight that overlaps me at that time[13].

Also, Nogizaka46AKB48 GroupExists as an official rival of AKB48 that does not belong to[9].. Nogizaka48 does not have a dedicated theater, while AKB46 Group has a dedicated theater[9].. AKB48 GroupGeneral electionOn the other hand, Nogizaka46 is performing on stage.16 principalsDifferentiate by voting in the cast decision[14]..Such differentiation began to be presented from the scenery of a private girls' school in the MV of Nogizaka46's 1st single "Guruguru Curtain".[15].. Nogizaka46 does not have a dedicated theater, so its view of the world is Nogizaka46's crown program "Where is Nogizaka?Is built through images such as[16], The MV of each song has played a role of complementing the world view[15].

According to Yoshio Konno, Chairman of Nogizaka46 Steering Committee[Note 3]In Nogizaka46, "In a form different from AKB48EntertainmentHas set several themes as a policy[19].. Primarily"TroupeIs to be like[19].. In Nogizaka46, dance is positioned as "dance and dance," and it is a proposition to present one work by "playing a play" through dance.[19]In terms of choreography, from the intention of Yasushi Akimoto, “I want to differentiate” and “I want to go to a big house” as a group that can perform like a musical.[9], 1st single to 5th singleNanryusekiWas in charge of choreography[21].. Second is to be "cultural"[19].. The personal PV recorded as a special image of the CD is positioned as a device for drawing out cultural elements using Nogizaka46 members.[19].

In terms of music, in order to differentiate itself from existing idol groupsFrench popsWas adopted[9][Note 4].. Stylist Kinoshi Horikoshi[Note 5]The song costumes created byLiceenneFrom the image[9][23], Classic form with a light color of purple as a key color, white tri-fold socks and one-strap enamel shoes are classic[22]..However, such French pop music routes are from the 1st single "Guru Guru Curtain" to the 3rd single "Guru Guru Curtain".Run! BicycleAfter continuing until the 4th single "Uniform mannequinThe route was changed and a new image was launched.[24][25]..The MV for "Uniform Mannequin", which turned into a dance number with a strong message,YouTubeRecord the highest number of views at the time above[25][26][27][28]Later, it will be regarded as a "hit song" among the Nogizaka46 works.[29].Hayashi OsamuAccording to the next work, the 5th single "Your name is hopeThe lyrics describe the main character, "Awakening of the ego of a boy."[30].

After that, the 6th single "Girls rulesRina Ikoma, who has been the center since the group was formedMai ShiraishiAnd replace the center[31], Of IkomaAKB48Will be announced[32].. On the other hand, Mai Shiraishi,Nanase Nishino,Erika IkutaMembers disagree[33]Disagreements, controversial[34], What was the official rival, was asked the significance of the existence of the group[35].. Opposition to dual roles among fansSignature movementHappened[36].. As a result, Nogizaka 48, who had been aiming for AKB46 as a “goal (hill) that must be overcome”,[37], Instead of pursuing a structure like the AKB48 Group, it moved towards utilizing the individual characteristics of each member[38].. In 2015, we set up "Nogizaka46 New Project"[39]As the second slope series following Nogizaka46Keyakizaka46Is born[40]..Taking this opportunity, Nogizaka46 started to move as a unique group different from AKB48.[41].

In 2017, the 17th single "InfluencerAchieves the first million sales[42].. In the same year, led by Mai Shiraishi's solo photo book "Passport", which recorded explosive sales, six Nogizaka 46 member photo books ranked in the top 6 of the Oricon annual photo book rankings.[43].. On November 11th and 7thTokyo DomeThe first live concert in Japan was held at the Midsummer National Tour 2017 FINAL![44].. Including 15 or more CM appearances[45], These numbers are among the top-class women groups in history[44]Was called "No.1 idol group"[44].."Influencer" at the end of the year59th Japan Record AwardIn大 賞Won[42]Together withGrand Prize candidateWas nominated forAKB48Won the first direct confrontation with[42].. Next year 201860th Japan Record AwardBut 20th single "Synchronicity"But大 賞Award[46]Achieves second consecutive Grand Prix win for women group in 2011 and 2012 following AKB48[46]AKB48 is also in line with the results of the award race[46].. In the same year, they performed at two venues simultaneously and performed their first overseas performances.[47]While, as in the previous year, 10 works were ranked in the top 6 Oricon photo books each year, while each one was also active[47], Rina Ikoma, Nanase Nishino,Yumi Wakatsuki8 people graduated from the group including members from the beginning[47][48].. Program appearances and solo live performances only for 3rd and 4th gen members[49][50], More opportunities for next-generation members to be featured[49], Will be described in the media as "transformation period" and "generational change"[46][48][49].

Meanwhile, Mai Shiraishi, who led the group for about nine years, graduated from the group in 9.[49]..The 26th single "Shiraishi's first single after graduationI like me』In the centerMizuki YamashitaIn addition to that, the positions on both sides of it were also solidified by the 3rd gen members.[51]..Some media position these trends as a turning point for generational change.[52].

Origin of the group name

Used in group namesNogizakaIs Minato Ward, which was owned by Sony Music Entertainment (SME), a production company of Nogizaka46 at that time.Akasaka"SME Nogizaka Building" is derived from[53][Note 6], The building was used as the final audition venue for Nogizaka46 formation members[53].. However, the management company of Nogizaka46, Nogizaka46 GK (Nogizaka46 LLC[55]) Is the head office registered in the "SME Rokubancho Building" (Chiyoda-ku), where the SME headquarters is located.Rokubancho)[56]..Initially, the Sony side proposed a group name of "Rokubancho", but general producer Yasushi Akimoto proposed "Nogizaka", and as a result of discussions, it was decided to be "Nogizaka".[24]..Nogizaka46's number "46" was named by Yasushi Akimoto with the enthusiasm that even if the number of people is smaller than the official rival AKB48, it will not lose.[53].

Yearly record


  • August 8st is the formation date of Nogizaka21[1].. As a result of the audition, 3 people were selected from 8934 people[57].
  • Announced 8 members of 22st gen member on August 1nd[6].
  • On September 9th, we held "Meeting Party" (SME Nogizaka Building) and distributed "Proof of Fan" to visitors.[58].
  • October 10, the first TV crown program "Where is Nogizaka?] Start broadcasting[59].
  • On October 10th, "The 24st Nogizaka 46 Showmaking Party" (Zepp Tokyo) was held, and "Fan Certificate" was distributed to visitors.[60].


  • January 1, "AKB19 Request Hour Set List Best 48 100" (TOKYO DOME CITY HALL), debut song "Round and round curtainShow off[61].
  • September 2, "MUSIC JAPAN』(NHK synthesis)AKB48-SKE48-NMB48And TV first co-star[61].
  • February 2, CD debut with the 22st single "Gurugururu Curtain" (Sony Music Records)[13].. The coupling song "Maybe I wanted to see you" was the same lyrics as AKB48 "I wanted to see you" and the music video was taken at the same place.[13].
  • May 5, 1st generationOita CityAppointed as tourism special envoy[62].
  • On May 5, the 3nd single "Oide Shampoo" (Sony Music Records) was released.
  • He has been working as a provisional captain since June 6, 17 and February 2012, 2.Yuka SakuraiHowever, it was announced in "Where is Nogizaka?" that he was officially appointed as the first captain.[63].
  • On August 8rd, the 3rd single coupling song "Why do people run?"But"2012 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup] Official theme song[64].
  • On August 8, the 23rd single "Run! Bicycle" (Sony Music Records) was released.
  • July 9-1, ``16 principals』(PARCO Theater) Performance[65].
  • First appearance at the school festival on November 11nd at the "2th Bukkyo University School Festival Takaryo Matsuri"[66].
  • December 11-15,World Touring Car ChampionshipMacau GPKazumi Takayama, Nanase Nishino, Aimi Nojo, Mai Fukagawa, Yumi Wakatsuki participated in "Nogizaka 46 with cipher Racing Team"[67].
  • September 12, "CM NOW』(December 2012, 12, Genkosha) was selected as the 10th place in the new talent category in "Reader's CM Award"[68].. Minami Hoshino was also ranked 6th in the new talent category. Nogizaka46 appeared at the CM Award.Mega Shaki(January 2012 -,House food) Is 19th, ``au HTC J ISW13HT(January 2012 -,HTC NIPPON) Is No. 41, and “Meiji Handmade Chocolate Curtain Handover” (January-February 2012, Meiji) is No. 1.[68].
  • September 12, "COUNT DOWN TV』(TBS TV) won first place in 2012 break artist[69].
  • On December 12, the 19th single "Seifuku no Mannequin" (Sony Music Records) was released.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Oricon annual rankingNewcomer sales department recorded annual sales of 8 million yen, and AKB7000 Group won the first place that it had not achieved in the past[70].. Even the single sales amount by work of the newcomer section is from the topRun! Bicycle"(24 sheets)"Come shampoo(22 pieces) "Gurugururu Curtain" (1000 pieces) each sells 21 million yen annually, monopolizing TOP1000[70].


  • September 1, "CDTV Special! New Year's Premier Live 2012 → 2013』(December 2012, 12-January 31, 2013, TBS TV)[71].
  • On January 1th and 14st, adult ceremonial venues all over Japan (21th) andVillage VanguardA corner article titled "Nogizaka21 Election Kihon" was posted in "Separate volume Natalie Election Guidebook" distributed free of charge at some stores (46st), and members Rina Ikoma, Mai Shiraishi, Nanami Hashimoto, and Sasa Matsumura Yuri appears[72].
  • February 2nd, 22st anniversary live debutBirthday Live] (Makuhari Messe Event Hall)[73].
  • March 3th, "Nogizaka to Manabu" (Asahi Shimbun Digital) started serialization[74].
  • April 4, TV drama "BAD BOYS J』(NTV) regular appearance[Note 7].
  • April 4, the first radio crown program "Nogizaka46's "no"』(Cultural broadcasting) started broadcasting[76].
  • September 4, "R's law(NHK E-television), 46 members made their first appearance in the feature "Idol's real intention Nogizaka 16"[77].
  • July 5-3, ``16 principal deux』(Akasaka ACT Theater) Performance, 2nd gen[78].
  • May 5th, "Where is Nogizaka?"[78].
  • May 5-June 31, "6 Principal deux" (Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall) Performance[78].
  • June 6th, next dayNissan StadiumReika Sakurai, Mai Shiraishi, and Nanami Hashimoto for "AKB48 Super Festival-Nissan Stadium, Small! Small!!!"AKB48 All Night Nippon』In charge of personality[79].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Forestry AgencyAppointed as PR ambassador for wood utilization point[80].
  • 8月19日 - 8月30日、札幌(19日)・福岡(23日)・大阪(27日)・名古屋(28日)・東京(30日)の五大都市を回る『真夏の全国ツアー2013』を実施[Note 8].
  • December 9-1,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAppointed as "Health Promotion Monthly Poster" as a cheering party for "Smart Life Project"[82].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Wood usage pointsAs PR ambassadors, 6 members of Rina Ikoma, Reika Sakurai, Mai Shiraishi, Nanase Nishino, Sayuri Matsumura, Mai Fukagawa are the representatives.Ministry of AgricultureI went toYoshimasa HayashiCourtesy visit to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries[83].
  • December 10, the movie "Movie version BAD BOYS J -The last thing to protect-"BAD GIRLS J" Nogizaka 46 Special Night" was held as a commemorative event just before the release[84],YouTube Live broadcast[85].
  • On December 12th, at the 17rd AKB3 Kohaku Otodai Uta Gassen (TOKYO DOME CITY HALL), AKB48Mayu WatanabeIs Nogizaka46's 5th single "Your name is hopeShow off[86]..At that time, Erika Ikuta made a surprise appearance and acted as a piano and chorus.[86].
  • On December 12, "Nogizaka20 Merry X'mas Show 1" with a total of 2 first- and second-year students (Nippon Budokan) Held[Note 9].


