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🎭 | Yudai Tatsumi x Bunichi Hamanaka, "Clash of fate, again!" The stage "I just dropped my smartphone" opens!


Yudai Tatsumi x Bunichi Hamanaka, "Clash of fate, again!" The stage "I just dropped my smartphone" opens!

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In addition, Kensuke Yokouchi, the scriptwriter and director, told Yudai Tatsumi and Bunichi Hamanaka after watching the play on the first day, "Great actors.

The stage "I just dropped my smartphone" opened on June 2021, 6 (Wednesday) at the Nippon Seinenkan Hall.Akira Teshigawara ... → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Kensuke Yokouchi

Kensuke Yokouchi(Yokochi Kensuke,1961May 9[1] -) isJapan OfDirector,Playwright.Theater company door seatPresident.


Tokyobirth.The birthplace of the mother due to the transfer of the fatherFukuokaKitakyushuSpend 5th grade to 1st grade in Kokura.

1979,Kanagawa Prefectural Atsugi High SchoolWhen in schoolFirst book"It's a salamander!"National High School Theater CompetitionReceived the Excellence Award and the Creative Screenplay Award at[2].Hexagon spermとAkira OkamoriAppeared as a member of the drama club at this time, and is also a member of "Doza" (described later).

After graduating from high school,Waseda University Faculty of LiteratureWhile attending school (1982), he launched the theater company "Good People Conference".The troupe was later renamed "Doza".

In addition to the production and production by the theater company, Yokouchi has many newly written performances for other productions.Ichikawa Sarunosuke OfSuper kabuki"New Romance of the Three Kingdoms" trilogy,V6Tonisen's "Youth" trilogy, Saison Theater (currentlyLe Theater Ginza), Which was performed three timesTree of the sun],Saitama Super ArenaKokeraotoshi work,Yukio NinagawaDirecting "Fire bird"Such.

The last few years have gone beyond the boundaries of theater and have been held at Fukuoka Marine Messe.National Cultural FestivalComposition production of the opening ceremony event "Life Issue".He is also involved in the composition and direction of the "Earth Taihen Grand Lecture" attraction at Expo 2006 Aichi, Japan. In July 7,Fuji Television Network, Inc OfTV drama"Dandori. ~ Dance ☆ Drill ~I also wrote the script for. 2008,Japan Playwrights AssociationHe also served as Vice Chairman.

In September 2008, to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the opening of the Atsugi City Cultural Hall, nearly 30 citizens and people from AtsugiIkue Sakakibara,Kyoko KoizumiProduced and directed the civic drama "River Song Eternal Huckleberry Fins" in which they appeared.

From November to December 2011, "Hakana" (original name: Beloved Transient) was performed in Korean by the Korean theater company Shigetsu on Daehak-ro, Seoul, South Korea.

  • 1982-Launch of the theater company "Good People Conference"
  • 1992-36th in "The Naked King of La Mancha Invisible to Fools"Kishida Kunishi Drama AwardAward
  • 1993-Renamed "Good People Conference" to "Doorza"
  • 1999-The 28th edition of "New Romance of the Three Kingdoms"Takejiro Otani AwardWas the youngest in history
  • 2004-Received the Kitakyushu City Citizens' Culture Award
  • 2010-Ambassador of Atsugi City Culture and Arts
  • 2011-Atsugi City Cultural Promotion Foundation Artistic Director
  • 2016-『Super Kabuki II_One PieceReceived the 44th 27 Takejiro Otani Award[3]


Good people meeting, door seat

  • Shinra Shomon
  • Fortinbras
  • Gypsy Story on a Thousand Ring Stump
  • Because it's a magician
  • Night song-The gentle night of the arsonist Tsutomu-
  • Message to Atom
  • Shin Joruri Hyakukimaru(2004,Kinokuniya Hall , Appearance:Risa Suzuki-Tatsuro Iwamoto)
  • Construction site musical "Drill Soul Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" (2007, Kinokuniya Hall, etc.)
  • Fairy coffin (2008) * To Korea as the first overseas performance of the door seat.Participated in the theater festivals in Incheon and Busan.
  • Tsukaban, Chushingura

Super kabuki


TV drama


  • "Tragedy at the corner" (Shinmizusha, 1988)
  • "Night song arsonist Tsutomu's gentle night" (Kadokawa Shoten, 1988)
  • "Shinra Shomon Kensuke Yokouchi Drama Collection" (Teatro, 1991)
  • "The Story on the Stump of the Gypsy Thousand Wheels" (Teatro, 1991)
  • "Kensuke Yokouchi's Drama Collection of the King of La Mancha, Invisible to Fools" (Teatro, 1994)
  • "Yukinosuke Change 2001" (Original:Mikami, Morning Desk, 1995)
  • "Hidamari no Ki Drama" (Original:Osamu Tezuka, Morning Desk, 1995)
  • "Pirate of Dreams" (Morning Desk, 1996)
  • "Kaguya Shintaketori Monogatari" (Morning Desk, released by Seiunsha, 1996)
  • "Ryujinden" (Morning Desk, 1998)
  • "Hotel California-Private Drama Prefectural Atsugi High School Story" (Camomile, 1999)
  • "Bakumatsu Girl ~ Doctor ☆ Rice Story ~ (Co-authored with Akiyo Kurosawa,Akita Shoten, 2013)
  • "Fantastic Tengai ☆ Kabuki Kyokugeki Gennai(Co-authored with Akiyo Kurosawa, Akita Shoten, 2013)
  • "Secret rehearsal hall" (NHK Publishing, 1994)
  • "" Dream Chikara "doesn't sleep Scenery from the theater" (Spring and autumn company, 2005)
  • "I can't sleep at night when I think about it" (Access Publishing, 2007)
  • "The future of dreaming and super kabuki" (Ichikawa Sarunosuke"New Romance of the Three Kingdoms" script recording, Shunjusha Publishing, 2002)


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