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Son Goku

Son Goku(Sun Wukong, Sun Wukong,繁体字: Son Goku; Simplified characters: Sun Wukong; pinyin: Sūn Wù kōng; Wade type: Sun¹ Wu⁴-k'ung¹; Jyutping: Syun¹ ng ⁶ hung¹) Is in ChinaFour great novelsnovel"Journey to the West』Main appearancecharacter[1]Is one ofShangxian..Still worshipedTaoismAlso a god of gods, generally in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast AsiaSaiten Daisei(Seitentaisei)Called and worshiped in[2]..He is one of the most active heroes of Chinese folk religion.Another name isSun Wukong.

In the Korean book "Park Tsuji Proverb" (1677), which contains a synopsis of the Yuan dynasty "Monkey" (the oldest)Son GokuAppears as.In addition, the main appearance of Saiten DaiseiZaju(Narrative) is as follows.In response to these preceding worksLightA compilation of 100 books[3]Was too muchclearOf the simplified books organized in the generationKangxi33 years(1694) The published "Saiyuushin" is a relatively common "Saiyuuki".

  • West play (drama)
  • Saiten Daisei (drama)
  • Eight Immortals


Commonly known as "Nishiyuki" in zaju and other book worksSun WukongOrTsuten DaishoAlthough it is called by various names such asSun WukongI settled down in the name of.Well known in JapanSon Goku The諱IsNaming tabooDue to this, it is not commonly used in China at that time.

The following is an outline based on the "Monkey of the West" published by Ming and Qing.


Once upon a time, Higashi Katsumisu (SumiyamaAroundJambudvipaone of)[4]It is inProud country(Gorgeous)Hanakayama, a volcanic island off the coast of[5]There was a lump of sengoku on the top of the.This stone broke and laid an egg, which was exposed to the wind and a stone monkey hatched.[6]..This stone monkey says that if someone finds the water source of Tanigawa, the monkeys who live on the island will make him the king, so he bravely jumped into the basin and found a place to live in the waterfall cave, so as promised Worshiped by usMonkey King(Let's go)It was decided to call himself.

Hundreds of years later, one day I felt the fragility of a limited lifeImmortalityIt took more than XNUMX years to go on a journey in search of the art of[4]Live inSubhutiGrandmaster(Bodai)To sayhermitI searched for and became a disciple.The grandfather gave the surname Sun Wukong to King Mio, who had no surname.Son GokuGive the legal name of. Seven years later, he secretly learned the longevity of longevity, leaving his brothers behind, and three years later.Number of ground(Chisatsusu)To sayXNUMX generalchangeArt[7]I have learned to crush naturally.furtherFlying Nimbus(Kinto yeah)You will be able to ride the clouds in the sky freely by learning the law of[8]..However, the technique for other disciples[9]After showing off, he was ordered to buy the wrath of his grandfather and return to his hometown.[10].

When I return to Mt. Huaguo,The Wraith KingBecause the monster was ruining the water cave, it was exterminated by the technique of the outside body, but with this as a trigger, he went to the country and robbed a large amount of weapons and distributed it to the monkeys under his control to strengthen the defense. The monkeys under his control were put together in the army.Then I want to get my own weapon, and underwaterDragon King TokaiAo Guang's palaceRyuguGo to and expand and contract freely according to Goku's willRuyi Gold Bar[11]Forcibly hand over.Sit longer and stay the restDragon King of MikaiWe also demanded armor, a set of gold crown, gold armor, and Ayumu shoes.[12]I brought it. Ox devil6 Great Demon Kings including[13]When he became a brother-in-law with Youkai and was drunk at the banquet,Shadow worldTwo messengers came and took away the soul, saying that "the life has expired."However, he defended that it should not be so and rampaged,Enma bookWhen I brought it with me, Son Goku had a lifespan of 342 years, so I painted my name with ink and also erased some of my favorite monkeys' names.Don't bother you anymoreTen Kings of Hell[14]I woke up when I came home after hitting him, but after that, it is said that the number of mountain monkeys other than Goku also increased.

Daiho Tengu(Daido Tengu)

Since the death registration was erased in this way,HeavenIt has become a dangerous existence.The presiding officer of the heavenly world,Emperor of HeavenTry to subdue the stone monkey,Too whiteI reconsidered with the opinion of, and decided to soften by calling to heaven as a government official.[15]..Goku rejoices in the messenger of heaven,Horse temperature[16] OfOfficial officeHowever, half a month later, he knew that he was low and bent his navel and suddenly escaped.Already more than a dozen years on the ground[17]It's been a while, but I feel good surrounded by monkeys who have returned to Japan as a god.Dokaku Demon KingA youkai called, became a vassal, and praised him further, so he instigated him.EcstaticGoku becameSaiten Daisei[18]I came to issue myself.When the Emperor heard this, he was angry that he was an unfamiliar stone monkey.Tota LeeWas dispatched to the subjugation army to become a general, but with the pioneer giant spirit godNezha Taiko(Tatashi)If you lose and you can't stand your teeth, Goku'sMagical powerI was afraid to retreat.

