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★ LOVE! "SUPERGIRL" Season 12 Catch UP! # XNUMX

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In conclusion, a team of young heroes formed in the future of the 30th century.

It is Supi Yutaka. Everyone's favorite super girl is back! "SUPERGIRL / Super Girl... → Continue reading

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3nd millennium

3rd millennium AD(Kigen-san Zennenki)[Note 1]It is,ADThird byMillennium(Millennium).Year1When dividing by XNUMX years as defined from the Christian era2001From AD3000(21st centuryから30st century).

Start and end dates

3rd millennium and21st centuryAs for when2000Or2001There was a debate in each country on how to do it.For more information about this discussion (year break), seecentury], [MillenniumPlease refer to the item.


The 3rd millennium is still in its infancy, and "the main millenniumEventIt's too early to write.Some events and future plans / forecasts are "21st centuryAnd 'Each century], [Each age (decade)] Is also described in the item.Also, please refer to the "chronological table" section for links to articles for each year, each age group, and each century.

Things to describe in the futureWorld populationSlowing down the pace of growth ahead of the mid-21st century2100Predicted to reach 100 billion byUnited NationsIn the 21st century, on a global scaleLow birthrate and aging populationThe trend is expected to progress, and it is expected that the population will begin to decline at the end of the 21st century.Observations have also been made on political regimes and economic trends, but it is difficult to predict them hundreds of years from now, and today in the early 21st century most are only forecasts during the 21st century.