  • February 2-3, 9st live video work "Nogizaka46 1ST YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2013.2.22 MAKUHARI MESSE(February 2014, 2, Sony Music Records) sold 5 copies for the first week, leading the Oricon weekly DVD ranking on February 1, 2000[88].. It is the first time since the survey started in 1 that the women's group excluding derived units has won the overall top spot on the 1999st DVD.[88].
  • February 2, research student's first regular program "Ken Nogi♡" (SHOWROOM) Started[89].
  • February 2nd, 22st anniversary live debutNogizaka46 2ND YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE』(Yokohama Arena) Held[Note 10].
  • February 2, "Nogizaka23 Official Mobile Site", "Nogizaka46 Mail" service will start directly from members[91].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Zepp DiverCity TokyoAt the "AKB48 Group Taigaku Festival" held in Tokyo, Rina Ikoma will hold the post of AKB48 Team B as an exchange student.SKE48Team E'sRena MatsuiNogizaka46 concurrent position by was announced[92].
  • September 3, "AKB48 SHOW!"(NHK BS Premium)" "Nogizaka 46 SHOW!"[93].
  • On March 3, "Nogizaka3 46 Color Love Story" will be released[94].
  • On April 4, "Nogizaka21 Monhan Selection" consisting of five people, Yuri Saito, Mai Shiraishi, Seira Nagashima, Nanase Nishino, Sayuri Matsumura will be held in Shibuya Hikarie from August 5 to 46, 2014. Appointed as official supporter of "Monster Hunter Exhibition"[95].
  • May 5-June 30 "6 principal trois" (Akasaka ACT Theater) performance[96].
  • Held in France on July 7thJAPAN EXPO 2014』Appeared in[97].
  • July 7-25, "Nogizaka26 Under Live" (AiiA Theater Tokyo)[98].
  • August 8-16, Osaka (30 days), Fukuoka (16 days), Sendai (21 days), Nagoya (24 days), Tokyo (26 days) "Midsummer National Tour 30" Holding[99].
  • On August 8th, at "HTC Conference Tokyo 19",HTC J butterfly HTL23Was announced as a product ambassador[100].
  • September 9-1 Appointed as "Medical and Health Examination Poster" as a cheering party for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Smart Life Project"[101].
  • Attended the "HTC J butterfly" presentation held in Taiwan on September 9nd[102].
  • September 9, held “Nogizaka23 Large Karuta Competition”[103].
  • October 10th-5th, "Under Live 19nd Season" (Roppongi Blue Theater)[104].
  • October 10th-November 8th, a women-only cafe "Nogizaka11, how many times is the blue sky? cafe in Marunouchi" opened for a limited time[105].
  • Attended "Irable Golf with Nogizaka10" (Tokyo Big Sight) on October 15th[106].
  • November 11st-1nd, perform live at "AGESTOCK2 in Waseda Festival"[107].
  • November 11-6th, "17st → 1th single coupling popularity vote" held to commemorate the release of the 1st album[108].. Voting is only possible for buyers of albums in TUNE music until November 11th[108].. The result of the vote is "Merry X'mas Show 2014" (December 12-13, 14) (Ariake Coliseum) Announced live[109].
  • On December 12, "Underlive Second Season FINAL! ~Merry X'mas "Eve" Show 12~" (Ariake Coliseum) will be held[110].
  • December 12-13 "Merry X'mas Show 14" (Ariake Coliseum)[Note 11].
  • Appointed Goodwill Ambassador for New Year's cards on December 12[115].Japan PostProvides "Nogizaka Gururu AR New Year's card" from January 2015, 1 to January 1, 1[115].
  • Performed at "MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE 12" (National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium) December 20-21[116].
  • December 12, portable navigation "Nogizaka22navi" by members of Nogizaka46 will guide you (AUTOBACS Seven) Limited to 5,000 units[117].
  • December 12, "Nogizaka30 Great Thanksgiving 46" (Tokyo International Forum・Hall A)[118].



  • February 2-20, 22th anniversary debut internet program "Nogizaka46 4th Anniversary Nogizaka46 Hours TVIs delivered[142].
  • September 2, "30th Japan Gold Disc AwardTo the 5 best singles ofSun knockWas elected[143].
  • March 3, NHK general "12 years after the earthquake "Tomorrow" concert" appearance[144].
  • April 4th, "Separate Volume Kadokawa Total Power Special Feature Nogizaka 15 vol.46" (April 01, 2016,KADOKAWA) Recorded an estimated weekly sales of 1 copies[145]Wins 2016th Place in Oricon Weekly BOOK Overall Ranking on April 4, 18[146].
  • February 5, 25nd album "Each chair][147].
  • On June 6th, in commemoration of the release of the second album "Each chair", the second version of the internet program "Nogizaka 10 hours TV" was delivered.[148].
  • 6月15日 - 8月30日、静岡(6月15日・16日、深川麻衣卒業コンサートとして)・大阪(7月22日・23日)・名古屋(8月6日・7日)・宮城(13日・14日)・福岡(18日・19日)・東京(28日・29日・30日、4th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE"Midsummer national tour 2016" to be held in XNUMX cities[149].
  • On June 6th, "Oricon 24 First Half Ranking" "Sales category by artist" recorded sales of 2016 billion yen (37 million copies) and took 131th place[150].
  • Recruitment of 7rd generation auditions started on July 4[151].
  • August 7, live video work "Nogizaka46 3rd YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2015.2.22 SEIBU DOME』Release[152].
  • On July 7, "Separate Volume Kadokawa Total Power Special Feature Nogizaka 8 vol.46" (June 02, 2016, KADOKAWA) recorded an estimated weekly sales of 6 copies.[153]Wins 2016th Place in Oricon Weekly BOOK Overall Ranking on April 7, 11[154].
  • August 8th, 5nd photo book "I love you."[155].. The photo book recorded an estimated weekly sales of 4 copies[156], 2016st place in Oricon weekly BOOK general ranking and photo book ranking on August 8, 15[157].
  • September 9, "Nogizaka4 46rd generation decision special!" (LINE LIVE) Showed off 3 successful third-year students[158].
  • On July 10, "Separate Volume Kadokawa Total Power Special Feature Nogizaka 13 vol.46" (June 03, 2016, KADOKAWA) recorded an estimated weekly sales of 10 copies.[159], 2016nd in Oricon weekly book overall ranking on October 10, 17, 2st in Mook ranking[160].
  • On October 10th, "27th session" hosted by Reed Exhibitions JapanInternational Jewelery ExhibitionAutumn” (Pacifico Yokohama)[161]Wins singer section of "2nd Christmas Jewelry Princess Award"[162].
  • December 12-6, "Merry Xmas Show 10 ~ Selected Solo Performance ~" (2016th, 6th), "Merry Xmas Show 8 ~ Under Solo Performance ~" (2016th, 7th), 9 at Nippon Budokan Held a "Christmas party" (3th)[163].
  • March 12th, 10th single "Meaning of goodbyeHas exceeded 100 million shipments,Japan Record AssociationThanMillion sellerCertification (November 2016)[164], Became the first million-seller in the group[165].
  • On December 12, in the "Oricon 25 Annual Ranking", "Total Sales by Artist" recorded sales of 2016 billion yen and won the 74rd place.[166].
  • On December 12, 31th single "meaning goodbye" "The 67th NHK Red and White Singing Battle2nd consecutive participation in[167].



  • On January 1th, the first album "Only Under Members"My Only You ~Under Super Best~][183].
  • Performed at the event "C2AFA HONG KONG 11 presents I LOVE ANISONG HONG KONG 3" in Hong Kong on February 2018th.[184].
  • On February 2, it was announced that the internet distribution program "Nogizaka 22 minutes TV" will be distributed and the third-generation personal blog will start.[185].
  • February 3-23, 25th anniversary debut internet program "NOGIZAKA46 6th Anniversary Nogizaka 46 hours TVIs delivered[186].
  • August 3, live video work "Nogizaka46 5th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2017.2.20-22 SAITAMA SUPER ARENA][187].
  • It will be the first time at Nogizaka4 at the "Nogizaka22 Ikoma Rina Graduation Concert" held at Nippon Budokan on April 46nd.Live viewingWas held at movie theaters nationwide[188].
  • June 6, Nogizaka slope 1, Keyaki slope 46, Keyaki slope 46Slope series3 group joint audition started[189].
  • On June 6, "Oricon 25 first half ranking" "Sales category by artist" recorded sales of 2018 billion yen and won the first place[190].
  • July 7-September 6, Tokyo (July 9-2,6th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVEとして)、福岡(21日・22日)、大阪(8月4日・5日)、愛知(26日・27日)、宮城(9月1日・2日)の5か所を回る『乃木坂46 真夏の全国ツアー2018』を開催[191].. July 7-6 Tokyo performance as "Synchronicity Live"[192], AdjacentMeiji Jingu StadiumChichibunomiya Rugby FieldMembers go back and forth between the two venues and different set lists at both venues[Note 12]At the same time[194].. It was the first solo show by the same artist to be held at two venues simultaneously.[195].. At the live on the last day 8th, a new project "Zambi projectWas announced[195].
  • August 7, live video work "Nogizaka46 Midsummer National Tour 2017 FINAL! IN TOKYO DOME][196].
  • On August 8th, we announced that 19 people from the Sakado Series 3 group joint audition have passed.[197].. The names of the successful applicants and the groups to which they passed will be announced at a later date.[197].
  • November 11-16, the stage where four members will appear as the first stage of the "Zambi Project" "Zambi』(Tokyo Dome City Hall). At the same stage, Keyakizaka46, Keyakizaka46 (currentlyHinatazaka46 ) With the members.This is the first time that the Sakamichi Series 3 groups have co-starred.[198].
  • On November 11, 29 people who passed the "Slope Joint Audition"[Note 13] Will be announced, and 4 people will join as 11th generation[199].
  • December 12, the first overseas solo performance "NOGIZAKA1 LIVE in Shanghai 46" (ShanghaiMercedes-benz arena) Held[200][201].
  • On December 12rd, the "Mitatekai" was held at Nippon Budokan, and 3th-year students were shown.[202][203].
  • On December 12, Music Software sales recorded 20 billion yen in the "Total Sales Category by Artist" of the "Oricon 2018 Annual Ranking", winning second place[204].
  • December 12, China's largest social mediaWaverAwarded as "Most Popular Idol Group in China" at "WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2018"[205].
  • March 12th, 30th single "Synchronicity"so"60th Japan Record AwardWas awarded, and achieved consecutive wins[46].
  • January 12, 31nd single "I want to make a detour on my way home"so"The 69th NHK Red and White Singing Battle4nd consecutive participation in[206][207].




