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📺 | Takumi Saitoh I'm even more hungry! Surprising appearance shown in the challenge of "pregnancy"

Photo Takumi Saitoh challenging the role of a pregnant man

Takumi Saitoh I'm even more hungry! Surprising appearance shown in the challenge of "pregnancy"

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In addition, along with Arata Iura and Makiko Watanabe, we are also leading the "Mini Theater Park," an actor group that supports movie theaters.

Around noon on May 5, actor Takumi Saitoh (26) stood in his pocket at the intersection of Shibuya, Tokyo.Jacket… → Continue reading

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Makiko Watanabe

Makiko Watanabe(Makiko Watanabe,1968May 9 -) isJapan Ofactress, OriginalFashion Model.TokyoI'm fromDecadeBelongs.


Aspiring to become an actress when he joined the theater club when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school.1986Started working as a model, advertising, fashion magazines, fashion collections, etc.TV commercial Appeared in many (TV commercials). In 1986, he made his debut in the TV commercial of Recruit's "Torabayu".1988To the movieI'm angry!』Debuted as an actress.1989In the women's fashion magazine "CUTiE』Adopted for the cover model of the first issue[1].. From Japan's first dance music label "" in 1989Toshio Nakanishi,Takagi KanProduced byHisako NakagawaReleased "Life is a science" in collaboration with the hip-hop unit "The Orchids"[2].

Mei LinmaoAfter being selected as the heroine in the director's movie "Mogura", he participated in several J-MOVE WARS films.1999ToAtsuhiko SuwaThe director's work "" isCannes International Film FestivalWon the International Critics Federation Award.2007Appeared inNaomi KawaseDirected work "Uki no MoriWas selected as a Grand Prix film at the 60th Cannes International Film Festival.Masahiro KobayashiDirected work "Premonition of love』Is SwissLocarno International Film FestivalHe received the highest award, the Gold Leopard Award (equivalent to the Grand Prix), the CICAE Award (International Federation of Arts and Film Review Awards), the Young Jury Award, and the Daniel Schmidt Award. In 2012Ryota NakanoDirected work "To take a picture"But,SKIP City International D-Cinema Film FestivalWon the first director's award and SKIP City Award at the festival. 2012th in December 12Asia Pacific Film Festival-Awarded Best Supporting Actress. In March 2013Hong Kong International Film Festival7th held as part ofAsian Film AwardsAnd won the Best Supporting Actress Award.For the first time in 10 years, the Japanese have won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Asian Film Awards for the first time in a Japanese film at the Pacific Film Festival.

He is active mainly in TV dramas, plays, and movies.

Yubari International Fantastic Film FestivalIncluding,Tokyo Filmex,Tokyo International Film Festival Judges for the Japanese Film Splash Division, etc., and serve as a judge at international film festivals.

Asian Film AwardIs judging the Best Supporting Actress Award category.




TV drama

Web drama


  • Directed by Picaresque Iago (1992) Ryuyama Kosho
  • Renaissance Studio 93 Spring (1993) production Yukio Ninagawa
  • Directed by The Terayama (1994) Shin Sato
  • Brothers of Karamazov(1995) Written and directed Kino Hana
  • What Housewife Marie did (1996) Directed Maekawa Asako
  • Voisek (1996) Director Shin Sato /Black tent
  • Directed by Celluloid Restaurant (1997)
  • Mole Town (2008) Written and directed by Asako Maekawa
  • Directed by Isakai (2008)
  • Mole Town 1-chome (2009) Written and directed by Asako Maekawa Ryusho Planning
  • Tsukikage Extra Land Part 2 "Wave your hand from the jet window" Chiba Masako Directed by Hana Kino
  • 2010-XNUMX, Mole Town (XNUMX, Written and directed by Asako Maekawa, Ryusho Planning)
  • Ah, Wilderness (2011, Written by:Shuji Terayama, Director: Yukio Ninagawa)
  • Prayer and Monsters ~ Wilville's Three Sisters ~ (January 2013, 1-February 12, Director: Yukio Ninagawa)
  • Stripper Story (July 2013, Written byCatch, Directed:Daisuke Miura)
  • Frozen beach(January 2014, productKeralino Sandrovich)
  • Juliet Street (produced and directed in 2014) Ryo Iwamatsu)


  • Torabayu
  • Marui Campaign
  • Funabashi LaLaport
  • JR East
  • JR Tohoku
  • JR Tokai
  • McDonald's
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • First kitchen
  • Seven-Eleven
  • Lawson
  • Coca Cola
  • Menard
  • Fujicco / Shibazuke
  • Suntory Old
  • VISA card
  • NISSAN Mira
  • ANA
  • Bobson
  • VISA card
  • Sheba
  • 2009 Kao Brone Sisters Edition
  • One Day Acuvue


  • olive
  • mother
  • CUTiE
  • Sono
  • High fashion
  • ID
  • 2008 Midnight First Issue
  • Weekly Bunshun(March 2010, 7 issue)
  • Pumpkin (July 2012 issue)
  • Film art440 No.
  • Work and I Vol.4
  • Theater Culture Magazine [Tee.] No.21 (issued on May 2013, 5)

Many others


  • All labored This Month's "Tips for Living" Turning Point-My Turning Point-Interview (November 2012)
  • Sanyo Shokai"How to make a 100-year coat" (WEB movie)


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