Fiction events and related works

  • 22st century
  • 23st century
    • Dr. Yamada (Giga Zombie) goes to invade Japan 7 years ago. (""Doraemon Nobita's birth in Japan])
    • Wilson, Grenchko, and Emmy, the messengers of the Earth Federation Organization, are back in the 3st century.GodzillaWith the purpose of eradicating Godzilla before Japan was devastated by1992Go to the foot of Mt. Fuji in July. (""Godzilla vs King Ghidorah])
  • 24st century
    • 2367-Eleventh Doctor learns that a spaceship of the same size as Canada is approaching Earth.Gather your friends and board the spaceship. (""Doctor Who])
  • 25st century
    • 2405-The first cerebral transplantSalisburyMade in Japan and succeeded.AftercyborgWill lead to large-scale social advancement. ("")[3]
    • 2407-Extraterrestrial life form "Battura" begins invasion of the Galactic Federation.UGSFDestroys the avant-garde mobile planet "Dark Planet" and withdraws Battura by the rebellious operation "Operation Star Luster" by the combat spacecraft "GAIA", but the Galactic Federation, which has lost many star systems, is weakened. (""Star luster])[4]
    • 2459 --The extraterrestrial life forms "Galaga", "Bosconian", "Battura", "Sadeen" and the intelligent machine species "UIMSΩ" invade the Galactic Federation all at once. UGSF wins hard with "Operation Star Ixiom," which introduces all spacecraft and spacecraft, but loses one-third of the star system including the mother planet Earth. (""Star Ixiom])[4]
    • 2471-The first master aims for a powerful doomsday device that can destroy the planet. Third Doctor, to Yuxalius to protect weapons. (""Doctor Who])
    • 2482May 10 --Leona Miyazu crashes from an air car in Tokyo and dies, but after that, Dr. Nielsen's surgery replaces 60% of the body with artificial cells and artificial organs, and all the cerebellum and most of the cerebrum with pseudo-Neuron artificial intelligence Being revived. (""Phoenix Revival Edition])[5]
    • 2489- 2355The fleet of the Martian liberation government (Desarg) urban spacecraft "Megazone", which left the earth, comes into contact with another civilization. (""Mega zone 23])[6]
    • 2493-Vicky's father was employed on the planet Astra, so Vicky departs Earth on a spaceship and travels to the planet Astra. (""Doctor Who])
    • 2498-Moul-based French orchid Westerner Odaisei is the first human being to use photon drivespeed of lightTo reach. ("")[7]
    • 2500 ――The earth is transformed into an environment where human beings cannot live, and human beings set up colonies on the moon and migrate. (""Run for money])[8]
    • Unknown time-The alien creature "Danger Seed" attacks the solar system.Mankind counters this by introducing the fighter "Moon Diver". (""Dangerous Seed])[9]
  • 26st century
    • 2501-One R fighter as part of the "Operation Last Dance"22st centuryTime travel from to the same year. (""R-TYPE FINAL])
    • 2505-The Earth Federation presents the "XNUMXG Amendment Request" to the Solar System Union and announces the practical application of the time machine.Suggests a space-time transcendental attack on the Solar System Coalition if the request is unacceptable. ("")[10]
    • 2513-TanzaniaOldupai Gorgeso"TMA/0Is excavated. (""Journey to the end of 3001])[11]
    • 2515 --The introduction of the state-of-the-art "SYD" equipped with the high mobility system "ASO" ends the "200-year war" with mysterious creatures. (""ASO])[12][13]
    • 2520May 7 --The light emitted by "stone-like objects" excavated from the BC strata will extinguish all humankind except four people on board the Earth Federation Forces space cruiser "TETRA" and one robonoid. (""Radiant Silvergun])[14][15]
    • 2525
      • (Zager and Evans) song, "2525 AD』.
      • The extraterrestrial colony planet "Harvest" is attacked by the Covenant, a religious union of extraterrestrial races. Outbreak of Human-Covenant War. (""HALO])
      • A mysterious creature begins to re-invade the solar system.To counter this, humankind sends the aircraft carrier "Dolphin" equipped with "SYD-RX" and "SYD-FX" to the enemy center "Full Valence Groma" that exists in the center of the galaxy. (""ASOII -LAST GUADIAN-])[12][13]
    • 2526-Cyberman manipulates android and kills a geologist in a cave.At the same time, board a cargo ship in space and approach the earth. (""Doctor Who])
    • 2536-Proliferation combat machine "ET" launches an attack on the solar system, and in the five years since then, someArchaeaThe creatures on the earth except for are extinct. Ten years later, humanity abandons the solar system inside Jupiter. ("")[16]
    • 2553-The first sowing spacecraft is a starAlpha Centauri ALaunch the solar system toward the planet "Pasadena".Arrival in 2786. (""(English edition])[17]
    • 2554- KlingonThe empireUnited Federation of PlanetsJoined. (""ス タ ー ト レ ッ ク])