  • February 2-May 22th, "Nogizaka5 9th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE" will be held in a non-audience distribution format with distributed schedules[245].."Eve Festival" will be held on February 2nd, which is the anniversary of the debut, and a concert with all members will be held on the 22rd.[245], Subsequent performances will be "3nd generation live" on March 28th as performances for each period[246], 29th "1st gen member live"[246], "5th gen member live" on May 8th[247][248], "9rd generation live" will be held on the 3th[247][249].
  • August 3, live video work "NOGIZAKA46 Mai Shiraishi Graduation Concert ~ Always beside you ~][250].
  • On May 5th, a new YouTube channel "Nogizaka is being delivered" was opened.[251]..Unlike "Nogizaka46 OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL", which has distributed music videos, etc., in addition to free distribution of "Nogizaka Under Construction", contents such as projects produced by the members themselves and videos edited by the manager are distributed. ing[252][253][254].
  • 7月14日 - 9月9日、大阪(7月14日・15日)、宮城(7月17日・18日)、愛知(8月14日・15日)、福岡(8月21日・22日)、東京(9月8日・9日)の5都市を回る『真夏の全国ツアー2021』を開催予定[255].
  • July 7th, application for 19th gen member audition started[256].


Current member

NameReadingDate of BirthBirth PlaceBlood TypeheightSubscription periodRemarks
Midsummer AkimotoAkimoto Manatsu1993/08 / 20_ (1993-08-20) 1993May 8(27 years old)SaitamaType B154 cm1st gen
Erika IkutaErika Ikuta1997/01 / 22_ (1997-01-22) 1997May 1(24 years old)TokyoA type160 cm1st gen
Asuka SaitoSaito Asuka1998/08 / 10_ (1998-08-10) 1998May 8(22 years old)TokyoO158 cm1st gen
Kazumi TakayamaKazumi Takayama1994/02 / 08_ (1994-02-08) 1994May 2(27 years old)ChibaA type162 cm1st gen
Hina HiguchiHiguchi Hina1998/01 / 31_ (1998-01-31) 1998May 1(23 years old)TokyoA type161 cm1st gen
Minami HoshinoHoshino Minami1998/02 / 06_ (1998-02-06) 1998May 2(23 years old)ChibaType B155 cm1st gen
Maya WadaMaya Wada1998/04 / 23_ (1998-04-23) 1998May 4(23 years old)HiroshimaO161 cm1st gen
Junna ItoJun Ito1998/11 / 30_ (1998-11-30) 1998May 11(22 years old)KanagawaA type166 cm2st gen
Hinako KitanoKitano Hinako1996/07 / 17_ (1996-07-17) 1996May 7(25 years old)HokkaidoO158 cm2st gen
Mai ShinnaiShinuchi Mai1992/01 / 22_ (1992-01-22) 1992May 1(29 years old)SaitamaType B165 cm2st gen
Suzuki AyaneSuzuki Ayane1999/03 / 05_ (1999-03-05) 1999May 3(22 years old)AkitaO161 cm2st gen
Ranyo TeradaTerrandan1998/09 / 23_ (1998-09-23) 1998May 9(22 years old)TokyoUnknown155 cm2st gen
Reina YamazakiRena Yamazaki1997/05 / 21_ (1997-05-21) 1997May 5(24 years old)TokyoType B164 cm2st gen
Ai WatanabeWatanabe Miria1999/11 / 01_ (1999-11-01) 1999May 11(21 years old)TokyoO153 cm2st gen
Riko ItoRia Ito2002/10 / 08_ (2002-10-08) 2002May 10(18 years old)OkinawaType B154 cm3st gen
Rika IwamotoIwamoto Renka2004/02 / 02_ (2004-02-02) 2004May 2(17 years old)TokyoType B159 cm3st gen
Umezawa MinamiUmezawa Minami1999/01 / 06_ (1999-01-06) 1999May 1(22 years old)KanagawaA type170 cm3st gen
Momoko OozonoOmozono Momoko1999/09 / 13_ (1999-09-13) 1999May 9(21 years old)KagoshimaO156 cm3st gen
Kubo ShioriDull bookmark2001/07/14 (2001-07-14) 2001May 7(20 years old)MiyagiO161 cm3st gen
Tamami SakaguchiSakaguchi Tamami2001/11 / 10_ (2001-11-10) 2001May 11(19 years old)TokyoA type161 cm3st gen[Note 16]
Kaede SatoKaede Sato1998/03 / 23_ (1998-03-23) 1998May 3(23 years old)AichiA type161 cm3st gen[Note 17]
Nakamura ReinoNakamurare2001/09 / 27_ (2001-09-27) 2001May 9(19 years old)TokyoUnknown167 cm3st gen
Mukai HazukiMukai Hazuki1999/08 / 23_ (1999-08-23) 1999May 8(21 years old)TokyoA type152 cm3st gen
Mizuki YamashitaMizuki Mizuki1999/07 / 26_ (1999-07-26) 1999May 7(22 years old)TokyoO160 cm3st gen
Ayano Yoshida ChristieYoshida Ayano Christie1995/09 / 06_ (1995-09-06) 1995May 9(25 years old)OitaA type161 cm3st gen[Note 18]
Yuki YodaYuki Yoda2000/05 / 05_ (2000-05-05) 2000May 5(21 years old)FukuokaO153 cm3st gen
Sakura EndoPeas cherry2001/10 / 03_ (2001-10-03) 2001May 10(19 years old)AichiUnknown164 cm4st gen
Haruka KakiKaki Haruka2001/08 / 08_ (2001-08-08) 2001May 8(19 years old)TochigiA type166 cm4st gen
Sayaka KakehashiKakehashi Sayaka2002/11 / 20_ (2002-11-20) 2002May 11(18 years old)OkayamaType B154 cm4st gen
Saya KanagawaKanaya Saya2001/10 / 31_ (2001-10-31) 2001May 10(19 years old)HokkaidoO165 cm4st gen
Kitagawa YuriYuri Kitagawa2001/08 / 08_ (2001-08-08) 2001May 8(19 years old)CaliforniaUnknown165 cm4st gen
Akika KuromiKuromi Haruka2004/01 / 19_ (2004-01-19) 2004May 1(17 years old)TokyoO162 cm4st gen[Note 19]
Rika SatoRika Sato2001/08 / 09_ (2001-08-09) 2001May 8(19 years old)IwateType B160 cm4st gen[Note 20]
Yuzuna ShibataYuna Shibata2003/03 / 03_ (2003-03-03) 2003May 3(18 years old)ChibaA type160 cm4st gen
Rei KiyomiyaSeimiya Rei2003/08 / 01_ (2003-08-01) 2003May 8(17 years old)SaitamaO164 cm4st gen
Tamura ShinsukeMayu Tamura1999/01 / 12_ (1999-01-12) 1999May 1(22 years old)SaitamaA type160 cm4st gen
Ayame TsutsuiTsujitsu Ayame2004/06 / 08_ (2004-06-08) 2004May 6(17 years old)AichiO160 cm4st gen
Hayakawa SeikiHayakawa Seiira2000/08 / 24_ (2000-08-24) 2000May 8(20 years old)OsakaA type164 cm4st gen
Runa HayashiDon't spoil2003/10 / 02_ (2003-10-02) 2003May 10(17 years old)KanagawaO164 cm4st gen[Note 21]
Miyu MatsuoMatsuo Miyu2004/01 / 03_ (2004-01-03) 2004May 1(17 years old)ChibaO167 cm4st gen[Note 22]
Mio YakuboYakubo Mio2002/08 / 14_ (2002-08-14) 2002May 8(18 years old)TokyoType B153 cm4st gen
Yuuki NaoYumiki1999/02 / 03_ (1999-02-03) 1999May 2(22 years old)KyotoA type165 cm4st gen

