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🎥 | Mr. Zagitova visits the prefecture to promote the movie "The Story of Bees and Palma"


Zagitova's visit to the prefecture movie "The Story of Bees and Palma" PR

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In a stage greeting in Odate City, Mr. Zagitova introduced it as "a work that touches the way humans should be" and publicized "I want you to find something by watching a movie."

This is Pyeongchang Olympics, figure skating gold medalist, Russian Arena Zagitova and female Akita ... → Continue reading

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It is a local broadcasting station affiliated with Nippon Television.We will deliver the latest news in Akita prefecture.

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Stage greetings

Odate City

Odate City(Odate) isAkitaLocated in the northCity..At the northern border of the cityAomoriIs in contact with.


Most of the city area is mountainousYoneshiro RiverAnd its tributaries are dotted with settlements.Odate CastleThe old town where the ruins, city hall, courts, public prosecutor's office, etc. are lined upNagaki RiverIt is located in the center of the Odate Basin between the Yoneshiro River.

Unlike general major cities across the country, at major stationsOdate StationthanTodaikan StationIs closer to the city hall. (The first station in Odate-cho was Higashi-Odate Station. Please refer to the chronological table items in this article and the pages of each station.)

Prefectural officeAkita CityAnd the transportation to the southern part of the prefecture is poor, and in terms of entertainment, tourism, commerce, and medical care, it is better than the connection with each city in Akita prefecture.Ou Main Line-Tohoku ExpresswayEtc. are passing and the distance is closeHirosaki,Central Minamitsugaru areaStrong connection with[Annotation 1][3][4].


Located in the northern part of Akita prefecture.It borders Aomori prefecture on the northern border and borders on the eastern border.Kazuno-gunKosaka TownKazuno, At the southern borderKitaakita, At the western borderFujisatoContact with.2005(Heisei17), in the westTashiro Town, Odate City in the north, in the southHinai TownMerged, and the area almost doubled.

The Yoneshiro River, one of the three major rivers in Akita, runs through the central part from east to west, and the Sai and Hikkake rivers that flow from the south, and the Nagaki, Iwase, and Hayaguchi rivers that flow from the northeast one after another. Meet.Odate City is a basin surrounded by mountains on all sides.The mountains in the northShirakami SanchiLocated at the eastern end ofTashirodakeThe 1000-meter-class peaks are lined up, and in the eastern part, the sea of ​​trees extends to the 500-meter-class mountains represented by Mt. Hoo.In the southRyugamoriThe Hinai mountain range, which has the main peak of the mountain, rises like a folding screen, and gentle mountains such as Mt.Odate basinIn the center of the river (south side of the Yoneshiro River), it is known as a sacred mountain.TakkomoriTowers in a pyramid-like mountain range.

Adjacent municipalities

Area classification

In Akita Prefecture, depending on the fields such as economy, medical care, education, and weather, Odate City and the regions including Kitaakita City and Kitaakita DistrictNorthern autumn(Hokushu), and the northern autumn area and Kazuno City / Kazuno District togetherKitaaki Kazuno(Hokushu Kazuno) orKita deer(Mole), Odate City and Kazuno City / Kazuno DistrictOdate Kazuno[Annotation 3]In many cases, it is classified as.


Köppen climate classificationThen.Warm and humid climateBelongs to.The difference between the annual maximum temperature and the annual minimum temperature is large, and the basin surrounded by mountains makes it hot and humid in summer, and morning mist is likely to occur.

  • Maximum temperature extreme (1976 / 11-) 38.3° C(1978May 8[5].
  • Minimum temperature extreme (1976 / 11-)-19.0° C(2012May 1
  • Maximum precipitation-163 mm (1994(6)May 8
  • Maximum instantaneous wind speed-20.2 m (2009(21)May 2
  • Maximum number of summer days-102 days (2012 (Heisei 24))
  • Maximum number of summer days-51 days (2012)
  • Most hot days-6 days (2012)
  • Maximum number of tropical nights-2 days (2010(22))
  • Maximum number of winter days-153 days (1984(Showa 59))
Climate of Odate (1981-2010)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F10.8
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F1.3
Average daily temperature ° C (° F−2.4
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−6.3
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−19.0
Precipitation amount mm (inch)101.1
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)20.017.315.712.112.110.813.911.612.814.417.819.8178.3
Average monthlyDaylight hours59.185.5124.2153.9174.0164.9144.0167.1133.7124.681.156.11,468.2
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency[6]


