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🎥 | Too intense!Kenichi Endo, "A dangerous woman was born" in the role of OL in miniskirt & fishnet tights

Photo Kenichi Endo plays the role of an office lady! – (C) 2021 “Hell's Garden” Production Committee

It's too intense!Kenichi Endo, "A dangerous woman was born" in the role of OL in miniskirt & fishnet tights

If you write the contents roughly
In the play, Akagi massages his face with a small face roller and chats with OLs working at Thomson (Masanobu Katsumura, Satoru Matsuo, Tomomi Maruyama, Eiko Koike) saying "I want to go on a trip ~". ..

Kenichi Endo talks about the visuals of the Yankee office lady who plays in the movie "Hell's Garden" (released). → Continue reading

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Eiko Koike

Eiko Koike(Koike Eiko,1980May 11 -) isJapan Ofactress,talent..Real name, Eiko Sakata[2] , Maiden name is Koike.TokyoSetagayaBackground[2].. My husbandProfessional wrestler OfWataru Sakata.

yuanYellow cabAffiliation.Sands, a subsidiary of Yellow Cab (laterSands Entertainment), But was the president of both companies in November 2004Yoshiharu NodaMoved to the parent company, Yellow Cab, as a result of his resignation from Yellow Cab. In February 2015, due to the bankruptcy of the yellow cab to which he belonged, he established a private office and became independent.


Until debut

Koike was a child, his parents' houseNaganoFounded by my grandfather who also ran a leisure landpachinkoI was running a store.As a hobby of my grandfather who liked strange things, I used transparent building materials for the floorboards,ワ ニIt is said that he had a.パチンコ店は後にPachinko parlor laterArcadeHas changed to[3].

CHAGE and ASKA OfASKAI'm a big fan of. When ASKA made a guest appearance on his radio program in November 2005, he was very impressed, and he said he had been enjoying the lingering sound in the studio for a while after the broadcast ended.Also, in a talk in the program at that time, he revealed that he was in the audience as a spectator at CHAGE and ASKA's "Hot Air Concert" held in August 11. ASKA was surprised, "I didn't understand at all."[4].

Daizawa Elementary School, Setagaya Ward,Japanese and Western XNUMXth Dan Girls' Junior and Senior High Schoolgraduate[5]..The reason why he went on to Japanese and Western 1th Dan girls is that he was fascinated by the demonstration of the creative dance club at school information sessions before taking the junior high school exam.実際に小池は中学3年生から高校XNUMX年生まで同部に所属し、部活動に精進していたといい、今でもダンスは特技の一つであるIt is said that Koike actually belonged to the same club from the first grade of junior high school to the third grade of high school and was devoted to club activities, and dance is still one of his special skills.[6].. 『Utchan Nanchan's Urinari!!In the project "Celebrity Social Dance Club", the ability of dance is fully demonstrated.Gorgo MatsumotoIn combination with, he won the first grade and also won the domestic title. 1年にIn 2005The United KingdomBlackpool Dance Festival (British Open Championship) Aya Sugimoto-Kiyotaka NanbaraThe feat of participating in the group) was also achieved.

At the age of 15, as "Bust 93 cm G cup high school girl", the magazine "Hot dog press(September 1996, 9 issue) and the TV program "Big question of 1 million people!?』(Broadcast on August 8 of the same year) has appeared.また芸能界デビュー前にAlso before the entertainment world debutCut modelHe said that he had only experienced the part-time job for 5 hours in his life.I wasn't inconvenienced in spending money because my parents were wealthy, and I often used a taxi to go to school. 「アルバイトをする理由もなかったし、その分を遊ぶ時間に充てたかったから」とも語っている"I didn't have a reason to work part-time, and I wanted to spend that much time playing," he said.[7].

InitiallyChildminderI wanted to, but the president of Yellow CabYoshiharu NodaScouted to enter the entertainment world[8]..At first, he entered the entertainment world with the aim of becoming an actress.However, at the audition after the first drama appearance, he was told, "If you are so fat, you can't use it in the video," and it was hard to decide on your next job.The work of gravure comes in there, saying, "If it's a photo, it can be deceived by the angle." 「スカウト時に水着はやらない条件(自分のスタイルに自信が無かった)で芸能界入りしたのに・・・」と思いつつ渋々グラビアを始めた(この頃について後年「事務所に騙された」とコメントしている)が、「胸が大きいのはコンプレックスだけど、これを売りにすれば良いのでは」と考えを改め、それ以降は積極的にグラビアに取り組むようになるI started gravure reluctantly thinking, "I entered the entertainment world under the condition that I didn't wear a swimsuit when I was scouting (I wasn't confident in my style) ..." (About this time, I was "fooled by the office" later. (Commenting), but he changed his mind that "the complex is big, but I think it's okay to sell it," and after that, he will actively work on gravure.[9].

He continued to gravure for a long time after the break, and he always said that he did not dislike the work of gravure and "want to continue as long as required", but with the division of the yellow cab, he virtually retired from gravure and focused on actress activity Is being transferred.

left handedHowever, the opening pitch is right-handed[10].

91cm F cup material

At the time of debutTagline The"The best melon pie in the universe"[11].

