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In Season 2, Asan, who became a wanted criminal and was chased, will carry out a grand plan with the help of a new ally.

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Fugitive warrant

Fugitive warrant(Wanted yes) isPolicemenArrestedWritIs outSuspectTheArrestMeans to do.

Wanted in Japan

Legal basis

National Public Safety CommissionSet byRuleIsCode of criminal investigationArticle 31 and below stipulate, and Article 7 and below of the Criminal Investigation Mutual Aid Regulations also have similar provisions.The legal nature of the Criminal Investigation Code and the Criminal Investigation Mutual Aid Regulations is based on the internal police arrangements set by the National Public Safety Commission.Administrative rules).

In other words,normal personHas some legal effect onlaworcommandIt is not a (legal order).Therefore, by "wanted", the suspectNameIt should be noted that, etc. do not have the legal effect of being publicly disclosed to the general public.However, in the most important cases, police agencies nationwide (Police headquartersFrom the endPolice boxIn addition to (up to)public facilityIt is not uncommon to use an investigative method called an open investigation, in which the suspect's face photo and name are distributed to the public and the cooperation of the general public is called for.

Of a particular caseinvestigationThe police in charge of the police are the police of the whole country (and other police in the same prefecture)Police station) To "request the arrest of the suspect for whom the arrest warrant has been issued, and request the delivery of the person after the arrest" by a wanted list.In other words, although an arrest warrant has been issued, this is done when the whereabouts of the suspect are unknown due to escape, etc., and arrangements are made with the prefectural police.

Still more2007(19)May 4Therefore, the National Police Agency has established a prize advertising system (Special investigation bounty system).So far, nine wanted suspects have been rewarded, five of whom have been arrested or found.

In addition,Yahoo! JAPAN Web page OfAdsabove,FreeI posted a photo of the wanted suspect's face.In such a place, a lot of information is provided,インターネットThe disclosure of wanted posters using is also widespread.

Special arrangement

System overview

Formally"Special wanted suspects designated by the National Police Agency".

"SecurityA violent or significant socially dangerous or violent impact oncrimeWanted suspect, especially nationally due to his early arrestRegionIt is carried out for those who are deemed to need to carry out a strong systematic investigation over the years.

殺人,terrorismThis applies not only to specific prefectures but also to suspects who have caused incidents that have a large impact on the world.JapanHas jurisdiction over prefectural police departments nationwideNational Police AgencyIs thatCriminalMake a special wanted poster for.The target prefectural police department has a department / person in charge to provide information about the person who was wanted, and the prefectural police department concernedPolice officerThe suspect's order book will also be given to everyone. Beginning in February 1972, initially five criminal-related people[1], XNUMX people related to public security were targeted[2].

In the past, 53 people in the table below have been specially arranged.PrescriptionForty-nine people were arrested, with the exception of three who were established and one who died during the wanted list.Currently, no one is making special arrangements.

As an example of past special arrangementsUnited Red Army,Snack mama serial murder case,Aum Shinrikyo Incident,Hiroshima Prison Chinese prison jailbreak caseThere is.