The Kitaaki Kazuno region around Odate CityJomon PeriodIn the area where many archaeological sites remain, 170 archaeological sites have been confirmed in Odate City.8 - 9st centuryUntil the timeEzoAt that time, the area around Odate City was called Hiuchi (= Hinai).Yamato Imperial CourtWas an area beyond the reach of[7].

The first appearance of the Odate region in the literature is "Japan's third generation"Genkei2 years(878) ArticleGenkei RebellionIn the article, it is described as "Fire" as one of the villages under Akita Castle, and the Odate region has been around since ancient times.Hinai-gunWas part of.

1590(Tensho18 years)Hideyoshi Toyotomi OfRed stampHinai districtAkita DistrictWas transferred to, and since then1878(MeijiIn 11), almost the entire area of ​​the former Hinai districtKitaakita-gunIt belonged to Akita-gun until it became.

Battle of SekigaharaAfter that,Hitachi countryからMr. SatakeWas transferred,Odate CastleIs currentHitachi OmiyaMoved according to Mr. SatakeYoshinari Oba(Satake Nishiya) entered the castle as a castle lord,Edo PeriodToKubota DomainProspered as the castle of Odate.

HoweverBoshin WarIn the cageTwelve battles-Odate Castle SiegeIntense battles such asOdate CastleA large part of the city including the center of the city was burned down.Especially in the center, it was burned down to the extent that only 29 townhouses remained, and even after thatTaisho-ShowaThe central part was hit by big fires many times during the period, and historic buildings andcastle townThere is almost no vestige left.

In modern times,1885In Hanaoka Village (Meiji 18)Black oreIn a wide range, including the discovery ofmineWas opened.OreAs soon as possible in Akita Prefecture for transportation etc.TrainThe network was improved, and until around 1980, the population increased and the surrounding area developed, second only to Akita City in the metropolitan area of ​​Akita Prefecture.However, in the latter half of the Showa era, mines were closed one after another due to the depletion of resources, and at the same time the population flowed out, the city lost momentum due to the abandoned railway lines and the decline of commercial facilities, and the metropolitan area of ​​Akita Prefecture was also in 2000. Since then, it has fallen to 6th place.

A major medical device manufacturer since the latter half of the 1980sNiproHas advanced[8], Forming the largest industrial park in Akita Prefecture.

Chronological Table

After the Meiji era

All towns and villages not mentioned in the chronological tableKitaakita-gun

History of merger of municipalities

  • 1878(11th year of Meiji)May 12 --A part of the old Akita districtKitaakita-gunThe entire city of Odate is now Kitaakita-gun.
  • 1889(22th year of Meiji)May 4 --Higashi Odate Town and Nishi Odate Town mergedOdate Townbecome[16], OdatechoShakanai Village-Nagaki Village-Kamikawazoi-Shimokawazoi-Niida Village-Manakamura-Junisho Town-Hanaoka Village-Yatate Village-Ogita Village-Higashidate Village-Nishidate Village-Okuzo Village-Hayaguchi Village-Yamase VillageWas launched.
  • 1896(29th year of Meiji)May 7 --Ogida Village shifts to a town system and becomes Ogida Town.
  • 1932(7)May 9 --Hanaoka Village shifts to a town system and becomes Hanaoka Town.
  • 1933(Showa 8) --The former pattern Sawa village of Nagaki village is divided and incorporated into Odate-cho.[17].
  • 1947(22)May 7 ――Hayaguchi Village shifts to a town system and becomes Hayaguchi Town.
  • 1951(Showa 26) April 4-Odate Town and Shakanai Village merged,Odate CityLaunched[18].
  • 1955
    • May 3 --Incorporated Nagaki Village, Kamikawazoi Village, Shimokawazoi Village, Niida Village, and Manaka Village[19]..Hanaokamachi and Yatate Village mergedHanaya TownIs newly established.
    • May 3 --Incorporation of Junisho Town[20]..Ogita Town, Higashidate Village, Nishidate Village, and Okuzo Village merged,Hinai TownIs newly established.
  • 1956May 9 --Hayaguchi Town and Yamase Village merged,Tashiro TownIs newly established.
  • 1967(42)May 12 --Incorporation of Hanaya Town[21].
  • 1968May 2 --Along with the change of the boundary with Hinaimachi, a part of Odate Yamadate will be incorporated into Hinaimachi, and a part of Hinaimachi Ogita Kanayakawara will be incorporated into Odate City.[22].
  • 1969(44)May 11 --Along with the change of the boundary with Hinaimachi, a part of Odate City Oaza Niida character Hamada will be incorporated into Hinaimachi, and a part of Hinaimachi Ogita Katagai character Ienoshita will be incorporated into Odate City.[23].
  • 2002(14)May 12 ――Along with the change of the boundary with Hinaimachi, a part of Niida character Kurashita and Kamidemukai in Odate city was incorporated into Hinaimachi, and a part of Hinaimachi Ogita character Aramata Saikawatsuki and character Aramata was transferred to Odate city. Incorporate[24].
  • 2005(17)May 6 - Tashiro Town-Hinai TownIncorporate[25].