When he found it difficult to control by force, he decided to take a soft-hearted measure again with Taihaku's opinion, and decided to treat Goku as desired for the second time, and decided to take a new official position."Saiten Daisei'Was founded and officially appointed.This was a nominal official position with no duties.Goku was satisfied with this for a while, but he was waiting for time in heaven, so he was new.蟠 peach garden(Banto Uen)[19]Will be entrusted with the management of.However,ImmortalityIs Goku's favorite place and is cultivatedXiantaoI waited for it to ripen and ate it.Beautiful therefairyGoku sneaks into the banquet where the fairy maidens chat, puts the sake ban to sleep, eats the senshu sensai, and gets drunk.Tushita TushitaI got lost inTaishang Laojun OfKintanI chewed all of them and escaped from heaven again[20].

When Goku returned, 10 years had passed on the ground.The Emperor was angry like a fiery fire, dispatched XNUMX heavenly soldiers to siege, and mobilized all the generals to attack.On the side of Goku, the youkai of Idong and the Demon King of Idong were captured alive, but all the monkeys escaped, and GokuwhereRoarWith the princeFour kings, Defeated Megishi.However, Egishi is the teacher.Guan YinBodhisattva told the Emperor when he reported a difficult fight toErlang Shen MakotoTo recommend.Erlang Shen finally hunted down Goku with the six brothers of Umeyama and threw it by Daode Tianzun.Taku KongoThen Goku was struck by the heavens and caught the fluttering place.

The Emperor pulls Goku out to the sword and punishes him with a dismemberment, but GokuElixirBecause he was invincible by the power of, neither the sword nor the ax had teeth, and even the fire had no effect.As a last resort, Daode Tianzun's secret methodYawataFurnaceEven though I tried to melt it by pushing it in front of, I evacuated to the corner of Tatsumi where the fire did not turn and got safe (instead, I was struck and my eyes were bright red "Fiery eyes(Akame)It became).When I opened the pot as if it had already been burned out, it jumped out of the momentum Bagua furnace.[21], I was in a state where I couldn't touch it anymore due to the rampage.The Emperor, who became scared of Goku, was at Raionji Temple.Buddha BuddhaWill ask for help.Nyorai offered a bet to make Goku aware of himself, and seized Goku who couldn't jump out of Nyorai's palm.五行(I.e.[22]Has been sealed for XNUMX years.

To the journey of the sutra

XNUMX years laterKanzeon BodhisattvaBy reliefSanzo HoshiAllowed to become a disciple of theTianzhuFor up toTraveling[23]Will help.Mainly from Sanzou HoushiSun Wukong(Songyoja)[24]It is called.Even after becoming a disciple, the rebellious attitude remains the same, and when I am not convinced, the other partyGods,Rulai,BodhisattvaI'm willing to complain and take a rebellious attitude.The violent temperament remains the same, and even if the other person is a human being, he often tries to eliminate or obey the obstacles by force, which can cause Sanzo's anger and cause a feud. There are many.However, he is familiar with good manners and etiquette, and does not act rudely elsewhere.At first, he tried to escape against Sanzou Houshi, and after that he was excommunicated for unprovoked crimes, but with the guidance of Kanzeon Bosatsu and Shaka Nyorai.[25]After all, I always come back to Sanzou Houshi.In a trip, while learning and growing by repeating mistakes, the behavior gradually changes, but it often reveals sullenness and dissatisfaction.The relationship with Sanzo is not so much a master and a disciple as a detrimental role like a guardian who protects an ignorant and helpless human being, and it is often troubled by Sanzo who is a rough man.[26]..During the journeyMrs. Bones,Inspirational KingAndMansei Dragon KingAnd many moreMonster,Evil spiritWhile fighting with and exterminating, many peoplemagicWhen he finally succeeded in the journey of sutras, he was recognized for his outstanding achievements in protecting Sanzou Houshi and bringing back many sutras from Tenjiku.BuddhaNoteI was able to receive[27].

In addition, as I wrote here, Son Goku is the main storyIn Chinese poetrySo, it is called by various names and titles.In addition to what I wrote here, Daiseioh, Koukoko, Mind Monkey,Mixed Gen Ikki Kamigata Otogana Kinsen Miho Saiten DaiseiIt is called by various names.

Sun Wukong's model

ChugokuWesternShaanxi,TibetInhabit such asKinshikoTo studyJapan Monkey CenterShigetaka Kodera, the director of the World Monkey Zoo,NHKA TV program that introduces the ecology of animals in JapanWatching』, Introduced that it is a beautiful monkey suitable for the model of Sun Wukong who called himself" Beauty King ", and maybe this is the model.Later, in the March 1985, 3 issue of Asahi Graph, a discourse was published stating that Shigetaka Kodera himself admitted that he was misunderstanding, but that he was unable to withdraw because it became widespread. A Chinese literary researcher who is studying "Nishiyuki" itself judges from the description in the workMacaque OfRhesus monkeyHe advocates the theory that there is a high possibility that it is, for example, pointing out that the ecology of rhesus monkeys, which prefer swimming unlike Japanese macaques, is skillfully described in "Nishiyuki".