Former member

NameReadingDate of BirthBirth PlaceBlood TypeheightSubscription periodGraduation, refusal, contract end dateCurrent agency, etc.Remarks
Honoka YamamotoYamamoto Honoka1998/03 / 31_ (1998-03-31) 1998May 3(23 years old)AichiO162 cm1st gen201109 / 22_May 9Office nigunniiba[Note 23]
Ayaka YoshimotoYoshimoto Ayaka1996/08 / 18_ (1996-08-18) 1996May 8(24 years old)KumamotoA type147 cm1st gen201109 / 22_May 9[Note 24]
Yumiko IwaseYumiko Iase1990/06 / 12_ (1990-06-12) 1990May 6(31 years old)SaitamaA type153 cm1st gen201211 / 18_May 11[Note 25]
Miku AndoAnku Mikumo1993/05 / 21_ (1993-05-21) 1993May 5(28 years old)KanagawaO156 cm1st gen201306 / 16_May 6[Note 26]
Kashiwa KashiwaKashiwa Yukina1994/08 / 12_ (1994-08-12) 1994May 8(26 years old)KanagawaType B158 cm1st gen201311 / 17_May 11Japan Music Entertainment
(E-concept section)
Miyazawa ShigeyoshiMiyazawa Seiira1993/10 / 29_ (1993-10-29) 1993May 10(27 years old)ChibaO166 cm1st gen201311 / 17_May 11Idea
Nanami NishikawaNanami Kawanami1993/07 / 03_ (1993-07-03) 1993May 7(28 years old)TokyoA type165 cm2st gen201403 / 22_May 3[Note 27]
Rena IchikiIchiki Rena1996/01 / 22_ (1996-01-22) 1996May 1(25 years old)ChibaA type153 cm1st gen201407 / 21_May 7Nippon Television Network
Risako YadaRisako Yada1995/03 / 08_ (1995-03-08) 1995May 3(26 years old)SaitamaA type158 cm2st gen201410 / 18_May 10[Note 28]
Yonede KyokaYoneto today1999/04 / 14_ (1999-04-14) 1999May 4(22 years old)KanagawaAB type163 cm2st gen201410 / 18_May 10[Note 29]
Nene ItoIto ne1995/12/12 (1995-12-12) 1995May 12(25 years old)GifuType B149 cm1st gen201410 / 19_May 10Watanabe Entertainment
Yamato RinaYamatona1994/12 / 14_ (1994-12-14) 1994May 12(26 years old)MiyagiO162 cm1st gen201412 / 15_May 12[Note 30]
Sora HatanakaHatanaka1995/12 / 05_ (1995-12-05) 1995May 12(25 years old)OitaType B150 cm1st gen201504 / 04_May 4MSC[Note 31]
Rena MatsuiMatsui rena1991/07 / 27_ (1991-07-27) 1991May 7(30 years old)AichiO162 cmExchange student201505 / 14_May 5Grick
Sera NagashimaNagashima Seiira1994/05 / 19_ (1994-05-19) 1994May 5(27 years old)AichiO158 cm1st gen201603 / 20_May 3Horipro
Mai FukagawaFluffy1991/03 / 29_ (1991-03-29) 1991May 3(30 years old)ShizuokaO162 cm1st gen201606 / 16_May 6Ten carat
Nanami HashimotoNanami Hashimoto1993/02 / 20_ (1993-02-20) 1993May 2(28 years old)HokkaidoType B163 cm1st gen201702 / 20_May 2
Nakamoto HimukaNakato Himeka1996/04 / 13_ (1996-04-13) 1996May 4(25 years old)HiroshimaO161 cm1st gen201711 / 19_May 11Nogizaka 46 GK
Marika ItoMarika Ito1996/02 / 20_ (1996-02-20) 1996May 2(25 years old)KanagawaO156 cm1st gen201712 / 23_May 12Nogizaka 46 GK
Mayu KawamuraKawamura Mahiro1995/07 / 23_ (1995-07-23) 1995May 7(26 years old)OsakaA type157 cm1st gen201803 / 31_May 3Zest[Note 32]
Rina IkomaIkomana1995/12 / 29_ (1995-12-29) 1995May 12(25 years old)AkitaAB type153 cm1st gen201805 / 06_May 5AM Entertainment
Chiharu SaitoChiharu Saito1997/02 / 17_ (1997-02-17) 1997May 2(24 years old)SaitamaA type166 cm1st gen201807 / 16_May 7TV Asahi
Iori SagaraSagariori1997/11 / 26_ (1997-11-26) 1997May 11(23 years old)SaitamaO164 cm2st gen201807 / 16_May 7Nogizaka 46 GK
Yumi WakatsukiWakatsuki Yumi1994/06 / 27_ (1994-06-27) 1994May 6(27 years old)ShizuokaO157 cm1st gen201811 / 30_May 11Zest
Nojo AimiNojo Ami1994/10 / 18_ (1994-10-18) 1994May 10(26 years old)KanagawaA type162 cm1st gen201812 / 15_May 12TWIN PLANET
Kawago HarunaKawago Hina1998/03 / 22_ (1998-03-22) 1998May 3(23 years old)NagasakiO161 cm1st gen201812 / 20_May 12
Nanase NishinoNishino Nanase1994/05 / 25_ (1994-05-25) 1994May 5(27 years old)OsakaO159 cm1st gen201812 / 31_May 12Nogizaka 46 GK
Misato EtoEto Misa1993/01 / 04_ (1993-01-04) 1993May 1(28 years old)OitaAB type163 cm1st gen20193 / 31_May 3Nogizaka 46 GK
Karin ItoKarin Ito1993/05 / 26_ (1993-05-26) 1993May 5(28 years old)KanagawaO153 cm2st gen2019/5/24Nogizaka 46 GK
Saito YuriSaito Yuuri1993/07 / 20_ (1993-07-20) 1993May 7(28 years old)TokyoO157 cm1st gen2019/6/30
Yuka SakuraiIs it so good1994/05 / 16_ (1994-05-16) 1994May 5(27 years old)KanagawaA type155 cm1st gen2019/9/1Nogizaka 46 GK
Sasaki KotokoSasaki Kotoko1998/08 / 28_ (1998-08-28) 1998May 8(22 years old)SaitamaA type163 cm2st gen2020/3/31Style cube
Sayuri InoueInoue Sayuri1994/12/14 (1994-12-14) 1994May 12(26 years old)SaitamaType B156 cm1st gen2020/4/27Sys Company
Kana NakataNaka Naka1994/08 / 06_ (1994-08-06) 1994May 8(26 years old)SaitamaA type158 cm1st gen2020/10/25Nogizaka 46 GK
Mai ShiraishiShirai Mai1992/08 / 20_ (1992-08-20) 1992May 8(28 years old)GunmaA type162 cm1st gen2020/10/28Nogizaka 46 GK
Miona HoriHori Miona1996/10 / 15_ (1996-10-15) 1996May 10(24 years old)GifuO162 cm2st gen2021/3/28
Matsumura SayuriMatsumura Sayuri1992/08 / 27_ (1992-08-27) 1992May 8(28 years old)OsakaType B164 cm1st gen2021/7/13Nogizaka 46 GK

Transition of composition

dateEventIncrease or decreaseRegular memberPostgraduate
[Note 33]
1 period2 period3 period4 periodDual post
2011/8/211st term 36 pass[Note 34]363636
2011/9/22Honoka Yamamoto and Ayaka Yoshimoto declined-23434
2012/11/18Yumiko Iwase Graduated[281]-13333
2013/5/112nd gen[Note 35]+13331346
2013/6/16Miku Ando graduated[284]-1321345
2013/10/6Mori Hori Regular member promotion[285]3211245
2013/11/17Yukina Kashiwa and Shigeyoshi Miyazawa graduated[286]-23011243
2014/1/26Hinako Kitano Regular member promotion[287]3021143
2014/3/2Shinnai Mai Promoted to Regular Member[288]3031043
2014/3/22Nanami Nishikawa declined[289]-1303942
2014/4/24SKE48 Team E Reina Matsui double-handed[92]+13031943
2014/6/14Iori Sagara returned to research[282]+130311044
2014/7/21Rena Ichiki graduated[290]-129311043
2014/8/4Karin Ito Promotion to Regular Member[291]2941943
2014/10/18Risako Yada/Kyoka Yonetoku declined[292]-22941741
2014/10/19Nene Ito Graduated[293]-12841740
2014/12/15Yamato Rina contract ended[294]-12741739
2015/1/18Iori Sagara Regular member promotion[295]2751639
2015/2/22Junna Ito/Kotoko Sasaki/Ayane Suzuki/Ranyo Terada
Reina Yamazaki/Mirai Watanabe promoted to regular member[121]
2015/4/4Sora Hatanaka Nakamura graduated[296]-12611138
2015/5/14Reina Matsui exchange study ends[297]-1261137
2016/3/20Nagashima Seira graduated[298]-1251136
2016/6/16Mai Fukagawa Graduated[299]-1241135
2016/9/43nd gen[Note 36]+1224111247
2017/2/20Nana Hashimoto not graduated[300][301]-123111246
2017/11/19[Note 37]Nakamoto Nichika graduated[302]-122111245
2017/12/23Marika Ito Graduated[303]-121111244
2018/3/31Masahiro Kawamura graduated[304]-120111243
2018/5/6Rina Ikoma graduated[305]-119111242
2018/7/16Chiharu Saito, Iori Soraku graduated[306]-218101240
2018/11/30[Note 38]Yumi Wakatsuki graduated[308]-117101239
2018/12/34nd gen[Note 39][203]+111710121150
2018/12/15Aimi Nojo Graduated[309]-11610121149
2018/12/20Haruna Kawago graduated[310]-11510121148
2018/12/31Nishino Nanase Graduated[Note 40]-11410121147
2019/3/31Misa Eto graduated[312]-11310121146
2019/5/24Karin Ito Graduated[313]-1139121145
2019/6/30Graduated from Yuri Saito[314]-1129121144
2019/9/1Reika Sakurai graduated[315]-1119121143
2020/2/164 slope trainees (5th year)[Note 41]+5119121648
2020/3/31Kotoko Sasaki graduated[316]-1118121647
2020/4/27Sayuri Inoue graduated[317][318]-1108121646
2020/10/25Kana Nakada graduated[319]-198121645
2020/10/28Mai Shiraishi graduated[320]-188121644
2021/3/28Miona Hori graduated[321]-187121643
2021/7/13Sayuri Matsumura graduated[322]-177121642

Successive captains

  1. Reika Sakurai (June 2012, 6)[63] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[323]
  2. Manatsu Akimoto (September 2019, 9)[324] -)


Selection of songs, Fukugami

  • ◎-Center.
  • ○-Fukujin[Note 42].
  • ▲-Selection.

Selection other than songs, Fukugami

Dance Seven Lucky GodsIs "Where is Nogizaka?] Nogizaka46, 7 people selected in the dance skill check[356].

  • Erika Ikuta, Rina Ikoma, Sayuri Inoue, Mahiro Kawamura, Asuka Saito, Reika Sakurai, Kana Nakata[356]

Official approvalOf "Nogizaka and Manabu"Vocabulary/reading ability test3 people with top grades in the 8rd grade test[357].

  • 1st place: Manatsu Akimoto, 2nd place: Nana Hashimoto, 3rd place: Kana Nakada, 4th place: Nika Nakamoto, 5th place: Sayuri Matsumura, 6th place: Erika Ikuta, 7th place: Mai Fukagawa, 8th place: Nene Ito[357]

Monhan selectionIs the gameMonster hunter5 people formed to liven up[358].

  • Yuri Saito, Mai Shiraishi, Seira Nagashima, Nanase Nishino, Sayuri Matsumura[358]

an・an beautiful legs selectionIs a magazine "an ・ an』(Magazine house) No.1955 selected 10 beautiful legs[359].

  • Midsummer Akimoto, Mai Shiraishi, Mai Shinnai, Kazumi Takayama, Nanase Nishino, Nana Hashimoto, Mai Fukagawa, Rena Matsui, Sayuri Matsumura, Yumi Wakatsuki.[Note 48]

Glasses selectionNogizaka46 says "28thJapan Glasses Best Dresser Award], when he received a special award as a person who does not wear glasses in his usual activities but wants to wear glasses in the future[360], 6 selected as members who look good with glasses[137].

  • Misa Eto, Asuka Saito, Mai Shiraishi, Nanase Nishino, Nana Hashimoto, Mai Fukagawa[137]

Nogizaka reading selectionIs a magazine "Da Vinci』(3 people talking about reading circumstances selected as part of "Nogizaka type club!"[361].

  • Asuka Saito, Kazumi Takayama, Nichika Nakamoto[361]

Jewelry selectionAre the five selected when Nogizaka46 won the singer section of the "2nd Christmas Jewelry Princess Award"[162].

  • Erika Ikuta, Rina Ikoma, Mai Shiraishi, Nanase Nishino, Sayuri Matsumura[162]

Nogizaka46 SHIBUYA109 Fukugami produced by TGCIs the holy ground of fashionSHIBUYA109And send Japanese girls culture to the worldTokyo Girls Collection(TGC), a selection team formed in a hurry to boost Japanese girls fashion[168].. Starting with the flagship store SHIBUYA109,9 facilities managed and operated at 109 locations in Japan and overseasCollaborate during the winter 2017 bargains held at[168].

  • Misa Eto, Hinako Kitano, Asuka Saito, Reika Sakurai, Mai Shiraishi, Nanase Nishino, Minami Hoshino, Miona Hori, Sayuri Matsumura, Yumi Wakatsuki.[168]

Derivation unit


Nogidan isKishidanBand formed by Nogizaka 46 members influenced by[362].. In 2016, Seira Nagashima who was a keyboard and Mai Fukagawa who was a guitar graduated from the group, but from the second day performance of "Midsummer National Tour 8 ~ 29th Year Birthday Live ~" on August 2016 of the same year, Maaya Wada Appeared as a keyboard[363].. From 2019's Nogizaka46 7th Year Birthday Live, vocals were Himeka Nakamoto and Aimi Nojo. Guitarist Hitomi Saionji and Hoshi Grand Mannier joined as guitar support[364][365].