Population distribution by age in Odate City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Odate City (2005)
Purple-Odate City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Odate City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Primary care·initialEmergency medical care
Secondary medicine・ Secondary emergency medical care
Tertiary medicine

Tertiary medicineIs the original plan in the Kitaaki Kazuno areaKitaakita Municipal HospitalToLifesaving CenterWas planned to open, but the medical institution was not as planned, the plan was returned to a blank sheet, andAkita City OfAkita Red Cross HospitalOdate City is a blank area because it cannot be reached within 120 minutes.[26]..Currently, Odate Municipal General HospitalHirosaki UniversityHas signed an agreement on the specialist training network withHirosakiSince the time to reach Miyoshi is shorter than that of Akita City,Advanced Critical Care CenterHaveHirosaki University HospitalOften rely on[4].



high school

Odate Homei High School1898Opened as Akita Agata No. XNUMX Normal Junior High School.LaterOdate Technical High School-Odate Commercial High School-Odate Minami High SchoolIs separated and independent.

Junior high school

primary school

  • Odate City Nagagi Elementary School
  • Odate City Ariura Elementary School
  • Odate City Keijo Elementary School
  • Odate City Jonan Elementary School
  • Odate City Josai Elementary School
  • Odate City Shakanai Elementary School
  • Odate City Kawaguchi Elementary School
  • Odate City Kamikawazoi Elementary School
  • Odate City Seisho Elementary School
  • Odate City Hanaoka Elementary School
  • Odate City Yadachi Elementary School
  • Odate City Minami Elementary School

Special school

Closed school

  • Akita Keijo Junior College (Akita University of Nursing and Welfare newly established in April 2004)
  • Akita Prefectural Odate Technical High School (March 2016, integrated with Odate Katsura High School and Odate High School to establish Odate Katsura Sakura High School)
  • Akita Prefectural Odate Katsura High School (March 2016, integrated with Odate Technical High School and Odate High School to establish Odate Katsura Sakura High School)
  • Akita Prefectural Odate High School (March 2016, integrated with Odate Katsura High School and Odate Technical High School to establish Odate Katsura Sakura High School)
  • Akita Prefectural Odate Higashi High School (March 1992, integrated with Odate Minami High School and newly established Odate High School)
  • Akita Prefectural Odate Minami High School (March 1992, integrated with Odate Higashi High School and newly established Odate High School)
  • Akita Prefectural Odate Commercial High School (Odate International Information Academy was newly established in April 2005)
  • Odate Municipal Nagaki Junior High School (March 1970, integrated with Third Junior High School and newly established Higashi Junior High School)
  • Odate Municipal Third Junior High School (March 1970, integrated with Nagaki Junior High School and newly established Higashi Junior High School)
  • Odate Municipal Kamikawa Junior High School (integrated into Odate Municipal Daiichi Junior High School in April 1980)
  • Odate Municipal Okatsu Elementary School (March 2012, integrated into East Building Elementary School and closed)
  • Odate Municipal Yukisawa Elementary School (integrated into Nagaki Elementary School in March 2012 and closed)
  • Odate Municipal Second Junior High School (March 2015, integrated with Hanaoka Junior High School and Yadachi Junior High School to establish Hokuyo Junior High School)
  • Odate City Hanaoka Junior High School(March 2015, Hokuyo Junior High School was newly established by integrating with Second Junior High School and Yatate Junior High School)
  • Odate Municipal Yadachi Junior High School (March 2015, integrated with Second Junior High School and Hanaoka Junior High School to establish Hokuyo Junior High School)