List of past wanted suspects

  • Contents of the table below (especiallyageAnd the name of the suspect) are, in principle, the data at the time of the special wanted appointment.In some cases, an arrest warrant was issued in another case after the designation.
  • Regarding the name of the suspect, describe the person whose individual article exists as the real name, otherwise describe it as "-"
  • Regarding the date of occurrence, in the case of consecutive cases, etc., the first and last dates of the alleged arrangement were taken.Therefore, there are cases where the case name or the entire case does not match.
  • Since it is difficult to accurately grasp the name of a crime, even a minor crimeNews reportI've kept the notation as far as I can tell from.
  • Please note that the older the media, the more confused the special wanted and the important wanted.
Special arrangement designated dateSuspectAccrual date事件Suspect nameArrest dateArrest statusArrest placeJudgmentRemarks
1972/2/1-1970/6/4Itabashi housing complex housewife robbery murder caseSexual assault, murder-robbery----On June 1985, 6, the statute of limitations was passed.
1972/2/1-March 1968, 8-February 6, 1971Amagasaki wife's sister couple injuries, Takamatsu carpenter stabsAttempted murder[3]
1972/2/1-1970/11/18Osaka gangster three pistol murder caseMurder, attempted the same[3]
1972/2/1-1970/3/27Attempted murder-robbery at a pachinko parlor in GangnamAttempted murder-robbery1972/2/16Citizen's reportSaitama
1972/2/1-1970/9/11Higashi Osaka Securities Company Employee Robbery Murder CaseRobbery1972/2/16AppearanceKagoshima
1972/2/1Tsuneo MoriAugust 1971-September 2, 22Red army Chiba / Kanagawa 4 consecutive financial robbery cases (Operation M)robbery1972/2/17Discovered by police officerGunmaDismissal of prosecutionIndicted for murder. Suicide on January 1973, 1, during a trial trial.
1972/2/1Tsuneo UmeuchiAugust 1969-September 10, 29Manufactured about 30 iron pipe bombsViolation of explosives control penalties (manufacturing)----On January 1978, 1, the statute of limitations, which had been extended by the accomplice's trial, was established.
1972/2/1Hiroko NagataMarch 1969, 11-February 29, 1971Keihin Security Joint Fight Attempted attack on Kawasaki ammunition transport train,Moka gun store attackViolation of explosives control penalties, robbery-murder1972/2/17Discovered by police officerGunmaDeath penaltyNo charges were filed for violating explosives control penalties.The death penalty is confirmed for murder. He died of illness on February 2011, 2.
1972/2/1Hiroshi Sakaguchi1971/2/17Keihin Security Joint Fight Maoka Gun Shop Attack CaseRobbery1972/2/28Crime on the runNaganoDeath penaltyThe death penalty is confirmed for murder.
1972/2/1-Around September 1971, 9-Around October 21Communist Alliance Manufacture of 6 dropper-type time bombs (police facility continuous bombing incident)Violation of explosives control penalties (manufacturing)1976/10/13Discovered by police officerTokyo6 year in prison
1972/10/9-1972/9/20Shimizu Girl Kidnapping Murder CaseMinor kidnapping, rape, murder1972/11/6Discovered by police officerOsakaLife imprisonment
1972/10/31Nobuhiro Takemoto(Osamu Takita)1971/8/21Asaka SDF murder caseRobbery murder1982/8/8Discovered by police officerKanagawa5 year in prisonThe robbery-murder aiding crime is applied.Undecided detentionNot imprisoned for inclusion.
1974/2/15-1974/2/7Ueno fire extinguisher family murder caseMurder-robbery1974/3/8Report of acquaintanceTokyoDeath penaltyExecution on May 1986, 5.
1975/10/30-March 1969, 12-February 1, 1973Kofu worker shooting killing case, Hanafuda gamblingMurder, addictive gambling1975/12/27Citizen's reportChiba12 year in prison
1975/12/23-March 1975, 10-February 11, 1975Kumamoto Prison Kumamoto Prison Jailbreak Case, Aminocho Amino Town, Kyoto Prefecture Junior High School Woman Assault CaseSimple escape, sexual assaultJailbreak after being charged with assaulting a woman in Kumamoto prefecture.
1978/1/11Saburo Kato1977/10/27Shrine main office bombing caseViolation of explosives control penalties1983/5/16Arrested statementKyoto18 year in prison
1978/1/11-1978/1/1Itabashi Apartment Explosives Manufacturing / Accidental Explosion CaseViolation of explosives control penalties (manufacturing)1983/5/16Discovered by police officerNagano2 years in prison June
1981/7/8-1981/7/6Kanda Building Robbery Murder Arson CaseRobbery murder, arson1981/11/10AppearanceAkitaDeath penaltyExecution on May 1996, 7.
1981/11/1-1981/4/4Omiya mother and daughter robbery murder caseMurder-robbery(November 1996)(Hospital report)(Tokyo)-He died of illness during his flight on October 1996, 10. On February 6, 1997, documents were sent due to the death of the suspect.The accomplice was executed on December 2, 17.
1983/10/1-1983/9/17Iyo Bank Saijo Branch Robbery Murder CaseMurder-robbery1983/10/17Discovered by police officerFukuokaLife imprisonmentThe murder-robbery crime is applied.
1983/12/16Kenzo Okuzaki1983/12/16Independent Engineers 36th Regiment Former Captain Eldest Son Shooting CaseAttempted murder1983/12/17AppearanceHyogo12 year in prison
1985/4/28-March 1984, 9-February 19, 1985Core Liberal Democratic Party Headquarters Arson Attack Case, Haneda / Narita Airport Rocket CaseArson, violation of explosives control penalties, aviation danger crime1987/1/21Discovered by police officerAichi7 year in prisonNo charges were filed for arrangements.At the time of arrangement, he was jailbreaking due to another matter.Guilty of another arson, weapons preparation set, etc.
1987/10/31-1985/4/12Core faction Haneda and Narita airport rocket bullet incidentViolation of explosives control penalties, aviation danger crime----On June 2000, 4, the statute of limitations was passed.
1988/6/2-August 1988-September 4, 18Tokushima / Aichi housewife consecutive robbery murder caseRobbery murder, murder1988/6/3Discovered by police officerGunmaDeath penaltyBoth cases apply for murder-robbery. Execution on February 2008, 2.
1988/10/31-1986/5/4Core Guest House Rocket Bullet CaseViolation of explosives control penalties1993/3/30Discovered by police officerShizuoka12 year in prison