  • Sing "If you're in love, wash your face!" from the 2nd album "Each chair"
Old system
  • Vocals: Himeka Nakamoto/Aimi Nojo, Guitar: Mai Fukagawa (Leaving in 2016), Mahiro Kawamura, Drum: Asuka Saito, Bass: Kana Nakata, Keyboard: Seira Nagashima (Leaving in 2016), Maya Wada (New member)[363]
New system
  • Vocal: Junna Ito / Shiori Kubo, Drum: Asuka Saito, Bass: Kana Nakada, Keyboard: Maaya Wada[365]

Mayuzaka 46

Mayuzaka 46 isMayu WatanabeWatanabe's solo 46nd single released in 2012, which was formed by Nogizaka 2 members.Adult jelly beansA collaboration unit that sings the coupling song "Twintail is no more"[366][367].

  • Mayu Watanabe, Erika Ikuta, Rina Ikoma, Marika Ito, Sayuri Inoue, Yuri Saito, Reika Sakurai, Mai Shiraishi, Kazumi Takayama, Kana Nakata, Nanase Nishino, Nana Hashimoto, Mai Fukagawa, Minami Hoshino, Sayuri Matsumura, Waka. Yumi Tsuki[368]

Kojizaka 46

Kojizaka 46 isHaruna KojimaAn independent group that is also the official rival of Nogizaka 46, which was formed by the Nogizaka 46 members.[369].. Kojima played against Rina Ikoma who was also AKB2014 at the time in the first block of C block of "AKB9 Group Janken Tournament 17-Win with fists! 48/2014 Solo debut competition battle" held on September 1, 300 At that time, Kojima appeared with Haruna Kawago, Yuri Saito, Seira Nagashima and Kana Nakata.[370], And then "Nogizaka 46 Under Live Second Season" (October 2014-10, 5,Roppongi Blue Theater) Was performed on the 15th, 46 research students from Nogizaka 7 and 3 under members were absorbed using candid rock-paper-scissors, and a total of 16 members were formed.[371].

  • Haruna Kojima, Rina Ikoma, Junna Ito, Haruna Kawago, Mahiro Kawamura, Yuri Saito, Iori Sagara, Koto Sasaki, Ayane Suzuki, Ranyo Terada, Seira Nagashima, Kana Nakata, Aimi Nojo, Rena Yamazaki, Megumi Watanabe, Maya Wada[372]

Sashizaka 46

Sashizaka 46 isRino SashiharaA collaboration unit formed by Nogizaka46 members[373].. "2014th AKB12 Kohaku Counter-Singing Battle" held on December 16, 4 (TOKYO DOME CITY HALL) Was formed according to the appearance of Rino Sashihara, the deputy captain of the White Team.[374].

  • Rino Sashihara, Manatsu Akimoto, Misa Eto, Asuka Saito, Iori Sagara, Koto Sasaki, Mai Fukagawa, Miona Hori[374]

Nogizaka AKB

Nogizaka AKB is the 48rd single of AKB43 "You are a melodyThe coupling song ofThings that mixA collaboration unit formed by Nogizaka46 and AKB48 group members[375].

Giga 200

Giga 200 is a unit that promotes the SoftBank campaign "Giga Student Discount"[376].

  • Midsummer Akimoto, Erika Ikuta, Rina Ikoma, Marika Ito, Misa Eto, Asuka Saito, Mai Shiraishi, Kazumi Takayama, Nanase Nishino, Nana Hashimoto, Mai Fukagawa, Minami Hoshino, Sayuri Matsumura, Yumi Wakatsuki.[376],other

HoneyWorks meets Say apple corps + Manatsu-san respect corps from Nogizaka46

HoneyWorks meets Say apple corps + Manatsu-san respect corps from Nogizaka46 is a creator unit "HoneyWorks"The romance youth group drama produced by"The moment you like it. ~ Confession Executive Committee ~A special unit formed for the song "I should have hated you."[377].

  • Sayu Apple Corps
    • Sayuri Matsumura, Kouko Sasaki, Ranyo Terada, Karin Ito[377]
  • Manatsu Respect Corps
    • Midsummer Akimoto, Iori Sagara, Ayane Suzuki, Miai Watanabe[377]

Slope AKB

Slope AKB is the 48th single of AKB47 "Shoot signThe coupling song ofWho do you love the most?A collaboration unit formed by Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, Hyugazaka46 (formerly Keyakizaka46), and AKB48 group members.[378][379].. March 2017, 3 ``Music Station 3 hours special” ((TV Asahi), etc. have also appeared in music programs as Slope AKB[380].. 51st single "Jabaja”, the second “Slope AKB”Borderless timesIs recorded[381].. 55th single "Jiwaru DAYS”, the second “Slope AKB”First love doorIs recorded[382][383].

The 1 bullet[384]

The 2 bullet[381]

  • Nogizaka46
    • Momoko Ohzono, Shiori Kubo, Asuka Saito, Miona Hori, Mizuki Yamashita, Yuki Yoda
  • Keyakizaka46
    • Yui Imaizumi,Kobayashi Yui, Yuka Sugai, Neru Nagahama, Risa Watanabe
  • Keyakizaka46
  • AKB48
    • Nana Okada,Rin OkabeYuri Oguri and Mion Mukai
  • SKE48
    • Jurina Matsui
  • HKT48
    • Sakura Miyawaki

The 3 bullet[385]


IZ4648 is broadcast on December 2018, 12 ``2018 FNS Kayo Festival 2nd night], Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, AKB48 group,IZ * ONECollaboration unit formed by members[386].. AKB48's 55th single "Jiwaru DAYS" includes "Necessity" as a coupling song.[382][386].

Nogizaka46 Unit

Below, released single and album units[Note 49].

Saint Quetoile

Saint Quetoile[387], A member who sang the song "Adult to the shortcut" from the 13th single "Now, I want to talk to someone", and the song "Kimi ni no Hanagananai" from the 16th single "Sayonara no Meaning". Selected from the under members of the 13th single. "Saint Etoile"FrenchIt means "five stars (cinq étoile)".Also known as San Eto.

  • Members: Hinako Kitano, Ranyo Terada, Kana Nakata, Himeka Nakamoto, Miona Hori

Sayu Apple Corps

The Sayuringo Gundan is a five-member corps that includes members who sang the song "Hakumaisama" from the 15th single "Hadashi de Summer" and the song "Sayuringo Boshu" from the 4th album "Ima ga Omoide ni Natte" .. On May 5, 2019, Kana Nakada, a research student of the Sayuri Apple Corps, said,I like raw idols], it was announced that the research student will be promoted[388].. From June 2021nd to 6rd, 22, the group's first solo live was held at "Sayu-Ready? -Sayuri Ringo Corps Live / Sayuri Matsumura Graduation Concert-".Karin Ito, Kotoko Sasaki, and Kana Nakada who graduated from Nogizaka23 also participated.

  • Members: Sayuri Matsumura, Ranze Terada, Kotoko Sasaki, Karin Ito, Kana Nakada (joined on May 2019, 5)

Manatsu Respect Corps

Manatsu-san Respect Corps is a member who sang the song "16nd Kiss Kara" from the 2th single "Sayonara no Meaning".

Girls' school quartet

The girls' quartet includes songs from the 2nd album "Each chair", "Kuchi Promise", songs from the 17th single "Influencer", "I want to think about my life", and 22nd single, "I want to make a detour on my way home". The members who sang "Order of confession". Formed by members who were attending girls' school.

  • Members: Manatsu Akimoto, Reika Sakurai, Kana Nakata, Yumi Wakatsuki

Unnie Misaka

Ane Misaka is a member who sang the song "Unexpected Break" from the 17th single "Influencer". Formed by senior members of the 1st group.

  • Members: Misa Eto, Mai Shiraishi, Kazumi Takayama, Sayuri Matsumura


Nazca[389], A member who sang the song "Another Ghost" from the 17th single "Influencer". A combination of "Na" of Nanase, "Su" of Asuka, and "Ka" of Marika.

  • Members: Marika Ito, Asuka Saito, Nanase Nishino

Haze grass

The haze grass[390], A member who sang the song "Blancable Story" from the 17th single "Influencer". The word of Kasumigrass is "name supporting role". It is meant to be a member with the power to support the protagonist in the shadow.

  • Members: Rina Ikoma, Sayuri Inoue, Minami Hoshino, Miona Hori

Young corps

The young corps[391][392], A member who sang the song "Broken Love Sweeper" from the 19th single "Itsukikarukara to Kyodoru" Wakatsuki gathered the 4rd generation from the single character "Beauty" that is common to all 3 people.

  • Members: Minami Umezawa, Tamami Sakaguchi, Mizuki Yamashita, Yumi Wakatsuki

Fuji Sakuranashi

Fujiwari (Don Wally)[393], A member who sang the song "Kunari Nara Iiyo" from the 20th single "Synchronicity". Eto's "Fuji", Sakurai's "Sakura", and Erika's "Pear" are the combination of flowers in each name.

  • Members: Erika Ikuta, Misa Eto, Reika Sakurai

Younger sister slope

Imotozaka is a member who sang the song "Kotoreigun" from the 20th single "Synchronicity". Selection of the title song Formed by 3 members of the 4rd generation.

  • Members: Momoko Ozono, Fumio Kubo, Mizuki Yamashita, Yuki Yoda



1st generation audition

  • Qualifications: Women aged 2011 to 4 as of April 1, 12, without a contract with a specific record maker, production or music publisher.[394].. Deadline on July 2011, 7[394].
  • Total number of applications: 3[395].
  • First screening: Document selection[396].
  • Second screening: Interview (August 2011-8, 6, Sapporo/Sendai/Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka/Fukuoka/Okinawa)[396].
  • Third screening, fourth screening: Practical skill (August 2011-8, 20, SME Nogizaka Building), 21 successful applicants[325].
  • Final examination: Conducted on August 2011, 8, 21 successful applicants[397].
  • Final passer: Started activities as a forming member of Nogizaka46[397].

2st generation audition

  • Qualifications: Women aged 2013 to 3 as of March 31, 13, who do not have exclusive contracts for specific productions.[398].. Deadline on July 2013, 1[398].
  • Total number of applications: 1[399].
  • Final examination: March 2013, 3 Announcement of acceptance[400]..14 successful applicants, magnification 1,000 times or more[401].
  • Finalist: Nogizaka46's musical performance "16 principals Deux' 15 performances in Tokyo (May 2013-5, 3,Akasaka ACT Theater) Each one, and take lessons as a research student of Nogizaka1[402].

3st generation audition

  • Qualification for application: From 12 to 20 years old[151]After passing, a woman who can make an exclusive contract with Tokyo and Nogizaka46 GK[151].. Deadline on July 2016, 7[151].
  • Total number of applications: 4[403].. The total number of applications at the time of the seminar was over 1.[404].
  • Seminar: Women's seminar for auditions (March 2016, 3, Miyagi / March 26, Hokkaido, Aichi, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka / April 3, Tokyo)[405].
  • First screening: Document selection[151].
  • Secondary screening: Interview (July 2016-7, 30, Tokyo / August 31, Sapporo / Fukuoka / August 8, Nagoya / August 3, Shizuoka / Kanazawa / August 8, Niigata / (Kochi / August 5-8, Osaka / August 6, Sendai/Kagoshima / August 8, Gunma, Okinawa)[151].
  • Third screening: Practical skill (August 2016-8, 19, somewhere in Tokyo)[151].
  • Fourth screening: Interview (August 2016, 8, somewhere in Tokyo)[406].
  • SHOWROOM部門:配信(2016年8月27日12時00分 - 2016年9月2日21時59分)[407].
  • Final examination: Passers are decided (September 2016, 9, somewhere in Tokyo)[Note 50].
  • Final passers: 13 people will be selected by the 1th screening, and XNUMX will decline before the final screening.[158].. 12 people went to the final examination, all passed[158].. September 2016, 9, "Nogizaka4 third generation decision special!" (LINE LIVE) The successful applicants were shown for the first time[158].. In addition, it was decided that the successful candidate Momoko Ozono will serve as the provisional center for the 3rd generation.[406].. In addition to the audition, a special project was conducted in collaboration with major publisher magazines.[406].. All 20 people in charge of the audition visited the audition, each magazine gave a special prize to the members selected from the successful applicants, and the members who received the special prize were promised to be published in each magazine[Note 51].