Facilities other than school education


  • Odate Post Office(Collection and delivery stationYu Yu window(Installation station)
  • Hayaguchi Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Hinai Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Shirasawa Post Office
  • Hanaoka Post Office
  • Hanaoka Hongo Post Office
  • Shakanai Post Office
  • Nagaki Post Office
  • Odate Station Post Office
  • Odate Higashidai Post Office
  • Odate Tokiwagicho Post Office
  • Japan Post
  • Odate Katayama Post Office
  • Odate Kawaguchi Post Office
  • Iwase Post Office
  • Yamase Post Office
  • Otaki Onsen Post Office
  • Junisho Post Office
  • Ugo Higashitate Post Office
  • West Building Post Office
  • Ugo Niida Post Office
  • Okuzo Post Office
  • Yukisawa Post Office
  • Odate Kitsunedai Post Office
  • Mt. Tashiroyama Ta Simple Post Office

Friendship and exchange city


Hachiko Summit

As an exchange cityFaithful dog HachikoSince 90, the milestone of the 2013th anniversary of birth, local governments with connections have gatheredHachiko SummitIs holding[31][32].


Around the Yoneshiro River and its tributaries, rice cultivation is flourishing and the rural landscape spreads outside the city.In addition, there are many specialty products,Akita,Hinai chicken,Kiritanpo,Odate Maguwappa, NaturalHowever, it is known as one of Odate's five major specialties.Blessed with forest and mining resources since the Middle AgesHanaoka Mine, Otani in the Shakanai mine and the former Hinaimachi district,OkuzoThere were mines in Tatemata, Osawa, and Fujiwara.In forest resourcesNatural Akita cedarBut good quality in mining resourcesBlack oreIt produced a lot of precious metals such as gold and copper, but it declined due to the depletion of natural forests and the deterioration of mine management.Currently, the Hanaoka Mine was operated around the site of the former Hanaoka Mine.Fujita Gumi (renamed to DOWA Holdings after Dowa Mining)Facilities are lined up.In addition, a major medical device manufacturer is located in the Niida area.NiproThere is a mother factory in Japan, which forms the largest industrial park in the prefecture.

Companies with headquarters and headquarters in Odate City

Special products/special products

Craft·Odate Maguwappa(1980(55)May 10 Designated as a traditional craft)[33]
  • Kurihisa Co., Ltd.
  • Magewappa Takahisa
  • Kushima Music Crafts
  • Takada Laquer Ware Crafts
  • Kobo Magewappa
  • Shibata Keishin Shoten Co., Ltd.
  • Odate Kogeisha Co., Ltd.
  • Sasaki music crafts
  • Kamada Music Crafts
Hinai chicken(Edible / Hinai chicken)
Akita(CorporationAkita Inu Preservation SocietyHeadquarters)
loyal dogHachikoFrom the birthplace of Hachiko, there are many bus routes and point cards named after Hachiko, street names (Hachiko Komichi, Hachiko Street), and many products, and there is a statue in front of Odate Station.
Tonburi(Old Hinai Town)
Yamano yam
Junsai(Nagagi district)

Large commercial facility

Financial institution

Designated financial institution TheAkita Bank.


Ou Main Line, Route 7Akita CityFrom the directionAomoriIt extends from west to north in the direction, and goes to the east via Hanawa Line / National Route 103.National Route 282 MoriokaIt is a turning point of traffic that extends in the direction.