1988/10/31-1988/5/14Ichiwa-kai Chairman's house Three police officers shooting case (Yama-Ichi War)Attempted murder1990/9/12Discovered by police officerOsaka20 year in prison
1991/2/6-August 1989-September 7, 12Land fraud case (Police Agency wide area important quasi-designated No. 5 Suginami asset family old woman murder case)Forgery of privately signed documents, fraud1995/6/28Crime on the runIbarakiDeath penaltyThe death penalty is confirmed for murder. Execution on April 2008, 4.
1991/2/6-August 1989-September 7, 12Land fraud case (Police Agency wide area important quasi-designated No. 5 Suginami asset family old woman murder case)Forgery of privately signed documents, fraud1995/6/28Crime on the runIbaraki5 year in prison
1991/9/12-March 1986, 7-February 15, 1989Police Agency wide area important designation No. 118 Iwate-Fukushima continuous kidnapping murder caseFor-profit kidnapping, robbery murder1991/10/31Discovered by police officerTokyoDeath penaltyHe died of illness on June 2014, 6.
1991/12/30-1991 year 12 month 13 day - 28 dayPolice Agency wide area important designation No. 119 Snack mama serial murder caseRobbery murder (4 cases)1992/1/7Crime on the runOsakaDeath penaltyExecution on May 2017, 7.
1994/1/26-1993/10/26Police Agency wide area important designation No. 120 Osaka dog lover serial murder caseAbandoned corpse (Abandoned housewife in Sumiyoshi Ward)1994/1/26Report of acquaintanceOsakaDeath penaltyThe death penalty is confirmed for murder.
1994/11/9-1994/2/28Fujifilm Managing Director Murder Case殺人1996/10/17Discovered by police officerKyoto10 year in prisonInjury lethal crime applied (perpetrator is murder).
1995/3/29-1995/2/28Aum Shinrikyo Notary public office secretary arrest arrest confinement death caseImprisonment1995/5/18Discovered by police officerTokyo4 year in prison
1995/4/19-1994/3/27Aum Shinrikyo Miyazaki Prefecture Property Owner Abduction CaseCommercial profit1995/5/13AppearanceTokyo4 years in prison June
1995/4/19-August 1994-September 7, 28Case of Aum Shinrikyo Yamanashi Former Nurse Confinement CaseImprisonment1995/4/26Discovered by police officerYamanashi2 years imprisonment, 4 years suspended sentence
1995/4/19-August 1994-September 7, 28Case of Aum Shinrikyo Yamanashi Former Nurse Confinement CaseImprisonment1995/4/26Discovered by police officerYamanashi1 year in prison, 6 years in prison
1995/4/27Yoshihiro Inoue1995/2/28Aleph Citizen's Office Secretary-General Arrest, Confinement and Death CaseImprisonment1995/5/15Discovered by police officerTokyoDeath penaltyApplicable to imprisonment and death.The death penalty is confirmed for murder. Execution on July 2018, 7.
1995/5/11Koichi KitamuraAround September 1995, 3-Around October 23Aleph Special Arrangement Suspect Concealment (Clinician Office Secretary Arrest, Confinement and Death Case)Spoliation of evidence / concealment1996/11/14Arrested statementSaitamaLife imprisonmentIndefinite imprisonment for murder, etc.
1995/5/11Sanae Ouchi1995/3/20Aleph Nagoya priesthood believer mother abduction caseCommercial profit1995/5/12AppearanceAichi2 years in prison June
1995/5/13Tomomasa Nakagawa1995/2/28Aleph Citizen's Office Secretary-General Arrest, Confinement and Death CaseImprisonment1995/5/17Discovered by police officerTokyoDeath penaltyApplicable to imprisonment and death.The death penalty is confirmed for murder. Execution on July 2018, 7.
1995/5/13Satoru Hirata1995/2/28Aleph Citizen's Office Secretary-General Arrest, Confinement and Death CaseImprisonment1995/10/19Citizen's reportGunma15 year in prisonApplicable to imprisonment and death.Also guilty of murder.
1995/5/23Yasuo Hayashi1995/3/20Aum Shinrikyo Subway Sarin caseMurder, attempted the same1996/12/3Citizen's reportOkinawa Prefecture (Ishigaki Island)Death penaltyExecution on May 2018, 7.
1995/5/23-1995/3/20Case of Aum Shinrikyo Subway SarinMurder, attempted the same1995/7/20AppearanceTokyo2 years in prison JuneNo charges were filed for arrangements.Convicted of another murder preliminary crime and violation of the Flame Bottle Punishment Law.
1995/5/23Satoru Hamoto1995/3/20Case of Aum Shinrikyo Subway SarinMurder, attempted the same1995/7/9Discovered by police officerSaitamaDeath penaltyNo charges were filed for arrangements. Execution on July 2018, 7.
1995/5/23Nakamura Noboru1995/3/20Case of Aum Shinrikyo Subway SarinMurder, attempted the same1995/7/9Discovered by police officerSaitamaLife imprisonmentNo charges were filed for arrangements.
1995/5/23Naoko Kikuchi1995/3/20Case of Aum Shinrikyo Subway SarinMurder, attempted the same2012/6/3Citizen information provisionKanagawaSagamihara City無罪No charges were filed for arrangements.Another caseTokyo Metropolitan Government Building Parcel Bomb IncidentHe was acquitted even though he was charged with aiding the attempted murder.
1995/5/23Katsuya Takahashi1995/3/20Case of Aum Shinrikyo Subway SarinMurder, attempted the same2012/6/15Citizen's reportTokyoOta-kuLife imprisonment
1995/9/15Makoto HirataAugust 1995-September 2, 28Aleph Citizen's Office Secretary-General Arrest, Confinement and Death CaseImprisonment lethal2012/1/1AppearanceTokyoChiyoda Ward9 year in prisonApplicable to imprisonment.Guilty for violating explosives control penalties.
1995/9/20Masahiro Tominaga1995/5/16Aum Shinrikyo Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Parcel Bomb IncidentViolation of explosives control penalties, attempted murder1995/10/8AppearanceSaitama15 year in prison
1995/11/16-1995/5/5Aum Shinrikyo Shinjuku Station cyanide gas incidentAttempted murder1996/11/14AppearanceSaitama4 year in prisonApplied murder attempted aiding crime.
1995/11/16-1995/5/5Aleph Shinjuku Station cyanide gas incidentAttempted murder1996/11/24AppearanceSaitama4 years in prison JuneApplied murder attempted aiding crime.
2012/1/11-2012/1/11Hiroshima Prison Chinese prison jailbreak caseSimple escape2012/1/13Discovered by police officerHiroshima2 years in prison JuneJailbreak while in prison for attempted murder (23 years in prison).
2014/9/12-1998/2/18Kitakyushu Former Fisheries Cooperative Chief Shooting CaseViolation of the Control Law such as murder, possession of guns, swords, etc.2014/9/13AppearanceFukuoka-Fifth generationAkira KudoChairman (number 2).

