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🧑‍🎨 | Wooden Wave, a unique artist duo with the theme of sustainability and community


Wooden Wave, a unique artist duo with a sustainable and community theme

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“I try to buy soaps, detergents, body care products, etc. that use natural ingredients that do not use toxic chemicals.

Wooden Wu, an artist duo consisting of Roxy from Maui and Matt from the North Shore of Oahu ... → Continue reading


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In particular, those that have been formulated for the purpose of exerting specific effects that are effective in treating, diagnosing, preventing diseases and alleviating pain in humans and animals.It's called (Yakuza).

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Chemical substance

What is a chemical substance?ChemicalIt is a substance from the viewpoint of its physical properties.Almost all substances on the earth can be called chemical substances in that respect, but some kind of chemical substanceBiologyIt is often called something that has a typical function.

Chemical substancesatomIt is composed of, and depending on how it is configuredSimple substanceとCompoundare categorized.A chemical substance composed of only one type of atom is a simple substance, or a compound if it is composed of multiple types of atoms.

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