    • 2563
      • By Hitomakina1871The reconstruction of the world is completed, and the plan to avoid the destruction of humankind will start with this year as 1871. (""Iron line barrel])
      • The space battleship "Judas" of the Human Space ForceVegaAttacked by the intelligent life form "Human Eater" in the star system.First contact with extraterrestrial intelligent creatures. ("")[18]
    • 2565-Tom and Jerry slap in a futuristic city with cat and mouse robots. (""Tom and jerry])
    • 2577- OrionBetelgeuseIn the nearby outer space, the rocket on which the Earth liaisons were riding was damaged, and everyone escaped by boat. (""Phoenix Space Edition])
    • 2599-Bugs 2 lands on Mars.Execution of the Bugs No. 2 plan. (""Terra Formars])
    • Late 26th Century-An interstellar war breaks out between the Aerospace Forces and the Pan-Galaxy Union. (""Endless search enemy])[19]
    • 2600-The Gavanas Empire fortifies the planet "Gilucia" and invades the Earth. (""Message from space])
    • Time unknown-The existence of hostile extraterrestrial life forms is confirmed in the galactic center.On the other hand, the weapons for destroying the ecosystem in the planetary system that were built runaway in the solar system, and after 150 hours, they are blown to another dimension by the dimensional elimination type weapons.Then this isBideWill be. (""R-TYPE"series)[20]
    • Unknown time- AmericaIntelligentsia is extreme inK strategyWhile taking, the idiot is extremer strategyBy taking this, the average intelligence of Americans drops to the bottom and becomes "Idiocracy" (a society dominated by idiots).With this effectFOX NewsThe media and publishing industry, except for, have all collapsed, and the remaining FOX News has fallen into a situation where "muscle morimori newscasters continue to broadcast naked and random news." (""26th century youth])
  • 27st century
    • 2603 --The Sauron superhuman is headed and the "Sonderbund War" breaks out.Due to this influence, the first Galactic Empire came to an end in 2640, and the "Dark Ages of the Universe" came. (""(English edition])[21]
    • 2620May 3 --Annex 1 leaves Earth and departs for Mars. ("Terra Formars")
    • 2623- UGSFThe UIMS extermination operation "Operation Dread Note" from within the galaxy will recapture the Earth under the occupation of UIMS. (""Mizuiro Blood])[4]
    • 2632May 7 --The Adan Freedom Alliance launches a full-scale attack on the Global Integrated Government.Declare war. (""PROJECT SYLPHEED])
    • 2636-The alien army launches a large-scale aggression operation against the Earth. (""Contra Spirits])
    • 2659-UGSF launches "Operation Blue Planet" in response to the reunion of UIMS remnants. (""Starblade Operation Blue Planet])[4]
    • 2660
      • May 9 --Inventor Ralph 124C41 + has been odorized for 3 yearsradiumSucceeded in reviving a preserved dog carcass using a dilute solution of K and a permagador. (""(English edition])[22]
      • Ken Sogol, an 11-year-old college student studying pharmacy, makes a drug that enables physical movement and time jumping, and goes back in time to Japan around the 20th century. (""Girl taking time])[23]
      • Due to the logistics revolution caused by the practical application of the interstellar inorganic transfer energy tube "Starline", the star system of the Galactic Federation will expand explosively from the same year to 2700. (""New Space Order])[4]
    • 2689-"The United Earth Government (GG) and the Allied Colonial Stars"Sirius CampaignOutbreak. (""Legend of the Galactic Heroes])[24]
    • 2690May 5 -"Lagran City IncidentOccurred.The Earth Alliance is pursuing the defeated soldiers of the Allied Colonial StarsSiriusIndiscriminate murder on Londrina, the sixth planet of the star system.The number of victims was 6 only on the day of the incident. ("Legend of the Galactic Heroes")[25]
    • 2691
      • May 2 --The four members of the "Laglan Group" who escaped from the city of LagranProximaFormed the Black Flag Army (BFF) on the fifth planet of the star system, Proserpina. ("Legend of the Galactic Heroes")[26]
      • May 12 --Makoto Oba, Azusa Oba,1999Dispatched to the earth. (""Iron line barrel])
    • 2699- 火星An unknown radioactive substance "Astromium" was discovered in the Ithaqua Highlands, and a large amount of aid was provided from the Earth Federation to the city of West Canal for its investigation. ("")[27]
    • 2700-The Gavanas Empire invades the planet Analis. (""Message from Space: Galactic War])
    • Time unknown-Japanese Gen Riku is 1.5 times faster than the speed of light (PikaIt reaches 1.5), which is the first superluminal navigation of humankind. ("Tower of Light")[28]
  • 28st century