Discussion over wanted posters and disclosure of real names in juvenile delinquency

MinorIf you wanted a suspect inJuvenile lawIn principle, the police do not disclose the suspect's name or face photo to the general public for the purpose of.However, if it is not disclosed in a violent caseRecidivismWhen there is a risk of (1968Occurred inNational Police Agency Wide Area Important Designation No. 108 Case OfNorio NagayamaFor example, the real name and photo are published.2003TojuvenileEven so, there is an exceptional notification issued by the National Police Agency, but there are still no examples of application (this notification is not published on the National Police Agency website).Boy's刑事 事件There is controversy over the appropriateness of the treatment of juveniles who commit crimes, such as the provisions of Article 61 of the Juvenile Law, which prohibits the reporting of real names and facial photographs.Part ofInfomationFrom, seriousJuvenile crimeDareReal name coverageThere is also a movement to do.An example of wanted juvenile delinquencyYamaguchi College of Technology killing caseIs raised.2006May 8A female student at the same school strangled in the schoolcadaverA 19-year-old boy who attended the school was found in the caseImportant reference personAfter the death of a female studentdisappearanceThe day after the incident was discoveredMay 8Wanted.At this time, although the posting of the real name and face photo was hidden by the above regulations, there are many opinions that the real name and face photo should be published because the person was wanted because he may have committed murder.MediaSent toMay 9ToWeekly ShinchoThe real name and face photo were posted because it would prevent the second damage.However, on the same day, this boy was on August 2th.suicideIt turned out that they were doing so, and there was a great deal of debate about whether or not the real name should be disclosed in response to the news about the wanted list of minors.