4nd Year Audition (Sakado Joint Audition)

5st generation audition

  • Qualifications: From 2021 to 8 years old as of August 10, 12 (Tuesday)[408].
  • Application period: From noon on July 2021, 7 to 19:8 on August 10, 17[409].
  • Primary examination: Document examination[408].
  • Second screening: Remote online (August 8-20)[409].
  • Third screening: Interview 1 (September 2021, 9, Tokyo / Nagoya / Sendai / September 4, Osaka / Fukuoka / Sapporo)[409].
  • Fourth screening: Interview 2 (September 2021, 9, somewhere in Tokyo)[409].
  • Trainee (member candidate) Final screening: (September 2021, 9, somewhere in Tokyo)[409].
  • Final passers: Scheduled to be announced in December[409].



Release datetitleHighest rankLabelStandard product numberForm (sales form)Recording album
12012/2/22Round and round curtain2 bitSony RecordsSRCL-7900 / 1Type-A (CD+DVDTransparent color
SRCL-7902 / 3Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-7904 / 5Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-7906Normal edition (CD)
22012/5/2Come shampoo1 bitN46 Div.SRCL-7966 / 7Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-7968 / 9Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-7970 / 1Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-7972Normal edition (CD)
32012/8/22Run! BicycleSRCL-8058 / 9Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8060 / 1Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8062 / 3Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8064Normal edition (CD)
42012/12/19Uniform mannequinSRCL-8201 / 2Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8203 / 4Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8205 / 6Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8207Normal edition (CD)
SRCL-8208Animation board (CD)
52013/3/13Your name is hopeSRCL-8253 / 4Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8255 / 6Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8257 / 8Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8259Normal edition (CD)
62013/7/3Girls rulesSRCL-8315 / 6Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8317 / 8Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8319 / 20Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8321Normal edition (CD)
72013/11/27VallettaSRCL-8423 / 4Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8425 / 6Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8427 / 8Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8429Normal edition (CD)
SRCL-8430Animation board (CD)
82014/4/2If you notice, unrequited loveSRCL-8520 / 1Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8522 / 3Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8524 / 5Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8526Normal edition (CD)
92014/7/9Summer Free & EasySRCL-8563 / 4Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8565 / 6Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8567 / 8Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8569Normal edition (CD)
102014/10/8How many times is the blue sky?SRCL-8621 / 2Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8623 / 4Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8625 / 6Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8627Normal edition (CD)
112015/3/18Life is beautifulSRCL-8780 / 1Type-A (CD+DVD)Each chair
SRCL-8782 / 3Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8784 / 5Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8786Normal edition (CD)
122015/7/22Sun knockSRCL-8840 / 1Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8842 / 3Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8844 / 5Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8846Normal edition (CD)
SRC7-6 / 7Seven-Eleven Limited Edition (CD)
132015/10/28There is someone you want to talk nowSRCL-8910 / 1Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8912 / 3Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8914 / 5Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-8916Normal edition (CD)
SRCL-8956Here salmonBoard (CD)
142016/3/23When Halzion bloomsSRCL-9025 / 6Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9027 / 8Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9029 / 30Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9032 / 3Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9031Normal edition (CD)
152016/7/27Barefoot SummerSRCL-9138 / 9Type-A (CD+DVD)The dream I had for the first time since I was born
SRCL-9140 / 1Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9142 / 3Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9145 / 6Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9144Normal edition (CD)
162016/11/9Meaning of goodbyeSRCL-9258 / 9Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9260 / 1Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9262 / 3Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9264 / 5Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9266Normal edition (CD)
172017/3/22InfluencerSRCL-9370 / 1Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9372 / 3Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9374 / 5Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9376 / 7Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9378Normal edition (CD)
182017/8/9Escape waterSRCL-9489 / 90Type-A (CD+DVD)Until now is a memory
SRCL-9491 / 2Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9493 / 4Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9495 / 6Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9497Normal edition (CD)
192017/10/11I can do it someday so I can do it todaySRCL-9572 / 3Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9574 / 5Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9576 / 7Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9578 / 9Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9580Normal edition (CD)
202018/4/25SynchronicitySRCL-9782 / 3Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9784 / 5Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9786 / 7Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9788 / 9Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9790Normal edition (CD)
212018/8/8Going my way!SRCL-9913 / 4Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9915 / 6Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9917 / 8Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9919 / 20Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9921Normal edition (CD)
222018/11/14I want to make a detour on my way homeSRCL-9974 / 5Type-A (CD+Blu-ray
SRCL-9976 / 7Type-B (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-9978 / 9Type-C (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-9980 / 1Type-D (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-9982Normal edition (CD)
232019/5/29Sing Out!SRCL-11186 / 7Type-A (CD+Blu-ray)Not recorded
SRCL-11188 / 9Type-B (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11190 / 1Type-C (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11192 / 3Type-D (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11194Normal edition (CD)
242019/9/4You don't have to be strong until dawnSRCL-11260 / 1Type-A (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11262 / 3Type-B (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11264 / 5Type-C (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11266 / 7Type-D (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11268Normal edition (CD)
252020/3/25Protective color of happinessSRCL-11460 / 1Type-A (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11462 / 3Type-B (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11464 / 5Type-C (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11466 / 7Type-D (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11468Normal edition (CD)
262021/1/27I like meSRCL-11680 / 1Type-A (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11682 / 3Type-B (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11684 / 5Type-C (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11686 / 7Type-D (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11688Normal edition (CD)
272021/6/9I'm sorry Fingers crossedSRCL-11836 / 7Type-A (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11838 / 9Type-B (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11840 / 1Type-C (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11842 / 3Type-D (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11844Normal edition (CD)
282021/9/22Title TBDTBASRCL-11880 / 1Type-A (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11882 / 3Type-B (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11884 / 5Type-C (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11886 / 7Type-D (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11888Normal edition (CD)


Original album

Release datetitleHighest rankLabelStandard product numberForm (sales form)
12015/1/7Transparent color1 bitN46 Div.SRCL-8662 / 4Type-A (2CD+DVD)
SRCL-8665 / 6Type-B (2CD)
SRCL-8667Type-C (CD)
22016/5/25Each chairSRCL-9078 / 9Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9080 / 1Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9082 / 3Type-C (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9084 / 5Type-D (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9086Normal edition (CD)
32017/5/24The dream I had for the first time since I was bornSRCL-9437 / 9First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9440 / 1Type-A (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9442 / 3Type-B (CD+DVD)
SRCL-9444Normal edition (CD)
42019/4/17Until now is a memorySRCL-11140 / 2First Press Limited Edition (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11143 / 4Type-A (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11145 / 6Type-B (CD+Blu-ray)
SRCL-11147Normal edition (CD)

Compilation album

Release datetitleHighest rankLabelStandard product numberForm (sales form)
12018/1/10My Only You ~Under Super Best~1 bitN46 Div.SRCL-9630 / 2First Press Limited Edition (2CD+DVD)
SRCL-9633 / 5Limited edition (2CD+DVD)
SRCL-9636 / 7Normal board (2CD)

Delivery limited work

Release datetitleLabelRemarks
2014/4/14If you notice it, one-sided feelings ~with Rena Matsui ver.~N46 Div.RecochokuAdvance delivery
2020/6/17Neighbors around the world[410][411]Outside Japan, delivered on June 2020, 6
2020/7/24Route 246[412][413]

Unsourced music

Participating works


Mayuzaka 46

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberCollection work
12012/7/25No more twin tailsSony RecordsSRCL-8030 / 1Adult jelly beans

Kojizaka 46

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberCollection work
12014/11/26Wind spiralKing recordKIZM-90317 / 8Hopeful refrain

Nogizaka AKB

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberCollection work
12016/3/9Things that mixKing recordKIZM-90421 / 2You are a melody

Slope AKB

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberCollection work
12017/3/15Who do you love the most?King recordKIZM-90481 / 2Shoot sign
22018/3/14Borderless timesKIZM-90547 / 8Jabaja
32019/3/13First love doorKIZM-90615 / 6Jiwaru DAYS


Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberCollection work
12019/3/13certaintyKing recordKIZM-90617 / 8Jiwaru DAYS

Limited distribution

HoneyWorks meets Say apple corps + Manatsu-san respect corps from Nogizaka46

Release datetitleLabelRemarks
12016/12/7I should have hated it.Music Ray'n Inc.

Karaage Sisters (Erika Ikuta, Sayuri Matsumura from Nogizaka46)

Release datetitleLabelRemarks
12021/2/191 ・ 2 ・ 3Sony Music Labels

Video work



Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12014/3/7NOGIBINGO!vapVPBF-10975First limited edition DVD-BOX
VPBF-10976Normal version DVD-BOX
2021/3/12VPXF-71845Blu-ray BOX
22014/9/12NOGIBINGO! 2VPBF-29901First limited edition DVD-BOX
VPBF-29902Normal version DVD-BOX
2021/3/12VPXF-71846Blu-ray BOX
32015/4/24NOGIBINGO! 3VPBF-29925First-run limited DVD-BOX
VPXF-72963Blu-ray BOX
42015/10/16NOGIBINGO! 4VPBF-29936First-run limited DVD-BOX
VPXF-72973Blu-ray BOX
52016/2/19NOGIBINGO! 5VPBF-29950First-run limited DVD-BOX
VPXF-72987Blu-ray BOX
62016/9/30NOGIBINGO! 6VPBF-14531First-run limited DVD-BOX
VPXF-71466Blu-ray BOX
72017/8/4NOGIBINGO! 7VPBF-14608First-run limited DVD-BOX
VPXF-71529Blu-ray BOX
82018/3/16NOGIBINGO! 8VPBF-14682First-run limited DVD-BOX
VPXF-71584Blu-ray BOX
92018/10/19NOGIBINGO! 9VPBF-14739First-run limited DVD-BOX
VPXF-71634Blu-ray BOX
102019/10/25NOGIBINGO! 10VPBF-14875First-run limited DVD-BOX
VPXF-71766Blu-ray BOX

Where to go to Nogizaka

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12020/3/6Where Nogizaka Volume 1vapVPBF-14005DVD-BOX
VPXF-71798Blu-ray BOX
22020/8/7Where Nogizaka Volume 2VPBF-14031DVD-BOX
VPXF-71814Blu-ray BOX

Nogizaka Skits

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12021/1/8Nogizaka Skits Volume 1vapVPBF-14050DVD-BOX
VPXF-71826Blu-ray BOX
22021/4/2Nogizaka Skits Volume 2VPBF-14051DVD-BOX
VPXF-71827Blu-ray BOX
32021/7/30Nogizaka Skits ACT2 Volume 1VPBF-14082DVD-BOX
VPXF-71860Blu-ray BOX

Where is Nogizaka?