    • 2703-Citizens manipulated by spaceships of other celestial creatures excavated from the Ithaqua Highlands of Mars cause a struggle in the city of West Canal.After that, the citizens leave to the plains north of West Canal City, and West Canal City is destroyed. ("West Canal City 2703")[29]
    • 2704-End of the Sirius campaign. The indiscriminate attack and slaughter of the earth by BFF devastates the earth and follows the path of its downfall. ("Legend of the Galactic Heroes")[30]
    • 2715 years(2023) --Koichi Hayase and Linebarrels, who had disappeared due to the annihilation of the compression transfer field, appear in the battle between Kato and Hitomakina, and the New York Liberation Battle. (""Iron line barrel])
    • 2751 --A seeding spacecraft equipped with the Mark 3A type XNUMX unit module and aiming for the planet "Salassa" launches the solar system.Arrival in Salassa3109.. ("The Song of the Far Earth")[31]
    • 2775-Ninth Doctor and others visit Alcañiz Major.Jack is housed in a shelter and Rose is chased by the shadows. (""Doctor Who』Novel version)
    • Around 2800-Industrial civilization is destroyed by the final war called "Seven Days of Fire". (""Nausicaa of the valley of wind])
    • Unknown time-with Senso LightsFirst doctorEncounter. ("Doctor Who")
  • 29st century
    • 2801- AldebaranThe Galactic Federation (USG) was established with the second planet of the star system, Theoria, as the capital, and the same year is set as one year.Space calendar] Is established. ("Legend of the Galactic Heroes")[32]
    • 2805-Wally, a garbage disposal robot, meets Eve, a robot who comes to the earth to search for plants.Wally goes to the space liner "Axiom" and his success returns humanity to Earth for the first time in 700 years. (""Wally])
    • 2845 --The "New Space Order War" breaks out, triggered by the Avinford conflict caused by the contact between UGSF and the "military empire." ("New Space Order")[4]
    • 2854May 2 - KousukeIs born. (""Lupin III])
    • 2855-Urban spacecraft "Megazone 23" returns to Earth. ("Megazone 23")[33]
    • 2858 (772 years of space history) --Over the entire universeExecutionerAppears.The three major forces in the universe are almost destroyed. (""Star Ocean Till the End of Time])
    • 2862- CoalsackIn the vicinityYellow starReleased from "Mote"Coherent lightReach the planet "New Scotland". ("Small dust in the eyes of God")[34]
    • 2882-The Earth's Independence Government declares independence from the Galactic Federation, and a war breaks out between the Earth's mercenary forces and the Stral Republic's army, which was mandateing the Earth. (""Maschinen Krieger])[35]
    • 2900-The first "Run for Money" is held by Satoshi Tsukimura of Chronos. ("Run for money on the run")[8]
    • Time unknown-Ensign Caleb Sherman joins the 4st Armored Cavalry Regiment of the Dopia Peacekeeping Assistance Army as the commander of the tank "Mahel-Sharal-Hashi-Buzz" belonging to the 721th Assault Platoon. (""Tonight, fill the galaxy])[36]
    • Unknown time- FriAbundantJupiterSatellite VogaCyber ​​manBlows up. ("Doctor Who")
  • 30st century
    • 2903-Leonidas IV declares the founding of the Second Human Empire and reunification is done. ("Small dust in the eyes of God")[21]
    • 2917-The war between the Earthlings and the alien "Thoran" is over. (""Endless battle])[37]
    • 2960-Humanity, devastated by large-scale climate change and crustal movements, will once again ruin the world with the "fire of fools." ("")
    • 2970- HarlockIs a friend ofMt. Ooyama TochiroAnd Emerada have a daughter, Mayu. Mt. Ooyama Tochiro died of space disease. (""Space Pirate Captain Harlock』Anime version)
    • 2977-A mysterious alien from space "MazoneA huge pennant is driven into the earth. ("Space Pirate Captain Harlock")[38]
    • 2979May 1 - Warrior gunIs made by Mt. Ooyama Tochiro. (""Galaxy Express 999])
      • However, as mentioned earlier, Tochiro was already deceased in 2977 when the "Harlock" story began, and it will be the history of the story world centered on 999.
    • 2999-Germa Empire invades the solar system. (""X-Bomber])
    • 2999May 4 --Genhead is converted into a PC electrician by Count King Tamago Sandrovich. (""PC Denjin])
    • 3000
  • Unknown time
    • 2XX0 --A computer virus with a will occurs on the main computer of the 3rd space colony.The virus begins to remove humankind, and while the interception unit is transformed into a mechanical life form by the virus, the final operation "Last Resort" is activated. (""Last resort])[39]


注 釈

  1. ^ What is the 3rd millennium?XNUMXrd millennium(Third Millennium) is misunderstood as the 2000nd millennium because it generally applies to the "2s from the perspective of the millennium" (That is, the 21st century2nd millenniumSeems to be the first century of) May[1]..It is necessary to pay attention to what this point means and when using it.


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