Major wanted cases

List only the cases that are currently wantedJapanese policeDoes not describe the case where the wanted criminal was withdrawn due to the detention or death of the wanted criminal or the establishment of the statute of limitations.

Since 2005Death penaltyThe statute of limitations for prosecution against was extended to 25 years.Also2010May 4In cases where the statute of limitations has not been established at that time, the statute of limitations for the crime of killing a person and the death penalty has been abolished.

in JapanMay 11からMay 11Until "Wanted Suspect Investigation Strengthening Month"[4]It has been.

Incident date
Event name
1975May 2Hakuha Hakuha /Hazama Headquarters / Factory Simultaneous Bombing CaseMurder, arson,Explosives manufacturingAccompliceA persontrialStopping[5]Suspension of statute of limitations
1990May 11Tai 6 Okinawa Let's go /6th Okinawa ConflictOccurred at the time ofPolice officer shooting case
1992May 5Tamashiha Chinkoten /Tama City Pachinko Parlor Robbery Murder CaseMurder-robberyICPOThroughInternational arrangement中
1998May 1Kunmaitsuka 3 Ninsatsukai /Gunma family murder of 3 people
1998May 10Sakai Fufu Sakai /Sakai City couple murder case殺人
19990May 6Broadcasting / Broadcasting /Adachi-ku runaway tribe conflict murder case[6]殺人
1999May 10Naruhamachohachinkotenin /Naruhama-cho pachinko clerk stabbed caseMurder-robbery
20030May 9Tokyo Yamana Shinsoku Rinchi /Tokyo Yamanashi continuous Lynch murder caseMurder, abandonment of corpse,Corpse damageWaitInternational arrangements through ICPO
2003May 9Yokohama is a nice town /Chinese murder in Chojamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama殺人
2003May 10It's not a pharmacy /Robbery murder in Shimorenjaku pharmacyMurder-robberyInternational arrangements through ICPO
2005May 11Ryokan Sakaya /Mitaka City Tavern Deputy Manager Robbery Murder Case殺人
20060May 3Nayakawa Shosei Harara Satsushin /Neyagawa City Female Dismembered Murder Case殺人
2008May 7Iwate 17 Saiyosei /Iwate 17-year-old woman murder case殺人
2009May 4Hachioshi Shihoshi /Hachioji City Mother and Child Murder Case殺人
August, 2009Yokohama Kohara Satsushin /Yokohama Port dismembered murder caseRobbery murder, murder, corpse abandonment, etc.International arrangements through ICPO
2012May 9Rohonki Kurafushukeki /Roppongi club attack casemurder·Weapon preparation setInternational arrangements through ICPO

Wanted in the US

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began online wanted in 2002 to obtain information from Internet users around the world.[7]..This online wanted poster provides information on the fugitive suspect with the help of web portal giant Terra Lycos.[7]..Terra Lycos will provide free space for "Lycos Network" (English) and "Tera.com" (Spanish), where arrangements will be posted.[7]..The FBI is preparing a $ 100 million bounty for the information obtained here that will lead to the arrest.[7].

Wanted by the International Criminal Police Organization


  1. ^ Regarding criminal matters, from May 42 to February 5, the police agency arranged for five people.At the same time, each prefectural police and the headquarters in Hokkaido also picked up 46 to 2 people and conducted an open investigation.
  2. ^ February 1972, 2 Akita Sakigake Shinpo Morning Edition Page 1
  3. ^ a b According to the Tokyo Horei Publishing "Investigation Research" February 1973 issue arrangement corner, he was arrested until March 2, 1972.
  4. ^ Started in 1965.Initially, it was implemented in February, but from 2, it was implemented in November.
  5. ^ Ayako Daidoji trialIn the middle ofDhaka Nikko Hijacking CaseByreleaseBecause it was donetrialIs stopped.
  6. ^ Angry rightSee also
  7. ^ a b c d FBI First Online Wanted WIRED.jp, viewed May 2018, 5.

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