It was published in a magazine that "I had a chest surgery", and Koike was angry at this, and he was apologized for the trial (after that, because many testimonies against the publisher were obtained, just before the district court decision. The publisher apologized and settled).またこの間に、テレビに出演する女性の肖像権を管理すべきと発言し、2004年の「肖像権を守る会」設立に全面協力し、CMやポスターでDuring this time, he said that the portrait rights of women appearing on TV should be managed, and fully cooperated with the establishment of the "Portrait Protection Association" in XNUMX, using commercials and posters.Morning Musume.Co-starred with.Yoshiharu Noda, who was the president of the agency at that time, said, "I want to clear the suspicion of fake pie even if I take an X-ray picture," and actually said, "Leave it to Akko!I have taken an X-ray photograph in.As a result, it was proved that it was not breast augmentation (at least it was not breast augmentation by inserting a silicone back).ただ、胸が平均値より垂れていることが判明しショックを受けていたHowever, I was shocked to find that my chest was hanging below the average value.[12].

Martial arts with husband

Professional wrestler OfWataru SakataIs after five years of dating2007Marriage registration notification on August 8th.Immediately after this, Fuji TV "Mentole G』, And in the form of a project brought in by Koike himself, a program recording (aired on September 2007, 9) was performed that introduced the dating episodes leading up to marriage.[13].2008We had a wedding reception on July 7th[14]..Koike worked hard on a diet with Sakata's support in order to wear a slender wedding dress that Sakata liked.

From 2002総 合格 闘 技Event "PRIDE"soFuji Television Network, IncServed as the main caster of terrestrial broadcasting[15].. On November 2007, 11Yokohama Arena OfHustleGuest appearance in.Participated with her husband in the worst warrior, The Esperancer, who is said to be the incarnation of President Takada.Appeared as "Angel similar to Eiko Koike" at the time of her husband's crisis, and played an active part such as repelling the destruction beam of Esperancer.Assisted her husband's victory.

I didn't have a driver's license until 2007, but I declared that I would take it in 2007 and got my license safely.[16].

Friendship etc.

Shin YazawaIs the drama "Naomi』Co-starring since co-starring.In Koike's book, "I'll do my best in Koike's chest, I'll stop", he is so close that he describes him as his best friend.元親友(友情)のFormer best friend (friendship)MEGUMIAccording to the above-mentioned book, it is a relationship to discuss problems while drinking alcohol.As for the faceShimada ShinsukeからShinkansen,ウ ミ ガ メIs said to be similar to[17](Also known as the "intimidating" face, not the "healing"[11]),Kimura TakuyaFromMeat(Cartoon"Kinnikuman』Similar, similar to the character that appears inTakaaki IshibashiFrom "Bad ultramanWas said[12].. 『We're gonna do itAnd 'Wannai R & R』Hiroyuki MiyasakoMiyasako says that Koike "is so shy that he can even act."[18]..紳助やShinsukeRyu Murakami,Hitoshi MatsumotoHighly praises Koike as "a woman who has a quick mind and is smart. I feel relieved to be on the show."[19].BoAIs also a big fan of[20].

2000 summer,Kansai TVAppeared on the late-night idol program "BAT.corp" for a limited time as a staff member.番組企画のひとつとしてAs one of the program planningSpa worldAppeared as a front member in the "Spa Pooh" commercial.Wannai's Conte "GokusenIn the parody "S Sen"QueenWas playing a character[21].

2003Southern All StarsThe first return single "I want to be held in the sea of ​​tears ~SEA OF LOVE~』Appeared in PV.Keisuke KuwataRealized by asking him to appear.Koike's swimsuit is also highlighted in the TV commercial, and Kuwata says, "Big tits."In addition, Koike said in 2002, "Separate volume Kadokawa monopoly!Keisuke Kuwata"[Page number required]"I dream of appearing in Southern PV".


tv set

Variety, culture, mini programs, etc.








Theater animation




  • NONFIX"Aloha Sakura-Gift from a Nisei Hawaiian Soldier-" (August 2005, 8, Fuji TV)
  • The Nonfiction"Night in Ginza is now ... With Nanae Mama's Heaven" (May 2020, 5, Fuji TV)
  • The Nonfiction"The night in Ginza is now ... 2 ~ A year of Nanae Mama and Corona ~" (May 1, 2021, Fuji TV)


  • "Love Circumstances of Ese Carnivorous Woman" (May 2011, 5 --- 20 episodes in total,Avex / BeeTV)-* Leading role: Madoka Asada


  • 20th Daily Sports Drama Grand Prix Supporting Actress Award ("The World's Most Difficult Love")[77]
  • 93rd The Television Drama Academy Award Best Supporting Actress ("Become a mother])
  • 8th Confidence Award Drama Award Supporting Actress Award ("Become a Mother")[78]


Photo album


  • cure (1999, Pony Canyon)
  • Final Beauty (2000, Takeshobo)
  • With… (2001)
  • G-Taste (2001,King record)
  • Salty Dog (2001, Aqua House)
  • Too (2001, Pony Canyon)
  • Hot (2001, Pony Canyon)
  • Eiko Koike (2002,hmp)
  • Moon Valley (2002,Line Communications)
  • CoverGirls (2003, Columbia Music Entertainment)
  • ON / OFF (2003, Pioneer LDC)
  • Far East (2003,E-Net Frontier)
  • digi + KISHIN DVD (2004, Pony Canyon)



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