Also, the theory of Chinese origin (Yashima Gakutei,Lu XunEtc.) seek the source of the water god "Wuzhiqi" that appears in Chinese mythology.

The record of Wuzhiqi extermination by Yu the Great appears in the narrative (Volume 467 "Li Yu") contained in "Taiping Guangji", and Lito, who was the governor of Chushu during the Tang Dynasty, It is shown as a supplement to the story of a giant monkey youkai pulled out of the water.According to it, by Yu the GreatWuzhiqiIt is said that the record of extermination was in a shabby ancient document called "Furudake Tatetsu", and by showing this, the story of Liyu (the story of "Furudake Tatekyo" can be found from the story of Liyu48. An unidentified large monkey that appeared in (It is said to be 8 years after Genna)WuzhiqiIt is supposed to have been.It has been widely disseminated since the Song dynasty and has become known to people by its use in plays.

Consideration that it may be one of the prototypes of Sun Wukong appearing in "Monkey Monkey" because of the monkey's shape, high ability, being sealed under the mountain, and having a connection with the attribute of water. Has existed for a long time.Eiichiro Ishida explains this from the relationship between monkeys and water, and the fact that Wuzhiqi is said to have been tied up and sealed with a large rope is also a highly relevant element in the legend about water. I am considering.

From the point of thinking about connecting Sun Wukong and Wuzhiqi, the characters of Wuzhiqi Wuzhiqi and Kameyama Wuzhiqi were set as sisters of Sun Wukong in the zaju based on "Nishiyuki".

Apart from this, India's famousEpic"RamayanaAppears as the monkey godHanumanIt is also advocated that Hanuman is a model of Sun Wukong because it is depicted as having golden skin, a crimson face and a long tail.IndiaHinduismAt the temple, Hanuman Langur is treated with great care as a messenger of the Hanuman god, and is striding with food from worshipers.Hanuman, like Son Goku, is also paranormalMagical powerI used to fly in the sky and resize my body.In addition, it is said that he led the monkey army and lifted the mountain depending on the scene. In the story of "Ramayana"VishnuIs considered to be an incarnation ofRamaThe appearance of the monkey god who is active in various aspects by helping the monkey is often similar to the appearance of the monkey youkai Sun Wukong escorting Sanzou Houshi in "Nishiyuki". It is possible that "Ramayana" had a considerable influence on the story formation process.

In addition,People's Republic of ChinaIt was discovered in the Anzai region of Xuanzang.IndiaIt is said that the state of the trip to is depicted, and it is said that the guide appearing in it may be the prototype of Son Goku and others.

The name "Goku" is a monk who actually existed in the Tang dynasty and went to India.悟空(731 -?) There is a theory that it may be named after.

Relief of the West Tower of Senshu Kaigenji Temple

Ninju Pagoda (West Pagoda, Kaiyuan Temple)JiaxiCompleted in the first year (1237))BeamEmperor Wu, "Karasanzo", Tokai Fire Ryutaiko, and the swordsman, and you can see the appearance before becoming Sun Wukong of "Nishiyuki".

Interpretation by Taoist thought

In the world of Taoism, Son Goku is considered to be a model practitioner born of Tendou and "Five Lines" and "Bagua", unlike the figures of the profane.In the book "Monkeys of the West", which interprets "Monkeys of the West" by the Chinese Qing dynasty Daoshi Chen, Sun Wukong said, "Tenno-michi, Tiannoyuki. Unka Yin Yang, Shinmei Godo, Manka Seisei Tenmei. Is the perfect saint of ", and is considered to be the only equal existence with the great Emperor of" Presided over by Inui, Yin and Yang, Inclusive Ancient and Modern, Hara Inequalities ".[28]..It is probable that the conflict with the heavenly world was due to the establishment of the "elephant of the dragon," which symbolizes the extremes of the upper nine and the sun of the Bagua "Inui."

In addition, the Dragon King's Baobai is also often considered to be an elephant that "submits all four sides" ("Four 谘 諏, four elephants, four elephants, self-eastern self-western self-sufficient, self-sufficient").The "Chainmail" born from water is in the north, the "Chainmail" born from gold is in the west, and the "Phoenix crown" born from fire is in the south, corresponding to the Tokai Ruyi Jingu stick. ..According to Chen Jingu's interpretation, the number "13500" of the weight of Ruyi Jingu ("90 loaves") hides the largest and highest "9" in the 5th Hexagram. (135 + 12000 * 1500 = 12000).Also, this number can be decomposed in the form of "12 + 3". The "4" in "12" symbolizes the four elephants in the north, south, east, and south of Bagua (1500 * 15 = 3). The "5" in "15" stands for "Sango no Michi" (XNUMX * XNUMX = XNUMX).Therefore, this armor embodies all the "elephants" of Qian.[28].


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    HP ・The story of the water god-Animal thoughts on "Kappa Kaoma" -Horse, cow, monkey (3)Than
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