As for transportation to Akita City, where the prefectural office is located, there are no fixed-route buses or highway buses that run west of Kitaakita City, so the only means of transportation is by car or railroad.Traveling by carOdate Noshiro Airport IC,Akita Prefectural Road 325 Odate Noshiro Airport West Line,National Route 7ViaFutatsui Shirakami ICからAkita ExpresswayOr useNational Route 285To use.Also, the railroadLimited expressIn total, it takes about 1 bottle per hour, and it takes about 1 hour 1 minutes to 30 hours.To Morioka CityTohoku ShinkansenThere is one highway bus that runs every hour to connect to the city, which is the main means of long-distance travel.


The railway was the first to be constructed in Akita Prefecture, but private railways had all passenger operations closed by 1994, after which only East Japan Railway Company remains.

Waste line


Transit Bus
Limousine bus
Express Bus
* Transportation personnel in 2007[35].


For long-distance travel by carTohoku ExpresswayOften useTowada IC-Kosaka IC[Annotation 12]-Ikariseki ICVia each IC ofAkita ExpresswayFrom (Odate West Road)Kosaka JCTVia[Annotation 13].


General national road

Akita Prefectural Road


Odate Noshiro AirportIs the nearest.Located in the suburbs of Kitaakita City, which takes about an hour by limousine bus, Haneda(Tokyo International Airport)It is operated only by flights.

More flights to / from this airportAomori Airport-Akita AirportIs also within the scope of use.


News (Chinese)

National newspaper
Block paper
Local newspaper


TV station

Community FM


Landline / Internet

Area code The0186So, one in Odate City aloneUnit charge area (Odate MA) (Kitaakita City / County and Kazuno City / County have the same area code, but the MAs are different).

The line isNTT EastIt was a metallic and optical cable laid by KDDI, a metallic line of KDDI, a line using a cable TV network by Odate cable TV, etc., but from 2012KDDIHas started a service using optical cables, and the options have increased.

  • NTT East (B FLET'SSuch)
  • KDDI (au HikariSuch)
  • Odate Cable TV (Telephone starts with 050IP phoneOnly, but from June 2014, cable plus phones starting with 6 became available)


Literary work

  • Kitaakita and Ushu Kaido (Japanese History of Kaido 9) / Junnosuke Sasaki, Mamoru Sato, Noriyoshi Itabashi (ed.)
  • History walk in Odate region / Yutaka Washiya


Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Odate Hakkei

Odate Hakkei is a selection of eight landscapes and facilities represented by Odate City.1762(Treasure calendarFrom 12 years)Chugoku OfEight Views of XiaoxiangIt is the beginning that I specified by analogy[36].

HeiseiOdate Hakkei

Historic site

Museum / Memorial

Park / athletic facility

Nature / scenic


Shrines and temples


Festivals and events

  • Hinai Tori no Ichi: Hinai Ground (1th Saturday of January and the following Sunday)
  • Amekko City: Omachi Hachiko Dori (2nd Saturday of February and the following Sunday)
  • Cherry Blossom Festival: Keijo Park (late April-early May)
  • Yamada Memorial Road Race Tournament: Honorary Citizen of Odate CityKeizo YamadaRoad race held to commemorate the great achievement ofMay 4-Showa DayHeld), counting 2013 times in 61[42].
  • Bamboo shoot festival: Tashiro Multipurpose Sports Plaza (early June-mid June).
  • Odate Rose Festival: Ishida Rose Garden (held in June at Hirohide Ishida's former garden)
  • Dainichi Shrine annual festival, Dokokubayashi (July 5 (Old calendar)
  • Nakano Tanabata: Nakano district (May 8
  • Uppercase Festival: Omachi Hachiko-dori, Phoenix Mountain, etc. (August)
  • Odate Shinmeisha Festival
  • Hinai Bon Festival, Toro nagashi, Ogita Bon Odori (Hatagi Odori): Hinaimachi Ogita (August 8-August 16)
  • Goshokuko Festival: Yamase Dam Multipurpose Sports Plaza (10nd Sunday, October)
  • Authentic Odate Kiritanpo Festival: Odate Jukai Dome, etc. (October)

Famous people


[How to use footnotes]

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