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🎥 | Charlie Plummer, a troubled boy, lifts the ban on 12 other cuts of "Clove Hitch Killer"

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Annoying Boy Charlie Plummer Lifts 12 Other Cuts for "Clove Hitch Killer"

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A boy scout in uniform talking to his father Don, touching his cell phone at the table and getting angry, seeing a disturbing Polaroid photo in Don's hut, and struggling with his distrust of his father.

A young actor who won the Marcello Mastroianni Award (New Actor Award) at the Venice International Film Festival in the movie "Lean on Pete" ... → Continue reading

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Sense of distrust


PolaroidIt is,1937ToEdwin Harvard LandFounded by Polaroid (Polaroid Corporation) Abbreviation, or developed by the companyinstant cameraPopular name of.


Polaroid manufactures and sells instant cameras using monochrome by diffusion transfer method and natural color photography by diffusion transfer method, polarizing plates (polarizers) and various photosensitive materials related to diffusion transfer method, and for instant photography for diffusion transfer method. Manufacture and sale of various optical instruments ・ Manufacturers of optical equipment and photosensitive materials related to stereopolarized dynamic stereoscopic images, and will be described later (Petters Group Worldwide) Expanded business when Polaroid was acquired by the companyDigital camera,liquid crystal television,DVDIt is also a manufacturer of information appliances such as players.


Background of instant camera development

Since Rand's then-three-year-old daughter asked a question about the shortening process of a simple image formation method, "Why can't you see the picture taken on the spot?", Rand has been studying image formation by the diffusion transfer method. Development and analysis ・ Started development of optical equipment, and finally1947The Optical SocietyIn "Instant Diffusion Transfer Method Image Formation Method and Camera Machine (United States Patent No. 02,435,720, USP Patent No. 02435720) ”was released, and the experimental results were released by taking pictures on the spot and forming images of photographic prints.Polaroid grew and became famous until it developed an instant camera from the experimental results and later became synonymous with the instant camera itself.

Product release

  • 1948May 11 Polaroid Land Camera (United States Patent No. 02,435,720) Is released.
  • 1960 Henry Dreyfuss Design (Henry Dreyfuss) And released the Automatic 100 type.
  • 1965 The Polaroid Swinger camera goes on sale for $ 20.It will be a hit product.
  • 1972 Released the non-peeling method diffusion transfer method natural color photography camera SX-70.Later, by automatic sonic optical focus detection systemauto focusAchieved.
  • 1978 Released "polavision", a diffusion transfer method movie method for polarized moving images.
  • 1999 Developed the Polaroid I-Zone Instant Camera, which accounts for 75% of the diffusion transfer photography market.
  • 2008 In the United Statesメキシコ, NetherlandsClosed the factory and withdrew from the production of film for instant cameras.
  • 2013 Tablets for kids nationwideToys'R'UsSold at (Japan).
  • 2014 SIM-free smartphone,LINEAGEStarted selling (Japan).Action cameraCUBEStarted selling (Japan).
  • 2015 Started selling SIM-free smartphones (Japan).

Decline of instant cameras

2000 eraAfter entering, the rapid consumer transition to digital cameras failed to follow,2001It goes bankrupt in October with a debt of about $ 10 million.2002In 7 monthJP Morgan ChaseOne Equity Partners (Private Equity Division)One Equity Partners ,the followingOep) Will be acquired for $ 2 million.During this period, OEP sold and abolished Polaroid's deficit division, U.S.A.Federal bankruptcy lawOf employees recognized inpension,Health insuranceAt the same time as restructuring, such as abandoning the payment of "Polaroid", sales were obtained with a license named "Polaroid".


2005May 4To(English edition)Petters Consumer Brands, a subsidiary ofPetters Consumer Brands ) Was acquired for $ 4 million and became a privately held company.Currently, in addition to the business related to instant cameras, it also sells and manufactures information appliances.

Bankruptcy and then

2008May 12, Due to the deterioration of the financial situation due to the alleged fraud of the parent companyFederal Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11The application ofMinnesotaMinneapolis OfUS Bankruptcy CourtI applied for it and it went bankrupt for the second time.[1][2][3].

In addition, Japan Polaroid, a Japanese corporation, continued its management and operations as before, but in September 2009, Polaroid changed to the president of the Japanese corporation.Yuta ItobyMBOWas implemented and managed independently of Polaroid, and the company name was changed to Co., Ltd. as of January 2010.Front runnerPLR IP Holdings, which currently holds the trademark right of "Polaroid", plans to continue sales by licensing Polaroid brand home appliances.[4].

Meanwhile, in April 2009, the Gordon Brothers Group and Hilco Consumer Captial jointly acquired Polaroid, and the Summit Grobal Group was established as a consortium between the two companies and Global Industrial Services to renew Polaroid brand camera-related products for five years. Acquired exclusive production and sales rights, and manufactures and sells digital instant cameras and Polaroid brand digital cameras.[5]..In addition, a volunteer project "Aiming to revive the discontinued Polaroid film"THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECTWas launched in the Netherlands and signed a lease agreement to use the Polaroid factory in the Netherlands for 10 years.[6], (Initially in cooperation with Summit Grobal Group, but then blank) Reproduction from 2010[5].

In Japan, Summit Global Japan Co., Ltd. was established as a Japanese subsidiary of Summit Grobal Group, which started handling Polaroid brand camera-related products in December 2009, and has been selling film-type Polaroid cameras since 12. I'm planning to restart[7], Released Polaroid 2010 "Instant Film Camera" and "Instant Film" in April 4, excluding Japan.[8]..But these areFujifilmInstant camera "CheckIt is an OEM product equivalent to ", and is not a product that uses a conventional Polaroid film camera such as the Polaroid SX-70 camera.As a result, the handling of camera-related products at the front runner has ended. From September 2012, Summit Global Japan Co., Ltd. will be the distributor in Japan.CJDChanged to Tekwind Co., Ltd. of the group. Since November 2013, Polaroid Smart Device products in Japan will be sold by Crosslink Marketing Co., Ltd. as an authorized distributor. In December 11, the company became an authorized distributor and started selling camera-related products.

Patent infringement lawsuit

Massachusetts Court (USDistrict Court of Massachusetts )But1976May 4In the judgment handed down to Polaroid, 12 patents owned by Polaroid were granted to the United States.KodakWon the proceedings for infringement of patents of the parties to the effect that

after that1985May 10, 75 days of infringement proceedings appeal, 7 Polaroid patentsKodakWas infringed, and a claim for damages of about $ 6 million and an injunction against Kodak products and plants were granted.

Works dealing with Polaroid


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