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๐ŸŽฅ ๏ฝœ Tori Matsuzaka, you can shake off with the level up of appearance and ferocity!


Tori Matsuzaka shakes off with a level-up of appearance and ferocity!

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All of his appearance and ferocity have improved, and for the path he believes in, he is paying attention to Hioka's rampage, which he has shaken off to the point of saying, "I'm thinking of going to war."

The character video of the movie "The Blood of Wolves LEVEL2" (released on August 8) starring actor Tori Matsuzaka is 20 ...ใ€€โ†’ Continue reading

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  1. ^ "Increasing the level" in Englishraise the level, "The level rises"rise to a higher level, "Improve" "improve"Improve.Englishใงlevel upWould mean raising it to the same height as the others.[2].


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