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📺 | "The day I become an actress _" Challenge the script! & Kagaya and Shuko Ito appear!


"The day I become an actress _" Challenge the script! & Kagaya and Shuko Ito appear!

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Meanwhile, there is also a scene where the two Kagaya praise "This expression is crazy!" And an enviable funny face pops out! In addition, Ryona Miura who participated in the acting battle from this time is also the comedian power of Shuko Ito. I struggled while receiving the full amount, and I will keep an eye on it in the future.

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Shuko Ito

Shuko Ito(Shuko Ito,1977 May 1 -) isJapan Ofactress,Comedyenne,Illustrator.KanagawaI'm fromMusashino Art Universitygraduate. Height 152 cm, weight 52 kg.Blood TypeO type.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs.Enrolled in the theater company "".


1999 ,auditionAfter that, joined the theater company "".

He was active mainly on the stage, but in recent years he has expanded his field of activity to TV commercials, TV dramas, radio, etc. in addition to the stage.

"You can laugh!』(Fuji Television Network, Inc)2012 When it first appeared on the air on October 10, it was introduced in the caption, "The unique artistic style and super-negative characters of the super-individual actress belonging to the theater company" Meuniere "are talked about!"

Buffalo GoroWith the edge that co-starred on the stageOkiriof the event"Dynamite KansaiWas scouted as a player and participated in.Again, he showed a negative and mysterious character, and left a good result of second place in the first tournament in 2010 and best four in the 2014 tournament.Perhaps because of that influence, he may be shaken in the play.[1].

Broadcasted on May 2014, 11IPPON Grand Prix』(Fuji TV) appeared in the pre-program" IPPON Scout "that decides the main contestants, and won the right to participate[2].


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  • Kei Tanaka 24-hour TV (December 2018, 12 15:21-December 12, 16:21,AbemaSPECIAL2) --Hotel employee role[8]


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