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📺 | Kyoko Fukada Supporting businessman Lover's dedication Care in a semi-cohabiting state before the break

Fukada leaving a high-class sushi restaurant with the help of a female clerk

Kyoko Fukada Supporting businessman Lover's dedication Care in a semi-cohabiting state even before the break

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Hiroyuki Sugimoto (2), the chairman of the real estate company Sheila Holdings, which has been reportedly dating for two and a half years.

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Hiroyuki Sugimoto

Hiroyuki Sugimoto(Hiroyuki Sugimoto,1977May 6 -) isJapan Ofentrepreneur..Chairman of the Board of Sheila Holdings Co., Ltd. (formerly SY Holdings), which is engaged in real estate sales, leasing, management and brokerage, condominium development, etc.Former President and Representative Director of S-Grant Corporation.


1977 years,IbarakiMoriyabirth[1],KanagawaKawasaki CityRaised[2].

Run by his father when he was 4 years oldreal-estate companyGo bankrupt[3]..After that, his father worked as a real estate broker but failed and moved to a bathless apartment many times.[4].

When I was in elementary school, I lived in poverty so much that I had trouble paying for school lunches. He had a traffic accident at the age of eight and was hospitalized for about half a year.It was worth the rehabilitation, and my legs started to move, but the nerves of my left toe did not return and I still can't move. At the age of 8, her mother suffered from cancer and died suddenly[5].

High school uses a scholarship systemKawasaki General Science High School Entered the Department of Computer Science[4].

He begins to think seriously about his life, triggered by a big genka with his father injured.I started studying in the second half of my third year of high school and passed the university[4]..After graduating from high school, do not go on to university and are related to real estateVocational schoolGo on to school. In the first year宅建Obtained chief qualification[5].

In 1997, he got a job at Toko Mansion Center Co., Ltd., a studio sales company for investment.The company has more than 100 sales staff, and will become a top sales staff in the third year after joining the company.After gaining about 3 years of experience, an acquaintance asked me if I would be independent because I would invest.[6], Started his own business in December 2001 and established S-Grant Corporation.

Dating with actress Kyoko Fukada was reported in 2019, and on June 2021, 6, the dating was virtually admitted at a press conference.[7][8][9][10][11][12].

S-Grant Corporation

  • 2001September-corporationEsgrant CorporationEstablished.Appointed President and Representative Director.Developing real estate sales specializing in designer studio condominiums[13].
  • Initial establishment-Sales are sluggish and salary is zero.In addition, it was not possible to pay a commission to employees.In the book, "Employees do not resign even if they know the state of the company," they want to return the bonus. "From this time on, the company changed into a good atmosphere. "[4].
  • October 2002-Started selling own property[4].
  • December 4, 2005th year of establishment-The shortest and youngest company in the history of the industry to be listed on the stock market.The record up to the listing is spelled out in the book[5].
  • After listing-In addition to the studio condominium business, we have also been involved in the sale and purchase of commercial real estate, real estate funds, etc., and sales have been steadily increasing, but in September 2008Lehman shockIn March 2009, he applied for the application of the Civil Rehabilitation Law.With a debt of about 3 billion yen, he was forced into bankruptcy[14].
  • Five years have passed since the civil rehabilitation, and in July 5, for the first time in eight years.Diamond CompanyPublished a book from[5].

Sheila Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • 2010-Founded Syla Holdings Co., Ltd.Raised funds with the cooperation of four entrepreneurs of the same generation who had exchanges during the Esgrant Corporation era[13].
  • 2014-Capital increase
  • 2018-Published the book "The" Wow "Truth of Real Estate Investment" (June 2018, Gentosha)
  • 2019-Seven group companies have grown to sales of over 7 billion yen.

Management policy

  • Mainly stock income from owned and managed properties, and develops, sells, and manages studio condominiums focusing on properties in central Tokyo.[5][6].
  • In order not to forget the Lehman shock, we have set 16 action guidelines for the officers of the group including ourselves.[15].
  • Based on the lessons learned from the Lehman shock, he said that he focused on small buildings such as 1R, shifted his focus from developers to large family businesses, and shifted to a business model that gradually increased sales profits.[5].. "I'm not trying to force the company to grow now. Instead, I want to foster human resources and culture as a company."[14].
  • "Management is not fun. Of course, there are exciting moments, but about 9% is painful," he said.[3].



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