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12015/3/25[415]Mai Shiraishi's "Where are you going?"N46 Div.SRBW-20DVD
Midsummer Akimoto's "Where are you going?"SRBW-21
Erika Ikuta's "Where is it?"SRBW-22
Rina Ikoma's "Where is it?"SRBW-23
Kayama Takayama's "Where are you going?"SRBW-24
Nishino Nanase's "Where are you going?"SRBW-25
Minami Hoshino's "Where are you going?"SRBW-26
22015/9/30[416]Reika Sakurai's "Where are you going?"SRBW-33
Nana Hashimoto's "Where are you going?" SRBW-34
Mori Hori's "Where is it?"SRBW-35
Yumi Wakatsuki's "Where are you going?"SRBW-36
32016/12/21[417]Sayuri Matsumura's "Where are you going?"SRBW-37
Mai Fukagawa's "Where is it?"SRBW-38
Misa Eto's "Where are you going?"SRBW-39

Nogizaka under construction

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12019/11/6[418]Akimoto under constructionN46 Div.SRXW-6Blu-ray
Shiraishi under constructionSRXW-7
Under constructionSRXW-8
Matsumura under constructionSRXW-9
22020/6/3[419]Under constructionSRXW-11
Hoshino under constructionSRXW-12
Under constructionSRXW-13
Asuka under constructionSRXW-14
Ikuta under constructionSRXW-20
Umezawa under constructionSRXW-21
Kubo under constructionSRXW-22
Under constructionSRXW-23
Yamashita under constructionSRXW-24
Yoda under constructionSRXW-25
Nogizaka Under Construction-Guam Edition-SRXW-26
Nogizaka Under Construction-Okinawa Edition-SRXW-27
4September 2021, 8 (planned)[421]
Nogizaka changing clothesSRXW-40
Nogizaka Championship is being heldSRXW-41
Nogizaka goal is being achievedSRXW-42
Nogizaka impersonatorSRXW-43

TV drama

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12016/1/20First forest bemarsTohoTBR-25443DBlu-ray SPECIAL BOX

Other TV programs

  • Nogizaka Roman Random Raw Photo Style DVD(March 2013, 3, Nogizaka16 Steering Committee)- Makuhari MesseSold at an individual handshake eventNogizaka Roman』The main title scene image is printed on the DVD surface as a live photo, a total of 102 episodes are recorded for 1 episode and sold as a set of 1 pieces[422].

Documentary movie

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12015/11/18How to Forget Sorrow Documentary of Nogizaka46TohoTBR-25431DBlu-ray Special Edition
TDV-25432DBlu-ray complete BOX
TBR-25433DDVD Special Edition
TDV-25434DDVD complete BOX
22019/12/25Before I knew it, Documentary of Nogizaka46TBR-29367DBlu-ray complete BOX
TBR-29368DBlu-ray Special Edition
TDV-29369DDVD complete BOX
TDV-29370DDVD Special Edition


Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12018/5/16AsahiTohoTBR-28186DBlu-ray Special Edition
TDV-28187DDVD Special Edition
TDV-28188DDVD Standard Edition

Music video

Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12015/12/23ALL MV COLLECTION ~The Women at that Time~N46 Div.SRXL-80 / 3Blu-ray Limited Edition
SRBL-1680 / 3Limited production DVD
SRXL-84 / 7First edition limited edition Blu-ray
SRBL-1684 / 7First edition limited edition DVD
SRXL-88Normal edition Blu-ray
SRBL-1688Normal Edition DVD
22020/9/9ALL MV COLLECTION2 ~The Women at that Time~SRXL-260 / 3Blu-ray Limited Edition
SRBL-1930 / 33Limited production DVD
SRXL-264 / 7First edition limited edition Blu-ray
SRBL-1934 / 7First edition limited edition DVD
SRXL-268Normal edition Blu-ray
SRBL-1938Normal Edition DVD


Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberform
12014/2/5Nogizaka46 1ST YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2013.2.22 MAKUHARI MESSEN46 Div.SRBL-1602 / 5Limited Edition Deluxe Edition DVD
SRBL-1606 / 7Normal Edition DVD
SRBL-1608Digest board DVD
2014/2/26SRXL-50 / 1Blu-ray Limited Edition Limited Edition
SRXL-52Normal edition Blu-ray
22015/6/17Nogizaka46 2ND YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2014.2.22 YOKOHAMA ARENASRBL-1658 / 60Limited Edition Deluxe Edition DVD
SRXL-69 / 70Blu-ray Limited Edition Limited Edition
SRBL-1661 / 2Normal Edition DVD
SRXL-71Normal edition Blu-ray
32016/7/6Nogizaka46 3rd YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2015.2.22 SEIBU DOMESRBL-1710 / 3Limited production DVD
SRXL-101 / 3Blu-ray Limited Edition
SRBL-1714 / 6Normal Edition DVD
SRXL-104 / 5Normal edition Blu-ray
42017/6/28Nogizaka46 4th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2016.8.28-30 JINGU STADIUMSRBL-1748 / 54Limited production DVD
SRXL-124 / 7Blu-ray Limited Edition
SRBL-1755 / 6DVD (DAY 1)
SRXL-128Blu-ray (DAY 1)
SRBL-1757 / 8DVD (DAY 2)
SRXL-129Blu-ray (DAY 2)
SRBL-1759 / 60DVD (DAY 3)
SRXL-130Blu-ray (DAY 3)
52018/3/28Nogizaka46 5th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2017.2.20-22 SAITAMA SUPER ARENASRBL-1782 / 8Limited Edition DVD Complete Box
SRXL-154 / 7Limited Edition Blu-ray Complete Box
SRBL-1789 / 90DVD (DAY 1)
SRXL-158Blu-ray (DAY 1)
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SRXL-159Blu-ray (DAY 2)
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SRXL-160Blu-ray (DAY 3)
62018/7/11Nogizaka46 Midsummer National Tour 2017 FINAL! IN TOKYO DOMESRXL-171 / 2Blu-ray Limited Edition
SRBL-1802 / 4Limited production DVD
SRXL-173Normal edition Blu-ray
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SRBL-1866 / 67DVD (DAY 1)
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SRXL-210 / 4Blu-ray DAY1, DAY2, DAY3 Complete BOX
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SRXL-216Blu-ray (DAY 2)
SRXL-217Blu-ray (DAY 3)
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SRBL-1912 / 13DVD (DAY 2)
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SRXL-247Blu-ray (DAY 2)
SRXL-248Blu-ray (DAY 3)
SRXL-249Blu-ray (DAY 4)
92020/12/23Nogizaka46 8th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE 2020.2.21-24 NAGOYA DOMESRBL-1950 / 8DVD DAY1, DAY2, DAY3, DAY4 Limited Edition Complete Box
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SRBL-1962 / 13DVD (DAY 2)
SRBL-1964 / 15DVD (DAY 3)
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SRXL-280 / 4Blu-ray DAY1, DAY2, DAY3, DAY4 Limited Edition Complete Box
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SRXL-286Blu-ray (DAY 2)
SRXL-287Blu-ray (DAY 3)
SRXL-288Blu-ray (DAY 4)
102021/3/10NOGIZAKA46 Mai Shiraishi Graduation Concert ~ Always beside you ~SRBL-1976 / 8DVD Limited Edition
SRBL-1979DVD Normal Edition
SRXL-300 / 2Blu-ray Limited Edition
SRXL-303Blu-ray Normal Edition


SongTie-upCollection work
Round and round curtainMeijiCM song for "Meiji Chocolate Curtain Passing"[326]1st single "Round and round curtain"
Courage in the left chestSKY PerfecTV! J League2012 official support song[423]
Come shampooHTC NIPPON"HTC J ISW13HT] CM song[424]2nd single "Come shampoo"
House! off vocal ver.Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc."Nogizaka46's "no""Opening theme[Source required]
Run! BicycleHouse food"Mega Shaki] CM song[425]3rd single "Run! Bicycle"
Why do people run?FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup Japan 2012 Official song[425]
Uniform mannequinHTC NIPPON "HTC J butterfly HTL21] CM song[426]
Hokkaido Broadcasting-TBS system"2013 HBC Jump Cup"Ending theme[427]
4th single "Uniform mannequin"
Finger telescopeMBS/TBS anime "Magi] The ending theme of the first half (Episode 1-12)[428]
Somewhere not hereNHK BS Premium Anime"Rabbit Mofy"Ending theme[427]
Your name is hopemovies"Three members of the supernatural power research department] Theme song[429]5th single "Your name is hope"
Shaki ismHouse food "Mega Shaki" "Mega Shaki gum" "Giga Shaki" CM song[430]
Girls rulesRakutenCM song for "Rakuten Super Sale Executive Committee (meat/crab)"[431]
Nippon TVsystem"NOGIBINGO!"Opening theme[432]
6th single "Girls rules"
The most lonely Lover in the worldNippon TV series Saturday midnight drama "BAD BOYS J"Insert song[433]
The size of the moonTV Tokyo Anime"Naruto Shippuden] The 14rd opening theme7th single "Valletta"
Start of romanceHouse food "Mega Shaki" "Giga Shaki"[434]
NHK BS Premium “Every time Nogizaka 46 is in trouble!"Opening theme[435]
8th single "If you notice, unrequited love"
How many times is the blue sky?HTC NIPPON "HTC J butterfly HTL23] CM song[436]10th single "How many times is the blue sky?"
Life is beautifulCM song for Haruyama Shoji "Haruyama x Nogizaka 46 Good-bye Uniform"[437]
7gogo CM song for "755 "Do your best!" and "755 "I'm glad!"[438]
11th single "Life is beautiful"
RecoveringDariya"Palty" CM song[439]
Sun knockSeven-Eleven"Seven-Eleven Fair Nogizaka46" Campaign Song[440]
TV Tokyo Drama 24"First forest bemars"Opening theme[440]
12th single "Sun knock"
A little more dreamTV Tokyo drama 24 "Hatsumori Bemers" ending theme[440]
There is someone you want to talk nowmovies"My heart wants to scream.] Theme song[441]
JR East Water BusinessCM song for "From AQUA-Tanigawa Mountains of Natural Water"[442]
13th single "There is someone you want to talk now"
Poppy papperSamantha Thavasa"Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice" CM Song[443]
How to forget sadnessmovies"How to Forget Sorrow Documentary of Nogizaka46] Theme song[133]
When Halzion bloomsSIZE BOOK "sizebook" CM song[444]
allfuzNogi Koi-Under the slope, I fell in love that day-] CM song[445]
14th single "When Halzion blooms"
TriggerSeven-Eleven "Seven-Eleven Fair Nogizaka46" campaign song[446]2nd album “Each chair"
Feeling of airDariya "Palty" CM song[Source required]
Offshore girlJR East Water Business "From AQUA -Tanigawa Mountains Natural Water-" CM song[447]15th single "Barefoot Summer"
Light only for meNippon Television "36thNational High School Quiz Championship] Theme song[448]
InfluencerHaruyama Shoji"Sura Techno Suit" CM Song[449]
Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"My first baito"Insert song
Dip"Baitle" CM song
17th single "Influencer"
Meteor DiscoticDip"Baitle" CM song3rd album "The dream I had for the first time since I was born"
sky divingSeven-Eleven "Seven-Eleven Fair Nogizaka46" campaign song
Memory first allfuz "Nogi Koi-Under the slope, I fell in love that day" commercial song
From the length of one summer...Fuji Television Network, Inc"Odaiba everyone's dream continent2017'' theme song[450][451]18th single "Escape water"
Isn't it okay to cry?Nippon Television "37thNational High School Quiz Championship] Support song[452]
A woman can't sleep alonemovies"Wonder Woman"Image Song[452]
Escape waterDip "Baitle" CM song[453]
Fuji TV system "My first baito" insert song
I can do it someday so I can do it todaymovies"Asahi] Theme song[454][455]
CM song for Haruyama Shoji "Each Area Support Festival"[456]
Fuji TV system "My first baito" insert song
19th single "I can do it someday so I can do it today"
SynchronicityHaruyama Trading Co., Ltd. “2018 Freshers Fair” “Become a Spring Ichiban. ] Hen CM Song[457]
Seven-Eleven "Seven-Eleven Fair Nogizaka46" campaign song
20th single "Synchronicity"
It should be a cloudFuji TV systemMezamashi Doyoubi"Theme song[458]
Empty doormovies"The Movie: The Seven Deadly Sins The Prisoner of the Sky] Theme song[459]21st single "Going my way!"
I liked it so much...Nippon Television "38thNational High School Quiz Championship2018” support song[460][461]
I want to make a detour on my way homeCM song for Haruyama Shoji "I-shirt", "I doubt the perfect ironing", "2019 Freshers Fair", "Twisted legs"[462]
Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"Nogizaka46's The Dream Byte!"Opening theme
22nd single "I want to make a detour on my way home"
Caravan never sleepsJapanese Red Cross Society CM song for "Hatachi no Blood Donation" and "Ale"[463]
Soon ~ Legend of Zambia ~Nippon Television Drama "Zambi] Theme song[464]4th album 『Until now is a memory"
Common loveJapan Coca-Cola"Fanta"Fantasaka Gakuen Hengoku Bottle" CM Song[465]
Sing Out!Japan Coca-Cola "Fanta" "Fantasaka Gakuen Bukkake Bottle" Hen CM Song23rd single "Sing Out!"
Fourth lightNippon Television "Where to go to Nogizaka"Opening theme
Do you know meThe theme song for the movie "Documentary of Nogizaka 46"24th single "You don't have to be strong until dawn"
My beliefsNippon Television's High School Student Quiz 2019 theme song
Goodbye Stay with meBourbon Fettuccine Gummy "If you get lost[466]25th single "Protective color of happiness"
I see ...dTV original drama "Sam no Koto" theme song[467]
dTV original drama "Meet the Monkey" theme song[468]
Fuji Television Network, IncSeries "Nogizaka46's The Dream Byte!" Opening theme
Nippon TVsystem"Nogizaka Skits"Opening theme
Fantastic three color breadmovies"Don't put your hands on visual research!] Theme song[469]
Why there is tomorrowNippon Television's "40th National High School Quiz Championship 2020" theme song[470]26th single "I like me"
Wilderness world"Wilderness action』Collaboration song[471]
I like meHaruyama Trading "Any Scene Hen Ladies" CM Song[472]
Japanese Red Cross Society "Hatachi no Blood Donation" "Support Message" CM Song[473]



