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🧑‍🎨 | How have “female artists” been evaluated: Gender issues are consumed as trends ...

Photo Sylbee Kim "The Red Liquid and Narcissus" (2017) Video still Performer: Louise Guigon © Sylbee Kim "Neither Black / Red / Yellow Nor Woman"

How have "female artists" been evaluated: Gender issues are consumed as a fad ...

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In Japan, in 2020, the group "Be with Ayano Anzai" was established to support Mr. Yohei Kurose and Mr. Ayano Anzai who was damaged by harassment by the limited liability company Chaos La, and in January 2021, the "Field Survey Team for Expression" was established. It has been launched.

In recent years, the evaluation of "female artists" has been reviewed.For example, in the United States, men's activities stand out ... → Continue reading

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