Photo album

Magazine/newspaper serialization

  • Tokyo Sports(Tokyo Sports Newspaper)
    • How about AKB48 official rival Nogizaka46? (October 2011, 10 -)
    • Nogizaka46 Kazumi Takayama and his friends Amazing in Showa! (April 2013, 4 -)
  • BLT(October 2011, 10-Tokyo News Service)-NOGI STYLE[486].
  • Nogizaka 46th edition "NOGI CAMERA" (November 2011, 11-by Tokyo News Service)-Off-shot collection[487].
  • BUBKA(November 2011, 11 -, Core Magazine, Byakuya Shobo)-Nogizaka no Ran![488].
  • YOUPAPER (September 2012, 9 -, YOUPRESS)-HAPPY VOICE[489].
  • Samurai ELO(September 2012, 9 -, In Forest)-Strolling Beauty[490].
  • Monthly City Information Oita (December 2012, 12 -, Oita Information House)[491]
  • Nogizaka and Manabu (March 2013, 3 -,Asahi Shimbun digital[492]
  • EX mass(May 2013, 5 -, Futabasha)-nogimate[Note 54].
  • Everyone's Kanji (June 2013, 6 -,Asahi Shimbun Publishing)-Hey, my name is!?[494].
  • mine(August 2013, 8 -, Shufu no Tomosha)-Nogizaka20's beautiful road[495].
  • Monthly ENTAME (Tokuma bookstore
    • Nogizaka 2/46, what is it? The mystery of Nogizaka 46 (December 2013, 12 -)[496]
    • NOGIMANIA (May 2015, 5 -)[497]
  • Weekly Big Comic Spirits(October 2014, 10 -, Shogakukan)-Weekly Nogizaka 20 communication[498].
  • Da Vinci(March 2015, 3-KADOKAWA)-Nogizaka type club![499].
  • Weekly playboy(March 2015, 3 -, Shueisha)-Nogizaka 16 story[500].
  • YOUNG GUITAR(Shinko Music)
    • Rotty's Road to Guitar Heroine Season 1 (September 2015, 9-August 10, 2016)[501]
    • Rotty's Road to Guitar Heroine Season 2 (July 2017, 7 -)[501]
  • Daily sports Shizuoka version(January 2016, 1 -, Nikkan Sports Newspaper)-Nobore!![502][Note 55].
  • HUSTLE PRESS (January 2016, 1 -, HUSTLE PRESS)-Nogi[503].
  • Monthly new type(May 2016, 5 -, Kadokawa Shoten)-Nogizaka Newtype[504].
  • FRIDAY(February 2017, 2 -, Kodansha)-Nogi[505].
  • an ・ an(Magazine House, August 2017, 8)-Special feature on "Girl's fashionable things!"[506].
  • With(August 2018, 8 -, Kodansha)-Nogizaka OL Project (irregular)[507].

Musical score

Related books

  • Nogizaka and Manabu (March 2014, 3,Asahi Shimbun Publishing[512]
  • Nogizaka46 performance "16 principals" trois official pamphlet (July 2014, 7,Rakuten[513]
  • Nogizaka46 Japan Expo Commemorative Collection La lettres de Paris-From Nogizaka46, with love- (September 2014, 9, Rakuten)[514]
  • Official book of 3 members of the movie supernatural powers research department (December 2014, 12,Kodansha[515]
  • Nogizaka 46 story (December 2015, 12,Shueisha[516]
  • Separate volume Kadokawa total power special feature Nogizaka 46 (KADOKAWA
    • vol.01 (April 2016, 4)[517]
    • vol.02 (April 2016, 6)[518]
    • vol.03 (April 2016, 10)[519]
    • vol.04 (April 2017, 7)[520]
  • N46MODE (Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.[521]
    • vol.0 (April 2017, 11)
    • vol.1 (April 2019, 7)
  • anan Special Editing Nogizaka46 Midsummer National Tour 2018 Official SPECIAL BOOK (July 2018, 7, Magazine House)[522]
  • Nogiri Tabi in Hawaii Shiraishi Mai & Samura Matsumura, Spain Asuka Saito & Minami Hoshino, New Caledonia Miona Hori & Hinako Kitano (May 2020, 5, Gentosha)[523]


201327 timesJapan Gold Disc AwardNew Artist of the Year Japanese Music Division
201529th Japan Gold Disc AwardBest 5 singlesHow many times is the blue sky?
28 timesJapan Glasses Best Dresser Award[137]Special prize
201630th Japan Gold Disc AwardBest 5 singlesSun knock
2nd Christmas Jewelry Princess Award[162]Singer section
201731th Japan Gold Disc AwardBest 5 singlesMeaning of goodbye
50 timesJapan Cable AwardsWired Music Excellence AwardInfluencer
59th Japan Record Award大 賞 [181]
Excellent work award
201832th Japan Gold Disc AwardBest 5 singlesEscape water
WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2018Popular idol group award[205]
60th Japan Record Award大 賞[46]Synchronicity
Excellent work award
201933th Japan Gold Disc AwardBest 5 singlesSynchronicity / Going my way!
WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2019Popular idol group award[524]
61th Japan Record AwardExcellent work awardSing Out!
202034th Japan Gold Disc AwardBest 5 singlesSing Out! / You don't have to be strong until dawn
Best 5 albumsUntil now is a memory
62th Japan Record AwardExcellent work awardNeighbors around the world
2021WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2020Popular female idol group award[525]
35th Japan Gold Disc AwardBest 5 singlesProtective color of happiness

Nogizaka 46 GK

Nogizaka 46 GK(Nogizaka Forty Six Video) is related to Nogizaka46managementOperating company andEntertainment productionIt is the agency of all the current members of Nogizaka46 and some former members of Nogizaka46.


  • Established on February 2012, 2[526][528].
  • October 2015, 10, corporate number designation[530].

Current affiliation

Nogizaka46 member

46 former members of Nogizaka

Former member who continued to belong after graduating from Nogizaka46


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  4. ^ According to Yasushi Akimoto, "Nogizaka46-ness" is not always neat and ladylike, and they accompany the image of songs played by French pop music such as "Guruguru Curtain" (1st single). Is just a phenomenon caused by[9].
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  12. ^ Since the same song will be performed at both venues in a different order, the final appearance of the song will be the same at both venues. There were also scenes where the same song was performed at the same venue by different members at the same timing.[193].
  13. ^ Initially announced as 38 people.
  14. ^ It was scheduled to be held as ""Nogizaka46's All Night Nippon" presents Nogizaka46 2nd grade live" at Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 46, but it was canceled and distributed as "Nogizaka2 phantom XNUMXnd grade live @ SHOWROOM" on the same day. Deliver programs from SHOWROOM[229].
  15. ^ Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the announcement of the live event itself was not originally announced, and in the Shiraishi blog that announced the postponement of group graduation, at the beginning we held a live at Tokyo Dome on this schedule, and with that It was revealed that he was going to graduate from the group[231].
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  31. ^ Seila Hatanaka (Satera Hatanaka, December 1995, 12) is from Oita prefecture, type B, 5 cm[261].CHIMOFormer member of[274].. Nickname is Saitan[265].. The first member of Nogizaka46 graduate to get married[275].
  32. ^ Mahiro Kawamura (Mahiro Kawamura, July 1995, 7) is from Osaka Prefecture, type A, 23 cm[276].1st Up Front Kansai AuditionQualified[277].. Nickname is Rotii, Mani[278].. After graduating from Nogizaka46,Z-GirlsWas active as a member of[279]..Current stage name: Mahiro belongs to the entertainment agency "Zest"[280].
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  40. ^ Graduated from group within 2018[311].. Nishino's graduation concert is the last day of ``Nogizaka 2019 2th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE'' held from February 21 to 24, 46[212].. The last activity day at Nogizaka46 will be February 2019, 2.
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